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    IJ. ,f ( I l..t r 11
Krsulls fur OTHERS, and will get
Tonight Fair, Coldrri Tuesday Fair
No. 172.
Ajipt'ul Sont by Cubic (o Con
- Kros.sion;il IxsuIits to Make
Aro)ritiliw. for Food
Tood U Key (o Situation in
Kurope. Sji.vm Wilson, and
Askn CnriKriNN to Aid
VAs'llI;TtN. J,,,, 1.1 V p.
I"rviil, nt WiUuti ui vr.l ruurrsa y
i-iiltlr tluy to utimt'ditit. ty nttru.ri
n(' l'ir .( milliuri dxllma In- rv-r.-nlly
krl fur thi jiun tmiw of fmt.1
rr I.uruiK-nn rt-lu-f, f (ht
i'uiii i tlir key tt thr whulu IK
(it'ttli it.Jntl.m, thi (nllr stntrd.
1 Iip Pi-i.trnt rm phut irril ll-al th
tilr tf fitininr nii unrrat cannot It
ulrtiititrit !' force, hut rnrt It nli'jil
onlv ly f.....
tlrclnml that I hi f mm pun 'm. ..
ini1l nut h i'ivn to th(t (ifrmnfii,
lint Unit the I'ulra nn. othvr rmtturv.
ittri mul ha9 ft"! in unliT to
titt'luti m nrf ul ruii'ltttMim nrttry
to luivp proK-r rvprrin tn thm at th
trntrv nliftHMii'P.
" " "
Sl'I'rert'C ( curt Makes
Nt'W l.iqlHir Rlllimr
w.: irNcroN. aJ.i n. (:. i
Tin- ai-,'-..-ic ro-ir: trvrnrj th.- rjl
ini" ,.f lb.- Inwrr roi.rla thnt Hie lt.e.1
'Me dry amen Inieiit doesn't prjhlUt
.it.'i.(,.te trn oortalion of liijoor in
to W est Vlrictiiiat If for p. raoivil v e
IS Oi l I K liltY IN IOW A
I'l:y MOINKS. Jan. 1.1 Iowa leg.
ialatnra Went to worl I.hI..). As us-
eal ci'iil !i-ans rii.v. a ninoritv
In bo'tl hrnn.-hrs The biif fiht will
be for tie sp. ; erst dp. fir which five
fisptiant have taised their voie. s,
One thin.' is certain regarding the
presiding . ffli-er he'll be a dry. The
wets may n nke n fi'.-ht, but the prohae
I ave the vot.-a to put
in or out any
man they choose. . '
Patififiition of the federal prohibi
tion amend is cxp.-crcl early. .
LONDON. Jan. 13 - English Iwiiuty
piirlam an mining a harvest.
Thousands of fair oiicH relensed
from munition work are flocking to
'hem with Inpfuls of shekels to ensh
In. These women worked with chem
icala which .Valued Ihetr akins. Thr,
hair of many wa affected.
Hcauty expert explain that the wo
men wnnt to Improve their appear
ance iH-fore the return of the soldier
admiring huslwiaks and othrri.-
Unification of All
K'lilniiifk U rnrCd
tl'iCIIIV'l TMV Inn I l II. IT 11
.. n i ,u
do.trine of nationwide rate structure '1" hf chose Seymour Jones Sa
is absolutely necessary to a thorough " l-kor Their elections
development of the country's re.sour ' ""'' "'" a mh Blro'
ces, Comniissioner Wooley of tl... In - tltoir successful cnmpnlgn of socuring
terslnto commerce commission de-, I'l'-lk"'" having put other contender,
clared today before tho .eiiattf rail-
rond committee hearing,
i... -..:.l .1... .tl.........eA hool.l be
made for th. shortcoming, or failure
of federal control under iilinornml con-
dilions. He urged the adoption of
Mr. McAdoo's recommendation..
FOR SALE 3 acres pood garden land
. .. .. ... 1 - t.
Ill Norm rt many goo.. . .......
Wood, Albany It. I, Home phone
LWi:. nj'J-''"
nut rA i .r, ai a iiargnin n n
......J i....ii ,,.,(1U .,r..h,.r.l
...., .. . !....
Panning water: five from rocks.
Apply Box 17, Rniile (i, Albany. Ore-
Ron. 13jl7
WANTED Girl for general house -
work. Inquire nt 1032 Washington
street or call Hell 5H8J or Home
1252. j I .tt f
Will-Known Resident of Al
lianv Wax III Two Winks;
lavt'H .Many iYieiidn
An Grunt WhcUtimi. ,.., ,,,
l lu. h.iim., imil Fn.l Kouiili aln-1-t.
this morning i,fi,.r ni. ut !,,
two U...U. IM ,., c.umy
mur Albany, April 2, I Mil, ,u has re
i'l''l ill the Valley ever aiwr. II
hnvca to mourn his l. . widow mi l
eight children.
They urn: Elinor, now 111 the liuvj;
Owney, in I he artillery probably en
mute from France to America imv;
f'lin, in Portland, employed in I .old
Tillmi Lank: Mildred, of Portland,
employed in Olda, Wortmun & Kini''n:
I'lwin,, Kiln and ll-n iiimiri , nil
of Altmny; anil five n j n t v r , Mm. Mi.i
nil IVtcm of I'ortlanil. Mri. Kimim
Hull of rorllaml, Mia. K.lilh llnnli-r
v of I'ortlulnl, Mm. Kiirhiii-1 liwt-r,
North Yakima; Mr. Julia IIiniIi-raon,
of Allmny: ami oiu hr-ithrr, j.fa
Win-ltoni, a ftirnuT of Ttftiton roun-
1'i'tu-iul arrn'ii-i'no-nlii will not li
l.iiolr until wonl la rrrrivi-il from ri-l
Town Undrr I'lu Ran Rut
Ix'jrislature Will Grind
Usual Routine
SAI.KM. Jnn II. -The aei-Mint,
."f the elr. ton.te of ( lr.-,-on- .In sen
'atom and IU) r. .r.. nttiv, - braved
,tl lnfl"i epidemic here, ai.l the
"l.ttli" thia morninr, when thev .inrt
cxd f
eery two year 1.,:..,!.
There ere so n.nny flu germs cor
rnllcd in this city that there was con
siderable talk of postponine; the ses
sion until after the d.-inobilUnllon. -i .
the le::ilr.tom finally d.-eided to take
a rhanre. Public gatherings have
been under a Iwn here for seme time,
and if the lei-tslative halls prove to le
t.xi popolnr places, hoth bodies will
meet liehind closed doom -and wide-
ein-n cln.!ovs.
Munv weighty problems face the
lewninkers H'l nien and one woman,
iene,er Timninsnn of Wnsro
r--' !l Piver rountiea, who is one
of the .-vcn democrats in the lc-Ma
On., cf the knottiest tangles to be
solved is the financial question. Tb
I.-. isuiturv is handicapped, in berin
r"i", witn deficits which have nlre.idy
l-'-. n picurred. amounting to half a
million ilollnrs. and its levying ability
Is ii-strnined by a six per cent tax
liiritation amendment. The estimated
fiiiiinciat needs of the state inst'tu
ti os -.-i.t departments total more than
a million in excess of the taxing now-
rr. None knows from what sources
the mon y Is coming. How to get
is a ml.'hty big question.
linHrtant legislation contemplated
con'ern hlgnwnvs, rcconstructior
cons ilidnt ion of boards and depart-
ine-.ts, amendment of the workmen's
- . . ,
compenration net, increase in salaries
for Mute officinls, etc.
The legislature, in all probability,
will i.iiani-e to extend state aid to re-
Uivnmu hoWipw who 1r.iir to irrt !.nrk
. 1 -I I 1 I. 1 I I. I I.
, , .
to i h soil and develop irrigable lands.
W T Vlntnn V rl in ii V illn U'flfi
McMinnville. wn
plt'ctcM. pri'snirni oi inv npiimf. mm
' n,n"'",V
Gov. Jamc Withyrombe. who was
elected last November, i, .chodulrd
to deliver hi. message and reaffirm
hi, oath at a join session in the house
chamber late today or tomorrow.
' -
Cnuinl PriiniiciOsi IVnsion
- ----- ,
for Mrs. Roosevelt
WASI1INGTON. Jnn. 13.-U. P.
Senator Smoot introduced a bill today
.,rlll,ting the wife of the late Th.-o.lore
pension of $.1,000 a year,
nnd free use of the mails
'iiuiv vcj iici-irv at
nil I ilOI!0. Jnn. 13 "Bran v,.
ii.i,! v. roeonnut"
ani ..jmvi Kale Can Be Used to Re-
jlu(i(i fhr-P(HI(, n.iH" are fcw of )n(
' subjects which will be discussed by
the Oregon Dairymen", association,
which open, a two-day 'seasion here
Sfnator Johnson OfTers Res
olution to Kit ire Americ
mi Troops from Russia
O f
Cairies Appropriaflons
Twi it -Seven Mil
lion Dollars
Sc-iator H-ycui JohiiNun of (ulifurnia
In'riKturcd a resolution loilav nuttim.
tl.e aenale on record ai fnvoritiir ttie
T.. .. i..i. .... i ..r ...t a .
"' "m Ku,,la-
lie noui- pimaeii tne nvem and
dill una niornni", rarrvinir
appropiiationa of poir,,n'. y' L'7
.ii.llion. Th f.,,.1 vote was , .!
i.illion. lh r,. vote was h,.i.
It now po.. l- the .enate in praHnnU
ly the same- shape as whin r -p irted
in the house Effort, of republic.
to eliminate certain fesMre. failed in
the lunin.
I'll c'
find R r ' Re-
.."v v'f IjT', Cr-rturcs
Whrle Country
" O. A. r.. Jan. n-;-,Hei.-l -The
On-run land settlement plan, which
provides fe.r the reclnmatiyn nnd r- ir-ches-
.f Inn Is' fn.- resi-1- to s l.lie-s
nnd otler di sir:i.e settlers, an ! whic-h
nrncti-iilly gurrnn'.ees the sucr-i-ss of
the settler by sucrvlsion of the farm
management department of O, A. C,
is the' first project of the 1 l"d ever at
tempted, according to H. P. Scudder.
professor of fnrni managcpient, who
has just returned from Washington
where he received promise of favor
able I.- 'ishitlon on the plan.
"Tr.'s of ours has cnptu-d ev-
ervblv " he snvs. "We
promised hist the legislation we wnnt
. I.,.,. I -V In,l.. for coieer.
ntion of the stntes with the r it -ral
l-oveinmrnt and permitting l.s to any rnur. n ....... ...
carry out our Oregon land settlement ""nie to w'li.-h he may be called, and
plnn" I am equally confident that no pastoi
. . ... ..:- --..,n.l I. ..ob to nnrniit for en-
"..indel inrm management larms
for , rltler. in every part of the state
will he our program In future land
settlement, and the federal leg ,1a-
i , wi.l provide the fund, for wlam-
atlon and purchase of lands ror re-
,ale to rcldiers on the easy payment, voted men, 1 may .ay mat ic . 1 cvrriv, with it an increase in salary, deluded In approved irrigation pro
i r...t i.lan We expect to get wavs been a glad privilege of the 11-. , .,1...., .... i. ijects in Eastern Oregon. Available
., .,, i..i.,.iion to go
no nf. .. ....... .. -
with this at the coming session.
. . ... . .11
"The authorities at Washington ten
us inat mo appueacii'ii .... ....
o,n,,n.rement idea to settlement is
., . .. . r ..... r..m
brand new and our model fnrm mini-
mmmnt flirm tho first thinir of
ngemenc mini . ...e- ...
rwT ,,,.,,,!. The office of the sway
. ....
- .... . -
' .
farm manairenient ins promtxed us
. . . ., ., .
funds ror both investigational am.
i .ti. ...eV In farm manage-
ment in Oregon." '
. 1 ... D... . v...,,j...
A largo crowd attended tin- funeral
of the late John Thomas Egan yes-
, 3 o'clock at the
' . tm(t. Father
Lane officiated. The Hammer quar-
let rendered several .election, ami the
acted a, palllcnrer: I.
1 1 Tine Sweenev Burl Fisher,
Antlcrsoil, iws k
i Wm.
Misner nnd Fred Illume. The
In rtiversi. 0
1 1. u ill M 1'ron.oted
II"""" -J;"1- ? .',,,,,, hav0
f ,.p
mr- 1 ' . '. ' .,' , . ii
receicci wo... .,l who is in France, has been
promoted to first lieutenant, the pro-
, , . . , ... f;M. -e
motion to .u ...v '." --
Miin-n. me m-iay w " i
... ... :, 11..-..1.1
per, bo ng lost in tne man. ..........
r. he wH, go Hj,. Gennany
w it It the army of occupation a, ni,
eoii.rmnv with the exception of the
ofiicers have returned home.
vend.-d Funeral
Vis. Ella Mnssey of Portland and
Mic'. aet Egan of Gcrvais attended the
funeral of their brother, John Thoma,
Egan. jestenlay afternoon.
Thinks that Church Services
Miulit lie Held I'nder
I'roper Regulations
Kuthi-r Une, ai-ukjni: on thi
''it ipiilrmic, anyi:
Tin. epl.l. mlc which fr tl p,t t In hna Iwcn wi-..lnif over our
counlry may l, n-i-anlni or not ac
-onlinif to a man vii-wiMiint aa a vi.
ili.tion of CtA't Ju.tir,.. think, how.
"v'r t,at no rhri-tian will deny that!
m t:.c -Icfii-m of f,.f nrovi.l. nc it !
I in'.cn lcil hoth to chasten ar. cor j
r-t our livca. It In imoortnnt to re
ceive u-h a corriK-tion well for any!
'-h affliction will wound or heal
mnn ir ,rii acconnnif to the manm-r,
in which it ia receive.!. Afnirtion.
u'f(";nK and even a herravenii-nt will
cnifh a rcle":ou apirit. while it will
mine un u auhmiaaive aoul and mMrh
then-fore dcM-nda for nil of ua in
knowinir how to iy. "Thy will I
done" in the hour of Buffering and
Another element of tie hiirhent util
i'y in the comiucrinir of adversity is
,j.raver. nere oi rotirae mere l tne
'vMcnt .liveuity of opinion arronir men '
l.nt I may aay that that man i an ex-
cepnon wno win conienn inai prnyer
" n0 P"wer to secure Heavens am.
"! no efficacy to ,trenir.hen the mor-
,n MK.kine of mon.Ie. let me say '
that that wonderful spirit of resist-:
ance and fortitude which we call mor
chiefly from -pirftual soor-'
......... .
ce lioth for tne cittren nt nome ana ine government force, recaptured u,au"ns n.ereu,..i. ... . pnl.
the .ol.lier or. the battlefield. , Spandau arsenal, courtmartialinif and huntinjr and possession of .uch binla. erence over all business at the emu-
For the Catholic of our town -hootine the Snartacan commander 1 mieratory bird treaty act of mtr conference sessions,
and the Cat he lie soldier in battle the' The Vorwaerts building, shattered 1918 "Pacifically repealed the old mi- There 19 .till, it i. true, some di
nn.iav mini d a real aniritunl neces- eoveenment ..t rratory bird Uw of 1913. which waa agreement regarding details; but
sitv. Without entennir into a tneo-
lo;.iri.l disnuii-ition. which would be
irrelevant here and of no interest to
the public. I mav lie pcrmitt-d to s.iy
that with the Sunday mnss is insep- Tnt Ln-bkrerht. leader of the Bol
arably liound and connected the com- rl.evists. was killed Thursday in street
munion of the sick and dying, who -fii-hting is still unconfirmed.
.... k. . . ,. n Jnu'. diirimr the Aeeorrlin to Inter mrwirts mi4
1. 1. .1 C....I.... n,... I. eonse.
crated and set apart and reserved the
holy comr.union for the dying, and to
be deprived of thi, or even to be ex
to this nrivnt on is hn Intoler
able mental suffering to a (a -o-rc
and mav lie the cause of a complete
physical break.
Again to be deprived of the visit of
the priest and of the nids of holy r--!
I-g.on n the t.c or jiciniss
because of quarantine regulations,
-,voi: 1.1 be a spiritual disability and loss
g -eate r than nny disability that a
Catholic could 1 made to suffer, r. t
excepting ilistrancni-semcni iisen.
, . t . :..
1 feel confident, however, that our
new cr.y couie o o,.o ....
-c AVAl.,.i;n.. nn.lnr of
"'"" . .-
is -,...... " c
trance to such a home no
the pes house or the e Uow f.r
ward. ithout th, -ta. dm- to cast
re-i lections upon eoe J
churcn, wnicn nas us
tholir rrie-st and the Catholic nun to;
- . . ,e
minister to me -, ""- -
.1 . At-- innrt VlArliilt HI
peslnouse or cue quo......... "
e'..iin.. tntvni toe i.ei.i.o nu.nv.-
..u. ....... .
Hies of the state of Illinois permitted
under certain wise restrictions
continuance of Pumlny service-, dunnc
nee oi Minmiv wnuvs u"",,fc
. . . , ,u, -,i
t of the epidemic there, ami
... - .
- a. .Vcnt tn
know nnn uim-i .u-. .-,
m -.! TflA rtrt TAthol-
' , , -OOO.M1 rthnl-
ei.y 01 e mcg - - -
mten, ed mnss every Sunday and
, how many attended other service. I
1 1;-.;. n, .tores remain own
...1 I think wisely ,0,
--- - ... .
, while cennin,
wise precaution, are observed there,,
but I fail to see why the same P",-au.
tions could not be ohserve-'l in a church
nll the more that the services arc(
not rhrned on tnrougn ...e .;
business is. and that ten feet square!
could be assignee! 10 "
while the whole situntion could be
..... .... I In.nAetion
sul niitted to me visic 1.0..
of -l i Iv or hcaitn KOIini,
, -. o I . i .-.. . . .
.1 Vu thnt the autnor-
itie, would ho entirely satisfied
,H. matter and that relief would
,.in hrnueht'to a situation which'
evcee.lini'lv painful to a fairly large
is i
of the citizens of Albany.
. iv ti-bmm; m- i.r. xr
spi)KANE. Jan. "T have
. . . r,od I've decided to live,
.,,, if
i w!th ,at tfar, streaming down,
Ha fce. .1. 0. Peterson made that! V. OF 0., Jan. 13. Specinl.-The
,,afement In court after plendlne iruil- first game of rugby football ever
jv tn twn burclary charges. Inlnved l.erc wa. staged Saturday f-.
llt tnnt Hi(nt prevent him from ternoon between two team, of Uni-
receiving a four-year pen sentence. versity player..
Spartacans Ready to Accept
All (iovcrnmcnt Condi
tions with Ki-sirvations
Now Controls News-
r Office I ii'hknorht'
.V ,,-"hnecnt
r.-.n. ftr.
Death Unconfirmed
OI'r.NHAGK.W Jan. 13 Hv I! P
The Sparucank are reported to have
admitud their d.feat and to have de
t-overnment conditions, provided that
ciarea llieir reailinena to accent th,
u.e elc-ctmn or a national be
otrned fur three months. A Berlin
'impatch credited thia atatement
i-remier r..jerl a ai-cretarv.
.iiir. .uru 1 Bi-creiary. f
A .Sunday rti.patch from the German
capital .aid that government troop,
headquarter, the
Beniner T.k-ebla-.t offices, and ' the
lioetzow brewer)'. Karl Radek a
RLssinn Bolshevik, representative was
arrested. ' ,
Miturrtnv. Three hundred Spartacans
were killed and 700 wounded in the
h.te firhtin". bringing the total de.
:n tc rehelHon to at leajt 1300.
I I,," U.l,l n4 P,. T iiTaniKii
other famous 'Red." have been can.
Hired, to-ether with a thousand fol-
nmvr I-- 11 ci
,,.' i .,,;i ..,.ej
bv government rifle snoads. a Berlin
dispatch renorts late this afternoon.
. ,, ;
.11 ilHOlll v. If llll I' U. "Ill
PropcseJ to U
WASHINGTON, Jan.'l3.-The stat
. . , , , . .
d.-far.mer.t forwanlcd to the Amenc-
By Carl II. Groalt
an peace delegation abroad the Brit-
h proposal reganiing cessation of
hostilities in Russia.
ii i . n i . ee-i
will be up to President Wilson
and the other American delegates to
decide whether they wish the Bolshe-
. ,h SI .ent, to nresent
t!leir vicw, at the Pari, eonforeBw.
--.., viewin jt is a , to have
, ,,
iJclSlteVlKI lrffaniaiion
. .1
DlSCOVCred in S. A.
U. P.
. , , , .
soviet ormnization here, and have ar-
wnr. polie-e, and two other official
...... ....
Bicyclists on the streets have been
arrestee, a, oomo plotters, me po-
n.-A einim inev enrrieo nann nun in
- - - -7
lilie.i wan ci
tt. Df 0., Jan. . 13. Special. "It's
precey nu in-re, 0.0 c ... ra
neW arrival on the campus one night
. . .1 S--U 1
, wees, wone u.e .mi., , .,.,
The nnrtv nT the second nnrt turn-
In e,i u, ,c- coar and replied, remin-
neji. - erily. thru teeth that threatened to
- .
"Yes, it wn, up to n-ninety-eight
onc ,ir,v ja.t i ium-umfr.1
l -on. I c menn in cue sun.ioe. ,
ij ,cnn now." U wn, Rox Reynold,
. ,. ..... ,
When Rox
. n new i..uriii..o. e. ...
- Mi..1 . few dav,
i-iuct l.-I CKV G AME IS PLAYI'I)
State Came Commission In
structs Warden Haw ker to
r nforce Old Iw Here
Thai Deputy State Oame Warden
K. S. Hawker will enforce the cloacd,
aeaaon on ducka and other wildfowl I
from i,nd a'ter the l.",th day of thia
month la ii..ii:ated,in inntructiona re
reived by him toiiay from th.,
nn r nd (.'ommiaiion. The let. i
nme ( ommiaiion. The let.
t-r i, ia foiloxa:
.To All Came W'ardena: '
The article published in now r.f 'Ji
I newnp.-.peri recently to the effect that j
erUre'' invalid hy the u- s- Su?nm'
i'HUrt conKiuen-e du'-"'
leene could he hunUd indiKriminat-
nv ii'oi-rai miirratorv niril law waa
I ly u erroneoua and pemicioualy mia-
Ih-adinif. t
The Federal migratory bird law.
t paed by conrresa in 1913 waa ariru-
ed lfore the U. S. aupreme court up-
on iU contittltionaIity bu' 'or rv
aona not made public the court did not
ren.ktr a decision in the matter and on
Fe!,nJnry 28 VjV' the court ordered
the case restored to the docket for re-
arirument. The treaty between the
United States and Great Britain for
the nrnteetion of mii-ratorv birds was
a - r- I V ... I- k - 1 1
ber 7. 19!. and on June 29. 191?. con -
P""1 the "ifratory bird treaty
,ct to pive effect 10 the treaty pro"
vi,ion" "'h'fh was approved by the
I'"-"idnt Ju'y 3- 1918- and on July 31
101. th President promulgated ree-
... .: .1 1 ...... .. w. : .r .Via
"'"r': k
"d the recent action or tne uovern-
nt in moving for a dismissal oi tne
ctse was merely to clear the court
records, and also because there was
nothing left to decide since the law in
question had been repealed by the new
act OI litm. me iaiv.w.,
treatV 8Ct PSSSed 1851 JUOC. l.'.o, l
now in f.01 force and effect through-
out the United State.. Copied of the
, treaty, act. and th. "eolations th.-
under may ue- ui". J .
eb. United Sutes departrrent of agri-
eol'ore. Wcshinirton, D. C. or the
United States Game Warden. Port-;
lr-nd. Oregon. Please give this matter
1.x sr-, ...
s . -i. . ib. Cordley. director
.ts.- . i . . .
- esu ni it
cnn ef Alhnnv Postmaster Is
JMin ll rtllletll' i U5initt3ic;i .i
Now Serving as Manaerer
Federal Reserve Bank
Stewart, son of Postmas-
, ter C. H.
Stewart of this city, ha,
I received another nronnsition which'
.-iciian irns iiioiii.i.k en s.iu.c .vc-
ter from his sen.
Some months ago
resigned his position under the state
banking board and accepted a position
Al - , , 1- en t
the federal reserve bank at Salt Lake
changed irom tnai oi acting nainsKcr
to manager.
sj,(Cr of Alr,any
Woman Dead at Ieebanon
Mrs. Geo. Compton of Lebanon
, pr.ssed away at her home in that place
Saturday following a short illness
with pneumonia.
, jig.. Compton wa, 62 year, of age
ai me nme 01 ner cu-aco ou .3 o.
the old settlers in Linn county. She
. . . s. se n - c .1..
a sister 01 .Mrs. ... c.u.c .
The funeral was held at Kiversuie
this morning al 11 o'clock.
1'nHier of Mrs. W. W.
(. rawlord Uietl L41St i IRht
Mr. C. W. Washburn of Junction
'' Pn,t',l away in this place last
nigni at tne age or !H years, hhe wa,
the father of Mrs. W. W. Crawford
of tli is city and she received word of
the death last night.
The deceased wa, one of the pio-
reer, 0f the state, having crossed the
p!ujn, with an ox team and settled
soon thereafter at Junction, where he
ha, resided ever since. The funeral
arrangement, have not been made.
Simms Says I-eaue of Na
tions Can Now Re Re
gard a.s Established
',eta''s Must Re Worked Out
l"t General Plan Is Ac-
.nnl-.KIo Vc:
'ni' s'raa. United Preaa Staff
. rAKIS. Jan. 13. The lea (rue of na-
"on c,n Mw " tonaidered aa an ea-
rremiers Clemenceau, Lloyd Georife
Orlando of the entente are pledn-
ed', "Pport President Wilson's basic
-deas in this regard. 1 am able tn
. .
. M1JI V
' Public opinion in France. Britain
anj Italy i, overwhelmingly and aol-
y ?he chem- Pm- -
fere nee official, are agreed that the
,e,"fue of nation, is an absolute ne-
cess.ty .f future war. are to be pr-
venteH any! Chat . ... V..
- - -
quickly ny tne Drain, or tne eonrer-
ence. whicn are again bending
their task tni. afternoon.
iooao i.s iicii, ouii.
Gllrv-V, XTft. T;n,7.
IJettlKtl feUrve.VS IOW Under-
'tut uiiuuiu w UAICIIU'
ed to Entire State
tine ootaining: the maximum net prof-
the report of Dr. A.
Oregon agricul-
,turaI experiment atation.
Detailed .oil survey, are under way
and should be extended to cover every
agricultural section of the i
. .
maDS ma(le ,n connection wi
state. The
map. made in connection with the sur
veys serve as a basis for fertility and
water investigations, and inform the
farmer of the character of his soil and
the best mean, of maintaining its fer
tility while at the same time getting
, ma,timum Profit from hi" croP-
t i I ii u.s t o.uw.vuv acres uwve vtrcu
' water for all this land i. scarce, and
investigation, are neeaea 10 .ueier
Charlcs Stewart m'ne tne most P1''80'0 emount of
, at in earn nu ....
' . . I I . .!.
fa"n nould croPPed an1 mng-
1 .More man a.wu.vuu cre neru
drainage. Much of this area consiaU
o' the most fertile land, in the state.
I and their reclamation would add at
j least $30,000,000 to the wealth of Ore
gon. A careful investigation by the
' Keiwrimpnt station ia ureentlv needed
to determine the best means of drain
Burt over and logged off land, in
Oregon are only a third of . million
acre, short of three million. Much of
I the land i. good farming soil, and In
vestigation, are needed to indicate She
tnst means 01 nnnging enrm inco crop
German Papers Say
Yanks 'Spoil Children'
LONDON, nJn. 13. By United
Press. German newsnaners. tiavlnar
a tribute to the American army of oe-
cupation, say "the generosity of the
American, ia spoiling our children."
Heme or Kurlouih
Prof. Cha. South arrived In Albany
today on a 15 day furlough to
relative, and friends
Prof. South ha.
been stationed at Bremerton .inc. last
June and play, in the naval band and
also does lolo work, but he expect to
receive hi. discharge in about month
and will then return to Albany and ra-
. s jhic lis classe. on the Tiolin.