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gr.tlu gemorriti
ZZ01VXZ3 iiu abroad:
ab!'nlul o.-jry ay in tha week
except Sunday.
rr'HSiMTTIM. Edito.-saud frop'r
Kniered at Ihn Poi.t (WW at Albany
uregoD, as .econa oiaia man mailer.
JIXIlPV 5 1894
Wiio Was Ciiazv. Sunday evemnpr a
(.'3iitltm i"i fronOtho S.intiiuu ntipt-ared a
tliWeriiX's otlieo and swore out a warrant
t Uiirtfin a man named Harper, t if that
( Oiintry with insanity, says tlie Salem Independent-
On Monday Morn in a oSp
uty sheriff left for the location armed with
a warrant fur Hari-er'n arrest. Lite this
afternoon lcputy sheriff Cooper returned
from the Santiam with Harper and he
proved to be ft very sine man. He said
that he conld not understand why he should
be charged with insanity and Ijolievod it to
be tho work of an enemy. Harper was
brought before Judge Hubbard, examined
and immediately disuhanrcd. Ho was
without a cent to pay his faro back home,
and for the great injustice done the man
Judge Hubbard allowed him 5 out of the
county fund to pay his expenses back to
his home on theHantiain.
The entire costs should be "taxed up" to
to the complaining witness, who should be
made to serve it out in jail if necessary.
t lo. ot h j ij i ! I fji-.iU r
enquire at the Ladies Bazaar.
One of Joe Mjers teams ran awny thU
afternoon far the, firtt ilrnt In ;venl days.
The KIwocd wai at Albanv to-djy.
Beu I'ost, a former Albany ouni man.
is ateward of this boat.
Hard lime prices. Columbia smelt
cents per pound and salmon 8 ,cenu per
pounu ci xiyaes .artiei. j
Lebanon pays the Electric Light A
Water Co 9120 a montn. Her receipts
last year were $1684, expenditures. $:iuJ,
Thin or gray hair and bald Vaas, so
displeasing to 'many people as matkgof
age, mny be averted lor a long time by
u-ing Hall's Renewer.
The populist meeting eppott.ted for
Saturday evening at the Court House ha
been postponed on account of the speaker
expected for the occasion being sick.
A debating societyhas been organized
at Tallman with the following officers;
President, Robt (jil on; vice president,
I) Troutman; secretary, Miss Ida Smith.
Meetings are held enc Saturday evening
and are largely attend?;!. The question,
"Resolved, that man Is a creiture of
circumstance' will he discussed at the
next meeting.
C T Wardlow has been reinstated in the
0 loflico at Corvaliis. This is proper. His
liBchanro was as silly a piece- of business as
one oiteii witnesses. Tlie whole affair dis
placed the milksop character of tlie man
Com.i:ie Y M C A. Tlie Colie Y M
0 A convention for Oregon, begun at 3
o'clock this afternoon at tli3 college chapel
with a good attendance of delegates, about
fifty from outside colleges, there being
about ten each from Corvaliis, Eugene,
Salem and Portland, with others from dif
ferent places. More are" expected from
other schools tomorrow. Tonight Kov
ilriver will deliver the address, which
promises to be a treat.
On account of not as many arriving this
noon as were expected entertainment was
not called for from all who promised; but
may be tomorrow.
Piieiwhkd for Jloi.BEKs. The 'Salem
Independent says: A N Hush has given an
order for a piece of ordnance with which to
"do up" any set of meg who may take a
notion to come the James act on the bank
of Ladd & Bush. The. new weapon is a
magazine, Winchester shotgun. It will
hold six shells loaded with buck shot and
tlie six loads can be emptied as quickly as
out of a self cochin? six shooter. The inin
is to l)e cut off so that the barrel will be but
about IS inches long Such a weapon m
the hands of a determined man would
prove a very effective affair, worth a dozen
or two revolvers.
The State Hoard of canalization has ad-
jonrned. It has caused confusion by rais
ing some counties a tew dollars ami lower
ing others, and there is no more equaliza
tion than there was liefore. Linn county
is raised from $9,277,117 to 408,679,
mostly on town lots; Marion count v is
lowered a million; Multnomah a million.
Two millions is ubout what the entire state
is lowered. It is to bo hojied tho next leg
islature curtails this equalization board.
(J.N. Duncan, county Jmltrc; Win. Rumbaugh
and J. W. l'ujita, CotomUwioiitsra.)
H E Caden. roads, 822.70, ordered paid.
Report of O Hutlcr, dist 37 37. bill $80.
BVCrow, acct poor. $19.20. ordered
Settlements were had with the road
pervisors and appointments made as fol
Xew Bill Allowed
F M Kiger 8 20.00
M Shakleford 20.00
A Dakota Tltkkv. The Lebanon Ex
press tells the followinir: Mrs G W War-
net and daughter returned last Saturday
from tho east, I hiring their absence they
visited the world's fair, remained a short
tunc in Minneapolis. Minn, and Ipswich,
S D. They also visited Conway. N V.
where Mr Warner is buying wheat. They
brought with them a turkey frozen under
tne average climate 01 isortn i'akotu, to
wit, 33 degrees below zero. And when it
got here, it was still frozen. The Warner
and oiowe family ato it and say Oregon
turkeys aro preferable.
Ax Important Tiui Chas Clark, the
new receiver of the Oregon Pacific, and W
K Crosby, will leave tonight for fcan Fran
cisco, to make arrangements to settle the
affairs of tho road at that city, and if pos
sible get the release of the Willamette Val
ley, so it can begin making regular trips.
The result will be watched with interest in
connection with the road. Mr Clark has a
big task on his hands to get the road
into a resectable financial condition. It is
to be hoped lie succeeds.
Dist Old Sup
3fi Thos Turner
E N Mcuvw
C Carey
Ubbo Peters'
J H Scott
W J Steele
Jas Curtis
WcIIargue reappointed
J A Burkhart J (i Weimar
Thomas Fram reappointed
34 .90
Jns Ware
T F Miller
Frank Smith
W A Thrift
J H Kebham
J Shea
L M Archambean3fi.00
Richard Warner 42.06
M Achesin 40.00
Frank Kirk 30.00
Cai!! ov Thanks. lire A Cohen and
family wish to return their heartfelt thanks
to ninny for kindness nntl sympathy during
tho recent illness mid utter the deatli of
their husband and father: particularly to
the members of the A O U W , who were
constant in their attentions.
The wav to do It Is t"talts yo-jr wash
ing 10 lhe Chinamen. Ifyouwant vour
work well done at living prices take "it lo
Richard & "hllltpS. Steam Laundry.
Thy know how without banging them
around a pole. '
Miss Ilatlie Warner a graduate of the
conservatory connected with Gales Col
lege, Neb, is prepared to give lessons in
vocal and instrumental music to single
pupils or clases, at reasonable terms.
Miss Warner has. had a thorough educa.
ijon and is an experienced teacher Kcr
Rfeienccs are. l'rof H A Shorey, William
4 Prow and Mrs Lee.
A W Standard reappointed 44.00
SIonky Retciined, While walking
down First street this forenoon an honest
man found a bank book containing consid
erable money. It was taken into the bank
for which the deposit was intended, and
the owner, Jlr lodge, was notified before
he had discovered his loss. He rushed to
tlie bank as a man would rush for a train
and found his money all right- It is very
gratifying during these hard times to
know there is one man who will restor
Tub Things Wis Eat
very largely make us what we are.
No thought can pass through the
mind without leaving some effect,
however slight. Many Blight Im
pressions, in time, make mighty
changes, it's the same with the
b?dy. Abuse It with poor food
and take tlie consequences.
For purity ai.d certainly In groceries
and baked goods, go to Parker
The nnde-ricned, pro
prieter rf the rionerr House desires to inform
the puhiie thst he has reduced the priuo of
botrd without lodging to $3 pur week, with
lodyiftc S jerwcek. .Single inssli 20 otnts.
The public is aviti-d to cail sh I keep good
l-ris and et a pitod table. Have tirwonrl for
sale. C:iiTer of !3roadalhtn and Wattr
fltrests. J H A KHAN PA.
Phoenix Arizona. New Years Pay 1804.
Etl'tors Denioatit:
As 1 sit hero in tho open air, this bright
sunny d.'.y. I visit, in mind, many places
and many people. Tho holiday season is
nlways suggestive rt home, nml for me
theie is but one place worthy that name.
From thinking I fell to writing, and. be
hold, a letter to the 1'kmikicat is the
1 have receued a good manv letters of
inquiry nbout this southwestern portion of
our great country and the questions asked
in tlie letters received suggest tlie outline ot
this letter. As to the climate one Gin only
string together a lift of complimentary ad
jectives. This has been. 1 am told, nn tin
usally wet season. Since 1 came hare, Nov
:10th,' it lias rained two nights and a part of
one day and there have been just two
cloudy days. All other days have lieen
sunny and bright from sun up to sun down.
Imairine it! 1'ivmle talking of f. -wet sea
son to an old webfooter when the sunshines
every day a littix bit anil all the time for
twenty-nme days in Hivenilier! In an
averarre season. 1 am told, the sun shines all
day during three hundred and sixty out of
tlie three hundred and aixly-live days of the
year. hero 1 am sitting just now I
think a tberiuoneier would register 71 de
grees and it is 10 o'clock a m. 1 have
iiHi-pr lieen able to learn how hot it does get
here in the summer. Hut 1 havo heard of
tho man who, dying, and feeling sura that
he was doomed to the region of the Fire
I lend in tho world to come, nske,l tnat ne
might go to that region by way of Arizona.
For. s:iva he. ufrer the heat of Arizona 1
sluill b comfortable in tho nlace to which 1
na. The hnniiditv is very low, here. Tha
air is nbsolutelv drv. This make tho in
tense heat tolerable and even pleasant to
some. Tho nights nre nearly always ccol.
and, as in our own Willamette valley, the
heat of a summer day gives way to u cool
and pleasant air at night. Many of the
new comers live in tents the year round and
in summer time every body, nearly, sleeps
out ot uoors.
Phoenix is now the capital of the ierri-
tory and is in tho Salt river valley. This
valley is, as nearly ns I can learn, about one
hundred and twenty-five miles long by forty
mnes wiue. a largo pruioriiuu ui wis
valley is arable. Tho principal feed for
cuttle is alfalfa. Wheat barley, and other
grains gr.iw well. Oranges grow and ma
ture earlier than in any other portion of the
I niteu states, cut my: wniu prices:
Three pounds of apples for twenty-live
cents! Think of it, ye of the land of red
apples! That figures about Si per bus don't
There still remains in this valley consid
erable government land Hut it is going
rapHlly. 1 nave seen on one sine oi me
road as bright, train fields as Oregon
boasts in May while just across the road
every thing is as barren as a desert. t On
inquiry I tind the difference duo to irriga
tion. ' Land is useless without water rights
and hence Rome of the largest interprises
are in the line of canal projects. Land
varies from t'-'5 to $300 per acre according
to location and with tho land usually goes a
perpetual water right. The valley is rapidly
beinir covered with a net work of canals.
On either Bide of the valley is a range of
rough ragged mountains whence the water
flows to tho valley, and whence comes the
cool air of the night.
Money is as easy here ns any place I have
been. It does not grow on trees. Hut it
seems to he tolerably free. ( If conrso in
dustries on a large scale, and which depend
on earstorn and northern capital more or
les3, are feeling the depression tut the
prospect seems to be bright for this region.
There are numerous and neh mines through
this Territory nnd new cnes are being un
covered, lieady money commands good
rat-s. Loans at 18 jwr cent are not infre
quent. Taxes, including city rates, are as
high as seventy mills, and prices arc gen
erallv high for everything. The population
may be divided into two daises. Those
here for health and those hero for money,
and trade proceeds upon the old principle
that in every exchange soniehouy inii3t ue
cheated and some one generally is. Hut af
ter all one may travel a long way and not
find a more whole hearted, genial and gen
erous sec of neonle.
Schools, churches, chantahie insuruiions
and soetotv average well with older com
munities, and there is an abundant field for
all to work upon.
As fine sneciuicn of the Indian as I ever
saw aro in this valley, great big, broad
chested, robust bucks with all the fantastic
features of the pninted warrior nml squaws
lattooeu nuu painieu in last ami luriuus
colors. There aro manv relics of the pre
historic occupants of this valley, and one
can not hut wonder nt the evidences of nn
earlv civilization little lielund that which
now obtains. hence these pontile came
and whither they have gone is the theme
of many a learned end eloquent disqui.-tion
but tho mystery of their being and"
tion remains to bo fathomed.
There is a sprinkling of Moxicans in this
Territo.-y but the population is prodomi
nently American and Phoenix is American
in ever leaturo.
e are havincr todav hv wnvnf a New
Years celebration a field dav of athletics in
the opon air.. A game of baseball hetweea
the lawyers and business mon, foot-racing,
horse racing, bicycle-racing. eerytliink
that is done elsewhere in mid-summer goes
on here in mid-winter under most favorable
There aro other thinra worthv nf nof
perhaps but these I win reserve 'to some
future time. So wishing you, and other
old friends tho compliments of the season 1
Yours very trulv.
$100 IbOTirJ, $ :Ci.
Tlie 'laiUm of till. lisrer w:;i bo y'.easej tft
learn tLal tliere i ut li:i-.t en tli-vuuYil ili-M.-.7-
thai science lis bit-u auie to i--.irv ia all iui
tt-K-'S a."l th-it 1 t'uni h. II ill's C.ll:irrn
Cure is tno only r'--ilnc cu:o now hnuwn to
the mtuR-ui fraternity. I'tuurrh bein,? a con
stitutional tlHuuHt:, retinitis a ct-utiitiitionul
tri-atQl'-ltt.'s Cati'.iYii i::ro is uke n iat.-r-litjly.
Cf'iriT ilin-ctly -.: ;on Ih'j Uoci ami mu
cous iiirici-o-j nf iht s"st'."!i, tnvrcty uVMroylittt
LlC tell cf tht' litHi.-aei1, .!tl(t iiviltl Itio
b-ttii-itt. -tri-nj:lh I y bt!il,tir.:;ui--tltu constiluliuii
anil ast.-;:;:!;' nutjr.i m cloiu its work. The
pojir'tftoT-s have ro tettih faith i:t its curatno
Ik 'A its, titnt ttitv c'.wc line KttnilrtU Dollars
I'-r any case that it aits lo cure. Scud lor
li.'t of testimonial.'.
.-.Jdreas, V. J. CIIKSCY i CO., Tclcio, O.
WEsld b7 lr2ist3. ..-u.
Mr E W Hudley will take up his resi
dence in Corvaliis.
Mr J H Wallace has purchased the gro
cery busines of W T Worley in the Third
ward, and moved to this city from the
Perry and Hoc Conn, John Coon and
Charles Murphy went up the river this
morning duck hunting. A big score is
looked for.
Sheriff Jackson and Pr J t Hill went to
suiem this noon, taking .Mr Chas Svfers,
committed to the asylum. Mr Svfers is
in u bail condition physically as well as
rnvid Fry. foreman of the Kxpress, is
in San Francisco, taking in the Miil-winbr
f-iir. His brother,' who lias been working
on tho Oregon Populist for several months
pas, has come up from Albany to take his
place for a few weeks lhannn F.qpress.
lr K J Thompson returned from Mr
Minnvilte yesterday where he lwrformed
tho niamago ceremony of M L Horris to
Miss Ethel ilellinger. The wedding took
litat-u vesterdav liinmiiiir nnd tlie li:mm
couple will make Imkqtcndt'iice their future
home, where they havo already gone to
iiouse-uecpiiig. uorvallis jiewe.
nuiini t.-iiii:int.
ing but buyers. They will
come. I hey will be satis
fied. They will buy at -On Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock, at the rosiilonco
otthe brides parents in this city, by Hev.
K. H. I'riclmni, Mr Nutlmniel L Galloway
of Salom, anil Miss Cora Leo llarker. Tho
wedding coromony was a very nappy event,
performed in the presence of a good sized
gathering of relatives und friends. Mr
and Mrs tiallowtiy were remembered in a
handsome manner by their friends. A de
licious repast was served. Both are popu
lar young people who deservo the many
congratulations they har received.
tloaking in anticipation of the event the
Salem Independent says: "Nick," as he
is known by his friends, has charge of the
wires of the Western Union Telegraph
company from Portland to Kugene,and is a
jolly fellow; and a tayonto among au ms
iruMius. Hit uniiB is n cituruiiii ) uuiig
lady, who will he to him a true helpmate.
The hannv couple will come to Salem to
morrow, and will take up their residence in
a handsome cottage on South Commercial
New Advertisements.
A'iH iV Stalk, (i iwelft-
7f oa want a Hne ttm kf call for Jom pI) s
wnue inuor cigarr,
The befcroast i(ii!e id tlie city at niad
oy r b.
Hodges it Mul'rini, Ihi leilini; dni
tore, Albany, C.
Will & Stark' laruc Hne nf i'.ver ware
has created s great deal ot talk.
ra.roniza home lndontrv bv amnLinc the
reionratea wnite labor cignvfl, mana;actured
oy lu'ius .foreph.
The O K. Grubber Is cold on trial. To
try one doea not mean you are compelled
10 ouy. turea oy J as. t innev & sons,
li rooks.
Genuine part for all sev Ins machines
also the beat oils, needles, etc,, for all
sew'ng mschlnes, bicvclcs. et;., at E U
Will s music store. Sewing machine and
organs repaired reasonable, and all work
warranted. Needles prepaid by mall 40c
a uozen
Visitors aro not asked to
BELIEVE but are sLown
goods to CONVINCE them
that we aro leading the trade
in 5 1 ArLh AiiSJ FANUY
SHOES etc.
If you want VALUE FOR
YOUR EfoOflEY call on us.
Yours Truly
Read, Peacock & Co,
Last night a small nuw etorm visited
Albany and thli .(tetnoon a .lorm of big
! A. Morris & 0.
Flour and Feel Store,
Have removed their (tore to opposite
the Ru House, and have on hand a full .
ntock of
Cutom chopping done.
WANTED Pmhicg (J.nv.ier of good
dresH. Liberal ..Ury and eTrensfla
paid weoklv; positioa. BHOWN
BKOS. CO., NuraorymeB, Portlanil' Oregon.
Klrl to do (seneral
Iuqulront this olllce.
Ax Axi.nv Max. Wliy? Kwaiuc his
flannels were ret'irnpd to him nil fthrmik
up. Then semi youni to the City Laundry,
thry wash them withr,ut rthrinkin or
making them ronjrh. Sjiecial care with
nre curtains. KcnicmW the place 1st
t opp St Charles.
'If religious belief perplex you, nnd
rou de.lre a faith at once reasonable and
uplifting, send for free liberal reiielcns
reading to pottoHice mlit.lon, 34O Yam
hill (trett, Portland, Or.
Ax Alraxy
Jewelry Store
Worth patrmlzlng I. that
of Will Stark. 'Ihey catrr (he finest
ineof sliver ware, watches," c ocka and
ewclry generally In the valley, and aat
stactory prices are always given for lhe
iipcrior quality of good, ther keep in
tock. Nev.-r buy without callln2 cn
C E Browne!!, the grocer, is in his new
im.t commodious quarters in the 1' O hlock
where he is prepare.1 to give satisfaction to
the hrst class trade of the citv, call on him
for pure grcceries and good treatment.
C lean towels tojev.rr customer at Viereck
shiving parlor..
-..XLV,l,,.,i,'" rt 'ACIST03HE and
..OSsA.MI.K. me'udirig many nuvelti. ,
for lai'ioa, mies d ehildrer, ii now
'. SKY
Sev-tso JVJacnisE.i neitly repaired tod
j warranted hy a th'.r. oihly eonipeteDt work
f man, at K M rr.nch'j jewelry sure, Albany
tfg to.
Bi'.h. at
'An o,rlj.'.
Yiereoka .hiving and hair
?!0D Etwara S100.
Tlie render of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded diieas.
that science has been eble to cure in all it.
staires, and that is ('ntarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure i. the only positive cure known to the med
ical fraternilv. Catarrh belnic a constitntional
disease, require, a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, act itiar
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease, and'jririnirthe patient streiurth
by building-up tho constitution and assi'tina?
nature in doinir Its work. The proprietors have
ro much faith in Its curative powers, that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any case tiat it
fails to cure, rjend for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
W 8ol Drujri.-' '5c-
Dr. Price' Cream Baking Powder
World'. Fair W:het Award.
OerB.n'nlh.ehn ip wanted aw!i,inltnr of
the em l L i.ethanl. e f Linn w.tititT, t.,
drrestwl. All Wfl hvinv crim anint nid
estate are herft-v rvjTiirrtl to ffrpnt thm Au',f
reriflfH M by liw ieinirr1 to the ar.leriirnfMl
Citrrmlllw, Oregon, withio lix month from the
de heie
bated this 2h rUy at NovrmW,
l.K't r;FRHARD.
liKMIY -M:!lAHr
WrtthTf"n. A ' hiTnhtT.eln, A'imi' i?rt if'.
Atty for Adtiiia.
I j:cea with n a noes on. IT found please
return tn 11 Parker or Ibavo at Faiker
Broa. VII pay a reward
1TAMTED. A famlU In town
f t country wh will rake a toy twelve
years oi Bfte vmo wains 10 gj 10 bcqooi
and ilo chorloK tokine care cf cow or
hortse to vnv part of hi keeninp. A
reasonable amount In addition wilt be
paid bv hi father for bin care an i keep
ing. Parties will eah at thh olUaa.
km cn BBMBa m mm. m an.
iltM I IEy
rOUN lY W ARHANVS-Bought and
Kj som by 11 f Merrill.
VV thus
FEU WKEK.. Partieit prt-fccrvd wlio cvu
furDish a horae tud travel throuuli the coun
tr;a team, trinuuh, ia not necessary. A
fw vacADc.M in tcwnnaod ciliea. Spara
hours may le urM lo pooa alvnte.
ti K Joiikso.-i &Co.
11th and Mam Sta, UichmoDl, Va,
day selline the nrtateat kitchen uten
sil ever Invented. Retails for thirty-five
cents, two to six can oe soiu in every
house; Millions tot J in this country alone.
Uon t miss the greatest opportunity ever
known to make money, east' v 2nd quickly.
Satr.ple sent, postage orepa'd for five cents.
McMAKi .V co,( cincimuitl. tjnio.
JCotijf is lieieh? BtCfD i' ihaundflmign-
ed uca:diao of Archi9 C W i urn, a minor,
in acanrdanco with a )!c?ne crnrd bv the
County Court of Linn County, Oregon, tn
tell the real oat Ato IxtloDijiug io ail on.
will on
Siturdav the 3rd dty of FeK 18!U, t the
hoQ' of 1 o'clock o m, at tha C'-nrt floum
door in Albany, I.iun County. Orejrn, er
poe for sale, atanction, to the hiyhenl bill
ber, for cash, the foltcwrng deaontwd r tl
estte rMlrgici tosaid minor, to-it: Ao
Ofidivided oai-sixteenth of (he f illowing
described tract of Icd cummencina at a
point on the north line of the Donation Laud
claim of Vinont Watson and Mary Watson
hia wife, 19.40 chains east from northwest;
corner of attd claim, it btina; not No 17
claim No 62 in tp 11 S R 4 west of Willam
ette meridiin and rnunina; ".hence Rift 32 lo
chaini to a corner; thence sooth 10,2 chas
thsnje eaat 8.19 ohat thence tooth IS 23 ch,
thence west 40.21.) ohain. tneoce north 28.53
chain to the pUoerf biooing containing
106.55 acres, more or lesa. all in L.inn i;onn
ty Ore on, snbjtot to the life estate of
Aaron Wi son in said land,
Alto toe fol'owioK: Ao undivided one
fourtn of the following tract f Itnc, Ha in
ning at the soulbwent corner of the l)jn
ticc Land Maim of li H Hughe and wif-t
cliim No TS in tp ii S R 4, west of iVillam
et'e Meridian and running thenctcat 13.4t
chains to a point that is 23 links north of an
ox poet set on the tonth tide of the eonntv
mad thence annth 20 80 chain to a stake.
thence we-it 't.22 cha ns to a take. thence
north 13.70 chains to a stake o th? north
bne of the UooatioT Land claim of Vircent
Watson and wd? thence wet 7.79 cnains to
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thence north 5.i0 riiains to placa '.f tegin
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estate of Aroo Wi'aon in id U-d
Albmr CVepor. Jan 4th, IVU.
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-' Laying and CleoninK. Cliimr.ry
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Window clearing a
Call at Root Black S'and near Ltndrcth's
shaving parlors.
Poultry ana Fist Martet
BrofldiUbin, betTrccn Second and Third Sts.,
Ponltry, Fisli, Oysters, Clams,
Game in Season.
Everything nice and fresh. Give us a call
Matthews r&Washburn.
The Bt Shoes
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St i ' A
St LSa
Stationery, Toilet Artij'es, Musics
Initrumeni3, Eto.
Hodps & McFarlanfl,
The Cornet Drug Store,". AlbanrtQt
S5, 34 and 83.50 Dress Shoe.
83.60 Police Shoe, 3 Soles.
$2.50, 82 for Workingmen.
82 and 81.75 for Boys.
83, $2.50 $2, $1.76
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W. Lm DOUGLAS Shrrs are Btylish, catty fill In ft, nnd give better
satisfaction at tlie prices advertibcd than an other make. Try one pair and be con
vinced. The stamping of V. L. JJoula name and price on the bottom, which
Sua ran tecs their value saves thousands of dollnrs annually to those vho vwar them,
'caters who puah the aale of W. L. lotin!.-i shoca gain ctistorr.eni, liich help to
Increase the snlcs on their full line of pood. Th-y enn rrr-1 to f-m nt it M prft,
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For tale by the L E BLAIN CLOTH I NO CO.
Is the Best
Good Enough?
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and produce, lor they oie tho lest in the market
Also a fine line of crockery
Perry Conn