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1 !TK!jftSfc?S N.
to make it vorth while, as we have said before we are continually on the look out for snaps for
our customers. YUUK or tUlAL Al ltlNHUIN 15 CALLED TO A FEW SAMPLE SUITS
JUST RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK, only 8 in all, made of the very best Lyons Black Velvet
Velour. Ihese suits were sent us for inspection with a view of selling us a Fall line. They are
high class, : irictly man tailored suitsso rather than return them we are going to give ycu a
chance to get one at factory cost. Remember they are out of the ordinary and are exclusive,
elegantly trimmed and finishedsee window display.
To be Sold at the Following Prices;
$45.00 suits now $30.00 $42.50 suitsnow $28.23 $40.00 suits now $26.65
Extra good weight in yard
wide cloth for common wear
or will be fine for Boys' suits.
A limited amount of brown
and gray combinations. Spe
cial sale only 49c yd.
10 pieces of plaid dress
goods in medium and dark
colors, adapted for children s
wear. incnes witae ana
will wash. In two styles, 19c
and 29c yard.
Elegant deep rich black
imported broadcloth, spong
ed and shrunk readv for the
needle. Worth $2.50. Sale
price, $2.00 per yard.
Half dozen models. That
means, persons slender, aver
age and stout can be perfect
ly suited. 1 he Jienucrson is
made especially for fine
trade. All sizes, $1.00, $1.50,
up to $3.50. 1
Cotton, Wool Nap and All Wool Blankets in all The
good staple colors, 3-4 and full sizes. Also an unusually
good value hi' Comforts in Satin und Silkoline, extra good
values. Come and look.
Don't fail to come in and see these simple Velvet Suits.
It's a pleasure to us to-be able to show such exquisite suits
at such low prices.
Our stock of these rubber
lined ram coats is the largest
in the citv. Therefore we
can insure you a better fit at
a better price. We also have
a Iarere line of cravanette
coats, marked to a iow figure.
We are showinsr a lare-e
collection of scarfs and auto
veils, Chiffon. Crene dp
Chine, Liberty Silk and
Mulls, plain hem. hemstitch
ed or fringed, all the good
plain and fancy colors. $1.50Special
to $3.50.
Just received, beaded, hand
mbroidered a n d painted.
35c, 50c and 75c each.
A Popular Store for the People
Our line of Waists you will
find to be complete, keepind
up all the regular sizes in
plain and fancy effects.
Large line of embroideried
waists in white, that seem to
be the favorites. $2.25 to
Get under a rain-proof um
brella once aiid'keep dry. Out
line is the best in the city.
line in assorted mis-;
sion handles. $1.00 each.
Special line in all sizes, fine
ribbed black only. Sale price!
19c per pair. i
At our show windows and
see a few samples of our large
line of
Wc'have a complete stock
of the Best Ranges on Earth,
and can suit your needs and
pocket book, for we have in
stock the largest line of
Stoves, Ranges and Heaters
that have yet been shown m
the city.
We sell dependable Guns
and have a new and fresh lot
of the Famous Peters Shot
Gun Shells. Call and look
them over.
We still have a little Gen
eral Hardware that we can
spare to our 'best customers.
Fruit Trees.
Albany Democrat
Now is a good time to place your
order for what nursery stock you will
be needing from a firm that is willing
and able to make good at all times.
Albany, Oregon.
Homo made sauerkraut at Walter M.
Parker's, tno kind you like to eat ,
Fresh Yaquina Bay OYSTERS at the
, Mission Parlors.
How easy to
everybody else.
blame everything to
Entered at the post office, Albany.Or,
at) second clnss mail rruitir.
F. P. Nuttina:.
Armstrong manager, 491 Court St.,
Salem, fruit trees, shrubs, orna
ments, apple and pear dwarfs. Sold
direct to planters, no agent;. tD;
Ellis. DWS E. -lilt. Hoth phones. 2t .
IK you want your wood sawed call on ocrat o'tieo. Men only
F. C. Unfiles & Co. Homo ph'"10 MADE IN ALBANY, Show csses,
703. 1 counter, and other store fixtures.
FOR SAT.E The Hr.t Improved) nrst-clnsa goods, by the Union furm-
1H..1.TI- ni:ill fruit ranch in the valley.' lure factory. Order ol them,
On terms to suit. Call up owner, money at your home.
KK SALE. Wj acres of vcrv. best
land. All under cultivation, large)
new barn, built last July. Creek runs
through place. Twelve tons of good j
hay in barn, 10 acres of hay and KM
acres ol wheat sowed. All good
fences, mostly new. 2 miles of
Brownsville, on K. F. D. and tele
phone line. Public and high school
advantages. Sl)5 per acre. S2.600
down, the rest on easy payments.
Call or address John Bowers,
Brownsville, Ore. 125
FOR SALE-Piga rcadv to wean, and
spring pullets. U. G. Smith. Home
phone 34115. tl7
WANTED A dining room girl, at the
Kuss House
WANTED Good renter for farm of
204 acres. Will rent for term of tour
or five years and have line proposition
if I can get a good renter See
Rawlings, 123 Broadalbin St., Albaiy.
u . .f! Or.
liurns bnoe store.
. .... . i .. I
run. oc-v-aooage . ' " ' WANTED-At nce dinint romtirl.t
and onions. A. W. Martin, Boll far- b(mrdi houset Call at Democrat
mors 2b. tu o(Rce
run kccii. lurnisnou ihv fop; RENT
WilllT I'rui u, i iu.iu ill, im u. i;iir
FOR RENT-Store room.
hart & Lee.
See Burk-
- Furnished'
Call 215 West
I rooms,
j Laundry.
Keep! APPLES FOR SALE 35, 45 50 cents
isniig sac-Ks to z;a t; otn St. Dull at
house Rnd
First, room
the Magnolia
It is a terrible responsibility to have I
millions and not know what to do
with the money. And yet there are a
good many men in that fix, Carnegie,
Rockefeller and others. Having made
their money easily, after it got started
going up, they began to realize that
they owe the public something for
their great wealth, and the force of
the responsibility becomes apparent.
While such men may be able to do a
great deal of good to the world, the
manner in which they have secured
their money universally offsets the
good in the measure. Take Rockefel
ler, for instance. In order to build up
his own wealth he helped tear down
the fortunes of many others, running
competitors out of .business, anything
to advance the interests of his con
cerns. Carnegie, too. His colossal
steel trust, with its enormously water
ed stock, has ground down many, and
for years it has arbitrarily charged an
even S2S a ton in this country, much
more than justified, where the same
product was sold in Europe for $22, a
plain steal of at least ?6 a ton, great
in the aggregate.
Home phone 1501.
P. J. Baltimore will sell his line Trap
gun cheap
vrvrii'it'Tlin Alhnnv Lumber Co
havo moved their otlicu to their'
w mill in the cost part of Albany, i
I'honn your oruors direct to t;io mill.
Both plumes,
b.ith phones,
Studebaker Wagons, Utik'gias Fur
rov'" and Hack's ut Sl-iwait & Sox
Hardwe Co.
FOR SALE by the owner, a six room j
house und two lot, center of to.wn, I
hulf block from Ihch school. Apply
on tho premises li'22 En:,l 4 h street. I
11. Darns.
PIANO TUNING.- Leave orders for
piano tuning at Wondworib's Drug'
Store. C. M, Henderson. Tuner, t
GLASS. All mi- Miul kimis, for sale
in the Altmnv Pinning Mill, cheaper
than nywhere eise tti Albany. Skil!
Iv set, if desired.
KIitE INSCRANC-'-Bost compmiics, ,
I nw tat.'s. ( C. B'Minl J
KWltM Hill SAi.K -SII neres at ?.'f
per acre. One mile from good R. li.
town. grndod school. Hi acres culti
vated, l.'i in timber, good I inklings
running water, a simp Call u on E.
A. Thompsin, Albany Slnnlv Mill.
noon und 4:30 p. m. E. H.
CIDER. Oct. II will begin making
eider, ana every Wad. forenoon until,
further notice. C. It. Wiilmcr. R. LOST.-Si n-ewhere in city, a
I ii -i. iioine pnone oti, i oroocli. Knturn to Geo. Dorr,
i. ii in'
Rhode s
Sweet eider for sulo by C,
nier, R. D. 4
LOTS FOR SALE. Two at com-r
oi i!i and M.iiu streets: one at cor
ner of Will and Main: two at corner
of Till ami Sherman. All near Mad-i-on
street school. Price lour hun
dred to five hundred dollars each.
Call on utu'.cr-imied or phone 1107
Home Phone. '1'. P. t.! 10
POTATOES-By A. D. Wheeler, the
A. Hcnshaw po'atoes. Re.I 357
Horn. v 31t
omi 4tn.
I Hugh Isom, Albany Hardware Co., or
i Home phone 405. Deliv
! ered.
I FOR SALE Two fi months old Shire
(horse) colts. T. R. Rodgers, Tan-
I gent. Or. Box 14. tlj
FOR SALE. or Exchange for
, Albany property 12 r-cers at
toiaville. cultivation, good orcti
an), tine residence, well tinishi-'.
win I mill, new barn, l r. 1). M
A boys club was recently organized
in this city, one of the principles of it
being altruism. The idea is a splen-
thd one to be inculcated into the
youmr, ami it is to be hoped the boys
of this club and all the other boys'
clubs of Albany become iniuscd witrt
the proposition of helping others, the
spirit oi kindness, regard for those
around. It is what the world needs,
hence it is what is proper in the lives
of the young, for t lie tree is generally
what the start is. Real brotherly love
carried out in trie school, around the
home, and in business and society
gives a lovely cast to our fellowship
one with the other. It is the opposite
of egoism, love of self, under which
self comes first, others last. The ego
ist wants the biggest piece, the best
eal, the front row, all the attention,
t!:e hog's share oi everything.
Voui'i: men ami old do well to con
sider the matter long enough to ap-orc.-inre
the stret'.iTth of it as a princi
ple of life, and adopt the altruistic.
R. P. Kellebrew, of thU lity, lai
bought a farm near Amity, and will
move there to reside in a few months.
In the city: John Walling Salem,
Felix Kny, Balm, Mr. and Mrs. S. M.
Wendt Roseburg, Mr. and Mr. W. A.
Winder Canby.
Mrs. M. B. Craft returned last even
ing from Portland after a visit with
her sister ir3. V. B. Goin and attended
the Gypsy Smith meeting Sunday night.
Invitations have been received in this
city to the marriage of John R. Penland,
the popular and competent civil engi
neer, and Miss Tiffany, a prominent
youag lady of Eugene.
J. C. Holbrook and several other Al
bany booster? will attend the reception
at CorvaHis tonight in honor of Groves
and Stevenson, who did such splendid
work at Omaha in the interest of the
Willamette Valley, something that is
proving a good investment.
The K. O. 'M. every Saturday even
j The Woodmen of the World every
I Friday evening. L. Viercck, clerk.
M.nizanita Circle 1st and 3rd Mon
days, Schmitt Block. ,
Modern Woodmen every 2nd and
j 4th Wednesdays. Grant Froman, clerk.
Schmitt Block.
I Royal Neighbors every 1st and 3rd
: Wednesdays Alice Kirk, Recorder.
Schmitt Block.
Best Carpels and Rugs.
The beauty of a carpet or fug is made
or loit in the coloring, hence in in
ferior material can not produce a hand
some and durable carpet. Look them
all over and you will readily tee why
Park Mills carpet and Wilton &
Brussls Carpet Co's rugs are so popular.
We buy these fabrics direct from the
mills and save you jobbers profits. We
have floor coverings of all kinds suita
ble for every room in the house and
have used just as much care in select
ing for kitchen and bed room as parlor
and living ioom. Call and inspect the
new things in sanitary carpet and mat
tings. You will agree with us that
"there is a reason" why Morris & Co's
Cordemon carpets and the Inter State
i Fiber mattings havo been so well
(received. Estimates eladlv furnished.
er s
l V TT... .iiA
If you "r your children need glasses
see Dr. Eaton before going. elsewhere,
; he will save tou money; on first-class
! goods. Glasses fitted while you wait.
I Both phones. 104 W. 3rd cor. 3rd and
' Lyon
( PHAGE For snior kraut, and
onions. Phone Faimers 2x1, E. L.
McKcover. 27t
Studebaker wagons, oiiggirs, surreys
und hacks at Stewart & Sox Hdw. Co,
New To t'.ty.
I have an exceptionally good buy in a
lot on Second S'.r et. Paving all paid
for. quick if you want a goo
buv. This Is a good business property.
J. V. Pipe, LY3 West Seconu St ,
AltMny. Oic,
Jones, boilaville. tl
GOLD FISH All colors, a fine lot, nt
Biirkhart & Leu's.
FOR SALE - I have a car load of nic
upland potatoes to sell, at "5 cent
uor bu., delivered to any part of tho
city. A.,.) Cnrothers, Sixth ltd
Lafayette St. 3t !
WOOD-.V.u.lef orsale. vV alton Ron n-Hou--i
Home phone K5c. Ut
kj mind we enrry a comolete line of hu b
Kiai'D i.iiny I I ll'l Wlinrs. LIC-UU U!
oJers. Frleej rig!'!.
!:friKS.r.T & Luk
The Jersey Dairy, i
Pure Milk and Cream delivered twice
If you do not get your milk promptly, !
call me on either phone. W. C. Schulti,
proprietor. !
Clover Leaf Dairy. '
We carry a full lino of Staple mm
Fancy groceries at our market, c r.
2nd &. Lyon Sis., to which we invite
y .ur special Pttention
t loany Dressed Beef & Produce Co. '
Lots of FiskTircs at Baltimores.
WATCHES. F. M. French & Son.
WATCHES. F. M. French & Son.
It yoj appreciate clean, sanitary and
inre m Ik give us a call.
Delive rt d twice a ilsv. Both phone.
J F, HlttiGINS. Prop
Home Phcne
M. Senders &Co,
Both P!-ones 15. 435 West First St.
Hay, Grain, Flour, Seeds,
Salt, Poultry Supplies, Lime,
Plaster, Cement, Roofing.
In Carloads or Less Quantity
Apples, unions, all Kinds of produce.
See us before you sell.
Best storage facilities in towu
Albany Supply Co.
To Remind You
GLENDORX lot.3 are for sale, lot
20x200 ft., sold on terms to s lit
Bette- see us before all the choice one
are gone.
GARBAGE. Fred kainwater looks
after garbage. Phone Home 2333.