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    DR. W. R. SHINN,
Physician and Surgeon,
Graduate Rush Medical College.
Post-graduate New York City.
Fifteen years' experience.
Prompt attention to calls in the
country, night or day.
Office, over Cusick's Bank. Resi
dence, corner Lyotn and Seventh
streets. Both Phones.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Linn County.
J. B. Corrie, Plaintiff, vs. Mary L.
Smith, Ella Bachman, and Ray Bach
man, her husband, Emma D. Lingo
and Ira Lingo, her husband, Lizzie
Lyndon and Cra Lyndon, her hus
band, Minnie Leamau and Archie
Leaman, her husband, Lee Ellon
Beach and Clara Beach, his wife,
Clyde A. Beach and Grace Beach, his
wile, and Grace Beach, guardian oi
Clyde A. Beach, Defendants.
To Ella Bachman, Ray Bachman,
Lizzie E. Lyndon and Ora Lyndon, oi
the defendants above named:
In the name of the Stale of Oregon:
You and each of you are hereby sum
moned and required to appear and
answer the complaint oi the plaintiff
in the above entitled suit now on file
with the Clerk of the above entitled
Court on or hefore the 10th day of
February, 1912; and each oi you are
hereby notified that if you fail so to
appear and answer said complaint as
herein required for want thereof the
plaintiff will apply to the above en
titled Court for the relief demanded
in his said complaint, namely, for a
decree that the defendants may be re
quired to set forth the nature of their
claims in and to the following de
scribed lands, to-wit:
Lots numbered four and five of Sec
tion thirty-one in Township eleven
south of range four west of the Wil
lamette Meridian, Oregon, saving and
excepting therefrom twenty acres as
conveyed by deed from Fred G. Blum
hart and wife to Sarah Foster Hockejt
as appears of record at page 91 of
Volume 73 Deed Records in and for
Linn County, Oregon, containing
' 34.64 acres, more or less.
And that all adverse claims of the
said defendants may be determined by
the said decree, that the defendants be
declared and adjudged to have no
claim or interest whatsoever in the
said property and that the plaintiff
have title thereto in fee simple: that
the defendants be forever barred and
enjoined from asserting any claim
therein adverse to the plaintiff and
for such other and further relief as to j
the court may seem proper. j
This summons is published in the
Albany Democrat newspaper once a
week for six successive and consecu
tive weeks beginning with the issue
of the 29th day of December, 1911,
and ending with the issue of the 9th
day of February, 1912, under and in
pursuance of the directions contained
in an ordep made by the Honorable
J. X. Duncan, Judge of the County
Court of Linn Comity, State ;of Ore
gon, dated "December 15lh, 1911.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Date of first publication hereof is
December 29th, 1911. Date oi last
publication hereof is February 9th,
1912. . ,
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Linn County, Department
No. 2.
In the matter of the application of
Lee Miller, Plaintiff, to register the
title to the following described prop
erty, to-wit: Beginning at a .point in
the center of a county road which is
N. 12J4 degrees E. 13.04 chains distant
from the X. E. corner of the D. L. C.
of Anderson Cox, and wiie, Xot. Xo.
696, and CI. X6. 49, in Tp. 11 S. R. 3
W. Will. Mer. Ore., running thence
X. 18 degrees E. 5.05 chains; thence
N. 3?i degrees E. 11.69 chains; thence
X. 8 degrees E. 3.34 chs.; thence W.
15. S3 chs, ithence S. lA'i degrees W.
2u.52 chs. to a point west of the be
ginning: thence E. 18.39 chs. to be
ginning, containing. 3470 acres, more
or less, in Linn County, Oregon,
All whom fa may concern. Defendants.
CERN": Take Notice, that on the 23rl day of
December, A. D. 1911, an application
was filed by Lee Miller, in the Circuit
Court of Linn County, .Oregon, for
initial registration of the. title to the
lands above described. Now unless
you appear on or before the 29th day
of January, 1912, and show cause why
such applicav.i-n shall not be granted,
tlie sire '.viij Se taken as confessed
and a decree -rr:ll be entered according
to the :rayer of the application, and
vr- --:ll he forever barred from dis
puting t!:e 5ame.
( L. S.) W. L. MARKS, Clerk.
L. M, CURL, Applicant's Attorney.
MENT. Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned Administratrix of the estate
of Mary J. Gordon, deceased, has filed
her Final Account with the Clerk of
the County Court for Linn County,
Oregon, and the Judge of said court
lias fixed the 29th dav of Jnnuarv,
!12, at 1 o'clock P. M. of said day,
for the hearing of objections to said
account, if any, and the settlement of
said estate.
Dated this 22tu! dav of December,
Weatliertord & Weatherford,
' . Attvs. for Admrx.
firwtr.i;ururioto.furejirt asarch And rrea report.
Frr. ailrtc. bow to obtain palaola, trade mark, I
eoprngu. c, ja ALL COUNTRIES. I
Rutinttt dirrct vrilk Waikirngton tazet turn A
motuy ama ejttn lt peunl.
Pitent and Infrlngtment Prtctlcs uciuimy.
Write or ernne to ua at
U m&ta tart, cop. TTilUd tlalai hta Otto, I
Eimer Smith, of the Imperial restau
rant, on Second street, was arrested
iiesieruay afternoon on the charge ol
wite beating, and taken before Justice
swan, where be plead guilty. Mrs.
Smith was pretty baoly treated accord
ng to the statement of Mrs. Smith and
tbe police force.
Justice Swan imposed a fine of 50
and held the defendant under $1,000 m
seep me peace
Smith mis morning paid the fine of
(50, and the bend order as withdrawn
during tbe good behavior of Mr. Smith,
wnieii nr- lai'.ntuiiy promised to observe.
Ius:ice Swan made a good talk that
was couvincing and forcible on tbe sub
ject of martial relations.
Roseburg's Poultry ihow,
Seventy exhibitors. 270 Dens and
about 500 fowls is the Rosoburg poultrv
show this week. Included in the exhib
itors are E1. Schoel with his white and
buff leghorns, of Albanv: T. J. Oannen.
of Shedd, with Ancomas.and Mrs. J. S.
rtortnrup, ot Lebanon, with buff Or
phingtoas. A gang ot Holy Rollers is afflintincr
Mrs. R. S. Price, of Prineville. is
visiting in the city.
fix-Sheriff Coley Gaines, of Crabtree.
has been in the city today.
Another srooJ one: a calender from
R. A. Murpny's, a beauty.
Mrs. Helmick this noon returned
from a visit with Corvallis friends.
Mrs. Carrie Ward Neal, of Salem, is
-visiting Albany relatives for a few
weeks. -
Miss Margaret Monteith is home from
Portland, where she' has been several
Miss Margaret Tiffany of Eugene, is
visiting with her sister, Mrs. Jo'.n R
Penland during the holidays.
Mrs. Earl Beeson arrived this noon
from Portland on an Albany visit of a
few days.
B. L. Barry, the insurance man, home
insurance for home people, has been in
town f lay.
Misi Edith Hall last evening enter
tained several of her young lady friends
In a pleasant manner. -
A bad check ""an is said to have
gotten the good natured pronriet r of
ihe Hotel Revere lor a few dollars.
Lena Pearl Wright, of Salem, ar
rived this noon on a visit with her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Myer.
Dorris Hale went hunting with a
party of Junction men on nionday, and
nas since been missing, thought to be
killed or lost.
There are now thirty-five oil com
panies Instead of tho one great Stan
dard Oill, that is nominally; but it is
the same old octopus.
Comrade Cunrsdine, of Condon, was
in the city today, going from here to
Newport to visit with a former fellow
soldier, Comrade Vidito.
A big peace dinner is being arranged,
with Andrew Carnegie, made great by
the American tariff, as president, and
the U. S , England and France, as tbe
Dr. Pernot says there have been less
than thirty light cases of smallpox in
Corvallis those confined to eight nr
nine houses. Only five college students
nave oeen utiuctea.
239 votes wereist in the Pnueville
election, tne gest yet. (Jhas. S.
Edwards was elected mayor. There
were five candidates for marshal. T.
L. Coon was elected.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Perkins of Sumas.
Wash , is in the city visiting his brother
A. W. Beeson. , He is thinking of
locating here. A. L. Beeson of Hunt
ingt.n is also visiting his father.
Mr. and Mrs. O. O Hodson, of Mc
Minnvilh , were in the city today on
their kv home from a visit with their
iifluehter, Mrs. Wayne Stunard, of
M rs Kat e Condiff . of Eiurene, this
afternoon returned home after a visit
of five dnys with her many Albany
fri'-nda, always glad to have her with
Nelson Wilbur, a former prominent
Albany col ege student and athlete, is
here on a visit, while on bis way to
Oakland, where his folks reside. He
has a claim near Payette, Idaho.
Ten young men of the S S. class of
L. E. Blain last -evening were given a
turkey dinner at the Blain home, fol
lowed by an evening of games and so
ciability, greatly appreciated by all pres
ent, v
The attendance at the Portland Y.
M.C.A. school is 1130, covering day and
night work. The work is in first class
hands, fortunate in having a man of
Prof. French's splendid attainments at
the head of it.
Dr. Sharp, of the college, this noon
returned from Portland, where he has
been' the past week, acting as Bupply in
the church of the late Rev. Nave.
Next Sabbath he will begin as supply'
for Dr. White during bis absence. '
Mr and Vrs. Wheeler Church, ot'
Oregon City, have been in the city on a
visit with Mr. Church's nieces, Mrs. A.
C. Schmitt. Mrs. W. A. Barrett end
Mrs. Dr. Hunt. His son Jas., at one
tirre was an Albanv college student,
now ith the Portland Flouring Mill
Co at Walla Walla.
The Central Presbyterian church of
New York, the largest in the denomi
nation, has decided to make the pew
rent free. The system of renting pews
is an infamous bn, making a farce of
the religion of the Nazarine, whose
life was spent down among the common
people. ,
Corval'is Gazette-Times: Mr. and
Mrs. S. S. Train, of Albany, are guests
of their daughter, Mr. Sam Dolan. An
i unt. Mrs C. W. Kirchell, of Portland,
w ho has been visiting Mrs. Dolan. re
turned to the metropolis this morning.
V r. Dolan's sister and husband, Mr. I
and Mrs. Wm. rweadlca, have also
bitn Christmas guests at the Dolan
herre. Must have had several turkies,
judging from tbe way Eagles is i :elled. j
Starts a
Sinking Fund.
Levy Made.
8 Mill
Present Mayor, lecordcr, marshal
St. supc., and Couiictlmen 6iinpaui.
Marshall, Chambers, Curl, Snwit a..
Miller. .
Bills were allowed as follows: Steu
art & Sox Co., $1.00: e. I.. Hies.
51.50: F. M. Redfield. 814.75: H. G.
Fisher, $48.75; L. L. Swan, fii UO;
lonn Cat in. S2.U0: W Howaid.
$10.00; Elmer Smith. $1.20.
Continued: Watson oros., $13.12.
ADDhcalion if n. H. Hewitt et ai
for permission to build a corrugated
i on shed next old armory was grunted
a tax levy or f mills was ordered, n
consist of 6 mills for general purports
i. mi. is lor a sinxing lunu, .3 mill lui
tne library, .3 mid for balance or.
armory fund.
frayor Wallace favored a bond re
demotion or sinking fund of 14 mills
and the figures showed it can tie etarteu
ojc of tne regular eight mill lvv
ouncilman Miller sustained the sug
gestion, but favored a 2 miil fund
uouncilmen Curl and Chambers favored
the fund, but would look out for war
rants due, and a smaller fund than 2
mills. A levy of 1.4 mills was adoD ed
I'ns levy will raise about $28,000: the
county road fund wilt be $10,500,
licenses $3,600, nrd a balance of ?3,5l0
will make over $45,000.
The recorder was directed to notify
E.H. Rhoades that adequate fire escapes
will be required on the Sc. Francis
Hotel before being opened.
F. G. Davis applied for a rebate of
$11.18 taxes ou property outside the
city. Granted.
Petition of J. D. Stedman, J. H.
Coins and Others asKed for equalization
of drayage license so that those east of
Penny winkle will not be charged .75c
and those west only .25c. Referred to
committee on license.
An ordinance was passed repealing
the gas franchise granted A. E. Wrikht
on June 16, 1911.
News from
Six Ea iy
A crowd of prominent Corvallis men
went to Portland to interview President
Carl Grey, of the Oregon Electric in
the interest of a line to Corvallis, either
an extension, branch, anything to se
cure the road. They were Mayor Fred
Yates, Judge Moses, Judge McFadden,
Postmaser B. W. Johnson, Banker A.
J. Johnson, President Gaskins of the
commercial club,- Councilman W. K.
Taylor, T. H. Cooper, G. W. Denman,
W. F Groves and W. H. Morgan, a
bunch that is bound to m-ke things go.
Malcolm MeCalman, of the Oregon
Power Co., left for Chicago to attend
the annual convention of managers and
engineers of H M. Byllsby & Co.
Manager Morton will also goiromhere,
D. C. Green lrom the Muishiield office,
and others.
On the 4:18 train among those leaving
for Portland were Kev. Marsden, ftiiss
Maud Laughead and Cecil Cathey on
his regular AlcCloskey trip.
J. B. Gentry went to Salem, where
he is starting an A. O. U. W. cam
paign. He recently returned from
Southern Oregon, where he secured 24
new members at Ashland and 27 at
Grants Pass, good towns, with Medford
fighting them to beat the band. Money
is very tight that way.
Chas. Medin took his daugh'er to
Portland on her way to Seattle to join
her mother.
R. K. Montgomery left for his home
at Sheridan.
Dr. Davis made a morning trip down
to manon.
J. B. Uickover returned to Portland.
Frank Rvalls left on a Pnrt'anr) t.rin
Judge Kelly returned to Salem, where
lie is iiuiuing court.
Dr. Will Galbraith, of Lewiston,
Idaho, a former Albany oung man,
native or brownsville, went out to
Brownsville on a visit. He will go to
California for a few weeks stay before
returning to Lewiston. He has a good
dental business in that live Idaho city.
Pive Generations,
Mrs. Victoria Shrader. of this citv.
mother of J. Shrader, has the dis
tinction if being one of a line of five '
venerations, ad living, (something that 1
is certainly rare. Her mother is now
living in Kansas, at an advanced age. i
Another dauuhlerof Mrs. shrader. Mrs.
John A. Eaton, residing in Illinois, has
a daughter,, who is tne mother of a
little girl, a few months old. which
makes the line of five, all females. j
A panel or those forming the line was
received this week by M rs. Shrader.
Here from Albirta.
W. J. Fisher, who is visiting in Linn
county, accompanied by his family, re
cently arriving lrom Aloerta, was in
the city yesterday. He lives in the
southern part of ifco province, a big
difference from the northern part, ' one
of a thousand miles. He declares he
did not feel the co d last winter any
more than here because of the' dryness
of the weather, and could always get
Will Hay Tuition.
A. F. Luther, chairman of the North
Albany schoul board, reD rts taat bupt.
Mack of Benton county says he will
pay over to the high tchooi of this city
the tuition for all the high eihoul pupils
attending here from Nonh Albany,
which is quite a number, a move that it
certainly appreciated.
The Weather.,
Range of temperature 46 29. A cool
crisp morning.
Rainfall yesterday .32 inch.
The river is 5 4 ftet,
Prediction: fair tonight and Friday.
An Annual Event of Character
Alfred C. Schmitt. of th Firt V-,.
tional Bank, last night gave the Phi
Alpha Pi boys their mid winter hannnei
and a delightful session was i eld Irom
I-.JO to lu:30. at the St Churl?;, whore
a spread was served ot splendid cuii
n ry merit, enjoyed by seventeen of
Jie boys.
ihe mnue consisted of relishes, eel
?ry. pearl anions, olives, nsnur mu
s Had, clear bou on soup, baked salmon
J la jardiniere, pine apple fritterj,
vanilla sauce, tu-key with cranberry
'auto, ti'iri. i.uci witn Drown irravv.
arch and jelly, veal and dres.i!n.r. an.
pie pie with whipioi cream, ice crtam,
.ake, bon bons. tea. coffee and milk.
With Neal Bain as toastmaster some
iright responses were heard in the fol-
owing program, with nearly all present:
rvuuct l omnn on no cne ks.
Earl Fortmiller on the footlights.
Lawrence McBride on a prize winner.
Rcy Nutting roses fair.
Elhert Warford -arthuunkea.
Rolla Ralston on life at th Univer
sity. Morris Bigbee on no place like home.
Edwin t-ortmillor, as others see us.
Alfred C. Scnmi t Tbe Watchword.
Their motto: Help Ihe other fellow.
AnO A. C. bulletin giving the small-
pox situaiion in Corvallis. declaring
that alfogeiher onlv five students have
been ill with it, light cases. ,
A statement from Samuel Gomrjera,
pleading for organized labor, and the
meetim? of the MeNumurn aliemn
pleading fur justice, freedom and solid-
nritv. Hr rWinrna that uininnnn ia 4n
plored, whoever committed by.
Another bulletin from the American'
Medical Association. One statement is
sinking: "Ihe habit of American cities
emptying sewerage into and drawing
drinking water from the same body ofi W. M Parker has been appnin ed Mra' Dr.'' Kitchen, ot Stayton, re
water, is. suicide on a large scale. Tho Albanv agent for Ridgewav'a teas turned home after a-visit with her
resort, is now declared t L V w
resnr- rillR tn mitrlprn mnthnrla "
, - .
l Some Wilson and Clark riterature,
speaking fur two prominent aspirants
for Taft's toggery. According to
unM : i. r .
thorn it is easy to figure almost any -
Ihino- nut ipfnro a enrwonlinn
A booklet on the new high line of San
Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake A.
R . with some beautiful pictures along
the way. A good one.
John Elmer Hoist of St. John, Wash.,
and Vidit E. Olsen of l'lainview, at the
residence of the bride's parents, Mr,
and Mrs. Martin Olsen. Sunday, Dec!
24th at 2 p. m , by the Rov. 1. G.
Knotts, of Albany, in the .presence of
about fifty guests
'Ihe bride was gowned in a beautiful
cream silk, while the groom wore a
black suit. The home was tastefully
decorated with Oregon grape and - mis
tletoe. After the ceremony a dainty
lunch was served.
They received many beautiful gifts
Their many friends wih them the
greatest happiness. They will make
their home in St. John, Wash., where
the groom is a prosperous farmer.
Returned from Mines
Eugene Register: .
Dr. J. Christie and his friend Peter
Noritz, of Albany, are home from an
extended ttip to their mining property
on tne North Fork. - Th gut out just
in time fo' the present stor will no
doubt pile up lots of snow in the moun
tains ana they would have stood little
show of getting out. Thv have none
development work and think more of
the mine than ever. Their trip out was
not an easy one by any means,
Some Modern Items.
Glere are two live ones: Near Boulder.
Con.. Vm. Smith, or' Syracuse, N. Y.,
k i II. d a big black bear .by hitting it
with bis fist, armoured with brass
knuckles, a clean knonk out. At
Gieeley Colo., Lee Boren flipped a
coin to live or die. it rolled, ana getting
down on the floor found a latter from
home, wnh money, and the coin on it,
the live .side up.
Gov. Wilson, of N. J , was 55 years
of agr! yesterday. He-e's to his prosper-
t'v and mav he be tne next president
ot toe U S.
The totl bank deposit? of Oregon
nre ov.-r $12l,O'io,0'W, an 'increase of
about $ i.O hj,iiu:J in the year. Loans
and discounts amount to $70.I)23.4UI, an
increase of neariy f4, 000,000. The
postal savings bank deposits amount to
Albert Cols, to O. A. C. student,
arrived last night from Corvallis with
the lioiy of Ben H. Willim3, the
Undent d'owned in Mary s River, and
left on the late train with it for Pasa
lena, Calif. He was aciomnanied here
hy several other O. A. C. students.
Eugene girls are reported to have
formed an anti slang society. The
Myrtle Point Enterprise says that when
the president was asked if she would
accept she remarked: "Sure Mike,
but, gosh, I'm so rattled in my cupola
that I'm short on the gab. I'll expect
you to whoop 'er up fo. all that's cut.
I think I'm up to the snuff e. ou(ih so
the flies won't light on me, but 1 won't
stand for any monkey doodle white I'm
running the ranch. Tnis slang is get
ting fierce and should be shot up."
Indianapolis, Dec. 28 The exhibition
car of the Great Northern Railway con
taining products of Oregon was visited
by thojsands of people during the three
days it remained here
This matter of educating the teonle
about the resources of Oregon is proving
a revelation to the eastern people and
great enthusiasm prevails among these
visiting the car. The car is visited by
from five hundred to forty five hundred
daily, and much Cregou literature is
being distribute'! among the farmers
and people who are interested in the
Oregon country.
j ho Willamette valley shows some
beautiful pictures and is probably at
tracting more attention than, any other
section at the present time.
The New Sunset.
The Pacific Monthly arrived todav. '
with tho head Sunset most conspicuous.
Ihe two productions have been com -
bined and will hereafter appear as the
Sun-et. It is one of the finest produc-i
lions in the U. S., not only artistic, but
filkd with very readable matter, a
splendid exposition of the resources of
the coast.
A Crime for Wedding Money,
Fields O. Webster, of Dallas, foiled
checks for diamonds, which he atteu pt-
ed to pawn, when arrested. He had
just married a Dallas young ladv. pro-
fessing to be wealthy, and he ntded
the money for a wedding trip east. He
was a Sunday school teacher in Dallas,
and hence his escapado has caused a
sensation there.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Mixter went to
Junction this afternoon.
11 transpires that Roosevelt is simoly
s game to beat Lafailett.
L. T. Berrv and son George, of Leb-
anon, were 1U me city touay.
J. W. Mathies consul from Holland,
at Portland, lias been in the city.
Sam Oliver has returned to Portland
after a visit with his brother here.
.. M"" Maggie Shea went . to Eugene
this afternoon for a New Year's visit.
, ... . .
a new issnion in unicago is to ne a
Turkish towel dress. It ought to be a
Rev. H. W. Thompson, a Pr sbyte
rinn minister, has been elected mayor
ruin iiuiuaier, iiua
. f rontrlia vVaih
I WJIliralla, WUSh,
Connie White and family retuned to
Harrisburg this afternoon, after an
Albany visit of several days.
James Gatens, deputy game warden
at Newport, was arreBted yesterday
and fined for using abusive language,
John J. Brecn has sued Richard
Croker for $100,000 damages for the
alienation,of the affections of his wife,
Mrs. Breen.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Millny, of Scap
pooao. on the Columbia, are in the city
visitinz her molheir, Mrs. Rankin, and
sis'er, Mis. E. C. Brandeborry.
W. w. H. Dale, of Harrisburg, one
of tho valley's moet successful prnc
tinners, passed through tho city this
noon on his way home from Portland. ,
Jas. Skclly, of Tollman, Bection fore
man on the Lebunon road since it
started over thirty yeurs ago, in charge
of the entire road, has been in tho city
today ,
Mrs. Vira Stuart Wolff, of Portland
arrived this noon on a holiday visit with
her mother, v rs. J. K. Monrt. sister,
Mrs. Dr. Davis, btnther Walter, and
other relatives und friends.
Chas. Moore, recently with the Al
bany Lumber Co., has gone to Portland
to work for the Simon Co., the first
time since his marriage ten vears ago,
that he has been away from bis home.
A foot ball field love affair back east
at Boston, ten years ago, has just
terminated by Chas. T Nagle, of The
Dalles, and Miss Etta Mullen, of Bop-
ton, being married. Good girl to wait
so long.
Inquirer: The fire ordinance reads as
follows, in relercnce to the construction
of fire escapes: "All such fire escupes
to be constructed to the approval of the
council and the chief engineer of the
fire department."
Harry Shea went to Poittand yestcr
day on a rush trip, some one says after
his bridal trosseau. but, as a matter ot
fact, taking some things down for
Engineer McCalmun he had left in his
huiry ta get' to Chicago.
Eugene Register: Profess r H. L.
Hopkins, sunerintendent of the citv
schools at Bandon, and who has been
home for the v.hristmas holidays, left
or his work via Drain yesterday. He
is well pleased with his work.
Eugene Register: Mr. and Mrs
Fred Fortmiller, of Albany, who have
.ten visl'ing Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Lee,
went to Junction yesterday m visit Mrp.
Fortmiller's parents. Mr. Lee's child
ren went with them to Junction to visit
their grandparents.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ilami'ton. of
Seattle, Inft for home this afternoon
alter n visit of several days with Mr.
Hamilton's father. J. II., and prothcr.L
E. Mr. Hamilton is assistant agent of
Standnrd Oil, at Seattle, where an
enormous bu.iincss is done by the Co.
As tho banks will be closed from 3
o'clock Saturday until 9 o'clock Tuesday
morning it win oe a good icea to look
out for bogus checks. It is a good
itiing never tn canh a check unless vo
know the endorser, or be is properly
Ths Drs. Wallace have just gotte.i a
new auto, their third machine. It h an
American, and is said to be a 'fine
traveller, with a good deal of power.
Some one thought it was too close to
the ground, but it is 9,'j inches. Bar
rett Bros, are agents for It.
G. M. McDowell, O. E. right ot wav
man.anived lat evening on business up
tnis way. ina rignt ot way be
tween Salem and Eugene has been
pretty well cleaned up, with very few
condemnation suits necessary, Peorjo
generally have welcomed the adyent of
tbe electric road.
The state convention of school teach
ers in session in Portland, is one of
much importance this year.
Superintendent Alderman has taken
a pronounced position in fnvor nf
change in the course of study in high
schools, one recommendation being that
four of the Hi credits required to com-
plcte the high school work Leimlnstril
agriculture, manual training, domestic
science and laboratory work. This is
in keeping with a great awakeninc all
oyer the country, and the Albany high
Mtu pii-uat; mtve-liouce.
The striking fact was brought out
mat uregon stands first in the U. S. in
the attendance at high schools. Tho
attendance is 10,000, and where tho
stute had hut five twelve years ago it
now has 111. Of these 15 are in Linn
county, said to lead the state in num
bers. 'Vw. frnm Alhanu'c Qiv Frl.
, WS ,r0m AIDany s SIX Cay
Lawyer G. W. Wright went to Forost
Grove to confer with the officers of the
raciuc Home Mutual insurance Co., in.
reference to the loss by fire on the
Davenport music store several months
ago, this company carrying $1,000. All,
the other losses have been paid. If
ii,f .
tnis is not attended to suit will be
' '
. ' , ...-.
. Prof-oam Dolan, of tho O.A.C., went
rtiana to see tne Dig Multnomah-
Washington game tomorrow, one that
promises to be the hottest number of
tno year, with prospects of, a slugging
J. M. Hawkins left on a Portland
Surveyor Geddes went south on the
4:18 train.
Prof. Crow arrived from Lebanon.
Otho Temple, of near Lebanon, came
uown xur me uay.
, Commissioner Ilutler went to Thomas.
where a bridge is wanted. .
i C. H Burggraf left for Portland
J. R. Wyatt returned to Portland.
Royal Sha returned to Mill Citv.
Bister, Mrs. Morgan.
mCnti 0Ilt I10rln-
(j. iiemenr, or the P.O. depart-'
E. E. Warford and son Bert, went tn
Councilman Wonnersten, of Lebanon, .
returned home.
Mrs. Ina Smith Thomas and sister, .
Ianthn, went to Salem for a visit.
H. N. Bouioy made a short business;
trip to Jefferson.
J. M. Stuart went up to Stayton,
The Mosely-Hussell Wedding.
The Domocrat hus already reported
the marriage of R. C. MoBefy. the Cor
vallis photographer, and Miss Edna
Russell, at the homo of D. S. Mc Wil
liams, in Halsey, on the 27th, by Rov.
T.J. Vi ilson. A correspondent Bends
particulars. The house decorations were
evergreens and chrysanthemums. The
bride wus dressed ina suit of whita
serge, trimmed in Irish point lace, and
carried a bouquet of carniiiona. 1'ha
bride's maid was Margaret Smith,
dressed in blua voile, carrying pink car
nations. Tho best man was John P.
Bauer, Corvallis' leading tailor. Many
fine presents were given, among thorn
an electric lump designed by the father
of the brido. Prof. Geo. F. Russell, of
Port Townsond. a former Linn count v
school superintendent, who was present-
Big Dancing Party Tonight.
Misses Delta Watson and Mnhol
Riggs of Portland, arrived last night,
ond Mrs G. E. Ncvins. Vrs. Don 7.,n
and daughter Nancy, Mrs. Russell.
mother of Mrs. Guy Talbot, of Port
land, Miss Peggy Driver of Taooma,
..lesora. uuch i,aiouretce ann Kenneth
Miller, of Portland: M as Edna Snnnnn.
gle of Seattle, iiss Grace Longdon, of
Portland, and others, this noon in nf.
tend a big dancing party tonight, at the
Alco gvm. the dancing event of the sea
son. The gym has been artistlcallo
decorated for the occasion,' and a first
clasB orchestra engaged. It is an invi
tation afiair, with ticketg at 2 and ?t
for extra ladicB.
Censin oi I u j ications,
The government's census renort on
S riming publishing has been received,
ome facts are:
Total number of new-nnnera and nor.
iodical publications in the II. S. 22.14.1.
Of these 2 602 are daily newsoaners.
weeklies 15.097. 708 semi and trl.
weeklies and 2,491 monthly nublica.
tions. .TIip investment is 1588,000,000.
In character uH fields are covered, with
ews leailii.g, ihon re ig'oua. tradB.
fratornul, general literature, nrrrienlr.
ure, Bchool, commerce, medicine, etc.
Tho Saturday Evening 'ost is said t .
havo tne largest circulation of any pub
lication in th i U. S., 1,750.000.
h: New Saving! Hank 5uilJing.
Theroonin the new First Savinra
Bonk building, next the bank, ha l,n
leased by R. U Churchil for his Ellin
candy store i.nd factory. It will be
made a confectionary palace, nrobablv
the finest store of its kind in the valley.
the factory will be in the basement
ipecially arranged for the buiines".
With the post olllce on the corner it
will be a po, ular place.
The Albany Floral Co. will hava ihnl
floral store In tho mm next north, and
have already estahlirhcd a fine bu 'incus.
It Is said the offices above are also in
The Weather.
Range of temperature 44-28.
Rainfall .03 inch.
Prediction: fair tonight and Saturday.