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Tonlicht and Thursday Unsettled;
probably RAIN
Do your Xmaa Shopping Early
for our boys Over There
No. 142.
Turkish Army Corps in Tigris Surrenders; Dardanelles Open
Armistice Agreed to at Salon
ika Conference at
Noon Tinlay
Secretary I-ansing Passed
Proposal Over to Allies
for Their Decision
I.OMMIN. Oft. SI. Th Turk
Uh army (roup In the Tigris
rriioa of .Meaopataaaia have sur
rendered. It la authoritatively
laird Ihla afternoon. I he Dardanelles-
are reported lo have
been opened at 6:30 thia morn
Inc. I.OMMIN, Oct. 31. I'. IV
Turkry haa agreed lo an armia.
tire. It waa alated that Turkey
la now drfinitrly out of the war.
The armlatire waa completed at
Salonika at noon today. The terma
Insure that Turkey will not re
aunir hostilities, and Include Iree
passage of Ihe Dardanelles.
LONDON. Oct. 31. Sir George
Cave, home aecrelary, announced
In Ihe rommona thia afternoon
that Ihe Turkish plrnipotcntiar
lea arrived at Mudrnae early thia
week and that Admiral Calthnrpe
algnrd thr armlatire laat night on
behalf of the allira.
PARIS, Oct. SI. It la announc
ed that the Turklah armlatire
terma Include free passage of the
Dardanellea, the occupation of the
lloaporua and Dardanrllra fnrta,
and immediate releaae of allied
war priaonera.
WASHINGTON. Oil Ml.- Secre
tary I-aimiriK in a note to Turkey via
the Spnniah ambassador, anid that the
United Statea puaaed on to the nl
liea' Turkey'a request for Immediate
Attorney Hoy returned Inst night
from a trip to Silctx, where he wna
called on legal buaineaa. He filed a
rnmplnint In the Lincoln county courta
while in Tidedo.
Proposed Delinquent
Tax Measure Vicious
The delinquent tax measure which
we have to vote on this full provides
that the sheriff shall notify the person
taxed "at the address on the tax rolls."
The tax rolls are ninde up Mnrch ).
The time for paying the last half of
the taxes doea not expire till. a year
nnd a half from the following Octob
era full year and n half after the
rolla are mado up. In the meantime
hundreds of peoplo inny have moved
away nnd it la impossible to find them
by addressing a letter to whe;v Giev
were a year and a half previous. Thia
la merely one of the very many rea
sons way I believe that this proposed
measure is vicious nnd ahould Im de
feated. (Signed) EMERY J. NEWTON,
County Clerk of Benton County.
Helped Prepare Petitions to
Put It on Hallot; Now
Says, Vote No
Editor of the Democrat: As a
Imt of the committee which got out
the x-titiiina for thr ariuirinK of a
inuiiiriiiil light ami water plant hv
thr rlty. ami bring the our who hal
Uie immediate charge of tha circula
lion of thr petitions. 1 liavr Ix-cn mu
ni a number of timra what hail liccume
of the matter; and I feel that Borne or
ua ahoulil now make a ataletnrnt of
our virwa un the present referendum.
In the flrat place the pctitiuns were
.liculaud aomrtliiiiK over a yrar ago,
ami conditions have rhanieeil very ma
trriiilly since thrn. Matrriala for the
construction of a new plant have it""'
to an ulmual prohibitive plane, ami
with thrm the price of the present ex
isting plant.
Srconilly. the ietiliona called for the
acquisition of both a light ami power,
and water planla, and the prearnt ref
erendum only providna for the pur
rhaae of the wutrr plant from thr
Orrgun Tower Co., whii-h ia not thr
kind of system thr city ahould have,
and haa on a itrrat many atreeta heen
III lieyond the lifetime uf the material
installed, aa la ahown by the leaka ap
liearinir in a numlier of places
Taking these facta into considera
lion, it aeema thnt it would be folly to
vote fur the referendum that appears
on the hallot at thia time, hut that we
ahould wail until prin a and other con
ditiona were more favorable Including
a mayor and council who are more Up-to-date
on thia subject.
Rig Iulrz: ti n of Prominent
C inn- v. i Expected to
Attt Session Here
A trent la in atore for the citiiena
of Albany and vicinity if the Influ
enza acare abntea, and the ban la re
moved from public Kiithcringa. On
Nov. ISth it ia planned to have a not
able gathering of l'rchytcrinna from
all over thia county and weal lo the
roaat to liaten to the living meaaagea
from the general aaaemhly, aa told hv
diatinguiahed men of the church.
The firat meeting thnt day will be
held at 4 p. m. in the r ii-at I'rvaby
terian church, fur miniatera of thh
city and aurrounding towna. and al"
officiala of the churchea invulvetl. It
ia planned lo have Corvnllia, Newport,
Waldnort. Lebanon, Hrownaville, Mill
City nnd other towna nearby, all fullv
repreaented at thia meeting. The min
iatera of all the churchea in Alhanv
nre cordially invited.
Then nt tl o'clock will le a compli
mentary dinner to the diatinguiahcil
viaitora nnd aciikera of the day anil
evening, given by the membera of the
local I'reahyterinn churchea, to which
thoac at the four o'clock meeting are
viteil. and also the lay members of
the churches, business and profession
nl membera. These two meetings are
wholly for men.
But at eight in the evening will oc
cur the greatest meeting, a mass
meeting nt which all men nnd women
of this city and vicinity arc desired to
be present. Special music will be ar
ranged for the orension, and everv
sent will he filled upstairs nnd down.
The speeches will be worth while henr.
lug, nnd new enthusinam and interest
will lie aroused for the general work
of the church nt home nnd abrond, nnd
especially ns it benrs upon the future
of this country after the war, and
when the boys come home. No one
ran afford lo miss this great occasion.
This is nol n meeting designed to
raise money hut ia purely Information
al and inspirational, and is Intended to
let the people know what happened at
the Into meeting of General Assemblv
nt Columbus, Ohio, when a new move
ment, known as the New Era Exten
sion Movement, wna Inaugurated,
whic hlooks forward for the next five
Line Pushed 15 Miles Hack
lieyond the Piave
Allstrians in Full Retreat He-
fore Strong Allied
I.OMMIN. Oct. 31. The latrat
ralimate of Auatrian prisoners
In thia drive la 40.000.
1(1 1 MK, Oct. 31. The war of
fice announced that the Italian
have entered Sarile, 15 milea be
yond the I'iave. "We have reach
ed Krovalb. I'rago, Gairina, Or
di ro. rapturing thounanda of ad
ditional priKonrra.
I'ARIS. Oct. III. Auatrinn priaon
r now total over 4!,(H0, it ia offic
ially announced. Three hundred guru
anil over 100 villligea were captured.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 31. Fifteen
Auatrian divisions lictwcen the mouth
of the Brenta and the I'iave are In
grave danger and "a crisia ia impend
ing," said the official Italian report
to the emluiasy here today. The al
lies reconquered yeaterduy over 1.000
suure kilometers. The fighting front
now extend for 1.10 kilometers.
The French and Ilritish attacked this
morning towards Ghent. The battle
is reported going well.
LONDON, Oct. 31. Rome deapntrh
es declare the Itnlinns hnve extended
their offensive to the entire length of
the Austro-ttnlian front.
The Austrian comander-in-chicf on
the Italian front has applied to Gen.
Diaz for an armistice, it ia learned
authoritatively. The request waa for
warded to the Versailles council.
W. A,
McClain Is in
Race for Constable
W. A. McClain has consented to en
ter the race fur constable, according
to announcement nuthonzed
The following statement is suli
l.y friends of sir. sin lain:
W. A. McClain haa expressed sheep: 10c for hogs, and 15c for cat
willingness to accept the office of con- ! ptn "v t,hl'ir Py V"1"1
. . , , ..... t i ".v within four dnvs nfter shipping,
stable In District No. 1, comprising j Th(,,f hnving itofk for ,pnnt
the Albany precincts, Calnpooiii, Sun- should notify the Countv Agent or B.
rise, Knox Butte, Price and Syracuse
precincts in Linn county, Oregon.
Those desiring to vote for him must
write his nnme in the blank spnee on
the ticket where the office of con
stable is mentioned. It will also he
nc-eessnry to place a cross in front of
his nnme, so the name will appear
X W. A. McClain.
Roosevelt and Taft
Issue Joint ADDca'
NEW YORK. Oct. 31. Urging the
election of n republican congress,
Taft nnd Roosevelt issued a joint siirn
ed statement today answering Wil
son's appeal, declaring that Amer
icans demand Germany's uncondition
al aiirrender and saying tint Wilso.i s
14 pence terms were vague.
years, to place the church at work, as,
never before. Iet all remember the
dnte, and plan to come.
Says Proposed Purchase Citv
Water System Should
P.e Voted Down
To the Kditi r ut Iha ttvn.v? at: ..i
your Jut nichf puin-r J noticed the
iUiUffiii nt n at; iiy Mi...r Ct.rl. r.
urdinii the iiuuu nt the omin ' l-1c-linn
of the i-ily I t-'juinn c 011 Jiht
'aid uuter lunt. I full airee with
Mayor Cuil in hi t; tfiiicnt This '
no time for the vote,, of the city to
p...a on thui question. V.. .hould con. !
serve all our eneigy ua u eommunit J
nnd aa individual! towurds hrinkin.;
thia war that we are enquired in, to a
successful close. The Government ;
has given notice that during t'lt-sc war
timea no municipality, corporation or
individual may make any improve
ment that necessitates the issuing of
honda without havjng firat received
Ithe approval of the federal author-
itira. I
While the light dri.l water plant In '
Alliany may not be all that we desire, j
! yet it haa aerved ua in the past, and :
jean continue to serve ua in the future. I
so that thia issue cin rest until times
ure normal again.
On thia question tvery vot -r shouhi
vote NO.
If this should carry, it would put
our rity in a bud light with the federal
administration. It would indicate that
we are nut wholehearted in assisting
the prosecution of this war us a com
munity. Further, if it should carry or
come neur carrying, it would lie a de
rided Injury to the credit of the citv
of Albany just now, for the fed-Mi;!
authorities would hold up the project.
We have outstanding a lare number
of bonds and city warrants, and when
ever the city votes unduly to increase
its lionded indebtedness, the mAr!:et
value of the bonds and warrants al
ready outstanding is materially aT
fected, the tendency would be for them
to slump in price. These matters
should all be taken into careful con
sideration by every voter before mak
ing up his mind definitely how to vote
on this question just now.
liighteen Cars Marketed With Profit
to Shippers; Shows Value of
County Agent Work
Eighteen cars of atock have been
shipped by the Linn County Coopera
tive Shipping Association since or
ganizing thice months ago. The
amount saved for the members is es
timated at SIMO.tR).
Some do not yet understand that
each man's stock is sold separately on
its own merits so that the man with
good atock doea not help sell the poor
stock at his own loss. All stock is
marked when it is received at the
shipping point so that it can be dis
tinguished at the market Shippers
are paid just what their stock brings
on the Portland market less the actual
expense of shipping
which usually
today. I amounting to from t0c to 65c per 100
iimitt,.' pounds including the n-aiiaircrs com
'1 mission of 10c per hundred pounds.
am) thf inslirnnce fee of 5c a head for
S. Norwood, the shipping manager.
whose headquarters are at the Coun
ty Aeent's office, or they may notify
th following persons:
S. L. Overton, Brownsville.
K. w. Davis, Harrisburg.
E. F. Ingrain. Lebanon.
A. II. Brown, tiehanon.
1. C. Brown. Shedd.
Thos. Jackson, llnlsey.
There is still an owning for some
one with a herd of 15 or more dairv
enu-a in the I inn lmintn Cnvt Tail in.
. .. . . . ...
Association. This is the last chance' 'ul ol 4J repm's ironi leueis sim
as the membership list will lie closed ing that the parties to whom thev
snoniy. Anyone interesteit should see
Mr. C. C. Dickson. Secretary, Shedd,
Oregon, ns soon ns possible.
. I
I LONDON. Oct. .11. German I
Imam ainre January firat are I
aemi-nfficiallr ealimated at 2.- I
300.000. of which 1.000.000 were I
permanent. The allies have can- I
I tu red one-third of the 10.000
I German guna operating on July I
I 15th.
1 !
Armistice Conditions Laid
Down by Foch in Posses
sion of German
, ?til C1V11,1
Anarchy in Hungary; Dem
onstrations Against the
Kaiser Reported
COPENHAGEN, Oct. 311'.
P. The Voaairhe Zeilung today
declares that Forh's armistice
terras arrived in Berlin Tueaday
MILAN, Oct. 31. Austria has no
tified the Polish government in War
suw that the military and civil author
ity of occupied Poland will be deliv
ered to them, the Austrians evacuat
ing immediately, says a Vienna dis
patch. ZURICH, Oct. 31. The Czechs have
cut all railroads between Berlin and
Vienna via Orderberg and Bodenbach.
Communications between Budapest.
Agram, Fiume and Vienna have been
completely interrupted.
VIENNA, Oct. 31. "In view of our
often-expressed desire to bring about
an armistice and peace we are evacu
ating the occupied territory of Italy,"
the Austrian war office announced.
LONDON. Oct. 31.-Reports indi
cate that anarchy Is ; r nv: .f i i Hun
gary. Armed crowds parade the Buda
peste streets, plundering food and mu
nition shops. Thousands of deserters
are running rampant, attacking trains
and committing outrages.
GENEVA, Oct. 31 Demonstrations
against the Kaiserare being staged
daily throughout Germany. Dr. Haase,
minority socialist leader, speaking
yesterday, violently assailed Wilhelm
while the audience cheered wildly.
Frequent demands for the abdica
tion of all the HohenzoIIerns were
PARIS, Oct. 31. Conversations be
tween members of the interallied dip
lomatic council continued today at
Colonel House's headquarters. Allied
representatives remained for some
Two Take Full Rating
in War Sta:.u;.
John Bench of Orleans precinct,
wl o was rated at $750 in the Fouith
Liberty Loan, suhscriln-d J400 in
bonds through Corvallis banks and
!'.n.i taken the remainder of his rating
in War Stamps. He was' today given
a clean slate by the locnl committee.
Fred Harris also took his full bond
luting of $100 in War Stamps today.
Many Ready to Serve
in Coming Drive
... - rtr I: . l ...
were addressed had been appointed j
district leaders in the United War:
Work drive, only two refused to serve.
One of thca? gave ill health as the rea
son while the other nsserted thnt he
had too much other work to attend to.
Tho above statement was made this
morning by County Chnirman P. A.
Young, who added that nearly all of
the replies indicated that the work
waa of such an important character
i that they would neglect their private
i business for a time In order to attend
to it.
Old Pioneer of Linn Countv
Answers Last Call; Well
Known Here
A. F. ileal d of Scio, pioneer resi
dent of Linn county ani well-known
in Albany, passed away last niKhl at
nia home in Scio after a lingering itl
nesa. 'Ine deceased was born in Iowa in
1 140 but moved to Linn county in
and haa resided here ever since.
He leaves a wife and 13 children
to mourn his loss. Among the daugh
ters are Mrs. 0. E. lioldredge of 521
West Third street. The death of Mr.
Beard is the first death among the
members of his immediately family In
40 years. Funeral arrangements will
oe announced later.
Hewitt in Portland
Jud H. H. Hewitt left vesterdav
un a short trip to Portland.
Hoy Returns
Chas. A. Ferguson
.Is Laid to Rest.
Funeral services were held this af
:ernoon at 3:30 at the grave in River
iide Cemetery, for the late Chas. A.
r'erguson. who passed away in Port
land on Wednesday of Spanish influ
enza. '1 ne family of Mr. Ferguson is sick
with influenza and waa unable to be
present at the funeral.
Jigs of those who are determined to'a"utly driving the demoralized
destroy him, because they fear de-1
But over in France, and England,
and all the Eurooean countries, their .
political procedure is different from
ours. Over there, such a bitter and
widespread attack by the "opposition"
is so grave a matter, that a govern
ment which in Europe means the
ministry in charge of affairs so at
tacked, must seek a 'vote of confi
dence'; and if it fails to get such vote,
it is discredited and must resign.
So, you can readily see how the na
tions of Europe will regard the attack
upon President Wilson; and how thev
will naturally presume that the peo
ple of the United States are not sa
tisfied with his leadership and are not
behind him in his policies, if the at
tack results as it is intended to re
sult in the election of an antagon
istic majority in congress, and an
tagonistic state governments, in the
various state elections.
The politicians themselves have set
the issue by their partisan mendacity.
And, because of this international
phase of the present political situa
tion, brought about to further the pro
gram of the reactionaries and patriot
eers and profiteers, through the cheap
politicians in and out of congress,
President Wilson has done the one
thing he had left for him to do:
He comes to you and me, and all the
mothers and fathers of our gallant
fighting lads in Europe, and he asks
us to give him what will be understood
over in France and England and Itaiv
and Germany and Austria as a "vote
of confidence" against the vicious po
litical attacks of his enemies at home,
by electing next Tuesday the demo
cratic candidates for senators, repre
sentatives and governors.
President Wilson's request is giving
the politicians a bad case of political
colic. They are protesting in vche-
ment and shocked surprise, that our
leader should come to us, and ask us
regardless of our normal political af
filiations, to fall in behind him, with
our ballots as bayonets, and charge
the reactionaries who are determineu
to capitalize the blood our sons have
shed, the sacrifices these lnds have
made to fight the battle of humanity
the heartaches and anxiety and grief
of the mothers and wives of our sol
diers, for the coramerrial profits to be
garnered out of the "kind of peace
the big interests would dictate, if thev
could eliminate Wilson, and substitute
Roosevelt, as the spokesman of the
United States and its allies.
But Wilion is our leader. We have
(Cortinued on Page Three)
Mi s. Van Orsdall of Portland
Makes Appeal to Oregon
Women to Vote Right
Thinks It Patriotic Duty of
Every American to Stand
Behind the President
Declaring that it is the duty of ev
P"l" American citizen to statxi
qureiy oenina ine rresiueni ana
paymir ner reapecis Ml mose wno pro.
voked the President i appeal for sup
port, Mrs. Van Orsdall, one of the
best-known and strongest women lead
ers in the state of Oregon, today Is
sued the following statement
Dear Common Folks: I have been
trying for months to warn you that
the biggest fight and the biggest dan.
ger, during the world's struggle for
democracy and the destruction of
military autocracy from the face of
t ie earth, would come behind the lines,
at home, here in the United States of
America; that the big fight would
come at about the time our lads were
larbariana toward and across the
1 have try'nR w T"
n" lh b,K 'P1 interests of the in-
visikle government, including the ln-
surance trust, the national council of
ind-istrial defense, the national asso-
ia'.ion of manufacturers, the United
States Chamber of Commerce, the so
called "loyalty leagues," and other
thinly camouflaged organizations, had
secret and well-defined program,
backed by unlimited campaign funds.
ollected from big business corpora
tions, erady to spring at the phychol
of ical moment, to prevent the logical
outcome of the four years of bitter
fighting a peace based upon a foun-
ution of real democratic freedom for
11 the nations of the earth.
Well, my warnings have been veri
fied. At the most critical period or
the war, with autocratic Germany al
most on her knees; with autocratic
Austria seeking a separate peace.
upon ine terms iaia aown Dy r resi
dent Wilson, the spontaneously accept
ed spokesman of the allies; with Rus
sia trying to lift herself, through the
efforts of her people, out of the mire;
with Turkey on the toboggan, and
Bulgaria out of the fight; with all
these tremendous and epoch making
events moving swiftly, we are treated
to the remarkable spectacle of the pol
iticians of congress making a con
certed attack upon President Wilson
and his policies; we have a member
of congress demanding President Wil
son's impeachment; we have resolu
tions introduced in congress seeking
to take all the President's constitu
tional power out of his hands, and
turn the same over to the politicians
in congress; we have the remarkable
spectacle of an ex-president denounc
ing the president and uttering charges
of pro-Germanism and other disloyal
ties which, if uttered by a poor little
ragged I. W. W. would cause arrest.
conviction and sentence to the pent.
At a time when his prestige abroad
is essential, when all of Europe Is
looking to him to lead the way to a
peace which shall eliminate the causes
of war from the sore and bleeding na
tions of the earth, our leader, whose
canity, whose clear ideals and trans-
"endant statesmanship are accorded
the heartfelt confidence and admira
tion of war-torn Europe, must face
vicious, dangerous and despicable at
'ack from politicians In our national
lawmaking body.
Under ordinary circumstances and
with only the home folks to consider.
President Wilson could afford to se
renely disregard the political clamor-