Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, December 11, 1893, Page 2, Image 2

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i'lUUl W Vll IftT US
The Salem Journal savs oar country ii a
nation. Yes, In so far as th powera dele'
gated to the general government by Ibo
constitution of the United States are con
cerned. But ao far a the powera which are
not delegated to the general rjovernment are
concerncJ our country is a union ol stales.
a confederacy, The general government is
supreme aa to all the powera which are
delegated to It by the constitution, and the
state are supreme as to all powers not
delegated to tlie general government. Here
in is our country different in Its constittu-
tional organism from such "nations an Great
Britain, 1'rance, Russia, Spain, etc. The
states of our union have a distinct polt'lca)
autonomy which they have always possess
ed, possessed even before the union or our
"nation" wjs farmed. As a matter of
logical as -well as historical faci the stttes
are oldsr thin the union. The s'ates made
the union or njtion' which had no political
existence until the constitution of the
United States had been formed by delegates
of the several states in convention assem
bled, and afterward adopted by at least nine
of the states a:ting,ea:b, in Its sovereign
capacity. Even after the constitution was
formed eich state was left absolutely free
to say for itself whether It would ajopt the
constitution and become a member of the
union or not. Khode Isl.mJ, acting In It
sovereign, independent character, rerr.alne.l
out of the union of states for throe years
before it saw itt to aloptthe constitution
and become a member of the union of stites.
The late war settled but twj questions, one
the right cf a state to secede peaceably,
and the other, Incidentally, that slavery
should be abo'lshed. It our union was a
confederacy before the war it is yet. Th e
right o! secession was never held by but J
few. "States' rights" docs not mean the
power to secede but It means all those powers
of legislation and government which were
net delegated to the general government
but which vere reserved to the states in the
formation ot the constitution. In this sense
the Democrat Is earnestly and I'eadfistly
a favor of state's rights' and no man
can set up a claim to patriotism that does
not do so. The power to legislate on the
subject 'of crimes, (unless committed on
government reservations, for forts, etc.)
of public schools, of public highways for
the states or the counties of the states, and
all matters of local concern are powers that
bj'.ong exclusively to the general govern
ment by the constitution. In these matters
the states are supreme and thee aro 'states
rights0. The general government has no
more right to ecerdse these powers for the
states than nas the British Parliament. The
Journal may call ours a 'nation' dog
matically, but the stubborn facts of history
showing that it Is a union of states remain
and no Ingenuity Is powerful enough o
overcome them and no Intelligent man can
dispute them successfully.
. It Is absolutely within the Bounds of
rason to say that no man of ordinary in
telligence ever seriously believed that presi
dent Cleveland ever contemplated entering
the Hawaiian islands and by military torcc
driving out the provisional government and
reinstating the queen on her throne. But
It would be much more consistent if those
who are protesting so loudly against the
right of the administration to do so, would
have protested equally loudly when Min
ister Stevens under the Harrison admlnls.
tra'.lon used the military power of the Unit
ed States to sustain the revolutionary gov
ernment of president Dole.
Congress will fall to do its duty If it docs
not pass an Income tax law. Nineteen
twentieths of the people demand It.
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ich St., New York, the manufactur
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Smith's Bile Beans, have, adopted a
novel plan. They ask tbo individual
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Came and address, with an outsido
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give (5 for the first wrapper received
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11. 11. IIVI'E. V. II. 1'. II. JAM IS
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(OH-i'Mr lino cf
iu all is hr.itii !.--.
EMBALMING -t- : :ty.
lit siJiT.ce cori' r :A and -'.t. J via Strut
Th OrtwVw howls with weary ca
dence the wiiMtl uriff bill leaving
high duty on manufactured goods. People
of ordinary intelligence, however are not
likely to be mislead by this weary howl
when they reflect upon the fact that Mc
Kinley pet a duly ot 9a per cent upon wool
en giods while the Wilson bill reduces It
to 35 per cent. The Oiegonmii endorsed
the McKlnley bill because this duty, 92
per cent, was just high enough, but it con
demns the Wilson tarlll duty (3s per cent)
because It is too high. Just at this time
that paper is drawing very largely on its
stock, of ot'idor as well upon It ability to
delude and befog the people.
The Oregon City L'nierfru: complai&t
that the Wilson tariff bill is partial to the
New England States. Itsa this meas
ure aims :o give the manufacturer of the
East ample protection. Let us see. This
bill gives the manufactures about 35 per
cent protection. This that paper says rs
ample protection. Well if this Is ample
protection why dlj McKinley give tne.n 92
per cent? The truth is that with woul or.
the free list and the duty on wcolcns r?
.lucej to 35 per cent from 9a per cent the
woolen maiufuturtr is not treated as
fairly a under the present law. Hut one
tiling is noticeable: Ut.Jer the Wilson bill
the masses are treated much mere fairly
than under the present iiw.
The Salem Jtwrnc says: "The Albany
Democrat wiiich of late years, for very good
reasons his changed its narre says" etc.
Now the Democrat has not changed It
name, neither Ui it had any good reasons
for so doing. What put It into the mind
of the Journnl to make (u:h a statement is
beyond our comprehension. Tae Jcurnal is
as far from the truth about this matter as it
isiromine tacts ot the history of cur
coun try.
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Cure is the only positive cure now known to
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stitutional disease, reruire8 a constitutional
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nally, acting directly upoc the blood and mu
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a fhtggish and ttntigntltt complexion.
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the hUiod thoroughly, and gitx a char
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fT BT?VT ....;.,
ARNINO I. the undersiencd.
warn evervbo-v lotctcivs anv
:on njy rims whoever it is, for I
net he responsible.
I OST.-Somewhere In lire faEtetn part
i nf the city an Iron jiplrli l.vel, with
tures. leveln. fierae return to N O Cinu
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Office t'liUirs nrer Mic
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r. Or, l iMrrion- Hllnre
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ilett-astil. All pt-rxtns having tiitna Naint
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eriftotl a by law t.)iiire.l t" tlif ui,.hr:-tuM at
f-mai'ts, Ortiion, i:hin nu'iitlu frcw the
da' e here f.
lateJ tV.if :tth dT cf NfirVf, 1V.
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'""""""J, LIC.
Hodnes t McFarlanti,
The Cornet Drug Slurc," Alba,
At the ktoic fonnett owned
Alien Bros.,
for which I will pay tin Lisi cash nCl
Firemcns Election
tvtotick isnKu:;r,Y(;iVK:
1 on Monilav, the t iti diy cf hectr.
Dtr. inyj, at uic nan c?i uiu Albany F.n.
il'inc Co, No 1 , llie annual tltctir,no( ;,.
iVii'anjr l1 ire i'fj.ri:.-vHi, 01 uie ci;r c:
Albany, Linn county, Ou'jiun,
held for ihc purpose of eltvjiinjf a Chit'
nriiurt:r mm an ami.i;ih iiici'.ne( I
01 (lie siKi ,ia"y riru i vpnrtrr.t?-;
Tl. t .11 I .. ......... 1 1
pointed by the Hoard of Delegates of siid I
Albany Fiie ns iud-es c:
.ni.t C'..r.l,.., Init-ll. W I. f-:ti .. .. I
1 i.c itiuuniiiK nave Deer. n.
r-.UU .us. ....... .1, , I, VJit.-rFT( ff
li.OOII., M If X" III I lips.
bald election will commence at one I
o'clock p in and continue without closing I
mc poi; uiiiu six o ciqck p in ol saiti ilav,
Albanv, Or, Nov 291b, 1S91
l'rpf . Pro Tern.
j w uiic, M-c i'ro 1 en..
Assignee's Notice.
Notice z hcreb given to all whom ii m
co icern, that on the 4.h day cf XovemUi
lSi:J. Anthony Prccst LtF C butler dulJ
made an aiiroment io"me ot all their proper
iv inriDG Den tuts 01 an meir cieaitor.
ccotdao co uith Ihc ccaeral aiticnmen'
awsof the ititerf Oreyor; therefore
perrons having claims avaiust the co-art. j
neriship firm of said Propst ad Better arel
hereby notified tod required to pwurttV.e'
same to me unner 01th at the ftthce ti W l;
Uilveuin the Citv nf Albanv, Oreaon litt-
in three months from the elate hereof.
Dated this 17th day of November, 1S93.
Fit AN KLIN i'l.OP.-T, Alij(Let,
Notice to Stockholders:
Noticw la Ii ore by (riven that the annyi!
stockholders nicotlug of th Farmars A
Merchants Insurant Company of Albnj
Or f gun, wl;l be nt tht rompany's
ofUie iu the cit? of Albany. Oregon, on
Wednesday, Jauimry 3rd, Ifc.M, at lb
hour of 2 o'clock n in of said dav for tbe
purpoHe of fcltctin 0 (nlrej directiscf
aaid company to i-erve on- year andt
transact 8.i?lt other buKintHt as iuit
rotulTly come before said meeting.
Dated Decern ler 2nd; lM'.l.
F Feai1; Kecxeurj I
thus inskiiiir 1 .On tc 35.O0
I'Elt U'EEK, Writes pttlemd wtio on I
furnisli a horse sud travel thrcu&h the conn-
tr;a team, though, i.s not necessary. A I
few vacancies in tewnsand cities, opsrt I
hours may le used to gfO 1 adr.tJfie.
fl F Inn ais A Co.
1 Uli and Main Sti. Uichmoj.'. Yi.
20 Easily Made.
VTe want many mm, women, bo, ant! arirlt I
work for us a lYw hours dailj-, rip lit In sod rrfia' I
tueirowu homes. The busim-is U enr, 1
strictly bonoraMf. ond navi btttor tr:sn sbtciU(
oflV-reJ aciat. You have a clear fifld soil 1
competition. Kx prince and ipcciI sbility
mcessary. No cailal requiml. We equip I
with everything tint you need, treat yoo el
and hi-lpyou to earn ten limes ordinary Tip
Women !o as well as men, ami boys and f
make goo I pay. Anyone, niirwlien'.candoil1
work. All Btjcceft who follow our plain snd
pie direction. Knrnrst work will surely brief
you a prrt-at deal of moner. F.ven thins: w
and in great ilemaml. Write for our psmpl
circular, and receive full Information. No lj,r
done If you conclude not to gu oa with tbe
Georce Stinson&Co
Box 488,
r a it .1 -.hs l srt.v-ne na
lot of iiesh grass seed, of almo: er
It. Come and see us.
- riV
Orups, rnintM. Oil
CilII6ir, I'-tC
.1. A. Cummiri: