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    Daily Democrat
Moniay Evening.Novflmber 26,1888
SYITfcS fe MIITF1.MG, Editor and Publlahert.
Published evory day in the weak.
Sundifi excepted.)
Died. On Sunday morning, Nov. 25th,
1888, In Albany, of ulceration of the
stomach,Mr. Fred Mueller, aged forty-nine
'years. Mr. Mueller was born In Germany,
moving from thereto New York State and
thence to Albany about twelve years ago.
lie was in the grocery business for many
years at the corner of First and Ellsworth
Street, then was connected with the Revere
House for over a ycar,after which he built
a fine residence on Ellsworth Street and a
store at the corner of that street and Sec
ond Street, which he was running at the
time of his death, tie was a member of
the A. O. U. W.. was a man of generous
Impulses and was generally liked by those
Who knew him. Mr. Mueller was City
Treasurer for several terms. He leaves a
wife and many relatives and friends to
mourn his death.
.; Funeral services will occur to-morrow at
the family residence and will be under the
, auspices of the A. O. U. W.
J A Two Year Old Matter The following
is from a Portland paper, one of the sensa
tional ones. We publish the item because it
will make interesting reading matter : "If
you want to kill a man, come on to Harris
burg, get him into a back room and into a
game of cards, pick a quarrel with him, hit
bim over the head with a billiard cue, lot
him lay until 3 or 4 o'clock the next morning,
then gather him up, take him out the back
door, carry him down to the rivei and throw
him in. When the body is found, the Cor
oner's jury will pronounce it a case of sui
cide. That's the way Ford was murdered.
Everybody knows that he was killed in just
that way, but the criminals have not been
disturbed. A petition was prepared, asking
the governor to offer a reward for the mur
derer, but it was six mouths in getting to
his xeellency."
A Story. For the first time in many
years the County Treasurer is obliged to en
dorse county warrants, "not paid for want of
funds." The use of that stamp reminds us of
a story that George Waggoner tells on him
self. Some years ago when he was in the
real estate business and had Mr Buford, the
then County Treasurer, for a partner, a gen
tleman stepped into their office and present
ed a bill for a few dollars. Georgejwas then
pretty hard up ; he quietly reaohed for the
Treasurer's rubber stamp, which read "not
paid for want of funds" and before the gen
tleman knew what was the matter, stamped
me Din witn tnose words, it was (tone so
coolly that George says his oreditor thought
that was the course of business and left the
offioe without a word and did not present
the bill again for a year Benton Leader.
Thb Chicago of tub N. W. The fol
io wing from the Buena Vista correspond
ence of the Independence West Side shows
the writer to be u man of great discern
ment. The route he maps out for the As
toria road is the one we had also surveyed
and it Indicates to us that Albany, Buena
Vista, Independence and Dallas must work
together In the matter: "We do not claim
to be a commercial center, the head of nav
Igatlon, nor even democratic ; but we knew
we have hopes that the Astoria railroad
will come through our town on Its way to
Albany. We believe Albany is to be the
grand railroad center of the Willamette
valley, the unicagoot me iNormwest. ine
topography of the country plainly Indi
cates it. A glance at a map of the valley
shows Albany to be nearest the center of
the valley, accessible to the pass through
the Cascades, and near an ocean outlet,
that with a little attention can -be made a
safe harbor for heavy vessels. All this we
believe to be possible and probable. The
route is a good one, roadbed superior, pass
through the hills the best, everything first-class."
Was He Robbed. We understand that
when Barney Bressler, the tailor, who was
sent to the Insane asylum last week, came
to Albany he had about $70 on his person.
He went into a saloon one evening, and he
asserted afterwards was drugged and robbed
of his money, and it is quite possible that
is the case, as it is reported to be freguent
ly the case in this city. At the same time,
whatever the cause, Barney became pretty
Insane and of course his word would not be
taken in a court of justice. It Is a fact,
though, that he had $70 and that it disap
peared. We simply give this version in
order to keep our readers posted on cur
rent matters in the city.
Untrue. Mr. C. G. Rawlings, agent of
the O. R. & N. at this city, says the item
copied from the Corvallis Gazelle in our is
sue of Saturday, In reference to there being
a case of small pox on the river steamer
Occident, was absolutely untrue. He took
pains to see the officers of the boat about it
ana tney pronoonced it a canard from be
ginning. The QazcAc will confer a favor
by informing us what its reliable authority
was. The Democrat published the item
simply because it is here to let the public
Know wnat people are saying and doing.
Odds Too Much There are about
twenty-five persons in Albany who invest
in Louisiana lottery tickets every month
over $100 a month being sent out of the
city to be placed in the pockets of this
grandest of jJAmerican swindles, besides
which wheels of fortune are insignificant.
Prizes are rarely really drawn anywhere,
most of those published as drawn not being
drawn stall. Inseveralyears$iohasbeen
received at Albany, where several thous
ands have been sent out. Aren't the odds
too much.
Almost a Collison. This morning
just as the California train approached the
depot from the South, Baggage Master
Barker's head light loomed up from the
North with the baggage truck, coming in
at a rapid rate. Through a slippery man
ipulation of the rudder the truck went off
on lo the track. The moment was a crit
ical one ; but the engineer of the train was
equal 10 me occasion and stopped just in
time to save a collision. Mr. Barker has
been overwhelmed with congratulations
during the day.
Great Gobblers. People who want
woolen mills, etc., but want other people
to get them. Men who gobble up all the
land they can get and then want double
price for it even for factories. Cows that
will not even leave the cabbage box. Boys
at an entertainment wno want all theatten
tion themselves. Men who get maJ be
cause everybody doesn't patronize them,
Selfish people generally.
A Chestnut. "Stand up there and let
me see If you are square with the house,"
said one drummer to another, while wait
ing for the five minute slow train at the
depot, as he elevated Surveyor Fisher's
compass, and sighted at his companion.The
best physicians were called and it is thought
Seals will recover.
A Steam Laundry. Mr. J. D. Smith, an
experienced laundrymau,has started a steam
laundry on Third Street, near the 0. P. rail
road, lie proposes to do as good and oleaner
work than the Celestials, and just as cheap,
taking family washings for the same priee.
He is aatitled to the patronage of the citizens
of Albany. This is a good opportunity for
peoplt to show the appreciation of a white
nan's efforts against the Celestial. We be
lieve from what we can hear that Mr Smith
will give as general satisfaction, it aot better
than the Celestials. .
That Debate. In the secular debato be
tween Underwood and Braden at Silverton,
T W Davenport, of Portland is grand chief
moderator, with J W Beale and J M Hum
phrey as assistants. Each eyening the large
city hall is tilled to hear these gentlemen.
Braden Is the religionist, Underwood the in -del
end the discussion has bat fairly com
menced. Journal.
A Seattle Squabble A novel proceed
ing was witnessed at Seattle last Friday,
whea soma parties went out with a pile
driver to fence in mud flats belonging to the
Oregon Improvement Company ; immediate
ly three other pile drivers went out and pro
ceeded to fence in the intruding driver
whereupon a sqaabble ensued which was
settled by the chief of police and citizens.
Montetih & Sei
Call early before
Notice. The members of Safety Lodge
No. 13, A. O. U. W., and sojourning breth
ren, are hereby notified to meet at the Ha 1
of said Lodge to morrow at 13:15 o'clock
preparatory to attending the funeral of our
late brother, Fred Muller. Let all attend
promptly at the appointed time.
O. C. Awbrey, M. W.
"Chip of the Old Block." This high,
ly entertaining play will be presented to
the Albany public on Wednesday evening,
Dec. 5th. Matinee at 2:30 o'clock In the
afternoon. Keep your eye open for furth
er notice. It's said lo be capital.
The Start. The initial number of the
Yaquina Republican has found its way to
our table. We extend a welcome hand to
the new candidate for public favor. New
port News. Yes you do. In about four
weeks you will be calling each other hip
popotamuses, vacuums, etc.
To Firemen. The exempts and officers
and members of the Albany Fire Depart
ment are respectfully requested to meet at
No. i's Engine House to-morrow at 12:301
to attend the funeral of the late Fred Muel
ler, exempt Fireman. By order of Joseph
Webber, Chief Engineer, A. F. D.
A splendid stock of library and hanging
lamps just received at Wallace & Thsmp.
tenbach having
STOCK of Gen
the stock is bro
A killing frost this morning.
How do yon like our new bead. It is here
to stay.
H. Lamnman left Satuiuny on a trip to
Barnum says he has retired from the oircus
A billiard table has been added to the
State insane asylum.
Safety Lodge A. 0. U. W. meats to-night.
Let all members attend.
Eteotlon next Monday. Let us pat some
good men in every position.
Miss Rose Istall, niece of MrsJoseph and
Mr Uradwohl has gone to New Orleans.
William Stites went to Portland yesterday
to work in Alisky & Baum'a candy factory.
School bags, tablets. Dencils, eto., very
cheap, at J F Cooks, opposite Revere house.
A fino stock of arti3ts materials at Dr
Guiss k Son's. No better in the Valley.
A full line of Christinas candies and nuts
will be kept by Browuell & Stanard.
Mrs Sherman Thompson returned to-dav
from Stayton, where she had been to see her
father, who has been lying seriously ill.
Since the nresonoe in Portland of smallpox
the receipts of tho Washington street car
line bays fallen oil $25 per day. We'.cume.
To day Mr 1 A Hvmau received seven
large sacks of peach stones which he will
plant in his nursery noar this city. Mr Ha
inan proposes to have a urst-olaas nursery.
To-day all of the docks on the Hues of the
Southern Pacifio railroad were set back five
minutes. The time tables remain the same.
Yon simply can take five minutes more time,
Mr Walter Turrell returned this moroing
from San Francisco, and reports his little
girl as recovering from a serious illness. Mr
Turrsll was there during the shock of eaith
quake and says it made the house be was in
Shane considerably.
The Other Side.
Last week upon the arrival in this city of
six blacksmiths sent to work for Searle &
Deane by C R Hansen & Co, of San Fran
cisco, the men were informed that there
was no work for them and that they had
never been ordered sent here. Hansen &
Co. were accused of wholesale fraud in the
matter. Mr Chas Metzgar, who has been
co-operating with them immediately wrote
the firm in reference to this matter, and
has received the following despatch, which
Indicates that there may be some fun about
the business before it is through with:
San Francisco, Nov. 24.
Mr. Chas. Metzoar: '
By order of J J Searle In person sent six
tool sharpeners. You telegraph Searle Si
Deane to put them to work or pay them
their expenses. Please tell men Hansen
will come up if necessary to see them
righted. Telegraph result immediately.
C R. Hansen & Co.
Should Pass.
Albany, Not. 26th, 1888.
Editors Democrat : .
In a recent issue of your paper I notice a
communication signed a Tax-payer, In
which the writer wants to know something
about what is being done by the City Coun
ell as to granting gas work privileges in
this city. I am somewhat interested in this
matter also. I think Mr Tax-payer, has
struck the right nail on the head. I for one
think this is a matter of very great impor
tance to every tax-payer and in fact every
citizen In this place, for if we wish to have
a city that will flourish we must not crush
out enterprise and competition, for this Is
what makes any city and should the City
Council at their next regular meeting not
give the proposed gas works an equal show
with our electric light system then we will
be left again in the dark. Let us have the
gas system also if we can get It, as we
want a uttie competition in this matter as
well as all others,
A Citizen.
Hotel Arrivals.
Revere House. J R McKnight, M
Jones, Portland; T M Maton, Orillia; Lee
Miller; A Robinson ;C H Beck, S H.Bell,
Minneapolis, Minn; C Richardson, Scio;
L Edgar, Sclo; J R Bixby and wife; D E
Griffin; A Schwarz, S F; J Bifun; B F
vv earner oy, w x ; J r schooling, Harris
burg ;B Dobson; W F McCarthy, S F; W
Q Adams, Salem ; J Houston and 2 children,
St Charles. J E Moore, S E Hamlet,
G L Kinsley, E T Russell, H H Callahan,
C A Andrews, B P Scott, Louis Hale, St
Louis, Mo ; T Ford.A L Hodson, J Sykes,
Salem ; J Pearcc, Roseburg ; C Gorden,
Yaquina City ; A B Slanson, Portland.
Ruas House W VI Kllpper, Lebanon ;
T Mahon ; A Linn t W C King, S F ; P
Madden, Mehama ; E A Barrett, Los An
geles ; J Beekman ; O Earttend ; James
Phillips ; E M Peterson ; J Cunningham,
North Yamhill ; I Mclver ; J H Engel
hardt, Rock Creek ; J F Huffman ; E F
Montgomery, Portland ; H Crldelu, Pa ;
I Slevin ; W Owen, Wrenn ; Wm Sims,
Mills Citv ; P Zalarlco ; C Romlerl ; J
Capel ; C E Webster, Mills City ; E Stan
ley, Dayton, W T ; E M Beak, Salem ; J
Slevin ; H Hennery, S S Smiley, Cat ; M
II O'Conner, city 1 T Newman, Santa
Cruz ; W C Crawford, Corvallis ; R F
Ashby, Harrisburg ; J Merid ; E Stanley,
E Henness.
decided to close
MUfi Pratli, Iml. I l . 1. !.
. - . . . wvn libi J' I flL Mil.
morning for the flmt tlm . t tUm
primary room.
The students are looking forward to
Thanksgiving time as a respite from hard
study. Who can blame them? Many of
them have earned It.
The event nf urlr .. . I. - : I
gathering at Pres. Coudit's house. The
students nearly all were present by inyita
tlou from Pres. and Mrs. Condit. General
lun and good time prevailed. Games,
Dlaviner and ftlnonir ami l li
some, a regular Thanksgiving repast, which
nee iivutcu to sngnt, were ine order
Of the evenlnrr. ITflnnln... ,4 K
complete. Before leaving for home the
thanks and good wishes of the guests were
-KP" .uniiiianzea in a lew words by Mr.
lervin McCormick for the A C L S, and
j kiiii vesia mason tortheEsodelphians. j
On the Southern Boundary.
William Vailffhun . ninnu. 1017 ...
buried at the Lewis cemetery last Thuesday.
lonHmquj iwiiicu m tnls neignooriiood,
jut the laat few Vfat-a h k i:..: ...
J ... uvvu IIVIU lib t
Cedar Flat on tho McKenzie. Ho leaves a
wilts auu euti rai anna mi.r ni b,i.,m - .. :
dents of Lane county and one daughter, Mrs
Ed Connelly, of Albany.
The friends of aunt Polly Somerville ?ave
her a Dleasant suiDriaA Mnntou :..ui. u-
occasion being the sixty-ninth anniversary of
her birthday. .
Thsre is a wedding on the cards for next
week and a ball at the hop house is to be a
feature of the festives.
Hitmn annrf.m.n f,im V..rr "Vi...
-rv. ..... ....... uugoun xiby were
down tho river last Wednesday night one of
thorn was Innknv Annnoh fn not .Ui -
- -- j n on-jt u m
shitepoke, no other game made its appear-
W FT FT Tha in.n..n. I
, . 1 uu.-.,v,u Wl
viaiuug relatives here the first of the week.
Miss Mary Ward has gone to Portland to
visit a few weeks wllh hi r( r
Some new roads have been made at the
west end of what is known as tho Wheelan
lane, it will probably not be oounted an im
Srovement until considerable work has beon
one on it.
Heavy Prosecution. The case of the
state against Miller, the boy, case knife
murderer.was begun atCoryallis this morn
ing. The light in which the relatives and
friends of the deceased look at the matter
may be seen from the fact that Hon J F
Caples, of Portland has been employed to
help conduct the prosecution.
Tax Payers Sheriff Smallmon, who
has been meeting the tax payers through
" wuhlj oya cuuecuong are ratner slow,
many people putting off payment as long
as possible evidently as an investment At
Brownsville Saturday, though, the receipts
were good.
vVheat, 70 osnts.
New fall goods at Bead's.
See those new jersics at W. F. Read's.
New ribbon all shades and styles at Read's
A full line of boys kilt suits at W. F
Fine line of lr:ad Kneading paus at G W
Another lot of Hull cheese at Brownell &
A largo stock of liftiag force pumps at G
W Smith's.
Goods at cost at M. J. Monteith's, at the
old Young store.
Go to A. B. Mcllwain's aud ask to see
those $6 suits for men.
In a calm soa overy man is pitas.
goods '.V. F. Read is leader.
If yon want to save from 10 to 25 per cent
by your goods of W. F. Read.
Six shaves for a dollar and a clean towel to
every customer, at Thos. Jones.
Bargains in general merchandise at M J
Monteith's at the old Young store.
Boy your tickets through to the Eastf
W L Joater aud save fare to Portland.
A complete line of heating and parlor stoves
at G W Suiith'a, no better in the valley.
Tho chrapest place to boy men's under
wear in we state is at A. B. Mcllwain's.
Those small mixed pickles at F L Ken
tons are very nice. Try them. Only 50 cents
per gallon.
W. F. Read can and will sell dry goods
cheaper than any house in Albany. Call and
seo for yourself.
All the latest novelties in millinery goods
at E and C Howard's. Sill and see them.
-w uuuwn mi auuw goOUS.
The line of Pacifio and Royal Argands at
G W Smith's is a large one. These are among
the best oook stoves made. See them.
Dr. M. H. Ellis, physician and surgeon
Albany, Oregon. Calls made in city or
Goods not sold for less than cost, roods not
given away. But good honest goods sold at
rtasonaou proatat W. F. Raids.
Julius Gradwohl is now making a special
ty of crockery, fancy goods and silyer ware,
of which he carries a large and select stock.
His silver ware is 1847 Roger Bros, his stock
of crockery i- the best in the markot and his
line of dolls and children's play things gener
ally is complete. His prices are the lowest
on the coast.
New Goods. Latest styles in toques
turban and soft felt hats just received at
Ida M. Brush's.
WeATHRH TvnirkTTiivc V. U .
- . . . v.. till. rf
hours beginning at n o'clock, noon.
F. L. ME
Choice Family
Confectionery, Cigars ant! Tobacco.
Ail goods sold at the lowest cash prices
and warranted to give satisfaction.
Butter and Eggs Taken in Exchange for Goods! j
Subscriptions received for all the leading
out their Albany business offer
for sale without reserve at COST