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Daily Democrat
Katend at th postoffic at Albaay.
Unegon, as second ci iiiivi.
W. L. Jackson Editor
and and
Ralph R. Cronise Manatrcrs
lally published every evening except
Sunday. 8mtwkly published Tu-
am ya ana rrwumym.
B-sinr Matter
In ordering change of addreaa, sub
acribrs should always girt old aa
well aa new agar.
Subarrintioa Rat Daily
UeUvared by carrier, per week . . 10c
Delivered by earner, per year . . 4.'X
CUsalfied Ratea
One tant per word for firat publica
. Una: one. ha If cant Der word thereaf
tar. payable in advance. Minimum
charge, twenty-five cent.
The expedition at Archangel was
sent to guard supplies belonging to
the allies from the clutches of the
Bolsheviki. So long as the Bolsheviki
continue to menace, it will hare to
stay. That is the military reason why
our troops are there.
But many people, not quite under
standing the military necessity, keep
asking why the boys are allowed to
remain. We are not at war with Rus
sra, they say. We are not, technical
ly, at war with the Bolsheviki. Why,
then, subject our boys up there to
worse hardships than those suffered
who were fighting against Germany?
rTl answer which lies deeper than
any immediate military necessity, and
which may perhaps satisfy one's sou!
even when 'protecting munitions" can
not quite content one's mind, may be
found in the letter of a Michigan Pri
vat to the Detroit News.
This lad tells of going on a tour
through the swamps. He and his
friend were lost in the darkness and
had to wade through water which
froze in their clothes. They finally
came to a village and walked into a
house. They could not talk with the
family, so they set down their rif)
and began to take off the frown - 1
mg. The men present ia.w ' cloth
contributed a garment - tne point
Americans were e- -piece, and the
with eoffe an- Jthed. and warmed
They cor' - big bowls of hot milk.
..ributed their hardtack to
..eal, as the Russians there have
ery little bread.
"We slept on the floor with the fam
ily all night and left for camp at 5 in
the morning, after more hot milk and
with our clothes well dried out. I gave
them three gold spoons that I had in
my pack as payment Yon see, they're
rood-hearted people and will do any
thing for the Americans. That's why
we're here to make friends with
them, and they make it easy to do."
This refers to the Russian peasants,
of course. "We're up agtinst the Bol
sheviki They fight from behind rocks
and trees. If they capture an Amer
ican, it's goodbye. The peasants,
though, are the best-hearted people
in the worli"
There H n -to help tiie Russians by
fighting the B-'s!i li who da not
really represent them at all, and to
make friends for America of the real
Russian people.
Ex-President Taft, urging a Chi
cago audience to support the presi
dent's efforts at Paris in behalf of a
World League, said:
"Let us support any real League of
Nations that is brought back from
France, even if it does not give us all
we desire. Let us discuss its provi
sions not in a nagging, critical way
but in a constructive spirit, with team
work from all."
Mr. Taft is a pioneer League of Na
tions advocate. He has given years of
thought txy the subject and has very
definite ideas of his own as to the or
ganization and functions of the league.
If he is broadminded enough to take
the best he can get in the way of a
world federation, in a thankful spirit,
with a view to remedying its defects
step by step hereafter, surely Amer
ican statesmen who know far less
than he does about the matter, and
have not had the tithe of his interna
tional experience, can afford to take
the .same view.
No sensible man expects that the
plan worked out at Paris will be per
fect and final. But unless all signs
fail, it is going to be a start toward
the working out ot a genuinely civil
ized world-organization and a better
start than most people expected when
the armistice was signed.
Dr. Thomas Darlington, speaking
from his experience as medical officer
at Camp Lee, Va., has this to say
about the flu epidemic:
"If everyone of the thousands of
persons who have died recently of in
fluenza had brushed their teeth as
they should, in my opinion most of
them would have been alive today."
This Is a striking piece of testimony
aa to the importance of keeping the
mouth clean. Many other physicians
express similar views. And their re
marks apply not only to Influents, but
to colds and coughs in general, and to
all the other contagions that find en
trance into the human body by way
of the mouth.
It appears that simply scrubbing
the teeth or to use a more compre-,
(tensive term, cleansing the mouth Is
about the most effective measure of
disease prevention there is. Any good
doctor or dentist will willingly give
specific instructions about the matter.
Most of them seem to agree that while
antiseptic pastes, rcwders and washes
are useful, they arc not essential. The
main thing is to use a brush on the
teeth, regularly and frequently, to
scrub off the germ colonies adhering
to them, and to flush out the mouth
with plenty of wstet. to get rid of the
aforesaid germs and also the food par
ticles in which tliey thrive.
We have taken the agency for E. J,
Reefer's celebrated "More Egg Tonic
which we know by our own exper
ience is one of the fines thtngt go
ing both for eggs and also for sick
ness among the ehlckens. U sells for
$1 a package but for the balance of
February we will give you 20 percent
d.'i""-vnt In order to give everybody a
chance to try this valuable remedy.
BALTIMORE GUN 4 BICYCttC Gorgeous New Truck
" 0RKS- VSttO The new v. trow autotruck rfriv.n b
i - - .ii n
Mtrt mils pr athn
Mtt miles o t Ijvi
You're getting a
June Style in a
February Maxwell
tg-SHE MAXYl'.r-L ccr cf Icc'xy i ; c v.-' "."
I improved in o .rjrviiioe that many pu' ; t
JL believe we hc.v. produced a new zr.-J.: .
That is not the cazc.
It is the same clicks.!.:, rxcrcdy with a c.c:r'
on which 300,000 Maxwells !iave been built
But it is a better looking car. It is finer in
finish; angular lines havj l:e-;n ctrairjhteneri cut;
fenders improved; bcr.r.c Amplified; cowl made
flush with tho top I'no r . .he body; sects thick
,ened by threes inr-lvr ; '..-r:..-f ian. dash installed;
gas tank siun in the i c ' r.
There are twenty-four things dr,::o io r.v..!:j
more beautiful.
We made the Maxwell simple to start vii.h
five years ago. Then ve kept on making i.nd
making these cars all alike. W e have row com
pleted 300,000 of them.
There ir, logic in doing cr.o vhing and doing it
well. Wo have fciicv.'ci the'. ! And re-
suits 1 311 today.
Maxwells havo always Leo: 1 j -f. for ihoir reli
ability. Now they will bec-jr..-. ,.:Ax fjr their
And today we are in a position to j ve you a
June style in a February Maxwell, riuJ; a year
ago seemed quite out of the question on account
of the war.
Come and see the latest Maxwell.
Waldo Anderson & Son
Albany, Ore.
Snappy Glcsnin.s (rum tXxthan.ct in Una and Other
Counties of Orrfoa
Officers Elected
The Brownsville Commercial club
held their regular meeting and lunch
eon at the Hotel Brownsville Wednes
day. The following were elected for
the coming year. Chaa. Standish,
president; Arthur Ringo, secretary;
and Harry Thompson, treasurer. Chaa.
Sterling was reelected vice-presitk-ut.
Dredge at Work
The dredge Oregon la now engaged
in dredging the river channel below
the oU Attre sawmill. It ia reported
that the dredgings are being dumped
back into the river. If this is correct
it would seem that the debris would
only wash back Into the channel again
within a ahort time and the benefit ot
the work be lost. Yaquina Bay Mow.
Cannery to Stay
Dame Rumor has
that the
Here From. Portland
Wm. Coldian and wife of Portland,
formerly of this city, are spending a
few iays in Albany, registered at the
kuU-l Alhanv
- - j
fit t
W if.
Rorwnsvillo Canning rompang ia go
ing to nhnndon operations in Browns
ville. Whoever started the rumor
must have been In a knocking, gloomy
atate of mind. To offset thia story
goinir the rounds Manager llutcliinga
phoned into the Times office Wednea
day to the effect that the local can
nery had received eastern orders fur
one car of Uartlrtt pears, one car of
string beans, on car of berries and
one car of pumpkin. Thee orders will
be taken care of her, besides the reg
ular aeasun run. By this it looks aa
though some guy, gink, gasoop or ga
sell waa 'off his base." Times.
Too Barry. Boy
Tnose chapa who were Enroling ami
snorting Monday morning were the
ones who put on their spring under
wear Sunday. It is a pretty good
plan to stick to your winter underwear
until it sticks to you. Times.
the Nebergal! Meat company, ia quite
an attention drawer. It is kept busy
from morning to evening.
The Weather
Tonight and Wednesday, rain. River,
9 feet Rainfall .05 inches. Temper
ature 29 6
, 'i :
i ;..
From Peoria
Krauk lUyna, a successful farmer
of the I'rorla nciulil'orliood, and at one
time an active candidate for sheriff of
l.lmt county, was In town yvatenliiy,
visitltiK old friends and conducting
Received Hinchsrse While on Kur
louih lluliliell Younit, son of K. A. Youdk
of Tanicent, who was hum un a fur
lough from the marines at Mare Is
land, received Ilia honorable discharge
while at home and will not have to
return to the Island.
WHEN ANSWKltINU classifieds
kiiully mention The Democrat.
IK THIS HOYS fall to deliver
th paper earh vnlntf, kindly
phone to the office. Th miu.
agement Invite complaint from
Its patron and will do it bet to
correal faulty service.
Open I 1. n. 1 p. ir.; Satur
day 10 a. m. (Corner Kirst and
tiilawortli Street.
Canadian Land
Geo. Taylor
Coraec of 8eood and Rraadalbiv
1MI iU; Boat 1079
Frank L Will
HUh daa Jastalrj. aur, Cut
Ossa anW Hand Vaintecl China
"The SiD of Quality"
1S6 Lyon St. Both P'mnrs
Full line of ulnaware, IXihcs.
Crockery, CRaaswara, Orsnita,
Tinware, and OtocecA.
t If you must sll your Bonds,
sell t ua.. If yon an buy more.
Bonds, buy from o. J. M. 4
H. 11. nawklns. Albany, Or.soo
It Over
You need th assistance of a
(rood bank to do L'jslnos with.
W need new depositors In order
to increase our biilnes yarly.
Having dealt fairly and snfoly
with others for 97 years don't
you think yoar Checking Ac
count would h af with
Capital ............ f)0,000.0n
Fave and Succeed. Ht.irt with
a Thrift SUmp.
J. W. Cusick & Co.
Albany, Oregon
The War Is Over
(IINSTKIU II'IN, not liKSriU'CTlON l ilie or
der of the dsy.
Bi'.slnras projpe tu were never brighter. To l
PlU't'KSSKl'I you need the cMiHrntlun u' a at rone,
well rulpped Itnalicial conuurtiun.
The First National Bank
Ot.l. and It KI.IAIII.K ' '
altiliatrd w.Hi
The First Savings Bank
WIIKIti: SAMNCS sr. HAf'K ' '
For Sale
r'OK SALK New bunk-nluw on paved
alreet, clou in. I'ric l-'tilM), MH)
down, balance $26 a month. Decker
A Dram, 1.13 I.yon St. !.'(! S
hatchini;, 1 wr srttlnif of lfi. All
fin Inyinir strain. A. I., llnlry.
1240 Cottair St., Hume phone 1117.
FOR SAI.K Haled straw, wheat, oat
and cheat, at fx per ton. S. (i. Si
nion, TanKvnt, treir. Bell phone
19K 1 fir.mlf.
IIAIU'.AINS 1U17 Studetiakei. rhrnp;
3 Ford cars; larx assortment of
wagons, harnra. water pipes and
sewer pipes. Several thousand gun
ny sacks. Buy, sell or oirhani;.
1'arlfic Junk Co., E, KoKOway. Both
phonea f!im&
FOR SAI.K 90 acre, koo.1 soil, near
Albany. Schoolhous on the plac
All in cultivation. I'ric 15 ier
acre. Itecker A Beam, 133 I.yon.
CAR BAR0A1NS-Maiwrll. I'.W);
Mttjrlotiaker. 700; Mudrnak.r, '!7R
llu.Uon. 125; Ford Truck. $M6
Hull Tractor, $3M. For snlo at
Wal.Io Anderson A Son. fl2tf
FOR RAI.K Salctl or driving mare,
aadill and bridle, set slnirle har
neas and small stock woiran. Call
Bell phone 477; B. C. Nlcke.on. f39
West Mh St. 12flH
Inu. 11.00 per settinir of IS. Alt
fowls from excellent laying O. A. C.
strain. Mrs. Frank Ilaller, K11J.
FOR SALE Cow hay. Ilione Ikdl
EF14. 1 If 17 ',0 rauso la removed. Chiropractic
adjustment remov th caus. .
FOR SALK Buff Leghorn Ki for nupturee ninrirvonv
hatching. Hen fin laying atralh, uUSltSS UulflJllOl
and roostor thorouirhhred. Mrs. J -
Schamer, R. I. Bell phon. IHFIB. " iK,"":K J-
wn ' blropraclor
J20m20 Klrwt National Bank llulldlnr
CLEANERS Call ap Lora Hots. 10B
Lyon W.. phon MS-R. about your LOANS Sl'HCTY BONOS
lothe Inantng. Bau-r A Bauer guar- ft. a SOX
ante absolute satisfaction. No gar- . , , . . ....
. woo d..W for u. to hand.. 'r. (asu.y -"Automobll, In-
J31' 213 First National llsnk Building
boshol2 good. 8 os bafor yon
nlL Atbanr urnhur Ksohsng 8 I'er tent Interest
ffalf vT 1- R. rjottphm,. A BOHRNSTKnr
- 401 Masonio Templo, Salem, Oregon
For Rent 2--
FOR RFNT A small modern houso
with fireplace. Inquire at 430 Jack. OftlllODAIill
son St., Home phono 11 2R. lr.fIS M II fJ II la K II M
FOR RENT Neat modom B room Tho perfect oil for automobiles.
bunirnlow. 914 E. 2d St. See Atty. -.
II. C. Hoy. K,flR II I CfJ
block balow th high school on 4th Pllf At
troet W. F. Pfolffor. fdtf If T V lft Y
Miscellaneous I opposite Holloway'a Rtor I
WANTED Saleswoman and collect- -ie-s-s--
or with car. Addre A. R. Iiwry,
Ralem, Or., R37 Stat Ft. 13fU "
for old, or we will pay cash for old Undertaken
furniture. Wo carry a good line of Auto Berrlo Lady Assistant
stoves. E. L. Stiff A Son, 21f Lynn I
St. Both phones. fob IStf
p ---
WANTED Steady farm hand at p-rf rl lll'f llrAC
once. Must h good worker. John I Ul IHllIItl 111 U3
W. Motley, Albany Hotel. 17f 10 Funeral Director
WANTED Work bv the hour, sweep- Our Own Auto Hears.
Ing preferred. Address B. W.. car
Democrat. 17fl0 Ib.lh PhoneMasonic Bldg.
Al'CTIONKKK - W. J. Burke. 414 K
1st or rail Home phone S-'tu.l, Bell
phon 37.1.1 MmO
AUCTIONKKR - VY. 1. Iluike. 10l K.
4lh or call Hume phoi.e l'c.1. 11,11
phone 37;U. tdntl
, FA KM Kits NOTICF. !
The fnlliminir prlirs are Wkt utA
fur prudure: whule milk, n.'K- puun.l
b. f.; prvntluilt cn-ain. Me b. f.; rhuin
inir cream. 4Hc b. f ; mgm, S.V rh.
ALBANY I'l ltK Mllt & CHKF.SF.
not 1 weeks wo will soil you a Inn
Red stork nf wagons ami pltms at
cut price. Waldo Anderson A
Bon. JEStf
WlKlliSAWING - (U a. H,
Hum phone 311K, lUil 3Y. Uil
dnr 11U Kim and llta. wllf
Real Gbtato, kiruunco and
Money tu Loan
Insarsnce, IMina. Hitrety Ikmd
Spin-lal attention alven to cam of
f'roprrty belonuln to non-residents,
loom No. I, second flMir, First Hav
inira Bank Btilblinir, Alimny, Oregon.
J. V. I'll'K
Bargains In Farm Ijimls and City
Insurance, Money to Ijiau on Good
Farms at Q per cent
HEMSTITCIIINO 12He per yard,
thread furniihcd. Bell phon 4b2K.
Sim BrnrkcnrMit. 3-t.l W. 2d St.
F.I.M Kit C, CH'K
Rooms B. 7. 9. 10. Cualck Bank Bldir.
Nnture cannot cure a dlaensa unless