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    CUVKKlN'S UI KElt VltW
Q Congie'timan Cocluan continues to take a
BtrJnge view, for a Democrat, of the Income
tax and other taxes, lie announces him
self as "unsltorably oppoied to the prop
osition which confine the tax to those
wboic Income is $4,000 and upward. It is
neither just nor tight that 85,000 persons
should pay all, while the remainder go
Wnatdo Mr Cockran's coasiiUenls think
of the idea that they will "no free" of tax
ation If they do not pay upon their Incomes?
With woollens tixed 99 per cent, crockery
65 per cent and other necessaries. In proport
Ion. are they likely to "ko free" of taxation
if twenty or thirty millions shall bo collect
ed from largs Income?
Do they not pay their thareupan luxuries
in the Internal-revenue taxes on spirits
beer and tobacco?
Mr Cockran is a student and . he therefore
knows ol the rule of tixalion accepted
just by all standard writers on the subject
that taxes should be levied with reference to
the ability of the individual to pay and to
the benefits which he receives under the
Government. D Mr Crckran think lli..t
a tax upon consumption complies with
this rule? It is tight, Is it Democratic, that ,
pcor man having an income cf $i,coo or $2
000 a year should pay practically the sarae
for the support of the Government
as a man enjoyicg an Income of $S.oooor
f 20,000 or$200,00O?
In income tax un all above $5,000 would
tend, to equalize the burdenasof Government
It)would In a measure relieve tSe poor with
out oppressing the rich.
, CToomuch cannot be sa'J la rejard to the
danger ot putting small articles in the mouth.
A great many persons carelessly hold coin
pins and oilier articles in their m uths
They fall to realize that an ordinary cola
which has been In ciiculation for a score of
years and pasted through thousands of hand8
Is not only dirty, but may hold the germs of
the foulest diseases.
Not miny years ajp the pu-!lic was horror
stricken dy the death of a clergyman from
aocrk which aas lud lcnly blown into Ins
windpipe by a fit of coughing. lie wa
holding it In his Hps. as many people do
while pouring medicine from a bottle. An
other Incident Is thatof a manho was
killed by a handfull of tacks which he was
holding in his mouth while ho was putting
down a carpet, and which were blown into
Ml lungs by a sudden fit of langhter. Sneez
ing, caughlng, laughing or any slight invol
untary spasm of the throat may at any time
cause similar accidents.
The organized forces of the protected In
terests of the country are at work to de
feat the Wilson bill. From one state they
gather an array of figures about the pro
duction of coal, from another of salt, from
another of wool and now from the 1'acific
Coast they are gathering statistics about
prunes and all to be presented lo congress
to show that the whole mas of the people
of the country should be taxed fir the bene
fit ot the few. When gathering these
statistics, these people would, if inspired by
fair dealing, gather in clso the number of
people who are consumers of these pto
aucts and show how largely they would be
benefited If they could secure the neces
saries of life. Ah, here Is the rub. These
men are not workinj to promote the In
terests of the masses but that of the classes,
hence they do not seek to find out anything
about the common herd.
?!00 EctrarS JlflO.
The rearlfrn of thin rntcr will bu pleriT'? to
Irurn that th'TO in ut !';;it eno drcnuut di-iM
that science ha hn alilu to C'iro in e II Ita
M-.i.r "H'l tf-'-t I-1 CuUirti. IUII'e CuUrrll
(.;: r ' l . .iiy p. it i vi-cure known In the nn-d-iral
raicrmty. Catarrh hi-i:iir a cnUKtittitlGiul
dis'jane, require a c."t:i:ttional trcatint-tit.
liall'a Catarrh One il-0::n internally, acting
directly upon tliu l.louil aim rmir-oiiH anrfacc of
the system, tl'.ereliy (lr:mviiiir. tho foundation
of the disease. nniljilvinirtiie patient ntreiit'th
hy htiildini' up tho cnrislitution and assisting
liaUlro in doiuir iti work. The proprietor have
rto tniirti faith in itfl curative powers, that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for uny carte that lb
fails to cure. Bend for lint of testimonials.
Address, P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, a
W Sol J Hv Drufffflr' tc-
printer of the Pioneer house ciesirr-s to inform
the pauiio that he has reiluceil the price of
.... v .,, 1 10 f pvr we;K, with
lodging S perw ek. fcin:lomjilii!5 cents.
luu utlu w uvltcil to call art I keep pood
beds and set a good table. Have lirvonii for
salo. Corner of ilroiilalbin and Water
atrect. J II AIekaiuia.
Xt 'covert a flood deal of ground
L)r. 1 lcrco s (joldcn Jucuical JJiS'
covcry. And when you hear that
it cures bo many diseases, perhaps
you think " it's too good to be true."
lint its only reasonable As
blood cleanser, flesh builder, and
strength-restorer, nothing liko tho
" Discovery " is known to medical
science. Tho diseases that it euros
como from a torpid liver, or from
impure blood. For everything of
tins natur it is tho only guaran
teed remedy. In Dyspepsia, liil
iousness ; all Bronchial, Throat and
Lung a(Tcction3 ; every form of
Scrofula, even Consumption (or
ljung-scroiula ) 111 its earlier stages,
and in the most stubborn, Skin and
Scalp Diseases if it ever fails to
benefit or cure, you kavo your
money uaci:.
Ur. Price's Cream Raking Powder
Forty Years the SttarJird.
The worst cases of Chronic
Catarrh in the Head, yield to
Ur. bages Catarrh Remedy,
So certain is it that its mak
ers offer S500 reward for an
incurable case.
One of the moat important Heps yd
laVcn hy the democratic members of tlic
w.ij b and meant committee in the prepar
ation of the internal revenue feature of the
tariff bill is that reached yesteiday by
which It was decided to ltvy an income tax
of i per cent f gullet individual incomes of
84000 and upwards and net Incomes
of corporations. This Is the most redeem
ing trait of the bill and we trust it will pass,
a it will In some measure release the poor
er peop'e from a portion cf the heavy burden
of taxation imposed upon them in the name
of protection, and transfer It to the shoul
der of the wealth owners of the coantrv.
The Orcgonlan will declare that tht at
tempt make the rich pay a fait share &. the
taxe to run the govorment, at contemplated
1 y the proposition to tax individual tncomo,
is an efl'oit to cinch (he ri-h. Well tiie
wealth cf the country has befn escaping tax"
ation alorg time and the howl of the oraiif
of that class 1 oo terror to honest far:doalinj
people. Let thj Income tjt b: Imposed by
all means.
The 7Y.Vgr-i:.i j c.iks with on ardent de
gree of pride of the tact that in editor's
nioRul, Governor Tcunoycr, ts the most e
tennlvcly advertised man in the country
Hat Ae t'o not srp that this notoriety Is
creditable. Ucnedtct ArnoM, WUVes ltjoth
and Guiteu wero rl as well known in
their day (iovemor lcnnocr. ltut
t'-ieir coure of life was not heU up as ex
ampUs to'bc followed by the rising fccn-eratLn.
Sec th New Improved Singer sewing ma
chin. The bwt is always ti t rhrapi-s t.
W .Snwdcn, aftrnt. Ottice at F XI Kre n.l
jewelry ston
it, it. livtn:. w. it. i.iMitNtii:n. i. 11. jamih
Talliniore Klurl, Many, Ore.
conipli-ii' liiu cf
in all ih li
EMBALMING ai.tlty.
Botk ilio mutliod and results -bIicp
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is plensaul
and refreshiug to tho taste, nn j acts
ccntly yet promptly on tlio Kidueys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem ctrectunlly, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Rvrup of Figs is the
only remedy of" ita kind ever pre
duced, pleasing to the tasto and ac
ceptable ta tho slouineh, prompt In
its action and truly bcuclicial m its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agrceablo subetaccs, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all end havo mado it tho
popular remedy known.
fyrup of Figs is for salo in DOc
and $1 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any rcliablo druggist ho
may not bavo it on Land will pro
cure it promptly for nny cno who
wishes to try it. ho not acctpt any
34ft FRAAVISCO. C41.
uouisvtiL. Kt. Af.y row. .r.
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereLy given that the firm of
Senders & Co heretofore doing business
under the firm name of Senders & Co has
this day been dissolved, Mr Ado.nh Send
ers retirinj. I he new tirm w'll be com'
posed of Mr Ed Schmeer and James Cal
lahan who will continue the business, am!
will collect a! amounts due the old firm
and pav all i:s debts.
Adolph Sknd"rs
FARMERS LISTEN. We have a fine
lot of fresh grass seed, of almos; every
kiud. Including cheat, and we want to sell
It. Come and see us.
At the store
Allen tirof..,
formerly owned
for which I S pay tin casl: jn
Undertakers :- and - Embalmers.
WE KhEP constuntlj en I ard a lull lir.e of n i'n lc, clcth and wocd caskets ai
coffins. Alto builalroUa and suits, in I n larlnth, tip,cl n.iif.tif
which will be sold at
The Lowest Living I'rollU.
EMBALMING nl proper care of the dead a specialty.
jStar Bakerj
orl.r..lisitlii uikI Firm HI.
lillrll r.IN, t'lSOIIS" -Utaxwarv,
4ufeniif Br .
Iirls-d fruIlK. eghlnt.
TobKSico, I'Iksii
NriKUr, Nilcea.
'(ilte, Ica,
(u eveo'tti.uK that fs kept In s eerier
vtriery anil KKcry store. Ulhem
market price paid for
rhe Oregon JLand Co
VItn it home cfT.ce i
rs. Ur. l-jstlcrmii Wulfafc
The Xntctl ChirMyaut arit Life Itenler, is im
here, ami ran 'jo f.-uini at her rcMileiui i.ext door
J Cituiriirf. M.e tella alMiul all tuJteta. pas
preaent an.) future: loie tnmlUi, bIhm itl bitiida auj
boaineia. Vou can hear Irruii vt ur dead lleL.l.
Jit Gray ClocL, corner Liberty anu :'.lte street, branch cflice In Pnrtlali.
AKES a specialty of SunnysideTruit tracts rear Salem)
Will sell 5. 10 or 20 acra lots at. SISO tr RPi
ere small cash payment Iop? time on balance
or particulas.
Will sell all crcckerv ware and holiday goods af
COST. Here are some prices: Lamps, worth
u etilill, Ionian, HUHU ip UU IOr
cups and saucers H5 to 10 cents a set; pla'es, 40 cents pei
set. Evervthintr else in nronortion.
" i i
Call on mo and you will not be deceived.
J. Gradwohl,
J. A.
Assignee's Notice.
Notice is herel gtveo tosll whom ic rosy
roaceiu. that on the 4th day of November,
1803, ALthrny Vnf arc! F C Hutler duly
made an irbitjoment to'ine cf all their proper
tyforthe teneric cf oil their crcditnra, in
ccinlatr co with the general asicument
awsofthe fUtecf Orepop; therefore all
persons having! claims atisiost the co-partnership
him of said Trnpst sad Hutler are
herehy nr tiJied andrtouired to present the
fame to me under oilh at the c fiico c f W it
liileuin the Citv of Ibany, Oregon nHh
in three monfhafrom the date berfof.
Dattd this I7'h day of November, 159.?.
FitAMKUX i'ROrST, A 88106 .
m) 0" fV!si Cabinet photos from $1.50 to $4.00
s "asmaifssjBjaa of 5x8 and steresconli views of Or-
denihiid has tiled hl final smiiint in
ttie eatato Of tmolina K Hanlimut'lc. ilnrpuwiL
with tho county derk ot Liim comity, Oreyon,
and Hint tho county court of saiil Linn county, hu
nxrm oviirnay, me lam day ci January, iSiH, 1 1 tliu
tiuur of H'o'ciotk ui the foreiioou of snld 'lav. and
tha county court house as tho place, for
tho hesrlnif ot objections It any to said final ac
count and the settlement of said estate.
Datod Dosftnbcr Uth, 1894.
O W WRIGHT, Admin de onia 11011 cum
Attyfor kute. tuslanientoauuexo.
Harper's Weekly.
ftt . J1A KEY, J.!.,
l'tiMan and Su'inu,
Ituaui :m v, cottier lCtti tin! CaIaooU 1
I'lfU'rs over th
Ai t'n- Circuit Ctfirt of the Stat? of Orckit
or tU eotwty cf .inn.
J M Wateis, rijintttr.
Vaf.htiJo)nscii and K lJi!ins.p,Di f( mlants
N.tic U hirrhv niven that uiidr an.)
by V!rltto of an rxtcutum lFmicd tut of the
ctrunit CtMirt of the state of () rrrrot. I .in.
t'cunty, nl tn me ilirn'trct drl ivari',1 I
n;ion s jiiilenuMit reniU-rpil ait enter,'.! in t
thn lirrt u-siMK'e in the circuit ctuit cf :li
atate ft tttrtrn, (or Latin county, on tht
llth.laynf Marrh. ISKI. ;n fvor of I M
Waters as I'lainlill, au.l SKimtt ahli
lonnaon n,t f. II Johnson its ilrf.nlanta.
tor tha tnm et SI03 ,V. stitll interest Ihrrn
nn at the rate o( III per cent per anmit,.,
(roil. ll-eT llh day ot Man h, 1S!3. onti. paiil,
ml (or the (urlher sum ol J23 as coats ant
iMbursrlii'-n'a. anil whoroaa sai,l plain tilT
liuiv u:iH-m. n a, eertinril tianacniit of
sniil jutlnie:it. tijne,! bv the clerk ot saiil
cinriit court n( I ane I'ountr, amldnl on the
llh ilay r( IKocnil-er. wl3. have theaanio
duly tiled and docketed liy the clerk e( aaid
circuit conrt o( l.inn County, in the
nient lien docket o(the said circuit court o(
the statu o( O.econ. ( r l.-nn l ouutv. ()r
od, and upon said i xecntion iaueil out of
the aaid i r uit court of l.inn t'onnte. on
tid judituient adiresaij, I slid on the l.V.h
any ot I'.-mmlier, IS'.KI, dulj leey upin.
otiedience to theo.mtian.l o( asiil erit o(
execution, the Lrrrinaft.r d.acritd
eal prowrtv. tivwit, lot Vo a, ill..
block So. 4 il in Warrens addition toihe
ton of Ame..a, in l.inn Connie ttrreon
and that in nriuaro of aid writ rf ciecu
tion aud i f aaul lery and to aati(y atid
judgment, cuts and dil nrwmenlf, and ac
cruing r,,a, mil on I no (i:n dv ot Feb
ruary INM. at one o'clock n m. of tail dav
at the front dc-e if the l.inn County Court
Home, in the i it f Allginr. l.inn t'onnte.
Oligon. siUsM Cieii,ht, tit'e and inteieal
of wl ioh the -aid a.hti Johnson an 1 K 11
-lohmon, hrd, in sn.l totha the aK-vedoa
cnUd real ir,p.r!y, mthell'h la.-.f
ee,nlr, ful.lio auction, to ll..
huh. at 'udder, for ta li in hard. tl.
ce.da to lie ani lie 1 in lat'tfacli n cf aa; !
ciciuticn, c.ita. an.t ac.-rui"j cwt.
I'llr.i tl 3 ,1 day ,.f .1 i mrv, lvil,
Sli.nlT, f .rri cotitity. O.v.t.
i.tK UKNI '1 1: oper hotisn store,
apVl.llid l'-l'Htilili. Ca I on the
H'oretiiry i.t llio Chiicckat .lllce lor pal
B.ti jaiiisi i.t f.irti.or h h-ith t'ulini; and
;ilktiif plow, (!. imrr.iws.iron htrro
tic t iu'i'n t.i ;iri'portiun To 50 cent
uhciit, i- viil imv to ra 1 anti sertn
K O m
I'iH f II hi WsM ll m
Cl T OI1TS.1N a P.TF.XTt Port
KOTv VEff "i ." b"le" opinion, write to
nil A-1 (I., who hare had nearlr rtftr rears'
experience In the patent Dunine. ronimunlca.
I "nc" confidential. A llnndbook ot In.
Tontiarion eonctmiiur I'ntenta and bow to oh.
Jalii them aenl tree. Alao a eatalosiM ot manhnn.
leal and Mentlflc hooka acnt free.
latcnta taken tlmmnh Munn ft Ox reeelve
nSJ'h,.r ln,.'.n" "'"line AtnerlcnTVnd
!.m 5 iW". ,M' herorotho puMlewlth.
1 o' un, Kii'mmc won
In tha
Ilulldliut Fdltlon. monthlv. a-! (,!... u...,.
f?X!i;'!!.,.re', n"ber contalna beau,
tlfiil platea. In colors, and photoerapha of new
houea. w,lh plai enahllmr build? fo . Slio m Ui.
ui'iS "lf,,""J"ecurec..ntra,-ia. Addreaa
Ml MX A IH. Nl Vokk. 3U1 IIhoihwit.
Assignee's Notice.
In tlie uialler of tlie nuainnient of Henry
Freemnn I' iiisolretit debtor.
Notice i liotil'y civen tliut lle.nrr
Kreennin lVurd luia nasiifned to me aU
his propeny (or Hie Knclit of nil liij
crcdi ors in ai-in-dHni e tv itli the laiva ol
tlie a'.i'e nftireon relrdiKir to general
Hfsiirninenia lv :noit'i;t dclilcrf . AU
rtedttora i ! t! e f.iid Hi lire Krennan
iVnndaie not i lied lopreai nt 'In tr c'lini
ntider o!!i. to r..e at ilie or'.i.-o oi ll'm-k-t'Urr
A Wnt'r-n. n't . in t!ie cily ol AI
I'iiny. tireiron, williiii tiirre iiu-i.! i,a from
the d.ite 01 I liia i.o- ice
I'ate.l l! :., Cr . IVc I-':'."..
II. II . ill. lNS.
GLuabLl, irom
co 25c,
to S3
a Copy,
a Year.
jne fbrum
ie Crialttt tf ait cur FtrUJicaU."
The forcmoat men of tho world write the literature
of contemporaneous activity lor TH13 FORUM.
Evem (rest subject Is taken up bt th. Forura hn It naturally comet Into
public altentlon aril Is treated b tha best authorities, without regard to parties
or creeds. It will keep air thoughllul rosier Informed on tha tasks and problems
of tl: time, as no other pci laical decs.
To many thouihi!-! pcrrlf. the price ol The Terurn hns hitherto been pro.
tuMloay ; Indeed all tlic (-rent Review a have been too hizh In price tor the meaea
of Intclliicent readers. f.ut now the number ol readers cl thoughtful litcra'ura
-men and women who wiah really to know what i. Soig ,hc worU oul.
aide the narrow limns ol particular recta and parties-is gnat enough, in the
InitcJ 5ttcs to warrant o rcvoljtionjry a reduction In price. The Forum
discuajcs Impirtant subjects, but It l not dull. The literature cl contempo
raneous actUlty Is. In fact, the most IMcrestlns of all literature. American
citizenship implies that a man shall know- the of ir.ions cl the foremost men
and the latest great achievement in every direction ol activity.
Tho Forum Is now as cheap as tho magazines of mere entertainment.
The Forum Publishing Company, Union Square, Kcw York.
35c. a Cop;-. $J a Year.
T".lt'T IvCtV flf
tvsicii.siiiiiui 'nil
cf bed room set.. :chair., lcunKet, etc., which 1 will .,11 .V
Hies. Orinli.
.JMJll, lroirIetor,
UARri:n'r.kLY s beyond all ) leading
Jounia, in America, in ll Bplendid illuitratloi.F.tii
conio(ilis1inguihf.dcontiiLu.or9, nd in lu vu
army ot renU-n. In ilcndid lir.t. It diaws vo tha
hltrheit ordt-rof U!cnt,tho mei.bcst flttiilliy po.itlcr.
and train Injf to treat the leading topkt of the day. In
fiction, the most popular tttry writers contritiute to
its culumnfl. 8uperb drawin(.i hy the tvnmott artists
illiutrato its si-lal articlcs.ils itoric , every tot-
able event uf public interest, it ccntalns portraits of
me distmirui.hed treiiu.d womtn whaarernikiiifflli
history of the time.while special att.ntkn is given t
the Army and Navy, Amateur Sport, and Muaic and
the Drama, ty ditiniruUhed expert. In a word.
Harper's Weekly combines the ms featuresof tb
daily paper and tlie and literary ntulities of
the magazine lthtlie sulid critical character of tb;
HAKTcird ItAZAK ....
IlAHI'KlfS Vol NC PUnl'LE w
rtak'e frcet: aUs.ittcnbeTsItuliel'nl'txtsiit..
Canada and Mexico,
Tlie VolmiHS of the Weekly Ugin with the f.rt
Nutrber f.r January of each year. When nn
time is mentioned, mibvri tims ii. bvyin with thn
number curruit at the time of receipt of mV-r.
Bound volumes of Harper's Wcvkly for three years neat ckth blii(.ir.(rtwii be Hnt by mall, poai.
aire iid. or by exprc, free cf expiie (provided the
frek'fct dee not exceed one dollar per volume,) for
t7 00 per volume.
Clothj cases for each volume, suitable fm binding.
will be ictit.l.y scan, post-paid, on receipt of 81 eaeh
Krmlttarces should be made to rottollice Money
Order or Draft, to avoid chance of Iss.
Newspapers fcrc not to copr this adve. ..wtrent
without the express order of UikrRt k nunieat"
Address: HAHPER A. I PC111EKS, Niw Yosa
20 Easily Made.
We want many men, vcimn, hoyf, and plrlMo
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offere.1 aflents. You hare a clear field and ti0
competition. rcprience aud siwlsl etillity uc
nectary. No mpital rrquired. M ffj-jip Trm
with rrrrrthltiff tint you need, treat joo meii
and Mproa to r.irn tea times ordinary wo.-.
W.nwn da as wdl a men. and boys and g'.rU
mike g.w1 par. Anr one. anrwheTT, fan do ifc
wrk. All mcl who follow' our plain and firr
p dir jK.n.. f.irnet Trork will surely krir;
y.ia a pvat of nmnf-r. Frentbinf is
atd in fr-Mt d.-min-l. Write fcf our tn-.pltlt
cirouhr, and r.o ire full infnrma'Ion. . harrr.
d ne If you conclude not to go on xtiiU tltc
Ceorce Gt:nson&Co,
Bnx 433.