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    gatlg JJcmojcrat,
For an oily JoJger commend us to the
tariff editor of Ihe limes Moutfaiaetr.
Senator Dolpli ba introduced a bill pro
viding that machinery for the Oreiron jute
mill shall be admitted frefl of duty. The
Corvallii Timt calls the attention of the
arctic senator to the fact that Mr Dolph
and his party have repeatedly proclaimed
from the stump thnt placing a duty upon
an imported; article does not affect the
consumer for, as they sny, the ioioifruer
pays the duty. The Timet in its unsophis
ticated way wants to know what Ilolph is
driving at when he asks that such machin
ery be admitted free. Why does he want
to relieve these bloody foreign Britishers
from paying this duty? McKinley is on
the stump today in Ohio proclaiming that
the foreigner pays the duty. What seduc
tive influence has been brought to bear
upon our senior senator to induce bhn to
thus legislate in the interest of Great
llritain r British gold? PerUh the thought;
and yet, But let us look Into what '.he
Mountaineer says:
This jute factorv at Salem is a state
institution, and will not compete with any
department of labor. It is exjerimental as
a means to furnish labor for convicts,
whereby the state may bo reimbursed for
expenses incurred in their keeping. U nder
such circumstances, the machinery for the
mill would be considered differently than if
it were to be used in a private enterprise
and for the benefit of an individual or
corporation. It would bo a manifest in
justice to apply the same rule to both these
instances, and protection aims to deal fairly
with nil industries and those who are en
gaged in operating them.
But the state must be indifferent about
the removal of the duty if the foreigner
pays it. And then placing a duty on an
imported article does not increase its price,
say these protectionists, hence its of no
benefit to the state to remove it. Accord
ing to the Mountaineer's theory no one can
be benefitted by removiug the duly except
the foreigner. We leave the Mountaineer
to tell its readers why it is laboring in the
interest of British manufactures.
The democrats In the lower house of
congress have redeemed two pledges made
in the last presidential campaign. They
very promptly repealed the Sherman law
and liie federal force election laws. The
bill to repeal the election laws passed the
house yesterday by the large vote of aoo to
ioi. Now let the senate promptly repeal
the Sherman law for it stands In the way
of a la'ger and safer use of silver, and the
election laws for they stand !n the way of
a free expression of the public will.
Some of t!.e shallow and callow republi
can organs throughout the country keep up
ihe campaign pretense that the buslners
dspresilon is due to the result of the last
election. Are not tariff and other taxes
jut as high as the republicans left them? Is
not the treasury 8111 suffering from the
republican deficiency? Ia not the gold re
serve just about as 4Calico Charlie" left
It? Are not compulsory silver purchases
e.ill going on under a law passed by ex-
e'uslvely republican votes and signed by
a republican president? What has changed
except the incumbency of the higher otlic
es and the purpose of the government In
relation to the wrongs and the evils which
the people condemned? Too many partisan
jotirnafs are conducted oa the tl-eory that
the ptorli are fools.
l'effer the populist senator fiom Kansas
has introduced, by request, a bill providing
for the coinage of all the gold and silve r in
the treasury and all that will bo offered and
for issuing enough paper money to bring
the volume tf currency to $0,000,000,000.
Of this ?GOO,000.000 will be distributed to
the states and territories pro rata, accord
ing to population, to be expended in public
improvements, Tho bill further provides
that all citizens of the United State offer
ing their Inbor will be employed untie
conditions of the bill, l'offer said he did
not consider the coun'ry ripa for such
legislation yet.
Bismarck collects thermometers for
amusement as other men collect coins or
'.amps or canes. Hardly a window in his
house is without one, and altogether he
has fully thirty of improved make about
the placo. The prince has a great fondness
for the dumb creation. In the forest about
his castle there are many squirrel boxes and
bird houses, the occupants of which have
been so well treated that they come down
the trees to receive the caresses of vis itors
It has been discovered that the holes often
observed to appear In marble which has
remained for a period In sea water are
causeJ by an Insect.
I. A. Morris & Co,
Flour and Feed Store.
Have removed tlirfr atore to tbe Strahai
tors, formerly occupied by Deyoe &
Robbon, and have on hand a full Mock o
Custom chopping done.
It Is practicable to adopt a rule that
will enable the majority ol the Senate to
brine any matter before that body to
vote without infringing at all on the
proper rights ol the minority.
Senator Hill has proposed such a ru!e.
It provides that after any subject has been
under debate for thirty da s In the aggie
gate, meaning of course legislative days,
motion shall be In order to tn dale lor
vote, and this motion shall be put to vote
without amendment or debate.
Tha Is fair and even liberal to any
minority. Thirty days of debate is suffic
ient to enable it to te determined at least
when debate may pioperly end. The date
fixed may be an early ooe or a later one.
It is unlikely that any icasonnMe request
of the minority for additional time would
be ignored, but the majority ccjuld require
the minority to say definitely how much
time it desired .
Mr Yoorhre has several limes during
the current debate asked tne mlnorty to
indicate how much time would satisfy it.
The reply has always been a refusal t do
so. Tne m'nority desires infinite duration
oi the debate, hut this is a finite world,
ard the attitude of the minority in this
case is that of senatoiitl insolence, not of
senatorial courtesy
Senators may not be conrcious of the
injury they aro doing to the dignity of
their body by suflering its impotence to be
so glaringly exposed. This damage will
be irreparable unless they take measures
to enrl the farce and prevent the possibility
of any similar occurrence in future. The
contempt into wbich the senate as a house
of congi ess is falling will extend to the
helpless senators. A legislative body that
coniesses it cannot legislate will not long
escape radical change in this practical
nation. .
An Fnrrlish inurnal llntns that a Bristol
firm lias been using a band saw forty-seven
feet long, since 1870, Ihe deepest cut be
ing seven feet, through oak.
Hott'j This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for ant '
ease of Catarrh that cannot be cared byHsU'4
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY ii CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney tor the last 15 years, and believe him
pr -ctly honorable In all business transactions
janclally able to carry out any obligations
il joy their firm.
West ATnrAX.Wholcnale Dru (reists, Toledo.O,
Waldimq. Kin.ham A Marvin, wholesale Drug-
Ptsts. Toledo, O.
Catarrh Cure Is taken Internall?. act
ing directly upen the blood and mucous surfaces
Of tho system. Testimonials senti free, fries
TOO. par Dome ooiu uy su xfruggwia-
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Pure drape Cream of Tartar Powder.
there are of all sorts, some good,some bad,
some Indifferent. You want the best, ao
takes .Simmons Liver Regulator only. It
is the brtt operative in any attack of indi
gestion,dyspepsiatconstipation and bilious
ness. It is a mild laxative, without grip
Ing, or any debilitating effects. You will
know the article by the large red Z on
every package. Take no other.
H:dgss & McFrland, the leading drug
ss. Albany , C. .
Jilt. It. U, Churchill
Mt Vernon, Wash.
An Honest Medicine
fcheumatism Cured Health Dullt Cp.
Mr. Churchill, formerly of Churchill ft Taylor,
gunrevor ami civil engineers, Mt- Vernon,
Washington, write: "HouUicrn California
:n my liom for mutiT years. When 1 ram
here 1 began to be afflicted alt orer viUi
And a1o paint In mr bark and a raeral feeling
t being wied up. My business takes me ont In
the elements all ihe time, and I found ray
aelf unfit for work. Heading an advertise
ment ot Hood's Farftaparllla, and learning
alothat the medicine was compounded la
tny own State of MaMaohusetts, icooclnded
this may be am ItsiMi -.-tae. I took
It and am so much improved that I am out
Hood's ss Cures
in all weathers and travel all ear with n,
fatigue and tired feeling. To any one that
feels bad all orer I say take Hood's Sarsapa
rtlls. It has cured me." if-H.Cburchilu
HOOD' Pills cure Liver IUs, JauBdloe,
LUUousuess, hick Headache and Goasupauoe,
Stationery, Toilet Articles, Music
Instruments, Etc.
Hodps 4 McFarlaBfl,
The Cornet Drug Store,". Albany ,01
Do not wait too long. The frroa'i
World'. Voir will lie closed in a few weeks.
The traveling public arc fully alive to the
fait that the Chicago Union I'aciffc
Northweatain Line still leads in time and
accommodations to the east. Hemember
that a whole day mav be saved with its
contingent expenses 1y taking the Union
1 acinc to Chicago.
Who, rnrti. ns)t ice: hav. SS baled :
wood, $310 $3.50, taken In exchange (or
sewing machines or organs on hand at E
I T VI 111 itnrn AlfiA OB all book
accounts of 6 months standing. Sewing
machines irom 5ui., "V r'-
sonal guarantee ior 5 J r.
It Wont Bo.
You may bridle the appetite but you
cannot bribe the llyerto do its work well.
Vru mutt be honest with it, help it along a
little now and then with a dose of Sim
mons Liver Regulator. The liver becomes
sluggish sometimes and needs some stimu
lation to keep off those attacks of lndiges
tiun and biliousness. A good active liver
promotes digestion and prevents mala'la.
in this city are Parker Bros. Tnty knead
good breid for ail who need good bread,
and keep the best cookies, cakea, etc. Thcfr
stock of grrcoriea ia atandard and their pro
duce is (rent-, and fruits th latest. When
yon dl with them -iou will gat first class
trea ment and tlio best in the market,
abater in bir-ed goods or groceries.
Albany Market.
Oats, 2 In.
I lour, t4.00.
''utter, 25o.
Eggs. J80.
Lard, 12 to 15o.
Porlr-bamn 12 to J5e; sboutrtors 9 to 10oj
lf. It to 13o
flsy. baled, 17
o atoea, 40o.
Apples , 40
Bops. 163.
Dried frult-'plums, 93, apples, 9o
Chickens, $4 00 per dozen.
Beef, on foot,
Hogs, dressed, o.
At the store formerly owned by
Allen Bros-
for which I will pay the best cash price
To Farmers
Mill warehouse and will have it in gcod
order fur receiving the present crop. Ihe
warehouse is first class and conveniently
kcated . Contains nwo good cleaners. No
delay in unloading. Sacks will ba on hand
for delivery in due tin-e. Give me a call
before making arrangements to s'ora yonr
crop. G.F.SIMPSON.
Albany, Or,, July 15th, 1893.
Dissolution Notice.
The partner hlp heretofcreezlstlng bs
n U U Hayne and U L Buck, doing
a general contracting and cement work
business in Albany, Oregon, under the
llrni name of llayne A Buck. Is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. Those
knowing themselves tn be Indebted In
the II rm will please call and settle U f
Haynn will eontintis the business.
September 19th, 1S93
Wall Paper,
I'rutrt, PtxintM Oil
J 1 n m 1 , JBZto
J. A. Cuniming
Au ents Wanted on Salary and Commission
BiOQjapby of JAMES &. BLAINE,
By IUil llAMK.rox. Mi literary executor.
with the coopertinii of hit family, nd for
Mr. Bltn'i Complete Wotkr, "Twenty
Ykara op Coi.KC!t,i,n and hi later book.
"Poi.iTUAL Diatwions." One prcapectu
for the 3 fet scllinu booka in the mar
ket. A K P Jordan of Me., took 112 orders
from ti rat 110 calls; affent'a profit 50.
Mra lUHaid f O. took IS ordera. 13 eal
KuMia, in 1 day: profit lG.i.i. E N Kice
of Maaa, took 27 ordera in 2 dava: protit
$4;.2:. J Tatridfre of Me. took ' ordera
from .!( calif ; protit $75.25. K A Talmer
of N, Dak. took 53 ordera in 3 day profit
?lS.2,. Km li -mvi Tfrritory cien. If
vm wifth to make LAKl.E MCVY write
immeii.atei lor terma to,mitli,Conn
Dr. fierce a uoiuen
Medical Discovery
purities tlio blood.
By this means, it
reaches, btiilils up,
wl invi"or:itcs ev
er;' part i f the sys
tem. Vot every
bhiixl-laiiit anil (lis
order, mid for ev
ery diseaso that
comes from an in
nntive liver or itu-
puro blood, it is tho
only remedy so sure
ami effective that it
can bo guaranteed.
If tho "Discov
ery" fails to bene
fit or cure, in every
Fl 11
case, yoa have your money back.
Tli j-liupnf.H are manv. They're
different in form, but they're like in
treatment. Kouso up tlio torpm
liver into healthful action, thor
nnrrhlv rmrifv anil en rich the blood.
anil there's a po.Mtive cure. Tho
" Discovery docs 1111:;, as noinuig
else can. Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
UitiiiKfifica . nil Throat.
and Lung Affections ; every form
Lung-scrofula) in its earlier Rtages;
m,rl thr mtt. Ktultlinrn Skill anil
Scalp Diseases, are completely cured
Dy 11.
Always opkm the offer mane
by the proprietors of Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy. It's a reward of
$500 cash for an incurable caso of
Catarrh. The only question is are
you willing to try it, if the makers
aro willing to take the risk ?
Physician and Surgeon, Office UpsMIrs nrcr tbe
Batik of ontfon.
Kesiduuie, comer 10th and Calapoola ft.
Cure for folds. Fevers andOenomi Do
WJity, .S'moll Bile U-ia'-i. X6c per bottle.
1 1
advantages not found elueivhcre
Beautiful Location,
uital)lf! Buildups,
Efficient Teachers,
Vive courses of slntlv rlnssinil. Scientific.
special advantajres in Vocal and Instrumental Jlusic. Business course of two years,
tiradiintes of the Xennal course nre entitled to n State Diploma, nnd are in demnnd to
fill high positions. " Mt-Minnville is accessible by rail from nil parts of the State, on the
main trunk of the Southern Pacific R. H. West Side; fifty miles south of Portland
Fall Tem Begins
Bend for C atalogue.
Portland's Great
Industrial Exposition
Oi'Kks September 37 1893 Closes October :S.
The SPEOiAr. Features Will Eclipse
Comtructetl at a coat of $10,000 and throwing
rainbow will beantity Maato Hall.
Containing tih of all varieties found in Oiegoo waters, have been coaktrautod at grtat
Will ecntain a col.ection of saiatinea selected from the World's Fair. Anona then.
Ellfbnra celebrated paiiitinstt Caster's Last
view ita wonders in every depaitment of
tirh to ine n aria s rair ai mitajto.
R educed rates on ail Tram portat ion Lines.
For further information addreaa.
PoaTLASB, Oaauoa.
Open all the year. Student may enter at any time. Catalogue free.
nraa.all dralnsand lt
UlutiK u AtitKlsiM. lrip;alDwra(er. AddreMMEKVaEftECDCU.tlBuoiilcTempie.CsUCAtia.
torssnein..iD.inr.L'Te..Dy j. a. iLM-iiMi
aiO . f77
ltt (I W SVC VSy r-sr Sll m. y
4 lir. t.F.AItlXU rilOTOGRArilFRa, rcB-
-Albasir Orecea
J P. FORD, EvaiiBlisl,
Of Des Mo;ne, Iowa; writes undar'date of
March '-'3. 1803:
i. B. Mki). Mfc. Co..
Uulur, uregon.
Ociillrmen t
On arriving home last week, I found all
well and anxiously awaiting. Our little
girl, eight and one-hsl years old, who had
ted sav to 38nounds. is now well,
strong and vigorous, and welt Hashed up.
S. U. Cough . ure has dine its wur wen.
Both of the children like it. Your S B.
Cough Cure baa cured and kept away all
hoarseness from me. So givo it to every
one, with greetings for all. Wishing you
crosbeii y, we are
Yours, Mr& Mm J.F Fobd.
If vou wUh to fl iiflttu mil cheerful, and rcaily
f-r thu Siiriu'i work, cle-ino your )'loiu with tlio
lluadacho and l.ivjr Care, by tkiu two or lliree
'icsuseacri wet'K.
SO cents pr btlK. by all urii!,'i.'-t.
1 Sjllumlcr a positive (ruaraalce t','
Oris Monday, Sici-temuek 18tji
Just closed the tnc6t prosperous vpar in
liB iiistorv. wine range 01 siuuies. inu-
mmli Inctriti-lfnn l 11 clniauB murct Mrlrlprl
Tuhlon free. Entrance fee, $10, Board
ano lougsiig 111, reufeuiuuii; ihicb in inc
elegant new dormitory and boarding hell
on me etiiipu, vr ncro viuucnia wmicicivi
personal supervision.
. John W, Johnso:.,
McMianvilie. Oregon,
of the ohlest and best
Exienses Lifrht; a boarding hail in the College
uuiiuing on ue ciuu piun, i resiuenc irownson
steward, thus guornntecinfr good board nt tb
least possible cost to the student. Hoard can als
be had in private families at 82.50 to 83.00 pc;
week, including lodging.
Tbe line Telescope recently mounted in tin
New Observatory and the extensive Library
to which students have freo access, offen
this state.
Thirty Acre Campus,
Ileal, liy Surroundings,
Thorongli Work.
Xorniiil. I.itor.lrv end Uusiness. with
September 19th.
Address: T. Ci. HROWKSON, Presiitlent.
Or A J Uunsaker, Solicitor and Financial Agent.
Those of any Previous Year,
a t lon&aod jetv of water In all colore of the
picht. To visit this treat BsDoaition and
Ait and Rjieoce, will be the next thing to a
t Fuperiotendent and Secretary
A. P. Aausraoao, PmsciPAL,
fiiar il u-d to cure ail nerrtms diea ;-:cb an Weak MrmorT.Loiiof Brain
'owtjr, lleadacbe. WaketQlnen. Lost Manhood, Nlcbtlr Knil"liDs. Karrnne.
powrlnG?Dt?ratiT(iirKarii nf Pltber xcatipd
orer eiPrtlon, youthful error. xct?Mlr ue of tobwro, uplnm or itim
lilant".whlchkadtiilntlriT!Uy'.r.ntiiraptlonor lnntr. vmn yc earned to
,iTPl puriPT. iprrD"i.oinr . 07 ronii pn-pnin. nnrirst.l OMef we
talrea wrllle?na,tismrnntelrnnrntisid the mnaner. Hold by all
k ilriiBTtrtata. Ak fur 11. rakf ri cthr. Writf for lrw Mfarllml (t.uitr sent aosl
arm aj iiumca cr auia.ii. pniarh'ist.
Cabinet photos from $i.tntoe4,oo
per dosen. Enlarging pictures a
pectaltv. ir2o cravoni framed
for $10.00. We rarrv a large stock
cf 5S and stcresccpfc views of Or-
Baby Raw asBeefsteak
liaiy ver- Ait-K wit h wzrnta wW
thrrv utout h old. JIuil Ittiine lU.
UintuiMUiHt'iuliHU. int uorwaii
the t iiuc. Wliolc IhmIv raw u (
tuuie. Hi k mix iiioiithK li4?toiiM
trk'tl 'l Tiri HAK. Xn t.i.i. T?
thorn but I n twi ntoni hit lit watt put in-lv tiiirt?
iot a t4iHt 011 Ititu mm- ami i. ntv tf'luir
i'liANK ItAltltK'lT, WiiifivM, Jllcfc.
Baby Bad with Eczema
uur muy iMy, roiir iiHintUs old.
hati liatl i-iixu of eczs iua.
k huh a ruiH'l wire. Faru :ui,l i:
lailly airiH-tt-il. luiiiuj. tmii.1
Tlin-o 4lK't(ini Hiil not hclii iijm
lllutHlM li.-.l Hlxtccti w,-,.,V .'r
U'lii n liin IiuihIh t Krt'vont hi.
Bf-ratrhlnp. O'tutua I.i:mi:ih. cured liiin.
auii we rt'i'onnuciiil tln'in to oiiicrx.
U.U.ii J.HAl(Ulsi, Webster, Inu.
Baby Itched Terribly
nany mreo mom ns old iiroke
out witb wliitu iiiiiilcM on rtil
tmrf Iti hint; tcrnl-lc, Mill
on iK'Uil nuil faco. IM-d t-vcry
thins for llvo months, i.rfw
wortsf. l'lirrliaHi'il (' n k i ka
It KM ri I Kit, Usui I tluill. :m.l ir.
three weeks thuru was not a sore or juLui-le
not fven a near. '
Mju. UtiCAlt JAMLS, Wooilaton, Kan. '
Baby Suffering Agony
iiiiiiy nnti cczcnia, or,t forin.
Rilllcil tlio K'Ht tloi'tir bt-rv.
Wiin in 'onv 'iiihl uionthi. itA.
a pmiwitlit'i in i u. l:i:Mi:iirs. in
f two moiitlis tlii'awliiltli.MM-M-liaa
crasfii fiii.Miici-. ,o inira
f-oiihl Ih utM-ii.invilarlinir lv wj
J.A..MOH.KS,ltuukurllill, iud.
Ami lt run am tho nmt .
uiaikaltU'in'rhTinctl hvany IiIikhI
unit hkin r-mctly of modern
tiuies. I'aiviitH rt'iiu-tiilitT that
euro mauc in infancy art HHtdy,
jH.rniaiaitt and economical.
Bold throimhotit the world. Pilpc.CiTirriu,
60c. 6oAl '.I'M-. liEHoi.VKNT, t?l. PoTTEU L)BL'a
and CutvM. Com'., Hole l'roon., Boston.
Hg',,llot to Cure Skin Dlneoitcii," free.
D ft D V'C ektn nnd 8cnlP piiiificcl and iM-nullfled
DAD I U byCuticurutioap.AbboluU'lvure.
Star Bakerj
CorBrnlllln atnd First
l anuria rrnilsi, Vstnne Met .
jllasasrisre, Qaeenawarr.
Dried Frollsi. Vge1able,
TobHCCO, Cigars
NaKar, Spices.
Coast, Ten,
Ei tt..
lao cvorj'tlii.ijr that Is kept In a rensr
variety and ifsocery store, Hirheat
market price paid for
Send for
AdJresf, REV. E. X. CONPIT,
Albany, Ortgon
Notice of Assignment,
NOTICE iahefcbv mn that Iaao Beam
of Albany, Oregoo.'hsaduly assiDed to tbj
ondersiitoed assi(De sll bis propetty ana
ttt'vU for tho btnelit of hia creditors, "
and by virtue of the gevnl aengnroMi
laws of tho state of Oregon, sod the ondef
aluned has herttofo.e n.-wit on the 2tn atj
of August, 1SC3, doly qualified as
W- . . ... u
All penoos naving claims "ki" -r
insolvent and the estate the-cof are herew
required to present the same to the onrtsr
sigoedstthe storehouse boildioB of l'""
Beam, in the city ot Albany, Oeiioo, na""
osth within three months from this data.
Dated this 2nd day of September. v
Assignee of Isaac insolveai.
riKEPASS OTICE.-All hunters""
I hereby notified not to trespass 1 op"
ihe enclosed premlseaof tbeondersifw"
kttven nnd a ball miles east of AIMS
unle permission is first obtained,
shall prosecute all who thus trespv
rm. Dr. Pttrtioii-WHee
Tha Noted aalrteyant art) Ufa Rrtdf. J?
here, and can be foun.1 at her iwrdencf."
J B Covaill'a. Sha tella abotit all nh)Jm
preapnt and future; ot troiiblea. abaent JLT
buainfaa. Yoa ckn hear from Ttur dead liltt-Jf-
ALL persons Indeblsd to I B
note or recount will plesse pay ,n jf
the scmnnts must be close br DOj'(
not paid. Times ate hard, and
your interest to see to (bis at once,
in room No 11, Mrahsn B'ork:
Albany, Or. s'ept 1 h, 1S.
j Assignee-of .BBSS-