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iiblHiu I ov'ir 'y in tin ve'
except Suuday.
:rj X m FNU, Bditorii and fror
Fnterm utthn Fovt Ofl- nt Ahny
wraon, as noi'qiio na man inauer.
......J 131' 4 BY 0 1894
V IC IViw, of Tolo, was in Jackson
ville day before yesterday. He denies that
he in a candidate for deputy collector uf in
ternal revenue. Ashland Tiding.
Mr Moses Parker, who was retried d.ui ill yesterday in now considered out
of dangers, and will prohablv recover from
his preieut illness, atroplie of the livr.
A surprise party was tendered Miss .Jessie
Hunter last evening in honor of her lSth
larth day, an era in a younj; lady's life
worthy of .remembrance. A, pleasant tini
wan had.
T M Muulterg, A J Johnson. Voter 0
Smith, J S Mum and W A Kynr have
been elected directors of the Scio Hunk,
I'nident, T M M tinker, cashier, A J
Fiikfkk Okecox. The following from
the Scio PreAs tells of tin occurrence that is
liecoiuiiifr so common as to hardly make an
item, and yet one that is always read with
wit Uf act ion by all Oreiroman?: "H II
ickrick. our former popular grocer, and
who sold out to (t K Matthews, who went
ount early last fall, was in town Monday
morn inc. Mr ickrick intemted to h;
remained ni the east when he went away.
but the stinging cold weather of Minnesota
did not prove nearly as pleasant to them as
they imagined it would, and they longed
lor the gentle " enioot showers instead,
and like sensible jioople immediately pro
ceeded to aceomi);iidi their desires, bv com
ing back. They first located in Silverton,
but not being satisfied there they moved to
bheluiirn, whore no 1 engaged in merchandizing."
LiouTxiNd Ui Fakes. Oregon has
always been free from lightning rod men;
but, alas, our railroads and hard times have
brought the curse to our doors. Two men
have been operating in Marion ceunty. in
nrAar tn int rnriiiPA tliPir rod a thov sold an
outKttoTiC l.rilhtli, of Waldo Hills, for
ti.70. When the rods had been put up a
man appeared with a bill for $230, which
he claimed was duo under the peculiarly
worded contract Mr tiriftith had been in
duced to sign. A warrant was issued for
the arrest of the men. C Castle. John Doe
and Kit-hard Roe. The pen is the proper
place for sucn men.
f m m -
Skvekai iouxu Mks. Last evening
feveral voung men caused a disturbance at
the M E revival. The special F M Westfall
had considerable trouble with them. The
JJkmocuat was informed that a warrant
would be issued today for their arrest; but
none had been at uress time. The 1kmo-
- chat advisee the young men, who have the
making of useful citizens to turn over a
new leaf. It will pay in the iong run. The
best ambition a young man can can have is
to secure tlie ropeci or ms umiow citizen.
In another part of the city, a couple
young men, who are known, were tying a
tree down to a fence out of pure nieaimc-w,
completely ruining it.
Hoxdsmex TO he Sri:n. Attorney Gen
eral Chauilterlain liavbeen directed to lie
gin suit against the Itond.smen of Col
Lovell of the 2nd regiment, who is said to
have skipped out, with $'2000 of tiie regi
ments funds, though his friends insert that
it was only 6K00 and wis spent for legiti
mate punwpes. The Ixmdsmen are U fl
Irvine, of McUinnville and V L Ladue, of
Btownell keepi fresh roth led peanuts,
A fiw nock of candles, including fith
Uffy at C K BrownelU.
Subtct Unions for all lead'ng newt
papers and ir.i-azinei received dv K L
Only 22 weddinw in LiU v,m.K-,1,
1SU3. ti
If you own n doc von must n fi
on him. That is the decree.
Arrangement are Urnim- mn.l tnr nn
oih?n kindergarten meeting to le held in
alout two week, one that promises to be
of interest.
The pEMOf IEAT Raid tli a trruim Wii not
here; Mr Van Vnuikin who was after the
tramp was here. Some people can't road
taught. I he he applied to the tramp.
At the IUiiidiuc and Loan association
last evening Mr A T Kussell secured $JjU
in cash at !H) months interest in advance;
1'r Littler the remainder at 75 months in
Mr Geo C fctunard has sold his druir store
in this city to Mr Fred iMwson, who will
move the same to the Mist on corner. Mr
Sftunard will return to Urownsville to reside.
The fifth annual statement of the llose-
burg H L A shows the value per eh are to
i.'2.t(i. o shares 3;.i. Highest months
interest paid during isn;;, was J7 months,
lowest avera-re. 2-V'.;.
There will .q a good many candidates
for ollice at the June election At least
three parties will till tho held. It is not
learned whether the prohibitionists will
put up a ticket, probably not.
'l'he people of Albany this year will
probably pay a 27 mill tax to the sheriff, as
follows: County and state, 15 mills; city,
8 mill; city schools, 4 mills. 1kmociia r.
The people of Eugene will pav a 2: mill
tax, as follows: County and ttate, V
city, 5; school, 2,'j. (iiiard.
W K Vrice, of Ashland, died Sunday
at his home in San lUego, surrounded
by his son and daughters, after an illness of
several weeks duration. Mr Price came to
this stato from Oregon, Missouri some
twenty years ago, und before coming to
Ashland seven years ago, was engagod in
business at Stay ton and Corvullis. Tidings.
The Albany. Building & Loan Association
is hist closing its tifth year in a very healthy
condition. Its securities arc good and its
outlook briirht. It is an interesting fact to
notice that throughoutthe United states no
institutions stand tho hard times better, (if
as well.) than the U ic L As. J he whole
system conduces to safety in investment. as
wen as lor loaning money.
Then- is a much money in the U. S as
ever; but it is going to take more rust'ing
to get it.
The public is cettingpretty well disgust
ed with the whole prizefighting business.
It makes littlo difference who gets knock
ed out in the ring contests, they are nearly
all, victors and victims, knocked out short
ly afterwards by whiskey. Poto Jackson
in said to have mined his health) Sullivan
is a wreck and many others of the boys are
in a worse fix. The moral is plain.
Foot Ballbrs. The Multnomah jrs
passed through Albany this noon for
CorvalHs. They were mrt by the OA C
band with yellow ribbons flying and the
college yell in the air. The revult will
not be known at press time; but the Man
about Town predicts Corvall's will tin
a ftcr a hot and muddy contest,
Mr Louis Vierick, the erudite barber,
informs the 3Ian nbo'it Town that a
chinamen recently caught a pucker in
the Willamette weighing 10) j poundn;
the lish get away. The first thought is
liow did he know what his weight was
I'.y tiding tho Ecalts on his back of
Reliciioi's Sf-RVicEs. The services at
the Congregational church conducted by
Rev Cephas Clappwill becontinueddur
ing the coming the soming week. Mr
Clapp will spead tomorrow morning at
l'J;;i()on 'riie Question of the Ages" end
in the evening on ''Shut In and Shut
Out." The evening meetings will begin
at 7:30. You are cord'ally invited to
any of ibese cervices. Sunday school i
and YTSCE tomorrow as usual.
Rev Pr Driver will make an address
at the mens meeting tomorrow at 4 V M
in the Y M (J A hall. This will be a
rare opportunity to hear a rare speaker.
Excellent music.
In about two weeks the resale of the Ore
gon Pacific will bo ordered. The gradual im
provement of the money market in the east
will ue an advantage wnen the sale takes
nlaco. Our neonle. thouirh. are tired of
living on rumors of purchasers who will pay
enough to liquidate labor claims, and read
ers of tho Dkmociiat are not advised to
pay fancy pri'-es for script with this ob
ject inview, though it is hoped there will
be a safe sale, and there is somi reason to
believe tho f.100,000 will be doubled.
The Salem Journal gets warmed up in
the following manner which the Democrat
give without endorsing; The stato court
lias been in control of the Oregon Pacific
now Feveml years and what benefit to the
people? None whatever. What tho Jour
nal has contended for is that it is the duty
of the state government to step in and see
that justice is done. The governor and
attorney gcuenil and railroad commission
have the law and authority needed to act.
(iovemor Pennoyer cither lias not the
brains to comprehend the situation and
direct the power of tho state upon the situ
ation, or he has not tho disposition to act.
The sale of the profierty should have been
confirmed and tho 3)0.000 applied at once
to pay the tint liens which are those of
labor as far as it could be done. Money
could le borrowed to pay the rest, about
$-'00,000 more. The five hundred families
that arc now in want and suffering from
the neglect of the company to pay them
certainly have claim ujion the protection of
the stato. &o far the interference of the stale
has lieen only to protect tho corporation
managers, vho havo done nothing but
manage to fill their own iiockets and those
of their friends. The cry that tho state
should not be taxed to manage the Oregon
Pacific, is a rank fraud. It is now taxed to
mismanage it, and to nfTord the people no
protection whatever. The people are taxed.
Judge Fnllerton's court exiienses in connec
tion with this railroad will bo found to foot
up to thousands. The attorneys, othcials
and roceher will all get their fee and
salaries, while the proerty goes to the
devil and the laborers sturve. fchame up
on such a state government.
Shasuiiai, China, Dec 23, 193.
E'Jifots Democrat;
AVe reached here 10 days ago after a
most pleasant and ite.iceful voYam. 1
cal l fill many pages if I were to tell of nil
we have seen and enjoyed eince leaving
Anung the C5 cabin passengers who sail
ed from Pan Krancis?o on the 'China on
Nov 21, none certainly had more friends at
the dock to say good bye than the 'l Bap
tist missionaries, and surely none on board
enjoyed themselves more thin these mis
sionaries, and those representing other
societies, niiikiug in all a company of 21,
some returning; others going out l'ke most
of us for the first time, to various fields in
thecal. Six daya brought us to Hono
lulu, 'l'he evening and forenoon spent there
were tilled full of new sight". It is really
a charming spot and seemed to us like one
big conservatory. Ae found tho people
greatty lrxen-cd politically, and had it
been known that your correspondent repre
sented an American daily supporting the
present administration it is doubtful if we
would have been permitted to laud. Vve;
saw many lino buildings a church costing
$130,000, and long t roots of fine homes,
spacious tropical gardens without end. The
weather here was warm and steamy and we
had lovely smooth sons in these southern
latitudes. ith the exception of one or
two days we had good weather all the way.
Missionaries are frequently snubbed on
shipboard but our company held the bal
ance of power this time and bad things our
own way. Capt wood and everybody con
nected with the steamer were very pleasant
and the passengers were either companion
able or amusing. On Sundays some of our
company conducted services. We had much
singing and regular morning pravers at
the missionaries' table in the dining hall.
On the 18th day we sighted lofty Fuji
the snow covered mountain of Japan, ii
appearance much liko Mt Hood, and soon
we were in the heautitul bav ot leudo.
sight of little, odd Japanese villages, and
wiiu interesting foreign sigms on every
hand. We hud three days in this part;
crowded full of sight-seeing and greatly !
enjoyed. Monday was spent in Tokio.
Our time was too limited to call jwrsonally
upon all its J, "00,000 people, but we saw
Japan's famous temples und public build
ings, the latter in foreign stylo strangely
contrasting with the former. The walls of
the ancient feudal city and the Mikado s
palace, the narrow streets thronged with
these quaint people, are sights long to be
remembered, Japan n as had a remanta-
ble history in the last fifteen years, lhero
are signs of eastern civilization onoveryside.
She certainly deserves tho mure of "The
Sunrise Kingdom." lust now there exists
a strange feeling against foreign control in
the various enterprises, commercial, edu
cational and moral, which she has hitherto
been willing to leave to others. This is
not entirely without ground in one regard,
as in the treaties J apan has the worst of
the bargain always. But this feeling is
also largely accounted for by the character
istics of tho people. They nro naturally
alert and progressive, bnt withal somewhat
tickle and intellectually supercial and con
ceited. Leaving Yokahoma, we had a
delightful week along the picturesque coast
ami through the fame us inland sea, making
frequent stops sufficiently long at most
places to let us do considerable sight sor ing.
At Kobe we had time to run up to Osaka,
eighteen miles up tho bay, by rail. This
is the second city in Japan ami is a creat
manufacturing center. The old feudal cas
tle is a great sight. Xolwdy knows where
these great stones came from or how they
were transported hither. From Kobe the
scenery was fine. At times the channel
was very narrow and occasionally wo seem
entirely land locked. Most of Japan's IftOO
islands nro in the inland sea. frequently
t!icy nro terraced clear to tho tops by tho u re farms. The farmers hero are
worse off than at l.omo and are ripe for
some alliance agitation, tio low are import
duties by treaty stipulation that the land
tax is very heavy, requiring, it is said,
one-half the product of the soil; one-fourth
must go t- the landlord, as few own their
little plots, so there is not much left. It is
remarkable- how they live at all on such
tiny gardens but the chbf food of the peo-
Sle is rice and tish. We had time to see
himomifeiki and IJoga Saki the latter
especially charming, fho drerded yellow
sea was very smooth and we sailed up tho
Woosung river to Shanghai on Tuosday,
Decerning 10, twenty-eight days from San-
Francisco, including all tho above men
tioned stops. Our tiine here has been
spent in preparations for tho long journey
up the angsie. We leave Saturday by
steamer for Ilarkow and b haug, then we
take native house-boats and hope to reach
nr stations before March. On leaving
Stanifliai our party wiil adopt Chinese cos
tumes. We are having much amusement
as one after another apitear in celestial hah
iliments. Missionaries in port cities do not
do this, bat it is thought wise for interior
workers as helping to get near the people
and relieving us from mucii notoriety in
part where foreigners are seldom sepri.
Wo find the costumes extremelv comforta
ble and not unattractive though the styles
here differ much from the pacific coast.
Shanghai is an inlerrstins city, heing
the bniest emporium ot the eat and hav
ing a large foreign population.
English so that we havo not only l?en in-
tereated in obnerving Chinese but English
customs as well Few horses are used for !
moving cargoes. Coolies with polo or j
arrows with large wheels have a iuouoih
ly. Many natives prefer these also for pas
senger trans jHrtat ion, the JinrikUha which
is common in the tort tow ns. The picture
of tie b ind and warehou&o sections is most
The journey up the river, above Ichaulg
promises to be very romantic and 1 hope to
have time from the study of Mundorin, to
tell Albany friends something of our exper
iences With the harW fall of gunboats, things
are quiet hereof court, but we do not ap-,
prehend that it will Ins otherwise in the in-1
terior. Most of .the si-are people have,
heard so much about haa been originated ;
by tne progressive newspaper repr rter.Jwlo
was scarce of news. The great mass ot the
Chinese never heard of tioary or his great !
counUy. Of course we exju'ct our people at
home to behave themselves and treat China
iind her subjects in America as they would
be treated.
Our address will lie Luchau. care of Local
Fost Hankow, and we hope Albany fritndrf
will not let us forgot what a U S postage
stamp looks like.
1 have been looking anion-ly for the ly
to deliver mv evening Dkmoch.vt for a
month, but in vain hope, get one at Han
kow. Very Truly,
Uko. W. Him..
Will & Strk, M p-weltr
If von want a tine amokc call for Jotriih.t
white labor cigar,
The berJrot oo3ee in the city t CVmad
Miyr t.
Hodges ft MjKnnt, tho ludiu dru
tor. Albany, t.
Will & Stark's large line of silver ware
has crtated great deal of talk.
IV.ronize home industry by smoking th'
celebrated white labor cipan, nMiicfactured
by lu'ius Joseph.
The O K Grubber U fold on trial. To
try one doe not mean vou are rem pel led
to bur. Mft'd by Jas. Fin.ey & oks,
Tim Things W Eat
very largely make us what we are.
No thought can pass through the
mind without leaving ome effect,
however slight. Many alight im
pressions, In time, make mighty
changes. It's the same with lliV
body. Abuse It with poor food
and take the consequences.
For purity and certainty In groceries
and b.iked goods, 'go to l'arker
Iiif.Chisksk Ju st do. more ex
cuse for sending vour washing" to Celestials
Uiehards A' Philips will now do plain fam
ily washings fur tho astonishingly low
price of 20 cents per doztn. This breaks
tho record, and should bring every citizen
of Albany into line. Stand by white labor
and patroniie home industry. I'nder this
arrangement there must be a fu.l dozen to
rount. It is to bo hoped thero is not a
single resident of the city who sends out
washings, who will not patronize the Al
bany Steam Laundry.
An Ai.banv
Worth natronizlm? Is that
of ill A Mark, l'hey cairv the finest
ncot silverware, watches, c ocks and
welry generally In the valtcv. and snt-
.bcloty prices are always given tor the
superior quality of goods they keep In
siock. evvr uuy without calling cn
LobI. On First Btreet between, Jack
con and Ferrv, Mondav evanine, n dark
tan jacket cuff. Finder leave at this
Aite nnderitinc.I. nro
printer of the Plorer House desires to inform
the public that he has reduced the price of
bmru without 1 lgg to jj 3 per we-k, with
Induing $ iier'wtoU, Sinirlo mmU 25 oentB.
The public is invited to call as I keep Rood
bda and et a flood table. Have lirwood for
.io. corner iut isroutlalhin and W atr
treots. J H sJkkakpa
C E Biownel! grocery store i Increas
inf in nopularltv. He carries a fine stock
tn a light room, easily acceisible and
gives bargains. Next door to the P O.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Word s Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
BURMEISTEIt. At her home in Bilyeu,
Den, on January 111, 1894, of lagrippe, Mrs
YYilhehmna Ifurmeister, aged years,
months and 1 day.
Grandma Burmeister was born in Wurt-
emburcr. (lennanv on Octolwr 1811:
cume to Philadelphia in l$2ti; was united
im niarriage to Henry Burmeister Oct 10,
18&. and came to Orecon in 1854. She
was the mother of seven children four
sons and three daughters. She leaves a
husband, two sons and threo daughters to
mourn her loss. rrcss.
It (HEN.
MEYER. On Saturday morning, Jan
20. 1R94, to Mr and Mrs Geo C Meyer,
a boy, their second son. All doing well.
Notice is hereby clvnn that the ho. ml
meeting of IheH'twkl.oldaranf the Alhau
Kni uinir end l.omn AnHoriaiion win n
hnhl on FrUlav. Feb 11. 1891 at he hou
of 7:S0 p in of nabl dav, In lUnk of
Oregon building In 4lbny, l inn County
Oreeon, for tho purnoHn of Mlectlnir nine
diroctors mid threa auditors to nerve lor
the term of one y ar next ensuing from
uaid uieetinie. and until their Bueoftsaors
ars elected and qualitiel and to trunaet
nueu other nusiu as uiay ome uclur
thn ftsaociation.
Dons bv ordiar of slri Association tun
Win day uf J i'u ry. iwh.
S r re U r y . f res i d en t .
w OST. A .Terser ralr b'anx wlLh wnlM
I j no ie, from licraoe Krouian' f'in,
near Albany.
'If religious beliefs perplex you, and
Vou detr a faith at once reasonable and
uplifting, aend for free liberal reifelons
reading te postoDice mission, 346 Yam-
li Street, Portland, Or.
The war to do It Is to take vour wash
ing to the Chinamen. If you want your
orts wen done at living prices take It to
Richard & Phillip Steam Laundry.
Th-y know how without banging them
around a pe'e.
Tei.l Everybody I have turnips at
twenty-five cents per bushel and potatoes
at forty cenis per bushel at my old stand
or delivered to any part of the city for
nre cenis aaaiiiuitai ptr uuanei. ror
further particulari sfe me at the cross
railroads east end cf the ci'r on sixth
street. AlvikJ Carothrrs.
A special meeting cf No is will be held
Monday evening to consider the matter
Ot rmova as ordered by the council. A
full attendance Is desired.
Clean towels toevr ctmomer at Viereck
ihiviog parlors.
Bitk at Vierecits shzviog aod hair
n ptrl
Bv using Hill' Hair Renewer, far,
fadeu or dUco'od hair assumes the naiu
ra! cior of vouih, and gtows luxuriant
and ftrong. pleasing everybody.
- 1 mmm
Sea tl t New Improved Sirjtr wirjj fra
ch':r.. Tha ht is a'wsvs hn chttytrt
WSwden, accnt. Offiji a;K M au h
ewflry store
Honss Cleaner Gartaerana
Gsceral Jotter.
V.jcanint, ni?wa.ilnfe r-d
Window .
Call it Boot n'ick 8'lnJ l LkiJ'Ii'i I parlora.
fANTF.D.-A cnnil funlly who will
f tnknaulrl 12 of a and rear
aaone of the fami.y. Call at Hi i rllice.
TIOll S LE -21 ha-e t.f Albany e!eo
t'ictilit !iw"c ihs ImV. .livi.len.l
psviiiK .I'iJ'c ia tliil vilt. G icj'iire at
11114 OM1C9
liritUh predominate nnil tliiiiff :
; unite
Notice :s hereby eiven to the leaal voters
of Sthoc I District No. 5, cf Lion Count v.
State of Orecon, that a special schcol o eet-
iog of the aaid district vill be held a the
Court House, A I ban v, Oregon, on the 30th
dy ot January, 1804 at" o'clock in the
afterroon. for the followioii ol jcta:
To levy a tax for the inpport of ire achoon
of said dis'rict (r the eruuioa yea-, und to
p7 the interest on the ditrictdebt.
Dated this Kith day of Jto, iS'Jl.
C H Stewart
D.-strict Clerk. J K WEATiimroao
I, ha; r man tloaid of Directors,
Stationery. Toilet Artbles. Musics
Instri:menf3. tie.
EodQs i McFarlanfl,
T'- Tornei Dru Siorf,". A:bn,ci
New Advertisements.
The continual tucces&ian at hni!.. nlm.
plea, and eruptior.. from which many Buf
fer, Indicates an Impure state of the blood
ine most eucctlve rcmedv is AVer's Sir.
naparllla. It expels the poison
through the natural channels, am! leave.
tne skin clean and clear.
ing but buyers. They will
come, liiey will be satis
fied. They will buy at
asked to
are shown
Visitors are
goods to CONVINCE them
that wo are leading tho trade
HOES etc.
If you want VALUE FOR
YOUR R.GNEY call onus.
Yours Truly
Kead, Peacock A Co,
Flour anfl Feel Store,
Have removed their (tore to opposite
the Hies House, and have on b.tnd a full
stock of
Cmtom chopping done.
Jewel Stoves
and Ranges
Best On
Matthews Washburn.
tlOUNtY WAN" AN TN-Bought
J sold by 11 F Mnill.
'( i'e. oil.i, pointid. In lnn'ihi
for uto I cent a ni:e. Cull at Farry
WANTED PunhirK Lanv:r of Rood
titer. L-heral iltv and rxin"
paid frceklv; pTmanent ( (iit'on. Iti'UWN
littJS. tv., Auraeriineu. I'orl tod vre-
WASTED. A family In town or
oonnirv who will laKe a hoy twelve
years of ae who wants to gn to school
and do cborlng takinte care cf cow or
iorn jn j-ay pari oi aeepi"K. a
rfhjuble amount In addition will he
paid b? hi father for hi care anl keep
uifr. Fartiea will cli at thii otnee.
idir telling the greatest kitchen uter.
11 ever Invented. Retail 'or thtrty-flvt
cents. Two to six can be sold In every
house. Millions told in this country alone.
uon t miss the greatest opportunity ever
known to make money, easl'.y and qutcklv.
Sair.ple sent, pottage prepa'd for five cents.
McMakin ic Lo., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Poultry anlJFisl MM.
BrOEualbin, Ictmwn Second anil Tbinl Stf .,
foullrT, Fisli, Oysters, Clavns
Cunie in Season.
ET.rj thing nil and frtsli. Civ. tit a tall
Tliellcut Rhpes
$4 and S3.SO Dress Shoe.
83.50 Police Shoe, 3 Soles.
$2.60, $2 for Worklngmen.
S2 and SI.75 for Boys.
S3, 82.60 $2, $1.70
CAUTION. If anj rtal-
Tr yon W. I., nouwlaa
ahora fit m rod uml iirico
or say he nan l lie in wimi
ins n nine itwiipi
ib bnttum, pill hbn
dowa m fraud
W. L. DOUCLAfi Shoes are atvlish. easy fittlnir, and civc better
aatlsfactiun at the prices advertised than any other make. Try one pair and be con
vinced. The stamping of W. L. Douplaa name and price on the bottom, which
guarantees their value saves thounnd of dollars annually to those who wear them.
Dealers who push the sale of W. L. DoitIaa Shoes gain customers, which hctps to
Increase the sales on their full Hue of gomK. Thy c-rtn nr7'rri to f-n nt n pmftt,
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