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NO 207
A Racking Cough
-Cured by Ayer'a Chorry Foe'., oral.
Mrs. P. D. Hall, 217 Oncssee 3t.,
Lockpoit, Js. V.f says :
"Over thirty years ago, I remember
' bearing my father describe tlio wonder-
ful cnmtivo ril'.Tts or Ayer's Cherry
, Pectoral. Ji;rittg a recent uttnck of La
Grippe, which assumed the form of a
" catui'i-li, soreness of the lungs, uceom
, panied by an ojignivatiiiR cough, I
lifted various remedies and prcseriptions.
While some of theso medicines partially
alleviated the roughing tin ring the day,
, none of them affonli'd mentiy relief from
,: that spasmodic action of the lungs whii h
would seize ine the moment I attempted
to lie down nt night. After ten or twel o
such nights, I was
Nearly in Despair,
and had about decided to sit up all night
in my easy chair, &:ul proeuro what
sleep I could In that way. It then oc
curred to mo that I had a lioltlo of
1 Ayer's Chorry Pectoral. I took a
spoonful of this preparation in a little
. water, and was able to lie down without
coughing. In a few moments, I full
asleep, and awoke in tho morning
greatly refreshed and feeling much
. better. I took a teaspoonful of th 3 Pec
toral every night for a week, then grad
- ually decreased tho dose, and in two
: weeks my cough was cured."
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
'; prepared by Dr. J.C.Ayvr & Co., Lowell, Maps.
: Prornptto act, sure tocure
ijo. M jMcF&rlsuMf.
p DKALKIt in -:-
taess-and-Saddler j
Display xh in the Door
Druggists and Booksellers
Agent for John B. Aider's publll Mot
(Moll we sell at publisher' prior v,iib
- jetoadarM.'
for Infants
THfRTT ream' obnerrnH" Jji?rijrltj!falH5g
It in onqtnlina'b1r thn liott rnmotly f.? I-ai'ftnt and Children
the world hi ever hnnxra. It in hnnuleiw. Children llh It. It
gtve, them health. It it their lire.. In It Mother, have
.omethlng which hol.telT .nf-; o-nd iiraetlcally pnrfeot .
child', medicine.
Ctorla "r Worm..
Ca.torln ollay.FererI.hnou.
Ca.torla prevents Tnrgitlnf; S"nr Tr.-d.
Caaterla enro. Dlarrhma and Wind CoT'.p.
Ca.torla relievo. Teething Troiili!e.
Ca.torla enre. Conitlnatlon and Tlatnleney.
Caaterla centralize, thn offect. of crhnnlo add ga. or pol.onon. ate.
Carter! doe, not contain morphine, oplnm. or other nareotlc property.
Ca.torla n.tollatcahoerrt nJ pow1'
giving healthy and stoeTi.
Cytoria 1. pnt np la one-lr pottle, only. It 1. not told In tnlh.
Don't allow any onotoaell ronnnythlng el.e on the plea cr proml.e
thatltl"Jn.t a. good" and"will an.wef erery pnrpo.e
Bee that yon get C-A-S-T-O-K-I-A.
The fao-sbnil;
9 ef -
Children Cry for
"As old as
tlio hills" and
never excell
ed. "Tried
and proven"
is the verdict
o f millions.
Liver Kegu
T lator is tho
C only Liver
J-JOHLs umi Kiduey
medicino to
which you
can pin your
faith for a
cure. A
mild laxa
tive, and
purely veg
. etable, act-
Ti'JJ inS directly
ll n the Liver
A ttlO and Ki(i.
ney.s. Try it
Sold by all
Druggists in Liquid, or in Towdor
to be taken dry or made into a tea.
Tlio King of Liver Medicines.
" 1 Imvo used j'ourSlmnions I tvrr Rcfru
intor unci can I'oiiKt-ieutioUKly suy It Is the
Jcitiffof all liver im-rih'lueK, 1 cotiMlUcr It a
medicine chest hi Itself. UJo. 'V. JACK'
hun. Tucoma, Washington.
1. tlio Z Stamp In red on wrnperw
Of DesJ Mq.qc, low, vri't-i uuder drto o(
J March 23, .S93:
S. B Mr.u. Mfc Co.,
Dufur, Oregon.
Gentlemen i
On arming bnie ksfc week, I fourdall
well and anximi'ly aV4ttioi. O ir little
jiil, e nht and wn'-h. It warn old, who had
Md ted uway to ,"S pout'ds, m i.w well,
st i on n huiI viyt.ruu, Mid well fleshed a p.
U. Crush Turn handle it work well.
8:ihofth chilidcn like ir. Your S H.
i't'utihCuru Uat cared and ki-pt nway aM
hiurjcnvM from me. So jive it to asrj
T;et with gre-tinga fr nil. VVJohing ou
fncpeii y, uo aie
your:', ATh & Mma J F Fori.
If you wish to fmil iicbh ati.t cheerful, and -efti1y
for the. Sprinir' work, clemino yimr Hntetn w(th tli
Headache and tAvn Cure, bv iakiti two or tlirM
lutwa each wnvU.
' 10 ccntd pr bottlo by all dniwiitf .
Bo. J uiiileija pot I live puaraatee l,y
Wnuuiso Invitavioss.
Vv'oodcn, Tin,
Bilver, Golden
Common every day.
and Children.
lit on Try
Pitcher's Castoria.
While It Is over thirty year. neo .Ince
AllcocW i Porou. Plasters were first Intro
duced to tne medical profession and pub
lic, the marked iuccess tnd unprecedented
popularity which they met with not only
continues, but steadily Increases No
olher plasters have been produced which
gain so many teslimonlals of high value as
those continuously accorded !o Alcock'.
Porous Plaster., and the onlv motive for
these exceptional tributes lies in fact of
their being a medicinal and pharmaceuti
cal preparation of superior value. Addi
tional proof of the true value of Alcock's
Porou. Plasters lie. In the fact that they
are being; largely Imitated by ursciupu
ous persons, who sack to deceive the pub
lic by offering plasters which they claim
to ae the 'same,' -equal, 'as good,' 'better,'
best rorous plaster,' rtc, w hile it is In
general appearance only that Ihey resem
ble Allcock's. Kvciy one of tho so-called
porous plasters are Imitations of Alcock.s
Porous Plasters.
Avoid dealers who attempt to p ilm oft
inferior and worthies, platters that are
puichased by them at low rate for the
purpose of subttitutlon.
i:niiiln orilir pklu C ured
Ed Venney, Urockyilie, Oi.tario, Canada
says: '
"I have used Iirandreth's Pills for the
past fifteen years, and think them the best
cathanic and anti-bi.lious remedy known.
Korsome five years I suffered v. Iih an
eruption of the skin that gave me great
pain and annoyance. I tried different
blood remedies, but, although gaining
strength the. Ilching was unrelieved. I
finally concluded to lake a thorough course
of Brandeth's Pills. 1 took six each night
for nights, then five, four, three, two, ies
foning each time by one, and then for one
month took one every night, with the
happy result that now my skin is perfect
ly clear and has been so ever since."
Bcir I'nilsc.
Self praise is no recommendallon, but
there are not times when one must permit
a person to tell the truth about himself
v hen what he sais is supporled by the
test Imonv of others no reasonable man
w 11 doubt bis word. Now, to say that
Allcock s Torous Plaiters are the only
genuine jnd reliable porous plasters made
is not self praise In the (lightest degree
They have stood tne test for over thirty
years, and in proof oi their merits it is onlv
necessary to call attention to the cures
they have effected and to the voluntary
testimonials of those who have used them
Bcwaie of imitations, and do not be de
ceived by misrepresentallon. Ask for
Allcock's, and let no solicitation or expla
nation induce you to accept a substitute.
Olives In BuTiTT" aerirTut, mixed
' ckle., chow chow, cranberries, lemons,
naked 1 i, rr.l.iv, and n: w raisins at C E
Shil.ih s Vi-.alizer :, wr,at y,jU ntcj f(.r
dyspepsia, torpid liver, yellow skin or kid
ney troul.le. It is miarantead toV, .,
satiHAi.inn P.:-.. -K- li .i i'i r. . 1 r
tuaaoc. v
The Uenulue Auil The Klinm.
Everv irood thlnr. i,i, n. i... i
, , ,(vt ,.(u.
llatorsjevery genuine article its counter-
lens. l tie Imitators ulnav. choose the
most valuable and popular ankle lo
uiumcneu, so that when they claim their
genuine irerlt of the thing It copies and
never naj ints Deen better Illustrated than
by the Imitations of Allcock's Porous
Allcock's Porous Plaster is the standard
of ev.cellcncc the world over, and Its Im
itators In their ciy thai theirs Is "as eoid
js Allcock's ' are only emphasizing this
fact and admitting "Allcock's" to be the
acme of peifec'.lon. which it Is their high
est ambition to Imitate. The difference
netween the genuine and Ihcse imitations
which copy only general appoiraricc, is as
wide as that between copper and gold.
The Onlv safe :iV f,,r nn.rh,.... i.
always insist upon iiavini. Ali.-.w-l,'. w
rus plasters. Thev ore the onlv nerf-ci
plasters ever produced.
IVnnj Hlse and Pound Foiill.h.
The man or woman who dn.s rmt
port thdonn home paper can be proner-
y c'asied as"pennv wise and nsnn.i ii
Ish." It brlnej, (,.r Instance, to nnr ,1 ....
opportunities for .editing the bet bar-
m cveryinint. u you want em
ployment, then we ar-slst vou. That re.
minds as that the advertisement nf It F
o hnson & Ui, Richmond, Vn, in another
iiumoinav prove ol real Interest and
aiue to vou.
Buckingham's Dv. fnr tl,e U'hl.l.... a
it.!ork thoroohlv, adoring . uaifotm'hrown
nrhlsek. union, whend-y, will neither rob.
wuh off, nor toil linen.
1 nousand. of lives are saved annnnit. h.
the use of Aver'. Pectoral In th.
of croup and whooping co-tgh, ihe Pectoral
s m :uubi marver u. eitcct, itallay. in
amn.atloii, frees Ihe oustructd air n,.,.
h.iu ... . B uc.irc to COUgll,
Dr. Prlce'i Cream Ba'iing Powder
Most Perfect Made.
Alhanr narl.i.
VhPn 4.1;.
Cim. S5
I "nitr, 4 01.
-utter 'm.i.
I-'kr- -''
!.4(it n' to i r
F irn lirtrtf- lito
. . 11 to lc
uo 4
A i , 4
I''!'' I f- llli I''I
Vi.i ire;
........ . ur a8 goo or ,,, $ame
as "So and-So's," the public may depend
upon it that .'So-and So's" article is the
u. liic tinu, ine uhflm
Arrest. Ordered.
WasiiixuTox, Jan 7. The tariff hill
will occupy Oie atiention of the house du
rln? the coming week. After four Am of
fruitless effort to secure tho presence "of u
voting democratic quoruai, the house ad
opted, just before adjournment, liio ex
ireme expedient of ordering the nrivst of
all members absent without leavo. Dep
uties were ent out in all directions last
night to serve warrants on 40 members ab
sent wHiout leave 21 democrats and 11)
republicans. The democratic leaders ex
press themselves as confident 17U voting
democrats will be in iheir scats when the
gavel drops at noon.
A Klulit Encounter
New York, Jan 7 Harold Frederic
cables the Times from London: Suddenly,
and if not from a clear sky, at least from
an unexpected quarter of the lioriztiu, a
lightning Hash has startled Kuropo. There
has been some strange night encounler be
tween Kngli.h and French forces in the
Lush up the river in the Niger valley in
that vague hinterland between Sierra Le
one and NncgaiubiA. Three well-known
joung lOnglish ollicer., with 10 black
soldiers in flritisii uniforms, have been
killed by French weapons. This is resent
ed. Hill a Vjsteiy
CmCAtio. Jan 7. - A special to lite Inter
Oceitn from San Francisco stys ilia revenue
cutter Corwin is still anchored off San
fluentin and all efforts to approach Iter nie
proving futile. A etory has gained cur
rency today that among those on board is
-Minister Willis, who has been given his
passport by the provisional government of
Hawaii, and took the earliest opportunity
to leavo the scene of his efforts as a diplo
mat. This story, like that afloat yester
day that the Corwin had prisoners on board
has but a circumstantial foundation,
rrencrred Death
San FnAXfisoo, Jan 7. A sensation a
murder occurred hero this afternoon. Harry
G Pool, a young man well known about
town and of a well-to-do family, was Bhot
and almost instantly killed by Mrs Rhat
luck, the acred mother of Kstrnllia Shut.
tuck, a young and pretty chorus girl nt the
Tivoli opra house. She severed her con
nection with tho Tivoli company last night.
Young Pool was summored to Miss Shat
tuck's home on Stevenson slroot this morn
ing, where tho girl's mother met him and
demanded that he marry Miss Shaituck nt
once. Pool refused, and Mrs Shaituck put
a pistol to his temple and shot him dead.
A C'l.lld Knjojr,
The pleasant flavor, gentle action onu
spoihing eifect o r up rit Figs, when in
need of a laxative, and If tlie father or
mother he costive or bilious, the most
gratifying resuhs follow its use; so that it
Is the best family temedv known anil
every f imllv slnuld have a bottle.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Fure Qrapn Cream of Tartar Powder.
Experlrnctj iran I'vf Iinnipton
Athletes and man who take ordincrv
outdoor exercise such as walking, running,
u.uji-ic iuinik, .i"""pinu, swim mint, tennis,
elc, are often the Ruhj(.ct of acute troub
les, ine experience ot nn ex-champion
walker will he of interest to nil who arc
afflicted. Hairy lirooks wtllcp:
"No. 34 Kast i9h St., New York,
April 2, 1SS6. Numerous .statements
relative lo the merits of different rlnslera
having been brought to my nttentlon. I
uke thU opportunity to state that 1 have
used A 1 1 cock's Porous I'hbters for over 20
enrs and prfff r ihent to any vhrr kin;).
1 would iurlherTrre ti t' 1 v. in verv
lick with caiarrh of the i-Hnpy, and attri
bute my rt-coverv entirely lo Allcock's
l'orous Plaster, '
Nc better piep.irition fr,r the hair ha
er Leen iniM-a-id than A ver's Hair
Vii!r. It rRtorcs the orudnal co'or to
faded and pniv h.ilr, ami linnar'a tliat
natural k'c " anil f chne-:, evryone o
mil h admfiv). i rttnna!lin w-)i!d
Dr. Price's Cream ranking Powder
Forty Year thd 5t; -. r3.
Yr:t, Y J Vt t fi 1 Mt line o
i .ties tr Niiitin s In the stati at WR
Oihhain'iJ.wiu'rc he has a tailor with few
equals on hand to muke thtn up on short
notice. Liet t tic b.-st ana most. stylih
suits of him, A new feature will be" the
tr.rikinn of Indies clr-ak to onier, or the
al'ciini of c ihs to the lates' style", i.rtl
ne repainni; (i cin-tKs, i-rics An hot-
ton, ones.
When lUTy 01 sick, wo fravo her Pastorla.
Tion tho was a Child, she cried for CxstorU.
Wlien sho bwame '.ba, sli clung to CastortA,
iTucn she liad Clitldreo, she gavu Uiom Catori
AwarHed Highest
PJ" i I
Highest of ail in Leavening
Our readers do not need to be told what
tho Century Magazine is. It is a great
work in any sense. For ISM it will lie
greater than ever, 2000 p;u;es of choico lit
erature with 1 000 iMustra'ions. Thore will
lie a new novel by Mark Twain, important
expeditions, hunting of fiervo game, nrlists
adventures, tramping with tramps, unpub
lished essays of .lames Hussell Lowell, etc.
The St Jwehuias isthe prince of children's
magazines, the best of all of them. A feat
ure of tho 18114 number will bo Tom Sawyer
Abroad by Mark Twain, a natural history
series, n series on American authors, stories
of lndia by lludyard Kipling, recollections
of wild life, pipers on tho government and
some beautiful serial stories, as well as the
famous Brownies.
Tho price of the Century is 35 cents a
number, $4.00 a year; of St'Nicholas, $3.00
a year. Any sibscrilier of the Dkmociut
in good standing may secure the Century
for $.1.50 or tho bt Nicholas for $1!.60, by
leaving tne money ni tins othec. Wewil
do the rest.
People who hav. tiled it, say that there
is no hotter medicine for dyspepsia than
Ayet's Sarsaparilla. It iniy not give one
the the stomach ot an ostrich, bnt it bo
strengthens the alimentary organs that
drgt'stioi of'crdinary food bi-conic. easy and
t;unn.nreedto cure nidous Attadiaan
" o nion. Smalt IJUe Ik ct:.
I'roved (o bo lite llesl.
Tested and proved by over thirty years
use In all parts of the world, Allcock's Por
o'is plasters have the Indorsement of the
highest medical and chemical authorities
and millions of grateful patients who have
been cured of distressing ailments volun
tarily testify lo their merits,
Allcock's Porous Plasters are purelv
vegetable. They are mild but effective,
sure and quick in liicir actlo.i, and abso
utely harmless.
Beware of Imitations, and do not be de
ceived by misrepresentation. . Ask lor
Allcock's, and let no solicitation or expla
nation induce you to accrnt a substitute.
A Iiood i'i, an. It is a good plan to
ubeciibe for and read carefully your own
nome rnper, as it ib the aim ot this paper
to make it an educational factor In the
community. Besides that, if vou are out
of a job, or wish to increase your Income,
men Mere i tne place o tind ir. In 1 column vou will find an advertise
ment 01 Ji f Johnson tS Co, of Richmond.
va, ior workers, lht may Interest you
W hatever may be Ihe cause of blanch-
Int:, the hair miy be n-slored to its orM.
nal color by Ihe usi of that potert remedy
tlall. V..r,',UI- Ulotltnn I f-.- n
Onn S.rsul mia 11.40; vrv nivt t for
jriiKt.j L.urtf, t-ie nrnit ciuh nnn enn:p
cU'e, in Hnlti hy us, IViukt t size cttitnmit
wenty-livn dosi'F,'inly 2jo. Chililren I ,
Ofti ay A Mson.
vve orefctiil Ktj.itug J)re goods and
Ca eand Jnrkeu at greatly redoced prices
n, r dsn. vv invliu yon to examine Id
Red, I'i'mcocI; ti Co goods and prices,
At TiM,fs do ou ever console
the quality of the f od vou are eating? It
may pomi. it intent ue bwiter,
fresher and more wholesome, Ii
1. not
worth win c loni tke sure that you lea,
.-oiTee, in 11 r, baked coodi and Intiurnera
bleother Kr"cerfH ate of Ihe best quality ?
l l-.creis such a trhltnu difference In the
prices of the tK-st and the wnr-'. ha
does not psv to buv the wort-t,-veii on the
faitse gimno of supt used econoin The
best ts a! way 4 the cheapest, because the
mojtt satlf;trtnrv inid durahle.and the very
'": r'i i'inii in uic tjrutcry line
kept at l'aiker Ilroi
When a doctor
considers It necessary
tl-a, he simply orders
i rowing full wcllihut
hv a surer and purer
v olher which the druc
to prescribe sarsnp;
a bottle of Ayer'f,
ie Mid obtain thn
preparation than 1
stove can furnlth,
ttie superior meillci
ycr's Sarsaparlna Is
To nlrl Direst : tt -. ko cine Small Ilile DeQ
Mtui-etitii.u. J"V.-. i r lioutc
Honors World's Fair.
Power Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
err. iieke
l'.iker liros, grocers.
F. M. French keeps railroad time.
Hay your groceries of Parker Broa
Pia. gr03rioi at ConuV
iijiv oream oheeae just tooeived at Conrad
P J Smiley job printer, Flinn Bloek, dooa
first class work.
Smoke the cnlobratcd Havana filled 5 oent
oigar at Julius Joaoph's.
Dr M II Ellis, tihyaiotan and surgeon
Albany, Of n. lilU nu ll la otb ;or
oountry .
For pity's sake, don't growland grumble
because you are troubled with indigestion.
No good was ever effected by snarling and
(letting, lie a mm (unless you happen to
be a w oman), and lake Ayer's Sarsparllla,
which will re'.levo you, whether man or
A Natural Food.
Conditions o f
the system arise
when ordinary
foods cease to
build flesh
there is urgent
need of arrest
ing waste assistance must
come quickly, from natural
food source.
cert s Emulsion
is a condensation of ihe life
of all foods it is cod-liver
oil reinforced, made easy of
digestion, and almost as
palatable as milk.
Pr.ri.n-fl tip RoottA Itown.. If. V. All drtlfririrta.
81.00 por Bottle!"
Tnra Orbat Cor;oriurRu promptly cur .
wtieto oil olhera fail, CouRha, Croup. Bora
Throat, HoarBness, whooping Cough and
Asthma, i'or Consumption It uaa no rival:
lias cured thousands, end will cunu too if
tnkeniu tlmo. hy Dnuria on a guar
niiteo. )ir n, Luroo Uaeli or CliBt, use
ntft vim C ' ilnrrh 7 Tlilta rrmnilv ! cninrnn-
toudtQcuriyou. lVlce.CJcta. Xiijuctur free.
Caallf. Quickly.
?(jfmapeni;j ftsblortKl.
ts-iii? iTY.
fi'Kl all (le trul:i nr
!r'i... H it i ,uM,rl.: t
t. of
rwonKM ruiiii. U'.-khioh poh -sit .
AfTl RAtf rKfl WMX.
v ii, n v
irsr.r ,
AS. i l LlFIr!' rf'.i'l T'.i'V
j:. -j
t n m. u ("' 'v.--e.. ti.. ,.
flYJ v w Full.tiei .1.'.
X Ii' itc 'l iineiit an.l nr.
! I1 r.'vi II lu.M'rjrt it;c.i PliJ
itVrir p-iri-ii f t?-
Iff f hi l;!ii'lil.Ptlln.lnpUii-:i.
1 1 'll 1 ln-Mi'ftlnt"linlir.ei
.lV K VI K.-ltiirefm-!!.
'" 1 V. t','"i ri-f.Tiric. J.iU.
LiVpttv.V, r.t'tti.rt-in .- it
i)1- laulli-4 (icalrdj t.-e. .
5SV ourrAto. n.v.
!- f nn f, f,
Hr-ij's dr? i
!Tr- Cr.-..
Xo Alum
of Home5;
.10 Vr. :!k;