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    ... v.. am. r
J. ( 0 I U c If
Kcaulla tat OTHERS, unit will eel
II KS I I. I S , for YOU
Tonight and Friday BAIN
No. ITS.
Federal Prohibition Law Is Approved by Thirty-Six States
Effective One Year From Dat;
for Prohibition Ends in Wild Scramble
to Occupy Seal on Band v. axon
Wine Presses Are Also Inclu.lcd in Han Placed I'pon the
Manufacture of Liquor; Missouri Close Sec
ond in Race (o Sign
Ihr prohibition BinrndinrM a
I rmi.u.n. uf Ihr IH aminilmi"
t.tkn (or ratification folio:
l.r.l rn amrndmrala know u. Ihr "hill of ri. ht." nro.ld
id r'iarinl.r. .orh a. Ir.-r ap .h; ratified in nine aionina.
I lrtintl, annnilniinl ralnhll iil uf at nr.; rut
ill d In (oi r u n.
1ilfl.l ami uUmrnl rhanicrdii I lit. I if pn .id.-uli. I il c.
ti' oi : r t d tl in 1 1 i..r '
ll'irii.iilli m.nilmrnl iriaSi Iti d .In. ry ; ralifird in .liht.
I .a I'.nn a r.r.
lorlciilh amradmrnl, tnad
1 1 n . nr..
I Hi. nih anirnitnti'nt. rnfran
i .Ml.' prri-n.. r.ttifiid In on."
i t tn:h am n llnrnl, allow
r '--d I i I'.rre and a hill year
in( rulli amrndmrnt. pro
' : rtifiid In .lirhl'y Ir
; ll-.n'N an.rii lin. ol. mak
; ( r - l .
AI m. I !l0 rmrndiarnla hav.
ml . tr r h-.iilrn l'o riliti d
l.'- rols J ,n 1? Ily 1'nil.d .'r.vo.. Nbraaka today ratified Ihr
ii :kn I ion amriidmi nt, brl v ihr It.lh and finil lJlr nor..
ii li m.ik -r. 'lilulmn a p.irl nf thr ran: titution of thc I n.l.J
Si 'Ii r
' : !r i r.iliri.d the am.nlm.nt !H to 0. Ihr Joint rrsulutlim
wnl I k tu t!u aniitr fur concurrence, thr original ri solution hat in :
I.. '
' Hi H t n r trr !'.. r.
llu ii aitn j.adiy t.ui. r I'd
MIIN(;TON, Jan. 17. Pro ib'i'in ' rai.- part of the hinl
I v r' t!i ,'rili.l Slnl. tixl.T. Kilili alitn ol .he frriiral tiv nl
n nl ty lb. N.bra.ka Iriti.lalurr m kr t:u. r:ir. r.- the lKth anien t
ii. i 1. 1 ' f -I, r 1 ' on.liliilion
All I ut half a d zrn of thr 4M .Intra arr rxirctrd to ad .pt thr
Ii -cot in fir mxt few Weeks b it thr lition of N.'l.rasl n to lay
. i -, . . i', . rnifi.'..!inn of thr.-r fo nths of the slati-.. the number nerc.-. i , i' bi'.ir.ister John llarb-ycori. ti,0 K O punch.
I : i,r fr..m I .lay every saloon, brewery, distillery nnd wi.u
I i i tV Inn I mi l ilose ( dii ir. i nb s, as n.'W .reins li' i l -, :?i
i ! l.-.s 'v d nt ti nt time hf War phohil.ition which g s in.o
,i r ii-'. Jib' I. and .lay. until c wple'l m if'.ili
T i (.ndinenl which outlaw, i,Uor in thi. coun!r reads-
'.'lection I.--After one year fro,,, t,f rntificntion of this nrti. l,' f o
' - ' I '' 1 "" r "" i'f int.ixii-atin,. li'i0. within, the
l.i. I' 'iti.ii I'.er. nf Into, or the exportation thereof, from the Unit
ed Stair, and nil territory subject , tno Juri.diction thereof , for b v
I'lH' .'III' hereby prohibited.
".'.l i n " The rongrcaa andt'ie sevrrnl stntes have the concur- '
i- .it inv.-i-r to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. I
"Se-tiin X- The article shall ly inoperutive unless it shall have !
been ratified as an nniendinent to tIP constitution by the Icgiaiiitirrra i
t the several states as provided ' the constitution within seven yeara
of the date of submission hereof to t, ,tt,., ,y coKrrss." !
This In the nniendinent ndopte, ,y congn-. Dec, 1H, 1!17, and
ralified by .'ales a little more tj,Bn onp y,,nr itrr,
' And here are some of the thing, ,mt tne amendment will do:
Wipe nut at n stroke ilint ilrri,.Bi 9iti breweriea and over SiM),.
CIMI anliion. nnd wholesale liquor ftnblishmeiits. forcing their employes
to seek other jobs.
Cut off from these persons nn.,uni jneomea totuling more than
$7n,iK'(),noO In pre war times.
Cut off from the United Statc treasury a sourco of - taxation
counted upon for an even billion diillr, tl first drafts of the new
revenue bill nnd millions In ndditlolm j,,,.,,,,,,,, t ,tato treasuries.
Itemovr the liipmr question frm nntionn, ,tate and city politics
for nil time and keep cilVi nt, and federal expenao by de
rreiisini' law violation.
The fight on liquor, triumphant tml(yi !( n( o)( , t)lc constitution
Itself. . . .
It riiised Its henil early in tho illn centry and wns looked upon as
'.mother crank not Ion."
Hut It gathered strength. ( hui(,)l(., ,,1, Up( doctors followed
nnii then came organizations of aidj ;i,,uor societies nnd the Anti-Sa-'oon
league nnd other..
tu the middle of the l!l century Mnine went dry. Kansas follow
ed. At the end of the Civil Wnr th(1 )(nm f nnt-slave ngtlatora
who had won their fight seriously e ,n,i(iered tuminit to the prohibition
battle. Their auiiiber Included Wm j j,,) (;nm.ion nnd tho poet,
About l'.liH tamo the "million," ,(,,,. jn tl,c person of Cnrrie
Nation of Kansas, probably the mo.,,, pieturesquc figure the fight ever
Ten yenrs Inter the crusade nrajni)t lic,,,or hnd grown from tho
"ravings of crunks" into an lrresisii,0 movement thnt awept the
Hut John tlnrlcyrnrn will try tn stage a "comelwck."
Di.tillers' are nlready plnnnlnp f,Khl on the amendment In the
courts on the ground thnt It waa not adopted by two-thirds of the whole
congress nnd thnt tho acven-yenr limitation In it invalidate the men-
of Ratification; Iconic FiKht
Ihr INlh added to thr frd ril
with Ihr I unlh .of lima
n I rorn riliri.; d in
hi rd nrfriM., i:n .nm I,.i.j.
d run- r.-i to l,y inuim- t:i.
id d for o; : Ijr tl i.f
Ihur r .t.
a roun ry dr ; ruifinl in
Iirrn r.o. d hi rrn r. u. bi.t
rr auhmillrd to lit .(air..
atnind.nrnt nnr yrar from
Senate Committee of Stale
legislature Reaches Agree
ment on $10,000,000 Issue
Money Will Not lie Limited
to Paved Roads; Avail
able for All Work
fAM.M. J. J;.. Ky ,.r .M
-A !wnd ira.c of f 'i,niMi,.ai,i fr
il'l.iiK I i hwuya in Ori.,n ! ,t.,., to by thr arnatr
roii.niittra on r..:,,!,. T j, , - ,
(o I the only irni ii . I nir;.: i of , I
'"" " lurniiu- a l li.ra, ai it w ul J,K. rn,i I .ym. nt for
Thr monry woul.l no! I i' ,1 tu
r luvinir of favrmrnt I it v 1 r
ril for Kuililinir nrw rondi :.l.
Tl r rnmmittrc favora dwl lin Ihr
auto lirrnar tax and uoul I t:i i'i.o-
Imr onr rrnt n gallon.
V, It...
-Mrs. A. W. Hunt returned Inst
l, M ,. I' .-.).. l( ....... . j, j, 0,r
home of Mrs. A. C. Srhmitt.
Ealse Alarm
A fill.- nbtrm wi-s turned i-i las
I'i-ht nnd the fire department mad: a
quick run to l-'ourth an. I Minlison o-lv
tn barn ti.t there was no fire. The
liamecs of those who have lieen t'lrn
i',,. in h.'.. ...lnrriis are known to
Kire Chief KnsTbuin and as so n i..
he can obtain the necessary evi.l.-ce
l.r will file a comi'Iaint.
IT '.ir"id Home
Mrs. Tom 'tarne. nnd children of
T.:rner. Wash., returned to their h -me
last eveuitii' after a visit in
:l any
at the home of Mr., rarncs' sis'cr.,
; M". C. O. Hmllong. j
i. nr Ken' ral j
Mrs. Emma Hall and Mrs C' ipon,
of Poitlnnd nre visiting in All-anv.
ei. ,,n o ettend the f inernl:
of he formers brother, Asa (.. net
-It. Tie.
ll , tli'vines. Trii.
! cK,.li..n ent t. Mill Citvl
vesterdny on business nft.r visiting
n.r.. ...vernl ,lnv. Mr. Sh' l.l "i Is a
' f,.-, ec Ml iinv man but is now li' in r
in Salem.
In Corvallia Ye.trrdsy-
J. M.
n'..Li". (-nn.oete.l bus nosa
in Corvnllis yesterday.
Mned In Eugene
John Pnlcy nnd family have maveil
to Eugene to mnke their home.
Returned to Portland
Mr. Anna Hunt returned to Port
land this morning nfter a visit here at
the home of her sister, Mrs. A. C.
Alabama People Visit
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGurk of Ala
bama visited yesterday and last night
in Albany, leaving this morning for
Portland Mr. and Mrs. McGurk are
touring the Northwest sightseeing.
Mr. McGurk is president of the Round
Visited Sister
Mrs. T. H. Pnyne and son returned
to their home In Warrenton nfter a
visit hero nt the home of Mrs. Payne'
sister, Mrs. Wm. Engles.
Ketnmed to lluena Vista
W. R. IVvine returned to his home
in lluena Vista this morning, after
ttnnancting business here.
Prya any they are confident thnt neither of these contentions will
hold nnd on their side aro prcrinr legislation carrying heavy penal
ties for violation of prohibition.
A special agency in the internal revenue bureau will probably le
The first SO states ratifying the nmendment nre:
Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, North Dakota. South Carolina.
Maryland, Montana, Texas, Prlaware, South Pakota, Massachusetts.
Arizona. Georgia, txiuisiann, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma. Mnine,
Idaho. West Virginia, Washington, Tennessee, Arkansas, Jllinois, Indi
ana North Carolina, Alnhamn, Knrsas, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Ore
gon, New Hampshire and Utah.
.rcece Wants Ancient City
Dut bujjitests Capital Idea
an a Compromise
TARIS, Jan. 17.-U. p.-if r,r,-rJ
j cannot have Constantinople for it.
own nut of government, it want, the
anrirnt city set a.i.le the perman
' nit capital of thr league of nation. 1
l'lhi .I.....I I J..-: .
I'rc-nirr Venirel.,, upon hi. prewnta
ti,.t, ,.t tm .... I:: . i . .
"- '" r"-, .junior lllKril..l,i, ....
II K (.(((III
, UKIi.NK, Jan. 17.-An American
army whijiprd the Orniuns riht in
j thrir own barnyard, lontr Ufore the
jarmi.tlce waa aitrned.
I This army wasn't bi(r. a. armies
co, and It didn't have a rifle, or a
'c:,nm. or any of the other impl,.,
n.. ,K. Hut it had morale to burn.
iln.t douthdoys were war pn n
rr There were evrntunlly a'.wut 2.-
MO of them.
KU-ar M. Ilalybcirton of ur
dir.a waa r"5poii.ildr f ir ' Younc
America H Germany." He it a sr-
rrant of eii'l.t years' !M-rvirr. It v a.
is bad lick to 1 on.- of th firs'.
vnn' r.ipturrd bv the C.crmi I ack in
October. Hi!7. He brlonrtd to the
1st division- the very first He is a
tell. b :m man. 2S pounds rw. irht
n iw Uaue of Cermnn trmtm.-nt and
I i tin baa work.
Hi !-h i. '"r was unanimously elect-
d r..nrii:ii..iei of "Younk' Am. -i.-a in
ien iiiiiy.' V his associates. He . -
t-1 r. i ;!. rlccnmp Charles Ceol e-
i : n a vcw York privute. ' not known definitely, but the own
Sho-tlv ..Her Hulyburtnn was taken """ expect to have the huildin? com
tn the niann tamp he was joined l.v "l-ted during the present year and it
l.lf n .l.i.i n other Van's raptur-d in will ' one of the finest laundr
H fi-.t .,-w davs of America's fivht- 1'iiM.linr in the entire state.
;" :.- . r. l bis romra-iions 'vr -e E. I., nnd C. II. have al-rnd-hi-.'bed
to a. mii-iii with K. Rn.iars installed a larire amount of modern
r.n-i to haul woo, from n f. sf machinery in their present quarte-s
seve-i n ib-s from the camp. Their nnd this will be moved to the n w
shoes gnve ou! and thev tied rai:. to '"'" 't " the buildin- i'
t'.cir feet. The nnv often was vu to completed, and when it is in opera-io-thcir
in.n and the weather was bit- no laundry in the Willamette Vall'v
terly tol l. Their f wxl consisted of a wil mmpare with the one operated in
piece of pison bread in Xh- rror-in-T
bottom of the pail"'nt night.
ti.. .i,,t ;i ...ver-.l
weels. r rowing weaker and weaker.
but atudvintr their Herman captors. ,.r....o nf enntnreil Amer
icans arrived, mnt ing the total about
'.'0. Then t':ey decided t denuind bet
'tor t-.ntr'.ent. Th. v had noticed tbat
'the C"rms bad a distinct treatment
! f'r prisoners of en.-h nationality. Rus
sians nnd R u manians were treated as
I d'les, or wors", and were lieing si iwly
is'arvrd. British "eve trei'ed snie-
b-v-r. and F-epch bc of nil. t
Americans were new in Germany
nnd no standard of treatment
been established for them.
The Ger-I
mans started the first Amerirr
tn? "amo l,,nn " ,n" Rl",jian' Haly-
' ""on an., n.a ra.s . v,
an American stnniiaru. i nev mane nni
i leader and agreed to stick by him
I through anything. They, summed up
their position thus: "We'll soon di?
on this anyway; we should have died
nt the front, and we can't die better
than by demanding that we lm treated
ns Americans."
Hulyburtnn first ordered them to
clean up a. best they could. Then he
lemiinded, in the !est military way, to
see the camp commander. Ho saw
him. and declared that the Americans
must oe treated ana leu neuer, " Ioueh ot aI, in whi(.h he askod thnt the
refuse.) for them to do further woodl,,,, fc. continued until he is discharg-
nauling. lie 01,1 tne rni.amn ne,
couht either line tne Americans up
and shoot them, or comply with their
The commander wa, furious, but the
Yanks hauled no more wood. They
were moved to Itastatt, nnd their food
improved. Red Cross pnrknges nnd
clothing arrived nnd were distributed wno ,n ;n,iiy extended help nnd sym
evenly. Ultimatums and demand were p.thy to us during the illness nnd
made in a "soldierly way, with in
crensing force as the Americans es
P- R. Younr Sells I'.usiness
Property to Walter Bilyeu
to Build This Year
Irharife of the office.
j In his complaint Attorney J. R. Wy
., . , , . " charifr. that the defendant was or
lll lie finest ana liest OI
lis Kind in Willam
ette Valley .
A moilrrn brick or concrete build-
j,, wiJ u r
.uu 1 Lr
" ' ' cor"er or Second and
Urcadalbin .trrrt. by I)r. Walt,.r u,.
'pu and will lK oicupird by the Al-
hany Stram Laundrv The ,.,
were pat up in escrow several days
nJ" now "" examine!
u-o. the title has now Wen
:lr"'' "'tpr " '' minor corrections are
ma.l,-. the pmperty will pa,, from V.
A. Yoiine- to Uie aWe-named pur-'
1.' . ...
' ln, ,';'ir P-'1" ''' f ground j
feet mii itH'ludrs the brick i
buildings formerly occupied bv th
"n", Variet an I the public library
Jl,- wt ' n the wor'-: will be .tailed
l c"-
vi'U I'." C'""",
hank for a building on First street
ul" ur"' " "
Tax on Citrars to He
Increased hv law
The revenue act now pending in
congress provides increased rates cr
ci.'n-s. tobacco and cignretes. and nil
dealers carrying such lines will have
t ) pav on such stock as they may bnp-
een to have en hand the dav the bill i
erssod bv congress the difference be
I present line niu:
new one i" ir b.h''u-u. iv 'mi)
if-, th's nerion it win re nec-ssary ior
all such dealers to take an inven'or
of their st.vk on the day after the
of the ct and bIanl;s for thi;
, , . . . . .... ., : .....
work will be furnished them in du
Postponement of Case
Asked by Soldier
Alleging that he is now in the serv.
ice of the United States army at Camp
Mnjor John jf William, form
er adjutant general of the state of
i Oregon, today filed an answer in the
; of p j VJ T A Mi.Cu,.
, from
..... ,.;! ntin
imnu,nitv from ,uit to
ln.rinn nrmv nnd nnvv in apt out in
Wo wish to thank our many friends
after the death of our beloved hus
band and father. Also for the beauti
ful floral nfferin.-..
tnblished their standing. The Amer
icans were careful to be just and dip
Intintie in their demands.
Their ramp became a model. Hnlv-
, burton had a commander of each bar
lr.rV to see that everv American kept
bis clothes clean nnd his shoes Marked
I Every unlutc had to be snappy and
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Chance Made that E. Jakel
Was on Wrynjj Side of
Road in ,Sma.shup
H-!.ur of damatrra amuinnl to
; nia loiifinir car in an auto arridrnt
j that occurrrd on the Pacific Iliirhway
on IVcrmhrr Kith. L. H. Tow nr. of
lialary yrt. rday filed ,uit aifainat E
; Jakrl of I'lainvirw to recover the .urn
of fill.tll. The auit waa filed before
Justice of the Peace Victor Oliver ami
,,' wo''l "'t Md in the ju.ticr
court aine the new justice assumed
the wron aide of the road when the
accident occurred. Townes was driv
ing north on the Pacific Highway and
Jakrl waa coming south. The car.
collided and the above-named
! aires are claimed as a result.
Asks for a Decree
Alirtrin? cruel and inhuman treat-1
ment as cause of action. Ceo. E.
Tl f mna late yesterday afternoon filed
for divorce apainst his wife, Na-
omi Thomas.
T-. ,. ,,r,...v, (.
Wcatherford & WyaW. I
' - ! 1
Went to Talbot !
H.-nry Allwrs went to Talbot this
.-riio- to assist in raring for the Fortifying public buildings, the
fr milT of Mrs. Jacobson, who have the Spartacana seized the city' adminis-"iriren-.
durin-r tlie funeral of Mrs. trerion.
robson'a daughter, which waa to he ; Bremen has been declared an inde-l-cld
this nftemocn. j pendent aocialistk- republic, and will
("adhere to the principles of Bolshev-l.ehmo-i
Man Ilere .vm," a Cologne dispatch reported to-
s. -w ritiTCKowrn oi iimnnn wai inia
Mbany yesterday on business.
Weather Report
Yeseri!ay's temperature ranged
'rom 37 to 50 degrees. The rainfall
was .30 inches and the river raised tc
4.5 feet.
I'srrisbi re Man Hertt
J. R. Craham of Harrishur?
down tl is morning to transact busi
V'ot I- Orvill-
V;.c' Monteith left this morninr oi
a business trip to Orville and Inde
i Mitt ilaurhtir
Mrs. Mcute of Lebanon came ovti
this moming to meet her dau';h:ei
Miss Sylvia Meutze. who is returnin
home from Portland.
''-rrir:l to Prcmirton
Prof. ("has. fluth returm'.'. tc
Bremerton this morning after a la-
Jay furlough spent in Albany and
Lebanon visiting friends and rola
ives. .le expects to receive his dis
harge from the service soon.
Tetvrncd Homr .
Mrs. Laura Robinson and daughtei
Miss Fav Clark returned to then
homes in Mill City yesterday after t
visit in Albany with friends.
Vft for Prineville
Fred Ross and J. P. Hyde left yes
'.onlay for Prineville where the form
er expects to open a confectionery
store nnd the Intter will take charge
of a stock ranch.
War Credit Known
as "Victory' I-oan"
WASHINGTON, Jan. 17. U. P.
theThe next war loan will be called the
Victory Liberty Loan, Secretary of the
Treasury Glass announced tixlny.
Bin Appropriation
Made at fcaiem
SALEM, Jan. 17. U. P. The house
todiv unanimously appropriated $2!)0,-
000 in the emergency measure for the
care of returning soldiers, sailors and
marines who might need financial
PARIS, Jan. 17. U. P. The peace
Iclcgates decided to call the newspa
per correspondents of the allied reo
esentative into the conference for
an "interchange of views."
It is believed the .recent secrecy or
der which excluded the public frotr
the sessions, will be brought up, and
it i predicted it will be materially
Spartacan Forces Attack Big
Railway Station; Repuls
ed hy (Government
Dusscldorf Is in Control of
Spartacans Who Are
Rioting There
AMSTERDAM. aJn. 17. By U. P.
Street finhtinir continued in Berlin
y'day. according to advices from
! Benin. The .Spartacan forces attack-
Stettin Railway station, but
ere repulsed.
. L0N'I0N Jn. 17. I)uaIdorf ia
in tne control of the Spartacana and
i.,-.""lePr.dent sociali.U. it is renorted.
wo tnou,and Spartacan troops are
reported to be terrorizing the city.
Th uPrisinr toWomti a larire Cn-
,no''c' drmonstration against the Spar- '
tarans Sunday. Counter demonstra-
f on were started by the radical.. In
the resul'ant clashes 40 were killed
and many injured.
It said thh proclamation waa issued
I - a self appointed dictator, who plac--1
tne citr rnder martial law. Bol
hevik disturbances are reported to
ave occurred Mondav in Munich,
Stuttgart, Eegensbarff, Elbe rf eld
: AMSTERDAM. Jan. 17. The p ro
c-rr.aran president of Oldenburg re-
blic has been interned by the wn-V-
:i Wil.
mens and soiniers wu....
helmshaven. dispatches report.
Defendant Denies Charge He
JTade Statement Reflect
ing on Wife's Character
A flat denial that he ever made the
assertion that he was not the father
of one of the twin children, is contain
ed in the answer filed by Weatherford
ft Wyatt in the suit wherein Knther
ine Breckheimer is suing for a divorce
from her husband, Henry Breckheim
er. In the complaint filed by U L. Swan
the above charge was made as a basis
for a divorce upon the grounds of cruel
nnd inhuman treatment.
The defendant further allege that
he is in poor physical condition and
not able to pay the sum of $40 per
month which the wife asks as alimony.
Sent Back to the
Hospital for Insane
Mrs. Nellie Jurgelwitch, wife of Jo.
J. Jurgelwitch of this city, was to-
committed to ti u state hospital
for tlx insane follow itiir an exaniina-
i.m th'j morning by lira. Davis, El
lis nil If ggs. Sht: was released from
the hotpital on December 24th but the
cure was not permanent. She U th
mother of three children.
FOR SALE A KO-gallon cooking ket
tle. $15. Call J. E. Perry, Bell phon
521J. Ijl8
FOR SALE Petalum Incubator.
Call Bell phone 28F22. Ifij22
FOR SALE 6-room plastered houM,
barn, chickenhouse. 2 law lot.
City water. $1050. Mr. F. Wool
ley, 1405 E. Front St. J16fl