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    DR. M. H. ELLIS
Physician and Surgeon
Albany, Oregon
Calls made in city and country.
Phone, Main 38.
Physician and Surgeon,
Graduate Rush Medical College.
Post-graduate New York City.
Fifteen years' experience.
Prompt attention to calls in the
country, night or day.
Office, over Cusick's Bank. Resi
dence, corner Lyon and Seventh
streets. Both Phones.
Painless Dentistry
! oar pride osr hobby oor itndy for rear &nt
now our aocM. nd our ia th bt-at p-ile work
to b foucd n? where, no natter bow auicb yea
pj. Coniiure our 1'rlce.
7Tb flnleli pltt nj
fiSfei-o" !? o town ratten la
i ,.. -s vi- I'ainlesi oitrnetion
v -3Jrt' WDeil pl&tei or
f-- ,JE . j abridge work in order-
M CeDiultation fret,
' S-i Molar Crown. 55.00
S -iGcId Fillmri l.UU
e-r.'i? V.Gcod Rubber Al
kMfl 7.50
Bit W.l. Will, PiuitnTuiMuMu Pilnleit Extr'tion .Oil
it nut imnuiu n rinuii but method
All work tally guaranteed for fifteen year.
Wise Dental Co.,ic
Painless Dentists
Fifllni Bulldlm, Third ind Washington . PORTLAND. ORE.
OUdHoui: A. H. to I P. VL iulul.ltol
Because "J?
field of the world's thought,
action and culture. The only
new unabridged dictionary in i
many years.
Because enQ6B over 400,000
before appeared between two
covers. 2700 Pages, 6000 Il
lustrations. Because 18 ooJy dictionary !
page. A ' Stroke of Genius.
Because is an encyclopedia in 1
IWamf Ifc ia accepted by the
PCCaU5e Courts, Sohools and
Preae as the one supreme an-
Because wIl knows Wlna
aec-ess. Let us toll
you about this new work
) warra for iiMoliiua of now dMdd pgo. V
m o ytDHllirA D-Ul.k... CM H.I.
HflnUonUiiopapo.ncctnrBEE . Mt ofpeematmipf.
Til e Kiversidc Farm
ED. SnUOF-L.-rToprieor
Breeder and Importer of O. I. C. Hogs
S. C. White and Buff Leghorns, W.
P. Rocks, Light Brahmas, R. C.
Rhode Island Reds, White
Cochin Bantams, . li.
Turkeys, W nn t -den
Geese, 1' .. . L
Ducks, i'o i . '
Winner ot 11 prizes and 22 on Poultrj
at the Lewis & Clark Fair.
Eggs in Season - Stock for Sale
Phone, Farmers 95 - - - R f. DNo '
It your horse has
Stone's Heave
Drops. Price $1.
For sale by all dru.
Dr. S. C. STONt.
fZSZZZZ& Salem - Oregon.
Ssctfs Santal-PccsFcaDsiiies
For Inflammation orCatarrbol
the Bladder and Df-eased Kid
kucVB. HO ."ORE KO PAY. Corn
M nmkly and perniRnf-ntly the
J worst ch4 of Gonorrhoea
I and Vleet. no nn tier of lion
'mie t.infliiitr. A htnlutnli
WT3T 7v H.00.8 base, 12.75.
. jk rrice i.w, or uj man. p-iti
BcUdonUine, Ohio
For nle bTBnrkhrt A Lee
l'romirtly obtain.!, nr FEE RETURNED.
THE LOWEST. Semi mudfl, pbutu or ulcrtch for
CTI-rt drch and free report on patrntAbilirr.
INFRINGEMENT suit rondnctcd tieforo eU
court. Pfttentu obtjiinrd throittrh ADVER
SION lUHl COPVRICHTS qulofcl- obtained.
Opposite U. 8. Patent Off1cot
: BW.f.
i t .va a 2
i K'S se
drwii,.'Trt- p
I r'rre rTice. how to OIHAin pAb-nu. tra.le loArkA, b
I eoprnvtiu.tnc in ALL COUNTRIES. I
Bnsiws dirtxt n it It aiktHgwm Mavti nmr, I
moirf ana fjlen lit patent.
fitint ird lifHnrcmnt Pritrfjco Exclutlnly.
WrlM or mm to as at
SU aiatk Itrnt. orp. UntUd IUM TUni OmM.I
General Crawford last evening made
a straight flight in his machine of at
least half a milt, the biggest one yet.
This morning he made another trial,
with quite an audience on hand, in fact
three trials, he lighted well in the two
initial trials after flights of three cr four
hundred yards. The third time he went
up at least fifty feet, when he thought
he would attempt a turn, and he .turned
too much, and the machine came down
on one of the wings, breaking it, but
doing no other damage. $10 will fix ic.
This will take awhile. Crawford has a
hop picking engagement, which he will
attena to, woen ne win repair me aero
plane and make some more attempts,
after this not trying any turns until he
has mastered straight flying. It is a
business that takes an immense sight of
confidence and nerve, and experience is
what counts.
Oakland got another one from Port
land yesterday, 3 to 2.
In ten years the center of population
nas come west cn mues.
Miss Jennie Johnson ot Eugene,.!
turned home this afternoon.
lhe water rents of the ttugene plant
tor August, nave been ?ZMUU.
A Hoquiam house was set on fire by
an electric rut iron, lett turned on.
Miss Burton, of Newport, was in the
city this noon on her way to Portland
tor an outing.
A Medford man this week sold half
aa acre of apples for $1,000, said to be
a new record in apples,
Mrs. Stanley Stevenson, of Portland,
end Dr. J. ti. Kobinett, of Salem, are
the home of their sister, Mrs. Craft.
Lay ton Steele, of Portland today ro
turned from his Newport outing. He
had a close call to its being bis last one.
Some hotel registrations are: Delia
Hallowell Kearney, Neb.; Walter H.
White, Newberg; Geo. Clark, Corvallis.
President Taft will pass through Al
bany about 11 o'clock on Oct. 13, and
wo can at least see him go by with his
Madero has been nominated for presi
dent of Mexico and will probably be
elected. Will the people really rule
there now.
Allen, Douglas, Rulh and Horace
Ritcnie last evening relumed Irom New
port, where they enj -yeci a' mouth's
outing immensely.
: Inquiries have been made about the
Lee Department store of this city; but
! the" Democrat doesn't know of any
such establishment.
Dr and Mrs. Davis have returned
I from a trip as far as Calgary, Alta,
' where the Dr's brother Charles resides.
I They had a fine time.
Mrs. Rev. Abbett and daughter Miss
! Myra, will be in the city this evening,
the guests of Mrs. Moon, while on
j their way to Eugene,
! k'r. Seat, who recently bought xhe
Terhune farm near Tangent, left thiB
' morning for his home at Coer D'Alene,
Idaho, intending to return later.
Mrs. E. Thrall and daughter, Miss
Florence, who have been down on the
Thrall farm, were in the city on their
way to the ocean for an outing.
Eugene Register: Professor H. L.
Hopkins left yesterday for Bandon,
where he expects to superintend the
city schools for the coming year.
While J. D. Rockefeller was playing
a game of golf yesterday his Standard
Oil stock increased $11,000,000 in value.
Wonder if the assessor found it out.
While at Sanderson's bridge last Sun
day J. G Crawford, of this city found
a piece ot uranium, a mineral radium
is secured from, something quite rare.
Miss Edna Knott returned to iBhland
this afternoon, to resume her work iu
the public schools there, after spending
her summer vacation with her folks
, A new skirt is cut open at the bottom
in front, allowing more freedom in
walking and - showing the ankles.
Curves are to be the order no matter
what the figure.
Judge Gallowow returned this noon
from Salem, where he had been to see,
his son Chas.Gallowiy before he left for
Richmond, Va., to attend the national
tax convention.
Mrs. Ada Morris Crawford, arrived
this noon on a vidit with .urs. C J.
Bushnell, at Judge Hewitt's, and other
Albany friends .She is one o. Albany
college's graduates,
A dispatch from Brownsville says
L. L. Swan has resigned aa city attorney
because hia recommendations to the
council in the injunction suit were disre
garded. Whu wants the job,
Geo. A. Beavii, a former commercial
traveler, ia here from Dufur Belling
stcck in an oil company. He had with
him crude oil from the well, now down
170') feet, and reported twenty feet of
Grant rroman and son Cecil last
evening returned from Upper Soda,
where they had a fine time luring, but
not a deer was secured. A r. and Mrs.
Uave Froman and Wavn: Dawson,
with them remained for a longer outing
Miss Clara Eckert has returned from
the east, coming home sooner than she
hud intended, which suus her many
friends here. Tne Wilhtinttte Valley
and parliCL-hrly the Hub looks better
than ever to her.
W. W. Green and family have now
moved to their farm recently purchased
of ibs V.aud Henderson, on the Oak
ville mad. while the residence vacated
iv them is already occupie ; by fr
Martin, a commercial trnveler, who
was waiting for it.
Speaking of the Callaham Johnson
nrt'i rife a', this citv the CottageGrove
Le-.uet suys:
This came as a great surprise to tlic
frit-nds of Miss Johnson, who wis ont
of the most charming and popular
young ladies lit the city and will b
i eatly missed by a host of friends
Miss John ion is lhe daughter of Mr
nd nrs. w ro. Johnson, and ha beer
omployed as saleslad by her fathei
ind more recently in the Burkholder
Woous Co store.
TiE OR. E.
Again Started South from Salem.
A Salem diSDatch in the Oreeonian
this morning reports that work will be
begun on the Oregon Electric south
from that citv within two weeks, that
all the right of wav trouoles have been
settled but two, and they are being ad
justed so work may be done, Reports
that work was to be begun have been
made before, followed by hitches. It is
to be hopej this one is business. It is
said the Hill people have the large
equipment used in the Deschutes pro
ject all ready for use on this line, and
it work is started a very large torce or
men will be put to work and the project
News from Albany's Six
A good crowd left for Scio to attend
the fair, probably a hundred altogether,
among them being noticed President
Eastburn and M anuger Stewart of the
Commercial Club, Postmaster Van
Winkle and some of his family, D. P.
Mason, who got his business start in
Scio, Grant Pirtle, Jack Warner, H.
Bryant and family. Sheriff Smith,
County Clerk Marks, Mrs. Rebecca
Morris. Mrs. Blount, Mrs. J. H. Goins,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Serflincr. Peter
Paulus and family, Fred Harris, Re
corder Rediiekl, Jos. Meiser and W. H.
H. C. Atwell. who has chanre of the'dAv evenino- Ano- sn t n'flnfk Mr
Linnhaven development, returned to
Portland. He has done splendid work j
here, a great help to Linn county or-
chard improvements.
Miss Helen Gilbert left for Portland
to begin her studies as a nurse at Good
Samaritan Hospital. She wa9 accom-
panicd by her father, P. D. Gilbert.
Maj. C. B. Winn, wife and son Cur
tis, with a big sand shovel, Mrs. C. H
Weider and two tall sons left for New
port, for an outing. They will be at
the Train cottage.
Phil Swank, Linn county's longest
married man, came down from Tallman.
E. U Will went out to Lebanon on a
business trip. Mrs. Will remained in
Albany tor a snort visit.
LaeTa 5 Hawkins, of Toledo,
returned home, ,
Rev. John Acheson, of Portland, re-
turned to his work at Portland, after a
very enjoyable summer's outing in the
m(.g J J
L."L. Swan citv attorney of Albany
and ex-citv attorney of Brownsville,
left on a Salem trip.
Mr, Bob Miller, of Halscy, arrived
on his way to Scio,
Dr. W. F. Jones went to Marion on
professional business.
Miss Juanita Riley left for Eugene
to ioin her mother for a visit
Mr. and Virs. W. H.- Goltra and;
daughter, Mrs. Benson Starr, left for
Goltra on a visit to the Goltra farm. I
This was Mrs. Goltra's first visit to the; '
fa.m fnif,-aln-hr .roovo nnlir r.!.n..- '
i(l. av n.nwj ,&..v j.u., v.n, uuuut
ten miles from the city,
APretty Good One.
An Albany young lady returned to
the city after an absence of several
months, arriving on the early 4:18
train. Not desiring to disturb any one
she slipped up into the room, where she
had formerly slept, locked the door and
went to bed. being very sleepy noth
ing disturbed her. In the morning when
tho lady of the house went to the room
she was surprised to find the door
locked. She had the sheriff sent for,
and the door was broken open, with
mutual astonisnment. The young lady
rubbed her eyes and remarked: "Well,
what do you folks want any way. l he
joke has been too good to Keep locked
Village Notes,
Mr. SDauldimr has anew sirrn for his
yard, reading LUM BER in big let
ters. . .
Eugene and Geo. Dsoley have shingled
their ntore. Fine boys, doimr u fine biz.
Floyd Churchill's crop of potatoes on
his Central farm, is a big one, and the
Churchills have been living high.
It is after harvest and time to pay
ud. lhe uem omce is U9C arouno tne
corner from the St. Francis.
Bill Parker was in town today awhile
between threshing changes.
Wid Bilyeu has a big pile of lumber
ready for the Masonic Temple improve
ments. A Credit to the Hub,
A work of rare merit is a Linnhaven
D'mphlet or booklet, just printed by
Uawlincs. The illustrations are not
surpassed by anything se n in the high
est class magazines, perfect in tone.
UesiJes the splendid work ot the
printer the contents are good Linn
haven iB well taken care 1 Oregon,
the valley, L'nn county and Albany are
given their dues, which are consider
able. At Sreilenbush.
An intereslir.g ft-aiure of life at the
Breitenbuh hot spri. gs last Sunday
was a special pervice, convicted by Rev.
Mochcl, nf thi city, with ;t tine uttpn'l
ance and much appreciation Rev.
Mochel will be home tonight, and next
Sunday will refuna services at the
JracJ Presbyterian churrh a'tcr a
month's vacation.
Reports from Breitenhmh are that a
nurrber of rhcuumatics have been won
derfully helped by the baths.
Thz Weather.
- Range of tempera'.nre 90 50.
The river is d n to .06 of a foot.
P. E. & E.
The city county met last evenine in
special session in response to a call from
tne mayor to consider the repealing of
the franchise of the Welch line in
Salem. The mayor issued the call at
the request of the majority of the
councilman and the franchise ordinance
was repealed in about hfteen minutes.
and the mayor immediately signed the
repealing measure.
lhe next move will probat ly be for
the city to commence suit in the circuit
court against the company.
ine specinc items tnat are charged
againt the company are that it has
discontinued the service from the South
ern Pacific tracks to the tair grounds
and that it has failed and neglected to
establish any regular service whatever.
That they have not paved between
the tracks on Summer street nor have
they replaced the pavement between
their tracks at the intersection of Com
mercial and Center-, Liberty and Center
or Cottage and Center, but have filled
the space with planks.
Also that they refused to t ave their
tracks in advance of the street work o.i
Ferry strtet and that they have failed
to construct and operate two miles of
track within six months as is called for
in their franchise
Burdett Skibbe. At the residence
I nf nnrl hv Rnv S A Tiniiirlna Worl.ioa.
j0hn Thomas Burdett, of Salem, and
Miss Agnes Elizabeth Skibbe, of Linn
county, were united in marriage, the
ceremony being private. Among those
present were Mr. and Mrs. William
Burdett, with the Warren Construction
Co. at Salem, parents of the groom.
Mr. and Mrs. William Burdott and Miss
Perry were members of the same church
in Burlington. Iowa, a few years ago.
i ne groom has the distinction of being
nephew of the celebrated -Bob Bur
dett, and the bride is a worthy young
lady. They went to Salem to reside at
least temporarily.
The rair.
Dr. Withvcombe and Prof. Potter, of
the O. A. C. last evenine returned from
ffcjfi bg, to attend the
lair ano omciaie as stocn uoges iney
reported a good general display-, of
stock and products, though short on
horses and a few other things; but
altogether it is a very creditable pre
? ""ntation of the resources of the county.
mere was a good crowd ytsterday and
much interest in the events.
Today is Albany dav, with prospects
of about the largest crowd present of
the fair. A good many went, bv train
this morning, and perhaps more by auto
nnd team3- rhe raci.nK attractions are
goou on s. mere win oe more tomor-.
r,iur a '! trnr nnrl tl'IR i.nno f tOItn
and a $100 running match, mile run.
- fc..v FU.o iu, v.o,,
Oregon Faire.
Oregon fair date9 aro as follows:
Bandon, Aug. 24-27.
Linn, Scio, Aug. 29 1.
Polk, Dallas, Sept. 6 9.
Lincoln, Toledo, Sept. 5 8.
School, McMinnville, Sept. 19 22.
Lane, Eugene, Sept. 20-23.
Dift. Baker, Sept. 18 23.
Grange, Gresham, Sept. 21-4.
Douglas, Roseburg, Sept. 20-30.
Malheur, Ontario, Sept. 26 30. .
Punkin, Junction, Sept. 28-30
Wallowa, Enterprise, Oct. 2 7.
E. O., The Dalles. Oct. 3 6.
Assn., Medford, Oct. 3-6.
Klamath. Klamath Falls, Oct. 3 6.
Central Or., Prineville, Oct.-11 14.
One of the Troubles Ended.
Salem, Ore., Aug. 30. Representa
tives of the Oregon Electric Railroad
company have secured a right-of-way
through the Schindler ranch, south of
Salem. The right-of-way extends for
a quarter of a mile through the Schind
ler dairy ranch, and in order to vacate
their present location, Schindler Broth
ers will be compelld to reconstruct
their big barns on top of a hill. ThiB
bit of right of-way has been a difficult
problem for the Oregon Electric, and
the company's attorneys decline to
make known the consideration for se
curing the route.
Uave the Right of Way Free.
People are not all alike. Some appre
ciate the value of an electric line to a
section, und the Sulcm Statesman says
quite a iiumfcr souin ot mat city,
regardless of what others did, gave
their right of way free, appreciating
what it does for their property. The
Statesman mentions particularly Dr.
Anglo Ford Warren, of Portland,
thirty years ao an Albany physician,
who owns a ') acre farm near Sidney,
who gave the right of way free and
said she was glad to do so
Fined Twice.
Frank Truelove yesterday morning
was linen tio tor ueing tiruttn mm mis
tnleriv. llepnilihe fine, r'.'m&rkinir he h:td drunk his last drop
niht he v.'s nrairi take-, charge of
'ni' 'V X'ent'-d '-nd this morning the
,:j v. r !-' to it", vhlf-h was paid
1 'if m x' ii:r.; kok t ut lur about $10.
The Weather.
Itnnge of temperature 87 52.
The river is down to .6 of a foot
above the traditional low water mark,
practically as low as it gets her sum
mers. The Dcmocrnt haB never seen
an" one who actually caw it at lo
Prediction : fair tonight and Satuaday.
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
M. W. Cross is here from Northfield.
W. C. Squire, of Tho Dalles, hasbeen
in the city.
J. b. Morean wont to Halsev this
Prof, and Mrs. C. J. Bushnell went to
Corvallis this afternoon.
Col. astor is said to have paid nearly
S2. OOil.O(k) fur Alisa fnren.
The gross income of the Seattle Times 1110 ,ln.ln Bcn"?' "ea
last year exceeded $1,000,000. hl! muc ' ""Pined microbe collector has
- ir i. '.eon orderedout of sight. Everywhere
Mr. Abraham, a prominent Roseburg ,;le recoptaci0 0f watur has been rel
politician, was in the city this noon. , gllte(1 t0 obscurity, by order of lhe
K. K. commissioner Aimer, wite and
son, last evening returned to Salem.
Rev. Billington, of Eugene, formerly
of this city, returned this noon from
Edwin Hart was among ft number
going to Independence this afternoon to
pick hops.
Great Britain leads the world with
Dreadnaughts, Germany next, and then
theU S.
Dr. H. H. Ohlinger, a prominent Sa- desired, a very sanitary arrangement.
lom dentist yesterday was operated upon j .
for appendicitis. I .. , , , . .
Mrs. John Clelan and Madeline andeWS from Albany S SlX Early
Ruth Rawlings are visiting Portland Train
friends this vfeek. ' I ruins.
On the second day of the apple fair
the ladies of the M. E, church will give Adolph Senders loft for Portland,
a dinner at the church, I where on next Sundav night, he will
Sentember has coma and not a rhino- tnkepnrt in a marriage ceremony in
doneon Albany's gas plant, which seems
to have gone a glimmering
Portland rallied yesterday and de
feated Oakland 4 to 1. A smash by
Ryan at the right time helped.
Chas. Warnir. who hnn a hnnimttentl
in Malheur countv. was hare toriav on
his way to Indepen dence to pick hops
, , an, 0
ally; but the subsidiary companies
makes it an the same, perhaps more so.
A. W. Docksteader has just received
another car of as fine coal as hns been
brought to the city. Now is the time1
t "uy.
Mr. and Mrs. r,arl rirandoberry and
son Kermit, loft Wednesday evening
for California on a two weoks visit with
! R0v. and Mrs. Smick and F. H.
Churchill and family, of Roseburg, this
-jon returned irom an outing at New -
. .
I A follow who emmet! some distur
bance at a meeting at the M. E. church
south, agreed to leave the city and
went elsewhere.
Mrs. G. L. Walker, of Oakland,
Calif., arrived last night or. an Albany
visit, and is the guest of her aunt, Mrs.
L. E. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Morrison, of
Oregon City, once residents of Albany,
this noon relurned from a Newport
Mioo Pofa Tf,.;th f f,immil nrrivprl
this noon on a visit with hor brother,
E. A. Keith, of the Hamilton Store,
und to see the now niece. . -
Chas. Duncan Montoith went to the
hay this afternoon f oi an outing before
returning o Cornell, which begins next
years work on the 28lh.
Euecne's W. C. T. U. has ninety
members, and iii one can bo found who
will accept the presidency. All the
other offices have been filled.
The forest fires seem to be gradually
being gotten under control. The actual
. n n ....
damage so far is not very much, but is
enough to cause a great deal of anxiety.
C. Shogren was the big fisherman of
the Astoria fishers during the season,
... nn r . - . . , :
his boat getting 23.6 tons, which brought
him and his puller $3,290,
The S. P has suspend d ho train au
ditors, The conductors will now do the
work. This puts 150 men out of work
ims Tnuriiiug.
Chas. Bartcher. a drummer, has sued
the street railway company at Walla
walla for $zti,uou Jamagea, caused by a
fall over the track of the company
while being fixed,
Amone those returning from their
Nnwpoit outing last night were Wm
Fortmillor and family, Maurice Winter
and family, taking tho 6-40 train for
Portland, ti.t. Merrill and tamily and
Lowell Tweedale and family, who
returned to Salem.
Miss Mitilda Beck arrived this noon
from Brownsville. Minn., to teach the!
Sweet Home school the coming term.
She is a former fellow teacher of Mrs. ; o clock, to which all friends of tho fum
O. H Larsen, a teacher of many years lly are invited.
experi'nee, particularly, cllicicnt in!
primary work. . Misses Mario nni Erma Rico, of
A pleasant Bocial event this week was Portland, w. ro in the city this noon on
a surprise tendered Mrs. Chas. Carter their way homo from Ncwpirt. Mr.
by her lady friends, in honor of hor Layton Steele joined them this after
birthday. The crowd mtt with Mrs. 1 noon nnd returned to Portland.
O. D. Austin mid the surprise was com-1 prof- i. Hopkins, superintendent
pletc. Iho birthday present was a t of pc)l0ois 0 uandon next year, and
protty pieco o. rut kIm. ! paints, returned this noon from New-
Fr .'ri-j Jam Mcllrnry, a Portland port. Prof Hopkins tfjok tho afternoon
aoci t;.at, after delivering a leciur.; at tr lin for Pandon by way ot Portland
rlcij ium went on a d.-biueh, and w.-t ' and the ocean.
foutti m the oir.-i-t ys'..i(l iy Several Albany young people will
im riing. McHeory lirst e .iu . Ot - . ntr the u. O. this month, among
mm as an A O U . ouan.ier, a 1 1 those reported being Misses Gerty Tay
ha Man in Albany a number of titm- . . .r t Kl!ll0 u.,j( aniJ M.a!lrl,. Hulf
l'r-;:'itli n'. C. R. Grev and other lud Paine, Earl l-'ortmillur nnd U illa Ral
ullkiiiU are to bo up the rcmtl next W . I j nton.
rt.N-d.ty. I1..W Ion they will atop itn The big croarnory at Corvallis was
Albany is. not kn.jn Mr. (.rey I i burned lust night about 9:00 o'clock
noi D-i-ii nerc yei, ami our ,). i.j v i'
nee hi I to so me new president ami
iluiie uandi over Oreiion Ek-ctru
The st cor.d game of tho snriei of fr.e
fames between tne Albanies and the
J. R. N. will be plaved next Smduy
tfternoon. Patterson or Salisbury will
I itch. In the other game Alb tny wits
teaten by a scratch. One timely hit
vould have chanL'od th result. It is
proposed to have it thia time.
This is the day when the public cup
has io disappear. If it hasn't already
done so it had better get a hike on. On
I tho railroadi the cup has been ordered
tato board of health. It is well.
Hereafter people who wish to drink
will be obliged to cairy their cup.
The Albany public Bchools hve
proven equal to the occasion, and when
school opens on the 18th the youngsters
will have a modern arrangement for
quenching thirst. The wator from tho
Sahtiam will spurt about six inches up
from a little fountain, ever flowing
thusly. The drinker will place hisorher
mouth above it. and siD as much aa
! which Mibs Hannah Cohen, formerly of
j this city; will be tho brido. They will
and then make their home in Albany.
J. E. Knox,, of Portland, formerly of
Albany, went up the C. & E. to Lyons,
on mill- machinery business for tho
I Of g id. Mr.
Avenll Machinery Co. of Portland. Mr.
sixteen years. Of his six children onlv
ono is married, Sam, who became a
benedict throe months ago. Four of
. the children are at homo yet.
Miss Fannie Ilacklcman, daughter of
one ot L,inn county s enrly county
clerks and deputy clerk for many years
returned to Portland after a visit with
Mrs. Daisy Allen, whilo taking hor
' ?ummor'H vacation. Miss Hacklemim
'? stenographer in the ollico of Col,
, i
Prof. Crow enmo down from Leba
non, Hu has been engaged to tench
tho Spicer school next year. Ho left
for Independence for a little hop ex
perience. Misses Lena and Carrie Senders went
to Portland for a couple of weeks visit
before school opens.
A. B. Hecklev left on a furniture trip
as far ns Woodburn. In about a week
he will go south to Los Angeles.
Miss Munrnret Rilev. of tho public
iBchools. and Mrs W. II. Tnit left for
tin'outinc lit NoWDOrt.
I Chas. Stornberg, now a Portland
lawyer, returned to that city, after
I subbing for his brothor several days.
I I'Vank Cummins was again in charge
of the Lebanon tra n after completing
1,18 " vacation.
Our Fire Department
A volunteer fire department, tho
members ot the different comparies
' "M bo given every thing in reoson
,l.,.u uuL- fn thul- will hair, tha Bnm na
thev ask for that will hein the service
of the depurrment and put it on a better
footing. Just now tne mcmbera of
Linn Engine Cu. No. 2 have asked for
tho improvement of their engine house,
, UIU lilt 1)1 U V Ulll till I. Ul Wltjir CIIKIIIU UUUBU,
coaU a'nd nota for flr09i t0pper8 in tho
rooms of members, etc., which should
bo granted.
it is also in order to nave the alarm
Bystem fixed bo the boxes will properly
Bound. Ibe last four alarms have had
a poor box signal.
Death of Mrs. J. F. Bain.
Mrs. J. F, Bain died at hor home near
Hub city yesterday at tho ago of 43
Khn wan horn in WiHrnnBin nnrl
Cnme to Oregon thirteen years ago.
she was a Christian woman of solcndid
,P,h n mi,mhr nf the Prnnliuturinn
I church. She leaves a husband and two
The funeral service will bo held nt
' the Presbyterian church tomorrow nt 2
i :ainly 8etn from thid city. The loss
. hoavv ontl. but ffirtunatnlv
insured. It was owned principally by
11. W. Kaupisch.
MisB Elsie Newqucst, of Pendleton,
whs visiting at the home of J, N.
Bellinger, of nenr Lebanon, when she
met with an accident. In fording the
Santlam with the family one of the
horses became frightened and the young
lady jumped out on Borne rocks, break
ing one of her lugs.