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    pr.Uy democrat
ablit nl .'' liy iii U13 week
; except Sunday.
trr'Ks UT mu, EJitoH and Prup'r
Entered t the Post Office at Albany
rl!""i ag ",co,"l "' Diail matter.
fur. Hospital Coups. Surgeon M H
jyiti ami Assistant Suraon J A Cummin);
lait evening orcunizeil tli corps
for thn '.'ml regiment with n list of Al
bany's I sst younr men. There were more
present than could be taken in. the mem
bership beiiifr limited to 20, including the
mrgeon and assistant surgeon, and will
eennst of 11 steward nnd assistant steward,
and four litter wpiads of four each, one of
whom will be chief of the squad. The
gtovarils and chiefs will be named by Sttr-
Saa Kllisuta meeting to be held next ilon
j evening. Measurements were taken for
thonw suits. They ure h-indsome, and a
leatnre of them, acceptable to some is a red
cross, an immunity from tho bullets of
friends and foes Following are the moiu
V of the corps: M II Kllis, .1 A Cum-
mlnr. O M MeFarliuui, J Van Wilson. Jno
Cotttlin. Bert Wcstbrook, Kiuii-1 F.wert,
Clapde unk, Frank hlkms, Ceorge Wush
Vnrl, Frank Powers, Wron Hoss, Augus
Graham, A I Ketchum, ltobt Chambers, K
I, PoA'er. James lomlinson, Win Hand,
JUhj- Hulburt, W E Worrell.
captured, am U
dnEoox va Texas. Whenever an lion-
fttoniparison is made between Oregon
another states Oregon comes out on top.
A. tor reading the following from the Salem
Independent Willamette Valley farmers
ih-JoM wear a contented smile:
Mr (iarhard lloschel, who has been in
Salem for the past three years, nnd who
west to Texas about six weeks ago with a
Tie- of locating, returned to Salem a few
days ago. Mr lloschel visited his brother
at Giddings, Lee county, (aliout 45 miles
north of Austin, the capitul) for three
weeks. His rcnort of Texan is not verv
raoouraging to people who think of going
thereto live. A chacge in the temnerature
of 60 to 05 degrees in 24 hours would make
an Oregonian sigh for a webfoot shower,
while the high winds, that are continually
wing, would maKe nun weary or lite.
t Hoschel says that farmers are getting
tt to six cents per dozen for eggs, ten to
five cents ner nound for butter. $1.00 to
Xsi ner dozen for chickens, while the
ordinary goods that they buy cost them
rev little, it any less, man wouui ue paia
far'the same goods in Oregon. Lee coun
ty's principalproducts are cotton and corn,
neither oi wntcn nrougui very inucn money
inU the country this last season. Mr llos
chel left Texas satisfied that a country
where a large percentage of the population
iinlnicted with rheumatism, ana wnero
lysicians and drug stores thrive, as they
("in Texas, was nst tho place to locate in,
id came back to Oregon where he will
eatter reside.
Chris Evans hat been
agal.i in jail.
For the very best bread try the U S
bakery on Second street.
How dear to our hearts Is the (ace on a
dollai, when some kind subscriber pre
sents it to view.
Samuel J Galloway, ot Santiam, Linn
county, lina been granted a patent for a
con-bined car and air brake coupling.
A game of basket hall will be plaved at
the Y M C A gymnasium tomorrow'night
between a Y II C A five and a college
Senator While, of Louisiana, has been
nominated by the president as associate
justice of the United States tu-jreme court
and confirmed by the senate.
The Ochoco Review says that Dr J L,
Hill, of Albany, bmher oi H T HHI, of
this place, seems to be the populists' favo
rite lor governor.
This forenoon Or G W Mas'.on sue.
ce;sfully removed a cancerous tumor
irotn the lace ot Mr Bert Van Cleve, one
that has been growing for a good many
Service In the Presbyterian church this
evening. These revival meetings are in
creasing in Interest. A number are In
quiring the wav of salvation. Bring
your unconverted neighbor.
At the opera house tonight views of the
aan rranaUco mluwlntei fair, also 150 ot
the best 01 those of the world's fair. On
ly 25 cents. A grand opportunity for
both old and young.
Portland has some candidates for state
printer. There are Osborne of the Ore
gonlan, Schwab, Beveridge, ot the Lewis
uryaen (jo. and k J Marsh, a job primer
wn nas a complete plant
Of the sixty one applicants for teachers
certificates ut the quarterly examination
held last week in S'alem twenty eight
tailed, twentv one secured thiid grade
certificates, eight second grade, and two
first grade. The remaining two were
examined for state certificates.
George Brown, a negro, committed
from Pendlcien to the United States
court on a charge of selling liquor to
Indians, while en route to Portland In
charge of a deputy Uni'ed States marshal
Thursday night jumped from a window of
the Union facinc passenger train in
motion and running at a high rate of
speed to make up for lost iime.
The a-oods are full of candidates for
office on the populist ticket in this coun
ty, so many that it looks as if all were
candidates. The truth Is a good many
men who have sought in vain for office
in the old parties are now trying the!
luck in the new party., ?here will be
lots of fun.
Colonel W V Wood, representing
Jaines S Kirk, of Chicago, the great soap
manufacturer, la at the Portlaad. and will
remain here several days looking after
me interests 01 nis trade. ioionei wooa
says that people living in Portland ought
to he tnankiui that they are here, reopii
in Portland may complain of hard times
Dut tney non t know wnat naro times are,
said colonel wood.
he Mid-Si'Iung Faiii. Our readers
1 wish to keep posted about the ftlid-
rin fair, not ns written up by the raan-
uient ami published by BOino or our ex-
njfCjtj but us an actually seen by visitors,
1 nurttcu ar v ureiromans. ine .uemo
at will emlt'nvor to crive the remarks of
Stsilors from this state as published in their
oine papars. 11 McMurphy. of Eugene. '
Writes the Unardas follows: The first after-
oon we visited the "great fair, and on
lie following day, January 27, we were
resent at the formal o,reuin;r. Our first
nipression of the grounds nnd buildings.
i say the most, was ravornnie. vve nave
isited tho fair several days since then nnd
in say that the exhibits of fruit duplayert
the fruit counties are excellent nnd
grand. Hut aside from these and the pan
or.. ma of the volcano Kilnuea (which is
amply wonderful and grand, and well
TOrth the M) cents charged to w-e it) the
rair. in itiv oitmmn. i verv noor ana in-
te-i r. There is very little to bo seen and
the main buildings are mostly filled with
tfce booths for the sale of trinkets. The art
gDll.'ry, however, is well worth spending
oonsidVrable time in. The four or five
arirei-t buildincs are quite pretty, but noth
iB enormous. 1 have seen larger buildings
ti l better exhibits at good state fairs.
There are numerous side shows which one
hould not send a pent to see. For in
stance, "Santa Darbara Amphibia,"
Worthless, "Dante's Inferno," a sell, and
f Avtkntiox is called to the nolh-e of
choo! election on bonds to occur next Sat
urday, Feb. 24. Observe tlte fact that the
voti:igniti"t be done bt'twvon the hours of
1 and 4 oVlock p in. Fvery voter in Al
bany should cast a ballot. Help the hard
tmes out by giving matters an impetus,
ttid ns well providing for Albany a new
liiMing neo-.led and one that will lve a
lit to tho city, and as well a building
at will be erected without being felt tin
4 ully. The tax will be the same this
ir in any event. AlUtny has a bright
turn regardless of the present cepression.
i 1 even now we must begin to puidi things
P hill.
ilxilwcTiox Proceedings. Tapers
ore served yesterday afternoon, by Sheriff
niL'ht on Covernor Pen noyer. State Treas
urer MeUchan and Secretary of State Mc-
itrme, a board of trustees to build a
kran h aylum in Kastern Oregon, notify-1
biz them that an injunction was aked of
Judge Burnett at this term of court to re
strain them from proceeding. This is th
fuit of Taylor, a citizen of Polk county who
um as a Taxpayer.
f A cotton carpet Bonn looki faded and
Jiiw, wniit a gooa linen warp malting
rwui Temtm bnght. and sweep eacier. you
'wpiijC the best of the Albany iummir
Co. Tliey have a new lot.
A mining deal was consumated in Al
bany Saturday which means a great deal
for Albany and thu part of tregon. Under
it the Albany Mining & Milliner Co bonded
II their probertv in the kmri.un mines to
Thus G I 'rew and C C Clark, two wealtliy
mine owners recently m the mines, for
Mr Drew. One Of the ttreaent onmeiM. is
the principal owner in the famous llain
mersly mine, at Jump-Uff-Joe, and is a
practical mining man. When neon last
night at the uiluiaw and questioned as to
his new property, he said:
"Jlr Clark and 1 went in to look over the
property about three weeks ago and were
0 well satisfied with what we saw that we
losed the deal immediately upon our re
turn on Saturday. The mineral belt in
ich the property is situated is the finest
1 have ever seen, and 1 may say that uiv
travels have not been confined to Oregon
alone. The ore is low grade. assav in g from
$8 to 2S per ton, but there i plenty of it
and it canoe easily taken out. Over 3T.0O
feet of tunneling, in the shajie of develop
ment work, has been done, and the both of
ore now exposed to view is suthcient to keep
lU-stamp mm in constant operation tor
10 years. The vein is from 4 to 8 feet wide.
and contains pay rock from wall to wall.
it appears that it was the intention ot
the oriL'iual owners to shin the concentrates
to aan riancisco tor treatment, and tor that
mimosa thev constructed a irood wairon
road to the railroad at accstof nearly HU0,-
000. This scheme was never practical, nor
is it now, as freight rates are too high. It
is our intention to put in a ch Ion nation
plant last as soon as the weather will per
mit us to commence work. We shall also
dmiblrt the ciinncitv nf the mill nnd ils soon
as practical work day and night shifts. We
shall send in a force of 20 men at once to
clean out the tunnels, which have been part
ly tilled in througu long neglect and to put
tlie mill in order. According to onr present
calculations, we expect to have 50 men at
work there by June 1. 1 consider ine
property very cheap fcr the price.
The above is confirmed oy the officers of
the company in this city. The price is
$40,000 instead of $140,000 as stated by
the Oreoronian. Messrs Vrevr and inrK
are expected in Albany tomorrow with
eignteen men and will go to tho mines nt
nrn-A with Mr H Whito as their miide.
They mean business nnd will push the
. r ii : ; ii
mines lor uu iuuv is in meui.
icon's 'intsi
tVe offer One Hundred Dollars Howard for
any cose of Catarrh that cannot bo cured Hf
Hall' Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O
We tho uLdenicncd, bavo known F. J,
Cheney for tho last 15 years, and believe bin
perfectly honorable in all business transactions
and financially able to curry out any obligation
made by their firm.
ivmt Tnr.T. Whrrufile Drntrelsts.Toledo.O.
Waldinq, Kinsax & Mauvin, Wholes? -c Irjg- TnlfiHfi. it.
nail's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, act-
l..ltUnliriiruin thn hlruifi nnd nitirnilsl RUN
faces of the system. Price 75c. per bottle Sott
'tiet out of debt and ntnv nut nf debt.'1
is a good rule suggested by the times.
The word boom is already nearly obso
lete, w e got our till of booms, curses to
the nation.
An exchaiii.'e down the Tallev has an inch
and half head for a half inch item. That
is a cabbage for certain.
Umatilla is the most extr.ivagi.nt county
in'Oregon for its size, and it costs $10,000
mo.e to run l'endleton than Albany with
about the same population.
In adverse times advertise;
' With perverse folks persevere.
Success only comes to him who tries;
Mark that this coming year!
Bill Xve.the humorist, was stru-ktM with
heart failure at Niagara Kails. Kx. That
is, the sight of the fulls overcame him. He
found something more colossal than his
lies, enough to make any man's heart fail
frnra covhidekiku
Will & Stark, M level"
If you want a line smidu cill f,r Joi uh.a
white labor cigar,
The beatynaat noflee in th ty t t mad
Muyer a.
Hodges 8c MeKrio t, th (etdioir drut
tore, Albany, Ot.
Will Sc Stark's large line of Mlver ware
has created t great deal of talk.
Patronise heme industry hv imoLiua the
celebrated white labor oiri, mauGfaettired
by Ju'ius Joseph.
Stkictly Ih It. When it comes to
tiliinrr tlia ilhutit T 1 :
strictly mit. It is doing the business of : DPI lrlrt. x ,
the city: the Celestials are going to the j ti tLlfcff t vUt
wiut. cents a uozen lor plain was hi no-
is cheap enough for nnvhodv in anv V in.l
of times. Richanls Jt'l'liifips do firat class
work and spend their money at home.
Patronize the Albany Steam Laundry.
hare a garden. Are you one who will.
Then go to Stewart k Sox Hardware Co
bmu uu. an juui ovicvuuu iiuill u ill-nil viippi J ( AArC
of all the smls in the market, the largest OfSUtO
iioca in me city.
int; lut buyers. ' liey will
ponif. Tliey will ho paiis'
fud. They will buy at
Visitors are not asked to
ar shown
goods to CONVINCE them
that we are leading the trade
President Jordon.of Standford Cniversit
says of the cigarette habit: As a college
teacher my experience with bovs who have
formed the cigarette habit, is somewhat
limited. It however, confirms me in the
opinion that such boys are like wormy ap
ples: thev drop lcnir boforo harvest time.
Very few of them ever advance far enouirh
to enter college. Very few of those who
enter hut beyond the first year. They
rarely make failures in after llfo. because
they don't have any after life. The boy
wno oetnns curareue suiok ntr ueroro ne is
fifteen never enters the life of the world.
when the other bovs are takim? hold of tho
world's work he is connected with the sex
ton nnd the undertaker. There is one grim
argument to be made for tho use of cigar
ettes by boys: it helps on the survival of
the nittest. 1 lie manly boy does not take
to such things. lie has life in hiin.
French has the largest ami finest stock
of spectacles and eye glasses In Linn
County. Prices to suit the times.
Dr. Price's Cream Caking Powder
A Fare Orape Cream of Tartar Powder.
Sewing. Macuinej neatly repaired ud
warranted by a tho-ouhly competent work
in in, at K M French's jewelry sore, Albany
B aths at V lei ecks shaving
cutting parlors.
ind hair
See the New Improved Singer Sfwing m
chine. The hMtis alwsys tlie cheapen t .
WStwden, aiient, Ollice at K M
ewelry storo
If you want VALUE FOR
Yours Truly
Read, 1'kacock A Co,
New Advertisements.
Or. Price's Cream baking Powder
Host Perfect Made.
$20.00 REWARD-
Company F. will pay the above reward
I son or persons, who so maliciously dee
troved wearing apparal at the armory on
the evening of January 16, 1C94,
Mr Al Jioemeke returned this morning I
from his trip to California.
Mr Arthur Leimert has returned from a
trip to his former homo at Oakland, Calif.
Mrs Lou (Meihoudt went to Salem
this noon and will return to-morrow
Messrs Wright and Tussing and II C
Watson went to Sa'em this noon to argue
the case of Van Bibber agt Fields tomorrow.
J V Jones, traveling passenger agent of
the Southern Pacific Company illuminated
the snnetum of the Democrat office today.
In justice to Mr Jones it may be remarked
that he is not the man who started from
lioston the other day without a cent. He
has plenty of sense, but not of the kind of
one ot the other Jones, the silver senator.
Jones is new working up the midwinter
fair, which he pronounces ahead of the
world's show.
As Opium Skizurk. Marshal Lee and
Deputy Sheriff Smith last evening made a
mid on the Chinese houses and captured
five cans of opium. unstamped, in possession
of the old Chinese doctor. A search was
made for more; but without success. It is
thought there is considerable of tho stuff
hidden in the city. The opium was prob
ably purchased from a celestial from Port
land. The matter wiil bo placed in the
hands of the U S authorities for investiga
A IIonsE Sold. J V Went worth yes
terday at Vancouver sold Doc Spcrry, the
five-year-old brown gelding pacer, by AI
nmount, dam Kittie Kisbcr, to Mr (iriftith
of California for $1000. Mr Griffith will
nt once tako the horso to San Francisco
ami from there ta'e him to Chicago, in
company with Flying Jib and Directum.
Doc &perry has a record 01 s:i4'4
Confirmation's. Commissions of the
following post-masters in Orpgon have
been sig ed: Johe V Collins, Carlton,
lamhill, county. John A Dttter, fcub
limitv. Marion county. George Finley
Crawforfville, Linn county. Lewis L
7hortridget Dolph, Tillamook county.
Card op Thanks. The undersigned
wish to express their sincerest thanks to
the manv friends who so kindly assisted us
during the long illnera and at the funeral
of Mr John tfeard, our be'oved husband
and father.
Mm Mart Beard and children.
CI m towels to every customer at Viereok
thiving parlr r.
C E Btownel'a grocery store i increas
n in popularity. Herarriesa fine slock
in a iight room, easily acceMiVe and
Sives targalns. Net dcor to the P O.
iv utpg I fall's. Kenewcr, crar,
fadrd or dico'ored ha'r assumes the natu
J"A! c a' or of youth, and giowa luxuriant
and tons. oleaink; evervrx-dr.
A i.rat t-i'NA KMKXt E. Uwirg to the
I O leing cIoed at noon and after 7 pm
!u.f'an)p?.nfi envelopes canoe g-,
ircm Fre-i I'aw-on's drug store.
The nndersignod, pro
prieter of the Pioneer llouse desires to inform
tbe public that he has reduced-the r Hoe of
board wilnont louK.og to aper wet 1, wun
lodpinS per week. Single maali 25 cents.
Tbe public is invited 1o call as I keep pood
beds and tet a good table. Have tirwood for
sale. Carner of Broadalbin and Water
t recti J H Meranda.
Notice i j hereby given that at a school
meeting of School Dlatrict No. 5, of Linn
County, Oregon, to be hold at the central
school boose, in said district, on the 24th
day of Feb, 1894. there will be submitted
to the legal voters of said school iatrtct the
question of a hooded debt of $20000 for
tne purpose of erecting a new school boiling
and f urn whin g the same in said district, the
vote to be by ballot npon which shall he the
words, bonds, v a,' and ''bonds, no.' Polls
to be opened at 1 o'clock p m and remain
open uuiil 4 o'clock p m.
by order or tho lnaid of direotors 01
School District No. G, of Linu County, Or
goo. Dated this 31 at day of Jsnuary, 1894.
C H STBWAitT, clerk.
To aiO Diffvstlnn teito pDe Small Dile Beaa
fetter eaUui. Hfic. ver lot tks.
Jewel Stoves
and Ranges
The Best On
Matthews & Washburn.
The Steamship HOMER
will ply between San Fan-
cisco and Willamette Valley
points via the Oregon and
Sonthern Paeifc railroads,
sailing with freight and pas
sengers on or about tho fol
lowing dates: From San Fran
ciseo on Feb 20, March 2, 12,
32 and 51. rrom iaquina:
On Feb 2, March 7, 17 ajd
2T. Fare from Albany and
Corvallis to San Francisco:
Cabin. $12; Steerage, $9.
Round trip tickets, lnclud
ing meals and berths, good
for 150 day, $18.
Chas 1 Heshbv, Son ft Cu, Agent.
No 2 to 8 Msrket street, San Kraucix'o.
Don't Swear. OI course roil feel
like tt some times ; but there Is cotMng In
Ii. Slmplv lrn lesson, and the next
time go to Pr ' r Bros for your irocer
les, produce and baked goods, ho one
ever etaculates profanely alter leaving
their store, for not only are the best gro
ceries in ine market sold; but evervooay
from a child to an old gentleman, Is treat
ed courteously. Tl.eir baked goods, in a
large variety, are superior and popular.
If sou wonld keep in good humor with
the world always trr Parker Bros.
Jewilut Stor
Worth patronising is that
of Will Stark. They carry the Bne.t
line si'verwaie, watches," cocks and
jewelry gcneraMy In the valley, and sat-
iil.cteiy prices are aways given far the
superior ejua'ity of gonds tliey keep in
stock. Never buy without ca'llrg
Albany to San Francisco
Ino uding; FIVE Gate Tickets To
From Sin Francisco lo other point In
California will be allowed purchaerB of
special M!dtnter Fair ticket at the fuU
lowitiff round trip ratei
To gtations under t.s- rclle from San
Francisco, one and one-third one waj
Toa'irjn t5o mile or more from San
Francisco, one and one-nun one way
For exict date and full particular. In
quire of C K Fronk, aent at Albany, Of,
or addreft the undesigned.
Rtcii'D Gray, T II Gqodmaw.
(ien Traffic Man. Gen Piens;-r A'.'
San Frareicof Lai.
WANTED I'uahir.R Cnv4iir-r of R(hw1
diemi, Lilornl tatary and ntfen
paid wpeklv; P -rtnneut position. HiiU WN
UKOS. LU,, turnery men, 1'ortlaDft Ure-
At Perry Conn's.
Barrel of Pickels, Chow Chow,
Fine Calif ornia Honey,
Horse Radish Roots,
G rass and Garden Seeds.
Always keep on hand a choice line of all staple groceries
ai well as a superior stock of crockery.
"r)KR-ON v t, -n tenlleman expo! lo
co(nn i' iioMMenion ni nonll!erat)l
money all' r lv. and desirra corrnnpon-
dente with anuie ady. widow preferred,
with viw to in t'.runoir AdJresfl,
Feraonal," care Dbmcrat ofllce.
fOK REN T.-7bf opens bouan elore,
' aplandid locaflofi. Ca I on the
secretary at tbe i)KaiocaAT i.ffice lor pal
(JOR S1,H aharea of Albany eler
1 Mnlnln atcxrV the beat dividend
navinc atojk lo tola vlti. Enquire at
ffala offloa.
3or Sale or Trade, a bonae and lot In
1 booH looatlon In Albanj- Will sell
cbeap for caah or wlil trade for land part
ly or wholly Improved not very far from
town. Call or write to thia offloe.
IOR REST. Cottage with fireyooiri
y blook and half Irom Po. Call a'
(tr A RRANTH Bought and
aold by Ii; F Merrill.
Wa hT AO acres f rrj cboice an rim r
han Und, antter for plitidfr, adjr)inio th
city limita of Portland htch ws are cfTr
icte l t- 'nw price of one thnuo&nd dotlarf
per acre. abject to an iocamDraQce of $Hj,
fmtt, mo-tl all of which baatwn years to run.
The iqnitv of 833,-VjO, we will exchange for
improTM farm land in the Willamette ral
ey. will al9 exchange equity in om
rery central protprtiTa bainea property.
p)iofi g ird ieQtl, for ooiacamtrcrM farm
itpff. If yon ire on the tra.lewHte fnr fa'
, larttcalara to Lur U Cvrmk, 131 31 X
1'i.rtlaod ,r'-goo.
Su;ceor to I A Morr'a
Flour and Feed Store.
Opposite Rui H(ue. (
Has oq hattd a full aiock cf Chopped Fesdtl'orTllia Fkor, linn, Shorta,
Graham, Untknhat, Ue lonr. I'a, Oatr, H-raw, Votatot-a, Applet, no.
(ietm M
The Brl Shoea
86, 84 and 83.60 Dreas Shoo.
83.60 Police 8hoo, 3 8ole(
82.60, 82 for Worklngmel
82 and 81.76 for Boys.
S3. 82. SO 82, $1.71
CAUTIoy.-lf nny dfte
offrra you w I. DoiikIm,
inoe nt mtnml pram,
r anraheha(4ihtni wHti
oat lhf nnnifl ainrnVI
Ute firm
aowa a irmu-
W. L. DOU.CLAS Shfjc arc atvTIh, asj fitting and give fcottrr
tatUlsictlon at the prints atjvriftctl than anv oilier make. Try one pair and he con
Tinccd. The stamping ot W, L Jntila name and price on the bot?ofl, whitlt
puaranteca their ralwe, a.ive thousand of dollars am. unl'r to tlioe win wrnr them.
Dealers r. ho puh the sale nf V. 1m Jnlia Shot s Rain customers, which fa
incroa the unlea on tlitir fulj line of rooN. rs-y rjin nrH a-T1 nt ..
unit w fllT rnn rno mm mny hr hr"-ltiv nil your r i rt? tf I'm icnir i.-....
Ud below CssvUtlo-ajae Srmm upon mppllcallau. I Dill M.Aji ilrc-'.;.i MM.
-; rtiti i, . at4