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    II, ol 0 Llbrsry
Tonight and Saturday Rata
No. 15J.
. . TAXKS UNTIL 112.".
0 0 Wounded American"
Reach New York ; Some
Suffer Shcllshock
Lights and Power Out of
Commission ltst Night;
Some Poles Down
A windstorm which struck Albany
French ('hamluT of DoDUtit''
to Auk for International
Court to Try Offender
German Cruiser and 2 Tor
pedolioutM Seek Intern
ment in Scotland
PARIS, Nov. 15.- French deputies
have served notice ihry will move thnt
(he allied governments open legal pro
ceedings against those resjioinible fur
the war, thru the establishment of a
trlliunal of representatives of all
countries which suffered from the
They ilet'larr that even If llolluml
houlil refuse Wilhrlm'i extradition,
the fuil that "the Kaiser, Crown
Prime ami their advisors hail liecn
condemned by such a tribunal would
leave death their only refuse. "
The cruiser Admiral Aulie, with two
torjieilu tioats. suilcd from Brest for
the Firth of Forth, under Ailmira'
time despatch indicates that the
Firth of Forth, on the east coast of
Scothind. may le the Internment base
of tlit tierinan fleet. I
I.ONUON. Nov. 1.1. - The situation
In IMlanl ia liecoming more serious,
despatches nay. The aorlnlit are
demanding the aUtication of Quern
Mm. J. Michelson, who has threy
Bona In the service, has Just heard
from them, and her son ( arl praises
the work of the V. M. C. A.
Fred Michelson is a yeoman on a
transport that makea trips between
New S'nrk and France, ami writes that
he ia fine.
Carl, while en route from Camp
Freemunt to New York to sail for
France, contracted the Spanish flu and
was taken off the train at Kork Is
land. Illinois, and taken to the hoa
mtul. He ia now tmproviiiir and
writes of the splendid treatment giv
en him by the Y. M. C. A. He speaks
highly of the secretary who cared for
him at night.
llnrold Michelson, who ia in the
navy, writes from New York before
aallinir and tells of seeing F.mest Doh
nert. ft former Albany boy. The let
ter follows:
New York City, Nov. 7. HUH.
Dear Mother: Was greatly mi.
taken when I told you that I would le
in the armed yard barracks until
( hriatmaa, as I am alrvndy on a mrr
chant ship and am exiectina: to sal
on the loth for Liverpool. Ve carry a
cargo of automobile trucks for France
and alto n shipload of horses and
mules. The name of her is the Tjison.
dnri. She is an old Holland ahip. tak
en over by the U. 8. after wa entered
tha war. The guns are all we have to
work with, and that will lie to atand
watchra at sea and have it easy in
Port. I certainly hated to leave the
barracks as it is a fine place, but we
didn't do so bail at that.
I met F.rnest Dohnrrt while in the
bnrracka. He waa tickled to death to
rre me aa I guess he's pretty home
a'ck. He hud iust r me off of a cruis
er. when he had got hia armed gunrd
training. All the tinned guard rr
Picked and trained men.
The ahip that Pcto anil I'mil Miller
are on in laying right alongside of u
in the Hnhokcn docks. I'm going over
and see them tomorrow, i ou probah-
ly wont henr from me for a couple of
months an it takea a month both ways
and we will lay over there for atiout
a month. So don't worry, Mother
dear, as I'll lie al right. I think that
the auba have quit anywny, no there
Is no nnnirer anymore rrom them.
It ia after 12 now ao will have t
clone an reveille. goes at 5:,10. Thin
in Junt a note no you will know where
I ii in nnd won t worry.
I'm In the hent of health nnd splr
Its, nnd am triad to got a chnnce to
apend my 2()th birthday In r.n'Mand
With lotn or lovo, It A Kill. Ii.
I'. S. Adilrenn my mail like thia
Armed (iunrd I Mail, City Park liar
rucks, llrooklyn, N. Y. U. S. 8. Tjis-
FOR RENT A modern house. In
nuire of Mm. Snrnh llronner, .127
W. 3d, or phone 190J. Unlfi
liekah Im ire will meet thin evenin
aa usual. Election of officers will
lie held. nlri
crat Office,. lftnn
WASHINGTON, Nov. lfi.-Amer-
a will pay war tuxes until
The treasury department plana re
veal a heavy taxation burden which
ual continue for at least six yeara
inure. The end of the actual fighting
ut the IUIH coat IH.IMHI.IRMI.INMI. Mc-
luo announced, but Immediate war
xpensea will continue.
NEW YORK. Nov. Ifi.-Four hun-
liird officcra and men who fought In
lance have lunded here. Many of the
vctcram are suffering fruin wounda
nd ahell ahock.
'ortland brings
Injunction Against Bell
City Attorney l-altuche and Irputy
ity Attorney 'i'ointlnaon on lehalf of
the city, yesterday filed autt in the
state circuit court to restrain the Pa-
flc 1'eiephuiie A Telegraph coiupanv
from enforcing the collection of ila
proHieeil lurreaacd rntea fur the uae
i telephonea.
I he coiuplaiiit recitea that the
hedule of Increaeed rates proiiosed
by the telephone company was filed
ith the putille service commission on
Novemlier 4, but that the application
for permission to advance these rales
has not been approved by the commts-
lon. Until authority la given by the
public service commission lor charg-
ng subscribers ine nigner rate wie
, ,. ' . ""fl1"
noitis inai tne iitrmpieu
-..Nation of thou will be un. '
just and lllcgnl. i
It is also alleged in the complaint
that the telephone company plans to
llsconnect the telephones or autiscrtb-
rs who refuse or neglect to pay the
nrreased rate. The city will seek to
avj the company permanently re
trained from collecting any rate
rel tel than that authorized by the
inichise granted by the city under
l.ich the utility now is operating.
Preliminary to filing the auit yes
nl tee rltv commissioners adopted
re. lutiona advising the people of
Portland not to pay any Increase in
eleiihone rntes on the ground that
they would I unlawful and unjust.
.ilrcrty Six Car Is
Returned Todav
The Liberty Six car which waa lo-
atel in Albany by Chief Catlin. was
reclaimeil tixlav by the Portland own-
who arrived last night. The car
ad liren rente.1 from a Portland ga
rage but the party taking the car out
made hia way to Albany and aban-
oned it here after the engine broke.
:atks nkws
(IATKS, Nov. 15. Special. Mrs.
'hristenaon uf Albany ia visiting at
he home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Mr. Morris of Mrhama who has been
utting wood for YaI Havis, returned
to his home Wednesday, ill with la
grippe. Mr. Kdison came out from yuarti-
ville Thursday.
Mr. Hnyworth went to Quartzville
with a pack train load of supplies for
r. J. Winters. Wednesday.
T. Ilenness ia quite ill at hia home
near Cntes.
Mrs. Kuby Horner and two children
are sick with lagrippe.
Mrs. I. V. Kane waa In Mill City
shopping Wednesday.
Hied, at Mehama Nov. 10, of influ
ence, Roliert Shier. The remains were
brought to dates Monday and were
luid to rest in Knirview Cemetery. The
leceased was well-know
wn in this lo
nother, a wife
cality. He leaves a mol
and four amnll children; two brothers
and two sisters, to mourn hia loss. He
waa a stockholder In the Illark Kagle
0. I. Ilevier came down from Redne
f'ridny suffering from an attack of
Jack Cinffney returned home from
Portland a few days ago, suffering
from lagrippe.
C. A Ilevier returned to Ins home
in Albany Tuesday.
H. O. Hevler wns cnlled to Allmnv
for physical examination Tuesday.
Mrs. Uoliert Sheir of Mehama, who
passed awav Nov. 13 of Spanish in-
fluenin. was brought to Gates Thurs
day nnd Interment took place In Fair
view Cemetery.
Mrs. Clara Elsworth and Mrs. Jcs
sle Heath wero shopping in Mill Citv
To Attend Funeral
A. K. Carothers of Pullman, Wash.,
arrived In Albany this morning to at
tend the funeral of his brother, Alvin
Carothers, which will be held tomor
Don't forget the hot drinks tea and
Jiuruny it a. m.-u p. m.. n.o
Repuhlican Old Guard Would
Control OrKani.ation: Pro
Kressives Will Fiht
Old Fijht Between Repuhlic
an Factions Is Still Vital
Issue in Congress
WASHINGTON, Nov. 1.1. I!. P.
Conrress exe.'ts a revolution of ita
own when it convenes to orirtmiKe next
March. The first rumlilinr of the in
Untiins uf the progressives to play
an iinportunt part in the organization
of committees by the republicans, are
U'ina heard. , I
The stromr progressive senate fac
tion inrl'j.ltt Itorah, Kcnyon, Norris. !
IFollette. t.ronna, Johnson (Cali-i
fomial and McS'urv. Oregon.
This group privately admit, it is
preparing to demand drcognition and
ample representation on the commit
. . .
wniril "amne reconsirucuon leg
islallon. aluny progressives are strung
advocates of government ownership.
R. C. Has Plenty of
Work for Next Month
hunltHt nine convaleauvnt
rolB, 700 property nd UKM j
yiMi ol ateen lor pinaiores win e
made up during the next month tv
the local Ked C'ro. The mnie cup-
Utiii will be in churKe of the work.
Mrs. Hood, supervinor of the sewinir j
department, auggests that more wo
men could I used to advantage.
Many good sewers did not cure to
work with the gaut. This is their
The iuesliun is constantly asked.
"What are we to do with all the moss
we have dried? No definite instruc
tions have been received but it is lie- !
lieved that it will lie called for later:
just now we are to concentrate on
hospital supplies.
Mrs. I. A. McDowell has been ap
pointed to take charge of the office at
the K. C. headquarters and Miss Jen
nie Cordon will look after the stock
The supervisors have had a regular
house-cleaning in the work rooms,
and onler reigns supreme. While all
enjoyed working with the surgical-
dressing, the dtusi rrom me ceuu
cotton and the moss was very dis
agreeable and made it hnrd to keep
the rooms looking neat and clean.
Carothers Funeral Will
He Held Tomorrow
Funeral services for the late Alvin
J. Carothers, who passed away Wed
nesday evening at St. Mary's hospital
of pneumonia, will lie held at the
Korlmiller chapel Saturday afternoon
at 2 o'clock.
Mr. Carothers wns bom in Illinois
August 3, 1854, and came to Oregon in
1874, settling in Albany. Ho has made
this his home since then.
He is survived by two sisters, Mrs.
Anna May Monroe and Mrs. KHa Pick
le of Ixs Angeles, California; and one
brother, A. K. Carothers of Pullmnn,
THE ABOVE la a picture of the Junior and Intermediate Departments of the United Presbyterian Church,
enjoying one of their recent "feeda." The United Presbyterian Bible School la thoroughly organized, and
equipped with a full corps of efficient teachers. There Is a class for every age. The large Men's Class,
taught by Attorney C. K. Sox, la working for an attendance of 100 before t'hristmaa. Every department
will alart at high tension Saturday, November 15th, at 11:45 A. M.
Famous Founder of Hibl
School to Ix'ad Week's
liihlc (Conference
Dr. Torrey, founder of the famous
Torrey liible Institute uf IM Angeles
and one of the best known liible atu-d-nt
in America, will be in Albany
during the middle of February. This
was the word brought back from Ixs
Angeles )y lr. W. P. White, who re
turned home from a trip to California
lust night.
While in Ixis Angeles Dr. White
visited Dr. Torrey in his home and not
only succeeded in making arrange
ments fur a week's Bible Institute in
Albany but also for similar institutes
in Portland, Sulem, Eugene, Corvul
lis, Roseburg, Medford-aisl Ashland.
The Torrey liible Institute ia nous-
...i i...;i.ii.... .!,.; an.i '
covers an entire block, the auditor
ium seats b.WM) 'H-opI and the con
gregation subscriled last year for
missions alone the sum of
To jtimulale interest in the Bible '
arid to make each man, woman and
child in America a Bible student is the
im u" lh! '""nded and he has met
with a remarkable success.
Move to Albany
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. f'awaon re
turned to Alhany yesterdny afternoon
from Kujrene and will make thr
horn? here. Mr. Pawnor, has accepted
a position with the All-any K'rnre.
er nt to Salem
G. K. Burks of Portland went i
Salem this morninir after tranactin.
buiness in Albany.
To Give Lessons-
ir inn. left ilii. mnrnino-
, , . . . , , , . i ed no intimation that the postmaster
for Independence to hold her classes Buthorjle(i , cr.ase.
in music. 1). H. Preston asked if both cou-
panies had been granted a local fran
Here From Harrisburg chise and was informed that they had.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. I! rock of Mat-' G. T. Hockensmith expressed the
risburg were shopping in Albany to- i opinion that the Bell company had no
..,,. ; ulate the closing hours of competing
On Lens! Husinefw Urm in the valley towns. He su-
Attorney Willard Marks was a pas- j,r9te(j that the subscribers should de
sender to Salem this morninK on le-jdine to pay the increased charges,
iral business. I Manager H. E. Hector of the Home
j company was asked as to whether or
To Visit Parent ! not n'8 company would increase the
t v i n: ; aii, : rates on November ISth and he stated
Mrs. ferns Williams is in Albany . , . , , rt ;n
from hort Mevens visiting her pa -
rents. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Stewart.
i yT Stewart is now stationed at Fort
j Stevens.
Former Albany Teacher
Miss May Frnlick. tho Spanish
teacher in the Lincoln high school in
Portland, is visiting in Albany with
Miss Ijiura Chambers. Miss Fralick
is a former Albany teacher.
Fine Jonathan Apples and all kinds
of ("iiven Groceries at East AHwnv
Grocery. nl5
In Salem Yesterday
Attorney Geo. W. Wright spent yes.
tcrday afternoon in Salem on legal
Public Library Open Monday
The public library will lie open Mon
thly at 2 o'clock. It is now being thor
oughly cleaned nnd fumigated and
made ready for the opening.
Special for Saturday, Lady Wash
ington Ilenns, Al. 10 rts per pound or
11 lbs. to the Dollar. East Albany
Grocery. nl5
. r )rt.f)rltiVi 1 f 1
ail i iissslsairnti?'i - iis ssJVS ,. .." eaea.
Mass Meeting Held at Com
mercial Club Iast Niifht
Files Stronif Protest
Organization o f Citizens'
Company to Take Over
ISoth Lines Proposed
The preliminary steps were taken
last night at the Commen-iul clul
j rotmi towards the consolidation of the
Bell and Home Telephone systems. A
committee of five, consisting of Mayor
I. M. Curl, Cuncilman J. II. Kobnett,
Hen Bartcher, P. A. (iodwin and G. A.
-"'ood was appointed with instructions
ine systems operairu oy ocin corn-
i)ie systems operate dby both com
panics and to report at a mass meet
ting wntcn win ue neiu at tne Lorn
n.rciul club rooms next Thursday
The meeting last nipht was called
to order by W. A. Kastbum and wax
or-aiiiied by the election of J. M.
Hawkins as chairman and C. O. Hu
shunif, as secretary.
U. A. Kastburn explained the pro-
Coscd increase in rates as announced
y the Bell company and suvated
t.'.at borne action should be taken to-
v.urtls a consolidation of the lines or
the elimination of one of the systems.
r. Kobnett then asked if tne pro
posed rate increases announced by the
lUU company have lieen first approv
cd by the (rovernment. Manager Geo.
Sanders replied that he had no in
foimation on that point, and was in
st meted to ret in touch with the head
Htice in Portland and report the re
sult to the meeting. He was unable to
state after such conference as to
whether or not the rates had been
aLproved by the postmaster ireneral
Walt Worrell nf the local postoffice
stated that the Bulletin of the United
States postoffice department contain-
murv Muinui vw mix me mtw tnati
hnd the sStandard Oil company to re-
1 ,,-.:.. jn n
I Will Merrill wanted to know what
i action the Bell company would take in
the event the subscrilers declined to
pay the increased charges and was
informed by Manager Sanders that it
would force the company to remove
the phones. Will Merrill then gave
some figures on the phone situation
in Alliany which were of no little in
terest to those attending the meeting
He stated thui there were l.v? piuncs
in the tusimss district were
duplicated and that there were 70
duplicate phones in the residence dis
trict. Mr. Carlson or tsrownsvuie toiii
of the success which the local system
was meeting with at that place.
Attorney vi. u .Marks. Jack itar
rett. H. J. Firvhau, D. E. Nebergall
and several others whose names were
not learned, spoke during the evening;
and a resolution was finally proposed
by Ben Bartcher providing that acorn -
mittee of five be appointed with in-
atructions to ascertain the cost of I 0f Mr. Snylor, which was held yester
both phone svstems and report at al.i0,.
meeting to be held in the club rooms
next Thursday night.
During most of the evening the
lights were out in the club rooms but
the discussion of the phone system
proceeded despite the storm.
Hawkins Statement
The following statement was given
- 1
w 1
i s, a
shortly liefore 8 o'clock last night put
tne lights in the business and resi
dence sections of the city out of com-
minsion for more than an hour and
damaged some of the loll lines of the
ilell and Home phone companies.
Kmpioyes of the Oregon Power com
pany worked until 3:30 this morning
un the damaged system and were up
again U-fore daylight to bring the
system back to normal.
It was reported last night that light
ning struck a power pole on ninth an-
Kerry streets, but thia was denied this
morning by the manager of the Ore
gon Power company. One pole at Fiftl
and Main was Mown over, however,
unl considerable damage was report
ed in other parts of the city.
The entire town was in darkness fol
more than an hour last night and por
tions of the residence section have
ieen without light or power during
the past 12 hours.
No More Applications
for Training Camps
WASHINGTON, Nov. 15. U. P.
No more candidates will be admitted
to central officers trainm schools.
the war department announced today.
Candidates now there will be allow
ed to complete their courses or ma
te discharged upon request at anv
time. Candidates who successfully
complete their training will be com
missioned in the reserve corps and
placed in the inactive list.'
Americans Reach
Metz Outskirts
PARIS, Nov. 15. U. P. French
and American troops occupied the ad
vanced forts of Metz and are advanc
ing towards the city. The German?
are conducting the evacuation faster
than was expected. It is possible that
King Albert will enter Druse Is Sun
War Drive Is Going
Strong in Linn
'We fully expect to go o'er the tor
by Saturday," said Chairman P. A.
Young of the United War Work drive
this afternoon.
In 40 districts where the quota was
i .600 the sum of $8,400 has been rais
ed and other districts from which on
ly partial returns have been received
are also making a good showing.
Red Cross Store Needs
Many More Articles
The Red Cross store is anxious to
clu.nn a large number of articles for
Xnias. Each lady in Albany is re
rmested to bring in doilies, aprons
frvnsis. pictures, books, etc., and old
?vs and books tor children.
Attended Funeral
Mr. and Mrs. T. i. Plaster of Leb
anon, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cams ami
T. J. Cnrns and D. M . Came of Ore
gon City and Floyd Cams of Lincoln
O' . .1 - XI A 1 C
- coumy. oromers o. ...r, .,.o.
were in Albany to attend the funeral
To Visit Son
Mr.! and Mrs. J. M. Riilftm left
yesterday afternoon for Son Diego to
spend the winter with their son sn
daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Rollo
out this morning by J. M. Hawkins
At the meeting of the businessmen
lust night to consider the phone situa
tion, there wns a committee appointed
to do ccrtnin things anil report to an
other meeting to be held in one week
Therefore. I think it is my duty as
chairman of that meeting to say some
thing on the present situation.
I believer that it is best for the po
trons of the two telephone companies
not to act rashly in taking out or re
moving their phones in either companv
at this time. The Home compnny has
not raised their rate, and there is some
question whether the Bell will be sus
tnined in their arbitrary raising of the
rates and ns the committee that is ap
pointed as a result of lust night's
meeting is nt work, I believe thot
something will be worked out of the
proposition, that the telephone pa
trons of Albany will get justice, and
it is thougrt best that no telephones
be ordered out for the present week,
German Troops Leave Citv
Which They Stormed
Early in War
American Mission on Wav to
The Spa to Attend
I PARIS. Not. 1S The last of
i.ermsa armies retired beyond
the French borders, it ia unoffic
ially announced.
LON'DON. Nov. 15By V. P. Re
ports state the Belgians are in posses
sion of Antwerp today.
American airman landed in Cologne,
yesterday, it is reported here.
PARIS, Nov. 15 Foreign Secre
tary Balfour and Foreign Minister
Sonnino arrived here today. It ia ex
pected the peace conference will be
held at Versailles early in 1919.
Uoyd-Ceorge is expected soon.
Colonel House ia working overtime
at his headquarters here.
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 16. Esthon
ia, Livonia, Couranl and Oesel Island
have decided to join in the formation
of an independent Baltic state, advices
state today.
German evacuation of Poland, which
is in the throes of revolution, has be
gun, Berlin reported today. German
troops and civilians who were rioting
in Warsaw are said to, have been dis
armed and arrested.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 15. Report.
that an American mission is going to
The Spa caused the belief that this is
the United States representation on
the mixed commission which will su
pervise armistice terms.
LONDON. Nov. 15. Gen. Rhodes
will represent France at the inter al
lied armistice commission which goes
to German headquarters at The Spa
Albany Girl Marries
Douglas County Man
A quiet wedding was performed
last night at the Methodist parsonage
when Rev. G. H. Bennett united in
marriage Jesse Taylor of Douglas
county and Miss Venetta May Grubbe
of Albany.
Ine bride is a daughter or Mr. and
Mrs. F. U. Grubbe of this city.
Went to Portland
R. E. Doty went to Portland this
morning on business.
Weather Report r
Yesterday's temperature ranged
from 41 to 52 degrees. The rainfall
was 1.62 inches, which was the great
est fall this season; and the river
raised to 1.7 feet.
Accepts Position
Davis Leininger will go to Portland
tomorrow to accept a position in the
internal revenue office.
Lin? Down
On account of the storm last night
the Home company lines were impair
ed, but the telephone service will be
restored soon.
Come and drink some of our Ruby
Caracul Coffee and get the habit.
East Albany Grocery. nl5
Cooked Food Sale
The cooked food sale tomorrow will
he in charge of Mrs. H. Lemke.
Baby Girl
A baby girl wns bom this weeK to
Mrs. Christ, who lives on the Corvallia
Bahy Boy Horn
Mrs. Twombly is the mother of
new baby boy bom at her home in
Hazelwood Addition.
On Business Trip
Edward Shears went to Salem this
morning on business.
On Business Trip
W. J. McAllister of San Francisco
is transacting business here.
PARIS, Nov. 15 Austria-Hungary
has been proclaimed
repuhile, Vienna Despatches as
sert late today.