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It It not a generally known historical
fact that from 1774 to 1784 the territory
now known as Tennessee formed a part o f
North Carolina, and that In 1785 the Ten
nesseeans, becoming dissatisfied with their
government, organized a state government
under the name of "Franklin," which was
maintained for some years. The state or
ganlzed afterward disbandcd.and Tennessee
was again annexed to North Carolina. The
following is among the laws passed by the
legislature of the state of Franklin. We
copy it as found in a speech by Daniel Web
ster on the currency of :83s:
Be it enacted by the general assembly of
the state of Franklin, and it is hereby en
acted by the authority of the same, that
from the first day of January, 17S9, the si
lariesof the officers of this common wealth
be as :
Ills excellency, the governor per annum
1000 deer skins,
Hit honor, the chief justice, per annum
500 deer skins.
The secretary to his excellency, the gov
ernor, 500 raccoon skins.
The treasurer of statc, raccoon skins.
Each county clerk, 300 beaver skins.
Clerk of house of commons, 200 raccoon
Members of the assembly,per dicm,three
"raccoon skins.
Justices fees for signing a warrant, one
muskrat skin.
To the constable for serving a warrant
one mink skin.
Enacted into the law the iSth day of
October, 1 7S9, under the great seal of the
will amount to $80,000,000 and her Demo
cratic majority Is 163,000, It must be said
for her that she is the most American of
any state In the Union, and Is likely to re
main so, for she attracts American rather
than foreign Immigration. S. F. Alta.
A friend was spending the day with me
the other day, and while she was here our
pastor called. After he left the friend said :
"Did you ever notice with what respect
Mr. Conrad speaks of his wife and how
courteously he treats her at all times !" I
nodded assent,and my friend went on : (I
suppose my husband is as good a man as
ever lived, but his mother did not train him
to be courteous to ladies. His sisters were
his slaves, and thereby he is spoiled as a
husband. I wish I could train several hun
dred boys to be husbands foi the next gen
eration. Do you suppose the'd consider
it theirprerogative to drive the girls out of
the easiest chair, take the sunniest corner of
the room.the best place by the Hght,throw
books,papers or slippers down for some one
to put away, and grow up with the idea that
a wife must be the valet and the rest of the
household stand respectfully by to obey or
ders ? You smile, but this is anything but
a subject to laugh over.
"I really believe husbands never think
how their unkind ways hurt. They don't
realize the difference to us for instance,in
their manner when they come to dinner.
All day the wife has been alone with the
children and servants, and Is more hungry
for a kind word from her husband than an
epicurean feast. He comes in just as the
dinner bell rings. 'For a wonder dinner is
once ready on time,' the husband Bays
Couldn't he have saved the heart stab by
say ing.'That's a pleasant sound to a hungry
fellow,' and what hinders him from adding,
what would be milk and honey to a weary
soul all the rest of the day nay, all the rest
of her life 'You are a good wife,Cornelia.'
And if dinner is not quite ready why need
he say.'Of course not J never is.' In work
ing mottoes for the home.why hasn't some
one taken Wesley's remark : ' I'd as Soon
Swear as Fret,' instead of hanging up 'I
Need Thee Every Hour.'
"When I think, I have a hard time I just
think of the women who have no servants
but who themselves care for the children,
wash, iron, cook, mend, churn, milk, carry
wood and water, all for less than an Irish
servant girl's wages. Of course men appre
ciate their wives, of course they ds,but thev
keep their polite manners and courteous
way for other men's wives. One time
James thanked me forgiving him room be
side me at a concert, and then sort of apol
ogized for being polite by saying he thought
it was my sister Mary " Atlanta Vti'stitu-tion.
We referred recently to the r'ght of the
State of Texas to dissolve into several states
without consulting the Federal Government
except to demand admission for such new
states. This statement having been ques
tioned,we beg to quote from the Act of An
nexation: "New States of convenient size, not ex
ceeding four in number, In addition to said
State of Texas, and having sufficient popu
lation, may hereafter, by the consent of
said State, be formed out of the territory
thereof, which shall be entitled to admis
sion under the provisions of the Federal
Here, then. Is the authority for making
five states where there is one, and getting
ten Senators where now ore two. Texas is
as large as all the original thirteen colonies,
leaving out North Carolinla. In the Elec
toral College of iSqj the will have twenty,
four votes, and in ten years more will cast
the heaviest electoral vote of any state in
A dispatch frem Chicago says: In spite
of the confident assertions of the Republi
can organs that Gen. Palmer's defection
would have no effect upon the Grand
Army, new6 of other Democrats following
his example come in every day or two
Yesterday Col. J, B. Nulton, Anthony
Connolle, A. II. Doughty and Dr. Eherle
Wilson, of Carrolton, who have been
among the most prominent Grand Army
men in the interior of the State, sent in
their resignations. They ore Democrats
and say they cannot stand the Republican
proclivities of the order.
A dispatch from the south says that col
ored farm tenants in various parts of Soutl
Carolina have become imbued with the
idea that they will not be required to pav
their rents now that General Harrison has
been elected President.
Hotel Arrival,
Reverb House. W Barrett, Halsev
A P McDaniel, Dallas: II K DuBois. Sal
em ; J Gillain, S F ; L O Allen. Astoria : R
A Fuller, II Lang, W Frazier, Portland;
R Johnson; LCF Smith, Syracuse; R L
Toplitz; L. IS Crane, H U Martin, T F Bar.
rett, Chicago; A B Wells and son, Salem,
unio; l, lladley, 11 U Hadley, Eugene; A
L Klotze, city,
St. Charles G L Kinsley, L Hale, St
Louis, Mo ; J S Niles, E D Wenban, A P
Butler, S F ; Mr and Mrs John Jack, Annie
Flrmln, A F Jack, J W Keystone, A J Rat.
cliff, W Walker and family, Jas Mathena ;
R A kampy, Harrisburg ; J A Blair and
wife, Chicago ; G E Bushnel, Sardine
Crt ek j G H Garrett, Portland.
Russ House. G Bosquett ; E Drury ;
CLang ; J W Meajher j TL Rice, Leb
anon ; S Wilbur ; J II Jones ; W Young,
Oakland ; J Murphy j J Conner ; C Hall,
Eugen ; L M Graves ; W Robinson, W
C Phealin, Portland ; R M Richards ; J
Thompson, Scio.
jo n
r 1
. 3
Mar . b r
m co
H - O
Successor to E. W.Langdon.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office opposite tha Democrat Office.
For Fall and Winter
Rubber Coats and Boots, Shoes
OVERCOATS, Fine Assortment,
Pea Jackets-Chinchilla, Astrachan
Full Line of Duck Suitings,
Big Stock Cardigan Jackets,
Winter Gloves an! Mittens .
Lst but not least a large stock of CLOTNINC AND FURNISHINGS
In making my announcement for the Fall I beg to call attention to the
Following Departments:
DRY GOODS I" dupartraent my Btook is unuauB,y I'trt-o utl complete,
ress goods in all the leading styles ; good shades for Full and Winter goods
leotedfrom the bent Eastern and Foreign importations. Ilia latest novel-
ties in trimmings and buttons, shawls, blankets, some enr goju values la
white blanketB, table linens, towels, eto.
CARPETS enlarged facilities for Bhowin;? carpets, lias enabled ma to
make large purchases in this department. I can show a fine line of Ingrains
at low prices, some choice patterns in Body Brussels and Tapestries. I am
miking carpets a leading branch of my business.
UnfiTS ANO SHOES I carry the larest line of Boots and Shoes in the city
and naveaid Isj iecial attention to getting the good best suited to this trad
and I can show a fine line of goods. I keep in stooL the best makes in the
country, and have endeavored to get a line of tow price goods that I can guar
antee to give satisfaction. Anything in Boots, Shoes or Rubbers for men, wo
nnd h'ildren cad be found in this department. It is in fact a shoe store
of itself,
PRfir.FRIFS I am civing special attntion to keeping a full lino of Staple
Fancy Groceries, uncolored ttas.roasted and ground coffees, canned fruits, th
latest specialties in breakfast goods eto.can all be found in this department.
Pure, fresh goods and good value for money is my aim.
I would especially call the attention of parties laying in their Fall
supplies to my large stock of
am betterjprepared than everto meet their wants. In all de
partments I am. prepared to meet, tha
Growing Demands of Linn County
City of Albany,
And ask a thorough inspection of my stock.
Samuel R Young.
First-class goods at bottom prices is wnat the publio wants. These I have
at my store in this city. Bought at Bankrupt Bales I can Bellamy stock of
General Merchanise
consisting ol dress goods, gentsjfurnishing goods, clothing, etc.,
Casbor goods will be paid4forll kinds of countrygproduce.
Albany( Oregon.
Graiuata of Ontario Vet9riniry
Is prepare! to treat dlsaases of all do
mestio animals onsctsntlflo principles.
Residence and office two doors east of
Opera House, Albany,
Nursery.!. F. Backensto is the ac
credited agent of Vancouver Nursery. Ap
ply to him for fruit or ornamental trees at
Alaary, Oregon.
I hereby certify that Dr, I, N. Woodle
baa successfully operated on my rtdgling
horse, ISAAC HAYS,
For further reference In regard to ridg
ing inquire of Win. PeUraon, Dave Pe
terson, Lebanon 1 John Hardman, Alfred
Wolverton, Albany j Sam Oalnes, Solo;
Wm. Foster, Prinevllle. I practice voter
inary medicine in Albany and country
surrounding. Office and residence corner
6th and Washington Sts.
i. M. WOOBI.B,
Veterinary Surgeon,