Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, December 21, 1888, Page 1, Image 1

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    VOL. I.
NO 19T
has a splendid assortment of goods for the
consisting of a nice selection of
Gold Headed Canes.
New assortment all kinds of jowelry,
General Job Work, Dressing and
Sawing Lumber. Repairing,
Etc., Etc.
'Special advantage to purchasers of
rustic flooring,
Factory at foot of Lyon Street.
By all meant sill on
Parker Brothers.
Successors to Colin Fox, for your
Produce, Baked Goods, Etc., Etc.
Their goods are the best and the (r prices
Fine Horses,
We have just brought from 2lte
Oregon, a lot of fine work horses hi
e will Bell on terms to suit the time
Among thorn are noma promisim? you u
driyeta from Oaeco, Mason Chief an
EJward Everott. Also S'm choio
heavy nsrPB. Anyone wishing to pur
chaBe a horse will do well to look tteni
over. Wo will take pleasure in show
to all intending purchasers.
Cash Uopsa Long Ways at Julius Uradwohl'
I have made arrangements for buying
goods direct from the factories In Europe,
and will sell at wholesale or retail, cheaper
than any where else on the Pacific Coast
The following are some of my cash retail
prices :
'A dozen unhandlcd teacups and saucers,
35 cts.
'i dozen unhandlcd coffee cups and sau
cers, 45 cts.
'i dozen handled coffee cups and sau
cers, 50 cts.
'A dozen seven inch dinner plates, 4s
These goods are all ironstone China and
not a cheaper grade of goods. These prices
are for 30 days.
Julius Gradwoiil.
A splondid stock of library aud hanging
lamps just received V : ' 1 mp.
How is your appotite ? Aro you nervous
or irritable ? Aro you subject to billiousness ?
I)r Hooloy's Dandelion Tonic works wonders.
It makes the weak and sickly strong, builds
up the whole system and puts new life and
A ftno lina nt 1...L.1.... 1.. 1.
...... ..U1IUI.JI .i iui uui uruuu
try department and marked very low in
Wallace & Thompson
Cheaper than you can buy them in Port
land. Will sell a good grade of Brussels
carpet for Co cents; a heavy three ply car
pet for 75 cents, and two ply carpets fron
40 cents to 50 cents. Carries u large line
of oil cloths, linoleum and window shades.
A. B. McIlwain
Winter wranM. Am nnk re.orvffrl in th
OFttAt HaIa. Thi. will tin fha nn.fuf nnnA..
unity ever oifered to buy a stylish wrap at
MoxTEirn JSSeitenbacif.
Vheat, 72J cents.
New fall goods at Read's.
See those new jersies at W. F. Read's.
New ribbon all shades and styles at Read's
All lines of "boys kilt suits at W. F
Fine line of bread kneading pans at O W
Another lot of Hull cheese at Brownell &
A large stock of lifting force pumps at G
VV Smith's.
Goods at cost at M. J. Monteith's, at the
old Young store.
Go to A. B. Mcllwain's and ask to see
those $(i suits for men.
In a calm sea every man is pilot. In dry
goods '.V. F. Read is leader.
If yon want to save from 10 to 25. per cent
by your goods of W. F. Read.
Six shaves for a dollar and a clean towel to
every customer, at Thoa. Jones.
Buy your tickets through to the Ent
V L Jester and save fare to Portland.
A complete line of heating and parlor stovi
at G W Smith's, no better in the valley.
The cheapest place to buy men's under
wear in the state is at A. B. Mcllwain's.
W. F. Read can and will sell dry goods
cheaper than any house in Albany. Call and
seo for yourself.
All the latest novelties in millinery goods
at E and C Howard's. Call and see them,
No trouble to show goods.
The line of Pacilic and Royal Argands at
G W Smith's is a large one. These are among
the best cook stoves made. See them.
Goods not sold for less than cost, goods not
given away. But good honest goods sold at
reasonable prolit at VV. . ,t t .
Julius Gradwohl is now making a special
ty of crockery, fancy goods and silyer ware,
of which he carries a large and select stock.
His silver ware is 1847 Roger Bros, his stock
of crockery is the best in the market and his
line of dolls and children's play things gener
ally is complete. His prices are the lowest
on the coast.
It is interesling to note the conversation that
can be heard among men interested in the wool
en industry now that the election is over. The
very men who howled loudly for Harrison and
against tariff reform now admit that there should
be a revision of the woolen tariff, and some go
further and concede that the manufacturers by
their action have lost a great opportunity that
may never return. The classification of wor
steds, differently from, woolens, has seriously
affected the worsted industry and the tariff o,
more than oo per cent, upon woolens has not
served to prevent large American orders reach
ing the mills of England. The duty must be
raised on woolens or the duty reduced or
taken off altogether from raw materials, if pros
perity would return to the woolen industry. By
the first method the people are burdened by
excessive taxation and the cost of woolens made
much higher than they should be. By the
second the industry will be equally protected
while the consumer will be given great relief
from the burdens of to-day. It is the latter
method that other countries have adopted.
In all other so called protection countries the
woolen mills are given free wool and dye stuffs
and there can be no good good reason why our
manufacturers should not have equal advantag
es. The laboring men will reap the advantage
of the policy in the cheapened price of necessit
ies and the more steady employment at equally
good wages. This was the policy of Grant,
Garfield, Arthur and Cleveland. It will yet be
received as the true policy, for upon its ascen
dency in the country rests the future of our
woolen industry. Republican success may de
lay it but it will come, if not by Republican
ascendency by the force of public opinion that
will restore the Democracy to power. Man-
chester Union.
Tallman, Or.
Thos. Brink
has thomoat complete line of furniture in the oity, consisting of
Parlor Suits, Upholstered Chairs, Bed Chairs, Bed
room Sets, Walnut Center Table3, Walnut Ex
tension Tables.Dining Tables,Tin Bed Lounges
Single Whatnots, Carpet Chairs, Folding
Chairs.Pine Mirrors from 75c. to $12,Fine
Wicker Wood Baskets, Fine Wicker
Work Baskets, Cornice Poles, Gilt
and Nickel Door Mats and Rugs in
many Colors and Sizes, and
Window Shades,
Etc., Etc.
and I am selling these at the very lowest Bed Rock Prices and goods or do Bale.
First National Bank
frnMmt I FLIKN
Vic.Pi-Mld.nt - . K. ')C0
Au'lCajhier JAS. F. POWELL
TRANSACTS A OENERALbanitin bujlness.
ACCOUNTS KEPT subject to .heck.
810 HT EXCHANGE, and teloirrathlo trandor, lol
N.w York, San Francisco, Chicago and Pol
.COLLECTIONS MADE on favorable terms.
DiascToss. m
i. E. Torse,' Oso, K Cnsasa.uiN,
L E Buia, L. Ki.ikk.I
WaussK TuaaiLb,
I) S 1 4 & R0BS0N
r.K.iA in all .La lj.n.f. Imtirnvnil Pianos
unini .-i iu ... i ..... ... ------
Organ., Sswlmt Mw'hinfH, Huns. Also
a full line of warranto I Kazora, Butcher
and r-ocket Knives. The bott kind of
MWlne raacmne on, neeiue. mm en-,
for all machines. Ail repairing neatly
and reasonably done.
New Wash House.
Lee Chinaman, who lived in this town for
many year, and was so well liked by every
body has returned and will open up a new
wash house the first of September. ooedoor
south of the Revere House. Lee does good
work and wants everybody to get Qtheir
washing done bv him
The underslgne.t Is to do lall
kinds or worn in ma line in nrsi-oias or.
Amr anrl with Drnmotnns-. Address P. O
box 87 or call at corner of 9th and Maple
treats, ,,
. I. S, Smith,
Itching Pitci are known by mii.urt Ilka v'jsplr
..... nrHliirinr ftVMi-vdimirrceahle itchhnr after
i.irr warm. Thin form u well u Blind. hleodirnr and
Crotnnling Pile, yield At once to ths armlicatiyn of
ir. Bnmiikoi til renmly, w.ilch acta directly upon
ihanarta srTr-iMi khtnrninir inatumori. IITIMK tuv
Intense Itchini and effect intr a permanort cure. 60
cants. Addreaa Th Dr Homnko V4.cln Co , Plqu.
O. bold by Ur, uilia and son. ,
We Prefer Mud,
Quebec, Dec. 20. Most serious conse
quences from the storms are felt- In back,
country villages. Crops have been bad
and the people are snowed in. Many fam
ilies are suffering for the actual necessities
of life. Farmers are killing stock. Cardi
nal Taschereau anrt th 1 1
appealed to. Thev held a consultation
with the cabinet Imf ... a ..... .1.
cided to ask the government ta send im-
..... w me suuerers.
Electric Lights.
Van-couver Barracks. W. Tt: rier 00
At a special ' meeting of the city council nignt a contract was entered into with.
the California Fltrl.- J I u. r t
, ; . 's'n -viiiuiiv iur
an electric plant of forty-five lights of 1200
-. ,tl t ton 01 $0100, ana the
plant to be in operation by February 1st..
Mitchell, Dak..Dec 20. At
tion of South Dakota democrats to-day for
the DUrOOKA ft? InLinn a.,ln. 1 ..L.
Cause of Rtatphnnt .l..lAn... ..
, u.ikukca were present
from twenty-one counties. A committee
of leaninc- .u- .
. a 111c lerniory was
appointed to go to Washington and present
the matter In rnnn....
Look Here.
We are closing out our stock of boots and
shoes, and to show you that we mean what
we say quote you a few of our prices
Ladies' best French kid button shoes at
$4.35, regular price, $5.50, none better in
town; ladies' extra quality French kid, but
ton, at $3 75, regular price, $5.00; ladies,
good French lid, button, at $3, regular
price, 3.4; ladies bright uongola,
$2 75, regular price, $3.50; ladies' bright
Llongola, button, neat and good, $2, regu
lar price $3; ladies' American kid, $2, reg
ular price, $3; ladies' American kid, $1. 25
regular price, $2; child's oil grain button
school shoes, from $1 to $1.20; a few pairs
of ladies' rubbers, 30 cents to 40 cents;
men s rubbers, 50 cents; also a large as
sortment of men's boots. Come and see.
Brownell & Stanaru.
Boots and Shoes. Call at A. B. Mc
Ilwain's and see the ladies' kid and pebble
goat shoe, for $1 .50, former price $2.50
A Democrat man has seen the shoe and
can pronounce it a remarkably cheap shoe
for the formerprice..
Monteith & Seiteuhach's great closing sale
will enable all to buy any line of goods fullv
50 percent, less than any other store in the
Dandruff is probably one of the most diffi
cult diaeases of the scalp to cure; but Du
tard'a Specilio never fails to remove it per
manently . Soreness after shaving is instant
ly relieved by its use. -Sold by Foshay &
in his new diioovery for Consumption, suc
ceeded in producing a medioine which ii ac
knowledged by all to be simply marvelons.
it is exceedingly pleasant to the taeu. per
fectly harmless, aud does not sicken. In all
cases of cases of Consumption. Coughs, Colds
Whooping Cough, Croup, Bronchitis, and
Pains in the Chest, it has given universal
satisfaction. Dr Kosankn's Cough and Lung
Syrup is soM at ou cents by Ur uuiss .V son.
The Oregon Farmer Pays It.
Svn Francisco. Dec. 20 A lr-! r.
says: A few days ago an iron ship was charter
ed in this port at 42 6d for Cork fiw nr,W
highest figure paid here this season. On the
the same day iron ships for Portland for the
same service were held at 50s. It is noticed
that studs are always higher st that point than
here. Whv ihi ic c ; -1. ..1 ,
- ----j uuuguiuer clear,,
tnoagh there are probably satisfactory reasons
for the difference. This difference has to be
paid practicclly by the Oregon farmer, who on
... ijut.auu,, was onenng ius wneat to
to the shipper at 81,40 per cnntal,-.while in San.
Irancisco good shipping wheat was .command
ing Sl.a7!4 tn Sr rn
Bob IngersolL
POMONA. .Cat. Dec. 20. A ktteo has hem.
received here by a brother in low of Col. Rob
ert Ingersoll ordering a suite of four roome to
be engaged -at the Hotel Palomare for Col. In
gersoll, from January 14 until about Febuary
25. He will spend several moalhs in . Califor
nia this season.
Washington, Dec. 20. The senate to-day
Confirmed all the army and nary nominaticos,
except six new staff appointments. Also the
following: Thomas Burke, chief justice- of
Washiogton territory, andO.J,-Hallum,de?fc
first auditor of the treasury..
The Efryptaln War.
Suakim, Dec. 20. The-eombined force- oC
the British and Eygptains made an attack yes.
terday upon the rebel position. They stormed
the rclnuhl. an.l tnnr.l.c .ij nftmw . v.n:..
engagement, lasting half an . hour, drova the
enenvy inlo the bush. The rebels repo.ted a
loss-of a thousand killed. The British loss is.
lit. The British encaraned iu the reiwl posi
tion. The victory was complete. The British
lost four lulled nnrl
gallant cavalry . The Egyptian and carried
them Onllmntly, losing two killed aud" thirty
wounded. The only officers wounded; in the
attacking forre Wrrr twn VfTVrtrcnna T.Iia. m.
be! loss now is stated to be 400.
Delecate wnnieu who complain of a tired
feeling, pain in the back aud liiu, deaire
to sleep, dizziness, painful or supDreffed
menatruition, will find in Oregon Kidney Tea
a faithful friend It can be relied upon in
every instance to give immediate relief from
urinary troubles. J honsands of women are
suffering every day from some disorder ofjthft
kidneys or liver, who mitfht be permanently
cured bv uinir Oregon Kidney Tea. Sold
by Fw hay & Manon.
Highland. Clackamas Co.. Or.. March 20
1 have suffered with a disease of the kid
neys for 6 or 7 years and for the last two
months have beon laid np with a pain in my
back. A friend sent me a sample of the Ore
ffnn Kidnev Tea. and having nsed it one
week T can do a good day's work. I have
derived more h.netit from it than from all
the medicines I hay ever taken.
J. Q. Nf.wmi.l
Sold by tothay It Mason.
A full linn nf Ch.i.fn... n..iu ..,1 .....
will be kept by Bron ooll Si StanarcL
Christmas Coming Whilt-hun ting for
holiday presents b not fail to call at Will
& Starks and examine their fine stock of
goods,con,isting-of gold and silver watches,
chains, fobs, earrings, breastpins and jew
elry generally. Also silver plated ware,
clocks, etc. There are no more suitable
presents in the market.
Drsss Shoes. A fine jb lot of men's
shoes, loo pairs, nil different, No 7's, best
in the citv. at G W SimDson's. Thev
rnnue in nrice for from. t.rn tn m
about half of the regular price. No such
bargains anywhere.
Siioe-s, Shoes, Shoes. In this line vr
have always shown the very best goods to
be found in the markets of America, the
knife will be put to goods in this depart
ment as thev must ,m. fnlt oml ..
Do you want a romiMly for R'llnuwieM, PImplos on
the lacr, a-'fl a mm cur. for sick heiulaclie, ask Ur,
(lata ami Son, th. UrutrKi.., tor Dr.'s Live
fill, try . doe, ianilui Imt lull box cent,
Fine line of Guns and
good stock of Ammuni
tion at Deyoe and Rob
sn's, Special bargain s
We will sell ou groceries cheaper than
any store in town.