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Best Advertising Medium
In Linn County
Tonight and Thursday FAIR tad
No. M.
French FixhtinK Way For
ward Into Chaulnes
Noyon Pocket
PARIS. Aug. 2K. C. IWbt
rrrnrh yenlrrday and today j
advanced a mile and a half al i
iMiinla. They arr now within i
I a an If and a half uf the Somme. I
I'AKIS, Am. 2H. The Krrnch
today raptured Chauincs. a great
drfrnaltc puinl on the Picardy
front. the war of fire officially
announced lair today.
Thia morning thr Krrnrh had
rrarhrd the yltaliy-lmporlan.1
railway Iowa of N'eala, held by the
Uuna and carefully protected by
Since yesterday. 30 villagra have
fallrn to thr Krrnrh.
Thr Krmrh arr fighting thrlr
nay forward thia mornini on thr
whole Chaulnra-Noyon pocket
agalnat atrong rearguard rcalat
a nre, Th Jrrrira arr in full re
trrat but arr fighting vieiounly.
Thr indications arr Ihry will turn
at thr N'rulr to cover Ihrir paa
sagc arroaa thr Sommr.
Hundreds of additional priaon
rra arr takrn almol hourly.
Thr Krrnrh, attacking a bore
Soiuona. raptured Chavlgny and
rrarhrd Judgny'a ouUkirta.
. LONDON. Aug. 2H. A Hrutrr
diapatrh declaree thr Krrnrh or
rupird Craprau Mcanil. brlow
Hnyr, taking arrrral thousand
Executive Committee of
1th Liberty Ixian Meets
The executive committee of thr
Fourth Liberty I.oan drive met Inst
rveninir in thr office of A. J. Hodges
and worked out a rating plan for the
coming drive. They also elected Mra.
, J. K. Wcnthcrford a member of the
The committee consists of the fol
lowing: A. J. Hodges, rhnirnian; P
P. Gilbert, George Tnylnr, L. C. to
welling. O. A. Archilmld. I.. II. Fifth
nnl J. K. llulbert.
Home Krom Newport
Mra. O. J. Ilnwtin nnd mother. Mm.
K. J. Woodcock, have returned from
vacation ent In Newport.
T 1
LOST A hnrpln between Kllaworth
nml Maple on lit h or 7th. Kinder
please pnonc 4'.m-ii. 2nn.iu
WANTKII To exchange, my homo In
Cnrvallis, II rooms, for homo in Al
i tt i. i . i
: l A f.JI....-., Hill
mum in nj. " k v .., .
lot. J nut the plnre for profitable
'..ii ii....... hi,nlu
ilsvi. On r.. om ni.. rtiuaiiy.
I'rnf. C. II. l'almer, teacher of voice
cuiium wiiii muni" -
nonnre that he ia ready for hia fall
work nnd will take pupils at nnv
time. Studio 7.10 Kllaworth. Hell
phone r.Hf.-R. 2Hii30
IIOPPK :t NG STARTS Sept. 4 nt
the J. V. Senvey Ynrd 1 mile aouth
'.iii- t?n .1 a tlnwAril. Al
bany. Hell phono Ui!-R, Home
phnne UN. ,
ir . ilttl1!!. . Mnn tn wnrk on wood
TAHil'l' ' .. l
o II llculirnr llnme tihnnr
3IIH, He'll 33-Y; residence 1112
One of EiKht OreKun Cities
in Which War Worker
Speaks on Trip
Mra. Murtba Nelson Mct'ami of
'ulifurnia la rumliiK to Albany from
Washington, l. (.'., under thr nuapi-
ea of the committer on public inform
ation uf tb Nutional Council uf lie-
fenac, tu sjieak to the people of Al-
mny and vicinity. She will apeak
bera on tbr afternoon of Srptemlwr
at 2 o'clock at the Kirat I'reabyta-
rinn rhurrh.
Mra. Mct'unn ia a womun of wide
xerience and hua bad an unuaual
uportuuity in Kuilund durinir the
war unit for tbia rcaauti aba haa liren
aelcrU-d to aprak in rlk'ht ritira In
irrt'on, and Albany haa In-rn favored
Ma one uf the eibt.
At Indiana Dniveraity, after a brief
introduction in which aba told of thr
i with which tbr United Stalra
unvuya ita ahipa to Kuroi and thr
handed ronditum of lndon, Mra.
McCann deai-rilied more in detail thr
work that ia being done for blinded
aoldicra ami aailora in St. IfunaUiii's
Hotel under the direction uf Sir Ar
thur IVaraoll.
Thia achool for thr blind wua found
ed by Mr. I'raraon. who bimaelf loat
hia aiK'bt a year In-fore the war. At
the tune, be aani, h regarded it aa a
gnat miafurtuhe, but now hr couitid
ura it an advnntngr fur it haa en
nbled him to underatand thr mental
ity and psychology of the blind.
There are gamea at the achool anil thr
men are encouraged to play, to run
racea, row and dance. They arr alao
aught tu tnkr rare of their clothe
and appearance, to eat, dreaa, work
and play juat aa the aeeinir man doea.
Women who have prepared theniaelve
rajiecinlly for thia work act aa imli-
idunl inatructora. U-acbing the aol-
iliera to read booki, to uae the tyir-
writer and to do various aorta of skill
ed work.
"tamilon,1 ah continued, Mia not a
cheerful place to live in. Every street
a ahrouded at night; every window is
larkened. Them is no social life ex
cept that thr theaters are open at
half price to soldiers. Everything if
lone for the aoldlers. for they have
leen nt the front four years and thev
nre war-weary. All the men anil wo
men arr war-wrnry, but they will not
give up until the war ia won in the
right way."
Mrs. McCann worked in the ean-
eens while in lindon, having enlist
ed in thr voluntary aid department.
The women enlist for thia work just
aa Die men do for service and thr
term of rnliatment ia one year.
Aaked what thr college girl rould
lo to help most in the war, Mrs. Mc
Cann replied that civil service wants
women to Utke intensive training br
ing offered in the universities for
lerksaipa. "There is a great de
mand." aaid she, "for editors, special
file clerks, business mnnngera and
Irnughtsmen. Thr Santa Ke railroad
a paying girls $M a month while
they nre learning lo bo draughtsmen
They wny to all government positions
is through tho civil service cxnmina
tion, and there is no lack of oppor
tunity for any trained and competent
worker. There arc nt present 2i(0
girls employed in the ordnance depart
ment, 10.000 in the war department.
Four Brownsville Men
Issued Licenses to Wed
County Clerk Rufus Russell this
morning issued marriage licenses to
Newton Hughes of Hrownsville and
Gladys Matney of Albany; William
I. Koren of Hrownsville and Alta
Marie (Iroshnng of llolley; William J.
Stnndish of Hrownsville and Ix-dona
Itice of llolley, and Troy 1). I'utman
of Hrownsville nnd Sdvilla Hnverlnnd
of Hrownsville.
Spaniard in Pay of Fritz
Executed in SDain
PARIS, Aug. 28. U. P. Manuel
Innnda of Madrid haa been aentenc
cd to denth by a military court.
He attempted to inform Uermnny of
the arrival of American troops, lo
-ntinir their rumps for the Jerries,
Rnlfr I.. I.. Swan; (ilobe-C. C.
At the ;inhe A. M. llnmmer
will sine. "Aa Her Soldier
Hoy Mnrched lly," the audience
joining In thr chorus.
At the Rolfe J. C. Irvine will
sing "Over There" and thr
audience will Join in the chorus.
Score Fall on American Side
When Civilians, Sol
diers Hattlc
'act Made Between Com
manders I-ate Today to
Prevent Repetition
WASIIINtiTON. Aug. 281'.
I'. Additional Mexican troops
are reported thia afternoon en
tering Nogalea. oppoaitr thr
lint-a of the Amrrirana.
American cavalry and machine j
guns havr been ordered up to
prepare for a repetition of last
nighl'a outbreak, the war depart
ment announced today.
NtKiAl.ES. Am, Aug. 2H L
P. Three soldiers arr drad and
2H wounded a the loll of Amrr
irana who fell in last night'a bat
tle with thr Mexicans at thr bor
der hrrr.
The Amrrirana today rvaruatrd
Nogalea, Sonora, arrona thr linr
from Nogalra, Arixona. Thry had
raptured thr latter place from thr
Mexicans last 'night.
The battle began in thr atrrrta
brtwrrn civilians but quickly
spread. Mexican aoldirra appear
ed, and I'. S. troopa were called...
The battle lusted several hours.
Thr Anurlcan commander waa
wi undid, but kept in the fight.
The mayor .f Nogalea, Sonora,
apprnrrd to he the leader of the
The Amcrir:in-Mexiran com
manders thia morning opened a
parley lo decide the future policy
between the two bodies of sol
diers. HiHlililira ended la-t night
under an agreement by which thr
Yankees rvaruatrd Mrxican trr
rilory. American rrinforcemenU arr
arriving today.
Returned Krom Portland
Mrs. I L. Swan returned Inst night
from a few days' visit in Portland.
Food aavinca of millions
ment to send enormous food
Our savings in cereals out of a short crop amounted to 154,900,000 bushels; all of which was
shipped to Europe. We increased our meat and fat shipments 844,600,000 pounds. This was
America's "box from home" to
Allied nations.
Major Ganarai Cartar (lattj In
Aeroplana Near Maaican Bordar.
I'ltolo tr American fiao AaaocUUlosv
Boys Picked Up Who Admit
Thievery of Stores
in Idaho
Ccorge Barker and Samuel Fisher,
18-year-old boya who were taken off
train southbound at 3 a. m. today,
confessed to Chief Catlin to robbing
a store at Black foot, Idaho. Some
of the loot in the shape of pocket
knivis. rings, jewelry of assorted
kinds, cowboy paraphernalia including
a pair of chaps and 28 keya, was
found on the boya. A suitcase con
taining more plunder had been ship
ped by thr boys to Grants Pass.
The store robbed was that of a Mr.
Ilany. - ' " '
The local police have sent wires to
Idaho reporting the boys' capture;
also to Crania Pass for the return of
the suitcase to here.
LATER. I-ate this afternoon the
hoys confessed to having also robbed
a stoi i at Secgerbundle, Idaho, of
shoes, clothing, shirts and gloves.
The sheriff at Blackfoot has wired
Chief Catlin to hold the boys. A dep
uty left to take hem back immediately-
In ion Prayer Meeting
The union monthly prayer meeting
will be held in the United Presbyterian
chnn nt fi nVlnck Rpv. G. H. Ynunff
will lead. The people are urged to
I . mm ft
Urawn ur Uuar
of Americans during our first year of war enabled this govern
shipments abroad for our fighting
our army abroad and the civilians and military forces of the
Punish Iiolsheviki in Siberia
and Huns in Picardy
Town Later Evacuated Uoon
Agreement Creating
Neutral Zone
I LONDON. Aug. 28. L V I
I American-Japanese troopa on
I Sunday night drove Bobtheviki I
I troops bark aix milea on the I
i l aauri river in Eastern Siberia. I
I says a delayed Vladivostok dis- I
' patch coming in today.
Aimriran troopa are today re
ported in many engagrmrnta dur
ing the lat few hours.
At Nogalea. Arizona; in Si
lt ria. and in the great Picardy
battle which ia threatening Pe
ronne. they have taken part.
PARIS. Aug. 28. American
troopa in considerable numbers
are participating in the great
.Picardy battle.
General Mangin'a .array is co
operating with thr Americans in
' attacks delivered north of Soia
sons. The Tempo, Paris mawspa
prr. today declared that Montre
naud. one of Noyon'a principal
defensea. waa taken, and that No
yon ia probably captured by now.
NOG ALES, Aug. 28 Mrxican
Governor Called, of Sonora, under
instructions from Carranza, tele
graphed a conciliatory message
to the American romamndrr.
General CabelL Immediately the
latter announrrd that quirt pre
vailed and no further outbreak is
Later Calles arrived. It is un
derstood they agreed to withdraw
all American and Mexican troops
from the border, establishing a
neutral zone.
Williams. Ulvlaloa of Pictorial Publicity.
forces and the Allied nations.
Several New Pedatroirueo
Chosen to Replace
The school board met last evening
at the high school snd discussed sev
eral important matters and elected
five new teachers, to replace those
The new teachers are as follows:
O. D. Byers, to take the place of Prof.
G. E. Finnerty, principal of junior
high; Oscar Williamson to take the
place of Mr. Byers, who was principal
at Madison; Miss Dove McGee to take
the place of Miss Margaret Riley in
the ith grade at Central; Miss Bertha
Golden, to replace Miss Romey Snea
ker st junior high; and Miss Marion
Stanford to take the place of Miss
Edna Converse. Miss Alta Armstrong
of Portland was also elected to take
the place of Miss Metcalf, who resign
ed some time ago.
The janitor at Madison school also
resigned last evening and a commit
tee was appointed to select a new one.
It was decided to open school the
3d of September, and Pmf. Boettich-
er would like for all studt nts to be on
hand the opening day. He gave as
his reason that the students coming
the opening day were given their
places; then later students coming in
might live nearer the school and
some several blocks away, and thev
often had to transfer students to the
different schools in order to accom
modate all, and this causes confusion.
The matter of military training
was brought tip and left to Professor
Boetticher to arrange a program for
Labor Day Announcement
Expected From War
. Wage Board
WASHINGTON, Aug. 28. U. P.
It is learned authoritatively today that
skilled workmen in shipyards will be
sr ranted an increase in wages soon.
Demands for a country-wide in
crease to $1 an hour wont be met.
however. ' The increase will probablv
be announced upon Labor Day, when
thousands of workmen over the coun
try celebrate in their respective or
The labor committee of the shipping
board, following a conference with
President Wilson, worked out a wage
scale which is reported acceptable to
labor leaders.
Ford Wins Democratic
Senatorial Nomination
DETROIT, Aug. 28. U. P. It is
indicated that Henry Ford won the
democratic senatorial nomination, and
lost the republican nomination to Tru
man Newberry, by 20,000.
Red Cross Extends Vote of
Appreciation was the keynote at the
Red Cross executive board meeting
last evening. The resignation or
Mrs. J. D. Summers as secretary of
the Linn county chapter was heard
with keen regret. As Mrs. Summers
is moving to Spokane to live, there
was no alternative but to accept. The
members of the board voted unani
mously to give Mrs. Summers in ap
preciation of her faithful service and
as a very partial remuneration, the
small sum of $50, hoping it will serve
as a tangible evidence of thanks for
her willing service.
Mrs. Ella Dunn was elected to fill
the office for the remainder of this
A vote of thanks and appreciation
was extended to Mrs. Viola P. Frank
lin for her thoughtfulness in always
providing flowers or patriotic decora
tions for the desk at board meetings.
The sewing for the comir.g month
is to be the making of refugee gar
ments. When word came to clean ud
the hospital work, 100 bolts of out
ing flannel besides other materials
were to be made up, and last month
was a very busy one in the sewing de
partment. Mrs. Myers has missed
only 20 days at the Red Cross rooms
in more than a year few people real
izing the amount of work this office
In appreciation of the faithful serv
British Capture Foucacourt,
Pivotal Point on Line:
Hun Line Totters
PARIS. Aug. 28. The Gersaaa
line, saya United Press Car
respondent Joha DeGaadt, as
cracking along the whole Se
nile from fross Laaaigay - to
north of Arras. Tho eaesiy la
falUng back hastily oato ale
Soasase defeases. Bat ke is so
rapidly pursued by tho allies It
ia doubtful whether ke eaa suae)
even oa the Peronae Haas Uae.
28-The Germans, desperately
trying to stop the British croak,
are. . strongly It teasing .tkeic '
front line by recklessly oaiag
Prince Ruppreeht's reserves to
the north of Bapanzso.
Due to heavy rains, the flgkt is
LONDON. Aug. 2SV Tho Brit
ish captured the strongly-defended
town of Foucacourt, which kas
stubbornly delayed the allied ad
vance south of the Soassie, Mar
shal Haig today reported.
The Britons have reached Remy
which lies three miles beyond the
vaunted Hindenburg line.
German prisoners taken from
July 1 to now total 112,000. ac
cording to the statement of Gen
eral March made to correspond
ents todsy. Thirteen hundred
hesvy Hun guns have also been
captured, he said.
to Mrs. Summers
ices of Mrs. Nellie R. Myers as su
pervisor of hospital garments, a two
weeks' leave of absence was extended.
Mrs. Myers' report for July 20th to
August 27th follows:
Shipped to Headquarters
One hundred four sheets, eight pil
lowcases, 120 convalescent robes, 472
operating gowns, 464 operating shirts,
88 masks, 55 traycloths, 16S napkins,
145 washcloths, 250 handkerchiefs,
370 pair bedsocks, 640 pair ward slip
pers, 198 underdrawers, 270 under
shirts, 255 hospital bedshirta, 304 pa
jamas, 361 bedjackets, 1069 helpless
case shirts; a total this month of
6,645 pieces.
The supervisor of knitting report,
from July 24 to Aug. 2T -accepted:
Two hundred sweaters, 360 pair
socks, 24 wristlets, 145 comfort kits,
375 pair socks.
The finance committee reported
$2439.18 turned in since July 10th.
This includes the money from the
meals served, the subscription fund,
the store room and the tickets sold oa
the lot.
The secretary reported bills
amounting to $866.85. ,
Thirty-nine boxes and cartons ag
gregating in weight 4600 pounds, have
been shipped to headquarters. k
The chairman. Rev. Young, an
nounced that the annual flection will
be held the first Tuesday In October.
Kim atreet. im.w