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    U. ol O Librjry X
Kr.ull. fur OTIIEKH, and will gel
KF.rUi.TM fur Y(ll)
FAIR; Continued Cold.
No. 192.
luteal Hunker Asserts That
Schools Should Not lie
Closed. If Shows Open.
Men Trained at Camp Iewis
Will Be Sent Hack to
America Soon.
Accidental Discharge of Gun
in Hands of Son of Oran
Stratton Cause.
ChurcheM and Picture Shown
Must Limit Attdulanre
Crowds Must Not Assemble
Stores; Schools Will Rc
niain Close Week.
A meeting of the city health hoard
held el the office of the mayor
ve.ler.lay afternoon. The entire board
ami tlx health phy.ician
ttctidrd tnaj
meeting. Hie following rule, ami reg.
ululion. were adopted:
I. It la the Milan and riuc.l of the
I i .1... ... . u
, V, '7"' , nu"w'
enrcpl thoae who by Curve of ciit-um-,
Blaneea, ate cuiiilled to tto out into
the city for the transaction of legiti
mate buaineae.
2. All dnm-ea, dinnera, teapai ilea,
and similar trathrriiit'i are atrlrtly for
Ixddeti. 3. All a Wirt "" fuot hull, hunk
rt hall and similar icainea or jKirl
are forhnhlen; and no aut h aimrt team
hall le allowed ta leave the city to
partu ipate in any pame, and no Uain
U iiiit ouUide uf the city ahall he at
luwod to come Into the city.
4 rttorea of the city are forbidden
to conduct aalea or utherwiae cauae
rrottda of unreaaonahle aiae to aatent
Ide or remain in any store,
it. Ililhaid ami pvol rouma are re
tjuirvd tu close. C'iar atorva may re
irtittn opa'ii lur the purpose of making
. . i n . it .
" 'mt '"" "utlluw I"' ,u
loiter around their plarea uf buainc,
" '": ' T "'"y11"'
. exhlbiUu..- In the-M-moori and
. at n.Kht. hut ar. re.,u.r.d to al-
low not mun than one person to each
two acuta to enter or remain durinj;
each exhihittun. Ventilation .hall bo
the bent the rircum.taiicca will )cr
mil. and roup of iienton. .hall not
lie allowed to xnther or remain in tl
lobby or alleya.
Theatre manager, are required to
exhibit information coticeruini; the
health rule, adoptd by the lnard. '
7. L'.unl church aervicc. may 1
held but not more than on. half of tha
rating capacity ahall Ix utilized at
any urh .crvlre. If two church .erv-
ice. are held during any one day no
Sunday achool .hall lie held or any
other vatherimr permitted therein
ventilation to lie the nio.t thorough
K..iblv under the circum.Unce., and
di.iiifrrtanU to I uned aa directed
by the health officer.
H. liodgr. .hall not initiate appli-
rnnt. until further order, of the board,
9. lluaine.a meeting, of every kind
of reaaonable .iu may be held under
. . .. .. . ... .
urn regulation, aa the health officer
of the city may require.
II). Ijirge group, of pemon. .hall
not be allowed to gather or remain
either in encloaed place, or upon the
at recta, and tho mnnihall ahull dia-
WANTED To hear from owner of
good rnnch for sale. State cash price
and full particulars. D. F. Hush,'
Mlnneapolia, Minn. I
14 1 1 IS '.'. f 1 H 1 f.2 L'm 1 H 1 r. '2'J!
FOR SALE Newly-made-over .econd
hnnd mnttre.a. Call FumiturcHo.
pitnl. Hell phone 1(14-11. Home 1170
FOR SALE Iluick truck. 100 gets
it. Good tires all around. 1405 San-
.; ..... . t . .
nam roau. jt-i
COCA COLA Genuine Cic Cola
nc at Kenton's Cn.h Store, 3rd and
Lyon Sta. J4-7
TEN CENT SHINE Will Marker has
obtained leaso on tho ahoe.hino
uirlornt Vlereck s Hath nnd ia pre-
pnred to give you a good shine for
ten cents. J4-7
A HOME AT 4 PER CENT-High-class
f-nrro tract Joining new new
college enmpua, all in cultivation,
will sell to right party who will
build, nn payment down, 20 year,
lit 4 per rent. See Fi.h & Hodge.
WANTED A girl to stay night and
do light house work In tha morning lllll). disehnrgo from tho navy and will not tion from light comedy to trk trag- "Christ and the league of Nations. Mrs Ge0- Rayne hns gone to Peoria Robert Boettichef went to Eugsn
for Mm. J. II. Brown at 413 Ella- HEALTH HOARD OF THE CITY be able to return to hi home in Al- 0(y, with an ending that leave every. Tl:e public should hear thi special vj,jt at the home of her son, Lny- today to prepare for the econd eme
worth St., Homo phono 2433. J47 OF ALBANY. bnny aa waa epected. one with a sense of real satisfaction, special music. G. II. Young, Pastor, ton Bayne. ' ter of school.
To Ilia Editor of I ha Democrat:
From hi it uiyUi't 'ur( I vtwr
that tho UifHtiva In A 1 1. any will b
'fptfti, fvitmmnte with today. I mw no
UUfnii'iit that the I'uMic St-huula wor
mUty to tt ou thu roiuinu week. I
-io mt know wi.ut thi- .iun. of the ity
Health uthorititm mm. I
W nil rrolix that on a c rout it of
this vpidefliie our I'uhlir S-hiHU have
len very wrlouIy iuterferred with
v fur thu year. It win inevitable un
der the cltrumi.tiineei. In many in
Unrva It will mean a permanent U
ami a life long handuaji tu the lMa
and Kirle that aru now In x-hool, at
many of them will imt return tu
t'hool aflrr thia year, and iume of
thrm cun never make up what tl ry
hate niUMHi. Vounjf people often do
not rrnliM fully the tmportanco of
..L.iii.1. MMiL.rkliiin fur life's wurk
' . . . .l. . .v. . -
la H n'l iir w any himi. uir.Lir.
ahoolil lie ruii.idcrcd as of secondary
uu M !e coniiere.i aa 01 tcconnitry
, . .
porlaruo when it tMin.ea to a Mmt of
naideni.a them in t-uiuivelMn with
our PuU.c Seluxdi 7 The School IWd
, . , ,
to look nftrr the health of the echolara.
With thia provision and the rare that
the teachers ordinarily five to the
general welfare of the pupils, assisted
ny inr a.rn..oi . ..... reenve at thnr horn.-., it would
' lu-holara are far l.-aa
a.t to aKi:iavate and .pread the in-
llucinn ill our community ...... ...
the thratrra, whi. h are oeratrd with
out any pcraonal auM-r'i.ion such aa
mven by the Uarh.ra and ifivcn
l.y the arhool phyaician lieai.lra, the
I'ul.lic Schoola are ventilated and
properly neaieu. aim mey ar. a
concern to every parent in the city of
It would aecm that fur the auke of
haniihinir tho influcnia from our
1-ul.l.c School, mlicht U r.p.-iied.
midat, and hanteiiinn the dny when our
that the theatrea ahould Ix cloaed an I
.-pt cl.ed for the tinw
niy uf Alull cuull, Wr .
,, ,h w, of ,
being. Thj
ffonl to re-
he theatre.,
ruther than to have them open and
keep the Public School, rlo.ed. r'irat
thinir. ahould ) put firnt.
McAdoo Warns Against
Scrambling Railroads
WASIIINCTON. Jan. 4 Warninir
ntrninKt evil, of unre.tricted compcti
Uon. Kim-tor Cemral McAdoo urk-ed
connre.a not to return the rnilru:id.
to their many owner, uncontrolled. Ho
aaid the "Kvila of cometition ar-
very grave, they are grave a. regard,
favoriti.m of the large again.t the
.mall ahippera. CoinH-tition in not an
unalloyed hieing."
Buddy Needed It Wirw Than Carman.
Shaving off a week a growth of
"-anl anil rupturing, a.
""" "" "
"""" " n".
American doughboy who entered
, Jut Wi., f ril,aII,1,rt and
. ,i,, i,. ii nll.ed Into the
L-m.mry lim,e of a (lerninn colnnel
vd,,,., retreat to the rear had been
cut off by Ihe barrage.
The colonel wiir taking hi. dally
.huff. He wan .rated on a .tool In
front of a large mirror, hi. face cov
ered with Inlhcr.
"Now take Hint chnlr In the corner
nud let homebody .have who need tl
the doughboy coiiiiiiituded.
N.ed for School, of Pollt.neaa.
Many people laughed when they
rml " l-""don county council
a ".eh.H.I of uolllenewl"
for wnltera. A. a mutter or met, it
An a inntter of met. It
would be nn admirable thing If aa
aHin aa the war la over, everybody
who I. allll of leachnlile age were ent
for a term to a cho.l of politeness.
i rew .eople can doiilii ihnt Ihe
atniulnril of iniiiiner. tin. fallen miring
lien .luring
I'K.I . Ta
anil trains,
Ihe war. t .uipuii n .tenia, food .hurt-
,,.-r.'m..' Iiiism.4
- - -
anil varliiii. other circiiinstiincea nave
mliliil to the Irritation, of life, to any
nothing of the necessarily .trained at-
iiMmi'here In a nnllon nt war. l-onilon
Knlly New.
. r-.
))t.uo any auch gatherings.
j, N person iiuarnntined, or who
visit, the room of a person quaran-
tined, shall be permitted to go upon .
tho street of the city or into any,
building or place Inhabited by other
la. Tho public school of the city
ahould remain closed for a period of
nt Icaat ono week from the date here -
Knled thi 3rd day of December,
All Kssential Points in Peace
Conference Taken Up
and AKrt'ed To.
Conference Jleld in Regard
to Fourteen Point of
I Jolted State.
PARIS, Jan. 4.- President Wilaoo
ami the Italian government have
readied a complete agreement on all
-( ml point, uf x-ace aettlrment, a
. , . , ,. (
Kome dmpatt h aaya, adding thC the
... ... ' . M " "v l"wl
rcaldctit a viatt In lUi y ta "already
BUtfrrfJJI 7
WASI!l;Tf). Jan 4 fla-lir.
W r((U, l lln,l(.IllK.rf v'Wmd tmJ
volunUer Oerman forrra uvainat the
roli-a in lorn, and n-volutionary ele-
ntrllfa in Nilr.ia. .rfr.lin. I..
niatlc advlrea. Ci finally ubjrrU tu Hi-
,,., on ,h, Kruunil tllBt
lhry djrpi ty ,;lrrho.Suv.1,
, ,he ,,,.,,.,., ,.oli,h
..I ijun, jn .,
violation of
the arm iit ire. 1 he cables indicate that
llerlin bdk'eI i roteaU In loth ma tiers
with y,, i;nitcl Sutra and haa warned
hr Kntrnte he will be cofrpr!l.l to
.,...,.. unleaa I'nri. ll.n.ln 1
,j Waahinirton intenme.
KO.MK. Jim. 4. The rn-eted
Wilaon with outntretrhcd nrms. the
Pontiff', reception Udnir extremely
cordial. He climiied the f reaident'a
.wit..... miv tin. ini iiiv . leniucm m
hand. In hoth hi. almliin them warm-
y They entered the
throne room
in private at
wlmre Uev confem-d
,mc lenifth.
MachinC (lutS Turned
Against Children Today,
1 I to exH-rti-iice In rrnnc.. where it na
WARSAW, Jan. 4. Several child- lM-en In oHnitlon for 70 yenra. There
rvn, parading at 1'o.en in honor of In Knince a aoelcty orgnnlicd for
I'aderewjki were killed wherrthe tier-' l"in.- of prom-tln? i.n.tlt .liar
mana turned tiicir machine' gun. Uion' ln - 1 "' "'' be n recog-
tiiem, it ia reported here. Five bullet,
entered a room where I'aderewaki mat.
but h racap.-d unharmed.
l oot Sieeialil
lir. II. M. C'heeaewright, the foot
ani-ialit arrived last night ami will
Iki at the .McDowell Shoo Store for
aeveral day..
t uneral al U hanon
'Ihe rviuaiii. of the lute II. W. Mur-
ip,y, . former Uenton county rc.ident,
' .,, .. . , ,. ,.
who at couver, Wu.hington,
h'l'M U-I.nnon thia morn-
"K by hi. .on, (). T. Murphy, of Huh
llruthrr Landa
, J. H. Alli.on tolay received a wire
stating that hi. brother, who ha. been
with tho U. S. Medical Corp. in'
France, had safely landed at Newport
Dr. Garrett Home
Dr. Oliver Garrett of the medical
rccrvo on., h... r..l.,m...l l.. Alb...
He has been stationed in Georgia.
No New Flu Case.
i"y "eniin v.iucer niycrs repons
mat no new nu rases nave neen re-
ran no new uu rasea nave neen re-
ported to his office up to four o'clock
this afternoon.
Rhode. Funeral Tomorrow
( The funorll f K I wood Rhodes will
, . . . , ... . . R, . t
Kjf(h jtwt tomorrow afu.rI10on
' o'clock. Rev. C II. Young con -
' . .. v
j,:., .u. ..:.
Good New. Received
Mrs. Rolwrt McMurray whose hus-
band waa report.! killed today re-
iceived several more letters dated since
tnt, ,,, of the arml,tice. The last
! letter received ws to Lieutenant Mc -
Murray's father In Portlnnd and was
dated December 8,
Teacher III
Mis Elizabeth Levy, who has been
teaching violin In Albany College i
1 at Satem and will lie unable to hold
classes during the next week.
I'ould Not Get Discharge
! Word ha neen received today by
I Mrs. Michelson that her son Earl has
not been successful In receiving hi
tenth, thirty-seventh, ninelyfir.l di
vision, and the second corp. hrad
qgarters, a total of H'),(iiO men. have
been designated for convoy home as
toon at ships ar available. The nine
ty-firat regisi.t. of western national
army r.iefl trained at Camp lwia.
Changes Demanded by Modern War
Have by No Mtana Kept Pace
, With Other Matter.
We laHl the aiiee In chunking our
t hraneii that we've ahnwn In c-hitu'lnff
the Mar jpaiue. 'Over the top" auic
gi-Ma pnrapeta ami mrad'mtrs. Are st-.
and traverss, larhel wire and No
alnu'a fjini) the whole rigmarole of
atahlltzalloB In dllchem. Over the top
now roc for any sirt of advance,
rlmrjrlng across whf-nt Oehla or deploy
ing through thickets,
"It's a Hmd arrenade fniiie," they
told use Wheu we linidt) In Km nee. It
waa then, "forget that rille atuT." they
an id.
However, rifles wen still Iwlng nark
el around. Nothing rlM had yet Iwen
IsMurd on W'lrh to tlx bayonets. The
Yunkera wf-re wilting to put some
siiMke on t grctmth-s atid to fry to
rut the pltfte under Inatrunlou. but
they rettellif) agnint the tuentul exer
fine of fryt" to forget how to htmt.
A aergennt titld me of the report some
of the men brought ha-k who hnd bfn
Mll.-t-d with the ItrltUh. the story of
Tommy who -.printed half a(Tis
Klanders dragging hi rifle In his left
hnml and iryliiK t" cai.h up with a
Heinle raider ao that he could
h"rl ""l. The arrccant ended up.
'Say. believe me. rcmemlierfnf Imw to ha. allowed n. to forget a lot of
that trench .tuff In .hurt order. " L. S.
Klrklaml In U-nllea.
Idea la Mora Widely Held In That
Country Than Any Other Part
of tha World. '
l'mflt .hnrlng la being widely dls-cuiom-.)
In Knglnnd now. In connection
with lite nation', war actlvllieA. and
nmoh con.ldemtlon I. being directed
iiixiti iff i tit? Kp)t-uiiiivui m m I'uuui
utliity.' In the French proflthar1ng plans
gtnrnilly )Mnet1t fumls are Instituted
to provide for emergencies In the life
of the nnrkent. Ordinarily workmen
do not receive their .hare of the profit
In ra-h. but In the form of a fund,
which goc to purchanlng .hares In the
business or to old-age peu.lons.
There are various svittcms of profit
sharing In vogue In France. One of
these gives a iiercentnge of the net
profits the wage the manage
ment, and the various benefit funds.
Another base, the iercelitage on sales
or total hin-Jitcss done. Still other
form, bane the amount given the work
era on the dividend rate.- the amnnnt
of cnpltul. or a. a bonus at the dls-
i ctvtlon of the employer. Certain coro
! piinle. are able to share with their
I workers any vavlngs they may make
In the cost of producing goods.
Alralme Flares.
The ainioitue. uient vus recently
ninde by MnJ. (icn. C. C. Williams,
j chief of ordnance, of the perfection
nd the adoption by the army for
""e ln France of an airplane Bare for
' "'k'" bombing. A.-conllng to Major
, tii iii ml Wllllnina, the llure Is released
from a bombing plane by pul'lng a lev-
As It drop, the resistance offered
by m, n,r . fm(. ,mvmnn a
oncratlon. The result Is the emission
' f n ixiuerful light of from 300.000 to
I 400.000 candle power, which completely
Illuminates the terrain below. The
amount of light given Is equivalent to
Hint of a hatlerr of from l.'iO to 175
stm-t arc Inmp. or from IMW to 17,
"100 or,,l"r" l""'!' lamp hull,
I sm-h a. arc ushhI In the home. As sooi
i M onllnnry lnciiii.les.vnt lamp bulb.
anch a. arc used In the home. As soon
as the flare gets Into operation a huge
parachute, made of the best quality
silk, opens and hold, the brilliant light
, ,U,,M.B n the nlr for a sufllclent
'time to allow the aviator to select hla
,j.vtlve or tnrget. The bomb then
' -"
Madame Petrova ha never had a
role more effectively suited to her par-
tirular rreniui as a creator of dr
mntic materian than the one she as-1
,mos -in "Tempered Steel," which
cmc to-the Glotie Theatre on Sun-
day, The tnry run the gamut of emo-
thir-'h'P Containing Two Iltfnd
red Veterann of War
Hid From View.
Iist Wounded Man On Board
Removed Iate This
FIRE ISLAND. Jan. 4. The last
wounded soldier has been removed
from the Northern Pacific which run
aground near here.
FIRE ISLAND, Jan. 4. Hidden
from aight of those on shore hy a bill
iard the transport "Northern Pacific
is severely hammered by a rising sea
this morning.
Two hundred helpless wounded sol
diers and the crew of 4o6 are still
aboard. Army medical corps men, a
few Red Cross workers, coast guards,
a United Pres. correspondent and one
other newspaperman are the only per-j
sons remaining nere ounng ine nigm
due to the danger ofsunulies being
cut off by me storm. -Naval vessels
stood by, hut are not visible. The (
powerful Fire Island light could not
be seen a distance of a mile. !
U. S- May Now Proceed
t '...... r'..t
Against Carranza GoU
WASHINGTON, Jan. 4. "Make
Mexico ray" is being demanded with
ever-growing emohasis and ia ao'
strong that the Senate Foreign Re -
lutions Committee agreed to report Im
mcdiaU-iv a resolution directing the
State. Department to begin vigorous'
action to force Carranza s government
to an accounting.
Visiting in Albany
Mrs. Frank Ward and daughter
Francis, of Salem, are guests of Mrs.
Ward's sister, Mrs. B. R. Westhroak,
at the Hotel Albany.
Mr. Conn Returned Home
Elmer Conn, formerly of Scott &
C-nn Grocery, of this city, returned
to hia home in Tacoma toiiay, after,
visiting here with relatives.
Grace Church. On account of sick
ness in homes of several church lead
ers no services will be held in church
tomorrow. Rev. A. M Williams.
First .Presbyterian Church. Sun
day School at 11 o'clock, special open
ing exercises. It is the purpose of the
school to get every member in the
hurch and congregation to study the
bible this coming year. The funeral
of Elw-ood Rhodes will be held at 3 o'
clock from the resilience.
Rev. Mr.
Young will conduct the services. The a(;reemcnt or awarj of the Commia. been in French hospital since Oct
memtrs of hi. class will attend in iwn Nor has any appeaI en made ober first. He will arrive in aeveral
"oy- i to the Commission from any internre- days.
Church Notice Rev. Schuster will tation or decision made by the admin- ,
hold two church services tomorrow, istrators. To Be Married in Portland-
one at 11 a. m. and again at 7:30 p.' "i"uring this year wage advances Miss Ella Thompson left today for
m. No Sunday School or young ranging from 75 ccnU to $1 and over he.- home in Portland, where on Jan.
people's meetings will be held on ac- per day have been granted or awarded, 14, she will be married to William
count of the ban. partly as the result of increased cost Lewis. Miss Thompson has been em-
of living or due to the necessity of re- ployed in the Parker grocery store
I'nited Presbyterian Regular sen- ajjustjn(r the relative wages between up to this time and will make her
ice at 10:30 and 7:30. Bible school at di5trjcts. These changes also were home in Portland in the future Mr.
11:45. Christian Endeavor societies at maile without friction. I Lewis is in the employ of the Oregon
il:30. The churches are the best-veh- "Arizona works on the open shop Electric R. R. company,
tilated building in the city, and those prin(.ipIe wjth grievance committees Ccrvalli. Man Here " v
who have bad cold are requested to hy n the employees recogniz-j A. N. Minton, of Corvallia, ia In
stay at home, so there is practically sml dea,t viih hy the maager-. in the city today,
no danger attending these service. a ( matters The creation of this Will Attend U. of O.
Come and worship God as He is re- sujlstjtute for a trade-union organiza- Mis Katherine Livengood left for
vealed in Hi Son Jesus Christ. , tjon iwhjch did not exist except in a Eugene thi morniiur to continue th
Christian Church-The regular .erv.' minor way by the President's Media- school year at V of O.
ices at the Christian church will not tion Commission has materially help- Returning to School
lie held on January 5 on account of ed toward peace, because these corn-, George went to Eugene this
local condition. S. Earl Childcr. n.ittee have .erved as safety valve morning to regi.ter at the U. of O.
that relieved the tension, now tnat and continue the school year.
Methodist Church Closed No erv- they can go direct to the managers nere During Week-end
ices will tie held until the "flu" situa- fr a fuj, free and ftank discussion Mis Janet Dawson ia spending th
tion is improved. Sunday School pa- v.-jthout fear or favor. This elbow week-end in Albany before starting
per will lie distributed to the mem- touch has helped also to eliminate m the second semester of school at
hers. If contributors to the funds of SOme of the bitterness of the past a 0. A. C. Mis Dawon spent th holl
the church will hnnd their offerings tney come to a better understanding dy. in Newport with her parent,
to Clyde Williamson at the Albany of one another." Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dawaon.
State Hank it will assist the treasurer. i ijgck to School
Baptist Well-ventilated and good
seating. The Baptist church service
will lie held at 11 o'clock and 7:30. In
the evening the pastor will preach on
ISKOVNSVIIXK, Jan..-( Special
to Ilem jcratl The accidental .1,.
charite of a irun in the handa of Hy-
ron Stmtti.n, twelve y. or old am of
Mr. and Ur. Oran Stratton, who re-
ide two milea eajti of thia city caua
eil Ine iVath of the ljjv'a little
who was playinK with him at the time1
of the a' cident.
The I .y waa reaching for hia irun
and expected to iluot at a hawk when
the weapon waa diacharirtd, the full
charge itnkint- her in the head and
resulting in instant death. Tha acci
dent happened about five o'clock laat
German and British Men
May Fight Invading Poles
ROTTERDAM, Jan. 4. Tha Berlin
V'ossiche, alarmed at the Bolsnevik in- dispatches reported, artillery super
human cruelties hints that a union' '""ty giving them the victory. (Lisa
will be effected between the Germans nd Nakel are fifty-two and sixty-fiva
and untish to oppose the advance of
the Soviet army toward the Baltic.
Copper Production in 1910 Over 100.
000.000 Pound More Than in
1917 Not a Shift Loot.
. - , . . . ,,.,
An increase of Arizona s 1918 con-
.r r..l..i. f inonnormn a.
over 1917.
Not a shift lost in mine, mill or
smelter from November 1, 1917, to
October 21. 1918
These are the results of the work
of :he labor administrators appointed
Ior Arizona Dy me rresiuem s Jieuia-
tion Commi,si;n in the falI of 1917
hown in the annual report of William
Wilson, Secretary of Labor.
ine situation in Anzona in 191 was
;one tne chief causes leading to the
j appointment of the commission. About
28 per cent, of the copper output of
the V nited Statea ia produced h foul-
copper districts of that suite. In the
early summer of 1917 there were wide
spread strikes in those districts, re
sulting in three months in a loss of
output of 100.000.000 pounds. The V,1, W1" "t'be the sum of fif
commission arranged a settlement ten dolla to make the Ul,t P""
which provided for final adjustments oathe ?ounty AKent Fund? Th com
of all labor disputes and the fixing m,tte Ucks thl um "nd whn "
of wages by the labor administrators,
Hywel Kavies and Joseph S. Myers.
in . ti I KU; nie..e
of tho Labor Adjustment Service,
nuote.l in the NHTVtJirv s renort. Mr.
Davies wrote, on October 21. 1918,
that the Commission not only had pro-
vided the machinery for accomplish-
ing the splendid results named, but
also had created a spirit of loyal CO-
operatior that materially simplified
the work of the administrators.
During this period," says the let-
ter, "the administrators have handled
hundreds of individual and some large
collective cases without friction. Yet
many of these cases contained explo-
sive possibilities that would have end-
ed in a suspension or strike if they
-..r th. coming of
,he Presillcnt-, Mediation Commis-
i.,n Tr-i mm. mature.! into strike
lnv.ltn nf InKie In the
s , ra. Here
Mrs. Alex Powers, of Ibanon, was
n Albany shopping today.
fl0m, to Peoria
Invadinir Force Is Hurled
Back at Two Points;
Artillery Wins.
Volunteer Army to Be Led
Against Poles by Vet
eran Commander.
COPENHAGEN, Jan. 4. German
lwr i-ousn invading xorcea
'n battles at Liaaa and Nakel. Berlin
i miles northeast of Posen.)
Albany Girl Dies in Ore
gon City of Influenza
Miss Minnie Heinrich, graduate of
Albany College and a student of mora
than ordinary ability, passed away in
Oregon City a few days ago, following
complicai.ona resulting from an at-
.... re . , .
ul -Pmsn iniiuenra, accoronut
to word received here today by Albany
Mis. Heinrich at one time taught in
the Or'.ville schorls and waa regarded
as one of the most efficient teachers
that they have ever had in that local
ity. She has been teaching in Clack
amas -j i.ty during the past year.
Campaign launched in Detr
ember Mtsta with Suc-
ess; Assured.
received the books will be closed on
m 'ne mw "" campaigaa
toT money ever conducted in Linn
"(uinrv will ha hrrtmrht tn an nnH
' . . , ""Zit 0 -
hundred dollar, and committee eon-
ut'n. f,R- Burton, W W. Poland,
A"hl' "U'er' Pt"? "ktr- M; f
Allen, and E. R. Alien have pr'act.c.U
ra,5ed the ent,re um ,n hort
John C. Miller, of BrOWnS-
Vllle to RetUl'll tioli.e
A telegram was received today by
A. N. Miller from his son, Private
John C. Miller, of Brownsville, of nu
arrival in Newport News, from
France. He .ervel with th imn.n
forces in France, and will receive hla
Private Miller In. wniiml.d anil h.a
I Charles Pfeiffer drove to Corvalli
thi morning to begin th new semrs-
iter of school at O. A. C.
Left for V. of O.