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Another crank lias appeared. He is
"ublislie erery lUy in thj week
except Buuday.
;tFVA k SHiTTlNC, Editor, and r.'u.'r
Knlered at llin l'cl Offl-n 1 Albany
Oregon, aa second claw mall matter.
Tug Larohkks Si-it.- The following
appears in tlis Circuit Court proceed
ings as publislied liy the Corval
lis Times: Farmers Loan and Trust
Co. va O 1' R Co., R It Graham et al, la
borers petit'oiiiiiic for judgment for
payment of laborers wages, i.eriuitteil to
add certain o'lier names to their original
petition, interposed by plaintiff. De
murer to said petition taken under ad
visement. A resale of defendants' prop
erties ordered and the shcriir ordered to
execute Hie same on or about June 2.
lb'.H, and that no bid be accepted until
the sum of JiiUO.OoO shall have been paid
to tutu aa reipureit under former order.
The fnrmjr order of the court made Jan
uaryliS, 1N!U, conllriiiini! sale to Zephin
Job for one million dollars et asiile for
the reason that the balance ot $'.(7.,000
has never been paid into court. In the
matter of the petition of T E Hogg, ask ing
that deposit of $2.,C0() on formor sale
he repaid to him,-plaintiff" given 10 days
in which to lile demurer to Baid petition.
. Mr C C lfiiuo will leail the pnivimiK-o'.
inr r.t the Cociarpgational" totiiUt
A lainii explosion anse.1 a $1000 fire in
Toewlay night. The residfiire of
rred llt'llinanwuit burned.
I'rof J I) Hohb, a former Albany man,
is a cuwJiiliito for state m-hool suiierinteu
dent on the democnitic ticket.
Fiithor L Metayer, in charge of the
Catholic church at Albany, was a visitor
in the Capital City yesterday. Statosman.
Phil Armour, tlio famous Chicago pork
packer, and Dr Gunsaulus. the celebrated
I ('onKreipitional minister, are expected in
Portland in a day or two.
I ho city council of Salem has passed a
resolution directing the city recorder to tut
up warrants into small amounts of $o or
Council at G.iTiiii. A Congregational
church of thirteen members ns organ
ized at liatcs in January which was
recognized by council yesterday accord
ing to the usages of the denomination.
The Albanv church was represented by
its pastor and the Corvallis church by
Mr C C Hoguc. Kev C F Clapp, C II
Curtis and J L llershner were also
present. The council met in the after
noon and approved tho proceedings.
Kev W A Trow of this city was chosen
modera'or and C C Hogue scribe There
was n large attendance at the evening
services. Mr llocue gave the charge to
the church and Mr Curtis the right band
of fellowship. Mr Heshner offered the
prayer of recognition. After the cele
bration of the communion, Mr Clapp,
who lately held meetings in this city,
gave a very interesting charge to the
people. Christian work at Gates began
ov an Endeavor Society which was or
ganized last winter Dv some of the earn
est women nf the rrlace. A lot has been
Becured, lumber provided and the
buildimt begun. They will have a con
venient unit handsome rdifice twentv
four by thirty six feet, upon which work
wilt rapidly ce pnsneu.
over so that they can he used in business
The type for the new paiter. tho broad
Axe. was set anil shinned to lbunv Mon
day morning to lai printed on a press there.
The force has been laying off this week
waiting lor the tyjie tocome baci. tiuaril.
Hev V L Ulackwell, of Lane county was
arrested for astuiult and battery a few days
ago and lined 6-') by a Kugene justice.
hen arrested he was holding revival
services. Probably the man ho whipped
deserved it.
The huueno IteL'istcr tells of .an inter
esting surirical operation: Ir lioyal per
firmed the oiieratton of tracheotomy on J
W Purkerson, a young man about twenty
four years of age, residing near Junction
Citv. last Saturday. The young man had
a severe case of la grippe about three years
ago anil Hits never recovered, Ills wind
pipe ban been clogged and breathing
came uilhcult, and the operation was per
formed to relieve him. After making an
opening into the wind pipe a piece of
gristle dropped over the opening, and the
Continued, bill of E Goan, $12.
Petition of J U Gross for road granted.
Petition of D S Thompson et al for
county road granted, and viewers ap
Petition of 3 N Millard et al for county
road, granted, viewers appointed.
Jas V Swank was reappointed super
visor of diat 38.
Application of J J White et al for
change ot supervisor of roads diet 51 con
tinued. The following bills were ordered paid:
O PCoshow, aid Hill 8 6.00
G C Coole--, aid Clark 5.00
Mrs V A Henderson, aid self 10.00
Ladies Aid Society, sect poor. . . . 35.00
W E Savage, aid Cox 10.00
(i F Crawford, aid Hoberte 8.00
11 White, aid poor 10.00
R C Kemp, aid self 10.00
Elizabeth Osborp, aid self COO
15 00
doctor got liold of it and drew it out. It
was about three inches long, the young
man's breathing is again free and there
was no occasion for tho uso of the silver
The pjpulist county convention will be
hel 1 in this citv to-morrow, beeinnlng at
to o'clock. Several of the delegates
arrived in Ibe city this noon.
Preacbino- this evening at the M
church Souih at T:io o'clock, by Rev
B Will arrsof l'nilomath. ine pumic
are cordially invited to be present.
Philln T Armour the Chicago capitalist
and philanthropist said recently mat uih
the money he had siren away none ever
eave so much Dleasure or uuch direct
results as that given to Uindergartln
C. H DeWitt. of Harney county, Is tak
ing an eight-legged calf to the midwinter
fair. The calf, a heifer. Is finely devel
oped; with two organs of generation, same
sex; one head and eignr, legs; caivcu nm
Harney, and died despite great care given
it by the owner.
Naii From Albany. There is one
thing in particular Albany can boast ol
and that la a Chinese fiddler. He is all
the rage just now at the dime museum
of the midway plaisance at the midwin
ter fair and crowds are pouring their,
dimes into the hands of the door keepers
to listen to the o.ily Mongolian violin
player in existence. His name is Louie
Chung and before going to San Fran
cisco lie worked for several years for an
Albany dentist, where be learned the
art of manipulating the bow. Chung
reads music at sight and when it comes
to "tearirg oil" a first class jig he is at
home. His object when he left Oregon
was to attend tlio musicians congress,
but. when be arrived in the Sunset City
lie learned that the congress bad been
postponed. He was bmko and was
compelled to accept employment in n
side show. Salem Independent. The
Man about Town lias hsard most of the
Albany tiddbrs, but Louio Chung i a
revelation to him.
to be hauled from Janea", Alaska, to
New lork City by dogs in 200 days on a
wager, not entering the U h until he
reaches Dakota.
Sarah 1 lines, aid self
M Ware, aid Hendereon
W Moore, aid poor
rawford ii Paxton. sundries..-.
Thomas Monteith, stationary....
Jas W Swank, Bup dist 38. ..
llarrisburg Lumber Co, acct roads
Samuel 1'orter, acct roads
Oregon agt Chas Flesch, fres....
11 is .Mayer, acct roads
.x, Louis Kitter
G V Simpson, acct poor
San'iam Lumbar Co, acct roads. .
1) F Liteinger, bounty
Oregon agt G F Russell, Fees....
1, Al curl, sundries
ees (i 11 Wilkes. T J Stiles. C W
Muliui, teachers examination m.uu
O H WilkeB. stationary i.30
Dr C U Cliamberlin, acct poor. . . Z..MJ
Henry Lvons, aid nrauy
Sugar Pine M& FCo, asitCH.
Blackburn .v Watson, sundries..
J 1) Burkhart. aid Alberts
Glass & Prudhommie, stationary
K T T Fieher, aid poor
K T I Fieher as aurveyor
Etli'.on Dfif'Ocrati
I have now to tell you that populists
are not so plenty here as lias been re
ported. The boys hereaboutB say Hub's
old yellow pony lias gone back on him.
He now drives two. tie is doing soma
tall rustling. It was a dissapointment
some years ago that caused him to leave
the democratic party, no tailed to get
the office of County Judge and forthwith
left the party. To dub a party without
an office for him is as useful as a wagpn
itnont a tongue, we came near Having
serious accident here vesterdav. A
man hauling lumber for the bridge un
dertook to ford the Sactiam when he
was caught in swimming water. The
wagon bed floated otf with the lines
fastened to it. i tie man and ttie team
had quite s Btruggle in the water, finally
the man and the team with the front
nesa men askinn license fee of $50 a day wheels of the wagon came ashore. It is
for auction houses. He made an earnest I feared the man is seriously injured as be
speech and Baid : "We are all engaged spit blood, the bridge work is pro
in paying our city taxes and are Having t greasing very wen.
The Salem Independent tells a long
story about a snake with two heads.
We BucgeBi trying the Keeley cure on
that Bnake. Rose burg Review. If the
editor of the Review doubts the truth of
what we said, we will put a head on
him. Independent. Come, now, you
headstrong boys, both of you seem to
have gone to the jug once to often.
Salem's City councU is next to congress
for excitement. The Journal contains
the following in its proceedings of the
last meeting:
Alderman Klein read petition ot onsi-
a h 11 ol a lims to do it." The mayor
04' qq rapped him to order for the unparliamen-
jga0Q lary language uau uruugut uunu
ine nouse.
Duncan thought it wise to take time to
consider the matter.
"It would not take vou half a minute it
you were trying to do business here,"
said Klein.'
Will tl HUrk, fv eweWr
If vou want a fine smoke call for Joseph,
white labor cigar.
The beatjrnaat eoffee in the eity at Coniad
Mover a.
Hodgei & MoFamnrt, the leading drug
tore, Albany, Ci .
Will & Stark's large line of kilver wre
has crtated a great deal of talk.
Patronize bome induatrv by smoking the
celebrated white labor ciga, msoafactared
by iulios Jorepb.
Baths at Vierecks
cutting parlors.
ahaviog and iiair
See the New Improved Singer sewing m
chine. The ht is alw.ya the cheapen.
W Stwden, agent. Office at F M French
ewelry store
3 3
20.1 2
Price's Cream licking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award. Machines neatly repaired and
warranted hy a thoroaehly competent work
man, at K M French's jewelry sore, Albany
By using Hall's Hair Renewer, gray,
faded or discolored hair assumes the natu
ral color of vouth, and glows luxuriant
and strong, pleating everybody.
The Aatnria Bmlmtt cets off the fol
7.8Jlfnwincr insi. estimate of the Oreeonian. It
65.00 ! verv readable: Perhaps in the United
States there is not another newspaper
eTactlv like the Oreeonian. It haB been
under one direction so long that it has
attained a distinct individuality, and in
11.0 hnl linfo of that individuality the
1.00 minda nf its emnloves in the editorial de-
75.00 1 Twrtment arfl anon moulded. It ia the
u.w 1 Y'ery ora'.'-grinu 01 lournaiiem, w nuuu, n
itnncii 01 tinman lraiuies or misiurtuiiea.
il.00 it (relieves in materialism, worship: sue
0.00 1 ...oh. Hiifl readilv accents the cold and
A B Mcllwain. stationary 18.00 -rm.1 doctrine of the survival of the
Albany Electric Light Co . fittest. There is not a trace oi charity or
F I Miller, acct roads -" HI! benevolenee in the Oregonian'a lndivid-
li 1 llarkness, acct v 11 lualitv. It is this utter want 01 nu-
Aid J E Morris of Sweet Home. . 10.00 man sympathy that causes that paper to
John uener, Janitor iu.w continually discredit me grounds 01 an
Brice Wallace, as treasurer 0.1..W 1 religious belief and sneer at its consoia-
1.11 Blnin Co. aid losenb Bradv. . 34.70 tinnn Tn Knndav'a iaHue that naoer
Rpari Peacock & Co. aidnoor.... 7.50 1 .abaa h slrnni imnlirntion the noaition
N PPayne, fees ajo.iu that the soul of man is not immortal, tniu
N Y fayne, stationary o.v tliere is no lite beyond the grave. 1111s
Ben O Irvine & Co, stationary .... 28 00 1 natural. It is the culminating horror
Msrv I Miller, acrt roads 4.00 t - nrAArl fnrt anrdid and trrudirinff to
V G Moore, aid Mattie Taylor. . . 12.00
concur in theexisfmce of a scheme of life
B F Craw, aid poor 1 o go thrilling with generous promiBe ana
w r ueakins. aBBeseore iees '""YY radiant hope.
a at n . t r Oil 1h I
i rauieon, repairB j n ,i
WeBtern Union lei Co AssouscKMEST.-We are authorized to
Wm Rumbaugh acct poor' ' TaO announce the name of John W as
nL,.rlJ ....... 13 25 a candidate for county treasurer, subject to
Hnrti. i Mcf arland. aid noor. . . 12.90 the action of the democratic county con-
Cbas Hart, acct school aupt 2U.05 1 vention.
George Howell, J riees An Albany
G H Wilkes, salary aa supt o".w Jewelry Stobe
Stites S Autting, printing ,nX7i; Worth patronizing Is that
1 N Duncan, salary 10?,lJ of Will A Stark. They carry the finest
Wm Rumbaugh, per diem U,'J line of silverware, watches, c ocks and
Jewel Stoves
and Ranges
The Best On
Matthews & Wasitarn.
A Couvallis Cask. Vbo Corvallis
Timep says: The public Btill waits for
an explanation of the reports concerning
Dr Applewhite. Numerous telegrams
have been sent to and received from Him
by bis friends, and writes regulaily to bis
family. From the character of his com
munications and bis peculiar behavior
prior to bis departure there is strong rea
Bon to believe that he has become men
tally unbalanced. On nootberhypotb.Bis
than mental derangement ia there 13 be
found explanation for his delay in deny
ing a report that all know in bis right
mind he wculd not only refute but
RKTiRNtin From Afiiica. St Helens
Mist says: Alexander Macauley ar
rived here Saturday, en route 10 bis
home near Vernonia, from which place
lie lias been absent seven years. During
: his absence Mr Macauley spent three
years in the Cn'tir d'Alene mines, the
next two in the East African diamond
- fields, and the nast two years in the
Wahoo gold diggings in Emin Bey's
nrovince. Kouatorial Africa, at which
nkca lie was verv successful. Mr Maca-
' uley speaks in glowing terms of the Dark
, continent, and will return to that coun
try as SOOIl as HIS wounu win permu.
' Thbsi Small Boys. Carl Wyman,
t Felix Hamilton and Ira Morris, three
twelve year olds were arrested this morn-
!n by Chief ol Police Lee on Ihe chtrge
of burning a Chlnaman'stent and contents
in the third ward, about ten days ago.
tf . An effort was made to settle the matter,
the Chl.iaman redndng his demand from
$6ato$2o;rut without avail. The 're-
' corder had the matter in his hands this
afternoon, and the prospects were a com-
prom'tc of some kind.
Hail's Hair Renewer contains the natu
f ral food and color-matter for the hair, and
's medicinal herbs for s:alp, curing grarnesg,
' baldness, dandruff, and scalp sores.
Editor' Democrat:
The enclosed extract from the Wine &
Spirit Gazette, an organ of the liquor
traffic, will be of interest to your readers
I tbink, as an expression of the opinion
nf the na'nnn nennle. in rcunrd to the
recent decision of the supreme conrt of
Indiana, that under the common law
saloons are nuisances. E V Wilson.
The supreme court of Indiana, the
hiuhest judicial authority in that state
Has just eltenea a new and most start
saloons. It has declared saloons to be
nuisances under the common la, and
though permitted by elate license, are
nevertheless liable for any damage
neighboring property may sutler by
reason of their proximity. The case at
bar was one where a saloon bad been
located in an exclusive neighborhood.
1 Iia anrrnnndinff nrnnertv holders claim
ed that the value of their holdings bad
been lmnaired bv the nre-ence ol the
saloon. The conrt holds that the saloon
bad a right to be there under its license
but must pay all damages caused by
its presence. This s a new doctrine.
and one that must pove an intolerable
hardship to saloon keopers. Indeed it
is the most serious blow that has yet
been struck at the retail liquor trathc
The rule as laid down by the Indiana
court is applicable, as yet, nowhere out
side ol that slate, but 11 w in Berve as
a hint to the enemies of the traffic in
all the states, and they will not fail to
a-:t upon it. If the Indiana interpreta
tion of the law is sound, which we do
not believe, it is only ft question of
time before the courts of other states
will lay down similar rules, unless fore
stalled 1 y legislative enactments counter
to the common law principle ns interpreted.
J W Pugh, per diem .
Tns Worst I5ri tr of a man in Oregon
has been found. The Sentinel of Ver
nonia, Columbia county.tclis about liim :
Last Saturday the idiots seem to have
been on the war path. A man ( ?) living
not over a thousand miles from this
had a lamilv difficulty with his
wife, and whin the information be was
seeking was not forthcoming he seized
her and held her face in a pan of water
until conciousness was nearly gone.when
he let up and began to restore her to her
senses. The man then came to town
and procured the services of the daughter
nf ne of our citizens to aid in the house
work. That evening the young lady was
asking the "man" about big adventure
with his wife thinking the story Im
probable as it came Irom tne w:te
whereupon the fellow threw a stick of
at the vonnc lady. but. luckily miss
ing her.he then threw the lamp chimney
it hina ahoul 4 D m as ner, sihcii
she had the good fortune to dodge, after
the chimney came the burning lamp.but
his aim was rather poor and the lamp was
shattered againet the wall. The next
morning the young lady leit lor home,
and did not even stay lor ureaKtati.
A cotton carpet soon looks faded and
soiled, while a good linen warp matting
will remain bright, and sweepl easier, you
ran bnv the lest of the Albany Fumltur
Co. They have a new Inf.
Whatever may be the cause of blanch
ing, the half may be restored to Its origi
nal color by the ue of that potent remedy
Hall s cgetnbie Sicilian iiair Kenewer.
Stiilnlfg Core, the gret eonuh and crotip
nr is fur sale hy os. Fnckrt r'ze cnntaina
went,"-Hv a dnses,r.nly 25c Children bveit
oshay ft a'aar n.
Fred Dawson keeps gocd quinine but
i he's no jjdge of whisker.
Basket Sucial. The ladies of the
Cumberland PrebvteHan church wlil
olve a basket social M Becker's hall. Fast
Albany, on Friday evening, March 9
Admission free, every one Invited, 1 h
supper bakets will be sold at auction
the highest bidder.
Ladies. try the Eslantine Massnce Cream
the bst preparation ever made for the
complectlon. to he had of Mrs Rowell, ai
Russ House AIba,y ure.
C. E Biownells grocery store i Incrcas
nrin popularity. He carries a fneitoc
in a liht room, easily accc-iWe 1
fcivts i argains. Next licor to Ihe P O.
J B Long, of Eugene, was in the city
Miss Minbie McFarland, of Albany,
who has been visiting the Misses Lewie,
of this city for several days, re'urned to
her home today. Salem Ind-mdent.
Dr ond Mrs E J Thompson, of Corvallis.
pjiiiie over from that citv this noon to
attend tho funeral of their (rranuson,
Wallace Kortmiller, who died this morning.
Oregon is to be honored next week by
the presence ol one of the delegates to
the world'B parliament of religions, one
of them, too, who awakened deep
interest. B B Nagarkar, ot Bombay,
delegate from the Brahmo Somai of In
dia is the man. He will lecture ia sev
eral places in the state.
Convention Called The democratic
eminiv central committee met Ibis after
noon and fixed the time for holding the
next county convention on euueauay,
April 4tll. ine primary uireiiuga
be held on Saturday March 31it.
Want Pensions. The gentlemen com
posing the board of pension trammers
lor tins iiisiric, UlCh lu is-psui,.. -,t.-o.v...
vastnrdny mornimr at the office of Dr W
11 Bvrd and proceeded to pass upon the
'1 1 . i 1 : . : . t..l I... M.Br. S
apVCIHI uiwuni'irB j ............ .j
H Cimlile nf Salem. Cllne. of Mil I City,
Jackson, of Woodunrn, and Miller, 01 Al
bany, as set lort.11 in ineir several nppn
cations for nension. which were respec
tively. Hemorrhoid, gtin-snoi wounu anu
denlness, lutnpago, ana rneunmuniu.
The reports will bo sent to Washington
for ratings. statesman.
Don't Sta.-Of course vou fee
like It some times: but there Is nothing In
It. Slmnlv learn a lesson, and the next
time go to Par er Bros for your grocer
les. ornducs and baked goods. No one
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their store, for not only are the best gro
ceries In the market sold; but everybody
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ed courteously. Tl.elr baked goods, in a
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the world always try Parker Bros
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isfactory prices are always given for the
superior Quality of aooria they keep in
stock. Never buy without calling cn
Call On
Gaiidek Seeds. Every body should
have a mirden. Are vou one who will.
Then go to Stewart k Sox Hardware Co
and make your selection from a fresh supply
of all the seeds in the market, the largest
stock in the city.
See Their Nice
and Trimmings.
dies Fine Shoes.
New Llmher Yard The undersigned
ia nrenitred to s'lnplv all customers with
all kinda ol lumber, drain tiling, ceunr
posts, flour and feed on the inoBt favor
able terms. , ,,
G 1'owerb, siieuu
French has the largest and finest stock
of snpclacles and eve trlasscs in Linn
County. Prices to suit the limes.
Clean towels tu every customer atlViereck
fhtviog parlors.
Or. Price' Cream Baking Powder
Moat Perfect Made.
FORTMILLER On Thursday morn
imr. March 8. Will, in Albany, of tuber
cular mentngetis, Vvallace Les, son of
Mr and Mrs William for. miller, aged 1
year and 2 months. A bright little boy
who will be greatly missed in the home
of the parents. They have the sympathy
of all in their loss.
Notice Is hereby given to the legal
voters of school district Nn. 5 nf I. Inn
om,-It. state nf Orairnn. thst the annua
scbooi meeting fnr M district, will be
held at Ihe county treasurer a nffloe ti
Albany, to begin at 2 o'clor k p m, on th
MmiH Mnnrlav. nln ? the 12th day i
March. ISH4. Ihls mretinaT Is alld f,)l
the Dornnaaof electitft one dlreyirto
Mm Hire Year, and olie clerk tn
Sfrve for on year, and the transaction of
busine-s usual at aoch meeting.
Dated this l!l:h day nf Kb, l!U
Attast: Chairman Board of Dirfrtora.
C H STK A'aK r, Hi'trict Clerk.
New Advertisemenis.
T)URK HHF.l) Silver Lacod Wyandotte
X eggs for sale by DOW oodworth.
-The roim reoentiv ocrm
boot and
Ca 1 on L Viereck.
I pied by J W asa
snoo snop.
'oris, F.iui.s, Egos. Pare bred Silver
.. Lacei Wvandntts. Kgira for settlncat
the Albany Poultry lards, r-rnm pen ln
I and 2. 8l.- per 1.1; pa Nn. 31. per 1.1.
R Plymouth Encks. 75 ct" per 1.1. n:i
Brnsh. Alumv. Or. Cor 4th and R P. sta
aioll FEN r-iuo opera nousn store
I' an'ondld Incation. Ca I on the
secretary fct tho Dkmocrat ntllco lor pai
FOR8LB2l8hiresnf Albanyelnc
trlnlltrht atorr'c llie bat dividend
paYimraliik la this ultt. Knnulre at
this otllce
f rr-YWARBA.NT-t-Bought and
sold by li; F Merrill.
.Sor Sale or Trade, a Sionse and lot
1 a-nnil location In Alhanv W'll
cheap for caah t.r wlil tiade for land part
ly or wnony improved mi vwrjr iar Hum
town tsiior arse w 11119 umuvi
The Steamship HOMER
will ply between San Fran
cisco and Willamette Valley
points via the Oregon and
sonlnern l'acirc rauroaus
sailing with freight and pas
sengers on or about tho fol
lowingdates:From San Fran
cisoo on March fi. From Ya
miina: on March 11
Fare from Albany and
Corvallis to San Francisco
Cabin, $12; Steerage, 9.
Hound trip tickets, includ
ing meals ami bertha, goo
for ..( day f, .!.
'ha 1 TTtskkv, Sos A Co, A jtotf.
Dress Patterns
Also Their La-
At Perry Conn's,
Barrel of Pickels, Chow Chow,
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Horse Radish Roots,
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(Irtl tm, Buck hf it, lie U ui, Pj , Oitr, S.n-w, Totttoei, AppUi. to.
Ceim Mf
The Bt Sh?M
86, 84 and 83.60 Dress trios.
83.60 Police Shoe, 3 Sotet
82.60, 82 for Worklngmel
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