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Physician and Surgeon
Albany, Oregon
Calls made in city and country.
Phone, Main 38.
Physician and Surgeon,
Graduate Rush Medical College.
Post-graduate New York City.
Fifteen years' experience.
Prompt attention to calls in the
country, night or day.
Office, over Cusick's Bank. Resi
dence, corner Lyon and Seventh
streets. Both Phones.
alnlsss Dentistry
b our prido-nrr boMT-oor Btndy for ;nn and
owouruc, nnd cmra U tho b. ra!:iiu work
to lio (. ut.i anher. no ia altar hw miml. rtra
P. CoiJiwii out Prices.
We fln'.ah pUta and
brulKowork (or out
of -Iowa patrons in
oat, dsy If d.lrd.
i amies on faction
IrMttt. work ia ordr.
;,";5jeJ. Comuluiion frei.
uu.'i..o ss nn
,.... v v . u u
r(;.i22kBrifT,,tb4.0g i
sold Fiiimn l.yU
Enimil Fillinn 1.00
;ijj Silver Filllnn ,50
Plato 5.00
Plil.i 7.50
18. W. A. WISE, Piuattr in Mutati . Ptinlm Extr'tlen .btt
u run uuuiuu u mruai best msthoos
All work fullr miarantaed for flfteca jean.
Wise Dental Co. Inc.
Painless Dentists
fining Bulldlm, Third and Wjihlniton PORTIANO, OKI.
OUlcs ficlrt: 1 A. li. to t V. M. fiaudara, a U 1
T li e Riverside Farm
KM SCHOOL. Proprietor
Breeder and Importer of O. I. C. Hogs
b. C. White and Butt Legftorns, W. ,
P. Rocks, Light Brahmas, R. C.
Rhode Island Reds, White
Cochin Bantams. . li
Turkeys, Who .1 . -den
Geese, 1' i
Ducks, re i
Winner of .1.7 prizes and 22 nn Poultry
at the Lewis & Clark Fair.
Eggs in Season Stock for Sale
Phone. Farmers 95 - - R c. DNo
.-.auiiiiie. AksolHel
:k.',. Suld by drugpisw.
i; Sl.oo. or h? ui.,il. bosv
purl. ;i.u, a cozi-'s.
iTBg SANTAL-PEPSlh 61, i t,
''Vvoj'-i-' Bcllciantiilne, Oliio '.'
Far irnle bV'fltirthsrt & Let
Of the fiiiest land around Albatid, on j
famous Phillips garden tract North '
Albany. 1-4 mile from steel bridge, an
ordard, in fruits and berries, facing i
street. Walk over and see -s. P. J. 1
Phillip? ..bout it, or call her ui. un Hume :
phone 110. j
lroiiiptly ol)tr.ImM, or FEE RETURNED.
1C LOWEST. Send mod el, photo or sketch for
eipcrt worth and frco report on patentability.
INFRINGEMENT Bultil conducted before all
oourtn. Pntenta ohtnined tlironprh xi ADVER
SIONS and COPYRIGHTS quickly obtained.
Opposite U. 8. Patent Office.
. mn nrrrunrn Bend model, h
drawint; orplioto.rureiert w.reh and freerport. I
Free ailTice, how to obtain patent, trade mark!, k
coprttunta, etc, IN axt. COUNTRIES. I
Business direct wiA Washington saves tinu, t
money ana ojien tne patent
Pitent and Infringement Practice EiclmWely.
Write or eome to us at
B13 Hlath Elrwt, 077. Unlud 8Utn Patent Oflcg
Equalization Notice.
The County Hoard. of Equalization
of taxes will meet at tlie office of the
county clerk, Monday, October 13,
1911, and remain in session iur six
days, for the purpose of publicly ex
amining the assessment roll and io
correct errors in valuation, descrip
tion' or qualiti -s i f hind, h ts or other
property. Ail persons in-crcs;e I
hcr-.-by rot-iieo ir. ;ippt;-.r :tr tj::j 10
pointed lime aiw! j'htce ar.d. if it sh.'iN
appear t i -.:d Fc:-rd. that lard.-, lot?
or other p-' -pirty he asressed tv.-ic.'.
or assc ct4 i'i w'e ra"ie o: a.:y per
son or rr-'"' -r.t tne ownsr 1
or p.sse;c;
or any hi:d
fltepctn'l, T
l-?vo:ul iis v-i
th.-r property
your horse
tcne s
Trice St.
rr-r sale by all drt'--
Dr. S. C. STONfc..
Salem ' Oregon.
t- ' 'd r
Will be presented at the Opera house
for t;vo nights beginning tomorrow
night, an opera that deserves a crowded
house. It promises to be well given by
the following:
Belshazza J. C. Irvine, Nitocris Mrs.
Flo, Daniel E. Kinney Miller, Hanna
niah E. G. Finnerty, Jewish Maiden
Prof. Bown, Lady of Court Mrs. Nut
ting, High priest of Bael F. E. Van
Tassell, Angel Blanch Hammel, Cyrus '
Neil Bain, Jewish maiden duet Airs. I
Sumption and Madeline Kawlings, wise
men Ray Cleaver end Ed. Fortmiller,
Jewish maiden's trio Mary Coulter.
Blanche Hammal and Madeline Rawl
ings. Daniel's companions E. . Fin
nerty, Ray Cleaver and F. E. Van Tas
sell, cup bearers Wilma JunKins, Mary
Warner, Rita Medin, Catherine Bain
Cyrus' soldiers Ed. Fortmiller, Abra
hams, Doud and Win, t-ortmiller, Jew
ish Quartette Wm. Fortmiller, toary
Coulter, Mrs. Bigbee, Finerty and Van
Tassell, Belshnzzer's maidens, Louise
Pirile. Wanita Riley. Nl ie Snvder.
iuuiiiic iciiucuann, ucucvicvc tiviiit,
Helen Hulbert, Julia Crowell, Accom-
Puutine Pennebaker, Genevieve Irvine,
patnst Emma Six. Director ;.. E.
Lad'es of the oprra. Those men
tioned above and Helen Hulbert, Ima
Hanson, Mary Irvine, Margaret Jacks,
Mrs. Margaret .Viartin, Mrs. J. P. Mar
tin, Doris McClain, Mrs E. K. Miller,
Margarita Pennebaker, Mrs. O.B. Stal
naker, Hazel Thompson, Jessie Telford,
Mrs. F. E. Van Tassel, Lola Wade,
Agnes Wills.and Eva Wallace.
Men of the opera Those mentioned
above and J. V. Barton, Hans Flo, W.
F. Heekman. J. P. Martin, O. V, White
and Glen Wil'ard.
John Holraan arrived this noon from
RuV. Knott left this afternoon
i Yamhill county.
Mrs. M. Brannan.went to Buena Vista
this afternoon,
j No championship game today. More
I rain at Philadelphia.
.vir. and Mrs. atackey left this nooi
for a visit with friends at Irving.
An inch of ruin fell in Philadelubia
yesterday. That would soak things in I
A crazy Indian woman was brought
out from Siletz today and taken to uie ;
asy'iim. I
Miss i.aura Taylor went to Eugene '
thit; al'terii'ioii for a visit wnii ner, 1
Aliss Geviy
Dr. t Inist a:l, of the United Artizans, ;
Lawyer J. C. Christie went to C r
Corvallis this afternoon on legal bus
iness. R. A. Murphy and Chas. Cline left
lis noon for Riddles alter the festive
I See '-strike bulletin posted in Oiejon
' Restaurant window. Lyon street. Shop
Clyde Riley has a car load of Santiam
j fir wood for sale. Call W. A. Cox,
Bell phone.
The Hampton-Columbian Mcgazine
!has struck a rock, an 1 is in the nands
of a receiver.
silk anll Mesgalirie pett:coat sae,bet
,ues ever offered i8ee window display.
chambers & McCnne.
. ... . .
Oregon is, and the valley is full of
People ready to back up the statement
with the best they have.
350 is the number of the lots in the
new Burkhart Park additicn being laid
out, instead of 135, stated yesterday,
The Ladies Home Journal will be out
tomorrow, a good number, like all of
them. See Riiey Lubaugh in his chair.
A wireless correspondence has just
been curried on by two operators 6 000
miles apart, from S. F. to pear Japan.
Mr. and Mrs. Moon and Miss Marg
aret Guisendorfer went to Eugene this
afternoon to attend the Adams Abbett
Hathaway and Prather's machine
shop, at Corvallis, was oadly damaged
by fire yesterday. The loss is reported
at $8,000.
Rev. and Mrs. Douglas, Dr. J. B.
Eaton, H. P. Merrill a d others this
noun re.uruud from the Baptist, con.
Vcit ij.; at AlcMinnville.
Walla Walla school boys yesterday
burned the high school principal in
efigy because he suspended some of
them on account of foot ball.
Ladd V Bush, of Salem, have bought
the big Krebs hop farm neir Indtpend.
ence, in settlement of a big bark debt,
nearly $100,000 said to be the consider
The annual convention of the Baptist
church of Oregon bgan at .VlcMinn
vilie yesterday, with O. P. Coshow "1
Gosehurg, formerly of this county, in
the cha r.
viary x'-.derson, at onn the
world's let nc stress, arrived in N.
Y yesterday. T.'te Democrat man had
the privilege of hearing her thirty two
yesri, an. ti ihe was then 19.
Secreiaij kVilson delivered an address
before the national brewers, and the
President down in California set uo the
champagne. Verily the present admin
istration is wet as well as indel.
32 liirlhs and 11 deaths wis the Linn
countv recoid for Septemhpr. iust re
coioed. The teath rate ia less than 5ys
in a thousand, which is very low,
h uh above that of the num.. prev
E K. Miller, of Eugene, who will
'.-ik i he pait of IJviei. in PeUhnzzar.
:h cr-taiy of ih. Euifcne Y. M. C. A.,
'i in a p'endld singer, bu: a vounu
r n of .-p.VrJ'if repitation an j attain
In thecitv: W. O. Nisley. the piano
r.ner and dealer. C. F. Morse and wire
f P-.nrevillp. A. I. Shreve, tho Stay
I m !,..n :t.T. E O. rarra of lie'mont.
.dinn., '. Park, wife and daughter, of
S inna, Kan.; Clyde L lapp, of Oron
d . Wash
At the Dreamland theater last night
ne of the best fire pictuies shotn was
.in the excellent orozram of the eveninp;,
bos Angeics nre, wim an infre.ti-i
,ti r interwoven. The fir wa-t i
-r thine, one actually occurring in
I,ns AnfeleB.
The spud show opened in Harrisburg
yesterday with a good attendance
There are spuds mere galore, all kinds,
a line display according to thd rnport.
A potato pyramid 8 feet high attracted
attention, erected by Douglas Love.
Everything else has been done by the
women. A long table of fruits is a
good one and there are candies, jellies,
and ail manner of vegetables.
Besides there is a very striking dis
plav of relics, worth seeing; a copy of
the" Ulster Co. Gazette of Jan. 4, 1800,
ty Dr. Clark; a spinning wheel, Dy Miss
Emma Love, one that has been in
the family 150 years, brought to Oregon
in 1So2; a sugar buwl 100 years old,
owned by Mrs. Mountjoy; a plate by
Mrs. Wm. Ayer, in the family over a
hundred vears; a uunk owned by Mrs.
Murdock, made in England in 1794.
Today a good crowd of Albany peo
pie at'eadeus. among them the follow
ing geing on the noon train; Manager
C. H. Stewart, A. D Hall. MrsE. D.
Sloan, H Bryant, Bert Crawford, G.
B. Cummings, M Senders, Dr. and
Mrs. Shiun, J L Tomlinson, Mr. and
Mrs. H. N. Bouley and son, G. T.
Hockensmith, L E. Blain, J. C. Irvine,
W. W. Francis, D. P. Mason, Maj. C.
B. Winn, G. H. Crowell and L. L.
from Albany's Six Early
Dr. J. C. Booth and daughter of Leb-
trip. The Dr. in reading the Morning
Oregonian, about the address of Secre-
tary Wilson to the brewers, remarked
that when a boy, back in Iowa, he was
a member of the Sabbath school class
of Secretary Wilson for three years,
The Secretary then was a very devout
nhristi.i., nnrl romneranpfi man. i
Rev. H. L. Nave, of Portland, passed
through on his way home from Eug-ne,
where he conducted services at the
Presbyteiian church on Sunday. Rev.
Mount, who has been in the hospital, is
now able to be out, and is steadily im
proving, with prospscts of fully recov
ering. Among the commercial travelers leav
ing were Allinirham, bound for Salem,
Monson, with his paper, Wolff, Gardi
ner and Sam Goldsmith.
a t fTt. lfi
Oscar Ingram, of Lebanon, left on a.
S t SL.
at Lebanon this morning white with
W. H. Jenkins, traveling passenger
Kw ShrS 6 '
pys khZ tPhJ f?,;,. Tmw
r5J;?lT; L At? ' i-,LrmbS
-t -.T .Ar. r.' T'ri'i"
Itr end Mm w 'r Irlw
down fromMShedd MCCrm,Ck Cam6
Nineteen suit coses in a pile at the
end of the depot, awaited their owners
ueparcure, set, uown Willie waning iur
the different trains.
A Daner fuck containing n hat. with
the card of a Rosoburg milliner on it,
spoke for the manner in which people
move about.
A Packed House.
The Empire last night was crowded
io the si Jewaik, when die performance
began at 7:30, and many were turned
away, missing a good purtoruiance,
enjoyed by those who got inside. The
Hugnes W atkins Dixie Co, are a giod
aggregation ot entertainers. Thev will
be heard again tonight, and another big
crowd is sure. Better go early.
Tonmht there wik be an entire
change of program. Besides their ex-
celent work, worth nve times the price
of admission there is a fine program of
pictur s, including biograph. Tonight
is the last dunce. And tha whole ad
mission is only 10 cents.
Shoes by Express.
Being anxious to supply the great
demand for certain kinds of ahoes,
Chambers & McCuner d;d not wait to
write or wait for freight. They tel
egraphed to Philadelphia ard Cincin
nati! . for cases of shoes to come by
express. A number of cases have
arrived so Friday and Saturday they
can supply the women with eighteen
an.i nineteen button tan shoes and all
kinds of Gun Metal, Sueae, Patent,
Velvet, Satin and Corduroy.
r.xpress comes high but their popular
prices will be the same, experienced
shoe men to fit you properlv.
Letter List.
The following letters remain in the
Albanv, Ore., postofficc uncalled for
Oct 18. Hill. Persons desiring any of
these letters should call for advertise
letters, giving the date:
Mrs. J. VV. Armstrong, Mrs. Harry
Dunkie. Mrs. Clara Foline. MrB Kel-
'Midi, Will Ltterman, R. E. Mullen, i
Mary Alice Parwer, Nettie Robbins. R i
F S-it. Henry Uhl. Flix Wagner,
Chsr'i- Whitlpr. Hollis Williams.
Wngiit Wilson. Warr.'n Wilcox (2)
J. K. Van WiNKp.. P. M.
A f ir.e Candy Display.
'Th display ot Albany ml can'lv at
the Mission Parlors is one of the fHic-i
seen in the valley, high grade, clean, up
to date, dandy candy, made by tlx
Mission's own candy maker It cover?
a large variety of Boft and hard con
fectionary, the latest in everyhing.
rfange of temperature C2 34.
The rivor 1 6 f tel.
Prediction: f t:' onlf' t and Fri 'i y
Ar. HolbrocK
Manager Stewart, of the Commercial
Club yesterday evening received the
lollowirg dispatch iroin J. C. Holbrook,
at Omaha;
"Will need more literature immediate
ly. This is a big show. Send a lot. "
Last evenimr a short session of the
commercial cluo was held and several
thousand pieces were ordered sent at
The Land Show at Omaha it is said
will bring together about 50,000 peo
ple from a section that sends many to
the Northwest Tne opinion is that we
are reaching the most people interested
in uregon.
Anderson-Burkharl. In Portland.
on Wednesday evening, Oct. 18, Mr.
Fred Anderson and Miss Adrn Burkhart.
The groom is a popular barber, a mem-
Der ot tne nrm ot Bruce 4s Anderson,
ana son of T. J. Anderson, and the
bride is a daughter of Mr. Ed. Burk
hart, a young lady of excellent char
acter, a native of Linn county.
They will be home tomorrow and will
be met wi!h the best wishes of hclr
many friends.
Hansard Pardoned.
After paying $850 fines imposed by
JudB Harris, of Eugene, yesterday
upon recommendation of Judge Harris,
and Dlst- A"orn?y B"8?". Hansard
was pardoned by the Gov. from the jail
sentence, the principal grounds being
the man has an incurable disease.
Hansard, when the local option law
went into effect, began a career of
blind-pigging at Lebanon, followed by
several arrests and light sentences
here, when he changed his field of
operation to Lane county, where the
finea have been put on with a sledge
liuilliill-l, UI1U VCt lie 11U KUJJl. HI 1L U1H11
finally correlled in those last cases.
which probably ends his blind-pigging.
If not the proper thing will bo to send
him to the asylum
His downfall ought to be an example,
but will it be?
Death of Mrs. Muehlenhoff.
,.... j ,..uiu.
dicd at her home near Lyons yesterday
mnfniniT omi th. f-,0,i ...n
lavuxaia,, uaau HI- lUilciai luurt J IClVJ n lj
me ui. l, cnurcn in this city inis alter-
Mrs- Muehlenhoff, whoso maiden
nlime wa Fen-y. boinnearFt.
Madison, Iowa. Aug. 1. 1848, and came
to Oregon with her folks in Wb'Z.
was rried twice. She was a member
. ttJZ T.J?'
1 , . . " '-.S Ju.o lit
I this city.
: Shu leaves n hncluinrl nnd tha follnw.
ing -children: Chns:. M. Anderson,
lynotyper On tne Salem Jounnl; f hi
Anderson, of Plainview: Mrs. John
Bowman, of Langloise, and Lena M.
nnd Loyd G. Anderson, residing at
Jackson's Assessment.
The total assessment of Jackson
county ir $40,000,000, approximately
It will take a big slice of the tax just
for $75,000 interest money on the
$1,500,000 bonds alone. Medford hails
with $0,3(1, H43 of the assessment, with
Ashland next with $3,185, 6-10. Then
the ord:-r la I enta1 Point, Jacksonville,
Gold hill, "hoenix, Talent, Eagle Point
and Woodville, all under a million. 209
automobiles in the entire couny shows
how the DUmher has been exaggerated.
Looking Towarcs Oieeon.
A Mr Wilson ins family are hre
from Texas, with a view to locating.
He reported at least forty far Hies who
were-intending to come to Oregon to
live. Failure of crops there and their
frequency, was causing a good deal of
A man and bis family just here from
Kansas repor ed a great shortage there
and many luoking this way, where crops
never tail.
A Portland Tragedy.
Portland. Oct. 18 Apparently ment
illy deri.nE-.ld by brooding over his ill
hei.lth, far as can he learned, Irving
n. iiiicii:i:iiii. ugeu o, emuioyeu as
:iiv salism.;n. I.y ihe local brunch of
the Standard Oil comptnv, shot anil
killed his wife, lteih-1 MtCov Mini-
thamp aged 211, in thei' r.r..nn in tlv
Stanley apar ments, 7ul vtushington
street, presumably some time Monday
ivening, i.r.! then committed auxidu.
W. f. Ilccknian was a Corvallis vig:
tor toiji.y.
iiV-ei Guy Levelling returned this
nuon frm a Salem trip
i1r i.'id Mrs. E. D. Angell, of Furtfo.
J. D.. are in the city.
Herl Turn-dge. a prominent young
nun of nill City, is in the cily,
v n .1. I. Tnrpin and daughter Min
lie. of -Vaterloo. have been in the city.
liar'" S'.blosser thi-t nion returned
Torn .- .. e:n, where he ha been several
s, c-.m-nereial Irave.ler,
jpar .-oat orva
oy, wai in the
;it y lo-'.iy
W ('. M-lin
of ths city. and f hi her -
in U L. E. Bi n tp, of Port and, left
his at -mo in for Koseburg on a hunt
Mr nnd 'r . Sumuel Went, and wo
lau.-h'.-rj. V is'rt N. Hie and Lillian.
htm in Ihe city on a visit with their
eo'lsin. Rev '. P. White, while on
t.lteir vav to r-isudena. Calif., to snend
tho winter, Tn. y are old residents o'
Pitts'nir.f, where M. Wejt was in bin
ine for lo'iv-three years, now retir j
and taking things easy.
Absolutely Pure!
To have pure and wholesome
food, be sure that your baking
powder is made from cream
of tartar and not from alum.
Label wil
Royal is the only baking
powder made from Royal
Grape Cream of Tartar
Benton-Marion-Lanc-Linr. Exhibit
Is Great.
Corvallis. Oct. 10. The exhibit at
the Omaha land show of the four Wil
lamette viilley cuunties, Benton, Lane,
Linn and Marion, is conceded to be tho
best exhibit at the show, so stales a
telegram from Frank Groves, repre-
,u e .!.... rw.
SeiliailVU Ul UIO lUUI CUUIlbi.'9 n, vriiiu-
f. r,., ... n u.toH in
write to who live in the vicinity
n un ., ,u
VI VllltlllC, Ullll III-. Ill tv u- - -
pon exhibit at the umanu ana snow.
Some Lane county hops yesterday
sold for 40 3-8 cents.
McCourt will not be undersold in coal.
Get prictis and he will beat it
Fifty aviators have been killed this
vear. Beuts foot ball and the 4th ot
Kid McCoy is ubout to havo his 8th
round in marriage. What a lot ot fool
women in tho world.
The Ladies Home Journal for Nov. is
out. The cover is a line one, novel and
catchy See Itiloy Lobough.
The bank at Philomath has been
closed, at least temporarily. Too many
loans is tho cause of th-- trouble.
With the aerophone, anew invention,
one may talk through Bolid walls, in
fact it is claimed through livu miles of
solid rock.
Two cleaners, who cleaned things in
Albanv and made a cican up, are said
to huvu cleaned out owing one hotel $i!l
and another $10.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Schulty, who have
Dcen witn tne usoorn at r,ugenu, tins
afternoon went to Salem to clerk for
the New Marion,
It is reported that prohibition has
probably carried in Maine by 7W,
though tho oflicial decision of the count
ing beard has yet been given.
The Elks propose a novelty at the big
Elk's convention of roses and inn
balls at the same time, summer and
winter, bringing three car loads of
; 8now down from Mt. ilood,
Mrs. J. P. Wallace, Mrs. J.' L. Tom -
linson and Mrs. J. S Morgan returned
this noon from McMinnvlile, nnd re
ported a good time at tne convention,
with plenty of chic'ten thrown in.
A cannonado heard last night west
ward was duo to the dynamitii g the old
wheel of the Oregon PowerCo., in order
to break it up, more easily dispjBed of.
Tne big new wheel is in place, an im
mense structure.
A new wheel bas been shioped to
Aluany to take tho place of tho old flat
v.l eel that has been making a noise liko
4m of Ju'y celebration, as the Eugene
east off car has thugged along Lyon
and First streets,
Under the newsystem of a purchasing
auo ncy by the state, in six months the
e, ntructs amounted to over $82,000, of
I wi.i.h only about Sll.OHO went to Salem
eo'icerns. this muKes naiem squeal ; j t
nu. mat eiu,, in no uioiu oiuucn iu von
tracts than Portland or Albany.
Portland yesterday defentod S. F. 3
to Z a botne ru.i ny ivunn umng tne act,
....I ... nm,r thn ..nnnnnt f,, I'rtri in n,l
in u v. ...... r . ....m,
this came being necessary. Lob Angles
defeated Vernon 10 to 6. and did not
throw the fnimi, ru xo many hive been
J.J i oliinB, E D. Cusick, Henry
Kroner, itny lyrawiorii, vv. n. ii-jgi ti,
W. A. i! r ott and I) C. Green took
loads in their auto tn the Hamuli!) g
-pod sho yesterday. Returning Hie
eais of Collins and Crawford came
I'in.rgn Benton county, a fine trip.
tl.i'ru WilUina ilnli-rhtfilllv on.
..,;,.,. , Thursday afternoon book
I ,.,.. ht.r h, lnl, ,, 7,h street. Tho
gu.'S's were highly entertairied with
1 music d. rm." the afternoon by Mi.i'
' It ., .1 ti ..lan.m lh Mr. W k-n,
i a-iso
A ov Miss Swank and Mis Hock.
. 1 nsmtlh
rveo a delicious luncheon.
1 At Maeon
Ga., yesterday, Ely. tho
iator, who was in Oregon several
, nrw-ths rrt'o, ore of the most daring
. ilr4 in the 1. S . was kll h.d bv netklt a
too much of a dip and crashing to ti e
Ur iund, losing control of his m ichine.
i it h a ereat min'i-rn g .tin1, but a fatal
one in the long run.
yuidc you
Wo Lima Phosphates
News from AILany s Six
E. H. Rhodes' went' to Salem on
prjtie business, preparatory to dispos
ing oi ins crop, nuout izu,uuu pounus.
As high as 8.G con s has been paid,
though tho Portland papers have not
given the quotation correctly, putting
the price at less than 8 cents This is
probably tho highost paid for prunes.
W. A. Ewing, the Scio banker, re
turned homo after a short Albany trip,
and reported things Bcreno on Thomas
creek. Scio some day hopes to bo on
the railroud map.
A. W. Blackburn arrived from Leba-
non on a short business trip.
Olf again: W. W. Allinghnm, C L.
Monson, Wolff, Goldsmith and other
commercial travelers radiating around
Tuin Psigeos, the Lebanon boot black,
returned f.m a visit among tho breth
ren at Portland.
Kuv. Win. McLeod, of Mill City, re
turned home nfter attending presby
tery and tho synod, stopping in Salem
on tho waV home.
N. D. Conn left for Jelterson on a
real estate trip.
Milt McGuire returned from an elec
tric trip.
MrB. Wm. Morgan went to Lebanon
to visit relatives.
Miss Hannah, of Scio, left for home
after a visit at S. Shupp'a.
A gang of mon are at work on the
roof of tho depot, giving it ngreonhue,
in keeping with tho new pnrk, and add
ing to the good appcaranoe of things.
A Civil Service Meeting.
A meeting of civil service omployces
of Albany and neighboring cities of the
Willamette Valley will bu held in Al
bany tomorrow evening at 8 p.m., at
the Commercial Club rooms for the
purpose of organizing a Willamette
Valley Branch of tho U S. Civil Ser
vice Retirement Association.
Fred P. Holm, Sec. of the Portland
branch and other prominent speakers
will bu present to address tho meeting.
All members of thu Civil Service aro
reuuested to bu present and the public
, Anolfort ia being made to havo Con
- is niviieu to aitunu.
grcHsman Hawley present. Tho organ
ization is in the interest ot the retire
ment bill. It is said congress will un
doudtcdly pass .the bil' at tho noxt ses
sion, and tne tir-n want a hand in se
curing one ihat covers their rights.
Two Anuniiirients A R-d
m mmmm . 2?i;a ?ral4faal
At the coming ci'v election besides a
full city ticaet two mensurcs will be
voted on. an amendment nruvidinv: for
, the appointment of a deputy c.ty
j recorder, so that during the absence of
I the regular recorder there will be some
Tone in tha o'tieo having authority to
! act, ai.d an amendment that will do
I away with the pn si nt 8 mill t .x levy
limit, Riving the oily c luneil the power
The Lane County Style.
w lo R Hllrct wnB ,rl ) nl Eu(ten0.
' ... ..... n
yi.Mopiny hetoro Justico nrvson, ann
pr08,.ult.,j hy District Attorney Bry-
on cnil.,.(1 witn vj0,ltjun of tho local
ti , aw founf KUit an( fln j by
Justice Bryson 300 and 20 days in Jail,
Ttmt is tho way things aro done in Eu-
The Weather.
Range of temperature C6 37.
The river is 1 4 feet.
r-rediction: fair tonight and Satur
day. Stanley Hammel is now In a drug
b'oio at Tillamook. Th-j Democrat has
r c ived from him a post card picture
showing the arrival of the firs', train at
Tillamook on Oc . 9. Capt. Hammel
may be seen in the crowd.
The brewers "ociatmn of th U. S.
sends out ar t - re.u arly to the
papers ot the . - oirv lor usj i.s dis-
patches. Tlu Ur.-uuiau give i nil the
dope. Just now the effort l being
made to make the husinejs a m e.-ul une,
a trick that catches bomu.