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UAlLt A'l , fAU KDAY, AUGUST 3, 1914.
Society Editor
Bel! l-J.
Tukinir h prominent liu- In ttiii
trk'i event of liiipurturiru wni lliu
vdtllnf of Miu Anno II. hnvmon
ind Mt-ut, (inniun K. Van (iuiuliu,
which t'Hik ilui TurmUy evwnlnjf In
VtWHrt, lit thi Kimujnt churi-h.
rh rorrmony wm Hr formed nt ft
o'cltM-k, nd while the youiitf coup la
wrrv knrlt ilunnjf th arrvtrt, Mma
Wihim Wadicr rendtsrvd soft organ
nitwit'. I'rm'tftlinjr th ceremony, Mini
ImU'IIv Young iriulrrd two hrmitifiil
aoloa, brtfiniiiiur with, "At IhiwnliiK-"
Thn artiitU' ihiirt h wna ftilorniMl In
h tfttln irarb uf flowrm nml itrvnry,
romhinril in ruloni with flnira. At O10
end of cm h jew writs tied In tUintv
little lKiuiiivtt red and whlUi duhliai
and Itrljihinrum, aa the Idue flower.
laiVe and Itrautifui fit if a wire gnirtv
fully arranircd and added to the mil
itary effort- The many hum in can
tllra also lent their charm to the tm
irRnive ceremony. .
A ntodiah dark hlue auit, Mm k jrror
trtt hut and irray fox fur were mont
lieconiint'ly wurn hy the attractive
hrltie. Her Imunuct was a Inrye cr
atf of bright weetpoae,
Anion,; the jfueata were the follow
ing Alluiny peuplv: Mm. (1. K. Kitfk'a,
Mrs. John M. French, Mrs. Itriilit
ford, Mrs. Korkcy K. Mason, Miss
Flora Mmon, Miaa Carolyn Cannon,
Miss I-ouiw Mason, havld Mnson,
Miss Wilms Wegener, Mrs. Fred
Pawion and Miaa Janet lawon. Fif
teen offtt-rrs, friendi of I.lvut. Van
(lundia, were present as irurata and
few other friend In Newport.
The hride Is an extremely populnr
you n if wuntnn, and very accomplished.
She made her home in Altwny ainr a
smsll icirl ami Is prominent in sorfnl
circles of this rlty ss well as other
neitrhhorintr town. She had an ex
tensive education, first poinir to Annie
Wright's hordinir school when In
hUh school, from there to Palo Alto.
Calif., to attend Mini Marker's schNd.
Mrs Van Gumlia was student at
the University of Oregon, and from
there went to Chicago to the North
Weitem School of Journalism, where
he spent the past year.
I.leut. Van (iiindia attended eastern
universitiei where he received an ex
cellent edurstlon. Ilia home is in
Pennsylvania. He has a host of
friends In Alhany, where he was well
known a few years ago, heing at thnt
time at O. A. C.
The couple went to Portland to
pend a seven-day leave, and will re
turn to Newport to remain until mov
ed, aa the groom Is In the service of
the aviation hrunch of the govern
ment. A most delightful affair was the
lawn picnic enjoyed annually hy the
Pythian Sinters, which took place this
year at the home of Dr. and Mrs. J.
II. Holmett on Tuesday evening. Mr.
and Mrs. W. II. ( tin nee and Mrs. Voe,
who are leaving Alhany, were the
honor gueita of the evening. A de
licious covered diah lunch was served
on the spacious lawn. Attractively
uppointed tuhlcs wer centered hv
baskets of ruses and sweetness. lett
er music and a jolly social time were
A very interesting meeting of the
W. . T. U. wss enjoyed this week bv
the members at the home of Mrs. F.
M. French. The afternoon was pleas
antly passed in a profitable way, pat
riotic work being a diversion. At this
time a county convention was planned
to tak pluce at the library August
Pith. Mrs. Marks, an active W. ('.
T. V. worker of Oakland, Cnlifurnia,
was an honor guest for this enjoyable
The Beta Onmma girls were host
esses to a very charmingly-arranged
affair on Friday evening, when thev
entertained their mothers and several
other additional guests In a pleasant
way. The home of Miss Kuth Raw!
ings was the scene of the affair, and
the guests gathered to pass the eve
ning on the veranda and lawn of the
Hawlings home. Japanese lanterns
and greenery formed the effective dee
orations. A jolly social time was com
pleted with a dainty lunch. Addition
al guests for the evening were Mrs.
Kdward Vien k, Mrs. B. C. Hall. Mrs.
Stuart. Mrs. Theodore lloflirh, Mrs.
K K. Cummings. Mrs Hall, Mrs. C.
G. Bawling, Mrs. Grigshy, Mrs. John
Carnegie. Miss Very I Holt, of Salem;
Miss Mildred Grigshy, Miss Bernice
Hull and Miss Madeline Kawlings.
Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Schults were
dinner hosts to a few friends on Tues
day evening. A delicious dinner was
Served at a prettily-decked tM
where a dainty centerpiece of sum
mer flowers was uaed in decoration.
Music and conversation were the di
versions to complete the pleasant eve
ning. Miss Buth Barrett was hostess. In-
"How Do
You Do"
"Good Bye"
You Uh ThoM Woada
when friends come to
yonc horn. Yoa are
lad to ir them, and
orry that they are
Cordiality of flrcetlnv. nice iervlr. garage for your uo If you are
driving a car, ami cloee proximity to all places of Intercut, are mak
ing The Multnomah
ZJS?li i:s:i
3 tori M rnwT,
Holman & Jackson
The Food Administration urgea ennninfe of Fruit and Veiretnblr.
Special on Jara: Economy and wide-mouth aclf-aealinic Jan
Pint 9.1c. (iuarta $1.05. 1-2-gal. $1.40
Kerr'a Rexular Maaon aelf-avnlcr I'inta 75c. quarts 85c, 1-2-gal. f 1.10
Your Summer Outing
For health resort aad mountain outini;s: Breitcnbuah Hot Springs,
ML Jefferson, Marion and Pamcllu Ijikei.
We have now estahliahcd a dally pack train and anddle horses
Also have a mountain outfitting and Reneral merchandise store, at
Detroit, Oroicon.
For further information, Hoy Newport, S. P. Lunch Counter, Alhany,
Oregon) or Detroit, Oroicon.
formally, to a few friends Tuesday
evening at her home in honor of Cap
tMln and Mrs. Walter Tooie, of Cor
vallia. I lancing was the gay diversion
of the evening, completed with a
diilrily lunch.
A Jolly picnleking parly, composed
of the Alplia Nu girls, passed Friday
evening in Hiants' Park. A swim In
the Willamette was followed hy a de
licious auper and bonfire and social
Another crowd of young people
spent a Jolly evening on Hryunts' la
lunil Friday with a picnic The usual
inversions were enjoyed until a lute
Mrs. Itolu-rt N. Torhet and family
left this week for Washington, where
they will visit friends and relatives in
different parts of th, state.
Miss Maud Wood of Detroit is the
week-Cm! guest of Miss Helen Hur
geas. A Jolly swimming party was the
diversion of Thursday, enjoyed hy the
Neos Numphe cluh members, loiter,
after a dip in the Willamette, the
crowd had supper at the lmperiul Res
taurant. .
Mra. Mary J. Bryden of Murysville,
Calif., is visiting in Albany this week
aa the guest of Mrs. Hurry Hender
son. Mrs. Ilryden will return to her
home this evening after a short visit
on her way from Camp I-wis, where
she visited her grundson, who left re
cently for France.
On Friday afternoon of this week
Mrs. Homer Dowd. Mrs. John Neelv
and Mra. Clinton Ktraney drove to
Lebanon where they were guests to
a tea at the home of Mra. Ijn Bilyeu.
Later thrNeoa Numphe club memliera
motored over, joined the party and en
joyed a swim in the tank and a de
licious picnic lunch.
Little Miss Helen Worth was a dain
ty hostess on Friday afternoon to a
numlier of little friends, when she
celebrated her fourth birthday. About
ten guesta spent a delightful time in
gamea and enjoyable diversions and
later a dainty lunch wua served.
On Tuesday evening of this week a
crowd of friends pleasantly surprised
Miss Kena Hector, with a hirthdav
party. The guesta went to the II. Hec
tor .home, where they passed the wa
ning with games, music and jolly di
versions on the spacious lawn. At a
Inte hour light refreshments were
Italian Authoritlee Muat Be Given
Credit for Resourcefulness In
Modem Warfare.
No belligerent has shown more re
sourcefulness than the Italians In de
viling novel means of nffenKe and de
fenae, says a writer In Wide World
Miignilne. The ltullan army wns the
only one lo enter the war with a trench
heliuct aud a ateel chest protector, aad
It la now provided with a more eltlcleut
laxly shield than Ik ixiKseased hy uay
other of the irurrlug nations.
Karly In ttte war It wus discovered
by the Itnlliina that innny Uvea could
Im) anted In aklrnilxblug at cloae e,unr
tera If the soldiers carried or pushed
bugs of aund In front of them, mid the
present body shield has been au oat
growth of that Idea.
They are mude In the one-man nnd
two-nmn tye. The former are worn
by Infantry advancing In the open, lit
Inched to the shoulders hy a pair (
light steel arms, and are long enough
to protect the head and vltnl organs of
a nuin standing erect. Lying at full
length, or eveu crouched. It covers him
completely. Each shield Is pierced with
a auiall. round eyehole and an ohloug
loophole for filing from, both of which
niny be closed by a sliding door when
not In use.
The two-man shield la principally
used In wire cutting. It la carried on
the bnrk of one man, who may also
work his rlllu from a loophole In the
top, while a aecond man works a long
wire-cutter through a hole at the bot
tom. It la held up by abort leg If the
first man desires to move Independently.
Patrlotlo to Cat Coconuts.
Is coconut pie an essential? the Wall
Street Journal wonts to kuow. No,
but gas monks are. It la a far cry
from coconut pie to gas masks, but
we aro enabled to Indulge our uppe
tltea In the one and supply the other
through n single operation.
(his rniixks contain a certain brand
of churnial which Is nn absorbent of
poison gus, and It has been found that
the rind of coconuts, when burned, pro
duces n charcoal superior to all others.
For this reason the government bus
placed the humble coconut on the list
of essential products nnd our friends
on the Island of Porto ltlco are urged
to ship aa many aa they can.
When eating a piece of coconut pie
ut nny other delicacy containing coco
nut you nre enabled to do so with an
easy conscience. The charcoal mudo
from the shell of the coconut you ent
may b saving the life of nn American
soldier "somewhere In France."
And He Admits That the Mules
Did the Rest. ,
Things Happened fto Rapidly Thai
Holdup Men Really Didn't Have a
C hints to Take Aim, While
Team Made a Record.
Kven t'Mlny In the Hlerrn Nerudai
wlifrt Utile mining rump fiul out
fold duxt hy (Mutf to m rurrli from
lh u-urNt mil way station to the Hun
KniM-lMro mint a sIhMkuii iin-t-iiKW
rtlts Hi' driver If thiri la a K-ll
shlpfiiMiit In tht hox. The burr! uf
iht tun Is lnirhn fr tint slte of
ciifivi'iiitiire In liumllinx In vUmm i;uar
tent, and Its vlWvWwy for Its particu
lar Murk Is not lvn iii'U, as It ! um0
only to qulft a robber who boa sud
denly upjM-artrd close hy Hit olile of
the tri'timre staKV with the laconic
coiiimuukI, Throw down the box!"
Tht iin'M natr, as he Is cnlh-U where
he Is known, never jfunrd or guu inun,
rnrrU n his jj"U across his knt's where
dmiiter seem lltfht, of Hifhtly In his
IiihmU pumhIhk throuifh bad ioi. Ills
job la to shoot anyone so cureless an
to siep out from behind a tree or nx k
to the side of the staic, and shoot
Inf., re the lutru'l.-r gets the drop.!
ftlnuiitaip. folk who want to tuku a
t it ife between stations make them
selves ronnpliitous la the mldille of
the road before the stojje rolls Into
si lit. That Is the safe way.
If a messenger falls to see a rob-'
ber before the latter has hint rover d
the boi Is thrown down uuaUy.
There was one Inittance where tht rule
was Dot followed, which old xtHtre driv
er lu the Sierra Nevada tell u I tout to-,
day. On a stage out from Itoilie was
a shipment of bullion convened to
the t'itrMin mint. The imnw p; -r was1
alert, his sawed -off shotgun lightly bal
anced In his hands panning the danger i
spots, or resting on bis knees where!
the cover seemed to be too thin to
conceal a robber by the side of the 1
On one good stretch the meHseager
gripped his gun between his knees
w hile both bands sought lu the pockets
Of his heavy coat for the makings. The
Unexpected happened; out of a patch
of straggly aage brub two men lesn
ed, one to the bridle of the off lender
Miute. one to the off aide of the stage.
They bad the drop on both messenger
and driver.
"Throw down the bog ! commanded
the man at the fore wheel of the stage.
The messenger thought one-quarter
of a second he was precise In telling
that part of the story and then with
out having to Invite a bullet hy mov
ing his gun or hand, be pulled the
trigger of the right barrel. So many
things happened In the remaining
three-quarter of the first second af
ter the command that they make a
long and lovely story as one listens to
an old driver tell It today.
The short of the story ts that the
hot shredded the ears of the leaders,
and generally ttieaklug thoe mulea
did the rest. The six mules bounded
ahead, startled and ludlgnant. The
robber at the bridle was kicked In rap
Id succession by the off lender, off
swing and off wheeler, so his pistol
aim was nt good, and the robber nt
the 3tage wheel was run over by the
rear wheels, nnd his aim was not good.
The six mules, the driver has sworn
to this, did the next mile In tm min
utes flat, and there was no time when
more than two stage wheels were on
the road at the same time,
It was sure some lucky escape,
the messenger ndmltted, but I never
truly made up with them lend mules.
They never seemed to relish me after
that little ss wn! -off spoke to them.
Touehy sort of critters, mules Is, anyhow."
How Tire Prices
! Battle War Costs
HF.R R k new Iteht on tire prices,
old and new. War lu sent
11 price higher.
But Goodrich Tire have respond
ed least to the rise.
A fil.inoc at Goodrich tire price
for nine years reveals a plcaainj
surprise to tire users.
Goodrich tires are not costly for
war times, or any other time.
This year's increase of Goodrich
tire prices is far below general
price increases.
You can buy Goodrich ircs&r
crnl less than you paid for tires nine
years ago.
And remember with Goodrich
prices you get the sure, full Value
service of GOOURICH SBftflCB
That is, the maximum of easy rid
in comfort, gasoline economy, and
prolonged mileage in urvic oa
- your car and on the road.
It is goo J war economy to buy
' aU '
It '
,t ...
... ?
WHEN ANSWERING classifieds ads.
kindly mention Ihe Democrat,
rmm Portland Branch: Broadway Bunuide, ri'5i3
fj $4030 l9l2 1 V fyJt
, "3-40 $31.90 m TZTtm t9m
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: n. inc. ci u vr uuuuuii.n , vmos pit
;.......yj..w............,m....M.... -ff1tfHVfWlfil
Auto Replacca Dogs.
To a "rhoH-hnko." which. In the ver
micuUir f Alaska, alenltlcs aa Indl
vltluul who, lir the days uf the storind
Wrt, would have lern cnllid a "ten
derfnot," fulls the dlstiurtlua of Iniro
during tmpplng de luxe Into the
Il:irry lknj;le, not Ions from the
nutslilr." conceived the ld of s. t
t!n out on a tnipplns expedition In ao
auhmiohile instead of tr dnj; tf.un.
Frnnk Iturcess went with hlra. Ioad
Ins their outfit Into a HkM car. the
pair set out for the Big Delta country,
dexplte snow and almost lmpassuble
So fur as is known at Fairbanks, the
Idea has proved a success.
Waldenslans In the War. i
"Over 4.KM Wuldeusian sulUlers are ;
with the ciilors," writes nn Itallun pas-
tor. Five pastors lire eliaplnins. and :
the Roveniment has npi:ntil a chap- j
lnln for the Prot.'stnnt prisoners in- j
terned In Italy. Already a nurolior of
Wuldenslun offlcers and soldiers hjve
given their lives for liberty and Jus-Uce.
Tammy Atkins, Philologist.
Mr. Thomas Atkins has further en
riched the KnKlish InttKuage Willi war
words and iihrusi'S. They nisy not
creep Into future dlctloMries, reniiirks
Ixindon Answers, but they will cvr
tnlnly remain as part of the cotnuion
language of everyday use. "Xurpoo." j
coined by Tommy from the French '
"II n'y a plus." Is now our general ex-1
presalon tor "nothing dolug."
It Is safe to assume thnt the cxpres-'
slon "over the top" will bwome part f
of our Inngniige. to he used when man ;
must be put to the supreme test. j
"Anxac" Is another coined word that
will remain for all time. A "scroun
ger" for a forager, "hnckshee" for any- j
thing extra in the way of rations, nnd
"Conchy" for the shirker, are hardly
likely to he forgotten.
WHEN ANSWERING classifieds ada.
kindly menfidn The JDemocrat.
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w. w. , .
Crawford T . ;
' u
Agent for t
Goodrich Casings Goodrich ,
and Tire. I
Tubes always on hand
: Ti
Quarter-Pound Diamond.
One of the world's largest diamonds
majr come to the United States, ns ;
American are omong those dickering
for tlutt UM'rlor quality amber-col-,
orcd atone, welshing 44-J4 cnnHsr
aliout a ipmrter of n pound found re
cently In the Pu Tolts Pan mine In
M.uilh Afrlfn The stnlin Is the most
Tiiliinhle ever found In Grlqnnlnnd j
West. nlthoui:h It Is not a record as
regnnls weight.
Tho most famous dlninonds In the'
world nre: Culllnnn, now called the
Star of Africa, part of the ltrltlsh
crown Jewels, 3.WJ; Kxrelstor, InS);
Kohlnoor, a)j Ilegent, 410; tlrlofT,
mi. all uncut, nnd tho Great Mogul,
280, cut. '
Not That Flavor. ,
"You know, there lire sotuo hosts
who allow their hospital meats to be
seasoned with acerbity." j
"IVi they? We always use catchup '
with oura."
Prevents Creaking
of Wheels
The creaking and rattling t f
wheels, caued by shank .ge of ths
spokes in hot, dry wcat'icr can easil
be prevented. Sinrilv apply a little
Spoktite to the joinu and they will
remain tight
Also Tighten Rickety
Furniture that has become
dry and shrunken so tlvit the joints
loosen, may be tightened up with
Spoktite. Also use it for golf clubs,
tool handles, doors, floors, etc
Not a Glue
Spoktite is not a glue nor a
tiller but a quick penetrant. The
wood absorb it and swells to orig
inal thickness, tightening the Joints
like new. Try a enn now.
RALSTON Electric
Supply Co.
Returned to Portland
Mrs. C. D. Schreiter of the Portland
Hotel and Mrs. E. S. Robe of the
Prineville Hotel returned to Portland
this morning after a visit here with
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Westbrook at the
Albany Hotel.
Here Prom Toledo ,
A. T. Peterson of Toledo Yislted
here last night with Mr. and Mrs! L.
E. Warford.
To Lire in Portland- - - '
Mrs. P. O. Chilstronr'went to Fort
land this morning to' make her home.
VICTURES mean more than LF- ITERS. We sell Eastman Anto. H
graph Kodaks and Films. '
Bring us your films nnd get the finished pictures the next day. '
Wood worth Drug Co.
'irs c .' na vino, anu nair iuiiuivt.;
aasK . yi- .m- h-a. v. M
It- jrl. I If Open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.Saturdys
' fYX Corner First and Ellaworta 8trtta
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