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A Pittsburg cJitor is going to have
Roosevelt for president anyway,
whether or no.
J.U type the Leader announces
.hat it is for Koosevclt for president.
This follows close on a visit to Oyster
bay made by William Flynii, former
state senator and one of the leading
republican politicians in Pennsylvania,
who is recognized as the chief owner
of the publication. In part the an
nounceinent reads:
"hour lean years have been endured
with exemplary patience, but now
something must be done to restore
the country to a more substantia!
. basis.
"William II. Taft has been a failure
as a president.
".Mr. Taft has no plan of govern
ment, no system of betterment. He if
unsatisfactory alike to the progres
sives and the 'standpatters.
"Mr. Taft may mean well, but
president he has only dignified the ad
ministration ot Andrew Jackson.
There is only one man in the Republi
can party with a nation-wide plan of
government and that man is llicodore
"Some time ago Colonel Roosevelt
asked the editor of the Leader to take
down from the masthead of its edi
torial page the line, 'For president i:i
1912, Theodore Roosevelt.' He stated
that he would consider it a calamity if
his menus made him a candidate.
::The Leader complied with the re
quest and announced that it would re
spect Colonel Roosevelt's personal de-
"That was four months ago.
"Today the Leader hoists that ban
ner to the masthead again and it is
going to stay there, at. least until after
the republican national convention."
The political situation is an in
teresting one, with plenty of food to
reflect over on all sides. No one is in
a situation to throw many stones.
On the republican side President
Taft, representing the stand-pat cle
ment, the politicians and the olTicc
" holders in his party, is vehcmenllv
' opposed by Senator Lafallett and
senator Cummins, with Lx-Prcsidcnt
Koosevclt a possibility, and at least
an avowed enemy, which ought to
give that party plenty of things to
regulate in its own household. IJiere
is at least a great problem, for the two
elements practically represent differ
ent parties, so great is the divergence
an policies.
The Democrats, too, have a contest
of pronounced character. Knowing
of the disfavor of (he Taft administra
tion there is a strong contest for the
nomination between four men, any
one of whom is capable; with the per
sonal character back of his candidacy.
It seems to be the sentiment of many,
including the Democrat, that Gov.
VVilson of New Jersey is the strongest
man for the place. Realizing this the
powerful light is made againM him.
little things of not much consequence
being enlarged into elephants. What
effect they will have on the general
result can only be guessed at.
The Democrat's prediction is thai
Taft will be nominated by the re
publicans and Wilson by the demo
crat,, ami that Wilson will be elected.
A useless law is the one having the
examination of county papers at the
state capital, by the county school
superintendents, who make a special
Irip there, several sometimes, requir
ing several times as much time for
the work, which could be done just
as well at the county seat of each
.c.uintv in the old way, at a much less
expense. This has introduced a lot
., r..,t mm. into the iironosition with
nothing to show for it. ...
Not only was the last legislature
the most extravagant, but it did the
most useless .business of any in the
history of Oregon.
Tt. W-ichint-'tnii Tost wants '
made more difficult to get married."
l-ilnrate vour readers in thinking on
the cost of '
, esteemed contcmpo-
; policeman wants to be
raying alimony because
rl upnorting Ins wiles
M-.d. Some men are so
,1 hi
"Iron Age" reports that three road;
last week contracted for 75,0X) keg
of spikes. Railroads evidently goiu
to nail Mr. Prosperity down good and
It is announced that the nations are
niakimr an effort to codify the rules .!
war. The tirst rule is to jump on the
weaker nation.
It i- surprising how '"any pcop'e
ll roiM'h life fairlv happy with.n-!
knowing the rules oi precedence m d clinuette.
Oiotild interest IV. Wiley to
ow the ditlu-iiltv Mr. a,.
:,rs to have in keeping the proper
el on his prc-uKntial boom.
l"cii ii
.itch any
:tie Uuru'
dynamiters hi i
v be aluaMc in
ig tin m a i
A m.iri S5
.-'..I I'.a-
l town.
Phillies has n
rc-rc'-t 1"
One reaso
d i- that t!'
e somellii
r.ot so pc.v
: . m t - i i- it.r.f
l ' hliu..T OM
i., f ,-i
o,e ii-
tcelll to y
oiip.'.doiir hair.
Having run out of other methods
to gobble up the money of the per
spiring tax payer Kansas has invented
an othce-holder to De called tne
DEMIOLOGIST. That ought to
cause an epidemic of disgust, and also
a revolt against the spoils system.
Oregon has some just about as use
less offices, invented to give men jobs.
Most states have their afflictions
along the same line. It emphacises
the fact that governments are not run
as men would run their own business
John A. Spangler died suddenly at
Corvallis yesterday, from paralysis of
the heart. He was about sixty years
oi age. Mr. spangler was prominent
as a musician, and was a good citizen.
His wife died suddenly two years ago
Jn tne 70 s Mr. i-pangler was a rest-
dent of Albany for several years, an
employee of the Democrat under General
M. v. brown, working with (J. tl.
Stewart, of this city.
He lenves three children, Mrs. L. L.
Porter of Oregon City, Mrs. C. S. Mc
Knight of Murshfield, and Mart Spang
ler of Oakland. Calif.
Mrs. 1'orter paused through here last
Illness in the Harris Family.
Eugene, Jan. 22
Mrs. E. B. Jeminson. of Portland
and Lor en Harris, of Ephrata, Wash
ion and daughter of. Mr. .and Mrs. G.
V, Harris, arrived in Eugene yester
day, being called here by the serious
illness of their brother, Tyra, who is
suffering from a .severe case of pneu
monia and heart trouble. Mr. Harris
has also been sufferi s from nervous
prostration the last five days, brought
on ny a severe case ot grippe ana
Some more Wilson boosters:
Wilson is in the forefront.
National Committeeman frcm West
Virginia comes out in favor of Wilson.
His stato is with him.
Even Wilson a opponents admit he ib
the logical candida.e fur the presidency.
The N. W. Mining Congress will meet
in Spokane Feb. 15-17. says a printed
letter. Some things that will be dis
cussed ure: mining laws, mining in
forests, mining investments,
wastes .
and losses, the prospector, the miner.
mining development, etc.
Amcricnn Economic Leaguelitorature:
A contrast in judges.
How monopoly munages.
No question is ever settled' until it is
settled in accordance with justice, says
Woodrow Wilson,
A counle good Lewiaton. Idaho, cir
culars, written by Wallace R. Strnble.
energetic in his promotion work for that
A letter from Brains, urging us to
take Drains. Like other newspaper
men we no doubt need Brains in the
Another good roads communication,
telling of so mo auto trips in winter
down in California, making trips into
Mexico they had been told was im
S. P. Gets a Move On.
Portland. More than 60 miles of the
100 lomaining of the Klamath Falls
Nutron cut-olT of the Southern Pacific
miiin lino will be comuleted this soason.
This Information comes direct from
Southern Pacific sources. Some ex-
tfannttnnrv influences uro Working to
' mak8 u,6 Harrimnn poople hustle this
wnrk through with dispatch.
In fact, sj eager is mo . company to
close the gnp which separates the
southerly railhead, about 40 miles above
Klamath Fulls, and the northerly rail
head some 35 or 40 miles below Natron,
thnt it in nlsnned to build a "shoo-fit "
track around tho tunnel site near the
summit of the Cascades where the new
main lino crosses the divide.
Carey ArresUd.
Upon n dispatch from McMinnville
j eatenlay evening Sherilt Smith iirrest
I'd Fred t'asey, wanted there on the
eharee of obtaining goods under false
pretences, t'naey is a contortionist, j
doing vaudeville stunts with a partner,
and had just taken his seat last night
at tho Empire, when called out by the!
sheriff and taken up to tho countv jxih
to await tho arrival today of Sheriff;
The lrmivre program is a line one.
o! It includes the splendid I'athe Weeklv,
- ! cover. ng in'iny prominent events m the
j world. Included is something that
I ought to ilruw the women, views of
I'aris l idies showing the latest styles of
hair e.ressmg.
I .
City Treasurer's Notice.
Albanv. Oregon.. Jan.2. 192
1 hen- are tunda on hand to pay war -
,. of the General Fund of trot Citv
f Albany No's 270, to 3l, inclusive of
i i 1 1 ti-rest on these warrants will Ct use
Wil l this datO.
l H. B. Ccsick, City Treasurer.
George's Uncle Connaught yesterday
took in the sights of N. Y., saw the
skyscrapers, and let the 400 see him.
The Salem Statesman says the Elec
tric Mining Co., in the Santiam district
has arranged to put a fifty ton smelter
Mrs. "Kit" Abbey died in Portland
this week at the age of 76 vears. She
formerly resided at Corvafllis a good
I many years.
President Fletcher Homan. of Wil
lamette University, yesterday returned
from an eastern trip, including several
conferences witn prominent Methodists.
The college's big. endowment looks
After some modern agony of a week
or more a jury was secured yesterday in
the case of Louis J. Wilde, charged
with embezzlement. The trial itself !
will now proceed, attracting a good deal
ui attention.
C. E. Roosevelt, of Pendleton, a third
cousin or i. ft., tias been announced a:
a candidate for congress in the E. O.
district. It will take more than a name
to get the office. He is a storekeeper,
and neither a stand-patter or an in
surgent, just a republican, evidently a
man without any convictions at all.
The Eugene Commercial Club last
night held its annual meeting, raised
about $8,000 for this year's promotion
work and elected the following board
of governors: J. 0. Holt. E K.
Wheeler, L. L. Aldrich, H. E. Currie,
David Auld, F. M. Wilkins. E. N. Mc-
Alister, J. W. Dixon and C. S. Wil
The recent eighth grade examina
tion must have been a stunner. Out of
33 trying in Albany ojly six passed, as
follows: Flava Dunn. Isabelle Young,
Orville Smith, Manilla McTimmonds,
Flora Stoakes and Mabel Trinwith.
Klava Dunn has the highest average.
89.56. The entire list has not yet been
Spelling was the cause of a number
being conditioned. The range in
Albany was from 16 to 94 per cent. In
oue country district a boy mised every
woid. In Albany most of them fell
below 70 per cent.
Albany One of the
editniesi ,
Citie in the World,
During the year 1911 there were 171
deaths in Linn county, from only G in
inov. to zi in March, tne average tor
the year Deing U'i(- On basis of a
population of zOuO, low enough, the
rati is 6.84 per one thousand per an
The number or deaths Irr Albany dur
during the year were 38, which includes
a number trough! to St Mary's hospi
tal from other places for treatment.
This makes a rate, on a baais of 6.000
population for the city, including the
suburbs, of 6.3 per one thousand, which
is just about the lowest of anything in
the U. S., where the- average is ap
pioximately 15 in a thousand.
The report of the health officer, Dr
Davis, tti-o snows 378 births during tho
yr in the county, of which i)l were
in Albany.
Grandpa Bailey, residing with his son
R. J. Bailey, four mile west of Alb
any, disapptarcdlast Monday about 10
o'clock, when lie .went out from the
house into the yard, and- baa not been
seen since. He is 80- years of age, 5
feet 9 inches tall, and wore a black and
white shire with collar, black swallow
tail coat, dark green corduroy pants,
hrown woolen socks, 8 shoes, and a
black silk high stovepipe hat. Search
has been made all around tne neignoor
hood, with no trace of him, and his
disappearance is a mystery. The fam
i'y wilt apprecialo any information
lending to his discovery. Home pnone
1816 U the number of the Bailey phone
Teddy is
Teddy isn't.
It sounds good wnenivcr a farm, is
cut up.
At leat one
hatched in Or.
candidate a da-,? is
It will take more than hair suiittin.:
to down Wilson.
Eugene has one man whi is always
luckey even i' hedo.'S live there.
e i .
The Ananias ( .uh ; can find plenty o.
maven u m iui.i.'ii i in itii-rfitit-rMiip.
The trouble with a poo 1 deal of tin
wild oats today is too much r.o will
the slut!'
Eugene and Alhaiy me t.eck
neck after a citv hall an! ca: i ii
gelling one veiy last.
The man who built his house without
tiny windows in it. is lilie..ed to tr.f
man who spenis his ite WKhiut an
pleusuie in it.
Oni of I ortlanu s a til -client is stree
coiner orau rs w ho abuse everything
iu'i-im, rvoi ine newspapers.
cu.-s s:d: "lctn't think of m
' . i .. in . S3 "iji v'.li' il ui
ni ftspaper editors anJ reporters.
In estate of Judson Loofborrow. in
ventory filed and final hearing set for
aiarcn 4.
Articles filed incornorating the Evan
gelical Lutheran Bethlehem congrega
tion or L.eoanon.
In estate of Milton Hale. W. C. Hale
was appointed administrator. Value of
property ?o2,800, consisting of $34,000
in money, notes, etc., and $13,800 in
real property Heirs, widow, two sons.
Judge vV. C. and U. G. Hale, and
two daughters, Sylonii and Laura
Farm name by Alice C. Marchers, of
roruana, latm near Lebanon, West
over Lodge.
Marriage licenses: Chas. E. Bailey
n, or centon uo. ana aiaoet A. Kum
baugh 17, of Albany; Jacob Edwards,
zo, ana Araane caraway, l7,ot Lacomb.
Deeds recorded:
F. P. Moree to J. E. Deari.ig &
wf, 20 acres ..$2000
ratent Robert E. Mctjueen
Contract Linnhaven Orchard Co. &
Harold Smith -
Probate Est. Jas. H. Church -
Judge Galloway is expected again
r eo. zs
Probate: Final acounts approved in
estates oi ,nza Hyde and f ran f .
Deeds recorded:
Anna R. Couch to Ida Smith. 3
lots Hariisburg 400
V. f. coshow to J . N. Uoshow &
wf. 60-100 acres 1
Emma B. Coshow to O. P. Coshow
5 lots Brownsville 1
J. W. Miller to O. & C. R. R .
right of way 1
The Albany Moose was let out last
night,-under the direction' of Organizer
w. f. oherman, 120 strong. The isdge
No. is 859.
Over one hundred delegates were
present from Eugene, Salem, The
Dalles and Portland.
The work was put on by the Salem
'degree team. A program was present
ed, consisting of two boxing matches, a
I preliminary by Dave Patterson and
Pece Anderson, four rounds, with no
k.n ... h. p,aH n.-n nhnm.
pion of the Multnomah Club, and Jack
Berry, of Allany, four round?, a good
exhibition of the manly art. Referee
Dennis Merrill declared both bouts' a
draw: .
A wrestling match by George Miller
and Guy Shaddock was won- by Shad
dock in two straight falls. It was
Millar's first appearance, making a
good' showing.
rrot. Daniel bran,?, ot HfarKeley, aged
78, performed some remarkable rope
skipping stunts.
The reerless cnartet, ot Albany, con
sisting of Jud Crawford, tUeo.. Ander
son, Clark Huston and Jay Palmer gave
several selections..
After, the institution officers mora
elected as follows:
Wm. Eagles, dictator.
Z. W. Drake, past dictator. '
Dr. W. H. Davis, physician. I
A- M. Holt, sergeant at arras.
Jack Berry, inside guard.
Geo Miller, outer guard..
J. W. Miller, vice dictator..
I. R: Schultzv prelate.
F. C. McKenoa, secretary.
Clyde Laughead, treasurer.-
W. S. Risley, Jess Whittaker- and
Goo. Rolfe trustees.
DtDutv W. P. Sherman,. in-chaace of
the- ceremoneies, was th- recipient of
many congratulations.
A banquet was served at the close ot
the session by A. M HoJt, Jack Warner
and Ira Gilchrist, full otgood e&ts.
Out of towa delegates-returneii-on.thft
1 IS trains tbis-morqin&ior tneir homes.
The Market.
Wheat is 74 cents, aats 40c.
The meals, beef on foot is 4 to
:,cents, hog3 6c, mutton. 4c aad poultry
jt'2c. Bacon and haras about 2t)C; shout
iders 12'..c
Butter 35 to 4oc. Creamery 45c.
Cottage Grove Leader: If the gen
tleman t'.') who has been stealing rry
chicken feed, rattling my doors, . rd
otherwise trying to intimidate me does
not roend his ways, I will turn ray sho'
iiun loose on 1 him, without furthei
ui. .Mrs. L. u. Harrington
(a be bad by ambitious young men
md women m tne neid ot " irelcss
or Kailrodd Telegraphy since th
.Mght hour law became cuective, ami
cilice the Wireless Companies are es-
.ablil:iug stations throughout tl
-ountrv. there U a great shortage
;clci;raphers. V-dnons pay begin
lers tToni jvU to t-vvi per month, wuu
;ood chances oi advancement. The
National Telegraph lns't. oi Portland,
.'re., oncrales muter the supervision
if U. R. and Wireless officials, and
'ku-cs all its gradualcs into position
ll will pay you to write for foil detail
.v:i- paid a: a hamiuet to Henry Clav
u New Orleans in 184. Mightv cost
:y for those with stomach trouble or
ndisestion. Today people every
vliere i:e Pr. King's New Life Pill
,'er i!;cc troubles as well as liv
si.liu-v and bowel disorders. Easv
afc. Mire. Onlv J3 cts. at Fred Daw
I have a tine n-.oriment of Alarm
:locks to select from, all rrsntet
L, V, KQ33, Jit&V;'
Turkey trot
Rhymes with rot.
Everlastingly stealing Bryan's thun
der. The 0. E. is evidently going every
where. Albany will need a bigger, not a
smaller po.
Mighty slippery walking for tne man
carrying a resolution.
Most people have some kind of a
wart on their character.
The col. will not run.
times must we state this.
How masy
Jonathan Bourne had1 better fill his
barrel for the Or. campaign.
A real Duke is to come to the U. S.,
not as much as one of our govs.
The wise married man- of the day
keeps a few bachelor buttons around.
A modern joke is the mention of Col.
Roosevelt for the presidency of China.
Every person must play hia-own game
in life, and generally knows what it is.
Murder will out. It is no- learned
that tbat silver thaw was a silver freeze.
On an aoo back east there was the
sign 23 Me, Figure it out and' report.
Zero weather back in the middle east
and further would be welcome these
days., ,
John D. jr.' is now making a specialty
of criminalistic research. Soundi- big
Prof. Hug of -the rJugene high school
ought to be a popular man these)- leap
year days.
Salem has an Eliihee Club and tIArsh-
field a Millicoma Clob. Why not', give
the English a chance.
In five years? the coldest weather was
13 above, the wamsest 97. That's
something to brag about.
An averaire rainfall of 37 inches itrfive
years at Albany ib one that speaks fr
this valley. It is just right.
Twentv Eusrene Celestials have raised
the flag of the new republic. The Al
bany Celestiafe-did that two or three
weeks ago.
Dr Wiley soys most drunkenness
starts in Cluos and wants a license
system fcr the- drinking rather than
selling. Great Bacchus.
The Democrat will take a great deal
of. pleasure in supporting O. P. CosCsow,
of Roseburg, for congressman in this
diitrict, able, clean and reliable.
The Retaile?a-io convention at Ued-
ford declared- emphatically that the
newspaper is the best medium for ad
vertising. Fake advertising was brand
ed plain, honest metnoos Deing De-it.
Corvallis takes credit for starting a
recent move la favor of the Oregon -Tity
locks: but Albany was three days onead
of Corvallis. A dispatch was sent .'rom
Corvallis on. the 19th. On the I6th
Manager Stesart of th Commercial
Club sent one- to Senator Chamberlain- in
reference to. the matter, straigh. the
Ltever Leaf Dairy.
It vou anoreciate clean, sanitam- and
pure mum: give us a can.
uenvereej "iwiee a uay. uum (;uvncg,
Milk dopot 331 Lyon St.
J. F, Hugoins, Prop.
BERRY'PLANTS. Mammoth. Logan
Humilary, for sale. Also- Rhode
Island Reds, pure blood. Homt
phona-1070, C. M. Westbrook. t20
Albany, Oregon, January 5, 1912.
Noace is hereby given tlrat the tin
dersigned treasurer of the lity of Al
bany, Oregon, will receive sealed pro
pos;-Js at his omce in the- city ot Al
!anv. Linn county. Ureion, on o:
beiyre 8 p. m. the 14:h day of Febru-
lry, 1912, for the purchase of all at
some portion of "5 negotiable bond
(r'u ling) each fr tile sum oi
floio. u, dated Uctooer 1st, lyu, ane
payable October 1st, 19ol. redecmablt
it the option of the city of Albanv
alter October 1, lyjl, bearing 5 pc
cent interest, payable semiannually
oertilicd check to 2 per cent
amount bid for must accompany pro
posal. .o bond w-ilt nc sold for les
than par value, ami the right is t
served to reject any and ..11 bids.
H. 1!. CUSICK.
Treasurer of the City of Albany, O
-otice is nere.iy given that the un
der--igned administrator of the ca?
of Mary Cai'y. decea.-ed. has iiled iii
tinal accounr in estate with th
County Clerk oi Linn County. Or
gon, ana the county Court ot said
-ountv has fixed Moml.iv the 26tji da
of l-'chruary. I9IJ. the County Cour
room at the hou rot one o'clock n.
oi said day tor hearing said account
and the settlement of said estate. Dat
ed Ian. 2,s. 1012.
I.. M. CURL. Administrator.
At'y, for Administrator,
Don't neglect your shoes, keep tho
heels leveled up. Have them made
good as new at Burns Shoe store.
Victoria Chocolates, at the Mission
Parlors, are delicious eating.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
undersigned was by an order of the
Cirtuit Court of the State of Oregon
for Linn Coumy in Department No. 2
in that certain suit wherein Emiline
Mulkey and J. H. Mulkey, her bus
band, Oliver W. Porter and Josephine
Porter, his wife, Thomas W. Porter
and Emma Porter, his wife, Frank L.
Porter and Jessie Portr, his wife,
Arthur W. Porter and Map' Porter,
his wife,. Joseph Quinn, Claire Quinn,
Porter Quinn and Sarah Quinn, his
wife, Virgil Lytle and Sam Lytle, her
husband, Mary Smith and Ray Smith,
her husband, Hattie Quinn, Anna Q.
Senecal ami Charles Senecal, her hus
band, Archhr Cruse and: Nellie Cruse,
his wife. Ella Ashby and Jessit Asllby,
were plaintiffs and Wade Wallace and
Bertha Wallace, his wife, Kate Sclmftz
md A. E. Sclultz, her husband, Ola
Seier and Henry Beier, har husband,
Lulu De Carlow and Charles De Car
low, her husband, Maris Arthur and
James Arthur, hr husband and Frank
Ashby, were dlendants, duly node
anl entered of record on the 16th day
of October, 1911J. appointed! referet to
mate sale of tho following; described
reaK property, to-irit:
Beginning at an oak stake .19 west and '.84 chains1 south of
the northwest corner of the Donation
Lan&5 Claim of Thomas SEcDaniels,
Not. Hio. 2186, Claim No. 45, in Town
ship 14 S. R. 4 West of the Will. Mer.
Oregon, and running thence west 41.02
chains; to the west boundary line of
the Donation Land' Claim of Samuel:
Porter; thence south along the west
boundary line of said; Porter D: L. C
26.53 cirains, to the southwest corner
of said Porter D. L. C. thence cast
41.02 chains, thence north 27.26 chains,
to the place of beginning, coiriaiiiing
110.65 acres, more or less, all lying. and
being sit'jate in Linn County, Sate of
Now Thiirefore, in pursuance of said
order anif'ot the statute in such cases
made and'provided, I will on Saturday,
the 6th day of January-) 1912, at? one
o'clock p. m. of said da..", sell at public
auction, t the highest:' bidder, for
cash in hand at the front door of'the
ourt-houss? in Albanv. Linn Countv.
Oregon, all'che right, title, interest and'
claim ot tl3' parties, plaintiffs anu: de
fendants in said suit, in and to the
real properry-above described.
JJated tnijoth day of Decerrder,.
Scie Referee-
NOTlCElis -hereby eriven that the.-
undersigned, was by an order of the-
ircuit Court ot the btate of Orecon..
or Linn County, in Department No.
!, in that certain suit wherrein lohn M.
Porter and Laura Portir. his wife.
Oliver W. Porter and Josephine Por-
ier, ins wue,i nomas . sorter and.
Emma Porter, his wife, Frank L. Por
ter arid Jessia-. Porter, his wife, Arthur
W. Porter and Mary Porter, his wile,.
Emiline Mulkuvaud J. H. M.ulkev, her
us band, Joseph Uiiinii. Claire Ouinn.
Porter Quir.a and Sarah Ouinn. his.
wife, Virgil Lytle and Sam Lytle, her
husband, Marv Smith and Rav Smirb.
er husbandj Hattie Quinn. Anna O.
Senecal and diaries Senecal, her hus
band, Ella Ashby and Jessie. Ashby.,
i-ie piiunturs ana r. K. vvaliis, Wade
Wallis and Eertha Wallis, his wife,
Ola Beier aivi Henry Beier. her hus
band, Lulu De Carlow and. Charles
De Carlow, her husband, Maria Arthur
and James Arthur, her h
Ashby, Kate Sehultz and A. E: Schultz,
ner liusbann. J. W. Morgan, Florence
Morgan, Joiia W. Gearv and Mary
Geary, his wife, and Maggie C. Smith
were defendants, duly and! en
tered of record on the 25th day of
October, 1911, appointed referee to
make sale ot the following described
real property, to-wit:
Beginning at an oak stnk-s at tbo
northwest corner of the- Donation
Land Claim of Thomas McDauiels,
Notification No. 21S6, and Claim No.
4a. in Township Fourteen ftl) South,
Range Four (4) West of the Willam
ette -Mcricaan, Oregon, and running
thence west 40.1S chains, tn an o.-ii.
take; thesce south 37.10 rbaini:. tn an
jak stake; thence each 41.1.29 chains, to
a stone: tiienee nnrth .17S-1 rhr.;n-
the place ot" beginning,, containing acrts. more or les. M Winv .md
"leing situate in the Countv of Linn,
md State of Oregon.
Now jTiercfore. in nursitane of c-ii.t
rder and of the statute in such cases
nade and provided. I will on Saturdav,
die 6th day of January, 1912, at tlie
lour of one o'clock n. r,i of -,M
-ell. at public auction, m t;. ar
bidder, for cash in hamL nr tli
loor of the conn-honse in Albanv,
Linn county, Orctron, all the ri!it
title, i ine rest and claim of the panics
plaintitts and defendanis in s.ii.l em'r.
n and ro tlie real nronertv above", re-
i9n'1it;J th!s 5t'1 5ay f Dcce,,lber'
Sole Refer.i
Notice is hereby given that rhj n was on the 5th dav of De
cember. 1911, by order of the Comity
Court ot Linn County. Oregon, duly
made and entered of record, dulv ap
nointcd administrator of the estate of
W. C. Simmons, Jr., deceased. Ail
persons having claims acainst the
-state of said deceased are hereby no-
,li nf .1 V"1" 5,x mnmhs fro' the
date o this notice to the administrator
- i-i.urn at ine ,
Sox. in Albany, jr
hee of Hen-it.
vi cgon.
Attorneys for Adra:r.i. trator.