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    excf Buuday.
fn'iKUBT"rnii, Kdiio.-IIiilrTrp'?
Enfured t U.h Pnt Office at Albany
Oregon, as eiotid c!a mall inaltor.
Mitcucll Kkockk1 Orr. Regardless
of public opinion of prize flulit. nearly
vervlKxIy ivaa excited today over the
contest at Jacksonville between Jas J
Corbett, champion of America, and
Charlie Mitchell, a bbaliard from Eng
land. It looked very much at one time
aa if the governor would whin, but liii
interierjuce amounted to nothing, and
when the light iK't'an near Jacksonville
at 1 o'clock this afternoon two liumlred
soldiers were witnessing the contest, $10
apiacn '1 ho Democrat stated yesterday
that Corbett was the better pujjilist.and
the Man about Town was confident ho
would win easily, though afraid it was
merely a fako. The news was received
hero at 1 :,'!0 that it took only three
rounds in which to knock the liritlsh
lion out. In tne lirst round the men
showed up about even .nit with live
lighting; but after that Corbett was a
cyclone, knocking Mitchell down twice
. in the second round, and ended the con
test, as lie had promised, by (living
Mitchell a terrific knockout blow in the
third round. The matter has been made
much more nrominent than it.
In lets than five years every state in the
uinuii win nave laws making such a con
test impossible.
Costisi-es t. Unowi.. The Salem
Journal is workinc hard for notoriety on
account oi an u r agitation. J t lays
An noneit juug. mould appoint an
honest lawyer for this receiver not a
political manipulator like Mcradden
who took a hand in the defeat of the
former luilce and has a txilitica null on
the present judge. There ore honest
lawyers in Oregon who understand the
subject. Iho present attorney eeneral
(ieo E Chamberlain, who is salaried by
the taxpayers of Oregon, would be a
proper man for the place. If there was
three honest men in those tbree offices
ttie road could be honestly and economi
cally run and stealing stopped and the
laborers paid, liut in no other way.
"The Hoggs paid their attorneys g90,COO
for 26 months, which ia equal to about
SS.7OO per month while this man charge
$4S,7U5 for eight months, equal to more
than (6,000 per month. In other words,
thejservices of this firm of lawyers waB
worm more to me uregou racinc rail'
road by $'.'.300 per month than the at
torneys under the Hogg management."
The above bill by Fay & (iest was for
the Iilair bondholders and net for the
road itself.
Ciiiip Talk. If the editor of the
Topulist would take the pains to consult
the records he would find that the coun
ty court allowed the DKMecBAT $201.15,
on account of the delinquent tax list. and
not as the Populist states, evidently
lubcuhtuiiuiiy waning a laiseuooti, lor we
nave neretoiore given the coreect figures.
Probubly not a delinquent tax list in
Oregon lia9 been published at as reason
able a rate.
As a matter of fact the county will get
it nil back as fast as the property iB
redeemed. These Populists are very nice
when they are out in the cold ; but give
them a chance once, and great Jerry
Simpson how they make the fur fly. An
example occurs in Lincoln county. The
Populist editor of the Lincoln County
Leaner was a'lowed 8j5S for printing
uie iiBi in tnat email county, one eint
inches shorter than in Dmiccrat.
You have already heard of the Columbia
Populist sheriff whonotonly took all the
v uuuneu; out (.tww in audition. Anu
so it goes.
Cosnxa. Arrangements are being
made for the Calhoun Opera Company
with 46 people to exhibit at Albany on
j-eoruary 13th. This wiU be a great
upciuiiu treai. niey will play "Hie
Bohemian Girl " They will be brought
to Albany If promised a sufficient sup-
i-u,,. j. ma ia uie most prominent oper
atic troupe ever billed for Albany, and
it will require a strong support by the
IKpoi.arv. Last night a burglar or
burglars entered the zrocerv tnr of i!n
Donaca, at Lebanon, and eto'e $30 or H
"1 ui gcous.
. Kft in nreu 01 a carpel and
jih uie oest tor the least money you
uouiu can at A a ycllwair.'s as he will
puces in accordance with the times
Our extra Drussells regular price 75 cents'
we will sell at 55 cents, and one yard
f wide carpels Jo cents per yard up. 'Ve
have aiso a splendid line of linoleums and
oil cloths which we -n ill sell cheap.
For Blankets, be snrenn.l 1 n r
Ilwain's fine line just from eastern man
ufactories and every pir warranted is
representnl. Lirge dcuble blankets from
90 cents up. 10.4 larj;e white Blankets
from $1 up. C:i and examine them.
, . n. iodesigoeJ, pro
pnettr of the Pioter House desires to inform
the pulmc that he his tedooed the pric of
board without lodging to $3 per week, with
$ per.wc ek. Sirgle 2b ctnts.
The public is invited to call an I keep pood
beds and let a good table. Have tir wood for
wie. corner of Broadalbin ind WaUr
C t. BiownelU grocery store i Increas
in in popularity. He carries a fine stock
in a light room, easily accefiilble and
gives MTgatna. ycxl door to the P O.
Dr. Price's'CreaaTPtKinjr Powder
Party Years tlte SttnrltnJ.
Lost. On First street between, Jack
son and terry, Monday evening, a dark
ian jacket curt. Jrmder leave at thi
Skitto JTAcniSES neatly repaired Sod
irraDtfd hv a thorrtuhly competent work
arn, at F f Frfcch's jcuelry snrf, AlbiDy
Mr Bert Van Cleve Is arranging for the
establishment of a dramatic company.
There I said to be a possibility of a
dividend being declared by Job Bros of
There is t.ld to be a potflbilliy of a
dividend being declared by lob liroi of
The Willamette Villey it Is reported
will be sold for at least fjo,ooo. There is
promised some live bidding for the boat.
A break In the flume of about 70 feet
caused the water works to suspend biui
ncss today. The water vill'probably t;
iuiiiiuijj iuuiorruw lorenoon.
The youne man tunnosed to have have
destroyed properi at F Co's ball !
one who would not be suspected of do'pg
anything quite so contemptible.
An exchange Is authority for the
statement thai Coll Van Cleve of the Ya
quina I'ost, and J K Whitney, of the Har-
ald, are candales for ti e office of tta'e
Mrs Ititreu desires m to announce to the
public that she has 'ecured first class nelp
ana is prepareu 10 uu all kinds 01 dress
making at her residence on Third street.
Following !i a supreme court case:
Newten Williams, appellant, vs. Toledo
Co e: a!, respondents, appeal from Benton
coun'v, argued and submitted L Fllnn
and Charles E Wolverten, attorneys for,
respondents, W S M:Fadden and .J K
iiryson attorneys for appellen.
Attachments ngarecatine Sf.qoo were
today tiled on the furniture store of S N
Wilkins and the place closed. An as
signment w'll at once te made. The
liabilities are placed at &t. 000 and assets
fiom $7,000 to SSooo. Tie attachment
was made by Portland creditors. Cor
vallis Times.
The bird doc of Georee Stimnson -vas
recently killed by Mr P Kester, a lew
miles from Albany, while passing through
Mr ncsicro ncius aner some sncep. xne
Democrat Is informnd that Mr Stimpson
visited Mr Kester with a view to settling
the matter; but returned home witnout
doing so, in fact came "ut second best.
A gentleman who has visited Colfax
Wash, savs the people of Eastern Wash'
Ington aro In a sorrowful plight. The
wheat crop is their only dependence, anu
many of the farmers met with Bevere
losses the past season. Besides the grain
that was saved brougt them but little ow
ing to the sluggish condition of the mar
ket. Business Is practically paralyzed
and many of the people are In actual
want, Eugene Register.
The best patent full roller flour at Mc-
llwains at 6s cents per sack and every
sack warranted.
A B Mcl'wain wiH sell you Scotch
gray underwear f.r men at 75 cents per
suit, and every suft warranted new goods.
Call at A B Mcliwaln's and examine
his shoe stock. The best shoes in Albany
for SI.25 and every pair warranted as rep
resented. A B Mcllwain will h;.ve cn sale for this
week only 3o dozen ladies all wool hose at
25 cents per pair. Rsgular price 50 els.
All styles.
Editors Democrat:
As so much has been said hbout he
city aliairs and I being a taxpayer I
think I have a right to my opinion. I
don't think it prudent to rip anybody
up the back. We don't care to hear
fiom ex-councilman as his days of grace
have passed. As 1 Bit down to my meal
uf spuds, gravy and toffee, a disinterest
ed observer could readily see that I am
retrenching. I heartily endorse Gover
nor Peunoyer's Christmas letter. I don't
think it right to discharge one of the
engineers when itouly saves our citvSlL'O
aear, asour insurance rates would be
raiEcl and we woud quit loos
ers on that proposition. One of our en
gines woold rti8t and go by the boaid in
a few years. 1 am in favor 01 placing a
small toll on the bridge for nt least
enough to keep it in repair. The toll
collector could also be made a special
policeman which would protect public
and private property. He could also
keep the bridgo deck swept clean of
gravel and theredy save the floor one
half. I am not alone in my belief.
F S Campbell.
The Ciunkm: Must Go. No morepx- for wrtdinfrvour wnshinprs to Celestials
K Kiiar l? iV I'lutips will now uo plain fam
ily washing for tho astonishingly low
prke of 2o cents per don. This breaks
vhe record, and should brinir every cit'r.en
of Albany into line. t Stand by white lalw
and patronize home industry. Under this
Hrr.Hi''enient there must Ijo a full dozen to
omit. It U to Q hoted there in not a
single roMdcnt of the city who sends out
washings, who will not patronize the Al
bany bteam laumlry.
Richards & Thilios desire to inform the
public that in their odvertUed ratnofao
cents a dozen for washing only plain work
is included, such as thefts, table cloths,
tcwels, roller towels, piilc wcase, napkins,
har.dkercliiefp, etc.
For GnocKii-s A H McIIwiin' Is the
place. Just think of It. 20 pounds extra
C suger for $1.00, 18 pounds dry granu
lated sugar $i.oo. 5 gallons best standard
near, oil 75 cents. lieJt fresh roasted
coffee, every paper guaranteed, 4 papers
or if 1. 00.
See the Mew Inrjroted S.nrer stwirg ma
chir. The rM.t is always tier c hen pet t.
WSiwden, acnt. Onicelat F hi Frenvb
ewelry ttoro
Tickets for the midwinter for will be on
sale to-morrow at the 8 P drro oolr ?2r,.-
90, with five admissions an 1 good f .e SO
Provide yourself wlih a bottle of Aver's
Cheiry Pectoral, and so have the means
at hand tor contending successfully with
a sudden com. as an emergency medi
cine, It has no equal, and lea.llrg physi
clans everywhere recommend it.
Ve offer One IIuE.Tr-d Polltn Rcranl U
any case of C-trrh t-'-t cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. cn&XZV CO., Troyi., Toledo, 0
V.e tlie nnJ-.r?',-.u-i, liav known F. J,
Oener fcrt.:e l-'t .t )cr--, ;:r.I bc'iicre hi
an J 3ra;:c!a!l;. a' l
wide by IhtT f.-...
czjt? out aay cMIgatica
1? rrnfi-tt.TV'-'.O,
JIre Jos A Tyler, of Falem. ia in the
T B Coruett. of Scio. in n. u
Geo (i Bingham, ex-district itnrn,v
was in the city this noon.
Ikn llyman, the old tima
i--iu Francisco, ia in the city.
Geo Huniphrdy, U 8 Deputy Marshal
came up from Portland on the ovarlnnri
last night 011 his way toCurralli, on bus
iness. ludee Dennv returned this nnnn fr.m
a trip to Eugene. The judge is liable to
be the nominee 01 the republicans for
Charle T Wardlow and family have
gone to Kilintt, Illinois, to reaid) per-
uiaueutiy. i uey own a une iarm in that
Pr Ball, of Portland, b in the
called here by the serious illness of his
eistor, alias tiatlie, who is now consider
ably improved.
Last evening a social was given by thp
members of the Baptixt church at t .e
residence of .Mr N II Allen, a pleasant
time was had.
James Calloway, who, after watching
Saturday's game believes that one loot-
ball game is equal to eleven pnze hchts.
came over from Brownsville last alut
day, and Is down at the Calloway farm
lor a visit. cotvains limes.
Mr Ed Qulnn has been at the Reform
school for several days completing the
galvanized iron work for Hopkin's Bros,
on the north wing. Vt orz on the south
wing will be begun on the 7th of next
Jidin II Chapman, of Chicago, presl
dent of the Baptist Young People's so
ciety of the United States and Canada,
will be in this city on ftionuay, thezvth
inst, and will hold a conierence in the af
ternoon and in the evening a pn'.lic ser
vice at whic 1 a large number of delegates
to the conference are expecteif to be
present. 1 lie public are invited.
Last evening an enjos-ablo young peo
ple's party was given at the residence of
L K Blain. Among the features of the
evening was a demesne ait contest.
Domestic pictures being made, those
present guessed the name. MissXona
Irvine and Roma McCulloch won the first
prizes and Edna Luper and Elliot Irvine
the booby prizes. A delicious lunch of
taffy and peanuts was served. Those
present were: Drs Mr and Mrs Beers,
Misses Mary Cundilf, Nona Irvine, Maud
Crosby, Mollie Luper, Edna Luper, Mar-
guerete nopkins, one ueckennuge,
and Mida McCoy, Hettie Miller, Mary
Stewart, Emma Sox, Ava Baltimore, Ina
McCullough, Ora Flina, Anna Yantis,
Sadie Mcliride, Altha Pillar, LenaMc
Cormick, Alma Breckinridge, Hallie
Marks, Gussie and Nellie Blodgett, Mary
Williams,and Messrs L E Hamilton,Will
Cambell, Ole Tobieson, L Smick, Sena
McFarland, Lyle Speer, Ed Blodgett,
Ivan Marks, Stanley and Ed Stewart,
Arthur Gamber, D Longbottom, Frank
Stellmaker, Roma McCulloch, Jasper
Wyman, Claud Vunk, Elliott Irvine, A
B McCoy, Angus Graham, Orville Din
widdle, Otto Lee, and F P Nutting.
A Brooklyn, N. Y.,toy manufacturer,
whose father waa the pioneer of the toy
induetry in thia country, was recently
lorceu to make an naaiKument. itu
dividual in quentinn was tho proprietor
of no lesa than 1 10 paten tB on toys in
vented by himself, mid this, together with
the fact that he had a sort of monopoly
of the toy business, made the failure,
which occurred at the height of the buey
season, very much of a surprise. It
proved very explicable, however, and
I here is somctmiiz uramaucauy touching
n 11 is his own conseision ot tne cause ot
U I made a imtitake," be eaid, ' in
not advertising my change ot location.
it 1 Dad used printer's ink l would not
have had to suspend." verily, verily.
Of all the end words of tongue or pen.
The saddest are these, 'U might have
been." Few have a iust conception of
the number of failures attributed to the
suite cause.
Baths at
Vierecks chavin; and hair
Thousands of lives are saved annually bv
the ueeof Aver'v Pectoral . In the treatment
of croup and whooping cough, the Pectoral
has a most marvelous eirec nauay in-
amn.alioii. frees the iBiructtdIr passage
and contro's the deilre to cough.
H. It. HYDE. W. II. IIN DING Kit. I). It. JAMIli
Baltimore Mock, Albanv, Ore.
complete line of
in all its branches.
EMBALMING a.pecialty.
Residence corner 3rd andCiIapooia S; r
All parties Intererted in Koox Butte
Ceuittarv will plrasa muel at the eUica cf
Chss c. V olvertnn in the city of Alnanv.
on Saturd&y the 27th dsy of Janurv, at one
o uloca p m, for tit purpose H incorporat
ing aia cemetery. 2i V I'aynb.
Xntice hereby piTen to the !ei;al votors
rf Selie I District No, 5. cf Lion County,
State of Oreaon, tht a ipclal school n eet-
ina of the saiJ district witl lie he!'! aMhp
C.urt House, Alhanv, Ur"i03, cn the 30th
dvofjftnnarv, ISOVat" o'clock in the
afterroon. for the followioi: ot iect:
Toley a tt for the lOpportof lbeschno
tf said dis'rict for the enuinit yes-, ta tr
nty the intret on the dietrict ntt.
Dated this lith day oijsn,
C H STrwar.T
I .-trict O-'It, J K WrATiir.rror.D
mux aciiinTct
The Orlioco Review tells the following:
Crook county has a romance which
woulu furnish foundation for a novel
that would equal same- of the produc
tions of the ablest authors were all the
facts made visible to ihe scrutinizing
gaze of 1 lie public. We ate not writing
novels, hence wo can at this time only
give the outlines cf the romance, at the
same time supprcsiing names. The facts
are as follows:
Some nine years ago a boy appeared in
Prineville, without friends and without
money. No one knew from whence he
came or what was hie parentage. He
soon found employment at dillerent oc
cupations by which he could and did
sustain himself. Time pasaed along, the
boy apparently grew no older, though
years came and went unheeded by the
youth. After several years spent in
d.udgery the boy finally formed the ac
quaintance of one a man o! mature
ytarain whom he could repose confi
dence, and to this one revealed his iden
tity, also the fact that lie was playing a
dual part in life, although men's cloth
ing had been donned and the role of boy
assumed, ''he" was alone woman who
had been deserted by her husband in a
strange land and penniless. The friend
bad a warm heart, and being alone in
tr.e world look tho boy ' au a partner,
and together they launched
their fortunes, working where work
was to be had. Finally an attachment
Btronger than mere friendship sprung up
between the partners, which resulted 111
their goi g into another county, procur
ing a marriace license, and being united
in wedlock. This wae three years ago.
On their return to this cmnty they as
sumed the former role of partners, the
wife retaining the character ol the boy,
A-hile the husband inaintaiBtd the po
sition as head of the firm, and together
they worked at whatever tmploymeut
was to be had.
The News kitoc!ts the romance in tho
head ( follows: A local paper publish
ed what purported to be a local ramance
a tew weeKs ugo. rso names were useu.
The names meant were Jim Delco and
Charley HaneB, Jim being the husband
and Charley the wife. These parties
never got married in Condon, the county
seat ol Gilliam county, as alleged tu a
recent complaint made out and sworn to
by Jim Delco, the aforesaid alleged hus
band, lie causfd the state to bring suit
against Charley IlaneB lor Ihe crime of
adultery, claiming that Charley is a
woman and tnat he (Charley) was his
(Delco's lawfully wedded wife. Just
preceding the preliminary Hearing,
Delco departed for a distant region of
country, at present to ua unknown. It
is now belie. -ed and generally conceded
that Delco only Lied to beat Hnnes out
of what property he had accumulate by
nara work.
And this is the sequel to the "10
New Advertisements.
We have 0 sores of very choice surbtir
ban land, suitable for p!tiig, adj jiniug the
oity limits of Portland whioh we are dur
ing i.t the low price cf Ooe thousand dollars
per acre, subject 10 an locumnraaoo ot lu,
000, mo&l all of which has two years to run.
Tho equity of $33,500, we will exchango for
improved farm laud iu the WilUmelte val
ley. Wo will alsa exchange equity in some
very central prospective bu. iutws property
pay iDC good rental, for unincumbered firm
land. If yen ire on the trade write for full
particulars In Lonu & Cirkie, 131 31 strttt
rortiabd t-'iegoo.
$20.03 REWARD.
Company F. will pay the above reward
for the arrest t.nd conviction ct the per
son or persons, who so maliciously des
troyed wearing apparal at ihe annory on
theeveiilng of January 16, 1804.
T T tt!ef..
than ordinar
sober and in
position in afore or
ytui g man of more
icsa rbltiLV. Kint-iiy
run. Opod icfiireucoa.
Ayfb Atbary, or.
IOST. A Jrs etif b'ank with whlti
j no'te, fro.n Horaca t'rouiau'ii frtu,
uar Albany.
WANTED.-A Kood f' lly who witl
take a tiU 12 your of azn and rear
a one of the land y. all hi this i.fllce.
FOR SALK2)sha-atf Alhany olec
tricllfht s'ock ib bi. Ulvuieud
pavintr atojk la this in . K-iq iire ut
this oflice
COUN'lY WAKMA.N l-i-lijulit. and
Bold by II V IrflU.
Tf P p t'.v, end', points'!. In bun-He
Kfora;iu 1 com n pa.o. Call at Perry
WAXTIO Pushiri; Cti,v-T of notxl
dreis. Liberal salsry aud crn)jt
paid weeklv; Prmr.eot pniiUorj. IiilUWN
1KU?' CJ., Aurserymon, 1 ortanu Ure-
Poultry anfl m Mil
Bronuitlbin, litttreen Second and Third Sts.,
Poultry, Fish, Oysters, Claiiw,
Game in Seasm.
LTsrytliino; nic And frssli. Ciir, us a tail
Stf.tic.cry, Toilet Artijlcs, MasL-j
Instrument, Etc
Hodjes k Mariana,
T'ie Cornet Unig l-itore,". Albany),
nttitiii (.XMnt.uiitu
Vi,; J.- fiMit, i it-wele:
If v'U t,;ut a tiae cmckr C4II far Jojtfphjt
Wuite i'b;r cinra.
Th h4:',rt out!, iu the city t Ccnitd
HikIiJH Si Mjl'r 40t. UlS l.'SjiU'' drui
tor. Albany, .
Will & Slant's larL'e line of silver ware
has crtatrd a great deal of talk.
Pa ronir.j home industry bv amoLina the
.-cletirated whitu lab-r ci;fcnt, ra.uiafactured
by Iu!iiu .!oei.h.
Tne O K Grubber l sold on trial. To
try one dos not mean 1011 arc compelled
to buy. Mfc'J bv Ja's. Flk.Ey A- ons.
Tin: Tnisos We Eat
vtrry laigciy make us wht we are.
Nmhuiii'ht can pass lhron,;!i Ihe
mh-.d without leaving some vfTcc:,
however slight. Many slight im
I'rt:ssion6, In time, make mighty
changes. It's Ihe same with the
bily. Abuse it with poor food
ami take (lie consequences.
For purity and c-iliilntv In grocet-'es
and baked go-ids, go l: Parlor
Wcrlh patroniini! Is thai
of Will Stark. I'hcy carry the 6nest
lineof silverware, watches, cocks and
jewelry gi-ueraMv In the valley, and sat-
Isfjctoiy prices are always given for Ihe
superior quatjt of goods Ihey keep in
stock. Nuvr buy without calling
Tei.l Kvkryiijdy I have turnips at
Iwentv-fivc cunts per hinhel ar.d potatoes
at forty cents perbubhel ai my old stand
or delivered to any part of the city for
five emu iddiiluual per btuhel. For
tir;ht:r particular, sse me at the cross
railroads cast end of the city on sixth
street. Ai.vis? J Carotiirks.
Mvfal li no of MACINTOSHES nd
OSiAMKliS, inoludiug nuny uoveltie,
or ladifl4, mioses od ciiildret, i now
s E Wax;.
Clean tcvelf to ti tnm n tr at Viirtck
thfcvirj; par lots.
Jewel Stoves
and Ranges
e Best On
Matthews Washburn.
TTie Best Thocs -a Q A ff H
RK for Ute Iuit Wouoy. jS D
W2rW S3 mE
w. n.a- u . -b 11
W. L. DO UCLA P. Shoes are
eatiifactlon at the prices advertised than any other make. Try one' pair and be con
vinced. Tho stamping of V. L, Douglas' name and price cn the holtom, which
Sua ran tees their value, saves thousands of dollars annually to those who wear them,
ealert who push the sale of W. L DouIaa Shoes gain customers, which helps to
Increase the salea on their fulj line of goo!. Tiiry enn fifrrrt to mii nt n ? f rott,
ntl w brtiT yon rnm v tnsney hy bnylnf nil your fmtwMr rT iV-iIrr Huki
tUed below VnUilogum lrtm tpoa ftppUcatlcu. W. X. JtU('!.A:i, i:.-o.i:U.;Js AIkim
For sals by the WE BLAIN CLOTHINQ CO.
Is the Best
Good Enoughi
Then-sail cn tin i:i:3crf incd forjyour
and produce, for ;tlioy ore the Lett in the market
ing but buyers. They will
Beome. iney will le satis-
rfied. They will buy at
Visitors are not asked to
BELEEVE but are shswn
goods to CONVINCE them
that wo aro leading tho trade
If you want VALUE FOR
Yours Truly
Iveat, Peacock Sl Co.
rris ecto.
Fleer and Feed Store,
Have removed their (tore to opposite
the Riws House, and have on hand a full
stock of
Custom chopping done.
S3, S4 end $3.50 Dress Shoe.
S3.SO Police Shoo, 3 Sotos
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