Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, January 16, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Albany daily democrat thirspay. January u. 1919
1 1 n
Wool Sweaters
Kcop WARM to Keep WELL
One of these good Wool Sweaters is just what you
need these Wintry days. We have a special lot of
heavy Huff Neck Sweaters in Red and Grey, large
sizes, worth double the special price we are asking.
A special price to close out our Children's Wool
Sweaters. Colors grey and cardinal. Not all sues
Mit a good range to sciea fro..i. Special price $1.3.")
Knock Those Germs
Give Them a death blow by using "KLENZO"
the antiseptic tooth paste. Price 25 cts
(Continued from Pun 1)
ilhe propicillin niul printed Kitiiirl Kuntalt from oilier eiinip, nml the
Flood's Store
331 West F irst St.
at loading point F. O. H. car I aUo handle Number One Hay
or Second tirade Hay. 4
31. C. REED - - Roth Phones
correct. The American.1 K"i"'d spe
cinl barracks by demanding them. I'n
der Uulj burton's urdet these were
cleaned twice a day. They werv let
ter than those of the tlerman guards.
Then rump the ficht against tier
man propaganda. The Hermans were
publishing a paper in Iterlin called
"America in Kurope." It was distrib
uted in the prisons and over Amer
ienn lines. The sheet wn written by
Germans who had lived many years
in America and could use American
tlarnr. When the first issue appear
ed, the editor came to Kastatt and in
terviowed Halyburton. representing
himself as nppointed to look after
Americans Uvause of his sympathies
for them. Ilulyburton told him the
paper would be welcome if it eut out
Th friend of Americans
week he anpcmvd with the
new issue somewhat revied to auit
the Americans. The Centum' clumsy
efforts werv amunin, but ILtlyburtitn
saw danger In the prof.iciimhi still in
the paper. He forbade its circulation
umoiiK those under h.j commund. For
this llalyburtnn was taken t. a pun
ishment camp. His stay wits short.
The Hermans placed an incapable
American In charge of the Kastatt
camp, who immediately muddled af
fairs. The several hundred prisoners
struck and insisted that llalyburtoii
be returned. . The commander Pom
On his return, Halyburton ' wax !
called up before Gen. von Kaltenreit
the hardhearted old Prussian in char-jr1
of war prisoners. Several hundred .
new Yankees had been futhuivd n
Keii"ral tv runted llalyburtoii to tak
charge of them, leaving the old K'Up
under the incapahle substitute. Italy-j
burton refused hut offered to take
charge of the entire camp. Tho old
Pruiau argued but ended with, 'Ach
Gott, uo ahead, If you d.m't mt
alonjr al liih'ht. let me know." The j
obi general hud given himself uy blr letters U publish,
with that statement, mailt be fori the Another battle against
prison officers. Ilulyburton and Geo
rhetan weitt to l)v ireneial. or threat
New Taffeta
-..niillu rinK liipnienl (if pill" Tnrf.tii Ju.t r-erlved. C..I..K
Murk, .Ium, klmki, .link (tiiiy, kink- l'l' "y I''1'''. '"l"li"k'ft.
whiU1, pink.
All Hil Imlie, wiilo nml .niflit liffii Hi Mir H'lvmi.o In Ilk
1 1. (ill II.7-I fl.IIH )rd
wns aKaumt an Individual named r'nd
m aho claimed to be American and
encd to, for everything they needed f- the eoi respondent of nit American
ter that, news agency. Ho appeared several
Aaiii Halyburton had propaganda 1 times ul the ramp ny tn,r he was
plans to fiht. The Germans had ( therinir data to pmve that Americans
treated certain capties well in onler
.1 influence them to w rite letters say
in? they had not been mistreated.
were, nut nnMrvated in Germany and
that he hud been permitted t do so by
the German k'overnmctit. Halyburton
j Ard rn - v he saveJ .r M! n- r' sVt'-er.
A' ?. r ssvincs .!': t' t'-
' vcu re: :.-!: '. both.' A !:.-.-; J"; ! rK-r
i People.
tilt v. 1 . l (
si !;;rr.Y am rr -.-i 1- ;:v !: n u Y
Off!ce: V. : v.nm StulU . or (H'. rt 1ro. ?tire.
Ki-fct .! on IMI : ;:.!. II )r.v 1 '
Only Veterinarian in A!'. -n; . V .Vr'x.d lo T. -.' i '.' -.a I IT -r-
j" TO J 1 ' '" ' T " T"t " OOf
i . H' ""Voter bottles '
1 t.27, to .3 -T t:. r ; d
i Delivt-vif! pt once without extia ch - . I; ;in No. 2". Jitni'y
S. rvice
Wo"r.hvo?-lh Drui! Co.
rtlH ill II minimi ImiiMui'
u.,rHlffl:lllllllltlllrplilllt w
lllit!j(l!ll'tll jBl ifi!
S.wne letters were too favorable to the! told rentiers he had In-tter leave le
Germans, and Halyburton established fre some of the ibtuirhUiym "insulted
a censorship in ein-h n. He km-wjyour l.rrman frirnds by telling the
the Germans were waitinr for fv-ir. i truth. H Kaplers left.
When the armistice was signed ihn
(erman ri"trds Biuldenly tlis tpi'.tM-I
i Th s vli rrmattit'tl were l-iurn? .
Tey t-d.l the Yanks thai
were free to 10 t- Iiwim nnd
tu v ill. r u tl Hnlvbttrf.-M s.v d m.
(n tt if te fin I p- i.- e i . I
up in rtv
.!! f.
! itli'i:;rv
r -..i.)i--:. .
ii id - i:.
: .1
I. 1 1.
Iii of many of mir
JM Allt MKiK t'l.l-: II
am i: . i.k
' r-
. r v.-l.i
in tu!
lm l
. 1.
r.l. i
, r..
i I
It f -,,.
I I .
V .1
f r
we:1 in a rF,r7F
V V 'nit -,.slL 1 iL.ik
TO THE PUBLIC TASTE with the Season's Bcwt
D. E. Ncbcrgall Meat Co.
Both Phones 17
SAY, youH have a streak of smokeluck thntll
put pep-in-,your-smokemotor, all right, if you'll
ring-in with a jimmy pipe or cigarette papers and
nail some Prince Albert for packing! .
Just between ourselves, you
never will wise-up to high-spot-smoke-joy
until you can call a pipe
by its first name, then, to hit the1
peak-of-pleasure you land square
on that two-fisted-man-tobacco.
Prince Albert I
Well, sir, youll be so all-fired
happy youll want to get a photo
graph of yourself breezing up the
pike with your smokethrottle wide
open) Talk about amoke-aport I
Quality makes Prince Albert so
appealing all along the smoke line.
Men who never before could
smoke a pipe and men who've
smoked pipes for years all testify
to the delight it hands outt P. A.
can't bite or parch I Both are
cut out by our exclusive patented
process I
Right now while the going's
good you get out your old jimmy
pipe or the papers and land on
some P. A. for what ails your
particular amokeappetite I
n .".hm'.
onl..r we, il'ffi -ul' f
liiuU'i nliiiul. Iii'l It wim p !'
""fid'., N"t I'lllnr- t
I i n f t-nirl jil t-i I "v
'" l-v If )"fi pri'M"!!- .v.-- i-
,-ivil the 'Uiith V-.- n liiii-.l I y !
' f'n pirn fmm S it - li-n I T'
j R' il ('niMtr-, wirf ini'..'.''l I'V t1"' "
I '.'iiniruf i'in iu rwrv rump. nn1 f'Hin.
!tliit pntivi', nrnnn-l Ann-rii-iin rn"iv
full nf nlniiiiitiin for thi- wiiv
Tin1 ii ln.1 Imn.lU'cl tlii-nnihin iln
li-r ilifficultit-a.
For Snip Rr-.l
r'.. I', sex
Pi wtaltt, ,ttt Afttmnlt,
Ini-t'i't.r f'-i! r
JIJ t fJt!r.-' r 1 P '
5' I prr rril lntrrl
A. ('. HOIIUNtiTfchT
Marinle Trmjilr, Nulcm, Ort-iinn
' I
1 ' '
, . - . I. I i. I -r, 1 .-,.
"I .'.:' I ..-I t.
J .
1:11 PS t,T 'J K lit I..H r ...
W I U-ix - , t f . I .!h t..p.
I t-..r I . lo-elv J'MMI value
n dueed to
Shoe Co.
Coprrigfct im
Yom itf r P'imt A thirl
-thai c'M, prmttticmt
trytwhaJTm tb la mold. Tmw
Mutl miai hlf ffttmrnal Urn hmm
iiftnif t0 ihml It mpm that lsicco im mmA mirfmci vunmilimm.
R, J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. WintonSaIemt N.
An open air cigar store where
crowds do not assemble - clean
and sanitary.
The "FLU" can't catch you if
you trade at
Eagles Cigar Store
First and Broadalbin
Proven Tires
' KINfJKNT TESTS have prowl tho
superior rharaetur of Samson Tirt
construction. Wi could nave money
hy t-sinjf inferior materialH, hut w
prefer to huild KamBon Tireg on a
foundation of honor and integrity.
Better (luality nnd fr renter quantity
of maU'rinln, and ncientifir, proven
fttructural ailvant(re)tf irive Samson
Tireg their remarkahle durability.
Ifilf inititutionn -conrerng that de
mand the utmost in tire m-rvire are
frankly indontintr fiarnon Tires. The
Samson it paining an ever-widening
circle of friends hecauae of its rujrrd,
friant like utrenelh and its seeming
imperviousneRg to terrific road punishment.
Kan-son mileage cost has Iteen drought,
to an irredurihle minimum nnk any
San.non Tire liser. The demand for
these tires jg steadily exceeding our
utmost present ability to produce.
The constructors of Snmson Tin s are
master-specialists. Kuril porn man
was chosen for hig particular g' ill In
some certain phase of tire c instruc
tion. These Ionic experienced men are
supplied with the purest an ) costliest
grades of materials that rash wilt
The erogg section of a Samson Tire
reveals an unusually t urh, thick
tread. This trend is mnd; of specially
compounded ruhln-r, iles"iied lo meet
Oregon road conditions.
Allison & Tway
40.". WvKt FirKt Street
Opposite liillot,fl).t, Fnrmern Store
Womens 1
Rallied 35 to 5ft
Per Cent
i.:r onh
:iip.oo SUITS now nr. hi
0 MI ITS Now
llil.lHI SUITS NOW 124 ns
jurit) .suns now ijmi:,
ir,.im suits now ...,
All hixher prirrd anil, rrdurril In
(import ion
l.fT TWO
Hi: ITS IIAI.F I'ltK I".
Twenty-five SuiU in tho lot-nil kihkI ntyl.-tt nml rnlnm.
ii ; , m.iii -
1'- .? htmafsffee