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    4)aUii Democrat
nuMKiNBiniiE: i.xi-laiss,
Mr Breckinridge, one of the members 0
the ways and means committee explains the
new iarill bill as follows:
"The revenue difficulty, caused by the
recent panic, U temporary only, nnd it will
doubtless be provided for by a temporary
expedient. We cannot generalize on this,
but taking matters at a more normal state,
it may be said that we must provide for
650,000,000, or possibly lcs. in ways not
expressed in the new tariff. This will
follow very soon, in time to bo incorpo
rated with the present bill. But as this
is not expected to be of a character to ma
terially affect manufactures or trade, and
as the people were extremely anxious to
know what we proposed doing in regard to
the tariff, we concluded to make the new
bill public as soon as it was finally com
pleted. To a very great extent we have
substituted ad valorem for snccifb duties.
This seems indispensible if we are to
canalize the tariffs and the burdens of the
iieonlo. Many of tho irregularities which
nro corrected are astonishing- The admin -istrativo
tariff laws have found approval
far more than was expected, and it is
believed that the few changes proposed uc
in accord with experience and will meet
with general support.
"We have struck out from the tariff all
those features that distinguished it as a
'combine' and placed w.iat usually
known as 'raw materials," such as wool,
coal. Iron ore, wood, and tho like, on the
f lint A few chemicals are added to
tho free list, and the cruder forms of man
ufactures, such as pig iron and similar
.Widen, nrn irreatlv reduced from their
nresent hiub rate of duties. We refuse th
extraordinary protection that is now given
to transportation; that is, we do not gram
rates that will enable an article, especially
a crude or bulk article, that is produced in
one part of our vast country to overcome
the cost of transportation tc remote locali
ties, bayond the range of its reasonable or
natural market. The present tanu rates
make tbo most of such articles oppressive
to both the remote and reasonably near-by
localities, while ft less rate will relieve both
people, and as consumption Increases, when
extortion is prevented, the trado will be
maintained, if, indeed, it be not greatly
improved. .
"With free raw materials and the tariff
stripped of its most odiouB and oppressive
fiatures, wo give to consumers and pro
ducers alike a larger field for the employ-
vnt nt InW. letter returns and a more
abundant participation in the regards and
comforts of life."
Mr Breckinridge illustrated by referring
to tho wool schedule, where, with tree raw
material, tho specific or compulsory duties
were taken off. Under the old system,
y ims, worth not over 40 cents, were taxed
r.'l or 135 per cent. Under tho new bil1
they were put down to 35 per cent. He
'On clothes, shawls, kiut fabric, tU, the
rate now is from 97 per cent on costly
goods to 40 and 142 per, cent on cheaper
rood. Of course, tho rate is much higher
eoods. We reduce nnd
equalize this by making it 50 per cent. On
blankets, hats of wool and flannels for un
derwear, the present rate is from 77 to 101
rr cent, and on other grades still higher
nnd prohibitory. We mako them from 25
to 35 per cent. Women's and children's
dress goods are now taxed from 8-1 to i05
per cent; wo make them 40 per cent ad
valorem. On ready-made clothing the tax
now is from 82 per cent to a prohibition of
imports. Vo mako it 45 per cent. Car
nets we reduce all along tho line. In
addition to this It is providol that on the
woollen schedule, except carpets, thcie
shall come off 1 per cent every year for five
years. This will bring nil these duties 5
per cent lower in tho scale. In other words
what is left at 35 per cent will become 30
percent, etc. This is left temporarily in
order to give our woolen manufacturers
time and opportunity to become accustomed
to the use of foreign wools.
The alligator is threatened with npcedy
extermination. He grows slowly, but he
grows as long as ho lives, and a twelve
footer is said to bo about seventy-five years
old. Over 2,500,000, according to an
estimate from Florida, have been killed in
the last dozen yonrs.
J st Ktrra The Indira Baiar have just
received pr eipiesa Udav direct from the
manufacturers another now line of jioke'.i
for ladies and nnstes. Call early and get
ohoi.! iorihia will reitlie lot jhance
thia season.
n.B. hype. vr. ii.niNPixr.r.R. p. n. jamk
flallimore Mock, Albany, Ore,
voini'l-'tf lino of
- in all il hraivhe
EMBALMING .npe.u"y-
lidence f enter 3rd and Ctd.'.pouia streets
HIE FORUMS nulll'l-rios OK I'KICE.
The Forum, which Its readers regard
the foremost of our peridical, reduces 1',
price, b-ginr.lng with the December number
from (5. to $3. i year, from 5octs. to J5cts
coot. This is the most noteworthy re
duction In periodical literature that hastak. i
place perhaps that can take place. Mag,
azines of fiction and adventure, the iilustrat.
ed monthlies, were within everybody's reach
even before the recent reluction In the price
of some of them. But no periodicil of the
class of The Forum has ever been sold for J5
cts. It becomes the by half of al'
great Reviews In the world, and It remain"
the largest of all our periodicals of Its kind,
and its character is in no way changed
This redaction of price puts The Fo:um
easily within the reach of every reader who
cares for i of every man and woman who
desires to keep abreast of the time. Tn
extent to wbicthis reduction wiH add to pop.
ular education on great suliject is incalculable
The ablest article by the fnremoit wrlt-i
are now offered at less thin two cents etch.
The December number, fur example, con
tain, the following sixteen articles: " Are
Presidential Appointments for Sale?" Will
iam I) Foulke; "Necessity for Immediate
Tariff Kciluction," A Augustus Ilcalr; "A
Plan forrn Automatic, iron Political Tariff,
lien W J coombs; "rrnncis ratkman one
his AVork," Julius II Ward; "Child Study;
the Basis of Exact Kluca'ioii," President
O Stanley Hall; "Israel Among the Na
tions," W E II Lecky; "The Beginning of
Man and the Age of tho Rice," lr 1 G
Brinton; "Neea not of 'More Money,' but
Better Exchange," T G Shearman; ''How
to Deal with a Filibustering Minority,"
John II McMastir; "Use of Rich Men in a
Republic," Frederic Ila.riscn; "Mr Gold
win Smith's 'Views' on our History,
oourow V, llson; A i lau to tree our
Schools from Politics," Dr J M Rice; 'The
Most Popular Novels in America," Hamil
ton W Mabfe; ''Lastini; Results of Hie
World's) Fair," Alice Freeman Palmer,.
'The Fair's Results to ills City of Chicago
Franklin H Head. Address The Forum
Publishing Co, New York.
Tho first strictly American flag raised in
the United States was hoisted over the
apitolat Washington, Feb 21. iSGG. U
was 21x12 feet, and was made of American
bunting manufactured in Lowell,
A Medical Firm Gires Asay Cash.
3. P. Smith & Co. of No. 25S Green
wich St., New York, tho manufactur
ers of that favorite cathart' j known as
Smith's Bilo Beans, have adopted a
novel plan. They ask tho individual
buyers of Bilo Deans tu nuua iuci r uii -name
nnd address, with an outsido
wrapper from a bottle of Bile Bean!,
(either size) to their office, and they
givo t 3 for tho first wrapper received
in each morning's mail, and $1 for the
2d, 8d, 4th, 0th nnd 0th. Every day
$10 In cash Is thus sent to their cor.
respondents. Ask frr SM ALLsi?o.
Airs. A. M. Allen
Ferry, Wash.
20 Mites from a Doctor
But Hood's Sarsaparilla was
Equal to tho Emergency
lleurlsy, Chltla and Fever ITIIk
Leg IVrfcct Cure,
"After my baby was born I got Into very seri
ous condition, having pleurisy, chills and fovcr,
gradually developing Into milk leg. We live 20
miles from a physician and did not know what
to do. Finally nf ter n Rrent deal mt aaffer-
Ibi I began to take Hood's Sarsaparilla and
when 1 was using the third bottle I could ace
It Was Doing mo Coot!.
I continued with another bottle, and recovered
so rapidly that new Inula gMd taeaiik. I
Hood's Cures
cordially recommend K as ft good mtdlctna."
Mrs. A. M. Ai.lix, Ferry, Washington -
Hood's PIII9 ours all Liver Ills, DUIoma.
Btss, Jaundice, Indigestion, sick Headache,
rnji7cn axle
best J!i Tiir. Tvor.':-.
Citliv-tlr'T fv" bo' Cf nnv .;-(- - ' Jl
I.ect.iir.rlit.S-iT tllil..'
ro'i SAi-r 'it I'EAT.rTiaor.NEP.At.; Y. ;-t
Wall Paper,
lru;H, 1'nintw. OHm
(SlntHti., ICtu
J. A. Ciimiinrs
A man meeting of the democrats of Al
bany will be held at the Court House on
Saturday evening, December and, 1893,
at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of nominat
ing candidates for Mayor, Recorder,
Marshal and Treasurer, to be voted for at
the election on Monday, Dec 4th, 1893,
The committee recommend that the
various ward meetings be held on Friday
evening, Dec 1st at 7 o'clock, at the fol
lowing places:
First Ward Up stairs In the Circuit
Court room.
Second Ward In the County Court
Third Ward- At office of Farmers
Each ward will nominate one candidate
for Council and select a member of the
City Central committee.
I, M Curl,
T L Wallace,
Pay Wn Conn.
Terms, cat.ii at F I. Kenton's grocery
i'lrasc pay Perry Conn what oti owe
If you want a line tmokr call for Joseph s
fliito Ihbor cii.r,
The lieat;, t:-At on", o in tl.c ci'.y at Cum ad
! users.
The best walch in ihe world for the
money at French's jewelry store.
Kino .Southern Oregon peaches at F L
Kenton. Now is the lime to oau them.
Motor makes fivo trip daily to Viercck'a
addition. I.otr oa installments of $1
per week.
Genuine parti for a!I sewing machines,
also the best oils, needles, etc,, for all
sewing midlines, bicycles, et:., at E U
Will's music store. Se'wing machines and
orgtns repaired reasonable, and all work
warranted. Needles prepaid by mail 40c
a dozen.
Buy an Improved Roaster and Baker
before cooking your Thanksgiving Turkey
All sizes for talc by Sirs Talt, cor 3rd and
Broadalbin Sis.
Thousands of tl
the useof Aver's Pectoral. In the treatment
of croup and w hooping cough, the Pectoral
nna n nine, mm...-!..... rt . ,,
-. u,cw,MBcuo;t, it auays in
flammation, frees theobstructedairpassaM
and contro's the desire to cough.
Try a pair of Klein Bros Rubber spad-
INQ Boot,
New Advertisements.
TyAKNING -I. the undersigned,
crediton roy name whoever it la, fori
1111 Uk, III, lOBUUBlUltJ,
T OST. Somewhere in the eastern part
M M "1 1.110 V11.J ii iivii Ajflll, ll-TVl, nun
Hired levels. Florae return to N D Conn
VGES'IS mako ?." a day. Greatest
titchen ntennil over Invented. Rr
tails 35ets. 3 io 6 sold at evorv hotiR.
sari.p'e, poetairelpald, five oents. Mo
jiAK.N or co, Cincinnati, on:o.
7 ATED. County Bnd city war
ranis uougni and no'U by t r Mer
IOR HKNT. Koom suitable for
ilressinakliirr or light house keepiug.
luquire of Li Vieiiek.
At the store formerly owned by
Allen Bros.,
for which I will pay the best cash price
FARA1F.RS T.mrrv u t.,
....... B. Dhu, uiiiiusi every
kind, Including cheat, and we want to sell
inl OI lifiih nrnuai . n( a
u. u-ine anu see us.
Stationery, Toilet Articles, Musica
Instruments, Etc.
Hodas 4 HcFarlai,
The Cornet UntB Store,". AlhanT.Qi
Assignee's Notice.
Notice i: hereby given to all whom i. mat
coi.-rn. that on the 4-.h diy of NoremlN r,
IS'.".!, Anthony l'rcrst and V C llntler dulr
made an asiknmenl to me of all their proper
ty forthe benefit c.f all their creditor., in
cordaace with the general aKignment
awsof the state of Ortcoo: therefore all
persons having claims against the co-pirt-nership
firm of said l'ropst aad Hatler are
heiehy nof.ticil and required to present the
me to me no.)r 01th at the cf W 1!
Filenio the City of Alb,nr, Oregon Tith
in three m.inths from the date hereof.
Paled this ITth dy of November, ljt!13.
Fkinklin 'uorT, Assisnee.
nf 1
1 K
nid Dr. riurce s I' avonte I'rescnp
tifi those who want to bo niailo
oinn ami tliosn who want to bo
ratleTwcll. It builds up, invigor-
als, regulates, an t cures,
it's for you.113 jirls just entering
wmanliootl ; for women who have
roched tho critical "cliango of
li;"; for women expecting to bo-
iiinllwiru fnf mnthrH wllO
o nursing and cxliaustod ; for
aery woman who is run - now n,
dTicate, or overworked.
Ilv.,. oil ilm ilisnriliTs. ilispascs. and
Weaknesses of women, " Kavorito
inscription" i tho on!; remedy
a nnrri'Hnrr it can bo tiuar-
Qitced. If it doesn't benelit or
cjre, in every case, the money will
i returned.
j There's nothing likely to be
just as goou.
ip C.MAt'KEY. JI.B.,
Mi.vilctan and Surgeon, OIHce I'pfU'ra nr Hie
Residence, vomer lClh and CataptXila ft.
Undertakers -: ami - - lCmbalnicrs.
WE KEEP ccnitantlj rn I rrd a full llr.e of n-italic, cloth crd
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The Lowest MvIuk l'rofitn.
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Titos, liriiih.
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pie direction!!. Earnest work will surely bring
yon a great deal of moner. Erery thing Is new
and tn great demand. Write for our patnphlet
circular, and receive full information. Ko harm
Aonm If yoa conclude not to go on with the
Georce Stinson &CC
Box 488,
N'tmrr is hfrwy r.ivrx that tiif i n
ilvrriniMti hae j (x'intotl ftitrmnimr-itor .i
t!i aflitAte -f 1. :rrhnl. U'e ot l.inn.mifv, r.,
Jftxaw-I. All perMHis Ktiir csin t;iint m.,'.
tjitr mrr Iwrvl-v re-mirt-.l l n.. nt thun
tcrilii ',w t"i'"f'i I" tdc ut rli r ,-t'i .1 at
lrr1ii, On-it'in, wiilim & n:im:ltf from tltt
ds'r hen? f
latal thi:ih iUv ot 1
I K (iKilil RI.
ht.M:V . K i : 1 1
Wesfirrf -nl A rui.'ff.Ali, A.itnn.iiMtors.
AUJ f-t A.lmi:i.
tiw for roM tt --n and cot. or-., or-
jiilti',.Sr.a.'l U.le 1 V.i, .Toe. ptr ltt,o.
I. A. Morris & Co,
Flour and Feed Store.
More to oppose
Have removeti m" -
the Ru Houi-e, and have on hand
,tock of
Cu-toir. chopping done.
Piremens Election
l in.Uv ih mh dav of Decern
ber, 1S03, at the' hall of the Albany Kn-
gine Co, No I, me annual rircuun
Albanv l ire uepartmeni, 01 u.o .y
Albany, Linn county, Oiegon, will he
held for Ihe purpose of electing a Clilel
r.'....i.,.i.r mil nn Assistant Chief Lnglneer
of Ihe slid Albany Fire Department.
The following peisous have been ap
pointed bvthe Hoard of Delegates of eaM
Albany fire l-icpart'iicm .i s"
.r,l,l -'...rtli.ntnwlt: V Gillett, ! red
Uloom, M l Phillips.
c:..i.i will ccininencc at one
o'clock p lit and continue without closing
the pol.s until s.xo ciuck j hi v
Aloanv. Or, Nov 29H1, iStCi.
" liKO A LANDltETlI,
Pre.', Pro Tem.
J W White, See P10 Ten..
Dr. Price's Cream Baking powder
World's Fair Hiclusl Award.
rn. Dr. lHllorcu-U ullace
TW N.ilut Clairvnvaiit n tl Life Ki-nlcr, ti n n
liiTe, and ran bv f.mii.l at her rvHiikiuf , next J""i
J It C,.ii"illV Shu tills almiit id) HUhKcti.
(tn-oent atul (ulurt1; love troubl- h, al-it'tit friends and
buitiiu'w. itju can Jit-ar ironi vtur aoau iiti..n.
On SALE. (r Will tinrfn for wood
I' liny mare.Peven jearjiold peH'ectly
tf-ntle for wointm bdJ children to drive
Call (Hi K W Marb e wo kf.
photos from $ 1.50 to $4.00
cn. F.nlai)lnt I'ictiirca a
lOuo cravonr framed
30. We -arjv a in-rji- Mock
nd Meresc-nt' ,li. rjr.
oPAT0 Itive and Neetb Towia
VJ1 or by malt 25c. Gu
A"1 $1.00 per packatre. Samples ttteT
ko ho ttaa
iaiod... , ""found thtuVould do nii
wjtOQV fricoftleta. Sold br Uruairlaui.
6HIL0H'S cure;
TOl.lmunlnUme. aMwaft"sia!.3
''TB-r ,.,.lr "''II,.. 3
G .JiTSTi'iTnvrnu S T t
r . , ,,.?.a,,.
m5C.rccnL h i... J ..aau
MEfalail J . jj j
Sirtical IIILNI II
Tan Franciso-3, Cal.
Institute, located permanently ot yar.
kel Street, Sun lri:inci-co,Cii!,fnr the cur
of all Diseases, A llliclioi s nnd DclormWei,
A s'.nlf of l' a'ul .S jr:j:in.,,!ijyn'
uiolornas and 'lie eniloi.;eint-nr of tlie b
colleges of America and hurope, Ulled
specuuistb who have nan .ont; exocnence
intrcatini; special and chroriic disuses are
in constant attendance. A Pharmacy is
attcK'il, pud aM r'ts-'il,l'1.,,l filled free
el clnrra,
$1.00 Trial Bottle
$5 00 Full Course
Sufferers from Asllima, Rlieum.itisjrt
Consumption, Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Intiijei
tion. SciclHla.Kpilep6y, Female U'eakncu
Cancer, Heart Disease, lironchitls, Erup.
lions, bait Rheum, Hairiness, Tapeorin1
Deafness, any Sexual Disease, Lost Man
hood, malaria, 1 rinary 1 rouo;es, in,,
Bowel Troubles, should at once
Low charuts, within the reach of
hined with the best tredical and surcln
. : i
Young, Middle Aged and did Ben
Who may be suflerlnir from YOUTHFII
FOLLIES.or the excesses of matured life
shouM consult at once, before it I, loo
lale; these veteran practionen, wliohirt
no In the United States, aslhejan
ard will restore to you perfect health ukra
all others have failed.
Broken Dowc Constitutions
re rciuvlnaled and manly viror restored
by their new and wonderful method, ol
treatment. No Injurious drugs used.
Worn out business men, call for advlrc,
espetlaliv If vou are suffering from NER.
VOIT.S DEBILITY or failing pow r, ol
any disease of Ihe EYE, EAR. THROAT,
lI-Ngh, heart, stomach, skin,
Blond Diseases
'nrrl In 11. MliorlrNt lime liy vrj
ia(lr rriiicIli'.t
ARE YOU as stronir, healthy and vig
orous s von sliouUl be? Are vou free from
every trace of disease or blckness? Do you
look'well? Do ycu feel well? oris there
dome Chronic Trouble; which, like a can
kerwortn in the luddin. tljwer, is rapidly
destroying your very vitals.
MM, f.,T tmm V.ejm.i PwfKliAn
C 1 nnn.1..., ;..-cl inn
Constipation, Lassitude. Pains in the Back
or .Side, and diseases peculiar to thcr x,
consult these physicians with Ihe utmott
$5.00 FULL WUUKac
Till llarhet at'rrl
Han, liu
City Election Notice.
Notice is lier?liv iriven that on Monday,
llio 4tli day of leceniler,I8'.i:',tlie annna.
election in nnd lor the city ol Ainny,
Linn counlv.atulo of Orenon.will lie held
tortile purpose of electing the following
iimiiiripiil oflicers, towit: One Mayor,
one liecorilei',one Marehal.oneTreasunr,
one member of the Council from each
Said election will belield (it the folio
inn placee, namelv:
First ward at the Circuit Court room,
west side.
f-econd ward at tlie County Treasur
er's office. . . .
Third wnrd-at the office otlilieJAlbanj
Farmers Company. ,
The following named persons luwe
been appointed by the Common Cmnw
of sniil city, to act as Judges and tier"
ot said election :
First ward JuiIrps, David Froman.
Oltushnell and W C Tweedale ; clerH
C W Watts and W H Warner.
Second ward Judges, Strander tro
man, Calvin Bnrkliart and S
ton ; clerks, J K Wyatt ani P R Ke"f rt
Third wardludges. A E Bloom,
Allen and George l'atterson; clr"i
Frank . heeler and E J Lanning.
Said election will commenceatUo
in the forenoon and continue w'"1'"'
closing the polls until 6 o'clock lau
evening of tlie aforesaid day.
(iiv,n by order of the Conunon lo
cil of the city of Albany, Oregon. ,tI
made at a regular meeting o'"1?0
cil held at Hie Council chamber ins
c'ly the 14th day of November, ISi
vl llrvrox.
Recorder of the city of A"
. Oregon.November loii-.u.
...... .:iinard
I.arjalns for farmers in Do.n '",
walking plows, disc harrows.ircn B"
etc. l rices l.i jropor.ion to
wheat. It will par vou to ca I