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NO 157
, lM 11 " r - -
41 v flM
A Liiila Daughter
Of a Climvh f Kn;;l;i:i:l ministor
cured of a distressing rash, liy
Ayer's Sarsapurilla. J!r. !i iiai:i
Dikkv, tlio weil-kixiwn l)ni;,'Kist, L07
JUUill t.. Moiilrral, 1'. (J.,
I li:ivt solil Ayer'.s Family Mi'iliciiwa
or40y-ars,iinil li:ivrh-iinl nothing but
gowl saM of thrln. I kumv of many
Wonderful Cures
performed ly Ayer's Karsupurilhi, nno
i iKirlirular bemg th:it nf a littlo
,iaiijritT of a Church of Kiiglnnd minis
tcr. Tin: 'hild literally cov?red
from head to foot with a ml ami ex
ceedingly trmibhisonie rush, from which
the had suffered fur two or three yearn,
in spite of t lirt best medical tre.itiuci'i
available. IKt father was in grcut
distress about tlio rase, and, nt my
recommendation, nt last began to ad
minister Ayer's Sarsaparilla, two bot
tles of which effected a complete euro,
mmli to her relief and her father's
delight. I am sure, wl7c ho here to-day,
lie won Id testify in the- strongest terms
65 to the merits f.f
Ayer's SarsaparL'la
PrtparcJ by I'r.J.O. Ay.-r & To., Iowe:itMa-s.
Cures others, w;:icureyou
The Oregon JLand Co
tVltn its home office at
rat ,-Hi-rvr: - - - OElt!C3-0.r
jjj me Gray BlocU, corner Liberty and State street, branch office In PortlantJ
If AKES a specialty of Sunnysidefruit tracts near Salem
iU- Will sell 5S 10 or 20
ere small cash payment
or particulars.
Albeuy, Orcson
p AKa,, I'rcident. J O WRrmAfAIt. RodoSarj-
l tX)WAN, Trmsurar. Geo F IMfSON. Vico Fresldsnb
1 'nwn. ieo FSirapwn, iV K Kasd, O B Muotnlth.H swronarsj JJ WiOu jc
J K W .iihsrltir l. U J Sti rL i O Writaman.
Several Solid Eastern and Foreign Conpfe
bed room set?, chairf, (Icnnges, ale.,
Both tlio mslliocl and results -jvIicp
Syrup of lugs 13 taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to ,lio taste, and acts
pcnlly yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Live? and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation, Syrup of Fig3 is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duccd, pleasing to the tasto and ac
ccptahjo to tho Btoniaeh, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
cllects, prepared only frcra the most
healthy and agreeahlo substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to nil. and havo inado it the most
popular remedy known.
Kyrup of Figs is fur salo in COc
and SI bottles by all lcndir.g drug
gists. Any reliahlo drugjjLt who
may not havo it on hand v.iil pro
cure it promptly for any cuo who
wishes to try it. lo not aec .-j t any
ionsun;, nr. new to'K. ".y.
acre lots at $50 to $60 per
long tmio o'i baiance
which I will sell at
era "ma axle
Nkw Youk, Novfmher 3nl.I893.
It is enle to estimate, that on Tuesday
next, n battle, not with wenpone, but
with ballots, will result in a victory for
the people. The Kmpire state of New
Yoik is in danger ol disgrace, and the
memories of Hamilton, Joy, Seward and
Fish, will ureeon the people of the state,
regardless of party affiliation to main
tain the honor and manhood of the first
state in the Union. Mayaard must be
beaten. The New York Bar Association
which denounced tho nomination, of
such a man a9 Mayi.ard, guilty of one of
the mot serious crimes against the ballot
i working day and night, to accomplish
the expected result, t'nrl Schurz the old
veteran (ierman-Amerienn leader, and
close fner.d of President Cleveland, has
denounced the nomination, and advoca-
iea tne election ot J-.dward i Hartlett.uo
fore a ureat audience of Germans i:i
Cooper Union on Thursday night. Tam
many Hall is making every pos&ible. ef
fort lo iurrease liy the aid of many re
peaters, and falsa registered men, the
deinnciatie majority in this city, but the
people will seal the' fr.'e of the machine
on Tuesday next,
"A 'Wild Bear at large " "(ireat Ex
eitement near Oramercy Park." "A
Furious l.ion Holds the Fort-" And
more such headlines appeared in the
daily papers. The siory relating to tho
much exaggerated romance of a metro
politan sta'ole, runs something like this:
A certain English animal company came
to tiiis country, to exhi'oit tho species f
wild anima's at the World's Fair. Upon
arrival in New York, the company found.
to its great Borrow, that the "show" had
been rejected by the World's Fair Ocm
uiissio::ers. Moaev being in immediate
demand, the company upened headquar
ter in New York renting part of a stable
nn Kaat l.'iirhtponll' utr.-ut In atr.M if n:ii-
a - , ;
umis. "luong me troupe w as a very i
clever kangaroo which gave regular per
formances, at one of Uie dime museums,
boxing and wrest'iug with his trainer,
being the particu'ar futtnrep. The rev
enue deiived from the clever trained
kangaroo, just abcut paid sundry ex
penses, but the management was at wit's
end, trying to cause gome sensa'ion
which would result in an addition to tho
alleged company's treasury. Surely the
idea which was followed out successfully
by the instigator, was a very deceiving
and novel one. The fact was reported to
Uie police that at a certain stau:e on ,
Lighteenth s'reet, a lion had escaped :
rom his cage and was making every ef- j
fort to escape from the stable, the doors
which ,im barricaded The .news spread ,
' ' !...,
nearlv killed Ins trainer, and had half j n v:ibiblp trnttinc linrsH.wliirli
w as ill the s'ablc at the time of the esca-.
pade. The result of this areat advertis- -
nig, drew a crowd around the stable, and
me ponce were caneu upon to --Keep tne
public out of haitns way." For two!
days the papers gave tbe allair the most '
in,',.i,.i;,' ,i n,,:,. a.
Brst, this little story sounds romantic, j
true, and entieing, but when will great ;
advertising schemes cent e. The ma'tij
Had been carried too far however, and as I
soon as Inspector AYilliams nunounced !
his determination toshoottlienild beast,
i ,i Tiq 7 if, . . ,lL M t.a.-hers' meeting at Harrisburg
?"tl 'VLNov. 10th and 11th. The teachers of
wns bought by the management, when
the Broadway horse cars were replaced
by tho cal)Ih carp, nnd the exorbitant !
price of 815 was paid for the "great '
trotter" which the lion destroyed. Iid
trotter" which the lion destroyed ,
the benst devour the horse? o! o!
No! he had noteeih. The "awfully wild :
lion" is nearly forty years old, and Wis '
teeth were drawn over ten years njro. j
Suc'i a 'fake" never has bei at'enin ed t
in New York before. If the pllblic haa :
any desire to gaze npon the well Pdter-
fied, toouuessanu in laci.irom reponn, :
almost harmless IlOll, It ran (io BOfnr the '
small Bum of 10 rents, (lo to liuber
miifleum and see be "untamable, man
eating lion" Sultan-Wallace, engaged at ;
a salary ot tH.i a ween. Mich are 'lie .
methrhls o( the money makers in the!
metropolis, and it is on!y one of the
nmnv ailverlisinit "fakes" practiced Iy
eople who live by their wits.
A tort the will ot the people has been
enforced. With the signature of the
Prtsident the purchase clause of the
Silver Law ot Hi'O is anunled The ef
forts of the eiivei senators to force the
anti-silver majority to compromise has
resulted in a liopebas failure. Tin firm
Maud taken by President Cleveland has
been commended b the leadinc linan-
ciers, and the action ol the republican
minority nnuer tne haiiersinp ot tliat
stalwart financier and pratesman John
Sherman, has also bteii a source of de
light and pleasure to tho advocates of
dound money. All is over now, and a
trfneral revival of business is looked for.
as conurees has adjourned, having ac
coniDlished the pasaite of the repeal act.
The merchants of the city are divided as
to the advisability ol changing the ex
istinir tariff laws. As soon as the wavs
and means committee reports some bill
providing for a final ee'tlement of the
tariff question, a decked degree of un
certainty Tflli continue to linger in the
commercial centres of the country.
UM. F. H. Koklscii
N:iii"h'i t'n-w, tn5trit ciwh tod croao
oa, tnr j)e by as. PfKit'-t sizn enottD
enrnrii dow.o'y Children ior it A Ij: o.
irrWF-l f Tir:e4 ffjit It if t
The pnblir demaf H thrnnvh servie- when
trsvelinff. .Tt it dif'J i' tif'l to t'hne
Car.' Od ' tha Mm uah, nl. l rtitnlcd
truirs of the L'hica;.., Uinn Pc.fie
North Western line from rr to Chicago,
Crairaaod tnrtrrdiiio pi-,t 'bar in tv.
nanRe. inn ts tm .meat and ftet set-
cs Imtweca th p.iotn orid.
Another Wrecti-
CiitcAfio, Nov 8. Hy a rear end col
lision on tho Chicago, Kock Island & I'll
cifie railrcad nt Seventy first street this
evening, four people were killed and many
injured. The limited vestibule express
crashed into the rear end of a I Hue Island
accommodation, badly wrecking two
coaches and the engine of the limited- The
accommodation train left tlio city a few
minutes ahead of the limi'ed and stopped
at Seventy-first street. The limited lore
down on it, it is said, nt the rate of 20
niiies an hour. A heavy fo? settled over
the city and it was almost impossible to
discern the signal lights. Tiio cngino of
tho limited ploughed its way into tho reir
of the accommodation. The car was driven
with terrible force into tho end of the
second coach. The explosion of a lamp
ignited the woodwork, and a Ero began
soon to spread. An alarm was immediately
turned in, but before the department ar
rived the majority of the wounded and dead
were taken from the wreck.
NjIMhsIu II,
Washington, Nov 8. Someseiirationr.l
dispatches published yesterday afternoon
and this morning, that l.iliunkalani would
be restored to her throne in ltiiwuii by the
tho United States government, brought a
Hood of inquiries to the state department.
The ollicials of this department ridiculed
this proposition, which was considered by
them as absurd. This is the nearest to
any statement that has been obtained from
any one in nn oHiciat capacity connected
with the state department in regard to the
Hawaiian matter.
Tlio lloull:
roRTi.ANii. Nov 8. The additional
election returns received yesterday carry
out the predictions made Tuesday night of
clean republican sweep in all . states, except
Virginia, and even there the democratic
majority was cut down. In Ohio. New
York and reunsvlvania the majorities for
i the republican candidates were tally
the republican candidates were
i n .1 : i. 1 i. " i
Tbe following table shows the pluralities
for the head of (he republican ticket in the
states mentioned: I'ennsvlvania. loXOOO;
Kew York (over Maynnrd) 00.000; Ohm'
S)0,000; Iowa, iio 000; Massachusetts,
l-ofcf In Snow.
VcoKANK. Nov 8. William K Carlin,
son of Brigadier General W P Carlin,
commanding tho Department of the Co
lumbia: his brother-in-law. J II Pierce.
and A II Himinalwright, of New York, nre
snoweifln at the head of Clearwater river.
; ll0 iJitter iot mountains, and grave
fenrs nre entertained for their safetv- Mr
Clrin , pilrtj left i,ere September 20 for
the head of the C earwater on a huntinit
tr,p cxpecttug lo returo about November 1
Dcraiwratie Vlclorr.
St Paul, Minn, Nov 8. Yesterday's
election in stlllwatur. Minn, was a veritable
landslide, the democrats having elected
every democrat on the ticket,
, ,
., , , . . , , , .
The lengh of the largtst ilger km ever
n"fl cr ".iai stretched and rt.ied was
'U'"cenieci ' ana one nu meats,
Tcnrliera Inatitnle
Notice is Itereby given tliat tliere will
: j unci ion, Lane coun'y, will join with the
""V" ' 1 '.ZZ XJX.
V '? vJf.i
,rr , ?r hi' !
; ??
may evening, me jucii, uy
naa A 11 tttiilipra ami
medticH-ion nrncordially invited tocome.
n w i?.-.-.t
County School Superintendent
In Olden Tliiim
VMnU nvrlrv,Vi I tho tmrnrt.inr- nf nor-
m,entlv beneficial effect and were Rati
wlth tranfent actions, but now that it
l. venerallv Lnnwn that Svnm nf FU wl.I
nennnne - .tl v enrf h.biiual cmistinatl.m.
-iiinionn'l n,.,1(,i,. ttin nt .i.v nlr
iPXaive, which act f r hut a time,'b.;t fin-
apv iP:lir. lhe BVem.
" '. , ,
Tub Vesnicr 1 u.nnunouH tnt Will &
ji arkcirry the b-.t line of hilvcr I
Lie a!le. Tiiey niva th vn-lciy n 1 i n
iy, a C'lmStniiicm tint canti ii ..ii
;,vis. An inpc;d(-i a'.-vvi i-trrie ci
Whatever may be the catie ol blanch
ing, the hair nv.y he restored to fu oriyU
nai color bv the ut of that pole .t remedy
ll.ill Vegetable Sicilian Htir R-newer.
Yk,YouC.x ce tu S iet Ii itf o
"jltf 'or nuldng In lh; atz at W R
GrfchamV. where he hn a ia!-tr with few
equali on hand to mak: lh-in up on short
notice, Oeilh b"; nl tnot stylish
suits of him, A new feature will be the
miking o' ladle cio.ik to order, or the
al ering of c n" to the Intent sty'es hnd
h; rcpairtnij of cloik. I'r.ce -r bo-
tom ore.
ShiMT Viui;-r tt w yon ned for
dyp!i r rpi iWr. pk?n or kid
ney tru'it. !. t "tirnt-rl toTcfvo yon
ti! ACUtm, Vri 75' S ild ly K.rhny
The only Ture Cream of Tartar 1'ovMcr. No Ammonia; Xo Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Yc .; t1i;: ?t-nitlapl
Highest of all in Leavening Power
Self Pi-ulnr.
Self piaUe is no recommendation, "but
there are not times when one must permit
a person to tell the truth about himself.
When what he savs is supported bv the
testimony of other no reasonable man
will doubt bis word. Now, to say that
AUcocVs Porous Plasters are the only
genuine nd reliable porous plasters made
is not self praise In the slightest degree.
They have stood tne test for over thirty
years, and In proof of their merits it Is only
necessary to call attention to the cures
they have effected and to the voluntary
testimonials of those who have used them.
Bewaie of Imitations, and do not be de
ceived by misrepresentation. Ask for
Allcock's, and let no solicitation or expla
nation induce you to accept a substitute.
II fill Hi li old Arc.
Edward Collinson, Queens, N Y, soys:
"I commenced using Brandreth Pillsover
liftv-five vears ago. I first bought them
in London, and hae continued using
inem since 1 came loinis country in 1030.
I am now over seventy-five years old,hale
and hearty, and attribute mv wonderful
health to the persistent use of Brandreth's
Pills. Occasionally I have a had cold or
severe attack of rheumatism, indigestion
or biliousness, but four or five doses of
Bjandreth's Pills always cure me. When
ever my children have been sick with
scarlet "fever, measles, acid stomach, di
ordored digestion or costlycness, a few
d.jsesof lirandreth's Pills testored their
health at once."
The Trne Laxative lrlurlt'.c
Of ills plants used In mar.ufartuiing the
pleasant remedy, Syrup of Figs, has a
permanently beneiicial elteci on the human
system, while the cheap vegetable extracts
and mineral solutions, usually sold as med
icines, are permanently Injurious. Being
well Informed, you will use the true rem
edy only. Manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. - ----- -
WHO does your washing? H is to be
hopetl you semi it to the Albany Steam
Laundry, thus patronizing a first-class home
institution that employs only white labor.
Tlio work too spe-.iks for itself, not after the
fashion of the loud smelling Celestial wash
ing, but on account of the superior manner
in which it is done.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made.
Proved In be the Bent.
Tested and proved by over thirty years
use In all parts of the world, Allcock's Por
ous plasters have the indorsement of the
highest medical nnu chemical authorities
and millions of grateful patients who have
been cured of distressing ailments volun
tarliy testify to their irerlts,
Allcock's Porous Piasters ?re purely
vegetable. Thv ere mild Kit t fl -cilve,
sure and quh.V : Muir jcio.i, and ab.-o
utelv ttarm e.
Beware of imitations, and do m.t he de
ceived by mUrepreseniation . Ask lor
Ailci-ck's, and lt no to icita U.n or expla
nation Induce mi to acrrnt a snbhtltulc.
Wooden, Tin,
r'ilver, Golden
(oii.mon every day.
Ah Tar TrleaiU
ho have takt n Iftiod's Sarsapirl.ln what
ihey think of ir, and the replies will be
po4;Ive in t f vor. One has been cured
of indigestion nnd dyspepirt, n nut iter fitids
I'. inilift icnMiih? for ck headache, others
repot t rema'k tbe cu-es tf scrofula, salt
rheum and othfrblooc diai,Mill others
sill te'l oa 1 hat it overcoititfM ,hat tired
feedng,'1 and nn. Tru'v. the best ad
verting whl. 'i Hood's Sarsaparilla re
ceives is lhe i -ariy endorsement of the
ar.i.y of frh-ndt t has won by its positive
i Ml tl -
1 ttft HniHlm
IVn1t he tempi
will get Into 'r
end poverty a
Uncle Sam's vi
' to Ir.vestin '.hem You
ibl every a d In tne
I dbgrnce. The genuine
en eocdi are the only ones
of value, 'tle
nakevmi rich: especially
when used to
Hegulator lo o
pepsta, constip
away maiarii.
nylhlng else In
.mrcSase Slmrr.ons Li-er
e your Indigestion, ds
I'm or biUousncss.or drive
Vin t be tempted to take
place of the Regulator.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Paiker tiros, grocers.
F. M. French keups railroad time.
Bay your groceries of Parker Bros
Piae groceries at Conn & HendricAon'a.
Nriw cream cheese juat received at ConraJ
P J Smiley job printer, Flinn Block, does
first class work.
Smoke the colebrated Havana filled 5 cent
cigar at JuWub Joseph's,
Dr M II Ellis, physician and aureoa
Albany, Oregon. CiiU mala la cit'or
country .
When a doctor considers It necessary
to prescribe sarsaparilla, he simply orders
a bottle of Ayer's, krowiner full well that
he will obtain thereby a surer and purer
preparation than any other which the drug
store can furnish, Ayer's Sarssparilla is
the superior medicine.
. 1
. .Ci.cs I acl: to i-.i.-y tiaalth.
. ; c.;j.y:;U,.Kr?ppho-..
i tmploy.-il v...t grciit
i:i all a;.:.:c:v thct r:
!'i'bh ml i. :!-'... Litli.i
. .- it vitli iV...!i.
l-v S..:mt i r.i..-r... K. v ' 4nwrl.M.
C 1.00 per BottlcT
One cent a (logo.
Tms flnnAP Coran Cuhb promptly cur
whero all oihcrs fail, Coueha, Croup. Sore
Throat, Hoarseness, whooping Cough and
Asthma, for Consumption it noa no rival;
has cured thousands, mid will CURB Tou If
taken In ttrno. Bold by Irui?gfss on a guar
antee. Vor n, Taroe Baric or Chest, use
lave Vmi I'n 1 tirrli V Thl wmnl vlit tpiinran.
toed to cure yuu. rr!co.&Jcta. liijccLurrrco,
Easily. Quickly,
P?rstncn!:j nojtjrci
8T 1 nil t! 'Mr:i1n rC t:T
I nuin arly 1 1 1 ,1- .ir li-H-f
( ruuik, 1I1 ki.i'nii,
v.orri.ittf Puiirt.-v:
'.'Ti'(fp'nct.l fcn-l tor.
f.iwn twe rry ipii n'.d
I. 'Tll-Tl f tl.C t-itTT.;t.'s.
I:niitfi1iHT-l!Tii'n ivi-mnit
i-'.ii. K,i It tiro t.TijMir I'll!. rrprpnr'S. IfcxV,
f xi1nnt!in nr"l jr.jS
Oa'lcU (3w?cd) I'm-.
ourr.i.o. w. .
iiGOi, a.esvM
rat Terin iiup..i rpi(.mhpr
A ff. 1 mrpn of Inarm" - -
f "nra of l.rt. - r, .
ll ffta-W M .(i.!ri!' '
frim tnrtnccmr: rrr4 Ir ',.-
"rr. rt'tntT rovnir
18811 of ill
ft TfU y
1 f
i' "v