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    ol O llhrsrr.
lO-sulta for OTHERS, and will it
Tonight ana Wednesday PAIR
No. la.
Dihpohition of d' or in an Col
onies Subject Wlmh TricH
I'atirnco of Conform.
i;aulvi)i:(isi() iiku
most nkckssaky
Territorial Trolilcms Must He
Out of Way to Clear
Deikn for Treaty
lly Krrd frrtfUMtn
I'AUIS, Jim. 1IM. - Tho auprrm war
C'tunrl), r.mtinuink' Ita aopaion, expert
il to utmiii take tip the dipoition of
thv (irrnmn coltii"i thia afternoon.
The iurru, aa the ntunril la nw
onVinlly dt-aiKnatrd, la undrratood to
ferl that nit rarly drcJaiun upon the
trrrttoriitl quritiun la neceiary for
ho drawing up of n preliminary prare
treaty which will permit edy do
Certain Uc I r Mr tire known to fa
vor Immedint aelUcment of arvernl
of th moro prea-iin territorial proh
lema ln tend of waiting fur thru mat
Ui to t-a hnmllixl ty thr league of
nation 1.
In addition to Uc effect upon
mohiliratinn, the tlelrtrnte aro Ittflu
enred In thin view ty the fart thnt
certain Induatrte await territorial all
juMtmenta, no that tho pititathtn of thr
nfTerted ptpuhttiuna ia aerioua.
(Yrcnwmv Which Unites
ral irl and Soldier Is
Performed Today
Miit Cynlliiii Idmo and A. K. Tlnl
ambr t'f San Francisco were quietly
mnrrlrd nt t lit home nf tho bride 'a pa
rents nt 4 o'clock thin afternoon, Kcv.
i. II. Young ierforming the cere -miuiy.
The bride in daughter of Mr. unci
Mra. J. E. Rosa of this rity and hna a
hunt of friends anions tho young art.
She formerly worked fnr the Bell
Tel-phone company.
The groom hna Jut bc-n discharged
from the army nnd haa turn serving
with thr 75th infnntry at Camp I -own.
The young people will take a ahort
wedding trip to Portlnnil anil Inter
mnke their homo In San Francisco.
Library Hoard Met
IjlsI Night at Library
Tho library board met laat evening
at tho library anil the moat important
question coming up wna that of open
' ing the library again. Tho library haa
lieen cloned for aomo time anil it wna
the opinion of nil those present that It
should lie open ngnin for tho exchange
of iKioka. A letter to Mra. Krnnklin
fnm tho Portlnnil lilirarinn wna reail
niiiting thnt tho Portland library haa
never lieen eloaeil on account of the In
fluenza epiilemie. Dr. C. V. Littler
wna nppointeil chnlrmnn of n commit
tee to viait tho health board and ace
v!mt could bo dono about the mnttcr.
'ho question of mire ahelf room
wna derided to plnco "helves In the
assembly room
Assumed Business
Name In Filed
An naaumed buaineaa nnme wna fil
ed today with tho county clerk which
deaitrnntoa the hnrdwnro buaineaa
heretofore conducted under the firm
of llulburt A Ohlinir, aa the llulburt
Itnllni'k Hnrdwnro company.
FOR SALE 2 incubntora, nlmoat new
Inquire nf Mra. Ida Rendarh, Home
phono H764. J28f3
FOR EXCHANGE A $7,000 real
denco nnd $r,000 furniture atock lo
cated In Miami, Oklahoma, to trade
fur land near Albany. See Hecker
& Ream. 2MJ.10
Kill Introducetl in Congress
Would (Jive to City Relic
of (J real World War
Tlmt Alhany will aoon have (irr
man rantton. rapturrri hy tho Annrl
nn forera during th hif ofTenaivn.
nt m ri-ltc of thr Kuropran war, U In
tlicntfd l.y th intnulurliun of a hit)
in ttm ho urn of rottirre hy W. ('.
Ilnwlry. The hill rr! aa follows:
"llv It natr. hy tho arnnU and
houn of rrprt'iirntutivra of th Unitrd
Statra of Antrrir- in roimrt-aa awm
hfd( that th arcrrtary of war ahall
Irf, and hi la hrrtly authorixrd and
li,m-Ud to donnl to the city of Al
n.ij, atat of (rtifon, ono rannon or
fhdupitH-v rapturrd hy th Amrriran
At toy from the forrra of th Imperial
( 1 .an fovmmnt during th prra
rn. wnr. '
I'aator Kirat Itaitit Church, Al
bany, Orejron
: l.u!,e 0:'jr,. Hemirr unto Caeaar :
: the thinra that Ulont to Caranr :
: and unto (,ihI the Ihinya that le-
: lonn to (!oil." i : : : :
Patriotism ia one of the (rreat, ab
ftorbinir paiiiona of life. Thia ia the
paanion that haa awayrd mllliona of
liearta durinir the ureal world war.
Patriotiam meana dilTerent thint'a.
but mainly It meana loyalty to the
country and iruvrrnmrnt under which
a man Uvea. To an American it meana
lovo of the Idenla and free inatitu
tiona of our democratic rivilitation.
There have been aome dollar pntriota
and profiteera who have Uken advan
tage of the diatreaa of their country to
enrich themaelvea. There have alao
lieen aome alackera who fled the call
of duty, but the rank and file of the
people have len nobly true la the
idrala that make an American.
One of the moat pitiable caaea of
lacking haa juat come to light. A
young man. American born and bred,
ahipprd to Mexico to avoid aervice in
hia country'a name. While there h
contracted the dread epidemic and died
among atranevre with a dishonored
life and a breaking heart. Hia mother
will not rniae a monument to him; un
like thnt Wanhington mother who on
hearing the tragic newa of her boy 'a
deatii in action, aaid in teara, "I can
not regret giving him for my coun
try." Hut Edith Cavell, the fnmoua Eng
linh nurae who waa brutally ahot in
llrlgium by the invadcra for helping
the wounded and Injure Rclgian and
Engliah aoldiera into Holland, apoke
one of the great worda of the war
when ahe atood U-fore the firing aipiad
wid anid, Pntriotiam ia not enough.
I iie without bitterneaa or hatred."
She knew and understood the various
patriutiama of Europe and aho aaw
thnt aomethlng else was naceaanry
relicion, a love of Coil and humnnity.
"Patriotiam la not enough." Hut
patriotiam with the Chriat religion ia
"The nation aporf from religion waa
never truly great," aaid Horace Rush-
nell. He meant the religion of Jeaua
Chriat, the divine Son of Cod and Sav
iour of men, who came Into the worki
not merely to give a little higher ideal
of life than the propheta nnd thinkcra
of the paat, but to Impart thnt life to
the Individual aoul nnd make him a
citizen of tho Kingdom of Ilenvon.
The religion ot Jesua Chriat ia the
central nnd moat potent fact In the
life of mankind, for when a man'a re
ligion ia wrong hia whole life of
thought and mornla becomea chaotic.
Of all the thrilling facta of life none
ia ao mnrked aa the fact that when a
man accepta tho way of life aa reveal
ed by Chriat, aurrenderlng hia will to
Him, hia experience will become rich
nnd beautiful, Tho power of Jeaua
Chriat can chango tho natural tenden
ciea of men awept by temptation.
There la an Infinite aource of aupply
for our spiritual needa aa there ia for
nil our phyalcnl needa. Light for the
eye, wave aounda fnr tho ear, thought
for the mind nnd Chriat for tho aoul
nnd nil of lifo.
God haa done hia 'bit' for ua. Chriat
hna done hia 'bit' for the world. I
wonder If wo are rendy to do our 'bit'
for Himt
"There ia none like unto thee, O Lord,
Thou art great nnd holy.
Who would not love Thee, O Lord of
world I"
It waa the poet Rrowning who
Where I-abor and Capital ean
Not Agree Shipping Hoard
WitbdrawH Uusiniss
.'JO Steel Ship Contracts Arc
Cancelled in I'ukcI Sound
Yards on Strike Threat
The Unitrd Stntea ahipping board and
emerirencv fli-it roriMirntion hn .1,.,'t.l.
eil upon revision of the entire ahip-
I. milling program, it ia omciallv b arn
ed li.te thia af'.erroon. Aa a conse-
!UMn.-e of the new blan. wurk haa l-n
oi.irred stunned on rrorea of shins on
the wnya wher? (unstrurtiun was not
too inr nilvrm 11 vtork on vessela
more thn l;.nf completed continues,
TI.e government intrnda to with
hold shipbuilding contruda from all
points where capital and labor cannot
agree on the basis of the Mary award.
This liecanie evident today when the
government, following the policy ea
tnlilished In the Puget Sound district,
cancelled SO ateel ahip contrarta on
the mere threat of a strike February I.
Work on 34 steel hulls in the Cal
ifornia district haa lieen ordered aua
pended by Chnrlea Piex, riianagcr of
the Emergency Fleet Corporation at
Ilia telegram gave no rcaaon for
the action.
Industrial Examiner Rrotherton of
the ahipping board declared that the
coast shipbuilding situation is moat
serious. He blamed the shipworkera
in the Puget Sound region for precii
itating the aituation, whkh nay cause
tho Pacific coast to lose contracts
worth many millions of dollara, and
that mny bring a crisis in the unrnt
ployment situation.
Karl Van Nuys Sees
a (lood Fart of France
A. McNeil of 1138 West Ninth street
hna received a letter from hia grand
son, Enrl R. Van Nuys, written from
Giverea, France. He atnted he was
situated in comfortable barracks and
it waa raining quite hard there, the
climate reminding him of Oregon save
that they had hnd no real cold wenther
na yet. He thinks France is a pretty
country and in all hia travels he has
seen many interesting thinga that will
be of rreat benefit to him In later
yeora, but he likia the U. S. best nnd
will be glad to get home, which he
thinke will be aoon.
Earl haa another brother, Frank
Van Nuys of Allmny, in the service
and he ia atationed at Camp Iwia.
British Shipyards Tied
Up by Strike
LONDON, Jnn. 28. By U. P. The
industrial wnr which hna broken out
in Great Britain and Ireland ia the
beginning of a determined fight In. the
interests of the demobilized aoldiera,
labor officials aay.
They deny that the strikes which
have been called are in any way con
nected with Bolshevism.
The atrike aituntion which resulted
in the paralyzntion of shipbuilding and
nffectod ncrioualy other Industries, ia
unchanged todny.
It ia believed the trouble will be ex
tended Inter through aympnthotic
wnlkouta. Nearly 200,000 arc striking
in varioua aectiona.
To Live at Sclo
Fred Firklin left ycatenlny for Sclo
to mako hia home.
"I any unto thee thnt Jeaua accepted
by thy reason and thy fnith solves for
thee all quest iona in thia world and
out of it." With the power and light
thnt Chriat Imparts wc can understand
lifo better and use our ypnra to God'a
Christ In the henrt thnt la enough
Thrae idenla of Americanism are
based on the religious teaching of
Chriat. Let ua crown Him completely.
II M f - ..
Lieutenant Seth T. French
Son of F. M. French Made
Splendid Record in Flying
Corps of U. S. Army
Lieut. Seth T. French arrived home
this morning from Call Field, Texas,
after eervfpg In the aviation branch
of the aertjee fr 18 months. Lieut.
French hn made application to join
the reacrvl corps, which meana that
he will lie subject to call and will be
required to report to some government
flying field once a year for a ahort
lime to practice flying. He will be
entitled to .fly government planes
whenever he wishes to visit flying
Lieut. French hna lieen an instruct
or in advance flying for the past six
months, and haa an Expert Pilot'a li
cense. He has a record of 3D0 hours
in the air or alwut 20,000 miles fly
Quota for Linn County for
Armenian Relief Fixed
at $3,100.00
The following telegram was roceiv
ed this morning by Rev. W. P. White
appointing him chairman of the Ar
menian relief campaign in Linn coun
ty. The campaign is nationwide for
$10,000,000 of which the state quota is
$IS4.000 and the county quota $"i.lu0.
'Oregon food Administration, acting
on cabled advices fiom Herbert Hoov
er, urges givfng eviry aid Armenian
.yr:an relief campaign. John R. Mott
urgently requcstn aid every United
Wnr Worker. National Council De
fense wires statu council to give every
help. At joint conference today, food
administration, Armenian committee,
Lnited Wnr Workers, you were ap
pointed chairman Linn county. State
campaign February 17 to 24. iloover
cablps there ia no greater suffering
today than among persecuted peoples
of Asia Minor, who have no funds, can
not secure government help, and have
no other means of obtaining food, and
snya that Armenia Is starving."
SIIELBURN, Jnn. 28. Special
Alfred Powell and family spent Sun
day with his parents at Jefferson. His
brother. Ernest, was discharged from
Camp Lewis and arrived in the after
noon. Frank Pietrok started up his saw
mill nfter several weeks' idleness.
J. W. Hirons and family spent Sun
day with A. P. Hirons, who has been
confined to his bed the past three
The Shelburn school has been closed
ngnin. This time tho teacher, Dolbort
Long, became sick with the flu.
Linn Gibbons, formerly of this plnce
but now a bnrlier of Portland, was re
ported seriously ill of the tlu.
Mrs. A. Shank, who has been under
the doctor's care most of the past year
died at her home yesterday morning.
She was a well-known Shelburn resi
JUNEAU, Jan. 28. The American
Red Cross has awarded a special chev
ron to Miss Mnrgnret Nunvialll for
her work as a nurse In St. Stephens
hospitnl at Fort Yukon, Alaska, the
most northerly hospital in the western
100 Soldiers and Sailors At
tend Mass Meeting in
New York City
Demonstration to Force City
to Provide Jobs Is Plan
of New Council
NEW YORK. Jan. 28. By U. P
A thousand unemployed discharged
soldiers and sailors and marinea plan
a demonstration in front of the city
hall late this afternoon, demanding
that the officials Uike formal to
provide them suitatde jobs.
Arrangemcnta for the demonstra
tion were made by the r.e-jrly-oraniz-ed
Soldiers, Sailora and Marinea Pro
tective association. OfTi;:ala of thia
society declared It had been organized
to get a "square deal" for returning
service men.
One hundred aoldiera, sailors and
marines attended a meeting of this
association last night, which became
riotous and waa dispersed by military
police and naval guarda.
PARIS. Jan. 28 U. P.-Edward
Hurley, chairman of the United States
shipping board, will return to the U.
S. to take up the question of estab
lishing a great American merchant
marine, it is officially announced.
He has been with the Iresidential
party studying European conditions.
Lebanon Boy Is
Killed in Action
LEBANON. Jan. 27. Cecil Creg-
ory, son of .Mr. and Mrs. William
Gregory, met his death while in active
orvice with the American forces in
France. Gregory enlisted in the army
in July, 19H1. at Weiser, Idaho, and
went to the Mexican border with the
Idnho infantry', where he was sta
tinned for three month. When war
was declared on Germany in 1917, he
was nmonir the first to be sent to
France. Besides his parents, one sis
ter. Mrs. David Fitzwater, survives
TORTLAND, Jnn. 28. Eugenia
Visi ran the risk of being asked env
harassing questions nnd possible ar
rest when he rushed into police head
quarters and demanded that warrants
be issued for five men.
But Eugenia was mad nnd he didn't
care if the police did ask him where
he got it nnd when. He said:
Da sonsa guns, day stoala my
There were several drinks. He swore
out complaints against the five for the
alleged theft of 112 gallons of four-
year-old wine, and two quarts of whis
To Attend Wedding
J. E. Ross, who is working in the
shipyards in Portland, came up to at
tend the ftedding of his daughter,
Miss Cynthia Ross, this afternoon.
Marriage License
The county clerk yesterday issueii
a marriage license to Tom Smith of
Jefferson and Elsie Mny Piper of Wa
Come Here to Attend Fui:rral
Mrs. L. T. Howard and son and Mrs.
R. V. Howard of Albany, nnd Mrs.
Geo. Sovern of Portland, arrived in
Eugene yei.c"dny afternoon to attend
the funeral of Mrs. Eda Bnllnrd and
son Roy who died in Portland a few
days ago. Logene Register.
It is ten miles Inside the Arctic cir
clo and is the only place in 50.000
qunre miles that affords medical
help. The nearest doctor is 350 miles.
Visiting Friends
Misa Viola Simpson is spending the
week in Eugene visiting friends.
Pacific StHcs Company Will
Did in Property at Receiv
ers' Sale February 17
Forrclisure aales of the Home Tele
phone & Telegraph ron.pany'a proper
ty in Portland, Oregon City, Corvallii
and Albany will lie held in the court
houne February 17, under the super
vision of Sheriff Hurlburt. Thia will
lie one of the final atepa toward ter
minating the receivershio which has
been in effect aince June, 1917. Mort
gage bondholders will realize about 70
per cent of the par value of their hold
ings. The Pacific Telephone Telegraph
company, through A. L. Mills, presi
dent of the First National bank, will
bid JI,55i).000 for the property. This
will be paid with mortgage bonds of
the Home Telephone ft Telegraph
company of Spokane, now owned by
the Pacific company, which will guar
antee the payment of interest and
princifal. Interest coupons of theae
trds, due November, 1918, will be
p.iid by the Pacific company.
u. C. Howard, chairman of the Port-
lend lond owners' committee, and John
Ilaynes of Los Angelea, chairman
of a similar committee of California
bondholders, w'.:o represent about 80
per cent of the outstanding bonds, es
timated to be close to $.1,000,000, have
recommended that A. L. Mills be ap
pointed trustee for the bondholders in
arrjing out the liquidation of the
Home company. Only a nominal sum
will be paid the bondholders who do
not desire to participate in the Spo
kane company's stock. Journal.
Only Two Cases in Four Days
-Lifting of Ban Urged by
Many Businessmen
With only two new flu cases re
ported in Albany during the past four
days and the ban having been lifted
in nearly all of the other towns in the
Willamette Valley, a persistent de-
irand :or similar action on the part of
the .aid of health is being heard
am(.r.g the business and professional
men o: the city.
Hie fact that the school have been
fleseJ during the greater part of the
win'er is perhaps the greatest cause
fcr i-intem but it is frequently urged
en th; Miccts of Albany that the ban
should !e lifted on all public gather-
i:v in view of the iriproved situation
(uir the past two or three weeks.
It is pointed out that there will be
:n t-H pobability but a few cases of
flu uuing the balance of the winter
and that e rigid quarantine is in real
the only safe and sane method of
eoNbaiting the disease.
It is 1 elieved that the schools will
be opened next Monday but the
health board as yet has made no def
inite announcement.
TACOMA, Jan. 28. U. P. A def
inite proposal for the settlement of
the shipyard strike here will be consid
ered by a atrike committee this after
noon, meeting with Mayor Riddell and
four local businessmen.
Some action is expected before
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28. U. P. A
price of $17.50 for hogs for February
was unanimously agreed upon by a
committee of packers, producers, com
mission men, food administration and
agriculture department officials.
They met here today to consider
the question of maintaining this price.
Srortncans Occupy Public
Buildings at Wilhelmshavcn
COPENHAGEN, Jan. 28. U. P.
The Spnrtacnns by a sudden coup d'
etnt have occupied the public buildings
and banks in Wilhelmshaven, accord
ing to reports.
All railway traffic to and from the
city has been held up.
Swift Admits Before Senate
Committee that He Got 15
per cent on Investment
Beth Houses of Conirresg Ac
cept Conference Report
on $100,000,000 Bill
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28. U. P.
The Packers are attempting to fool
he public by covering up their Drofita.
membera of the senate agricultural
committee today charged. They ae-
ereiy questioned Louis J. Swift as to
his earnings.
Profita of 15 per cent on hia canital
itock in 1918 waa admitted by Swift,
after he aaid he had made a profit of
esa wan two per cent.
The senate and house accepted the
onferenre report on the $100,000,000
'ood bill to aid the needy neonlea of
Soldier Who Fought
in France in Albany
Chaa. Atwater of Airiee arrived in
Albany yesterday and while hero is a
guest of his aunt, Mra, T. Hoi-
Mr. Atwater waa a member of Co.
L of the 3d Oregon- and" has lust re- V
urned from the front witho honor-""
able dis:hz,rge. He waa in the hoepit-
il three months with an attack . of- '
-heumatism, but during the remainder..!' "
A the time waa in an advanced-xoie .
ina aaw aome nara zignemg.
Commercial Club Meeting
The board of directors nf the Com
mercial club will meet tonight at 7 :30
it the Commercial dub rooms.
Visiting Mother
Mrs. Blanche Gilbert has gone to
shelburn to visit her mother.
Harrisburg Man Here
Abner C. Nanny of near Harriaburg
vas in Albany yesterday visiting at,
-he home of his uncle, James Nanney.
He has just returned from California
where he was called by 0e death of
lis father, Alber S. Nanney.
Buys Interest ha Garage
Edward Scott, who recently came
to Albany from Canada, haa purchas
ed the mechanical department of the
West End Garage from W. H. Hulbert.
Mr. Scott is a brother of Mra. C. M.
Kendall. Mr. Hulburt has Uken the
igency for the Brisco ear and will
hereafter handle that aa well as the
Liberty Six which he has handled the
past year. He will also handle auto
Here From Kings Valley
R. L. Newton of Kings Valley ia In
Albany for a few days looking after
business matters.
On Way to Marshfield
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. King stopped
in Albany for a few daya' viait with
Mra. King's mother on their way to
Marshfield from Portland where they
have been on their wedding trip.
Went to Salem
Merrill Ohling went to Salem yes
terday to enter Willamette University.
To Train as Nurse
Miss Hazel Cowan expects to leave
tomorrow for Portland to take a three
years' course in nursing at the Good
Samaritan hospital.
Went to Salem
Lieut. C. M. Hartsock went to Sa
lem thia morning on buainess. Ha re
cently returned to Albany from Camp
Humphrey, Virginia, where he receiv
ed hia honorable discharge from tha .
engineering corps.
On Business Trip
Father Lane went to Portland this
morning on buainess.
Mill City People Here
Mrs. E. L. Shepherd and daughter,
Mrs. Bertha Lewis of Mill City, trans
acted buaineaa here today. They re
port the flu epidemic a thing of tha
past in Mill City and tha mill is run
ning with a full force again. There
are atill a few cases in Gooch and
'Doc' Goodman, a well known resident
of that nlace. naased away on Jan. 21
of influenza.