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The following from an Indiana pa
per, sent the Democrat by a friend,
who is in the midst of a big fight to
have the infamous saloon business
again foisted upon his city, contains
several little points people need to
keep before them even in established
dry towns:
Every one knows that when saloons
were licensed, the law was shamefully
and persistently violated. Regulation
did not regulate then and never will.
One need but look into conditions
now in the saloon towns to prove
this heavily in debt, taxes high, im
morality, vice, and drunkenness, most
common, while the law is shamefully
and openly violated every day. Is
that regulation? If regulation regu
lates, why do our government reports
show that in only 154 saloon cities of
this country an army of almost half a
million was arrested for drunkenness
alone in just twelve months? Nor
arc scarcely more than half the drunks
arrested either in these cities. Nearly
a quarter of a million more were ar
rested for disturbing the peace in
these same cities, a majority of which
were the results of liquor. Nor Ao-.s
this take into account the allied evils
growing out of the licensed saloon
Head the report of the Chicago Vice
Commission, as it is called, as to the
relation of the saloon to open vice and
gross immorality in that so-called,
regulation, saloon city. And this
commission, appointed by the mayor,
reported that conditions were even
worse in some other saloon cities.
Then, docs regulation regulate? No
such conditions can be found in dry
Not "dry" men, but the very same
men who violated the law when sa
loons were licensed. They then dog
gedly and shamefully violated the law,
and have since sought to defy the will
of the people, your courts, your laws,
and your government. They have vio
lated the law some since these towns
went "dry" but much more when they
ran their saloons. kx-rrcsident
Roosevelt called such people undcslr-
able citizens. The saloon question
would scarcely come up in a "dry
town, but for this one reason "They
have violated the law." This is the
chief reason why the brewers have
urged these men to violate the law.
But do you favor the surrender of
your town to such lawless persons?
That is just what it means to vote
"wet." These violations of the law
only prove how utterly lawless the
whole liquor business really is, and
always lias been. Is it sensible to
license stealing or gambling because
they arc hard to stamp out?
The Democrat appreciates a new
rule of the S. P. Co. doing away with
passes, each parly paving bis way in
cash, without fear or favor, a business
proposition. Here is the announce
ment :
"Commencing July 1, 1911, the rail
road companies will discontinue the
plan that has prevailed in the past of
Keeping 'open accounts with publish
ers. In the future all advertising by
these companies will he paid for in
cash monthly, instead of making book
entries of same as heretofore, and af
fecting actual or periodical scttle-
ments, ,
"As it is important that all old ac
counts be settled before inaugurating
the new plan, publishers arc urged to
render bills at once.
"Arrangements for the space we
shall require in the future will be
made soon through our local agents,
or directly with publishers at poims
where we have no agent.
"We take this occasion to explain
that this departure from an old and
established custom is found necessary
because of complications resulting
from our efforts to observe the law.
The act to regulate commerce, famil
iarly known as the interstate com
merce law, prohibits the exchange 'of
interstate transportation for advertis
ing; nnd the laws of Oregon, Wash
ington and California, though per
mitting such exchange within the re
spective states, require that it must be
exact nnd at regular rates on a basis
fixed by cash, nnd that the records
must prove a hona fide settlement.
"We have given the old method a
thorough test under these difficult
conditions, and have demonstrated
that it is impracticable. Therefore we
have concluded that it will be more
agreeable nnd satisfactory to all con
cerned to pay cash for our advertis
ing, nnd give publishers the privilege
of paying for their transportation in
like manner, ns though no advertis
ing were involved."
A convention of the unemployed
will be held in Washington next Sep
tember, when delegates will attend
from far and near, if they can get
there, and the unemployed can gener
ally travel if they make up their
minds. It is a great problem, just
now particularly, when there are a
good many out of jobs: but there are
always men out of work and always
will be. Some are not working he
cause of their shiitlcssuess, some be
cause of their character, some he
cause tit the drink habit and their uu'ility. i'lid others from d'M'cvent
causes, sonic for yo-od reasons. The
question is one that can h::nllv be
seitl.'-i bv legislation or any olhei
way Hut t!!e ovennm-i c.m belter
Conditions by s.iue lce.i-l;.tion, and the
nia-ses luxe a riht lo ask that all
legislation shall not be in the interest
of the trusts, but some 'ending to
wards i'io ainclit 'i.ition oi the couii
lions of the lab ring class's.
The Weather.
Range of temperature 97V during
yesterday, down lo M tHs n orning.
Prediction: fair tonight and Suaday
" '
Horses For Sale.
Eastern Oregon hur, at the Al
bany Stabl.'J, i'r.J id t lleworth.
i mS .$
l fill . i ri!0& -'.'J i
. rnmm mi. y
m 1 wPr
By William Steward Gordon
With feverish haste and wild desire
Earth's famished rabble rushes on
Like deer before a forest fire
By summer's torrid tempest blown.
In vain they strive to quench their:
At Pleasure's false and futile bowl,
As if the cup that sin had cursed
Could satisfy a human soul.
But the deer, by Nature's guiding
Soon finds some crystal mountain
And so for all earth's famished band
The stream of Life flows on forever.
Tis sweeter than Abana's brink,
Or David's well at Bethlehem,
Then come, O thirsty soul, and drink,
And wear a fadeless diadem.
Raging forest fires have caused the
destruction of a great deal of prop-
crty the past week, but what is worse,
the loss of many lives, several bun-,
dred. People had put some trust in
their fellow men, hail taken up homes
in the edge of the forests and had
been swept out through the careless-
ness of others. Nearly every forest
lire is the result of gross carelessness,
Men having a spark of decency should
have some thought for others. ,
In politics the sensation of the week
was the attack of Lafallet on Cana-1
dian reeinrocitv. and unon President
Taft, whom he charged with not hav-
ing kept his promises, favoring aiu-
richism, adding betrayal to betrayal.
Rcckerfeller's old pastor, named .
Akcd, down in San Francisco, told
the people there that the west is he
only part of the country where the
people respond to spiritual suggestion,
if he had any reference to San Fran
cisco he is duller than a hoe. With a
population of nearly half a million
there arc only about ijaiuu cnurcn
members, with hardly enough spirit
uality In the city to kindle a lire in a
third-class camp meeting. , .
Albany's second Chautauqua this
week has been a very interesting af
fair, altogether a success and a fine
thing for the city, n booster for the
Huh. It is undoubtedly solidly on its
feet, one of the best on the coast. At
ill. mi linm lli. ni-innrement ia
?.e.-??me.u .':?. " a":f i ,i i
cmmig iiiiiiK , ..K"i ..., "" "" the river. Mr. Turrelf's brother, Barrett Bros,
next one will be a good deal better. CJ v 'if - a sister of W H 1 -
Traveling agents of lyceum bureaus ofthT V recently reYurnd ' Tu . , r, .
will not have much weight hereafter. f ' rf Ea The Postal Deposi S
Tl hey just have goods to sell, that s all, r r r
nnv no" xZlx kT0LI, ' R. H. A. Ketehum. a prominent 1 The First Savings Bank has b-en
X nw 117 vtLl thin for at- citiMn on Third AvB-' Chautauquaville, designated by the Department at
L,,nu 8tct.t""lg left for Sodaville, where he Willi preach Washington as depository for the funds
icnuanu. . . , uul tomorrow, and also have anopportunity , that will accumulate in the Postal Sav
ti i ,. i .J ,;r to get b drink of the fine soja water ings Bank in Albany. This means that
There has been another big stir there, aa good as any. - the management of tha First Savings
this week over the fact being pretty 1 Bank will be not only underline suoer-
well established that a good many
names on ine u. u. rm-ramiiiii nciv;
forgeries, something, that deserves to
cause mtlienation. whatever one s no-
sition in reference to the matter itself.
Perhaps no author has ever lived
who produced characters so close to
the people as UK-kens. Those who
have read his works
marvel at his
genius in tk-lnteattng
the common
characters of everyday life, from
Pavid Coppo'lKld. his e.reatcst crea
tion, to an Weller, the oddest of
them all. There were saintly charac
ters lull of loe, mean ones, as Mack
is sin. and all kinds between. They
are interesting to read about, but
greater to see delineated by a nun
who has made a study of them and
pollen to the bottom of the author's
meaning. Albany is fortunate this
week in having such n man here, ver
satile, lric,!it, an actor of striking abil
ity as he impersonates the people we
know so well.
100.1 eons of rich rde talcum
der on disi l.iv at our toe. violet, carn
ation, Golf Queen. Cashmere Bequet,
Docialys, and tmnv other iwuiuful
oders. Bi'kkkart A Lkk.
lute steaks sit fine at the In-
I :
16 'UI.
.1.1 v WV.
i mm -
TAUQUV. Miss Marvin gave a good many good
suggestions for girls in their reading,
the selection of books that will be ben
eficial as well as entertaining.
The domestic science classes have had
a fine hearing daily, a feature that is
appreciated. Misses Price and Edwards
have done their work well,
A large audience last evening enjoyed
the program of the Chicago Ladies Or
chestra, a fine aggregation of musicians.
The program was well handled, one suit
able tor all kinds of people. An occas
ional thunder helped the applause.
A base ball game at 5:00 was about
,he beat t A ,cam wUh French
pjtching Bain etching. Bigbee at first,
f)nii ',Vnn Mri.r . n o ni,,.
Mcclley and others m the lineup was
8Upp0sed to have a snap, but they were i
beaten by the Rogoway aggregation 8 '
to 4. Inestrom was on the mt., Ander-
8on catching, N. Bain first, Kincaid at ,
as, Metgus. Gildow and others in the
lineup, only eight men altogether, and
yet they won out. Mr. Morris, a com
McCulley and others m the lineup was
merctal drummer, umpired.
Another good Fargo
Another good Fargo class this
class this
proving n
mo:ming. Prof, turgo
mo:ming. Prof. Fargo is proving u
K"uu o e in ms worK. ine management
,1,,Tib! U', iwk n
; iU'Jnt h fnn.m hour Mnv
pSe to
' n, r,cCIi 1 on' Pi
Th Chi "Ladies Orchestra airain
pleased the afternoon audience, and
Mrs. bdith Davis, national superin
tendent of educational work of the W.
C. T. U. was speaking at press time.
, ,L . ... c .
NeWS from Albany 5 blX EariV
Trains. I
- 1
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Turrell, of
Seattei, left for home after an Albany
Y""t 01 "evenu unys. lura. lurreil
owns the Cloverdale property across
. 1 1 f -I- Tl
, ,, i
r-. --- ---r.;v-.. ., - v:
SV"'"'"" 3", ,!, , X
trl,s r
were hxed for the
streams and their speckled beauties.
C. B. Irvine, just out from the hos-
pital, left for Detroit for a visit nt the
tent of his sister, Mrs. Rev. Williams,
and for recuperation.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kitchen and
baby left on a Brownsville visit
The two little Lasselle boys went up
to Mill City.
J. A. Warner went to Hie Bay.
Father Van Nevel went to Mill City
and tiates to conduct services tomor
row. Rnv tlobe'ts went to Corvallis.
N. .1. Newport returned to Lebanon.
v iss rseiue tiart came down
Shodd on her Saturday trip.
from '
Business Change.
The lease o( D. C. Buikhart havine
expired on the Burknnrt gallery, r-xt
the post ottiee. Mr. Burkhart has
retire! to devote his exclusive time to
the mamgement of Dreamland fc. p.
Martin, recently of Mere-Hi. Ca'if . h.n
leased the gallerv and taken char-e of
it. He is an xperncel photog-anhrr
of many vears and knows the tms aess
Deeds recorded:
Perry Conn to S. U Cade, lot
western ad Albany S 1125
W. Bressler to ft. E. White 4
lots Halsey 200
J. M. V. Bilyeu to W. J. Chromy
z lots &cio 1
W T. Cochran to W. A. Green 4
lots Brownsville 1400
J . r. Venner to W. E. Bowers &
wf lot Brownsville 75
R. W. Tripp to W. fcl. Bowers &
WI Ot 175
Fred Krug to G. M. Robertson &
wl several tracts 5000
In estate of Walter Mcllree. after a
contest before Judge Duncan, the claim
of M. A. Bell for $1,384 for taking care
of deceased 6 years was rejected.
New Buit: Chas. E. Wolverton agt.
J. H. Newkirk et al. to register title.
After the program last evening the
big Chautauqua crowd were given
genuine 4th of Jnly treat in Bnme fire
works, sent off with a snap, making a
display that was immensely appreciated,
a fine place for fireworks.
Chautauquaville has a boot black
stand, and some have wondered why
there wasn't a barbershop.
While a number or two have not
come up to expectations there has not
been a poor one on the program, every
thing at least good, and some numbers
decidedly superior, altogether a program
of splendid merit.
Watermelons struck the camp to I
yesterday, some of them somew ;t t
sickly on the inside: but watermel's
have that right.
Chautauqua is not. a money making
affair, but an educator. It boosts a
town by giving it character, not by
adding to bank accounts of merchants
and others. '
Several bass have found a resting
place on a tent stove.
The weather has been"' hot, but no
place has been cooler than Bryant's
B. Klum, of Medford, was in the city.
B. H. Desert has been here from
Miss Claribel Seelev. of Portland.
arrived this nocn.
J. M. Keeny, of Portland, is a home-
, comer toaay, a former Alban. man.
r atner rowers, oi Koseourg. was tne
guest of Father Lane today.
Mrs. I .nrn Vnnno Mowino nf Pnvtlon
was a home-comer this noon.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Humphrey ar-
rived this noon from Jefferson for
Chautauqua visit.
' John Robson and family have returned
from their Newport outing. Came out
to thaw out, Mr. Robson says.
Mr. Lee B. Doty and wife, relatives
' of E F. Sox, arrived this noon from
Portland on n visit Mr. Doty is a
Portland lawyer, a former Illinois man.
Mr. nnfi M,. t r. M, nA
Franklin, Mr. Alex. Power and Lawyer
"' siariana were down from Leba-j
"?? ast evening in the Garland auto,
u ill t .:u4
ill Close Tonight,
Recocnizincr the value of a RuenpsRfn
Chautauqua Assembly to the business ;
una social interests ox tne city ot Alb-
I aly- a"a waning to exceno onr nearty
I 0P0tt ani encouragement to the
I movement, we will close iour respective
" jr jy" -
T 7 P;m-1' ?S BTn8 Ia" a Chancf
?.attend "e last week day session of
this Reason:
Gilbert Bros., Tomlinson & Holman,
Linn & Benton Real Eetate Co.. Stew-
art cc Sox H'dw. Co., C. F. Sexauer.
Hulburt Ohling H'dw. Co., M. Senders
i.o., (ortmiller furniture Co., r . U,
Will K-nshan Br UnB U.. II U
" 1 '
F. M. French & Son, N. D.
. Masou,
vision of the State authorities but alsoi
Mliuci l' cutini v v c a. i b, mm tuilll r
under f ederal ov
shows that the affairs ot the Bank
now conducted meet with the approval
oi tne rostai savings canK authorities
in Washington.
How About Your Eyes?
If anything seems wrong with them
consult the Guarantee Optical Cump-
pany. Ail our examinations nre made
by an experienced oculist
class frames and lenses.
Prices arc
right. Call at Dawson's Drug Store
JUST RECEIVED fresh from the
factory. 75 pairs of Kievele Tires, no
old jobhers itocl.. all fresh and good at
j; on, i", and js wo, nn.1 if
they don't give you satisfaction we will
mane it rient, as that is what we are. "
here for. W have been here a long! T',c w'"ntr of the prize is Miss I
time and wish to please vou. ' Trimble. V22 E. Third street.
BALTtMOKS Gl'N & BICYCLE Works. !. This property has been sub-divideu
- . I into blocks and lots so that we car
This year is going to see a lot of mi-1 s.ive a Plrebaser any amount of land
provements in Central Addition. Andl,n:lt ma' desire and at prices and
a big advance in values there. Ce
get you a lot this spring from Col:in. &
A little etsh will nan lie on of -e
test "BUYS' o' the seis'i n te-- -a
Addition. Strictly a resident d;ii..t
Ask Collins & Taylor abo-i' th?m.
Even the critics always differ.
Be mighty careful with the matches.
Albany's Chautauqua
solidly on the map.
is getting
That III. picnic was a hummer. Can
any other state beat it.
Lawlessness never pays either in the
snort run or long run.
A loose tongue is worse
weather for weariness.
than hot
Thunder in Oregon alwayB
like a bull in a crockery store.
A town without a saloon is the
for both a home and business.
The saloon robs the home. It builds
up nothing but crime and misery.
This is temperance day at Chautau
qua. Down on King Alcohol anyway.
There is no mistaking a bund pig
when you see it, and even before you
see it.
Everybody is delighted with Bryant
Park, and just to think, the city is to
loose it as a paric. w no is to mame.
"He's tough, ma'am, tough and
devilish sly," not only hit a Dickens
character, out as wen many oi today,
Our Illinois friends while loyal to
their native state are among Albany's
best boosters, enthusiastic to the cen
ter. '
In an article on the editorial page
yesterday the word prohibition was
used instead of probation, making a
misfit item for sure.
An Albany young man has received a
check for ?o0u upon his agreement to
quit the use ot tobacco lor ten years,
A good investment.
Albany has a good many people who
like solid things and Prof. Fargo has
had a following of nearly a hundred
right along in his geological demon'
"My life is one demd horrid grind,"
said one of the Dickens fellows, and
ever since then some people have
thought lite was a grind; but it is what
people make of it.
The newspaper is frequently jerked
bald-headed for its omissions, as well
as its commissions, always interesting I
and appreciated by the fellow who has ;
to jump after things like a passenger
at an eating station. I
1 "Tn pamt Mra Fpiwitr nnA VJifif .
i substantial smile," and speaking of i
smiles the grove across the Calapooia
a!lstu" ot thm as William -sterling
is full of them
i Battis gives his impersonations of the
wonderful characters of Dickens.
The great need of Albany is a city
park, rie,ht at our doors, convenient for
everybody, and Bryan's Park is such a
place, an ideal one. It was a big gift,
and the giver had a right tn insist on
its being run by men be had confidence
1 ln'
Down in Texas they call them blind
tigers instead of blind pigs, which is all
I he same in any jargon. They operate
in both dry and wet cities, perhaps the
most lawless in the latter. Tbe records
I show that Dallas has 209, Huston
Galveston 144 and San Antonio
and a" are saloon cities.
i The Mias Fit man appreciates a
j place at the ninoia dinne7among the
brif?ht MUae3 o the Chicago Ladies
1 orchestra. One of the reports before
itheyreachedAlbany was that they are
a home crowd of 'irls who kis .h
I . . .-j. .
babies, and just enjoy life wherever
they are, boosters for the place they
are in. And this is all correct but the
baby kissing.
Your shoes made
Burns Shoe Store
good as new a
Studebaker wagons, ouggies, surrevs
and hacks at Stewart & Sox Hd w. Co
Shoes for the whole famiiy. Look
out. Don't deyelope corns and bun-,
! tons, (jo to Burns Shoe Store. I
F.G.Willior watches:
FRESH COWS for sale. H. Bryant
Mr. George Dorr. Dear Sir: We,
your committee chosen to select a
name for your new addition to the eitv
Only first!0' A "-"' from 'be names submitted
p' "1C contestants, respectfully report
tna t we nave chosen the name
'Glendorr" as most appropriate for
your purpose.
L. E. B I. A I.N",
terms that are most attractive.
I All we ask is an opportunity t
show you and we are sure that w
can convince you that we have ir
Ibigsest bergain in land for a horn
i in this locality.
I Gen"! Agents,
Deeds Recorder:
Central Land Co. to Robert Me
Cullylot7bll 10
Ministerial registration: D. L. Kel
le ma
MnrriacrA liKAnaaa Ua.dn 1
Oorvalli3. age 67, and Winifred -. ilson.
51, ef Albany. S. Earl Childers. of
Eugene, aged 25, and Velraa toman
to. ui iiuaiiy.
Deeds recorded:
W. H. Gcltra to Ida Stellmacher,
94 by 463 feet Galtra Pars $ 400
E. O. Smith to Sarah Pattison, 2
lots Albany Heights
Agreement G. L. Brown and A. D.
Gardner and C. D. Stayton for sale of
timber on 120 acres at $500.
Answer filed by Wright & Jchnston
in Train agt Metzgus.
Paienna1 nrnnortu nviluvarl nU .-
estate of Leo Zeller.
F. W. Watson got No. 985 anglers
license and 396 ot hunters licenses the
last issued.
Marriage licenses: Harry Dunlap 32,
and Cordelia Cramer 31, both of Gutes;
Forest Brown 21, and Adline McClen
nen, 19, of Plainview.
They were married this afternoon by
Judge Duncan, young people well
spoken of.
Even up on that "Meat Bill" by buy
ing a lot in Central Addition and build
you a little home this year, and thus
save rent. For particulars consult
Collins & Taylor
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed by
the County Court of the State of Ore
gon, for Linn County, executor of
the last will and testament of Isaac
D. Miller, deceased. All persons hav
ing claims against said estate are here
by required to present the same to me
properly verified, as by law required,
at my office in Albany, Oregon, with
in six months from the date hereof.
The first publication hereof is June
2, 1911. The last publication June
30, 1911. H. BRYAN ,
C. C. BRYANT. Atty. Exec-tor.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land Office.
Portland, Oregon, May 6, 1911.
To Frank Anderson, of Fox Valley,
You are hereby notified that Rich
ard P. Landis. who e-ives Allianv.
Oregon, as his postofiice address, did
on July 23, 1910, rile in this office
his duly corroborated application to
contest and secure the cancellation of
your . Homestead, entry No. 14102,
Serial No , made April 24, 1902, for
N. W. H Sec. 24, Tp. 10 S., Range
2 East, Willamette Meridian, and as
grounds for this contest he alleges
that entryman never resided upon or
cultivated or improved said claim in
any manner whatever since making
entry thereon or at all; and that he
has wholly abandoned said claim at
all times since making entry of the
same; that the alleged absence was
not due to his employment in the
Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the
United States in time of War.
You are, therefore, further notified
that the said allegations will be tak
en by this office as having been con
fessed by you, and your said entry
will be cancelled thereunder without
your further right to be heard there
in, either before this office or on ap
peal, if you fail to file in this office
within twenty days after the
FOURTH publication of this notice,,
as shown below, your answer, under
oath, specifically meeting and re
sponding to these allegations of con
test, or if you fail within that time to
file in this office due proof that you
have served a copy of your answer
on the said contestant either in per
son or by registered mail. If this
service is made by the delivery of a
copy of your answer to the contest
ant in person, proof of such service
must be either the said contestant's
written acknowledgment of his re
ceipt of the copy, showing the date
of its receipt, or the affidavit of the
person by whom the delivery was
made stating when and where the
copy was delivered; if made by regis
tered mail, proof of such service
must consist of the affidavit of the
person by whom the copy was mail
ed stating when and the postoffice to
which it was mailed, and this affidavit
must be accompanied by the post- .
master's receipt for the letter.
You should state in your answer
the name of the postofiice to which
you dcsiie future notices to be sent
to you.
H. F. HIGBY, Register.
J. C. ARDREY, Receiver.
Date of first publication, May 26,
1911. Date of second publication,
June 2, 1911. Date of third publica
tion. June 9. J91I. Date of fourth
publication. June 16. 1911.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed
by the County Court of Linn county,
Oreg.-n. administratrix of the estate
of Mary J. Gordon, deceased, late of
Albany, I.inn county. Oregon. .Mi
person- bavins claims against s.iii
estate are required to present the
same to the undersigned at resi
dence r.t Albany. Oregon. -wit I'm six
months from this date, duly verified
as by law required.
Dated this the 7th day of Tunc. 1911.
Admrx. of the Estate of Mary J. Gor
don, dccer.sed.
Weathcrford & Weatherford,
Attys. for Admrx.