Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, December 15, 1888, Page 2, Image 2

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IT TUB Mllll'.
PC, fil V
tfllthr '.lucrcttas ga&cd iM vitory.ijet
wc.isrc not dcfijklcd.ncimcr ;q fdisnjav
eiK' The grcilfc Tjattle'jor rt-diMr'd taxation
and revenue reform Is in reality just bcyun,
and will be (ought to thc.cnd and Iq victory
if it bitics the' remaining' ycarsol flurpTcv
ent-c(entury. So, comrades, you true.noble
hearted bovs in the trenches, we bid you to
be of good cheer. The old ship will sure-,,
" V'UISyaBrlCTvins from the
, ' ' f()remas$ Will be plainly discerned the words
"Revenue 'Reform." ' Tlie democratic
party lias survived all tests and lias over-
cornccycrv ordeal..; It has emerged , from
.. which uc,yefs is
; ,i . . denied it by a margin,. as make
the republican victory almost a defeat.The
'" old ship entered the contest brimful ol ir
'' "" .tcrnal dissensions. , To day, .democracy In
-; ';: thoroughly united. TUepopu-lar told
iK.-which wav tlte vind blew, and that .vote
" '" was a nattering compliment to democratic
. leaders, Though vc. lost, the presidency,
yet wc received 100,009 more votes than the
: 1. enemy. : V--faced 'the' eountry withan
' "' issue for which it was'not prepared, not hav
ing been sufficiently educated thereout
To-day ,and until democracy vins,tlu tariff
? .1 , is, and will be, tlie issue of the hour. (Dem-:-.
:, ocracy rises amid the wreck of pe-osonal
ambitions and piivate fortunes, an Immer-;-:
'' tol Giant, grandest in defeat. Clad in the
- ' armor of the Constitution, and bearing the.
battle-axe of truth, the .democratic party
';' embodies the hopeof all good citizens who
are not' wedded lo the false gods of Pluto
cracy andfammon. or tied to the chariot
... . wheels' of sectional si rife. .Upon demo
cracy's tablets , are . written : 1st, Kqual.
... taxes for all men. jnd. Home rule for all
.. . , the states. 3rd. Representative party gov
; . . ernment,, the surest: guaiantee of honest
administration. 4th. The honor of the Ka
;i "' tion, the interest of every section, and the
, . public credit the .common hcritagfi.of the
people. . 5th. No subsidies ; .110 surplus ;
no steals in the disguise of charity,
bribes in the disguise of patriotism. 6lh.
The union ; the constitution ; the flag.
. . .. "What shall we do ?" is constantly heard
,f . among democrats,and as matters now stand
' we have been elected to do nothing. Ttvo
:t: ;: .years must elapse before we choose a new
: 'Congress, .and four years -must flit by. ere
we decide who is to be Harrison's successor.
So we have ample time for reflection. Let
us patiently1 -wait and watch. Meanwhile
in the lour of defeat Only small, narrow-
- - minded spirits1 wilt fume and worry over
: ;" ' Ihe irremediable. Tills is no rime for mock
heroics, except atriong'renublicam. Some
think the battle was lost us on the tariff i:
sue. If that be true, It were better so ; for
brave and conscientious mcn,who fight for
a Heaven-inspired cause, can afford to : be
., beaten, for they know truth and right mutt
r : prevail and will rise triumphant some day,
and they who stood by those sterling prin.
'-'' ciplcs will rise with It. -Theenemy's press
Is making much ado about the negro.
"3rantituflri)f his eight years of almost ab
, ' . . solute monarcliial rulc.could not,or at least
t ,(. , did not, ameliorate the alleged suffering of
that race unfortunately given the right of
. .franchise ; so if Mr. Harrison, will be a man
' and not be led by a string whilst tlie chiv
alrous Jngalls griids his hand organ, lie
will let the negro question severely alone
V . and with all true democrats over the land
. recommend and secure legislation that will
' make taxes general and not special ; ex
. , pcnditurcsTrugal, not wasteful, and at all
n:-. .hazards have local self-government main
. taincd. The questions to-day dividing the
... two great parties arc practical ; they relate
to conduct and course of government. The
attitude of either party toward any question
of the day is determined from the theories
. which they have held from the beginning.
; ; We confidently expect to see the republican
' party break down in its attempt to govern
the country. It Is still a war party. .It Is
not for National uses or for a state of peace.
Its cohesive principle is a system of legal
ized robbery and jobbery ,born of war.which
. appeals to organized capital, and the pledge
of a system of agrarian pillage, given to an
' army of camp followcr,with whom it pro
poses to disgrace the American soldiers
roll of honor, the pension list.
Such Is, In truth, the republican party,
and whatever it attempts that is in variance J
with the constitution and the rights of
states and mankind under It will be met by
the honest democrats of the East, West,
North and South, who shall settle the ene
my's fale when the time rolls round for
voting again. Let us therefore be patient.
Notice well every movement cf the enemy.
Do not allow him to flank us, and now as
the new year Is well nigh upon us let us
resolve to do our duty toward our erring
brethren by explaining to them just what
democracy Is and what It will do on'Its re
turn to power J - May every reader of the
DttMocRvry the editors, typos and.. devil,
JQi cncli.rm oltheili, enjoy a Merry. Christ
mas and Happy New Year-, Is the VIh of,-
M I J AS J T J J O ; Sincerely Ysyri.,
. , Yovko Democracy.
' -'' - Albrmv, Dee", 15th; iSSS. -ticl
not a invni plow
The wreck of the new steamer Yaquina
Bay in Yaquina boT Sunday Is an almost
death blow to tliartisv aa safe harbor.
When vessels of life Yotiuina llav's draught.
,C"bt safely enter, its fulnreas a harbor it
rnotpriglt)k'rhtt is tliero i only one
:saft'jiarbor on trie N"orthvcst coast, and
Llhatis the CJAHitnpia river. All attempts
nJ i'gumcnts eannat convince old cxpevH
nW ea wiainsSft.the iontrarv. 7WJ is
Sucli talk is horn oftliat spirit of jei:
otly tha,t-ecms tn hr-'Thp rutins pntislnn-n'
so many Portland people. The wreck of
tl'ji yafluin". 0? 4c tte )au;
of lack of sulliceincy of water on the bur or
limit'CHarmer; - The faulUvas ihe'"itlrnOit
criminal carelessness- of those who had
charge of tlie vessel. The Telegram in iis
eagerness to make it appear that the wreck
ing was oh account of insufliccinc v of water
gave credence to a dispatch which i! rei.
celved' from Salerri slating that' the -Yaquina
Bay struck the bar, lvncn every one
else knew, (that knew- arij thin? ri'iout the
facts,') 1 (hat the'' yessef "struck the the
sftnd spit half a mile inside tbo bar. Al
though h is evident that the Tttcgram
would be glad if it wei c a death blov- to I he
bav,no one thinks, so except those who
want it to ue so.
1 iii
(V -I- l-rl.
A correspondent writes to inquire if there
IS as much Wool produced In the United
States as is consumed by the people of tlie
united states. ; 1 lie people of the L nited
States consume about 600 millions pounds
of wovl annually. The amount produced
1 vear m tnis countrv was 2io millions
pounds. The amount of raw wool import
ed was 114 million pounus. There were
imported in manufactured goods about 206
millions pounds. Thus it appears that more
than half the wool used in this country is
Just the plactf to act Xmai t bines chean
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lect lor a preeut. Uail and see foi yourself
at ' Mrs. B. HniAjt'a
-.. First door east of Yoaog'sold stand,
(0 'i
Successor to E. W. '.anJoti.
' DEALERJtN " ' "
: -. ETC. : -
Physician and Surgeon.
.1. Office opposite the Democrat Office. .
TV---v ''!---"Wi.; .
For Fall .and Winter
fx A
In making
mv nnoimceuont for tlui Kull J beg loxall
20AM afiT
DRY GOODS In '"i dWtiHnt my Ktock i uiiumi illy Ur..-.i tH-.l cuaipletl
Ditba sonjit lu nil the lului( Ktylss ; uood slmilea fir F.ill Hnl Vintnr gooJ
neloteJ from, tun best Kiatern and F,.iiifn jminrutnris. . u.i latest novJ
'.iea H .trituuiinci up J buttons, shiwU, lilioketa, aouio eitr giio values
liito 6.1nn!ietB,.laldi lir.ein, townln, eto. : n r
fi M o-il t'-.I' fwiUtls 1 f't ftW i. lti -rivp-rt' Iwd eoaUeil me I
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inter Gloves anil Miffpns .
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rmCity' ohMmYf
And S8k a tboroucli'inspLtion If
y tbek.
t r
Samuel E. Young.
".Cl : -7 i'-- :.T--T :
.1 it.;
ft r ' '
! ' - ' ?
r 4 Firat-claafl poods at bottom nricfifl is what thn n'ublic watlte. "Tbeiel
aV my store in this city, bought at .Bankrupt sales I can sell my sw
consisting of dress goods, gents.furnisbini? goodB, olothing, etc.)
'ftl!i;(iin ) .1 !,
i is
i (T' .:nr,n,lk Will K. t .irlirnp .11 liinlo nf nnntrt 'nrdductl.
r lt; i r ; .
' Albany, Oreft:
Last but not least a larSe stock of CLfjTNINC AND FURNISHING
;:.A -A.
1A aLLLUi.Uh.ii
liraBosnmic -untarms V8t3riniry
' Jtsj iwiM:.:.rat'cUMaM of all do
Residence and oftlce two. doors-east of
Opera House, Albany. j
c JWr ioJilm tor Irult or ornnmrnin
g'JU5j&j:i & J0V2Q
"Aemtderfttt VaStcouyrkirtvt. p-
'T' Irilr Df. I.tR
. IjlWIOUJ VOI HIJ " aito Pi
hoji iinftAuf.iTlforBrdtfld on-WTl
" Tor f urther roferenee In TeRaW
t. innnin, e Wm : P.tarsnOi'1
teraon, Lebanon ! Jofin :HardBB
Wolvitrtori, iAIbany . 8am
Wm'osUr.PxInavilla.- IP11,
Inr mn.lii-ln. in ATban ana ;
irrtnr)di M j OfffcB fa H
Bth ana "wasmngtonoisv-
ZO'dHOSi yj hrfWl