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    guilu gemocral
'ul lid id every Jay in tlie week
except Buuday.
i'rKi NIJTmil, Kililor and Trop'r
inied t 1 1m I ( l ( fr)" at Albany
Bf i', f ''""" mail mailer. T in c i:) lags
k L:vK l!u:t ::.iu. A b.irijlar or bur.
rs viItl the resilience of Win Mnrks
r 1'alliuan, Thursday evening of hist
k. The room of Miss Sadie Murks was
I reil;'"'! l'r purse, containing S'.l.'ilJ,
n. 1 lie rouoerv was committed berore
if Ibe family retired, the thief lindinir
;v;ay through an upstairs window. When
WW iley went upstairs to o to 1mm lie
Jfa man out in Itieyanl, ami at for soenr-
uler, who fireJ at Mae. witli a pistol.
returned tlie tin; and the tluef ran into
voodhed. n short distanea from tho
Several shots wore then exchanged
n tiio two. but no one was hurt,
the shooting first commenced. Mr
ks went to some of the neildiors for as-
nre. frank Irvine soon arrived, ami
Mr Irvino and Mae. wore guarding;
woodsheJ tho thief slipped out and
le his eseate in the darkness. Burglars
made several attempts to enter tins
j before the successful attempt last
. Advance.
A stranger Uriib Watrb at iilsli Soon'
This forenoon u'oout 11 -M o'clock Mrs
Thos Hopkins observed a ti-.unpy looking
man go into (he residence of her iter, Mrs
H J Hopkins, in an adjoining Mock. coming
out shortly afir. She noticed the latter.
who hail been in the rear of the house, and
it was immediately discovered that Mrs
Hopkins irold watch, one she had hail for
years and valuable for many associations,
was gone. Mr O C McKarland who hap
pened along the street was notified ami im-
mediatelyfollowed the man into Sclilosser's
saloon. Ho at first denied all knowledge of
me mailer, uut cnangeu His mind and ac
knowledged that he had the watch. He
was then taken to Jlrs Hopkins, to whom ho
returned tho watch and received a lecture,
which he did not wait to hear finished; but
started south for other fields. 'Mnrslml M...
Keron was notified and soon had the stran
ger under arrest. He was nhieed in the
ouiity jail, after waiving exmiination Lc-
!ora Justice Newport. The-burglary
was a very bold one, and suggests into
what straits men are getting, und that it is
not safe to leave one's valuables around even
for a few momenta.
I'pon being searched a handsome ladies
god watch chain was found in hist posses
sion. The owner can obtain it by railing
o n Marshal McFeron.
The man gave the name of Henilin. As
the watch alone cost 8o0, the offense is a
penitentiary, one, and will undoubtedly send
the man to Salem for several years.
nr. a Bexkpit. The Pacific Banker
Investor just to hand, says: "Tho
in Portland, and indeed the whole
is now over. The worst has happened
it did not turn out to be bo very bad
k nil. It has proved to everyone how
1 is the real foundation of the prosperity
e past on tins coast, nnd how certain it
be continued in the future. It is also
ilereil surprising that with such sub-
hial foundation there was . r.ot more
uing. more speculation and more fiett-
value. 1 hose tow peonle who were
lling castles in Spain from their pros-
ve wonts nave been taught a needed
In, if not one wholly deserved. There.
nnot fail to be of the greatest benefit
Stoke Blown Up. The store of R H
fcson, of Helix, was blown up Tuesday
t ny burglars ana entirely destroyed by
.Mr Mmpson is a brother or tieorge r
bsen, ot this citv. lhe U. savs:
was a general feeling of sympathy
iMr Simpson, who during the severaK
he has been in business at Helix es
ihed himself thoroughly in the com-
ty's respect. His loss is reported at
UO in goods, and books containing his
record of 810,00 worth of accounts
lestroyed, so thatjie will have to d
upon the honesty of debtors. He has
I insurance. The safe contained 8100
ooney, which no doubt tho burglars got.
Jeautikui. Moxi mknt. E W Aelu-
f the firm of E W Achison & Co.. of
ly. came over from that cilv Wednes-
He brought oyer and set up at the
oi ituucii r.uen v scriiing. in the
pin Butte cemetery, an elegant r.ionu-
arved from Soul.ier andtal s.Mourn-
Vein marble. Tho workmanship is
:;cellent and is complimentary to the
nii'.il skill of this well known nod
Bile house. They have a large stock on
and are bound to sell it out at nrices
will suit the times. Thev want the
lev invested in the stock anil will give
lhe lienefit of their profits. If vou want
i"'n hum iiiuir low prices, uuy now. ,
like Miss Maggie Oirnnl and Thos H
h were not married at Chcmcwa Wed-
iiy, but at Salem today at the residence
i v P S Knight. Miss (iirard's father
Ited her to inorrv a white man but the
Lr lailv verv sensihlv thought she had as
p right to choose a partner of Indian
as ner latner nad. Journal.
I I EniF.
Sale. The Kugcnc Guard
J H McClunp, this morninpr, rmr-
of J K Henm aixty by one hundred
ixtyfeot on the corner of Willamette
venth streets, Tlie consideration
PwiJO. This in a valuable piece of
bkvs jiroperty nnd it is rumored that will imitrovethe property dur
ing coimnjf Btmimer. air iteam re-
l to lus home in Albany this week.
HyjUcE Court. Following Is the re-
for the a r reft i for tne quarter ending
F 3: Abusive language. 2: aisault
mattery. 1 ; drunk and disorderly. 6
rderlv. 1 : fitrhtinfr a ; alln.nff female
Irequent saloon. 1; haulinz without
pse, I ; vaerancv. 7. Total aV Fines
9, amount $104.?; committed, 7
Used. 3; dlciaried) on promise to
if AXKs. We the undereiimed do here-
F'lank theofheem nnd members oCAl
' t-npine Company No 1 for the pleas-
vvr.uuu iniereu ns ia?t niffnt.
Mr axd Mrs H PuiLLirs.
The PotUand steamer Altona is expected
up this evenlnp.
Frsh kettle lard tiimoirow at Haight
uius iitcui frames.
Mr Murri Morris is emetine a fend and
chno house ai the corner of Water aod
Pint streets.
It wis reported tndav that Li be rati, the
preat musician, bad been drowned in Port
land, hut it could uot be coi firmed, aoi is
probably a eaDardV
H C Moran. of Sweet Home, sold forv
head of cntle in Salem a few days ago.
receiving 1 cents per pound. While in
the Capital Cit he contracted to deliver
150 head of yearlings and two-year-olds
at Fish lake the iSth of this month.
Two Albany boys left on Wednesdav
with a aanc ot tramps for California. One
of the tramps advised them if they had
good homes to stay with them; but they
wanted some experience go made the very
foollBh leap. They will be glad to get
noinc aiier a lew aays 01 tramp lite.
T. he Portland le lee ram savs. in its iua-
tlce court news: R F Ashby, the Albany
man. was fined flic fortreimus. which
consisted in his persistency in visiting Miss
McAviney, on Oak and Fourth streets. In
defiance of the young woman's mother's
protest against his calling at the house,
A slander suit was begun in the circuit
court yesterday to recover the i-jm of
$22,506 damaces alleged fir defamation
of character. The plaintiff is W E Jor
dan and the defendant Joseph Parker. both
of Dexter, This case arises out of the
mysterious dlfappearance last spring of
tne joraan woman, a sister ol W t J or
dm. feugene Ouard.
C H Stwart, of Albany, attached the
lumber at the Wilson planing mill Wed
nesday. Th mill was sold recently, and
u appears to be a somewhat mixed up
pnair. ine snertr; aibo wished to attach
box -car of lumber that was beinc ship
ped, hut the cars in the train were all
sealed and the railroad men would not
tell which car contained the lumber. The
sheriff ordered the eneineer not to pu
oui, Din ne aid an the same. Lebanon
Reports are received of very bad weath-
n .hasiern Uregon and great damage
crors Much wheat is vet uncut in
Umatil a county and that In the stack is
worse damaged than tint in the field. It
has been taming steady, and there I al
ready considerable enow In the mountains
In Linn county the wheat was eII sayed,
and we again have an opportunity to re
joice that we are better off than some of
our neighbors,
There is a cabbage field on the bank cf
the river a dtt'e above Sal en:, says the
independent, that the present high water
has overflowed, leaving the tops of the
plants a litt.e above the surface. The
wner avs that an Immense scnool of
carp have taken advantage of the op port u
Ity to fatten rft his cabbage and that his
graden is fairly alive with them. Stand
ing wnere he can see what is going on,
e say 5 that tne plants aimoit look as
though they were alive, the nipping of
ic hsn causing thetn to be In a constant
Siue More LIVE O P TiLK.
The Salem Statesman says : Receiver E
W Hiulley of tho Oregon Pacific has gone
east to make the final arrant enientifor the
proponed new extension of the road over tin
mountains to Koine City, Idaho, tc connect
with the great transcontinental road, the
Miicaxo A: Northwestern. Little Iroublo is
anticii'UtfMl by tlie company in their attempt
to raise the money wanted to build the ex
tension. The head officials delare the road
will be built as far as the Ies Chiiie riveri j
not farther. In conversation with the gen-1
end suiverintendent. 11 E Mulcahy, yeater-;
day. he stated that the new e: tension would
have leen ccmpleied thin wintar but for tlie !
1 sudden strin?rencv in the money market
which upset the plans of the company and
delayed the work of construction. It is as
sured that sonio nctio and definite steps
will be taken at once ami tlie spring of
will see the road well under way. This ex
tension will give the Villaniett3 valley
lother important outlet and will also put a
ict'd on the both of the . reiron Pacific.
With the projwsed connection the Oregon
Pacific will be a most valuable piece of road
and will aid tho surrounding country in a
ry desinible manner by touching such an
important point,
air Mulcahv savs the road has been pick
ing up considerably of late and by the time
the San Francisco mid-winter fair is opened,
epecU a tremendous amount of tramc. The
mtc to prevail during the fair has not as
yet been decided on; it will however be in
tlie vicinity of either 815 or 8'JO. The
present steamer of the company is now be-
iul; iiimuM 10 ncr trreuiest caimciiv
iind 111 all probability a new and elegant
essel will be puton the run during the fair.
Tho recent loss in the receints of the
company has een caused by recent im
provements and extensive repairs to the
road. All of the bridges os the road, num
bering several hundred, have besn repaired
and in some instances almost entirely re
built, 'lhe ears, locomotives and numerous
other improvements, of more or less im
portance, that have been carried on have
caused the expenses to run into thousands.
n spite of the loss, tlie company claims
they can show receipts that will more than
double an offset.
Millinkry. Mrs M Buoy and daughte
pr? to inform th mild; thaf tliov
into the rooms lately occupied by
N)wer and are supplied with a line of
-wry goods of quality and prices to
the present hard times. Be aure to call
examine tUlr wwi. iwrA
B wc.wic i
v fall lin f uinvroaura
I ' 'AMERS. inolnrlincr nn nnvlti!
ladiftt, oiiaiav d cliildren. i now 00
E Yoong
,"'cityreP.rker Bro.
oieia for .11 tn hmH good b'Mrt,
the bekt COnkiM. MkM t Thr-fi
t Of 2TCCeriM i. .t.r.1.rf1 mnA thMf nriv.
k iilrOTh. indftoiuih. Utwt. Whn
.- with ihem m mil iit 6tl elut
rd the hut in the muket,
or 10 baked good, or groceries
DlirilL AD rEKKOilll.
P J Smiley waa in Portland yesterday on
Mr L M Curl and family hay) returned
from a month 8 sojourn in Sherman county
tlie fruesU of the former's parents. Whili
gone Mr Lurl combmeu busmefu with
pleasure and foreclosed a mortgage on a
Sherman county tiirm. ,
Georire and Thomas E Slaughter left Al
bany this morning for a yisit to their former
home in &nglanu. Xhey will stop over at
Chicago for a week or two, and the Demo
crat is promised a letter irom the fo-mer
at Chicago as well as after their arrival in
Tast evening the members of Albany Kn-
irine Company no 1 tendered their fellow
member, Mr Homer Phillips, and bride, a
surprise party at Mr B F Purdom's. The
foreman, Wm tticharus.secretrvry "Maggie
White, George Landreth, Albert Stellmaker,
John Usher, Ed Uphain, and Assistant
Chief Engineer Metzgnr formed the party.
i, i i i i-.i ii .e
Air nilllliruB uxieiiueii lub cuiiruiiuaiiuii ui
the company to the happy couple; he was
closely followed by the secretary.Mr White,
who presented Mr and Mrs Phillips with a
handsome silver' service in one of his hap-
Eiest speeches. The assistant chief on be
tilf of the entire fire department spoke
cloruientlv in a manner that suited the occo
sion. A repast was served and an adjourn
ment had sine die.
A Gescinr Clkahanck Pale in ladies
6ne shoes. Within the next 15 days
propose to dipo'e of 12 dcz id pairs of French
and Doae'U kid, hand tamed and machiue
ewed, O'era and common seuae l.stst sizes
from to 4 in all widtbs these good!
mast go reftardlese of oost. Ladiea wearing
shoe, in these aizel will do well by cilling;
on Klein nros.
New Yokk, October Ctli, 1S93,
To tlie gmit disappointment of tens of
thousands of people who went to sea, yes
terday, with the expectation of seeing the
first race for the America's Cup, between
the British cutter Valkyrie and the Yankee
sloop Vigilant. Long beforo the hour for
the start, many steamboats as well as pri
vate crafts of all kinds, were gathered off
Sandy Hook, patiently waiting to catch a
glimpse of the two graceful yachts. It is
estimated that over thirty thousand people
jasscd through the Narrow, out ofj tl.
lower bav. on the many boats. The
weather was very closo for this time of the
yea." and a wind was blowing so light, it
was imKissible to finish the contest in tl
required tune.
It is tho intcnlion of our citizens, and
city officials, that the foremost city In the
1'iiited States, shall havo a day of celebra
tion at the grand World' Columbian Ex
position in Chicago. A committee com
posed of some of the most prominent and
influential of New York, has been
named by Mayor Gilioy, to orrango for
Manhattan day, at the insp'ring show, now
holding sway, on tho shore of Luke Michi
gan. At a meeting of committee held
in the (lovernor's room, nt the Citv Hall, a
suo-committee headed by lieneral llorai"!
Pot-tfr, was chosen to arrange the details
for Hie feto which will be celebrated on the
21st of this month. 1 he festivities will in
clude a banquet, oration, and a reception to
1m (rivnn in tin mhitiul New York State
Building. The Trunk Lines havo reduced
th r:ites tn alTi for Ihese scecial excursions,
and a great host of (Jothnmites will doubt
less journey to the White City to be on
hand when the city of New York celebrates
Manhattan day. Mayor liilroy and Comp
troller Myers, were so infatuated, with the
wonderful exjKisition, that they are enthu
siastic over their second visit to the Windy
This is surely the year for sensational
horse races. The followers of the turf this
season, have been exceptionally fortunate in
witnessing some of tne most remarKauio
contests ever run on the American turf.
First, the masterly finish which Taral
made with Domino, in the 800,000 Futurity
stakes; then the greatest sensation in the
history of racing, a ueaa neat between me
fearless colts Doblins nnd Domino; and
again the match race In which Marcus
Daly's Tammany defeated the gallant
Lamplighter. But the triumph of James
ft KeenH's unbeaten two vear old. Domino,
surpassed all record. At the opening of the
as the teams have each won six nnd lost six
games during the season, nnd a high rival-
rV Pviutd luitit'iMin tl,a f ,1. 4
dubs, a great series of hotlv contratnl
games will certainlv Im td:iv,f fnr mn
diamond honors. Thecrowds that will turn
out to see the games, both in Brooklyn as
well as at the home grounds, will be very
large, as a great interest is manifested in
the result .
The U S Senate and the house of U.nk
are disgraces to the world.
The tramps nre ail iroinir toward Sen
Francisco. That citv will have its dicita
full this winter.
Man lived on this continent earlier than.
or at least as early, as he lived on the Euro
pean continent, but it is not believed that
the Indians are descended from such early
people. 1 lie latest theory seems to be that
the so-culled American luuiansnro descend
ed from Chinese, who in some way reached
the western coast thousands of years ago,
At Meal Times dti vou ever consider
the qua'.lty of the food vou are eating? It
may be good. It might be better, purer,
fresher and more wholesome. Is it not
worth whi.e to mnke sure that you tea,
coffee, luirar, baked good and innumerti-
bleother groceries ate of lhe best quality?
There is such a trifling difference In the
prices of the best and the worst that it
does not pay to buy the worst,even on the
taise grouno of suprosed economy. The
best Is always the cheapest, because the
most satisfactnrv and durable,and the very
best of everything In the grocery line Is
kept at Parker Bros.
Pay Perry Conn,
Terms, cash at F L Kenton's grocery
Please pay Perry Conn what vou owe
'f roa want a tine smokr call for Joseph a
white labor cigars.
The beatjrnaat no ilea in the eity at Com ad
tfloyer a
The best watch In lhe world for the
money at French's jewelry store.
Fine Southern Orecnn peaches at F L
Kenlon. Now ia the time to can them.
Motor makes five trips daily to Vieieck's
addition. Lotr there on installments of$l
per week.
ra.roniza home industry by smoking the
celebrated white labor cigars, manufactured
by Julius Joseph,
Genuine parts for all sewing machines,
also the best oils, needles, etc,, for all
sewing machines, bicycles, et:., at E U
Will's music store. Sewing machines and
organs repaired reasonable, and all work
warranted. Needles prepaid by mail 40c
a dozen.
"Whar'h Dat Coos?" A pet coon be
longing to the undersigned has stayed
away. When last heard from he was
makings raid on Mr A' heeler's chickens.
A reward will be paid for his return.
A. L. Lame.
WHO does your washing? It is to be
hoped you send it to the Albany Steam
Ij-iiinury.tlius patronizing a hrst-class home
institution that employs only white labor.
The work too speaks for itself, not nfter the
tasuion ot the loud smelling Celestial wash
ing, but on account of tho superior manner
in which it is dond.
Yes, You Can see the finest line o
aai-jles for suitings In the state at WR
Graham's, where he has a tailor with few
equals on hand to make them up on short
notice. Get the best and most stylish
suits cf him. A new feature will be the
making of ladlev cloaks to order, or the
altering ot cloaks to tne latest styles,
Shiloh's Vttalizer :a what foa need for
dyspepsia, torpid liver, yellow skiu or kid
ney trouble. It is yuaranteed to give you
satisfaction. Price 75o. Sld'by Foshay?&
Will 4; Ftark, V iewelera
New Advertisements.
TAMES who wIM do writing for me at
i their homes will receive good wages.
Keply with eel fad dressed, stamped en
South Bend, I rid.
he renairlnu of cloaks. Prices ar hot-
Morris Park meeting on Monday, the black . torn ones.
colt well ridden by Taral, ran a distance of I
sir furlnnirs. riirrvinir 128 nounds. in the
Eensational time of 1 :09,breaking all records
Ijr the distance, and establishing a new
fimire hard to lower. The shades of the
great Fremont.f ade away as a mere memory,
when compared to such a remarkable feat.
- Mrs Lon Ostnrhoudt has resumed dress
making at heroli phoe of bnainess
Buy 12 feet wide linoleum of the Albany
Forn. Co. Durable and aanitary.
This trip the s"eamer Willamette VJley
The total winnings for this, the first year . bn for he Albsry Fam. Co. carpet.,
that Domino has worn a saaie. toot up u
TIJANTED.-Pusblnir ednvasaere of
T T good address. Liberal salary and
expenses paid weekly; Permanent poet
tion. Brows Bros. Co., Nurserjmen,
Portland, Oregon.
aTaA'18 WANTED. The undersigned
VF wants to buy 60 bushels of while oat
delivered at toy residence ene mile north
of Albany. Fav market price In eaah
on delivery. W H Wains.
FOR RENT.-The opera houae store,,
splendid location, Cail on the
secretary at trie demooat office for par '
Op Interest to All. Wholesale mer
chants In the Eastern states have offered
us great inducements and we want to
give our customers an opDortumtr
well, provided you will buy now. We
nave niaue g'eat reductions in tne price
ol our dress goods, fine ehoesapes, jack
ets, etc, for cash, and intend to sell them
as fast as nosnib p. fcichtv- five cents in
most cases will buy a dollars worth of
goods and some times more. Come in
and make your selections. Our goods are
nearly all new, and can't be bought else
where tn Linn county for the prices we
win sen tnem at 11 Dougnt now.
Cohsets. All our Kabo corscU are
made with the new patented soft eyelets
which are warranted not to pull out or cut
the lacers. Their use prevents the back of
the corset showing through the dress, and
avoids staining of underclothing, which is
the case when metal eyelets am used. We
confident)' recommend them, not only as a
perfect fitting corset, but tlie most durable
one in the market. Made in medium, ex
tra long, and extreme long waist. For sale
by Samuel 1 oung, Albany, uregon.
over $180,000. This is the largest amount
of money ever won by any horse in the
history of the American turf. The peerless
Domino, witn tne nonest, energeuc uuu
popular "Fred" Taral in tlie saddle, forms
a combination, the achievements of which
will take precedent to former events, in tne
story of racing in tins country.
The following is tho order in which the
National Base Ball League clubs finished
the most successful season in tne nistory 01
the national game: Boston, Pittsburgh,
Cleveland, Philadelphia. New York, Cin
cinnati, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Chicago. St
Louis, Louisville and Washington, ine
team from Boston again wins the coveted
pennants and the men from the Capital
tiring up the rear. As the New York team
finished in front of the team from Brooklyn
everthing is satisfactory, despite the fact
tVat. nnr "tiiants" did not win the flag.
In response to a boastful challenge issued
by the Brooklyu players. Manager Ward has
pravunuu upuu 111. men w iimo i
gauntlet, and again convince the base ball
nublic. that the boys from the ether side of
the bridge nre not sufficiently strong" to
keep up with tli9 new. but coming players,
which constitute the New Kork Base Ball
club. In couseqnenee of the negtoiations.a
series of seven games have been arranged,
the result to determine the Metropolitan
championship. The first game will be
played nt the l'oto urounua tomorrow, mm
m ittiofcs. tna. and outside door mata,
Buckingham's Dye (or the whiskers is
the best, handiest, satest, surest cleanest,
most econonlcal and satisfactory dye ever
invented. 11 it tne gentleman's tavortte
1 1101 bought for temporary use,
but as a permanent ana servicabie orna
ment. There Is often as much value it
the make as In the material. Will & Start
of this city keep the largest and Hnest line
in the valley, making a specialty of good
goods. Their line ot gold and silver
watches Is a superior one, and In stiver
ware they take the lead in the central
Willamette Vallev. If you wou'd get the
best In their line call on Will St Stark, the
leading jeweltrs.
WAfTED. County and elty war,.
ranU bought and ao'd by H F Mer
rwfll trade for wood,
iven veara old natlAntlv
gentle for women and children to drive.
Call on E W Aehlson, at Marble wo ks.
J gray mare, seven years old
COCKERELS. Purebred Sliver Laced
Wyandotte cockerels for sale at a
bargain. Address Jobn Brash, corner
4th and R R streets, Albany, Or,
change lanndry work for wood. Oall
on Richards Phillips; at the Albany
Steam Laundry.
Viereck.s sharing
and hair .cutting par
German Lutheran service on every first
and third Sunday of each month at the W
i; 1 u Ha l, 10 a m,ny Kev li t Meyer,
Ssau Proof Rubber Boots at Klein
'Try a pair ot Kein Bros Rubber spad-
ixo Boot.
Rubber goods of all descriptions
at Klein Bros.
. tTwre for rows, revers and Cpt.pti, Oe
MhUrtAmaUlhlelvas. Z5c per buule.
FARMERS LISTEN. We have a fine
lot of fresh grass seed, of almost every
kind, Including cheat, and we want to sell
it. Come and see us.
IJTJRMTURE. carpets, stoves eto. for
1 sale at the Baptist psisonsge. Call
early an' take your choice.
MONEY WANTED, Want to Borrow
H01 for three or flvo vear with
good real estate as security.
Call at the
17OR RENT. 10 acres or land, with
; house, one mile Irom Albany, In
benton county. For particulars apply
to Arch Hammer.
rtyo LKT.-Three (3) work horsea and 1
saddle horse for sale, or will trails
for wood, oats, wneat or bay
mm FoiiTiii co.
Baltimore Blotk, Albany, Ore.
A complete line of
in all its branches.
EMBALMING a specialty.
Residence corner 3rd andCalapooia Streets.
F" Price's Cream Baking Powder
r-ertj Tears the Standard.
W sm ax Via Take.
Medicine for? Because ton are sick snd
want to get well, or because you wish to
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