Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, February 11, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Silk Petticoats
Made of lustrous Chiffon Taffeta in plain colors or Miu'k ami most
every imaginable combination of chnnircnlile color. lnth liht ami
dark. A remarkable value at $X5
Pongee Special
te and S'.K-
Imported, handwoven, from natural color pure ilk, 32 to SI inch
widths. These two qualities priced special at 6ic and 89c a )ard, for
a short time; buy yours riirht away.
Flood's Store
334 West Firt St.
Just in
A Big Stock of
- - t
tk r I - r -KKkr ft W?m i i Xft'ittl
U a 99 si mBmoM Jmim
1 1
Today and T mcrnw
loo r
Frank Mclntyre
The only 300-pound patriot in captivity. See him fro over the top,
all het up and ready to buck the line. And he HID show 'em!
SmilingBili Parsons
'Pink Pajamas'
The Chamber of Commerce is in re
ceipt of a reply from A. S. Huey, vice
president of the H. M. Byllesby &
Co., of Chicapo, to a letter from the
club expressing the city's apprecia
tion of making Albany the division
headquarters of the Mountain States ;
Power company. Mr. Huey, in pleas-!
in phrase, acknowledges the letter,
and expresses the hope that the com-1
pany may be of further benefit and i
help to the city in its inarch of pro-'
s.nce that time. Mr. Cox stated this
morning that the Willamette river
was frozen over that year and a man
by the name of Backus, who was liv.
ing in Nort1. Albany, crossed the riv
er on the ice with the aid of a coupl
oi Doarus wmcn he would place
front of him.
writer Humorously Describes What
Many Suprote It to Be, and Point
Out Wiat It Is.
"If I had been real hrlfht." says Eti
Rene In his humorous sketch
railed "Missed It The Hie Idea." In
I '-" Life, "I wfitild have seen that
the thins to do. when there Isn't the
Keturned From Trip sul.stnnce that you want. Is to fn
Cecil Cathey returned last evening; abend and Invent It. Other people do
irom a month's trip through Californ-; " '' not you? M;ike It out
la and Nevada in the interest of a , """'r "'"'tunees not a hit like
Portland firm with which he is con-1 . 1 .5"u "'ant- 'rl',,,' " cn
nected. ! '"T.
i Knew there was such a thin as
.nemiHiry neenuse I hm been In
Flu Cases Decline
According to Chief of Police Cntlin
there are but five cases of influenza
in the city at present. This morning
the quarantine was removed from two
Remodelling Office Rooms
Dr. E. C. Gipe is making imnrove-
eiieinieui laboratory. Hut a boy's no
.Inn of chemistry Is a good ileal like
Hint or the level, solid. headed liuslm
man nerore the war Ts! I get nil
twisted sometimes the solid, level-
h"ndw! hiiKlifss mini befl.-e the war.
that s what I meant to say. Thnt no
tion Is: that chwnKtrr I n-h..M I.
menis ana enlarging his chiropractic i "niells like the furnace didn't draw
omce in the Cusick building. A force
of carpenters is busy tearing out par.
titions and cutting doorways from
room to room, while other rooms are
being divided for the convenience of
Arrives from Bremerton
Lieutenant-Commander L. A. Woods
arrived in Albany yesterday fi-orr,
Bremerton, called here by the denth
of his daughter, Mrs. Norman Hindes.
Lived in Albany 44 Years
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cox arrived
in Albany 44 years ago today from Il
linois, and have made their home here
It Is where you r'ir clear stun out of
a bottle Into clear stuT out of another
iioltle. and It all clouds up different
" 11 something you have to
"n.-n so ns to K. t through college. I, ill
''I i.'-.'l nr.., -tic- I "
1 IF THE BOYS fail to oVliv.r
the paper each eTrnintr, kindly
phone to the office. The man
npement invije romptninf front
it patronn find will do iU brnt to
correat faulty aerrice.
Indo Chtntie Workers In France,Ntvtr
Fail to Carry Them on Sundays,
Rain or Shlnt.
Sntnttty lu tlu-Nc tinu t, ono l r'tiMii-
atty s-rtiilti in imv( intitiy Cltliuitiu'ii
"iinil.-r miittrvlln.
Th.-y itiiMily hnll frn Imtn itilnn.
Tin r'rt'iirti lnivirlM them ly tlnMi
mikIm f.r ici to ttii' I it t tor twittil
iiu Im hiiitl ilu Ilnt, Purine ltn
rtk, lrfSHii In mtiiitirTlit iiilturt
of itntlvi irnrh nnl mt ufT tn.l rrtn4.
fliv work nt rail ntt'it-lliiK r nt
ditch ilitiulDtt nr tit initk l.m-lititf )!.
in S uhIiivm tlnv i1ri" ttM-ntwlv,
up In Iht-lr t'i-Nt clothi'n it ltd Mtrotl
ahnit tin- ottntry(llc. Ami. nilit T
ti I no. rtirh otw lirlut nt.'in; w tti
hltu liH tr nurid titntritln ntttl rurrlf
It titifurliMl MtMYt li! pnuil u-nl. It
m-wr U n I'lilm-w uinlrtHa. Hilier,
hut tittnrtnMy it chcttp Wnck afT.ilr of
KniiI niniiufniMunv
III Info oti if tttt bnrntck htr i
thf. yi'tlow turn nr hufl. ntnl nt j
tin In ml of nth himk Hi-th hnuc a
liitiirui nt m i in im iiiiriuiE kww'u. '
If h ilif I MiiHiJis, It I" iiirtM with
N.tti.Mly ktin- why vxvry Sun.liiy j
Htf ('liiiimnnn Mirii tin i.tnhrvllit. un f
It h thnt In hN tr!titt:il liilfrl ht
hn rlituri'il It .Mil Hint piMwrfwImi f
nu li n thlmr fct'impi him ;im n iw rm I
nf tnivil ntul uliur', win, like iny '
tni ritiilMHiltlnn. It ilrilrntit nf roll-
ftirtnli.i. tn tin- custom nf t!n cum try
tn uhYh. In ttiii In-fit trnii.Hrl-il. A
Fn-nrl'itwtit, If 'nr'l.-n. nmy lini ht
iitnhr. Itn h.-hln-t h-n he ir" frtli
fr a prnmnnlt ; n riilmtiujiit n'ff
i!H'tt. IrMn S. Cthh In Satiinlay Kve
Quantity in buying for our 1117 lliisy Stores direct from Hie itiu nufitf
tuier in carload bts for spot ch and selling for rush enable us In
give you I IK I TI-'U SIIOKS for the snine money or the siiiiik iluwi for
l.KHtf. Spring Shoes for everybody are now remly for your Inspec.
tion- come in and look tbem over.
WtlMKN'S MA HOC ANY yln'ed kid lace lioi, millliiry heel 7., HUO
Wd.MKN'S MAIIlKJANV uhlM-.l li I la.e .b.N"., military heel S.tMJ ll.'IO
WtlMKN'S III.At'K lilntnl kid lace .! Iilaiy I I II.IIH li.'JU .0
WtlMKN'S III.At'K irlaseil kid luce slim-.. liHrh lirets f.l..10 1.H f I HN
WHMKN'S medlillll dress shoes, all styles, nil leathers
'."IH, 150, .1HH, i.r.u. II
MKN'S IIKKSS SIIOKS, dark bniwn, Kiik'll'b lat f.MKI. Ill DO, 7 i:
MKN'S I'KKSS SIIOKS, black, Kliklisll Inst II .1 U, li 1IU
MKN'S I'KKSS SIIOKS, all lentbeia, all slyles .l SO lo H HO
CliOVYINC IIIHI.S' Kiiglish. '. I 2 to H :l-tM. 11.50, f.l !H
MISSKS' SIIOKS 1112 lu 2 II. MM, 12 HK, I I . '.0
CIIII.IUIKN'S SIIOKS, k I 3 to II II. an, II HM, y: r,t
CIIII.IUtKN'S SIIOKS, ft to 8 all leathers IMS, ll.f.U
17 rr
7. is. yv
at lew (I I m Miint V. . H. car.
or Second (rad fay.
M. C
I sUo handle Number One Hay
It U Y
ltKEl) Moth Phonos
Project for Eilibl'imrM of a Mt.
eum at Piacerville. Cal.. In Mem
ory of Jimii Mrhll,
The Treasury iVpnrtrm'iit Im.i hkuI to tl... Twi'lfih Fcrlrrnl
Kesrrvt- District the folloivimr monthly uota.H to lfl raiwd in War
S'lvuitrs .Stamps during VJl'J:
:fav ;
A ti trust
ovcin(r .
. 4.K'to,iiiM)
.. .40i nor,
,. G.Ci.Ml.M
. 7. ) 1,1,00
. fi.4oo.roo
. lO.S.'ifl.OOl)
The total to n rais.-d thro-iu'hoiit the oom.try i $ , f 100.000,000.
WANTED Experienced salesladies at
Worth 'a Department Store. Can I
also use two apprentices. Ilfl3
A. L. OddpH Here . T i'ipt
A. L, (jeddts, torrncr county sur
veyor, is in the city from iLarriaburjf
for the day.
Interesting Now to Recall Their
Statue In Oreat Britain Leta
Than a Century Ago.
ShmM worm-n he u lilp,
Jam a Cfntury nj;o wh-ikii, w!I
thiiiin it nd rinlili lnnl of t;.vut Itrlt
aln ucr.' dfT'Nil.te t)u hlnt. It n
quite a inw Id. a to worry nltoui wlmt
wan hni4uliii; to women, hut after
me dW'UHnii It urn di'ii,H thnt
they otuM not to -Ih Mhi'iM-d (hut
the hrt way to hnticllr thetn un on
lh. "'. utli -liuWlrtti" tiifihotl -and In
lMi the wUeiM-n-e, rdMlrlann nnd
nohle lord ui d a Mil knou u n
the iv lililf)i; art. prnhlhlOhi; the ror
I'ru punlr-him-nt of wniiit ii.
Ilnvliij; nuidt t h! m i-xitOom on wont
en'ii tM'hulf tiny return.-.l to lite dlt
CittNiii of thliik'S hhit lnterM id
Klfly yenM med. The need whhli
iilld Ireeli limited 111 lSJO lietfutl to
I tuke riH.t In iH'tt, and the iiieition of
j njM'elnl h'KltnthIi fur Wolneu nk'oln I
lHh..el lip. TM time nn net un
t iujed ullowlttu women to ! om4- '
imirn or their own property o itiaK-
nonlmiMn dnetiment known ns the
umrrli'd wunifn'a property art.
Tbose two acta, aruall In theranHeca,
wiTe nf pront prtpnt tn women. They
wen the flint iiiluilMxI'in flint women
had nny rlhtM or leKiil Mutu.
In the luiit fifty yenra wnmen have
come to the fiinKrniiiid In lenpM and
bounds. I'.y the liitorpreliition nt of
1H.V. tin Roveriiment went No far ns
to allow that "wurds In any net of
pnrllnrneM paused nfter 1H.V Imputing
the nuiHctilliie Kemhr nhtill Inelti'le
females unleHs the cint rn ry Intention
.appears." Iondon Midi.
31 U M. A. Kell, of i;. .. y. InsfMie
1 tor In IT Iorri.o runty JnU. I.u
the i'tah!I'sluiieiit of m
llntiloun nm-M uni tO plin vr lite, tuiil
n klitillur IntihiOon to he i-refUtl m:r
roiinilhu' Hi (.In. ImiiIOi Rho t the
hue J ii me A Mm Lull. ill..nnrr of
told In t 'til I fstt tiin. n It now HtiunU in
K l-ev. '1 he ILlitotM) liill-eimi I
eti!iteitiiliitid U to rontuln ehllMM of
tit.- tlnv of V.t sutl the nttoii nr
0Te liv,-,) in k,,ii pi. hIin thHi ilntiiii;
I he eiil1 tltl of I ttili.Tf II.
A lurte iiMrtlieit of ttn e eli!il
in n llii Me fioin oll re-lit-nt r ie
eem;ullt of On p(o)i-er fulli it m III
1 .1 I K-r.olo i i-iinty I'lur. rv I lie w III
j iipihtrt Ihr hunt (on nml utti ttit iniit
of the IlltlHtUMI. At K i ! . uhe.e Oie
(Mil imik kktlllin (tliop el .liirlilUI loot
tiiliI n!ltot r'ioly tit full to li-'i-.
It U ih tre-l to tmlhl a stone hm!I and
rorrlnu nrouiiil the old fh-.i to pre
serve the reuo iiihrntirtt of Miiinhull,
.MIhm Kelley knew Mnrilmll lutl
inrtely. Mirny ,m-oi have II Unit Mnr-
Shidl dies) it pntltHT 'ITiIn. Mi-.. Kelley
fiiK. U utitrue. ut)l that he not nly
He.eme. (ho hotel where li. let.
hilt hud lun jili luliiei klioMli an the
"Itlt; Jiaiid)" mid "s.ruy Kiule." totli
of whii'h are proihtnUe inim and
how owm-d hy the lremnu etnte of
Toledo. (I.
I The Queer Lte Intect.
It I e.ith tl th I. .f hiv t. nii-l milll
1 It itprt In ernwl It 1 lllh' lin.H!lile
to tell wtieie file t. ,if I. n wi o,T lnnl It
he;!i, l Oitiie In till le fn-ui thrrf
In. lu e U to II,. t. n,:Ot of n Hdle
; lln.-.-r niiil At.'l It U ht n h ut r
' lo life. t)t.'U..Ti tt-.t l It loot
like It ,Mi. he out of fim. M.iare
i tirown tmt woui.i u ihe i. ,tf
Mem ! It lu hole, nml the mI,
I where Ihe Ir.'f nlttiiliee to til-- I v I - U
, I,.- i.l i- h i ' h ,:u ..f ile
rni's Mini T ti.'k'i l It uf. a-let t"o f'
' tloui m lhiiU'il In ltti,;ih. Ue nr
haie. Its Mint" art lii'k-tilor itii-1
I en ititit hne "imm'I ll -o f i : It us on
them, nn Oi'iu,h tlo hud he.-n t heil
I ) eiirly fio-l ii ft. . not I. II Of
; rrtnlure from the h-nf II Wi ltlli.t:
i oi. lo kuw uiir M -tt t ruor
, illmirv thilifc' I fer ai ! It fine .lite
the rt. uiel in.xli- me thliik f tior
for aforlee I hnte reml ittNiiit i umpire
' ol hid Mint honeoliKtrletor Vlhe I tin. f
, jeum f'r httinnh hll t-'folli Ttie
War In the ('nolle of ihe orlil." tiy
I Clenlior t'ruiil Itn K.'uli
Uerulnr romniunifation nf
j . ' v ( , liny ley ( linpter No. H thU
I ) Ttieiidny evrnitif. A
V nttendnnee denirrd.
I r. H. CfSIt'K. II. v..
Brussels Griffon, Practically Unob
tainable Jutt Now. It Likely to
Become Popular Favorite.
The KniN-els tirlffun In Mipuhirly
kimwn a.t "the monkey fared toy ilog,"
Oll'l he In one of the hi -jjhtett. "iliiirpest
and iriitiie-it of all toy hret-do. The
t.riffoii l a erope heiwei'ii Irlh ! r- :
rler. Vorkthlre terrier and Yorkshire
panlei nii'l only the fortunes of war
lit .crf. ( i,il f,.r . in .lul,.
opiiixilr llidliis)'s Slur
Eastburn Bros.
00D DRY ONIONP-I'er Pound
GOOD CAUIiAGK- l'cr l't un.l
WHITE SOUP liEAN'.'i- li pount'i ..
FHESH CliEAMKKV IJU7 i EU-2 poun.I roll .
NUT UUTTF.R "Oor I i".ufT"-rt.r Pouml ...
... 11.00
.. $1.00
.... 40c
Open Avowal.
TJhtc Is one fiiinlly In Wnnlilnclnn
thnl litis n Germanic nnmc. TImto nni
injiny more fiiinllli-s Willi cotrni.iiiwis
rnnjii'kliiir of Teulonlc i;(rar:lloii, of
mis imriinimr riinniy nss a very
lltlla hoy In It, who. In ilnylnir wllh
tlie ithur Ikis of llm iiflKhlirhiH.a
hns Im'i'ii kIImmI nioru or h'ss on nc
connt of his niirnc. Till- luitfli-s nrr
sinnll affairs, of rmrsi, slnro Did ir
tlrlimms sr very sinnll.
I'crliniis Ihe yiiiinit nmn snw (lie fii.
til M x of wnr. I'crhups he Is a plil
lmoilii'r. Anywny, his Infest reply
slinks of Renins.
"You're a Gvrmnn I You're a Oer
mnn!" a pliiymnle yelleil nt him.
The fmir yeiir old (rrlnmil peacefully
and ilrnwleil :
i in a i.i'riniin spy, I nin." , i
American Kindergartens Anroaa.
From New York rliy n hoily of kin
ilernnrlen workers Ims slnrted for
Fninee. They will strive lo hrlnii Imp.
plness Inio ihe lives of French or
phnns nml to stnrt nnew I ho slrenms
of yoiiiiu folks who nni-t llll I lie
schixilhoiises of Frnni-e. The unit will
ho iimler Ihe direction of the Ked
Gross, with the Niiilomil Kliidcr((iirten
nssocinlloii hehlnd It.
spiiinei niel only the rorttines or wnr '
and Ihe dlllU'iililes of eeliiiiK nny ili'us I ,t. Q '
mi of lui.iuiii have priMiiiid ihe s 'uvtncc spring
lirifTnn frxiii hiN'iMiiln;: a lend- r mnoiiK m i j .
me in) oreeon iimi nru ml III llliin:lill a tllUUUlfl ill
American breeders of (irllTon. hnvo I C O R R E C T
n mi in mi win in fc orer ineir r.uro- PAATllfr A rt
iiin rimfreris. ns rrptnit I rtjvjl VllAR
ihik. nre nilovveii 10 lie Nlmwn III tills
cniiiitry and there Is no iiieitli.u that
It d Improve the appi-nriiiK-c of
this hrerd nhi'ii the enrs nre rnrrlpil
The smaller tliese doits nre Ihe
morn valiiulilp. A ( weltlilnit
lline or four pnumls. Hint Is to sny,
so hiiihII that hu cell he curried In n
Indj's mulT, Is w.irih nluioot iinythinu
Hu fiirtllliate pns.i.Nnr untile to link
for him. At the present MII. n
nlmost luiK,ssllile lo ohiiiln sin h a
What Emptlnria May Do.
When a luri;.. shell Is Hied Into the
air It leave n wnko more or less like
that of n hont riifcliliii; ihroiu.'h vinter.
' ledllltely l lilml Hie project Ile us
It moves many miles n minute ilirmiich
tl lmophere there Is a vacuum. The
nlr family H a iiulek mover nt IIIIIuk
sui ll space, lill! of course It Is Inure
or less ennrilNeil nnil lliHIrnted hy the
mi. Xpert.., I arrival nml paiiak'e of the
projectile. I, ii.l the vanillin Is real f,,r
ll fair iiorllon of lime. If there Is an
airplane irolnu full tilt neniHs the wake
of til II t tired sin II lliimeilliili ly liehlnd
the projectile. It uiu-t run Into the
vanillin. Then It may he more nerl
otisly Ihnn If It hud heeu
stnlck hy Hi.- shell. The nlr -ilmls to.
(ether with n force Hint hurts all with
in reaeh. Such a chipping id the hands
f nlr In a similar vacuum tnade hy a
holt of llililnliiK inn lien Ihe thuiiiler. II
Is hetter to hear It than to feel It.
Airplanes have heen lir.Mltlil iloun In
the uorld wnr hy that means. These
limn Amerlcnn navy nuns did Hint lo a
German twoseateil plum., am) ( ,.,,.
criiHhliiK down Into I he Yankee Mes.
The pilot Was dead. i
Ilruwn Kid (Ixfonls
or Pumps with lii-lil wi ii:ht
turn soles, wood covered Louis
or Militnry Heel. Same in
$6 to $7
This Sinn is not slimvint' nny
New Hoots with Louis Heels
for tli- simple reason Hint thcro
Is nntliini; new tn s'huv.
Government restrictions nre
still In force for cotmervatinn
of Icnlhcr. No store run show
miytliini' new in j(;h Heel
Foot wen r except in Low Shoes
ni there have I n none rut
since Oetnl cr loth,
Shoe Co.
IhpendnhiV Advertising nnd