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prtllU cmocrrtt
' vt lit 1 1 very day in Ike week
exeept Blinday.
inm l WMTTIXO Bdltitrm and Pp'r
Intend 'Klie feat (Jflke at Albaty
exsron, aaconfl olaaa majl matter.
..KtttlMBKU 17, lava
X Brothkhly Contest. Charles
Singh' arre',u'u' by JlaTBlial McFeron
this morning on complaint of his brother
Frank, charged with assault with a danger
ous weapon, creen chair post. The
tatter la "batching" In the third ward.
This morning Ida brother called on Mm
and pioceeJed to dilve him from his
batcnelors home. Frank said he couldnt
itind being imposed on any lunger and so
made complaint against his brother. On
rteother hand Cnarlea save Frank went
to Bis htbera house and acted badly, anil
he proposed w":M""K "r 11. trial
j; take place to-inoi row nt y o'clock b f
forc Justice Ncwroit, A lien both sides
ill 'je given.
Blown- Into the Hay Last Siiimhy
night Allen Parsers cannery at Toledo was
Mown into Yanuina in, with nhout $6000
worth of machinery. Tiiey had just been
pnttill? new f nindatlona under it, but had
not thoroughly braced it. The tannery lias
not been in oiteratinii this season. ( i'.iite a
nmditorm waa prevailing at the time.
The will be badly lUmnged on
account of the salt water. A 1'urliand man
0m a tlilrd Intersil In the cannery.
"Onto II is Jon." Everybody around
Iiarrisburg knows Joo Watkina. About
two years ago wlieii work wan more, plen
tilal about tliia portion of Linn county
Joe determined that it would be more
economical to build himself a house than
topay rent and carried this plan into
execution. Ho purchased A lot of Mrs
M It Schooling, in (schooling s addition,
paying but little thereon, and forthwith
erected and occupied his residence.
Times have changed since 'lien ; labor is
not o plentiful and mnoey is hard to
obtain. The time allowed Mr Watkina
lor paying for his lot had expired, and he
could not meet his obligation He either
had to raise the money or vacate. The
criiia was readied late Saturday night.
lien a number 01 men assembled and
liemoved Mr Watkins residence and
fence out into the atreet lhe low peo
ple alio had not heard ol what was going
ODened their eyes B..U gazed in
mazejient at the appearance of things.
rronderini! whether a Kansas cyclone
lid struck that nart of lhe town. Mr
Schooling went down to Albany Monday
to conault an attorney, ltiB said, but was
iinlorined that nothing could be done in
the matter. Later the building was sold
to Bill Roach. Harnaburg Courier.
S3 Sundaya thia year.
TheCorv.llUatreet uraare rum ig ,fttr
kemg stopped aever.l wnka.
Win Camp, a football phyer.was killed
d"d lt'Urda' ! bUt ' car lhilt
French propcaca to divide pnhia with Lis
cu-toinera thia Christmas. Lock for future
Mr B F Uamp ia making anangements
to have a bakery department to his
grocery store.
Plan to lake dinner with the W C T U
Thanksgiving day, at their hall. A tood
dinner for 25 cenla.
Judge do II Wllliama has "shutdown"
on the services being held at 111. home by
Mra Williams. 1
The II. Ley ,! ,! ( CUJ wj, , .Je
grand ahoniinj in itch oa Taauksciviui d w
beginning at lO oolook a in .
Sherman Kent, of LaOrand, was killed
on Saturday by a gun exploding in the
hands of a companion.
Salem it equal tj Albany. Alexander
Sheperd has been sent to jail for 4 i days
for not paying his road tax.
Yale defeated Harvard In a foot "ball
game on Saturday by the score of 6 to o.
Only eight men were injured.
Iron vLiting cards are a lata fad A
package of 400 are an inch thick. Ttie
names arc printed on them In silver.
Union thanksgiving serviceswlll be held
at the M E church next Thursday. Uev
I'richard will deliver the annual sermon.
The High school ofAsturtu gets out a
very neat journal called the High School
Quill. Pi of It N Wright, formerly of
Lebanon, la publisher.
It Is an interesting fact that while Ore
gon is not 11 nut country Henry E losch,
ol Porilai.d, received the prize on English
walnuts at the world's fair.
The special meeting of Beulalr Rebe kah
10J;;e that was appointed t o be held to
morrow evening will be held this evening
Instead. Let all members attend.
Owing to bard tiir.oj Franoh rrnnnses to
make it an object to purchase Christmas
gooda from fur atock of watcher, clocks.
jewelry and silvcrwaio FileoR id toeping
with tha times.
Geo W and Geo A Houck. of Benton
county, own 450 goats. The average
leld from a goat Is four pounds, and 22
A CiuEicr Tkami'. The Keview, of
IJeffersOtt tella the following: Tuesday
night a number ol hoboes were put oil
Rlie overland when it arrived nere.
About 12 o'clock the wife of Kev I L
stoops waa awakened by a noise in the
iHiiug ruuiu ui uieiruneiiiiiK.iiiiuviii,,-
eatigation fovnd a tramp lying on the
Itloor near the stove, fast asleep.
(ev Stoops being nbsent, the lady was
laturally badly Iriglitened. She arouseu
con tile of the neighbors who soon die
Icovered that the tramp was almost help
tcsoij imuxicweu. iriuiiix i" "I'
town t hev nut him to bed and on the lot-
lowing morning lie proceeded on his
ay south. His escape from the pen on
a charge of housebreaking ia due to the
refusal of .Mrs Stoops tonllow a complaint
to be made. The niirht was very cold
anj the lady says she could blame no
une for wantirg to sleep in a house.
A Bio Clcakit. Cottago tirove
header: Some weeks ago. it was dis
covered that amalgam was being stolen
rum uie plates of the mill run uv me
"mi Mill and Mining Company. A
iniet inveittumtinn traced the theft to
f rank Lighttoot, engineer on the night
nil- something near a inousaua
ollara were taken and about six hundred
fiollara worth of amalgam were found
Ironed 111 the cabin of Lightfoot. An of-
iter arrived in the mines wluie tne men
ere eating dinner, one day, but Light
it being on the lookout left before be
raid be arrested. We learn that he con
nect to having stolen the ainnlgani.
HowIsTllls! $"3 wnrth 0. silverware to
' given away at French's Jewelry atore thia
What Do leal Tnke.
I Medicine for? Becauae you are sick and
ant to get well, or because you wish to
prevent Illness. Then remember that
Hood's Sarsanarllla rnrps all diseases CaUB-
N by impure biood.
Purely vegetable I lood'sPill 35c.
Sharp as Two Edoud Swrd. Well,
eiahara V.. I 1 l-.l l I Whn
E .- li.ritlnniTKIBVUI ...
wle Billy" Wiht, the grinder. He
riiaB, not the poor, like the monopolies
E ii f 6 "nt Knivea, BCisaora nnu any
TiUiinK, except the mind. He fires
fQtietooli no in flret-clawi style and to
Tr ntire satisfaction. When he calls
niTe hearty we'eo6 nd yur
cents i the least ever paid for the product
The Ladies Aid Society will meet to-1
morrow afternoon at half past 3 o'clock at
Mrs Overman's. Business of importance
will demand attention. A full attendance
Postmaster Montclth will take advan
tage of Thursday as a legal holiday and
move Into ihe new P O block, nearly
ready for occupancv. Five hundred
small boxes besides the big boxes will ac
commodate the public well for awhile.
The College Soclettet ae making ar
rangements lor a public debate on the
Hawaiian question to take place In a few
weeks. It will be as to the preference of
the so called policies of Cleveland and Har
An eye sore In the nature of a dllaplda-
ieu pianK lence is iving on tne side walk
on 51 h street between Baker and Mont
gomery having tumbled over by the
weiyr.t ot an ordinary wind. The at
tention ol the city aul homes is resnect-
iuny caneu 10 tne matter.
Word came to Albany by Saturday
evening' train that the body of Jos
Hatnlltun, lost in the mountains.had been
mind by Duncan Ferguson and Ed Town-
send, The man. It was thought, died
from exposure. A faithful dog led to his
The San Francisco Examiner publishes
a list of 17,000 ladles who petition the
press of that city to stop the publication
of merely sensational news. They do
not object to tacts, so much as to the rot
maner in which the sensations of the
day aie given; They object to certain lines
of matter absolutely.
City election one week from today The
con'.est promises to be me of the I Ives t In
the htstoiy ot AJbany. lhe Republicans
will hotd their convention on Friday even
iny with primaries on Thursday evening;
the Democrats their convention on Satur
day evening with the prlmaaleson Friday
A. h land IlecordrG W Edwards, of ihe firm
of Johntoo Co, Ban rranoiscA commission
merchant, hag nrchasid most of the apple
orchard up thn vallnv this year, having
bouaht Neil s, KtncaidV, now , Home's VV
H shepherd's, DannVand Wagner's. Mr
Edwards was thn first of the San Francisco
mun who came into the Koaue liver valley
and gave the prople tneir apples. He has
spent $25,000 forthat fruit hereabouts. All
of his apples ah'pped are to be labeled Ore
gon apple 1,
The Hayner Distilling Company, cf
Npringheln, Unto, has sent out to news.
paper offices a special offer to furnish them
with Harvest Home rye. six years old, made
from the choicest grain, for only 93. Oo a
gallon, freight paid. The letter reads.
We are Informed It ia difficult to procure
good, pure liquor in your town even at
enormcua p'icea, so take pleasure in quot
ing you pricea." No, thank you, we dou't
aoti 11 aid rco 1 L
Mr Aaron Condra ia IjinK dangerously
ill at liis home near Harrieburg.
Postmaster David Brott and wile of
Fox Valley, are in the city.
F M Rinehart. of Salem, formerly of
Shedd, was in Hie city today.
Mr and Mrs Jolin McChesney returned
tins noon from a trip to Corvallis.
MrB W E McAfeo, of Salem, ia in tlie
city tho guest of lier siater, Mra V IJ
Mra W E Chandler, of Corvallis came
to Albany this noon on a visit to relative)
and friends.
F M Redfleld is in Lincoln county this
week assisting the County Clerk in Cir
cuit court work.
Hon Lark Bilyeu, of Kugene, waa in
the city this noon on his way horse from
a trip down the road.
Mr B'di Niles, who has been witli L
Viereck for just a year left this noon for
Newport on a visit with his sister.
Mr I.oe, representine; the Portland Dis
patch, came up from JtllVrson today and
went to Lebanon thia afternoon.
11 J Hopkins went to Salem this noon
to do some liguring on the new Soldiers
home, for which n Salem man received
'.he contract.
Mr Fred Dawson left this noon for
Portland, where he will attend a meeting
of the executive committee of the vounn
peoples societies of the liaptist church
of Oregon of which he is chairman.
Miss Kdilh Krausse, of Salem, a sister
of Mrs William Wright, of this city re
turned to the former place yesterday af
ter a pleasant visit of a few dayB in Cor
vallis. Miss Krause not long since enme
from the east, but will make Orem her
future home Corvallis Times.
The laid iseue of the Railway Gazette
has a picture of Johnnv liarnnm, the
young conductor of the R R V R R, to
gether with a short sketch. Johnny is
the vouneeBt conductor m the Lniteu
States, but arrayed in all the panoply of
brass buttons ana olne unilarm is as nil
posing and dignified as the biggest of
them. He does his work well. Jack
sonville Times.
The members ot Rebecca Lodge tend
ered Mr JO A Parker a surprise party on
Saturday evening in honor ot Ins bora
birth lay, which occurred yesterday. A
pleasant evening was BDent in games of
dilfurent kinds, and in a repaBt of much
culinary merit. Several days ago the
democrat mentioned tne melt ot a nne
Celestial rooster from Mr Parker's prem
ises. Mr 1'arker waa greatly surprised
during the evening by being 'presented
with the rooster, elegantly nioun'.ea Dy
the taxidermist, Mr Peacock. It was
called the prodigal's return.
The tiovernor i quite an opposer.
Foot ball ia one of the tliinga opposed.
Tony Noltner, of Portland, has re
ceived a judgment against a subscriber at
Woodburn. The warning is a terrible one.
A bond company has been organized in
Portland that in all probability needs
watching. You pay monthly, and
well, don't bite.
Oregon people going to Lower Califor
nia for their health say that February is
the best month in which to reside there.
It is the shortest.
Newspaper men who tell the farnur
how tomakeja BUCceBS of hia business are
like the farmer who tells the editor how
to run his paper, and yet there are some
of both in Orevon.
After thorough investigation it is
learned that the extra dinner served the
prisoners at the penitentiary on the gov
ernor's Thanksgiving day cost the Blate
only $3G0 more than does the noonday
meal usually served them. This extra
expense was occasioned by the purchase
of Oregon cranberries. " Statesman.
They certainly had a feast, at l-'i cents
a quart they ate SSbOquarts. We call that
extravagance. It is probable though
that they only ate $3. CO worth.
The Man About Town considers crok
inole one of the best of all games. It
brings into play the fingers, bodv, head
and tongue. Lnlike chess and Borne
other games it is decidedly social, a
Bplendid game for public places where
young men congregate. While reading
and studying should not lie neglected, as
they are by some, many do this at home
and take their crokinole iu company. At
the same time there is nothing more im
portant than the reading of good li'era
ture. Mis the dishes.
Tcmohrovv The Opera house has a big
atti action for Tuesday evening, ia the ap
pcaraiice ef Chsa L Davia in hia universally
tamed character creation ol "Alvin Josliu'
a play that haa been ao extensively wdttcn
up iu the last fifteen years, and i so well and
tavorauly Icnowu iu every city iu America,
tha". eatended comment seems auperflaoua.
Everybody who coes to a ulav house haa
heard of our known Chaa L Davia. or ''Alviu
Joalin. aa he ia popularly ealled. tie is as
diatinet a figure aa Joshua Whitcomh, Rip
Van WiLkle, Col Mulberry Sellers and others
that have found favor with American auriien
cea. For nearly aixteen years Oncle Alvin
haa toured the atates making Dlillicns laulh
at hia eccentricitiea, quaint aayiDga and awk
ward maneuvers. He ia the originator of
the Yankee fa-me-r, and has phyed the part
A special to the Democrat from Oak
land tells ot an outrage in which a man
known in thia county figured :
"A dastardly outrage was committed on
Sunday morning about 1 o'clock on
Thomas Sutherland, who resides on his
farm about 3 miles south of Oakland, by
two men who entered his bouse for the
purpose of robbery. At the time of their
entrance Sutherland who lives alone was
asleep. They awoke him and demanded
his money. lie said lie had but forty
dollars about the premises, which they
took, and then demanded more. Suther
land insisted that was all the money be
bad. They they took him to a locust tree
and hung him by the neck, trying to ex
tort a confession that he had more
money. The limb broke, and then they
took him to the barn and hung him the
second time and left him and left him
and returned to the house. Sutherland
managed to tintio himself. Then they
took him to the bouse and tied him to
the bed, put paper on his hands, lighted
it. and burned his hands to blisters.
When the robbers succeeded in getting
no more money they left the house, and
Sutherland went to his brother's house
near by and gave the alarm. The rob
bers wore white handkerchiefs over their
faces. One man was tall, the other was
abort and heavy set. Sutherland has no
suspicion who the men were. They had
no ngiitwneii tney wove mm up.
At Meal Times do vou ever conside
the quality of the food you are rating? It
may be good. It might be better, purer.
fresher and more wholesome. Is it not
worthwhile to make sure that your tea.
coffee, sugar, baked goods and Innumera
ble other groceries ate of the be6t quality?
I Here is sucli a trilling dlltirence in lite
prices of the best and the worst that It
does not pay to buy the worst,eveti on the
false ground of Euprosed economy. The
best is always the cheapest, because the
most satisfactory and durable.and the very
best of everything fn the grocery line is
kept at Parker Bros.
Cold ehtevy Mornings,
Clear Invigorating afternoons
Moonlight and starlight from evening till
Hence demand for warm
sensible clothing, increases.
Some new lots received this
week-just from the makers.
Some say trade's quiet, not that people
don't need, but they can't afford to t uy at
high prices. We've cut off all but a shade
of the profits for cash.
Just rearranged.
More than 1 2 long counters piled high,
all assorted, over 1 50 styles of goods, colors
and shapes.
Its a sr.itiovs mattes, this question of
who does your laundry work. Think
about it, digeBt it and act in the right
way by sending your clothes to the Al
bany Steam laundry. How would you
like to have the Celestials running things
in vonr line of business. It wouldn't set
well would it, and no wonder. Then
Bend your clothes to Richard & Phillips
who do the best work.
See the Mew Improved Singer sewing m
ioe. The 1'.t is always the cheapest.
Sowden, agent. Office at F M French
jhelry atore
WARNING I. the undersigned,
warn everybody to not give ay
credit on luv came whoever it la. fori
conatantly since ita first production, having win net no responsible,
made aeveiai xortunea, ia considered one ot
In o.der to let the readers of vour pa
per know that Tangent iB still living, it
may be well to give a lew items ot toe
happenings near here.
Farmers are'in a manner through with
their fall work.
The early and continued rnins have re
tarded the fall Beetling but nevertheless
there is a fair amount of grain sowed
much of which looks quite well.
The anole crop was not extra large but
of a better quaility than common. I
Potatoes are nearly all dug and there I
is a fair yield and very gcod quality.
,JIU DUU HID SIIKKKCU 111 V11B 11.1 . o.- J
business are busy tilling orders with o.
1 trees at low pricis.
There is a protracted meeting going on
at the present time, conducted by the
Mra Moll'.e Luper had the misfortune
to cu' her wrist quite badly witli a piece
of glass.
The roads are getting very muddy, in
some places they are nearly imppassable,
cause, too much hauling alter the rainy
. The people of Tangent were called to
gether on the HUh to par the last tribute
of respect to Miss Dora Powell, who died
at her home on the eve of the 17th. She
was aged 14, inst budding into woman
hood but suddenly taken away. The
funeral was conducted by the Rev Lee,
and was largely attended by the many
sympathizing friends. The remains
were laid to rest in the cemetery just
west ol langent.
The health ot this part ot the county
is good, no cases of sickness reported
John Canovan is once more able to
get around after laying op all summer
witli a broken leg.
There has been quite a large amount of
fruit dried here tins fall, which sells lor
six cents per pound.
the most prosperous managers of famed Alvin
Theatre, of Pittaburg, the moat eomplete ani
richly equipped theatre in tha world. The
ompany with Mr Davia is prcmiaed to he a
aelect one, and tha scenery adjanuta and
detaila for a f atisf ictory peformanea ia said to
Kn .. n1' instrumental wihi;.
P'ln Hsiii- iv. i ih
K?ev,,ory connected with Gates Col-
st eot is prepared to give lessons in
'l Slid In. In.. ..I .In.l.
LMl.. nT CUMei ' reasonable termj.
and la an experienced teacher. Her
. "racea re: Prof il A Shorey, William
"w ana Mrs lennle Lee.-
Can-""" "I'lng Dresa goods and
PeianJ Jaci,e at creatlv reduced prices
,:"cssh. v. jr . . , ,i
I . - K v,0 go0ds and prices.
lves in
- " "uia, aauer araui, roi
! chow, cranberries, leiron.
8ro ln? "nd new raisins at C E
Try 8 halts Bros new brand ot mild sugar
oared Oregon ham.
F.hultz Bros are now turning ont Hrat clas
Oregon hama. very mild and sweet.
Yon oto procure the best Oresfa ham in
the atate at Schulta Bros meat market.
AtShultz Brta meat market ia the plaoe
to get tint Oregon bacon aod hama at 15
oants par pound.
Leave vour order for dreased turkeya
tame geeae, ducks and chickens, at the
Central Market, for thar.asgivlng.
Dr Wright, of McMlnvllle will be at
Revere Houae Tuesday Nov JS for one
day only for extracting teeth by new pro
cess. Guaranteed absolutely painless; no
bad effects. Avail yourselves cf this op
portunity. Baths at Yierecka ahaving and hair
tting parlors.
ol all descriptions at
Ar' Proof Rubber" Hoots and Klein
Price', Cream Baking: Powder
Party Years tb Standard.
is not bought for ten-.porary use,
s,,i as a permanent and aervicable orna
ment. There Is often as much value In
the make aa in the material. Will A Stark
of thia city keep the largest and finest line
in the valley, making a specialty of good
goods. Their line of gold and ailver
tches Is a superior one, and In silver
thev take the lead in the centra
Willamette Vallev. If you would get the
best In their line call on Will & Stark, the
leading jewelera.
Bargains, : : Batatas.
" To reduce atock preparatory to moving
into the new
Post Offics Brick
we offer for cash tha list of goods below
mentioned at prices named. Lome early oa
at these figures they will last but a shert
30 lbs smell white beans for ,
4 lbs roasted coffee, in bulk ,
5 cans 2 lbs oysters
IU cans 1 IU oysters ,
4 cant 16 oz baking powder ,
5 cans choice table peachas
3 cans gallon pie peaches
i! lbs regular 40c tea ...
Regular Vk Knglish breakfast tea..
Regular 50c Japan tea
Tea in lunch baskets
A few tins. 7jc tea
100 lls dairy cheese, until gone. . . .
Mexican Silver stove polish
1832 pop corn
Horstman's 1 lb packages soda
Knglish scsU in bnlk
55 bars 10c toilet soap
13 bo cigars 50 in box
5 lbs 25c tea sittings
tl 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1
. 1
i ro
i oo
C. E.
WINK & CUSICK Managtrs
My fall line of MACISTOSHE-S and
GOSSAMERS, includiog mauy noveltie
for ladiea, miaes aud children, it now
sale. 8 E Young.
'oily ail m Met.
Ellsworth, between First and Second SU.,
Poultry, Fish, Oysters, Clams,
Game in Season.
Everything nice and fresh. Give us a call.
Tuesday, Nov. 28th,
1 0th annual tour. Direct from tbe Alvin
Theatre, Pittiborg, Fa.,
Prlceayary, to sav nothing of rr.en'a ful
suits from 83. 00 to ?5.oo. Here they go,
iicaet8 and ngurea tor eveiy Mocko
garmenta, with the cheapest price.
Start In at 86.00 for something good.
worth more of course; then $8.00 Is the
next jump, a big line to be sure, and better
than you ever aaw before for those figures.
$10.00 next. One easy wav to tell of
this say what Isn't in 11.
Old slow poky stj'bs.
Mean shoddy stun.
Colors that won't last,
tho funniest of all
Alvin Joslin.
3 hours of olid fuo: a tzro&t company;
ISO laughs in 180 initiates, with all the ord
inal scenery aod realistic effects.
Fricet, 50 and 75ceot. Reserved teats
now on sale at Hodge k Mc Far) aod.
Matthews &Washburn.
Dress Goods,
Capes and Jackets,
af, : greatly : reduced : prices,
Make your selections early while they Lave a
large assortment,
but these are all well made.
more of them are being trisd.
Every day
What kind of a suit for $12 ?
Close to 300 suits to nick from
tome Imported some Eastern some Al!
bany and Brownsville, cheap at $17.10
they're wonder provokers haven't time
to tell much more fine CheviotsMeltons
and worteda nice enough for dress goot"
and warm enoueh to withstand real i.ri
Then f 14.00 to $20 atainmr-
makes four more lota.
Look at your last year's cnar titan
these finer, better. taBtier the prices sell
'Comparisons aro"
Well, you know what. That's why
stocks that are old and out of style, culled
and high In price suffer when comtaied
with our bright near ratty gxxls.
We've no complaint. The public al
ways wlse.sets t.ere the assembly of cloth
ing that outstripa all rivalry.
The responalve sales are gratifying.
Short talks for pant buyers.
1000 odd pairs,
$1.50 la cheap'
for a good
pair then
j urn p
Great overcoat weather.
Tne taking styles the new stjrl;s tl
choicest shsdea.
Warm Wooley Wort-teda.
Choico Cheviots.
Mouse Colored Meltons.
Dressy Clay Worsteds.
They arc worth more than 4a asked, but
they muit go.
Too little time to tell what we have for
the old and young. We havn't sala a word
about Underwear, Sliicta, Neckwear.Head
wear, Footwearand the rest of many many
things we buy and sell.
Tni t. K. Blaix Clotthvo Co.
1 L