Weekly coast mail. (Marshfield, Coos County, Or.) 1902-1906, July 09, 1904, Image 3

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(irinraltar Jttlj I ThS lll9.frl tl '
IfiuilHKit. ijljjr yitWfT oolilfUil With thJ
MHUdli ufiiNK Brtoohtiiitl oft here lo
(My. Th nniiNiafc of dmiiftys S. not
Wnthtnirtpii July I All is In upiijll-j
nuMi for tin, doimrturo or Piuulilont
Itomuvult fo; (iyiit' JJy tomorrow,
wliiiru h( wlH riinmlu until .Inly 9.
Aftr 1n uotinYation eimmiittne cullo;
iijpn lilni liAretnnm to WiiMhlngtoii.
' .itti ... ....
Jlifuuliftftar, .Inly I Tin. Wtyitoll,!
Ittlutu h jqifirt ''" Tiotuiai Balfour'1
himlih Ih pww and be I .towing.:,ilyn.
of colUpto. .T1iI hjhj hMti tlio ill,
solution of r'Hi'linuiwit.
NnMfj,JHly,lin tjoilTiK Kouiou
Hniit uiubUumii'li!:. ordwn today, i
ImOll'iu it iiituii'.ry ;nl u ili)tiiuliiu)i
ot (lnuinmirt iiKilnled Hid polio, hiio
fireman iloltiitod llio moniiHtory mnl
(4Klc out tnu iiucniMinU by" moans or
;ulj!lTH, tljM llfllHS MHVlllg 'hH'II InUTI
i nilctl.
Ml. 1uuK July ) X 11. Ityiui, m
monibor ot (hit National Damnum! lei
CnmmitKW for Xovadn, dil at thu
.b'lrmrou )ritl UiU woniliiK of pnou.
nioiilit. He I'NUKht i"M whljn i;ti ifuti
hit, iiihI on hi mrlviil wa ooiupoll,
tf'. U rkln 111- ImxI.
Kw ln'dAUt July I. -Tlu Mtioud rt"
nnrtu Any dairtitd In a pouring ruin,
lint lit 8 tb olondri olBHroil. Dnnplte!
the wMihur cottf.tli.iWi. IniliiniMil Ht. Ptnwur, .Inly W-I'rliico Ivuit
arnwfla wi on hand t whnM tn;oUcn.ky tymuti thy aovurivowMp of
Vale.lIrvr,Ulty iht and fHPjl'iiilml. twuiltiig nnlirikoir.
raiw. With a tiui-knot hrtoi blow- ,)oV( Jwy 4VIooniy Uoriwn was
in up tho riv.tr and a hoary mlt l04iliy liMull(Mi Hh r-ird Witnltm or the
hu.lim over the ooumo tho fimm tunic j clll,IlM, JH)r,d( amM vrmt C(Jreuiouy.
ixlrlpn at 0:10 a.m. and tliri uiin
'.Mtor woto ml away. Harvard
ttxik I ho limit and iiiaiutaiiiud it uniil :
a iiiilo mid nn ulK-ith had lnyil papcil,
vrhon Valu ditnv up nu evun toruif.
lUrmrtl wtti lit a ImiBtli.
. jf
Kow LmuIoii, July I iiilii wIiih the
Varnlty oiKhu
, j
Wanhlnstoii, July llMul .Morton,
who obtained a nine moiitha' leave of
AlMcnuu from hlri duliiM uri vleo jiri'Hl
dunt of tho Santa Pe, in order to
Hervo in Iloiwovolt'H oablnet the re'-
niaiudor of the PniHlilout'H term, warf-
hwoih in thin inoriiliij,' as Secretary
and wnrt priwoiltoil to thu bureau ohiefa,
entering upon hi new work iuiiuedi
rttely by uttviidioK tho rPKuliiv Priday
tueetiiiK f the oabiltot.
h'ltcretary .Moody wan uUo Hworn in
im Attorney 'Ji'tmral. The principal
ollleurn of the department witucuatd
the curQluouiiM, which Vro prtcei'iled
lly a rthnrt Hpeeeh from IChox. Met
vtiU'liiiri not yet reauhed Warthlnjtton.
Bt. Loui,' July I "Arizona in in
Htiuc.tod foi lUurnt hut nftur tho nee
ond ballot will auppovt Puller", mild
J. II. Breathitt, national committee
man from that territory thin intirnlnj,'.
"lu my opinion tho Now York jui' j
Ht wliriio nominated on the ilrrt or hit j
On almost every
.wtntt Irm ll'rtu'1
,,...,..,.,.,., ,,
iidvaneed hero there is u ipn'iry "What j
Will iiryuii nu niii' n " "
... i ..I l.'Jtt riii. w... i
brnskiin will arrive Sunday accordluK
to priwent plans. It beuiuuo known
today that Urynn will nrno that any
man who did not support' the ticket in
oil or 1 1100 would not niako iv oandL j
date. Pew ho' called conservative.! !
M.lll (111 lllllf Mil.
., t ,i . '!,. i..i,.w
MoLollaii uml Roso is tho ticket,
belli,? quietly tipped by loading mem
bora of tho Michigan delegation.
u--.' o rf .i,l y
V n
Bt. Louis, July l Olovuluurt in
OlIMllim tl M.MIdW thrift lllllltoa flUotW
Hltiii oHjIb ijiunu l) onvrlutl on in nnUurartedlu ths pomocratio ixiiilioual
hwmiI wlilnrir., AlnullM Mint kuim ,
sort of ii Clevulimtt o-ilinl In being I
lfoUihiid In llio (tint. "Jf Paritor cut;
be noinliniidd," was tho epitome of
tin) iillimt'oii iih ' fomoimUil by JikIko
Ditty u'lio is lirj In cliiir;;c) of t!ju
iiltorlititrt of JimUoii Iliirinoii, "and
it Itrtlumlil bo (Jiovuluuil tliu llplit will
l,o Imhvi'on IIiuii on nuil Goruinn."
liownvor thorn bi u nlmbb ")ir!)i;)(
to rbllctiln tli. Clmvlimri Iwom out of
thi 0011 vu.i! Ion. f
"VJmt io I t:ibik of the Ulovi;jaml
V m.d Senator DuIioIh- oJ Mnlio, j lUM' H9Uilm' "r " Tn-iV.,,-.. iwyiilotwtog wlthiij nrikiu8 df.tanei
' furorilo, ttdOaniuK Clovolaii)', (Jr r,, 7,77.1., ,n lTn Tfri-i-.. .0-
.i iimiii RiriMMo n Mi ?etii,iiro:i' iiun ... ,.,., utw iTiMBIi.ll LAND, Avr J-UKbli, I8i
'f , .. , , ,mntt ml1' f-WVJ ?""- - -HIi; NOTICE l'OIt 1'MBt.ICATION
Milyirmut plmik Into tho pll-parkor oJmi:iati;d, thorn w n fHhbl United .'Stat en LhUilOfilce,
"I tlidil: ;t'i full nf vhid. I iiun (-wi.-.i..li. M u(ri!it- iKi.ilflnji JiJ KeMahtinr.Crci'on.MKVwl. 100
nuti)H)ynun jilunk Into thu pint
form, "I tlitiil: itn ftill of, wind,
nUnnl, niyl Hinriail by minn qf Ulnvn
Ituitl'ii frlyylii to hill oil I'arhcr, uml If
thlty do (1font I'nrhui', they ciin'tuouii
H(ili) Cluviilnnd, for Urynn then will
j coin ml."
' Aotlvu ciriiiiuliiufc for Parkin: bu-
I iiii in oariiuKt today whim thu fmb
vancfi if mini of Parliur Ixiomur tljund
huad(uar(orri at the ..l'liintcri hptol.
.Maurice Minton, awoolatud politically
I with Aujftint lhtlniont, In btwy lmton
hoi;iK doIdKHtiM for the Now York
JnriH. Tho Parkur people Imvu lx
jiarlow on tho tlrnt lloor of tho Plant
ers. Parker'n frljudu are rioiiif their
IniHt to olitiiiiHto the imprurMton tliat
i Parker ii IlilPrt umn.
Pin-In, July "J Deputy Oo Iome, for-
in or mlu.Mtur of Spain at 'WatOiiiiKtou,
dfixl hcr,o hint niKht, or uorubral lien).
Adon, July 2 Thu .Mad Mullah,
with rdx. thousand tollower, ninny
well armed, in eueamped Kouth of No
jal, and Ih iiKalu on the varpath.
Stockton July a JauicH Hillis,
piiMideut o'L tie Union TraiiHK)rtatiou
(f'o,, -was kinliCrt to death by a borne on
bin ranch ii'-nr tli'a ity thin niorninj;.
- v -k. Mii -j ,-
Nw ijYorkv .J'lljj ! -Harvard thin
moruiuir ilrjfeafil Yale live to nothing
in a ball K'nio to decide the Keeoud
hiniorrt in thin year'a iuter-collcKiate
tiuriu.1. An Immense crowd witnessed
the (ii me.
WashiiiHtou, D. C, July 2 Presi
dent Itoosevelt mid his otllco force
lort this morniiiK for Oyster Bay, at 10
o'clock on n HjHiol.il train of two cars,
ninnliif,' as a seutlou of tho roKular
train. The party will arrive at 1 :!I0.
' Salt Luke July a Tho heaviest los
Ma fniin last niyht's cloud biu-st were
the Consolidated Liht and Power com-
i puny. Tlio lions Htruol: three jniwor
j.,,antrt xvitli u radius of B miles,
Alihost'ovory collar on the east side
waft llo6dnd. Stveuts were torn up
j mitt traiMts demolished, but no lives
i were lost.
(,BOrpo iW,u,rj0 rtttM, tho eolobrut
ed paintor.dead, ImmbhltUi Born 1817.
Lui'ko imrnvuii df Armthiiaim ovor
taken and butohered by Kurds llild
Turkiiih rouliiM Tlnu-riday. All
adults killed, Iniya and ,irlrt uiirritSH
Cuban Secretary of State Zualoyti'
roiilKiuitloii uuooiited. Secretary of
1 Finance Montes will probably succeed
wSnVfttotttr; tti IV July .-Piro last
night destroyed Bluo Mountain Luko
Imiim'j, it prominent rjHort Just opened
1(11' (III) H0IIHOII. I0-I.I is OfttillUltcd lit
. 9150,000. ThojmwtH o.oopod Mithorif
1 Injury.
t. iJtyrtto, July 22lf tho viewi of
1, Wru, j(,i. ultovnnftu anil iil'mtu in.
uouTorinoi. now noru, nro 10 i ...koii
"" " 0-'llrlo' o'mtion of Pur-
K'jr would mom wwureii on tr.o fsecoun
or third toillot. TJihh far tho Harit
(Itoom linn fulbjii Hat, mid tho loyalty.
oj llio (iitloKiuioiM iiihtfnotod for Jilin lit
i':ut iii tiuritiou. Tlio iillciiiion bi
Hindu 'n all HuaioiiMinHH thct jio iiauuot
dojiond on III., Wiuih., Idn'no,' Orpon
or .Mo., and .that at tho fltMt In'oak tho
(ltilcgatoa fnuu yauh and all theio
ritntoii will Mori: t'i Parker.
Tho iiouvontlon Iu.iiIom ar jinditivo
that if Parktr.' in dofoulod, thu nominal
tluii will zi to no otliir. Now
lo i-Moodo a atrong . imnKinii to,
MiirnUiiiler. Ihsitn'ri strength I
,, , , , i l;, , .
thiih far id not of u positive charartcr.
Accirdink to .plans now hatching,
Jolm Sharp Williams, of Miss., may!
not only ho toiiijwrary chairman of
tho vouvontion, but chairman of the
Committee on Resolutions as well. It
i,s known that WUlinniH ha been ut
vol!; on tho platform draft for hoiiio
WVhhintgiin, July 5!Tho State De
iartmuut today received the following,
dated Inhitynii .jiiirt signed "Armeulim
BlshojH oi PorlB":
"Turkish barbai'ians are imthsaore
iug thoiiHauds ouch day. Wo humbly
solicit tho United Status government,
in ,thi name of Christianity tiud hu
iiiHiiity to save human lives."
Billings, .Mont., July 2 Tlio Owl
gambling house was this morning
rnblwd or two thousand dollars by two
masked men, by whom Or inmates
were hold up. In pursuit of the rol-
iMU's.iUhier of -Police Haiinii was kill
ed, lierllf Hub'bard was wouudidr
and ouo of tho robbers' accomplices
wiu arretsed.
Tho saloon was in tho very heart of
Billingr). The roldnjrs eutere'd tho
front door and commanded every one
to throw up his hands ;)uc.uiniii how
ever, ojoaied unnoticed and warnod tho
IKillce. Just as Uuviunn emerged from
tho saloon, thcy()voro ordered to ,sur
render by Haiiin. who hurried there
unaided. Botluresponded with their
gum, killing Ilanna The bartender
told the poHc'i' that a few uiluntes Iw
fore the robbery. Jim O'Grady, a des
irarnto character, had sized up tho
place, and going outside had signalled
a Companion, and a 1110011111' latnr the
plai'o Vvas invaded by Ed O'Orady and
Tom Mozler
tjherltl Hubbard wont totho O'Ora
dy houseito arret Jim, who told hint
ho did not know where his brother
was. The sherilf started to gb through
tho pla'uo whernpon ho was shot from
tho nob-Hid story by Mozior or O'Grady
who jumpedjto tho ground and oscap
edi Although shot Hubbard managed
after n fearful struggle to hold Jim
O'Grady until assistance arrived.
Big poises nro porsulng tho bandits
who huvo taken to tho hills. Tho offl
oors believe they nro wanted for ilioro
serious and desperate crimes possibly
inoludlug the train robboryi
St. LouiiJj July 5 Tho most sensa
tional move of tho entlro polltionl sit
uatlon was made today whon( atlO
o'clock, it was announced by tho Anti-Parker
lenders that n combination
against Parker had finally been oifeot
rd! At that hour Bryan authorized
Hurlnn Olbvfclaud, in ohnrgo of tho
bopni of former Attorney GeueralJ
Harmon towiro Harmon nt Clnolnuatl
to hnvo 11 letter in St. Louis Wedmw
day uiornlugBtutiug what his position
was in 'Oil. If tho letter satlsfierBry
an, Harmon will bo tho oholco of the
anti'rt and thoy vill crncontrato their
HtreiiKth to beat Parker.
Tho itroiiKth of Olnoy, Wnll., Cock
roll, ilanuon and Gray formed tho nu
oIoiih of tho, d.onl uifldo by tho Bryan
JluiirHt foroed. Tho baniH of tho move
v,mh coUHtilutod in n petition, Hooretly
circulated during tho nllit by tho un
til) wbjcli MuiinumorouMly Kigned.
() Itjjf con'(I()pn(lalfy aniiounoi'd that
ij, hundred votera uro in tho combine
all iloded aaiiirtt Parker on llrnt and
tyift, ballj)1. f Tho ooni)act docrt not
oxt'jnd beyond that jier.pd but tlio an
tiHde'jlaro.tlioy(,aro JuhI an Hkillful in
tlio jiolltloijjinio at tf eir oppotientfi
and witli thia foothold 'ill le able to
tk-reat Pa?jjuj;.,, Thoyny tho futuro
will takei; ofibjolf, and deolaro the
(h)thani, juijt lo in u mowt danKerotw
P.esahurg, Oregon, Mny::l
Kn'.ico ii hc-oby givnl that in
P.esahurg, Oregon, May" 1, 1001
TllllilC'l) Wild" tllO 1JTO Lllr.ll! 01 tilO llCt
.' , ..,..- . Ilf Tn,, ... .o7d. ,.,ltf,.,i
At, ct for tho utile ot Umber lnnds
in tho States of California, Oregon, J
Nevada and Washlngton'Territory, " im
exotnded to all tho Public Land States
by act of -'August 4, 1802, Sarah P.
Cobb, of Roftburg, comity of Douglas,
State of Oregon, has this day filed in
this office llcr sworn statement No.
OlOU, ror tlio purchase of HWli of
Sk'tion No. 21, in Trjfwhtlhip No. 20
South, Ilango No. 10 West, tinrt will
tiirer proof to show that tho land
fidnght U more valuable for its timlwr
or'-stone thrfti for agricultural pur
K.if4. niiil to establish her claim tp
sutd ''land before tho Itegister and Re
ceiver of thih oftlco at Roseburg Ore
gon on Tuesday, tho ilOth day of Aug
ust, 1001. .
She natilcs as witnesses: W. L.Cobb.
J. W. Porterfleld, Jacob Rogers, Ben
janiiiii'Gotter, of Rosoburg, Oregon.
An mid nil persons olaliulug nil
vcrrfoly tho nlwvo described lands are
requested to llio their claims br this;
Oftlco 011 oir',.lx.,foro said UOth duy of
August, iOOl. '
' Register.
0 ll I
United Stntcs Laud OOlcc,
Rosoburg, Oregon May ill,
1001. .
Notico is hereby given that In com
pliance with provisions of tho not of
Congress, of Juuo it, 1878, entitled "An
act for tho sale of timber binds in tho
States of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Washington Territory, " as extend:
ed to all tho Public Laud States, by !
act of August -1, 1802, James A.Cobb,
of Roseburg, tounty of Douglas, State I
of Oregon, lina this day filed in thin '
oftlco his sworn Statement No. (1107,
for the purchase o'f thu SEi or Sec
tionNo. 21, Mil Township Nd. 20,
South Raugo No. 10 West, and will
itlfpr proof to show that tho laud
Eought is moro vnluulita for its tiinbor
or stouo than for agnunltnral purpos
os; liud to establish his claim to said
land More tho Itcglster and Receiver
orlhls otllco at Rosobirg, Oregon on
Tuesday, tho tiothday of August, 1001.
Ho uam'e nil witnesses; W. L. Cobb,
J. W. PorterfTolrt, Jacob Rogers, and
Benjamin Gottor, iff Rosdburg.Orpgou.
Any and nil persons Claiming art
Tersely tho above- described lauds are
reiiuested to.'fllb their claims in this
oftlco on or Iwforo said 30th liny of
August, 100L
Unite! Santos Laud Ofllco,
'Itoseburg, Or., Juno 0, 1001,
Notico Is hereby glvon that
in compliance with the provisions
of not of congress of Juno !5, 1878,
ontltlod "Ay act for tho salo
of timlwr lands, in tho States of
California, Oregon, Nevada and "yVash
lilgton TeiTltory,"iis extended to nil
tho Public Laud .States by act df.Afig
ust i, 1802, Qllvei Laudrith, of .Tern
pleton, counp of Coos, State of Ore
gon.has this day Hied in this oftlco his
Hworn statement No. 0308t for the. pur
ohaso of tho SEK of NWff of Seqtlou
No, 10 in TowusliipNo. 20 S, Rnngo
No. 12 W. and will offer uroof to
show that tho laud sought iA more val
uable for itrt timber or sfpuo than for
iiCTioultnral nuriiosctH, and to establish
his claim to said land before W. U.
Douglas, U. S. Commissioner fox Ore
gon at Marshllold, Oregon, 011 Satnr
day, the 27tli day of August, 10011
Ho names aft witnesses: Willituu
MoNeili Jacob H Hlbbard, Peter Mine
gut, of Tomploton, Oregon; Isaac
LanArith, of Marshtleld, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly ho above-desujlben lands aro ro
tmpjod to, ,(Uo tholf claims in this
oftlco on', or boforo 1 said 27th day of
August, 1001. '
in nil lit tft;! tbero
ihould Mi cltnllnet.
Ely's Cream Dolm
tlcnf ,oothc uml heal
Ilia dliMied membrane.
It enrol citorrli nit dtlrss
ftwfljr a cold In ilio head
Cream Dalm Ih pieced Into tho notrII, jprenoi
orcr tho tnembtene and It tbiotbei. I(llffIm.
mcll() stid a euro follow. It U not drying dot
tot prnduen dnc'.-.lnx. Largo Sl.o, CO cciitl at Druu
Iit or bj mail ; Trial filzo, 10 cent by mall.
u:.Y UUOTUCltS. M yaireu BlttoL. Xtr Ycr.
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ber'r?, any jrndo or bize you cluoo at
r'Rht prices.
Watches and Jewelry repairlntr done on
ahort notice, and in up-to-dato atyl
at f lie
Our Monthly Publication
will keep you posted on our
work and methods. Mailed
Free to tho
f any responsible house.
We promptly obuln U 8. and Foreign
1111-. II
Sand model, tkOtch or plioto ol lnrcnUon lor
I re report oa Tatenuslllty. rorfrco book.
UowtoSecuroTDinC UNDIO vrlte
Ptnu and
1 li 1 la ik in ir
Opposite U. S. Patent Office
R-I-P-A-N-S ..TabuIeS'
Doctors tind
A good prescription
For niankind
The 5-cont packet is enough for urual
occaelons. The tamllv uottio (ihi ceni;
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gists sell them.
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64 6g AlerchanU Exchange
! 04(
'Nnsal Cntnrrli nuiokly yielda to troat.
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cents, Test it and you nro euro to continuo
the treauaont. . Z ,
Announcement-,: , ,
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to the use ot atomizers iu applying liquiila
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bUt, tho nroprfotora propar Cream Balm iu
Unuldfonn, which will bo known as Ely's
JJqUld Cream Balm. Prlio including the
praying tbo is 75 cena, DruejjMV-.prtby
mail. Tho liquid form embodies the metl
iebail properties bt the nolid preparation.
yty&MA 1 1 Pi I Bm
Coast Mai! -Special Prophetic
Service, by tile Longest
Grapevine inthoWorIfl
Tho MAIL takctf ploaBnro in present
lug its readors with a synopsis of to
morrow's "special" grapovino prew
dispatches, containing full account oi!
quito n number of events written long
boforo they happen. If yon aro in-
itercsted in prophecy, . drop into tho
offlco this evening And you can vend
there dispatches in fall, instend of
waiting 21 .lours, and then pcrhnpii
I missing them. r
wu'ddinu aTi3ilt:ior$
j Ashovlllo, N.jO, July 2 A nuns' cr
jof gnesta from Npw York rr.d ,olso
wiiK'o nvo nci'c-r
Springfield, IB., Jqly 2Thor.gh
tho date set for' tho mcetiut of tho..
Populist national convention in the
city is but two days olf, very few of.
tho party delegates or leadorH nro
on hand,.
Now York, July .3 - Arrangement
have been concluded for tho trip
New York, July 2 A dUjitfo
from London says that groat ioSarec.
Burliugton, Vt. July 2 .Vigitir.i ,
from many parts of tho coustify arc
arriving to attend . -K
Nqw- Haven, Conn., July 2 A
monument toJamea Royald Qflllcil
.'Catnlpa Jim",-- ymH$b&SLZ
St. Louis, Mo July 2 Utriwarfl
and visible signs nre already abund
ant Tho outeide visitors, hewaver,
aro putting in an nppearaacq ia larr
numbors. Tho lintaMug tpaci n.
were put on tho convention hall I.--morning.
"Thossuds of flags and ;nii!i
of red, white and LIup blmting bnve
been used to give a gala appenrnuco to
tho Coliseum, both insido and out.
Tho leading hotels and buaiuess houses'
ot tho down-town section nro likowiso
putting on holldny ttire.
Rov. CI1114.' M"aynp fatally wounded
by burglar at Sioux Falls where ho
was attending Babtist Sunday School
Exchange tolegrnplis from Paris ','jq
. report that former Premier Waldeck
Roseau attempted snioido. His wifd
arrived in time to prevent injury.
Estate of the lato Stanley ia today
proved 145,805 .
Tho President today promoted Maj.
Bingham, of oiigineer ooriw, to brig
adier general and ordered nls immedi
ate rotiremout. Ho recently had his
leg amputated us result of accident at
Buffalo. . Bingham served na superin
tendent of buildings and grounds and
as tho President's aide. .1
Gouoral Nelson A. Miles telegraphs
tho Prohibition coouvoiJtiou .that ha
will not allow his naiuo used for tho
presidential nomination iu that con
vention. Coal mines at Ronton, Wash., Hhub
down, throwing out 200 miners, be
cause thoy refused to uccopt reduotlon
of one-third iu wages.
Henry Billings, a well-known Chi
cago lirokor and oluluiau, tmloiiW
from despondency caused by his wife's
illness. ' ' t'
Dnohesa Valeubayj formerly 'Hele
Morton of
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