Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, January 24, 1894, Page 2, Image 2

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The votei already taken on Ihe amend
ments to lbs Wilson bill indicate mat U
will psss substantially as reported or
modified by the majority of 111 committee.
The democrat whu are amioui to retain
the McKinley abuse of protection for lbs
benefit ot tbe bounty-slinnrs in tbeir dis
tricts, wbile anxious to have tbe reform
apply everywhere elee, mustered only
three voles lo reinforce Ibe republicans on
Monday. Most of tbo:e who will oiler
amendments in behalf of tool interests
hive announced that they will Tuts for
the bill even thouirh it may not be accept
able in all particulars. In u word, the
democratic bill ha a uVed party back of
it in the house. The pledge of the party
will be redeemed, tne mandate of the peo
ple will bo executed, in that body.
This solidification is due primarily to
the character of the bill. It is, as Mr
Wilson said in reporting it, a moderate
measure. It was framed with a sincere
desire to deal justly with tbe whole
country. It aimed to relieve industries
nd consumption of oppressive burdem
without disturbing disastrously the con
ditions long fostered by the government.
It therefore; became, as its framers frankly
admitted, a protective measure. It Is a
higher tariff than Henry Clsy thought
necesszry for the protection of infant in
dustries Ofty yairs ago. It is higher than
the Mori ill turff of Ib'G2. It is nearly as
high as tbe tariff of IHS3. It U a less
average reduction of a 50 per cent tariff
than tbe republican tariff commission of
1882 recommended in a 40 per cent tariff.
It is only in comparison with ihe McKin
ley monstrosity, which the people have
twice condemed by mora than 1 ,300,000
majority each time, that tlio Wilson bill
seems a reform measure.
Tbe democratic party is prepared to re
peal McKinleyism, and the Wilson bill
doea it. It leaves to labor and to capital
all the protection that they need. It de
serves the united support of the party in
congress. It v ill if enacted put Iho de
mocracy in the way of another victory in
1896. New York World.
The state republican central committee
and the congressional committees for the
first and second congressional districts aro
called to meet at Portland on Wednesday,
January 31st, for the purpose of determin
ing tbe time and place for holding the
state republican nominating convention
and also for the congressional conventions
and for the further pu'pose of deciding
upon the apportionment of delegates to
these several conventions. The ollicers of
the s'ate committee are: W I, ljoise, chair
man! K P McCornack, i-ecretary; snd F M
Mulkey, aisistant secretary. The member
of the committee for Lane county Is Vf H
Abrams. T II Tsngue, of Washington, Is
chairman of tho commltlee for the first
congrcss'onal district.
Af'er Si years of Republican high taiilT
and currency policies we have a bankrupt
Treasury, stagnant trade and little money
in actual circulation. There have been
three severe panics anJ only a few years of
general prosperity among the producing
mure. Het us have a vote on the Wilson
bill ami a change. Thirty years more of Re
publican laws would ruin us.
Tho charge that McKinley has but one
speech will no longer hold good. He fires
the Northern heart by declaring that the
Wilson bill was framed by rebel brigadiers,
and then ho informs the Southern people
that the measure is deigned to ruin their
particular industries. This streak of ver
satility u a innovation fjr McKir.
Icy. It niJiy seem strange, but there is little
doubt that .f tho democrats should slay in
office for five or six years longer Senator
Hoar would be as much of an ndvoca'e of
State's rights as Ihe lute Mr I'.ivii or as
any member of Ihe Hartford Convention.
A tax on legacies would go a long way
towards meeting the tUOdt Innded down as
a Icgicy by th last l publican dininlj
Very naturally I'ncle thinks ol the
fifty- first congress every time he pokes his
hind through the hole 111 his pocket.
Tho new issuo of government bonds
ought to b? known as the republican de
ficiency debt.
Dr. Price' Cream Baking Port dec
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II. II. HY1IK. W. II. IMM'IMlkll. 11.11. JAM K
flail imore I'lotk.
Albany, Ore
lomi'It'lo lino of
--in .ill it lr,itv!io
Kj'iJi'iui I'or.nT :nl .in R'.,tivi a :r
Pennsylvania manufacturers have learned
so long on bounties that thev are behind
hand in sbredness. Their hogglshnets
has waxed, but their invention hat deterior
ated. The Protective Tai iff League is a
literary bureau which supplies By the thous
and editorials for the Republican press, tracts
leaflets and appeals. The bureau beean to
be active la literary work just after the de
feat of Ihe Mills bUl by the Republican
Senate. The tariff reform cause has grown
falter In the live J' tars since 1SS8 than in
the 35 years pteceding. The Protective
Tariff League has wasted encughpaptr and
postage to have sent a Eible lo every family
In America, And as far as the record
shows It has Lot made a vote for McKinley
ism, Its latest tcheme is an inundation of pspei
slips w'.dch convey this appeal: "Send a
postal cud to jour Congressman tu-day
urging him lo vote against the Wilson free
trade Bill."
If Ihe Protective Tariff League had not a
fatty dcgincia!on of the brain it would cot
i?tr.! 'housmds of ioUt for such a pur
ine. An immeme niajoiliy in CR' I'Ou'C
of Congress and a safo working majority
It ihe oft er are pledged to vole fcr a reform
b!l!f and i;:c orily Ccmp'aint the constituents
ot those majorities are mat ing Is that the
Wilson bill js no; free trade enough' That
Is the complaint about the b'll, and Ihe com
plaint rbout votirg is that a vole has not al
leaoy been taken. If every. Kopubllcan
voler should send on his postal card not s
Congressman would pay any attention to
tbe nonsense. The Republican Congrers'
man would join Ids Democratic colleague in
joking at It.
These millionaires who can throw away
money so freely have trade more trouble for
labor, have made more cuts in wages ard
nave had aiound them more distress than at
ihe o'.hcr employers of the country nut to
gether. Pennsylvania labor troubles are
chronic. High tariffs do n:t prevent
them and low tariff i do not aggravate them
They go on month in and month out cut,
spueezc, quarrel, lockout, walkout, and some
itnes bloodshed,
Such are the Pennsylvania backers1 of
the Protective Tariff League. They are the
men who hastened a panic by strangling
trade and taxing the inccmss of familier:
who by grinding labcr made enough to pay
for the car loads ot leaflets which go Im
potently lying through the country.
They aie not half as wUe as the home
market they geek to gull. The home mar
ket has had enough of paying them a bo
nus for reducing the wages of labor. The
home market Is stocked up with undistribut
ed wealth which it Is trying to sell to other
markets. It is not sending postal cards
urging CongreSkmen to vote against trade
and distribution. The home market would
rather take the word of Carnegie to the ef
fect that the Wilson hill is not going to hurt
iron production, though It may cut down
the profits of a few played out mills. It
would rather listen to Macbeth or Pittsburg
who says that American manufacturers cm
compete with Europe mid sell in European
trade centers.
The Wilson bitl is iiere to b: voted on,
and the country wants a vole on the lines
laid down at the election, and wants a vote
before ths spring opens.
Philadelphia's Protictive Tariff League
would betler follow Carnegie's example
both in his acquiescence to the Wilson bill
a d his ccnliibutloa of money to relieve the
dlttrcss Republican legislation has caused.
Sr Louis Kki'UM.ic.
Myf.'l line of V AClNrOSIlE aid
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healthy and agreeable substances', its
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ts til and haro made it t'ja Met
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with tho ordinary
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mg it down 11
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all the disturbance,
there's only a little
temporary good.
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H K JoiiNSofl Co,
11th and Maiii M, Hiclimon.', V
Nftic is bithy pivtn fnnr t!u undernign-
nl uuaiman cf Archie L. Wiisin. a niu:or.
in accoriUiu0 wi'ti a l'crni granted by tht
County lYutt cf l.inn County, Oregon, to
sell the leal cstato lu'luuii.j; to id Ait. cr
will on
Saturday t!:e Srd day of ISM, t the
hvw of 1 oVlcok d m, at il n C urt llcuao
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is4 fursalr, at auction, to tho liilioat bid
lcr, for cth, the folW vrina dest'iibcd real
estaie belocginu toaid niinor, to-it: An
undivided oue-jiiteouth r( ths following
dencrild tract of lrd tvmtrercing at
point 00 i lie nut tli lino c f the lVnstlon Laud
Uim of Vinctnt Wat sou and Mary Watson
hi wife. 10. 0 chains o.vt frcm itorthwrat
earner rf sid claim, it bting not No 17tf(
claim No li'J in tp 11 8 R 4 est cf Willam-
'te mrri-lnn and tuuniug ".benco Fatt Si le
chsint to acorrtr; thence south 10 Si chas
I ban e eat cht, thuce soatb $'2$ ch,
thsncs wrat 40J9 chain, thence north '.'1.53
chain to the plice i bfioi'ing coqtaioiny
lc6..5, more or !, all in l.ino boun
ty Ore rn, tul jsct to the life tstatf of
Aairn Wilton in said land,
Alsotsie foKawini;: An undi7ided ens
ft urtn cf the following tract f UnH, IVfcin
niug at the BFntbneat corner cf the lona
tioc 1 and ?laim of li II Hchei and wife,
claim No TS in tp U 8 F 4, west of WlUnm
et'a Meridian and runnioc theuceeat 3 4 1
chains to a yint that is 'JS link north cf an
oak post ct on tlio south fide cf thecomtv
road thence onth JO.t chains to a stake,
thence wit . 12 c'uina t-iatake. thsnco
iicrth iJ.70 chairs to a take on the north
line of the Pora'.iou lnd claim of Vincent
Watfon ard w;fc, thetu-e et 7.67 chains to
an interior cot wr f f 9ti Watron ciaim.
thpnee n rth lO rhait:s to placo ' f be;in
niiij, conisiuirc '." acres, more r lw, in
I. mi CW-.uly, v'r.-aT, subjsct to ths l fs
estate f Aar.n Wi jou in sad latid.
A'canv Oitf.-on, Jan 4 h. ISft.
(i:.irdian of Arcbic C W:!sop.
Undertaliers -: ami - - Dtnbnliiicrs.
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J. Gradwohl,
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Assignee's Notice.
In tlie matter of the assignment ot Bems
Freeman l' ineolveut dsbtor.
Kotict is liertby giren tliat Hensy
Freeman l'ouod has asBicned to me art
his property for the benefit of all his
creditors in accordance nith the laws oi
the state of Oregon relatiic to sen.ial
assignments by insolvent debtors. All
creditors of tl.e paid Henry Freeman
Found are notified to present their claims,
under oath, to me at the office of Blncls
bnrs & Watson, attys , in the city of Al -bany,
(..Teton, within three months from
the date of this notice.
Dated Mbany, Cr., Dec 8th, 1893.
B. U. Ihvimk,
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