Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, December 22, 1888, Page 1, Image 1

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XO 198
has a splendid vsortoi9iit of goods for the
consisting of a ni06 selection of
Gold Headed Canes.
New assortment all kinds of jewelry.
General Job Work, Dressing and
Sawing Lumber, Repairing,
Etc., Etc.
; Special advantage to purchasersj of
rustics flooring,
Factory at foot of Lyon Street.
By all means salmon
Parker Brothers,
Successors to John Fox, ior you
Produce, Baked Goods, Etc., Etc.
Their goods are the best and their prices
Fine houses.
We bave jiwt brought from ,2 ite
Oregon, a lot of fine work horses ' ti
will sail on terms to suit tbo time
Among thorn nrd,om.i promising you u
drtreiB from Oneco, Mason Chief an
Edward Everett. Also 8fin choio
heavy a ares. Anyone wishing to pur
chase a linrso will d well to look tr eat
over. We will take pleasure in shiw
to all intending purchasers.
Tallman, Or.
First. National Bank
,nl u H TOP Nil
TWKSACTS A OENERAL banking business.
ACCOUNTS KEPT lUbjMt to (hack.
810 HT EXCHANGE and telerrrapWo transfer, sol York, Ban Franotaoo, CUoago and rol
COLLECTIONS MADE on lavorablo terms.
Diaacroaa. MM. m
j,l Yonii,' oso.BOsiMiaaiaiil
L E Buu, Fliss.1 ,
WaukhE TuaaiLL,
Cali(.ur-sa bong Ways nt Julius Gradwohl'
I have made arrangements for buying
goods direct from the factories In Europe,
and will sell at wholesale or retail, cheaper
than any where else on the Pacific Coast.
The following are some of my cash retail
prices :
'A dozen unhandled teacups and 6aucers,
35 cts.
'A dozen unhandled coffee cups and sau
ceis, 45 cts.
'A dozen handled coffee cups and sau
cers, 50 cts.
'i dozen seven inch dinner plates, 45
These goods arc all ironstone China and
not a cheaper grade of goods. These prices
arc for 30 days.
Julius Gradwohl.
A splendid stock of library and hanging
lamps just received .V . , & Thomp.
How is your appotite ? ' Are ymx nervous
or irritable ? Are you snbjeot to billiousness ?
Or Henley's Dandelion Tonic works wonders.
It makes the weak and sickly strong, builds
up the whole system and puts new life and
engery in you .
A floe line of holiday giods for oar crock
try department and marked very low in
Wallace & Thompson
Cheaper than you can buy them in Port
land. Will Snll n irrmA nr.l. f P......I.
- .vu WI II. Ul JNCIB
carpet for 60 cents; a heavy three ply car
pet for 75 cents, and two ply carpets from
10 cents to en rnts ParriM u 1 i:n.
of oil cloths, linoleum and window shades.
A. B. McIlwain
Winter wraps, are not reserved in the
great sale. This will be the greatest oppor
unity ever offered to buy a stylish wrap at
low price.
Wheat, 70 cents.
New fall goods at Read's.
See those new jersies at W. F. Read's.
New ribbon all shades and styles at Read's
All lines of boys kilt suits at W. F
Fine line of bread kneading pans at G W
Another lot of Hull oheese at Brownell &
A large stock of lifting force pumps at : G
W Smith's.
Goods at cost at M. J. Monteith's, at the
old Young store.
Go to A. B. Moll wain's and ask to see
those $6 suits for men.
In a calm soa every man is pilot. In dry
goods ,V. F. Read is leader.
If yoa want to save from 10 to 25. per cent
by your goods of W. F. Read.
Six shaves for a dollar and a clean towel to
every customer, at Thoa. Jones.
Buy your tickets through to the East
W L Jester and save fare to Portland.
A complete line of heating and parlor stovi
at G W Smith's, no hotter in the valley.
The chropest place to bay men's under,
wear in the state is at A. B. Mcllwain's.
W. F. Read can and will sell dry goods
cheaper than any house in Albany. Call and
seo for yourself.
All the latest novelties in millinery goods
at E and C Howard's. DM and Bee them,
No trouble to show goods.
The line of Pacitio and Royal Argands at
G V Smith's is a large one. These are among
the best cook stoves made. Soe them.
Goods not sold for less than cost, floods not
given away. Bat good honest goods sold at
reasonable profit at W. . lint',.
Julias Gradwohl is now making a special
ty of crockery, fancy goods and silyer ware,
of which he carries a large and select stock.
His silver ware is 1847 Roger Bros, his stock
of crockery is the best in the market and his
line of dolls and children's play things gener
ally is complete. His prices are the lowest
on the coast.
Thos. Brink
baa thejmost complete line of furniture in tbe city, consisting of
Parlor Suits, Upholstered Chairs, Bed Chairs, Bed
room Sets, Walnut Centex Table3, Walnut Ex
tension Tables.Dining Tables,Tin Bed Lounges,
Single Whatnots, Carpet Chairs, Folding
Chairs.Pine Mirrors from 75c. to $12,Fine
Wicker Wood Baskets, Fine Wicker
Work Baskets, Cornice Poles, Gilt
and Nickel Door Mats and Rugs in
many Colors and Sizes, and
Window Shades,
Etc., Etc.
and I am selling these at the very lowest Boil Rock Prices jnd goods or no sale.
will BKOS,
in .1'. th. tatnqtlm Droved Pianos
Organs, SiwlaiJ Machines, Guns. Also
a full line or warranien n.r, .uj..n.
and rocket Knives. Tba best kind or
sewing machine oil, noodles and extras,
lor all maohines. All repairing neatly
and reasonably done.
ti,. i.nfWulirnn.l Is nreoared to do fall
kinds of work In his line in nrst-class or.
dor and wltn promptnesj. "
box 87 or call at corner of 9th and Maple
trM,s" 1. N. 8MITH,
New Wash House.
Lee Chinaman, who lived in this town for
many year and p-us no well liked by every
body has returned and will open up new
wash house the tint of September, ooegdoor
south of the Kerere House. Leu does good
work and wants everybody to get (their
washiotj done bv him
Itchuiir Pile are known b miiaUird like f jsrlr
ion pnMluangarery diatrrehle ttchlnrr after
inn warm, l hts form as well M Blind, Weeding ana
Crutrudinjr Piles, -field at once to the apnllcation of
r. Botanko'a Pile remedy, w.ilch acta directly upon
the mrta affected, abcrbinir the tumors, allay trie the
Intense itching; and effect! ntr a permanent cure. 61)
cents. Address The Dr Bosanko VUcitie Co , Piqu
U. bold by Dr, Gulusml Son.
The trees planted by Alexander Hamilton in
1803 in remembrance or the original thirteen
states of the Union, on Washington Heights,
New York, are to be destroyed by contractors
who are opening new streets in that section of
the city. There will be an effort made to save
the trees on account of their historical interest.
Alut S75.0CO will 1m required to defray the
expenses of the inauguration and ball at Wash
ington on the 4th of March. Of this amount
$45,000 has been subscribed. The money so
subscribed will be refunded after March 4 from
the sale of tickets to the ball, but those who
desire may let their subscriptions pay for their
ball tickets.
It is a common occurrence for children to get
beans, grains of corn and other foreign sub
stances in their noses. This simple remedy is
worth remembering: Get the child to open its
moutbapjily your mouth over it and blow hard.
The offending substances will be expelled from
its mouth.
It is stated, on what seems to be good au
thority, that dealers in baby carriages will
charge the father of a first child $25 for the
same article that they sell to parents of some
experience for ten. And the worst of it is
they have no difficulty in recognizing the father
of a first baby every time.
The Dominion Government has prepared a
measure that will be introduced at the coming
session of Parliament for the restriction of Chin
ese immigration to the Canadian provinces.
The Senate passed uinety private pension
bills Thursday in fifty minutes. No one
had any knowledge of their provisions or merits
except the member who introduced them.
Look Here.
We ars closing out our stock of boots and
shoes, and to show you that we mean what
we say quote you a few of our prices
Ladies best French kid button shoes at
$4.35, regular price, $5.50, none better in
tow ; ladies' extra quality French kid, but
ton? at $3 75, regular price, $5.00; ladies,
good French lid, button, at $3, regular
price, $4; ladies' bright Dongola, nutton,at
$275, regular price, $3.50; ladies' bright
Uongola, button, neat and good, $2, regu
lar price $3; ladies' American kid, $2, reg
ular price, $3 ; ladies' American kid, $1.25
regular price, $2; child's oil grain button
school shoes, from $1 to $1.20; a few pairs
of ladies' rubbers, 30 cents to 40 cents;
men's rubbers, 50 cents: also a large as
sortment of men's boots. Come and see.
Brownell & Stanaro.
Boots axd Shoes. Call at A. B. Mc
Ilwain's and see the ladies' kid and pebble
goat shoe, for $1.50, former price $2.50
A Democrat man nas seen tne snoe ana
can pronounce it a remarkably cheap shoe
for the former price.
- -
Monteith & Seitenbacli's great closing sale
will enable all to buy auy line of goods fully
50 percent, less than any other store in tbe
Dandruff is Drobablv one of the most diffi
cult diseases of the scalp to euro; but Du
tard'a Specific never fails to remove it par
manently. Soreness after shaving is instant
ly relieved by its use. Sold by Foshay &
kit K.lB.aiAlV.UtfS
in his new discovery for Consumption, suc
ceeded in producing a medicine which n ac
knowledged by all tn be simplv marvelous,
It is exceedioyly pleasant to the tate. per-
futlu V" . I am ntt i rlruta tint, ainlrn Tn fi.ll
cape of cases of Consumption. Couuha, Colds
Whooping Con?h( Croup, Bronchitis, and
ramn 111 viie v ucnv, n uiiivl-ixui
satisfaction. Dr Kosnnkn's Cmigh and Lung
Syrup is sold at 50 cents by Dr Guiss & Sou.
Delecata. women wha complain of a tired
feel i Dz. twins in the back uud loins, desire
to sleep, dizziness, painful or suppressed
menstruation, will nna in U.reuon Kianey lea
a faithful fritnd. It can be reiied upon in
every instance to give immediate relief from
urinary troubles, ihousamiaoi women are
suffering every uny from some disorder ofjthe
kidneys or liver, who micht be permanently
cured by usins Orcon Kidney 'IV a. Sold
hydros hay & Mason.
Highland, Clackamas Co.. Or., March 20
I U.a.n mntr.ra.A sifh rlititaaa rf fht kid-
neys for 6 or 7 years and for the last two
months have been laid up with a pain in my
k I. A A . M . .a,nl. nt frits. Dr.
UHUK. A 1HJI" sum mo sniiiif.v v -
gon Kidney Tea, and having used it one
week I can do a good flay s wnric. i nave
derived more benefit from it than from all
the medicines I haye ever taken.
J, V, X EWIUl.L.
Sold by Toshay Mason.
Tried to liaise Chickens.
Washington, Dec. 22. The report that
ex-I'resident Hayes will be given a foreign mis
sion is lielieved by his Ohio friends to be true,
the relations between Hayes and Harrison has
ee for years of the most cordial nature and
he fact is still rememliered that Hayes ai one
time seriously considered the advisability of cal
img Oen. Harrison into his cabinet. Hayes
nas long been desirous of going abroad, and the
mission to Pans, or Berlin, or even Vienna,
would 1 very r-grecable ty him.
Liable to Sting.
San Francisco, Dec. 21. The proprietors
of the San Francisco Wasp have received in
formation that a man mviw. ,u - t r
7,,;?Xh".been "Presenting himself as agent
Of the Wast in aevrral ? .
r u- . . ,.v.v i wicgon ami
Washington territory, and has rnlWtl c 11
amounts of money for advertising and subscrip
tions. 1 he nronrieiors nf th- no.. .u..
....... .. ..,., ....ucrsny, anu pronounce him
a fraud. He was last heard of from Spokane
Jails where he collected $26 from a business
nrm for advertising.
afnn Slaughter.
McMinnvili.e, Dec. 21. Willard Mcune,
who has been lying in jail at Lafayette on a
charge of murdering Jes Bewley, was indict
ed by the grand jury to-day for man-slaughter.
Uis bail was fixed at 6,000 which had not
been furnished at last accounts. The trail will
not come off tnis term.
Too Small.
Washington, Dec. 21. Gov. Moonli3ht of
Wyoming has submitted to the secretary of the
interior a supplemental report on the popula
tion of that territory, In explanation high. He
basses his judgement upon the number of votes
cest for delegate in November. ThisVote was
iS,oo8, from which thp governor estimates the
"real population" to be about 55,500.
Stanley Alive.
London, Dec.; 21. The West African Tele
graph Company has received the following dis
patch from St. Thomas, dated Friday, 2 P. M:
I have just received information that Heury
M. Stanely, with Emin Pasha, has arrived in
Aruwhim. The news is reliable. Further de
tails will follow.
Parsons, Agent
Lo Must Go. '
North Yakima, W. T., Dec. 21 At a
meeting of the board of trade this evening
active steps were taken for having the Ya
kima Indian reservation thrown open to
settlement. The reservation contains 800.-
000 acres, 500,000 of which is the finest
quality of arable land.and but 1000 Indians
belong to the reservation. This land is all
tributary to this city.
Just After Conversion.
Port TowxsEND.Dec. 21. George Ross,
a draynian.after a baptismal in the Metho
dist church last night, fell dead In a pew.
Death was instantaneous, and was caused
by a blood vessel bursting. Leceased was
a recent convert, and well known in Port
A full line of Christmas candies and nuts
will be kept by Brownell & Stauard.
Pino line of Guns and
good stock of Ammuni
tion at Deyoe and Rob
sn's. Special bargains
Christmas Coming While hunting for
holiday presents do not fail to call at Will
& Starks and examine their fine stock of
goods,consistlng of gold and silver watches,
chains, fobs, earrings, breastpins and jew
elry generally. Also silver plated ware,
clocks, etc. There arc no more suitable
presents in the market.
Dkcss Shoes. A fine iob lot of men's
shoes, 100 pairs, nil different, No 7's, best
in the citv. nt f W Simnsnn'. Th..
range In price for from $1.50 to $3.50
bargains anywhere.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. In this line w
have always shown the very best goods to
be found In the markets of America, the
knife will be put to goods in this depart
ment as they must go. Call and see for
Monteith & Seitenbach.
l.vou want a remedy for fl'llouffneM, Pimples on
tho fa3f , a A a aure cur. for nick henflHche, aHk Dr,
dr.. and bnn, th. brujwl.tii, for Ur. Uuuui'a Liv,
nil., try mom, Mampifc. rrea full box 2.1 ctnt,
We wiil sell on groceries cheauer than
any store in town.
Brownell Stanard.
Nursery J. F. Backensto is the ac
credited agent of Vancouver Nursery. Ap
ply to him for fruit or ornamental trees at
Ali-r, Oregon.