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    gaily democrat
t'ublithcc every day in tlie week
except Sunday.
mm i mma, Edito and Prup'r
Entored Btllin rt onice at Album
Oregon, an second olaia tmll inallor.
.DErEiiniK n Ms
Cumins Eve nta.
Hoc. 35 ti. 30-Carnlval of Nallons.
.rmltja EiRilian wenl down tho road
this noon.
Niiiiiu-i .Miii,of li.irrislmrj;, was in the
city toilny.
Thoa Ziisimin, of Lebanon, was intlic
lily today.
C K WoKvrlon went to Corvullis this
110011 on Ic'iil lnisinK.
Ex-Sl.eriir J K Ciiarlton was in the
ity today 011 his way to Salem.
J L Underwood and family, o! Cor
vallis, arj visiting Albany trieudH.
Miirmiai i-.ieci c O Leo returned this
noon irom a trip to l'olk county.
Mrs m J Jlcmteith is in tho cilv, the
guest ot Iter lather, A I! Mcllwuin.
(ieorce Alexander, the popular ditor
of the Lebanon Advance returned home
today irom a trip to Kugene.
JUbs Myrtle Miller and Iicrt K fl'eat
brook, ol Albany, attended Uie masque
rade ball last Mouday. Cortallia News.
Mr v 1 liusey. of Harrislmrg, Linn
t-nautv, Oregon, nml Miss II C Snodsrrass,
of lino county, lreron, were married at
K.U'iine on the eveninir of Hue 2t, lb'ja,
li M Weinier. pxslor o tho chureli of
I'liri.-l, oirk-iutiiii'. Thev have the best
wishes of many friends in the two coun
1 Now is f
I Those in
1 doing evet
J ploy those
a good time to help the poor.
good circumstances instead of
erything themselves should em
ploy those in need of woik. Let the right
kind 01 charity prevail.
A correspondent wants to know tlie
origin of the phrase, "He lBn't in it.
An eastern editor says that the exnres
s'on was first used by an editor who died
and went to heaven, and looked around
for tho man who took his paper and read
it three years and then refused to pay
lor 11.
(iovernor Penrioyer is being denounced
ml hot for his recent declaration that
240,000 people in Oregon have no em
ployment and 120,000 have no means of
apport. Speaking about being a father
a is setting a very bad example to tlie
nng generation. The nun who chang
ed Ilia boys name to Sylvester I'cnnoyer
may loon out lor an f.n renins.
Thirteen to Worship. '-ophia
Hickman, of Ankeny, came to Salem
Christmas day to attend Mass at St
Joseph's church. Mie started Delore day
light and walked thirteen miles through
mud and mire to worship for the lirst
time in four years. After church she
started for Dallas to call on the Catholic
priest there for the purpose of ge'.tin?
admitted to a convent, as she enyti. She
was found wandering on the highways
by Deputy Sheriff J f Clark.who brought
her to Salem last night and she bad a
hearing before Judge Hubbard this morn
ing. After carelul investigation she was
ordered to go to her home. She is sane.
Ins Etaytox llRinaE. fudge Hub
bard yesterday received information that
the bridge between Linn and Marion
counties at Stayton was in n dangerous
condition, and accordingly proceeded to
view tlie premises, in company with
Judge Duncan, of Linn county. A close
'lamination revealed that the main
bridge was not airectcd although one of
tlx piles under the apron had been
knocked out of place. A few dollars will
repair it thoroughly. Salem Independ
ent Jhixos Wk Eat
VTy largely make us what we are.
No thought can pass through the
mind without leaving some effect,
however slight. Many Blight im
pressions, in time, make mighty
changes. It's the same with the
body. Abuse it with poor food
nd take the consequences.
For purity and certainty In groceries
nd baked goods, go to Parker
m m mi
hii Haltie Warner a graduate of the
jSnservatory connected with Gales Col
kge, Neb. la Drcnarrd to eive leisons In
rcs and instrumental music to single
PpHsor classes, at reasonable terms.
hss Warner has had a thorough educa.
lion and Is an vnHfnred teacher. Her
'cleiences are: Prof H A 8horey, William
Trow and Mra lenr.lf Lee.
::i hp 1
:t ' :,t C20 Jrcccl disrss
j l.j.i jlile to ."ire In S.I lis
t 11 v-.j r.i. lisll's Catarrh
I'll. .0 rr.-cuie kno-vntotlit' ni-l-'..
"t u.'.ivi .kti.' a constiti:li;'nat
:.'! ,1 .c.ptituli:l'jl trcntaif lit.
. l "r.r? i'l I jkn la'.-rnailv. ncir.
r'.v ', o ,l an i itMici::? Furfjrr of
-..v ,'-rovlnij t!i? rc-'jndstton
-. 1- ! pivinff p:Ul'-lt slrrnltll
'"tKe cnstilnilrtn fi't a?:im?
i:ir worlc. The p.-oTirictors rnvo
' ': :- nrstir- lr.vt. tl'at th
:'i. V. I t ,;:Trs for snv ca1 tlu.i
- H a t ,rr list of letimonials.
. . J. rif F.VEV & r.o., Toledo.O.
A'lNRADPnm t I. trifeofMrA
The Stewart 4 Sox Hardware Co began
business to day under the new name .
A lot ol household furniture for sale
enquire at the I.adict Uazaar. '
Kced for kale. Ilran and thaf, at 'ow
prices. Call on A II Mcllwain.
Illustrated ts!l to onitnThiri.tav sftar
noon half (just 2 o'olook, II, o Sj-.h at the
rooms of He V'ivi Ci liiltimnre lllook.
A dltpatch In a New York paper read
that the Oregon Pacific was bid In for
$i.:oo,oco; why the mltiake.
Call at A B Mcllwaln's for bargains In
boots and shoes. The best men's shoe In
Albany for $1.25, rlso in ladler, for the
same price,
Jefferson mills Hour Is the best fancy
patent toller prccess. El ery sack guar
tntecd For sale by A H Mcllwain at
7o cents a sack,
A B Mcllwain sells four or.c pound
papers ot fresh roast coffee for 81.00, a.ld
18 pounds of granulated sunar for St. 00.
and 20 pounds of txtr C sugar for $1.00;
5 gallons rearl coal oil lor 75 cents; sack
of best pa'cut flour 70 cents. All goods
guaiaiueeo nrat Class
DrfjpoS W'riglit, of MiMiimville is al
t'ue Uevern House, where h is urenared to
iiteiiit 10 ban or u. 111111 twtli. ami wi in
sure tlie painless extraction of teeth by a
pro.'ess which 110 uses.
A farmer fald to us the other djv. "I
wish the wileat jp would prove a fail
ure this year in some of the eastern state,
wnere Hie people are retter able to stand
tlie loss than the people of Oreeon
that we could get a decent picc for ours."
Salem Independent. Selfishness by the
A-noi;saie, .
A boy bv the name of Alderson. who
lives In Linn county about live miles from
Cotvallis. accidentally shot hinne'.f Tiies
uay wnue out hunting. I lie load troin
the gun took effect In the light hand and
11 was tounu necessary to remove the in
dex finger. The member was a'so other
vise considerably injured, but the boy
was rest in'' easily at last accounts. He is
about 14 vears o:d.
I'eoria, Dec 28, 18H3.
As we have nothing else to do
thought 1 would start some Peoria items.
Christmas passed oft very quietly this
year. 1 lines were so Hard we did not
have any tree.
A three months term of school clesed
here last Friday. It was taught bv Miss
Uertha McDaniels. She bad good suc
cess in her school.
Miss Annie GitlienB, one of Albany'i
old students, returned home Saturday to
spend Chistmas week among her Iriende.
Une day last week live ot Albany
citizens were up here hunting. Among
thpin vn knew wnrn Cbarlev Watts. Dr
Leinenger, (ieo Cohen, air NVhimey and
Knox might one ot i'eoria s old citi
zens. It wont be verv eood for these
fellows scalps if they are caught here
Peoria is right in it this winter. They
have a spelling school and also a literary.
There was a dance acrosB the river at
Cooris mill. Th music was famished by
Peoria's orchestra.
I wonder what lias become ot the
Peoria dude? 1 have lost all trace of
Mr August Fischer is expected to re
turn to thiscitv soon.
A Bporting party ia going to leave for
Alaska soon on a' trapping expedition
Among th.em 19 the rroiessionai m
I'uckett, who is a good hand at the bust
School will open again soon tinder th
skillful management of Mr Dick Fruits
and assistants. Boxer.
The entertainment on Christmas nigli
was we II attended: tlie exercises con
sis'eil of music by the glee club, a dec
lamntion bv Miss Meda lirown, a dia
logue bv the little children ol the Sab
bath bcIioci J a recitation oy w line mor
gan ; a declamation by .Miss Jticua mm
Ian. An old fashioned lire place deco
rated with evergreens occupied a central
position on the Stage. Mr Santa Clans,
or one of his boys, (we think the old
gent died with the grip four years since,
came down the chimney anu alter loot
ing around the fir trees awhile (like ou
ancestors in the garuen 01 r.uen;
distributed the contents of 111s en
unions the children. After the perform
ance by Sanla ClauB jr, a few presents
were distributed, itev a m jicneson
received a handsome album.
Oakville against the world lor siiotgu
tiorblRntu ! 1
Karlv ve.iterdnv morninir Howard Ai
derson shot the front finger off his right
Hand, accidentally, of course, but there
ia nnn tliinv viilent. if his linger had
been behind the mm it would have been
,in his hand today, for his gun is a front
shot. ine times out 01 ten Doys get
hurt bv being at the wrong ena 01 it
stick. Next'.'. Amicus.
Out! . , .
The w av to do It Is to take your wash-
ing to the Chinamen. If you want your
work well done at living prices take It to
Richard & Phillip's steam i-sumiry.
They know how without banging them
around a pole.
Shrinking. Krinc on your fine
winter underwear. We guarantee not to
injure them, as we take great care to
them in soft water. Gentlemens starched
work a specialty. The white laundries of
Albany are getting the Chinese cornered.
Give us your work and they win soon
eave. -" "-- "
Mas C Simpson', pioprletor.
Mvfall line of MACINTOSHES and
3US5AMERS. inclodirg many novsltie
for I adies, tnias -d cliildrer. it now
a)e nbioLng.
We are still selling Dress goods and
Ca esand Jackets at greatly reduced prices
for cash. We Invite you to examine the
Red, Peacock & Co goods and prices.
Carnival! carnivl!'. CARNIVAL'.!!
Clean towels to every customer at Vitreck
ah tvicg parlors.
See the Kew Improved Sinter r.wir.g ir a
,bie The Fit is alwsvs !!! '
W S.wdTn. ent. Office a. FM French.
jewelry store
,, up in nut t (tiftir1 hot' If"-"'" -r
O 3E.
The urguments in reference to the ao-
Kiiiitnient of a receiver were coninleted
t night. Tlie attorneys m-iruim for u
lianife of reviver weru II II lli.-in. Wul.
is Nash. Judire lirnnaiiL'li. .Indiw Ktnilmn
iind Jud'e llryson ; tliose uirainst were
udge Mcradilvn, J K Wealherford and Mr
lailleV IlilHSelf. I'll
lierlain made no suggestion on tlie subject,
but insisted that all claims l on a like
At nine o'cloc'i this morning court was
convened, but the first case was one con-
erniiig tlie title to some land. The audi
lience waited illltiatiimtlv during the. hour
tnd n half thus consumed. Tlie iudire
hen took IIP tlie ullcstinn of n rn-sale of
the Oregon Pacific, tin advice from Judge
llryson, attorney for tho Fanners' Loan
and Trust Company, tlie time for fixing
leuaieoi sale was set tor Kebruiirv 1st.
he judge ind'eated that he thought the
atterpartof .May would lie u cood time
for the sale.
Hie question of a new receiver was taken
1. J he luiliru remarked t hut bn liml un
pointed Mr Uadley. in the first place, 011
IS own belief III Ills filne-is fur the. nosi-
tion. He admitted that Mr Hadlev had
committed many errors, but attributed
ii to his lezu and other advisers. Ad
mitted that the road had run Miind every
month sinco lie look charge of it. Said
that he did not believe any one could oper-
ite it without loss. That he thoiiL-ht Mr
lladley could and would oientto it as eco
nomically us urn-one. I'iiat in the matter
ot attorney's fees and exix' tiieru had
ieen extravagance. That it should not oc
cur again. 1 hat ho was of the OLituon
that it would Ijo better to close the road
down, but that tlie strontr sentimont against
ch n course mevents-d tins action. In
conclusion ho said that he did not know
what was the liest course to pursue and had
uinors, aim mat iney were as
much at sea as himself. His decision was
that ho would hold the question of Mr
lladley s removal under consideration until
February 1st. mid irivo him time to lu-ike
full and complete reiorts of tlie financial
condition 01 the receivership.
We lire not advised what the men in
tend to do, but understand they feel that
the judge lias iimored their wishes so
completely that there is nothing further to
looked tor Irom him.
If the men were willing to take tlie
chance of operating tne road under Mr
.Miner anu not under air Bad lev. and were
willing to take the receiuts whatever thev
might be, we can see no good reasonfor not
comnlvinir with their reouest.
it must be that there is some reason be
hind this action of the judge s which is
not apparent to the ordinary observer.
mere, is a strong teelmg that Mr lladley
has been tried and found wanting, not
jierhaps so much in his own personal con
duct as in permitting ftiulcitliy to run
thinirs in an extrnvairant manner. The
best will have to be made of it. Air llad
ley will have an opportunity to show what
'stuff he is made of. Ho should do this by
not Usui? discrimination, and surroundinir
himself by competent men with the interest
of the employes nt heart. Will he do it?
During tlie present administration the
roadbed has been placed in cood condition
wnn a large stock ot tus etc on nanu, and
the rolling stock greatly improved. It is
said one emrine was repaired at a cost of
$2000 when it was net needed at nil. It is
charged that it was the plan of the land
holders to tret as much material and im
provement as possible without paying ior
it, to be wiiwd out by tho salo of tho road
at this time. As a saiunlo tho company
got in on the Santiain Lumbering Co nlone
for tOU) and others up tlie road for smaller
sums unu mere is now large quunuucs 01
the material unused. How have tlie men
who have furnished these things to liv
now that they are unable to get their money
and other work is scarce.
Mr Hadlev can make a record as a re
ceiver if he will knuckle down to busine
it the right way.
Skwino Machines neutly repaired u
wurrauted by a thnrnnuhly campetent work
man, at F M French's jewelry tore, Albany
Hodtfei it Mtil''4rlAirt,
tore, AltaDy, Pi .
the leading drug.
Will 4t 8trk, iswelfr
Whatever may be the cause of blancfi
Ing, the hair miv be restored to Its origi
nal color by the use of that potent remedy
Hall s vegetable Sicilian Iiatr Kinewer
m 9 m
Letter last.
Following is the list of letters remaining
in the pnst otlise at Albany, i.nri county
Oregon, De 18th ,1803. Persons callina for
those letters must give the due .on which
tbey were advertised.
Mrs Annie Parleo Mrs Maggie Hamburg
J W HaviB 2 .IK Davis
Miss Bird Hayes Emanuel Irwin
Fnnnie Irven" RWLinville2
Mrs Sarah Miller .fames Nasby
Miss Hattie Oisin (ieo Patience
Lewis Russell Mrs Mary Thompson
w M Ward Mra M 1 Walker
K K Wilbinson Mrs Belle Wilson
Albert Wood 2.
Thos. MourKirn. P. M,
Ponltir ana Fisl Marte
Hromlalbin, between Second rail Third SU.,
Ponltry, Fish, Oysters, Claras,
Game in Season.
Everything nice and fresh. Give us a call.
Staticnerj, Toilet Artij'ei, Musics
Instruments, Etc.
Hodies i McFarland,
The Cornel Drugstore,". A'banT,(i';
ox xaTaV.rrzors.
An entire new program
Kvery night.
mat is t ie order at Carnival of Na-
lons. Last miriit the Germans fur-
shed an excellent program under the
iperintendent of Mra Overman and Miss
va Simpson. The orchestra are re
ceiving many favorable comments for
the music lurnished. Mr Collins Elkina
a vcrvtnkimr maketiD nave a recitation
that placed him high in the estimation of
ie audience. Herman and Miss Uertha
wart Bans' a Dutch son? that took with
the house. Dr Littler was heard in a
tramp song with a tramp apparition,
en rendered. Mies tya Simpson, sl
ays good, excelled herself in a gypsy
recitation. She possesses a marked
talent elocutionarily. liert Van Cleve
cud Lil'y Farrell, as tramps sang a duet,
heartily greeted. A tableaux of a gypsy
camp with arrest followed. The grand
larch ot all the nations, a feature that
ill be repeated each night, nod a verv
interesting one closed tlie program.
mose wno U1U not en to t in ureat
orlds carnival are mild hv t tend in., thin
iocai one, mat costs only 15 cents to en
ter, and more, but not very much before
you get out. A new booth is the Grecian
booth presided over by Misses Lena
Marshall and Olga Hewitt in soft Urecian
colors, anu the loosely llowing carmen!
mat nave an attractive effect. A hah
pond out of the rear door of their booth
id a live business. The uvpsv bootn
ontinues a popular resort for i 011 nir men
wishing to learn of the future. The
American Looth did a live busineea
An attraction is that of thre- darkeys
playing entrancing music, on the guitar,
harmonica and violin. A nair of scales
is presided over by MissGalbraitii as the
Goddess of Liberty, uocoa dealt out bv
the Germans seems to be the popular
drink, but the daps and paddies with
their tea and coffee and buttermilk did
not lack for customers.
To-night the Irish will fill the program
the principal attraction will be the "Linen
Peddler." The exercises will not begin
until :.,o, in order ti give those attend-
ng midweek m'etinzs an opportunity
hear it.
Admission 15 cents, reserved seats
Holiday Crock kuy. 1 am closing
out my stock of fancy crockery. I do
noi m:end to carry such goods longer
and have put a price on mv itock to sell
it. S E Young.
Holiday Handkerchiefs. Largest
siock 01 silk and linen handkerchief
the city at S E Youngs.
uodersianed pro
prieter of the Pioneer House desires to inform
tbe pa bite that he has reduced the price ot
bord without lodcioa to $?. per week, with
Irdsioff $4 per week. Sioizte ma&la 25 cnt8.
Tbe publie is iavited lo call as I keop cood
beds and cet a good table. Have tir wood for
sale. Corner of Broadalbin and Water
treets. .JT' J H Merakda
New Advertisements.
f f housework.
Kirl to do general
Inquire at this oltioe.
Ijiicles with narres ou. Jf found please
return to U barker or leavo at Parker
WASTED. A family In town or
country who will take a boy twelve
years of ape who wants to g3 to school
and do choriug taking care cf cow or
Morse 10 pay part or uts Keeping, a
reasonable amount In addition will be
paid bv his father for his caro and keop
nig. Parties will cah at ihii olHiia.
-tOUNTY "WAKBANVS-Bouirht and
sold by Hi f Merrill.
GENTS make fs
dav. Greates
r mi
lichen "tonsil evor Invented. Kb
tails SActs. 3 to 0 sold at every ho use
Harr.p'e, pnetsire paid, five c-Dts. Mo
Makin dr. Co, Clnclunall, Ohio.
1J10R REN r.,-Tli9 opera house store,
1 splendid location. Ca.l on the
secretary at the Uk.mccrat olllce for pal
thna makiDK ,00 $35.00
CElt WEEK, Parties preferred Mho can
furnish a horse aud travel through the coun
ty ; a team, though, ia not necessary. A
few vacanclwa in tewnaand cities. Spars
nonrs may i e bmh ro good advantage.
H V Joiixao. &G'o.
11th and Main Stj, Hichmond, V
iJay selling the ereatest kitchen utcr.
all ever Invented. Retails for thirty-rive
cents. Two to six can be sold In every
house. Millions sold in this country alone.
Don't miss the greatest opportunity ever
known to make money, easily and qulckiv.
Sanr.ple sent, postage prepa'd for five' cents.
McMakin it Co.. Cincinnati, Ohio.
House Cleaner Gardener and
General Jobber.
Carpet Laying and Cleaning, Chimney
Cleaning, Whitewashing and
Window cleaning a
Call at Boot Black Stand near La.ndretht
havfng parlors.
I. A. Morris & Co.
Floor and Feed
Have removed their More to oiipmlte
the Ru4 House, and have on hind a full
tock ol
Vmtom chopping dont,
f VOU want a Una inuibf tnr Wnl, .
bite labor cigars.
The beat!rruut coffee in th. Mtu .t i 'nn. A
Call on Will ir siark f. h-., !.,. tn
Holiday jewehy.
ill & Stark's lame line of .;i,.r
has crtated a great deal of talk.
Get vour holiday
McFarland. The best stock to select
Motor makes fiva irin1il v:
ddition. J.otr there n inftttllmoni. f Ai
per week.
The O K Grubber Is eahl on trial Tn
v one does not mpmi vm. arM ..,n,.
to buy. Mfod by JaV
Is rooks, '
In selectlner vour Imli.l.v ,i .
fail to call on Hodgcg & McFarland.
1 ncjr have a fine line ot Roods, embracing
a !nra ct.,.1. nC t..,U i i . .. n
..6w vr ui t'luui yuuusjnciuuing an
levant line of perfumeries, etc.
Get vour holidav pcv.Hr of win .( ci.rt.
Their stock, because it Is larce and vail
ed, and their prices because Uiey are low
wtu make it an obient. Bps thev i.iti
give away to their customers 875 worth ot
It CJ nslic
Genuine naiU L.r nil cuino mnrhinix
.ilsothe best oils, needles, etc., for all
ew'ng inchlnc, Hcvcles, etc., at E U
Will's muhic store. Se'winiz machines and
orgnns repaired reasonable, and nil work
warranted., Needles prepaid bv mail 40c
Bath, at Vicrecka shaving and hair
ttiug parlors.
Is the Best
Good Enough?
Then call cn thn undersignod forjyour
and produce, for they
Also a fine
Li. V 1
wio itoiioays.
Good Times.
Tho way to have them is by getting your
He li;u a tine stock
of ffoM nnd
lira Jed ciimb
Call on hir
an elejrant line of ailverware and jewelry of ull kimU to wleot from.
reliable goc!a at i.nret t suit the times.
$75 Worth
Of Silverware
Will ho presented tho customers of
genuine HOLIDAY' gift.?, and it won't cost
you a cent. They have the finest stock of goods
in the valley in their line,as an inspection will
convince any one. Call and see for youradve?.
ing but buj-ers. They will
come. They will be satis
fied. They will buy at
Visitors are not asked to
BELIEVE hut aro sbown
goods to CONVINCE them
that we aro leading the trade
SHCES etc.
If you want VALUE FOR
Y0UK MONEY call on us.
Yours Truly
Reap, Peacock if; Co.
are tho best in tho market
line of crockerv and tovs for
Perry Conn
ailvpr mn's nn.l Inflia rt..i.
f !
K !
:f i'
-"f Tangent, on Wednesday
' - a oov.