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    What. How Acquired, An. Important;.
A mistake is often made in tin use of
tbe teruii, education and educated. We
frequently bear it said, that MrA hai n
fine education snd that Mr B is thorouh-
ly educated gentleman, when it it wy
well known that neither statement ia con
firmed by the fac'a in either cane. The;
are both omnivorous reuders and are the
possessors of encyclopedic information, but
they are not thoroughly educated. Tne
reason that they are not thus educated is,
that education does not consist in the ac
cumulation of knowledge. A man may be
well read and not be thoroughly educated.
This will become apparent by an examin
ation of the origin cf the word education.
It is derived from the word educo, to draw
out, and its primary meaning is tbe act of
drawing out. It is a drawing out of the
mind's posers and capabilities-a drawing
out of the minds germinal energies, which
have been implanted by the Creator. And
it must include all tbe mental faculties,
intellectual, moral and religious. The
memory must be cultivated, the reasoning
powers must be developed, the judgment
. must be exercised, tho moral powers must
be discipline!, and tbe religious instincts
must be matured. Otherwise, education,
mental development, will not be complete.
Now, how can this be done? Only by a
rigid course of mental discipline. This Is
thp only royal road to thorough education.
And the journey is not made in a few
hours or days, on the "Lightning Express"
but requires months and years for its com
pletion. Mental development is a gradual
process of unfolding the mind's germinal
powers and capabilities, and is attained in
a high degree of perfection only by long
continued discipline and persistent labori
ous effort. Well knovn artisans and fa
ruous artists do not attain celobriety with
out much and long continued practice.
They do not become ronowned by the first
or second production of native talent. The
divinely implanted germ had to bo devel
oped, drawn out, by much rigid thought
and close application.
And to it ii It) every department of
mental development. Those who would
stand high in any art or profession must
attain eminence by education, by thorough
disciplino of the mental faculties. Unde
veloped genius never invented an appa
ratus for the transmission of thought over
continents and under oceans. It never
util'zcd that all pervading, invisib'e, but
mighty something called the electric fluid
and made it man's obedient servant. It
never soared nluft on tho wings of science
and made a tour of discovery through the
regions of space, measuring in its ll'gbt
tbe distances of tho stars, and weighing
the planets in its scales. It never truvers
0.1 all the well bea'cn highways o;
thought, in all ages and countries, and
then struck out into new nnd unexplored
regions of original investigation in settrch
of some unknown continent of truth. De
fore it oould make any of these achieve
ments, it bad to undergo a process of dis
ciplinary preparation, advancing step by
step in its onward and upward progress,
until the object aimed at was accomplished.
And tuch mutt always be the course pur-
uctl by all that would attain to eminence
in the achievements of mind. Such em
inence is attained only by intense, concen
trated mental application. It can never
b: reached by the student win drp.Mids
upon bis teacher for the solution of all dif
ficult problems in miithemntici, for the
analysis of all inlric.ito nnd complicated
sentences in Knr.lish tiraininnr, nnd for tho
elucidation of all knotty questions in men
tal, moral, political or physical sclenco.
If he does not grapple with I hose dillkul
tios in his school days, he will not bo able
to do it w'.ien he out Into the netiv
ties of a l u-y woiM, nud comes in contact
with problems, which are puttirg
In the test the best disciplined minds in
iliuich and stnlo. Then he will have no
teacher to whom he can npply for
n solution of life difficult prob'ctits. Then
Ills urd.vtl-ipC'l mind lit nut come to his
rescue in case of emergency, an.l the wai
uf thought menial discip'ire will a tcuu'e
of regret to him all tlit days of his lite
Then he will tee how much better It would
have bern, if helmd tallowed the ciamplc of
some of his class-mates, ,w ho were atwavs
at the hraJ of the class, and seldom
any problems which they couUl not solve.
The boy who does his own thinking, gives
his undivided attention to hit teacher, and
is tegular In his attention, Is th? sne h a
discredit to himself and his teacher, is a
useful member of society, Mils positions of
tonor and usefulness in church and state,
wields a commanding influence in the com
munity In which he Uvea ard thus mouhls
the opinions of others. His mental tltscip"
line gives hitn power, which he would not
otherwise hare. This it the riason that
some men who have net had the advantage
ol ajco'.lece cdurtioa not unfrtquenlly out
strip, in the race of life, many collte tad
ustes, who have psaied through college but
are iiot fdueat.d- The quetton, at the
piescnt time, is not whether a man has hern
graduated it seme Karopean univefii'y, at
Harvard. Ya'; or Alabiny, tint is he- ed
ucate? llasjic a will disci'!in?d mlnUave
thclMe it piw-.'M ot min i with h-.i his
creator hat endowed Mm been developc
drawn out, by a ii;id iMutse1 of mental
dis:lp ine? If they hae, th?n he is prepared
tor Hie artivltlr- ol lit-', in l:.Otver s l-cre
l.e liny 1? calle.1 'oact- It matters rot
where he obtained hit education, whetbc
In a college, In an academy, In a public
school, or at home by his own efforts. It Is
hit through! mental discipline, and not the
place of hit education, which givet him hit
What wat It that made a tall, lank and
awkward western, rallsplltter such a rolghiy
power In fie salvation of his country at Ab
raham Lincoln was? Not a diploma from a
ranowned university, but hit self-acquired
.mental discipline in the school of close ap
dlication and intense thought, in combinat
ion with good solid common sense. And if
he watthut tuch a power in tSe trying timet
In which he wat called to act, how much
greater power would he have been, if he
had had the advantages of a through college
education befoie he entered upon the act.
Ivitles of public life? II would then have
. i . i .... 1 1 1 ,.i i . - - ....... Af
reserved force, whlck he could have called
into action in cite uf emergency, and the
victory would have been more easily gained
A well disciplined mind is almighty power,
and the graduate who hat it is at a pre-
miun and in demand, li is said that only one
half of one per cent of tne population of ine
United Slates go to college, and that this
half per cent hold aixty per cent cf tbe
highest oflicet of the coantry. There can
be on doubt, therefore, abmitthe importance
of a collegiate education. Thoroughly edu
cated college graduatet are awaya In de
mand; and never was there a greater de
mand for such men than at tlia present time
Tills Is an age of more t' ordinary Intel
ligence, and ttio,e who would be leaieres in
church or rtate must bs thotoubgly. educated.
If they are not thus qualified for the pns
itons which they hold, their leadership well
be of short duration. They need not expect
to command and retain a permanent or in
creasing influence over those who are their
equal or superiors in intelligence an-J nunta'
Just now my private opinion is, that the
great want of the government of the United
States t its head qtiaiten Is, a higher
order of state men man conversant with
national and Internitional, law men whose
nilnrfs are fitted by thorough mental ditci?
'ine for the government o' 65,030,00 o
people gathered from all quarters of the
globe; men who are christian patriots and
seek the Interest of tbe who e country; Men
who Can not be bought, and would acorn
the IJea of selling their country for a few
pieces of silver; men that are thoroughly
educated, mentally, morally, and spiritual)-;
mec, in the nights: tense of the term.
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meeting of tho Htockfiolelsraoftho Albany
Ituildingend Loan Association will be
held on Frl.lav. Fob IS, 1891. at the hour
of 7:30 p in of said day, In t)iv Dank of
Oregon building i.i Aibsny, I.inn County
Oregon, for the purpose of electing Dine
directors and three auditors to serve lor
tho term of one y ar next ensuing from
aid meeting, and until their successors
tra oleelod and qualified and to transact
sucu oilier nusiaees as may come before
the association.
Done by ordor of ald asso la n this
16lh dayof Jauu rv.lS'Jl.
Seorotary. President.
Assignee's Notice.
In the matter of the assignment of Henry
r reeman round. an insolvent tieutor.
Notice is hereby given that Henry
Freeman I'ound baa assigned to me all
bis property for the benelit of nil hie
creditors in accordance with tbo laws el
the state of Oregon relating to general
assignments by insolvent debtors. All
creditors of the said Henry Freeman
round are notihed to present their claims,
under oath, to me nt the office of Black
burr & VVateon, nttys. , in the city of Al
bany, Oregon, within three months from
the date of this notice.
Dated llbanv, Or., Dec 8th, JSttt.
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