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    gaily $cmocYitt
WM it Iiccl every day ju the week
except Puuduy.
;jTSt,, Editors un.l r.-op'r
ii n, ss it mini ela.'i uiall matter.
i.miiim. i mint 4
TiiANKMiivixc. In marked cunlra,) I,,
lli,'in l!ini:'.liim (if(liiwon'n rrimkv "wveru
r i tin fiilliiu-iuu iHKiiililully w.i'rdi-d r.,
,l.u,iati"ii of I'n-idi'nt ( 'levi'land, wliii-li' it
is to l-ri' lu t l- tlio only one lh::t will
W nul 'I'li.inksyivinil.iy, wlii. l, ,.Verv-
kidvtt'lll nl'.-i-I'Vi' nil llli- Hill.- luin,,l j if.
vVliil,- tlm Aiiu-iii-iii people should ,.vi.,.y
,lay wiiii-iiiiM-r with praise iiu.l llnnki,:.
injr tin- divine "noilness uinl n-r,y wld, I,
ii.nv l"..llov.c. I tin-in Mi..-,- Hit-ii- U-iiniii,..
x a ii.ition. it i-lillimr tl,di. d,,v j ,7"
rtll'll Vl'.ir -ll.UlM 1- Ll..l. i;y (lc-Vllll.,1'1,,
COllI plilti-JII "fill'! 1,1,-: in.-s we Ii.u,,
n-ivi-'l from tin-Imii.l of 1 hid, .,,,,1 j,, ;
('ful ii'liiiinvlrilini-iii 1,1 I,.-.-;,,,',
kiinlne.": tlii-ivfiiiv. I, (Irovc i- ( l.-v.-l;-H,i'
pn-iili-nl r.f tin; I nit -.1 Slut. ., , .ivin.
,;i''ii:it' mi' I '-t npitrl 'I'iitir-M.iv. H)-.
ghv uf liw pp'M-nt iiuinlli (if X i", . -i ,il 1. u
a day 01 iii:mu.-;-,i 111 aim pr.ii,',tM , ir
i.inl (liiM'i vnl liy all pi'npli- in 1,111- land. ,,, il.iy li-t ii iiiiri.i-rlinarv Wurlf !
anili'iiiI'li'Vini'iitsaiiil :i.-s,'n,l(,. in,,';;r .u:,
l.b'iSI't' WOr-llill, IvIxTO IVi' l!i:n- r II .ill
that (h'.I li.i dune fur us, an.l wln-i-.-. ri-o'in
p-.iti'ful heart our united 1 11 1 i 1 1 i,f pn,i,-
ami suntr iiiay n-..''i tin-tin-,, r f rlw.
U't tin- niii'iii of klililri-il y, tlie'
iiuvtiii'of friend li-n-l i !iiriiui onj,--
llli'Ilt t llllty.illlil ll't ''I'lHTillls -'itU ..r .-!. e-
i'vfnr tin; relief of tin-pour ami n ly prove
ML Mil' 1 i 01 mil iii.uiKivilif.
Tiik Ai.iiaxv ::s. A "',o,I Aun
aiiilii'ii-'O j,rtvtiil !,n Albany itnialcurs last
night at tin-o-i-a liou.-i-. Ilirkry Farm,
nil liurn-i-iiii L-oiiiciiy, was presrntt'd in a
very rri'iiitaoio manner. Mr t,.-t Van
tVve ili'l Alderman .MeKifiran iu
-tvlo. Miss Lillian Crawfuril ilis
markiil t.ili-nt in Mrs I'riseilla 1Iihm-,; 'jr
llu?li Fisli'-r. 11s Ka-kii-l Fortiim.tliu owner
ii nirury i-anii; 11 nwart as tin; niiscr,
I'riali Skinner; M 1) Swart, ns the villain,
liill.'rt I'arkwood;
liie faithful youni; love, .laek Nelson; Miss
Martha Uisley. ius Jessie Fortune, and Will
lallnaitll as lletei-tivK Ifankin.all iliil good
amateur work. Kouj-li llianioiiil.a live one
aitrouiL'ily. closed the program to the sut-L-fiiition
of the audienes. Tin- . lavs will
e repeated toiii;lit,witli several sHrialties.
Ailiuission, L'.'i cents to any part o the
More fruit l,a, been so,d hi OiLon (Ms
year than exer before. ii
I-iberatl had a crowded bouse t .aem
'he receipt, being $170. 1
Oreeon reri-lvln.r!.-i . ...
air or ihe Imesl peaches U certi.l, a
gi --at feather Ui our can.
Mrs Nellie Muiiti.iil, .....1 m... ii? 11 r,
Jbtro-t, of l'olk cjuntv, Ihis year
cleared -, over all, Includiiijr faniily
expenses, on 15 acies of land, devoted to
I'rof Wo-i! !'i-l.'.-ml v o'inist. ,...-!. ...
Kivo acitiuerl ia Ali.any as.isted by le.l
" wuni. rvii
o ip'itj a inut c;d tri
Lebanon's citv debt is but 810
lowing, yet Siio can Kr soincihinB better
"ii. one is out (11 tic il nn, .
In the treasury besides Si-io l'r..t
It will un.loub 'e.llj
A (rood
.loniiK.vr at Oakvii.i.i:. Our eorres
umilrat gives the following aceoiint of n
urmtti I.... 1 . i-n:.t f 1
J o ..v..,t, aiM-rnoou Jililies
llnrpiii and Andrew shearer were out
nuntuii;. lucrossintr a loir to slin im n.,
oineiliii-ks SluMrer's gun was disi-hnri'il
Mrinif away a portion of his left hand. lr
ami. .a' I'lirmlliw ..i. t.....i r.. in
. - "mi. iin, ,11111 me
arlortiniate youn.r man was taken to tlu
!".'n?r, ,K-,l",lii:'- 'l'he doctor ampu-nti-il
the two front lingers.leavirg him two
:ns''rs mid a tlmuili on his left hand. II..
tin-oldest sin of David .Shearer, the mail
1lltr.lrtnr.1v11.ktrt.;.. In..l 1 .... 1 ..
. ; -, : ui-i.ui-i aim eaiue 10
iiuiTiea wiii'ii ipuie youiie; ami is now past
WllK!t KlKsT .TAKTKi. ' hue r,.
'iveil from IMI llm.... il,.ti:,a.t n 1.
milerv mail, n 1. ...,..l.l..i ....:n...i ..s.-..i.'...
fil 11 .. 1 ' viniii.-ii .--aiiiiou
t tli" 1 antic ( .,st." 0 Km tiie l,tt,;m.
'Ms lirst starts.! ... .. ...I :..
if... . ,. ,' . '" i'iii'-iii". .11., Ill
"'hv 1 1, uaes, he-liemifii junior nirailwr
i--"P"'.ve 01 lilt! iirm. it tooktheni
vor.ll vears I.. ....11 1 ...1... ..
. ., - , -"""uiii.-i.iiiiii-iii.aiiuon
' tli.) markiits of San Franeiseo. The
.,' "'.'irnei lonnd ill lai-rland and
-""r ""'" markets had been
?llislt. uiui va..i 1 1 ....
fn i j. wiM nirneii 10
it 1 " 1 "lp""l1 11 Chicago house.until
-"i--iili'ss aillOllllts In 1111 inns itii,. 1
Mr lltini.i l...i;r..-., 11. . ....1 ...:n
........ .. . ".lllll'lll lll
")mi' en iri'k-vi ..... it .
Icon li - -....-.t il iiiv.isiiu-s aru 1101
w ineiii.
lJes. Scio Tress.
ivcrvbodv to see II... tivi-
Steam Hldlig ('.dleiV W,, galloplne
lioise. Kunning everv afternoon lrr.,n .
to III. Ofl-Osil5 Ji)Ull"llnns,. 1
A irenlKm-.n from the East iilm ....i..
ai lived in Sllverlon. says he has located in
illfterent places in ibe pa,t 27 years
lie says now he lias f.uiint ini . ..1....'.
ie lias Leen lookiui' for an. 1 ivi't tt
Iherodles of l'atil Oeder and Charles have been lecovered from the Wil
lamette at I'ortlar.d. making seven recov
ered. A man n.nned l'etersjn is also
supposed lr. Iiavibeen drowr.ed, eight In
S.-.m Kenny, of Salem, will run a foot willi Trir.e, the Springfield splinter,
il the f.UL'cnc hrldee tomorrow aft.
at 3 o'clock. They will run loo yards dnil
Tiinewill be given :,o feet start. I'urse
not slated Uugenc Guard.
A e.irno of foot hall lias been arranijucl
I'OtWrcn eleven vounir men of tin. Ari..nt.
tural College, and a team from tho Albany
coiHRe. llie Eaino will be played in this city
on Saturday uf iiont week on llie Agricul
tura! College (trouadn. Coryailii News.
Will L C'arlion, who reoootly purehaacd
the Corvall' delivery bnninen, has Kone and
nisiiid tnhave"kippoil',f,)r oarU nnkoown.
On Wednesday ho went to Albany by private
conveyance in compauy with an invited guest,
Carlton has not been been since. t'urvallis
NeTS. .
Facts in reference to I).- Sponogle's past
life do not show up very well for him. He
was married three times and each wife
died, all lhrce In about six years, the last
two in about a year's time. Their lives
were Insured; the first was paid. The last
a 17 year old girl was insured for S3000,
which has not been paid. A letter from
Spokane Indicates that his reputation was
untavory there.
The second trial of the case of the State
against George Cams was completed last
evening by the jury bringing In a veidict
Jf not guilty. It was probably the most
hotly contested justice case ever tried In
Albany. II II Hewitt and J R Wyatt ap
peared for the prosecution and A F Stowe,
of Lebanon, and J J Whitney for the de
fendant. The position taken by the de
fense was self defense,which was accepted
by the jury. It was considered a great
victory for the defendant and his attorneys,
Stone and Whitney."
Mirilir J.irkum Krlurna Willi Ills Man-
Sheriff Jai-kson returned to Albany this
mi mug witu Dr Spinogle rvoently indict
ed by the grand jury for r.ii( on Mrs
Wyatt of lirownsville, the liarliculars of
which have, heretofore) luteii given. The
in. iii.-n s or the arrest are of great interest.
ponnglo had gone from L'ugeim directly
to I resno, where on the dispatch from
Men!! Jackson he had been urn4cl and
11 aced 111 In . I A l...l II 1 I r
-, . - , j . ii'iiHii iiiivu iiom-s oeiore
hheriir Jackson s ni rival Sixmoglo was
lllllH l- I iL-.,.. r. a t . n
....... ...... ,,,, , , j ;,aiieas corpus
and atoilcedi,, ,ar;;ed by the .Incl".-. A
ca.,'ia;e was i wailin-r and lie wi-s ini-
llll-i .. v ..,......'.' ., . .
'--"---i. 111 enon was niai'c
to hold ill 111 1,11 an anvst for vagi-.incy;
..i. .loniiweii 11110 n lug brick, gavs
he ojin ers lh" slip and tied with a man and
ii'.v liycar.,;,-;,. r tli oiiutaius. 11 fait
that was iit le.1,-,,,-,1 i U'it.r Sbeiiir
;"on.-i m rival. Sheriff .7v Scott, of
l iesmi, (;Vely 1 ucli a sheriff. ;"m,l ,, ,an
i.iio knew ,ns l,usiiN( t.,k the gn-alest iu
ter.'st in c.i-e and with ,si., ilf Jackson
m. .,, M.n.i.r fn- the imest of
lotlivr!e. Seven nr ..i.-l.l .1
T''yr',,''i',',it,'':'';,t'li.r''l'ii': but the two
i s .,,e,i uie right trail and traced
he in. 1 1. ...I..- .
. .-- ......i miV imles into tne
miM.nlains. wlie.-ea.:ui,,.Wils wlllTli ,i
. , , .many captured ill the wilds
III I lie .-s;i ii J... ., ',.:... ..i ,,
, ,1 " i mi i in .i i ns, ..ueriil .M'OIC
r".V n,,l"Ulli"' wim addressad
in.-.uiesi. jie was iLiuen
back to I res,,,, by Hioriff Jackson and
- '- ., . in . i i ng i here at !t o clock at night.
At three .in the ninr.iiiig Sheriff Jackson
was on ls way t Ali.aiiy with his i risoner.
A,T;,l'e,,ii.iit i 1....I , i. r ' ..
... , '" '" "ecu inane loraiiouier
r.l ;rt to secure his release; but the early
tr.un pivvenled Ihe business. Sheriff Jack-
; pn aseu iu tne splendid treat
nicnt received ho,,, sheriff Scott and his
obliging ilciiuhcs ,y10 displayed sulh
c .mi- ency in agisting i pushing the ar
,'11 l-'liiogle, and I.inn county people
will appriviate tlieslireivduess and a'l.vity
of .Sheriff .laces,,,, ,,,,,1 a concerned in
bringing a ma,, :to w.,lltc, f , ,
an offence.
. The Fresno papers criticised the lawyer,
judge and parties who secured Sponogle's
release m a fearless manner.
Sponagle will be arraigned Holiday ut 1
o clock and be allowed to plead.
lull- in Fresno Sheriff Jackson was
shown Lvans the famous stage robber, who
lost a hand and eye in being arrested.
Jesse Ncal, living In the vlclnby of Stay
ton, came to Salem and swore cut a war
rant before Jmtlce Uatchelor for the ar-
7. , . . also "ving near Stayton,
churging him with trespass. Yesterday
mornini? CoiiKint-l t i ioi..t. i , .
- ..siii-i orouent
Neal number 2 Into Salem ard took him
before Judge Batchelor. Here he pleaded
not euiltv. ami nsL-..a . . .... .
- ' ; s. -.'iiuiiuance oi
the rase. On this ground the case was
contlni..l l.nlll .1. A..i . .
inc u, iove:r,oer.
Ihe prisoner was released upon Ids own
rrcninlranpa Tl li.
i. 7, 7' . uouuie arose irom
f M -Neal plowing the ground alleged to
be the nrn.ierlv nl i..-c c... ?
i v. j.a. o.rtiesman.
Saw jnm. S'lll.l).-Dennlv -sl,n,;iT lir nr
( ooner refiinie.1 vesfnt..!..,. r...... i.: i- .
,i - ". .. - . iimiii ius irip to
Ti "''I!". "" co""try- He wan f here
. . ........... .., ., UI,g me sneriit s sale of
the sawim I Im. mh... i.i . .
., ,t-"' "ie iiieen liasin
.umbering Co I he iiroperty was bid in
ny Allen binitli, the plaintiff, fr ;.-,o The
action brought by Mr Smith was to recover
money on a laborer's lien Im H... r
si-isi 1:1 i r,uu oi
l.v HrvT.iv i-... .t.i ...
.. , v'" m v. mo heaviest in.
''Ilia IIihi.m..,.. r I,.. ... ... ..... , .
s- ..V"-" v iM-iium lire .lolin nni
" J -51111111. who nay nn ATJi Mil 11 I-
-lier sue,. S ' ' X. . "
ir-..v. . i-.i.- ing on est5,:uii, jbe
niii-r a l i! .1... ?;-'k PwiiK't. '!
- f.n 7. ii Uallo.vav, 8I -kJ
i'. -lSi lill Dodele,
"'!' Imi t ".'. ,''U''I'; WT
I'l t; ftr"? AI f Charles
ike-';;' :'!j'aKead.$s.n:!: W n,
nil I Vl i- M '""I'-rpool. Sl.l'.lt; J
UK bATKsr railroad news is that' the
i .ii'tin- . i. i -, ,
'in-i.n l ... "e iniiiicr lor
7,,C lKv 1 S-rac of
Uai;,..7 "., ,tto " TOtliat it
" an.l 1 , - . l' i "0,",, l,rov,
iM mean the extension of the I ). I', to
I Z T . " 'loubteil if am
'"n?, ( 8 v'!ill:ue proi-erty than the
Uaiihe llui- I.,.,..,, , ...
'seJlrl n h'""! liops made in Oregon
ir.Lv f niiinato.l nt Harrisburg
tZi,V"'n.-K U Smith, of Kugene.
IiavU froP of hops raised bv
"rriei n ", "IJ,J0 "'! S0.000 pounds
'on,Pill "",t" P" pound.
'"a'ifrox',":,..- - "
tn nio.1 r.. . . . 1
"Ut ;,u . 'y nca linea in the
,WK extra long waisH. ..efirsalr
o t lorso.
:'I PA'',10 canom4'' Viereck
S"th' XcwlmnJ., i
IP Ti , r .ii liLW unwirig mi
Wd.r " '"3 J
:- -t.!."0'- m'K F XI French'.
Iui!''"'1" tii l'-i;..l( drnt
0V.r;o,, 1 'hiving aal hair
li'Ki.iiiiot's Si;nvici:s. M K Church
S.inlli; Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
I 'reaching 1h.Hi morninir and evouin-'nt. tbe
usicd h' urs by Key W I, M alloy of Uregon
City. Kvangelistic services will Iw held
every evening during the week. All are
made welcome.
Services at the I'liiled- Presbyter!:, n
church ut the usual hour inorningand even
ing, preaching bo Hov iiiley Little. S. S.
at sijio clock; y r (j i; at 0:.!0. All
will lie made welcome.
Services nt the. Haptist church tomorrow
morning and evening. Sunday school at
!):lll o'clock a m. V ineyard Laborers I'nion
uurt at bin p m.
First M E chunh : Services both morn
ing and evening. After the morning ser
vice baptism will lie administered. Sunday
si-inwn in, iimuweu nv reception 01 new
nieinliers into tho church. Junior League
at iiiid Kpworth League at iiiH). In
the evening the pnMnr will tell alont some
things he saw ut tho World's fair. All
made welcome.
At the Cowrrefrational church the Lord's
Supper will Ihj observed after the morning
seryi.-e. Collection for the Sunday School
society, l'reaching ntll on "The Chun h
a llrsly," and nt 1-..V) nn tho "Petition for
Fonrivencs sin the Lord's I'rav." Come and
help the singing. V 1 S C F. at 0:4.1 and
.tbbatli sciiool after morning service.
The services nt the Presbyterian will lip
as follows: Preaching at 11 n m by the
pastor. Habbath school at l'Jil.'i n m:
Junior C E nt4 p m; VPfeC E meeting at
ii-A'i p in. In tho evening lieginning at
7:il0 o'clock service will be conducted by
the C E society. An interesting prolitabk
program has iieen repared. All will be
made welcome to these services.
Tomorrow in the Y M C A will Ik) held a
Bible reading to which everv Chistian man
esjieciiilly is invited. TI13 subject is "Unr
Need as Christian Workers." Everyone is
rcouostcd to bring his Hible in order to give
scriptural references. Don't fail to attend
this Song service begins prompt
ly at o ciock.
Kubber Boots and klela
A I'nliln Ik
f Rhlt Hood1 Sarssparilla vigorously
.uw.ys vieconous in lXpe!l
iji(i it. the fnu I taints and the vital
fluid the finality j.n.1 r.....;.. A. t .
hoahh. " 1 1 "l l'",cl
llood'a ri!: cura all liver ills. r3c
I'nn i s l:ti.iiKi,.The undersigned pro
f rioter of the Pioneer House desires to inform
the public i that he has reduced the price of
........ -.w.uu. in f. per week, with
Per .w .k-, 23 cents.
I tin liUllltll IK Invifr.l (a n-ll ... I
, , vn A Keep DOQd
beds and ml nnn.t t-l.l- El r , .
I 77 7 i 1IV iirwoon ;or
. '.'.". .i.i ivaier j ll aipi-.w.
Patroxizi fii CtutrtI Fish aul Poultry
;.iarae;. nn k ivirih t.4
ui... .do i niro, icr yenr oresse.l poaltrv
ffatnn anil liih . r !! i.ia- .
clams and crab.. Everything flesh ia "ur
..... ...aj. ,Ia ! , al reAsomoiq tlnres Call
and see us. Sen, nan -..
nrui and rr.BsoxAL
Jlr and Mrs Ii McConnell n-tiirne 1 this
noon from a trip to their Toledo ranch.
Mr Coll Van Cle-., of the Toledo l'o-t
lift this noon for llaker City in resnse to
a dispatch that his wife was dying.
Mr and Mrs U-wis Judson and family
have giuii) to Albany to visit .Mrs Ju. -oil's
mother for a few days. Salem Journal.
I F Conn and Casper Vandran relnriwri
this noon from a days limit nearCol.urg.
1 hey made u record it will tako sonu; live
shooting to eipial, bringing home two deer.
a l'.' i pinml cub, uliont ducks anil
ii (S'lestials. Tin- hunting was great and a
letter days sport is not often obtained.
A pleasant drive whist, ivirfv i-.u ..i.-..
l.y I'.'stniaster Iilonteith and wife on Thurs
day evening, proving one of the social
events uf the seasnn. about sity guests lie
ing present. Drive whist was lh,.
ivs.iltiiig in .1 W Cnsick winning the gen-
ii. in. ... s nrsi pr,:-.e. i, n inn s.-ond. and
W .1 Orlell tlm boody ,rie; .Miss Xina
Parker wen the ladies lir-t prie, .,,ra
Vam o sis . aid. Mrs 11 .1 Hopkins the boobv
i .. ,! .... i . . .
i- I..-;, .-v ii.-uciiiiis in ui ji season-ii the
e'.'cning'a enjoy uiciit.
A letter was recently reivivcd by a g.'.-i-lli'iiian
iu this city from Carl Lindsay, who
"ill be r inhered as a student ct the
Willanietle university years ago and as a
page during nne ses.-iim of the legislature.
Ho has be mi elected county attorney of
Santa Cruz county. Cal. During the cel
ebrated trial of the alleged liiurilerer.Neary,
in that city recently concluded, Lindsay,
single-handed, secured tho ac.piitrl of
Xea-.y. although he liud pitted against him
several of the ablest lawyers ofthat section.
Salem Independent.
mv r..;i i;..rt ,r t.? wr v r-u i,
'j ...... .. u-iiii.- i jiur.i mm
GUS iAMEttS, including many u.ivilt'O
lor la-urs, cilibtren. it now
Sile. SE Young.
Ar Meal Timks do vou ever conside
the quality of the food vou are eatlne It
mav he s,m,l l. .i..i.. u- u
- - . . i.i.Kii, ire uciier, purer,
fresher and more wholesome. Is it not
win. e lomaae sure that yon-let,
-Offee. luirar. hnl,l I I ..'
- -r--w - . biiu iiiuumin-
b.eother groceries aie of Ihe best quality?
lllere is snrl. n .rlil:...- a:rr - ' i . -. .
- -iiiL.eiii:c mine
prices of the best and Ihe worst that It
- ..... ,,a , UUy me worsl.even on the
lalse erotiiin nf ...... i ..
--. --)- .; iniapesi, Dccause the
most satl.faclnry and durablc.and the veri
ties! ni n, . ... . V
I i" me troccrv (me Is
kept at Parker llros.
I'uro tor roin?, rovers nnil Ocner-.i '7e
l.ilily,,Smutt ililu Il-.-a-i. 2ac. per buttle.
( (IIISI'TS M n... I.-. I .
,,, -V, i, corsets are
.id. with the eW patented nut evelets
bi. h are wiirriintcd not to pull out or cut
he l;.cers. I heir use prevents the back of
the corset showing through the dress. ,,,,,1
avoids staining of uuderclotliing. which is
,: r . """"' ." '"'is are u-eii. e
conlid.-ntly ri-coimn.-nd then,, not only as a
i-imsi. . mug corset, hat the most durable
one in the market. Made in medium, ev
ra long, nr.,! extiviae long waist. Tor sale
by feamucl h loung, Albany. Oregon.
Ki:i:p Ci.kax. A good way is to have
your ili.lhes washed ill-:, n mm. 11
smell of Chinese i.xH-ioration; but are ii"- '.in is ivasneu out ami not
pounded in. Richards A- I'l.illins . il...
Albany Miaiii Launilry. do the 1 .est work
at low prices, hire only while labor, citizens
oi .iii.any.aml are entitled to the p.ilromt'-e
of our i-cipie.
Bargains, : : Bavgans.
To reduce stock preparatory to moving
into the new
Post Office Brick
'we offer for cash tli? Ii-t of goods b.-W
ui-imoneii at prices named. Come early 1H
at these tigures they will last but a 'short
A (iKxttNE Cir.Ai!.:;rn S'Aih in ladin
Iiii3 liiocs. Within the next lad.:. wo
propose to disuoeof IMizm airs of French
and Do.'i.ei.l.i kid, hand turned and mrcMue
sewed, opera and cniitmi'u .ease lasts, sizes
from 2; j to 4 m all widths The-o goods
must go rtKanl!i'S4 of ci.t. Ladies wearing
shoes in t,..ja eiz.-i will do lull .y eliing
on Klein Bros.
Dr. Price's CrcamOaking Powder
Forty Vears Stsrird.
ilO lbs small white lienns foi.
4 lbs roa-teil coff.'i" ill bull.-.
7i cans o lbs oysters
10 cans 1 11, oysters
4 cans 1! oz bakin.r iiMU-.i,.i.
o cans choico table jx-ach.?'
:J cans gallon pie peaches
:I lbs regular 4c tea. .
Regular 7-".c Lngli-li br'e'akfa-t tc.l'
liegnlaroi.ii-. Japan tea
Tea in lunch baskets
A few tins. 7.",c tea .. . . ....
IOC) lbs dairy cl.e.'se, until gone!!'?
Mexican Silver sImi.i mmII.I,
1 "'J2 pop corn
itorstman s 1 lb packages soda
English soda iu bulk
.Vi burs ill.. ...,!... m.,
I.I boxf s cigars ofj in lxx ! . .
a Joe tea sittings
SI dl
. 1 (s)
. 1 bO
. 1 00
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. 1 09
. 1 01)
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1 00
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IS Mill Ii.iIIMmI tnr li.n.nnrnru
but as apertnanent and servicable orna-
uieiu. 1 nere is oiicn as mucn value in
the make as In the material. Will & Stark
of tills city keep the L.rgest and finest line
in the valley, making a specialty o good
goods. Their line of gold and silver
watches is a luperlor cue, and in silver
ware they take the lead in the central
Willamette Vallev. If vou would get the
best in their Hr.c call on Will ii fitark, the
leading jewek rs.
The : above : cut : will : tell : you.
and : if : yoa : have : the : cash
The L. L
Sgwivo MAcnifM neitiy repiireil to
warranted ft thwDirhtycnn.pexiit wrk
mm, at P M French's jsnelry alore, Albany
"in j at.i b
a.r cuttir( ar
I. A. allon ss & Co.
Flonr and Feel Store,
Have removed their itore to -e Strahai
stor, former'v occi'.ed by Deyoe &
K Obion, and have on hand a lull tock o;
Culom choppinjj dorr.
am meal, mm, buck
wheat, RYE flCUR, KAY,
Matthews & Washburn.
Dress Goods,
Gapes and Jackets,
nt : greatly : reduced : prices,
Make your selections early while thoy have a
X (flAHnOOU KESTOREOf iL'" " "rrn,
J K,inu pl li.r.iri- ,1.1 nPrv..u.(,i?pnw.17l;:,'Tr " t ""nnerinl r.-n
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or ..te Aiban,,Or..,b, J. A. CI M All xu ne , llol & J,"V " U'SiSSS.