Weekly coast mail. (Marshfield, Coos County, Or.) 1902-1906, October 24, 1903, Image 5

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? tr' i- "if'yn r r' H -v ,
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CovvrivhU w. ! T. tt WeClur
V The ulKlit win Mill In! utillry, hint-
1 111; or mill, In llio tnint a low moon
nu'tiMK bood red nbovo tho hill. Its
rny crln.Ktiiicd 11 jmtli ncros tlio hIiir-
x ft'lsli and sllont, waters of tho IJInck
Wlion it nllirlit Hno nomo dhttnnrn from
Jin western hnuk Colonel 1'nmticu of
(lie Ninth Mississippi, 0. B. A., Kneed
loiiKliigly nt tlio dim, inlnly lights of
Tiiseiiloorn fur Intel: iiponhn opiwsltn
shorn. Tho body of thu yotititf mini won
ni'iilly liicamil In u now uruy uniform,
iiii.I thu dual of tljo colonel wns with
tin' Confcrkrnto crtiimi, tmt tho heart of
hltn wns within Uiu Union Much, nnd ho
wns sore distrait, for tlio Federal
troops held Tuscaloosa, and Tuscaloosa
field runny northern oillconi nnd tho
pcrwiii of Miss Hetty Tnyloo, nnd, fur
ther, .Miss lietty hold thu affections of
Colonel Prentice.
Now. Ibindolph Prontlco hnd fonfjht
tho oppresrfors nnd Ixmtod tliom nnd
lind Imhui defeated hy tliom. Ho hated
thrm rlKht heartily nit nholitlonlnU,
mid h admired them licyond expres
sion n n K'tlliint food. Therefore Lo ml-
tnnitod their nhllltles In tho way of
InvdmnkliiK. A man who fluids Koiicr
oindy ximl chivalrously In not, im n rnln,
cxcuwdvoly bashful or unduly tongue
tied In tho presence of Indies.
Presently thu colonel stamped his
booted foot nnd swore beneath IiIn
brvntli. The unlet nlr curried sound fnr
nml olonr, nnd to IiIn enrs there en mo
fnlnt strn'ni of niiiMtc, Hut hum of n
tfUltnr iifnl an enormous baritone rained
In noiiK Then tho colonol retired with
in tin urovi of trees to rt'npiionr Hhort
ly with two of IiIh men. They rim
tlotixly oiidinrUod In n mnnll llatlwiat
wlilch h d Imtii conreuhxl by n clump
of undori;row(h. Tho ohllidnir moon
Und rtroiitd behind n cloud bnnlc.
ln tho parlor of tho Tnyloo innnnlon
I hi- Within won low even cnndlcn won
rtonr In tho wiutli iowitnl tho clono of
tli- ir-but tholr dim ni.v could not
Stroke Shattered My
Gave Up Preaching
For Two Years.
Dr. Milos' Norvino Put
Mo .On Active List.
. Are rou well? Do you lcep well? Dq
you et up retted, frrtli ami vicoroin? It
your mind clear and ictlve? II not read the
lollovviiii;. Sec what another has lutfered
and how he rtcovcicd. .
"Some yrnrn nL'o I wan nflllcted with sun
(trokc which lull me with u shattered iierv
phi system nnd cxceerilnclftpoor health. I
suffered tetrilily with jiatn In my head, the
top of my head would feci hot. I cou d not
study, and after striving for two years to
wrar the trouble off, I was compelled to nlve,
up my pastoral labor and retire to my urm
where I spent nearly two years tryinp to re
cupcrate. It was nil of no avail, 'hylcliu
treatment ami patent medicines (nllrd to re
l:vi tin. I wai i-xceedinrly nrousund
I iluble ind imetimeswoud ii. tcjr!blv.
1 could I ot b :u no noise A tl. ten t er
c ta n the blood wouVl i v m, ti'-e
and head. "1 wo years ro 1 was Induced lo
t-y Dr. Miles' Hestorntlve N-ivins. After
utmi; one bqttle 1 could see improvement in
my condition so I continued tal.iiiL' it (or
nearly a year. I am happy to say I no
loncer have those pains in my head or nerv
ou spells. My appetite is food and I am
bi to preach three t.mr on .Sunday with
out f.itiw'ue. I crmstdcr Ur. Miles' Nervlno
Hit moil wonderful medicine ever discov
ered," Re, I). Alex. Hoiman, Pastor U. 11.
Church, Marlon, lnd.
All druL'c'sts sell and guarantee first bot
tle fir. Miles' Kemr dies. Send (or free book .
on Ncrvoun and Heart Diseases. Address
'Ur. Miles Medical Co,. EUthartUnd.
COHCOfll trio hefititr ot tfto KIM trno
nut loyltmly upon n ofa, each with nn
nrm nlMitit tlio other, TIioukIi thoy
woro nlfttuni, ono wnn dnrk nnd itiln
olilovous(ia youtiKor, Alloo Tnyloo
wlillo tlto otliur wna tnll nnd fnlr nnd
roriotiM, Hoth woro vory Kood for n
noltllor innn to look tipon.
To tliotn came n nong from tlio ntgtit
without. Dlclc AmynR, crtjifaln of tho
Nltiotootith Ohio, nnd Llotitonant Hon
ry woro of n mind that no tlmo moro
tlmn the jironont wan AUMplclout for
tho wool n k of n mnld or two, Tho
Ktiltnr biitr.ttl renonnntly under tho
doft IliiKt'rH of the cnptnln nnd tholr
commltiKled voices wnrljlod n melting
norvnndo. eimultnneotiNly tho four
oyoM of thorn wore Mendfniitly ohnon'
nut of tho vino twined pnrlor enno
munt. Thoy wero oxpi'dnnt of nti In
Vltntlon to (inter. This wan not their
flint duot hoiienth tho window. In
dued, It In to bo flunpocted that Minn
All co wnn In no wny nverno to tho con'
qtient of tho north bloodleiuly nnd by
Throo Knijr ntudowa ntolo up behind
tho two. Colonel l'rontlco hold tip n
wnriilng hand nnd pnuncd, llntonlng'Vri .V. ', .'..'
will. l.n1l rl.l1 nr- In fl,A ,,7. O tllln hllblt llO OWOtl milCll Of llflt MIC
with hardly ravlahed earn to tlio con
eluding bans of "Tlio Jiluo Juniata."
Ho nodded In appreciation of an ex
cellent rendering, but when tlio nong
enmo to an end nnd n plenned murmur
llontrd throiifib tho caaomeut tho benrt
of tho Confedcrnto won hnrtloned.
"Gentlemen hmj" ho obnerved oott
ly. "Could All pthnuodo ych to repeat
tho effohtr
Tho gcntlomen with ono accord
wbonlod nnd gated with Intercut Into
tho mustlen of a cotiplo of nnvy rc
volvcni. rrentico recognized Captain
"Ah ndTdol munlc," ho drawled.
'Vo liiuiililn tutrvMOt JJllhl"
"Hdw iiMiny men hnvu you, confound
you 7"
"Hovornl, gentlomon a miufldcut
numbeh. Ah repent, can I pehnuado
"You cnnl" ropllod LIcutcnnnt nenry
promptly. Tboy obliged con nmoro.
"Vo'y filr." commonted tho colonol
when tln-y hnd flnlilieil. "And onco
monh. If .veh-plenw.
"Itandniph, I'll bu oven with you
for thlnl' Amyan threatened hotly.
"Oh, nlng mmethltig olso If ych pre
fer," Indifferently.
Tfy nnng.
At tho window thero hnd been A
brenthleiM nurprliw ut tho repetition of
tlio Ming. Now, nurmhdng thnt nomo
tiling wna nmlsn, Minn Hetty Htoppd
out upon Uw veranda, tiho Blinded
hor oyen, peering down upon tho group.
. "Kniidolph Prontlcur nho cried. "In
it truly your
"Yn, Mbw Tnyloo," ho mndo nnswer
"What do you moan by thl7"
HIm cycii ulioiio, twinkling. "Ah dd
donh music."
"Hut you hnvo no rlghtl"
"Doe It offend ych, ma'am 7 Ah'm
ro thotiKhtleaa. Shall Ah mnko 'cm
"Hut but whnt do you proposo to
do with tlieiu?"
"Hang 'om. Miss TnyJoc. Gentlemen,
plonao don't slug no fab off tho key.
Hut don't stop. Blng something monh
nenttmeiitnl." Ho beckoned to his
men, "Ah'm going in," ho nnnouueed. j
"tjco thnt tho ucntlomou contlnuo to--1
nb sing. If they stop or try to cscnpo '
well, dlscourngo 'om." i
It wns Miss Alice Tnyloo who greet-'
ed hltn nt tho door and dosorted him
bnnely on tho threshold of tho pnrlor.
Tbo colouo pntined, awkwanlly fltiRer-,
lug his cap, his supremo nssurntice
quite Kone. Ho hnrdly dnred to lift
his eyes to Betty, but when ho sum
moned up tho courngo ho uaw hor
shotildors shaking. Without, "Ilosallo,
tho Prnlrlo Flower" was In spirited
execution. Tho colonol grow moro
bold, advancing fully throo paces.
"Now, sir," cried Miss Hetty, fnclng
him suddenly, "what hnvo you to any
for yourself?"
"Vo'y little, Ah'm nfrnld, Miss Hetty.
Ah Ah wns hoping ych'd consent tp
bo inah oxctiso."
"And for whnt. sir?"
"Fob mnh dnhlng"-
"Your during!"
"To approach yob," ho added hastily.
"You've no excuse for risking your
Jlfo, sir, Tho south needs you."
"Yes, ma'am.'' llq twisted his cap
helplessly. Ho felt anything nt nil but
Imld, and wonls choked In his thront
most uuiiccountnbly. "Hut, Ah-MIss
Hetty, Ah heed ych moah'n tho south
needs mel" Ho wns utterly abashed
by lils temerity. He could nay no uioro,
but his eyes npoko for him.
"Hetty I"
"Hnndolph Prontlcot"
"Could you. Hetty?"
"Could I wlmt, Colonol Prontlco?"
"Korgho uio?"
"Huii-Ilnndolpli. there Is nothing to
forAlvo." Her eyes wero downcast.
The loilu Insbca trembled moist upon
her oheelr.
a inin. nunrior nf nn Iinur hnssod.
Colonel l'rontlco renppenred upon the . noldlera In Porto Ulco so tiuu'd theni
vcmndn. I 1111 hloutoimnt Phlllliia was nmoug
"Ccaso tiring, gcntlomen," ho sattt 1 tholr numbor,
gnyly. "Ah'm inflnltoly obllgwl to Whon bo flnally lay down on hs
yeji." J camp cot thoy took their stations, one
"Hung . von, Pmitlcol I, call this ycry ', upon his pillow, ono ujiou Ida cUest,
iiiihahdHbino of youl" , Thoy know Instinctively that ho did
"The end" firmly "justifies the; not like to hnvo them on his face, for
menus, goiitlomon, Now, will yeh J whoiiovor thoy trespassed on this torrl;
pigintHo to mnko no dlstu'bnnco while tory ho moved. v restlessly, but tholr
wo ire within tho lines?' Ah don't oresuueo near liW hico was qulto siifll--.
, ; ..a, I .
tHint x6 mk yerlr , ' heht'to Keep inout or trid men nwny.
"Wo proinUo," nrtfd Aniynrf BUlfcfily. While tho lieutenant wan making all
"Wo n ro your primmer"." tlieno prepnratloini for his aleatu there
"Then tliniik yoli nnd good night." win an unplvHantit oy watching Jijm
Ho lonpod Ughtly to tho ground and, through tho open pnco left by the lift
cnlllng io bin men, ntnrtod nwny, log of tho bnck flap of Uio lent. Tho
Hut, rrcntlcol" cried Amyno,
"Voh promlncd to
ho wnrnod thorn.
"Ali'm taking no prlnoner tonight,
gotitlenieii-IoaiitwnyH no monh than
ono. Will yeli roitgrntubtto mo upon
winning ,tho hand of tho mvecteflt girl
In tho land'"
"Whlclir demanded both" In a
"Thnt. grntlcmon, I munt lenvo to
yolwelven to find out. But, bcllovo inc.
Ah thuiik you. (lood night."
A fUnry ot (Jorrrnor AVnulilinrn.
Governor WiiKhburti wan a thorough
gontlemnii through and through, cotir
tooiiH, wi II bred and with an entirely
nuflk-lent hviiho of IiIh own dignity, ilut
lie Imrl little renpect for nny fnlao no
tloiiH of gentility and had a liablt of
conn In life, A very nmtiHlng utory wnn
told by .Mm. Wimlibuni long. After her
hunbrtud'ii death. ' ' '
Her Mtory wnn tlmt ono tffne'wleti
Judge Wanhbuni wan governor tho
motnborn of bin ntaff came to Worron'
tor ou Homo public occimlon nnd were
nil Invited to Ida houno to npond the
night. When ho got up In tho morn
log ho found to bis conntonintlon that
tlio mini who wnn In the habit of doing"
niich norvlcen at bin houno wnn nick or
for Homo other rennon hnd failed to
put In an nppen ranee nnd none of tho
bootM of tho young gentlemen wan
blacked Tho uovonmr wan manter of
I. C. BRAflD
Copyrlaht, llJ. if T. C. McClnro
Lleutetintit IMillllpa, U. ti. V., hnd
boon Innpectlng govcrnmont property
out In tho corral, but tho heat hnd
driven hltn into bin tent, which wni
pitched JiiHt on tho edgo of a coffee
It wns.nt tho time when our govern
ment was withdrawing from Porto
Itlco tho vast uumlKir of horses, army
wagons and other trnnnportntlon pnra
ph'Ttialla which had been necessary
during tho war. Inspection duty Is
only given to men who arc thoroughly
trustworthy. Especially Is this truo in
Porto Illco. nioro were Inrgo quatit
titlei of govonuncnt property them
after tho surrender, most of it in good
.condition. Thu planters thereabouts,
who had lont n senson's crops through
the wnr. were unxlous to cheaply re
oijulp their plantations with wagons.
hurves and mules. It was because tho
honest gentlemen hnd n tendency to
offer "Inducements" to Inspecting of-
Uwm to condemn gool projert-, which
tue piniuerM cocm imurwuni imv iur
n wing nt the miction, thnt especial
enre was used In tho selection of In
specting olllcors. Lieutenant Phillips
was one of tho elect
On such govcrnmont property ns Is
condemned the "I. C." brand Is placed.
"I. C" mentis ltiiectcd nnd condclnn
cd. It Is not wlsojfor n clvlllnn to hn'o
In his riossonnlon nny'propbrty which
bears the murk "U. S." and docs npt
nlwi bear tho ninrk "I. C" Hoth nr6
Htonclh 1 hi black paint a: tentago can
vns, blankets nnd stieh l!ki buriiml
Into tho bodies of wngons mid other
woolen nrtlcles nnd branded on tbo
llnn.H of I orsi- nnd millets
I'ut-:ii n' T'lillllr1' kept Mie irons tit
his own iwwoislon for fo;ir thoy might
bo used unsi-nipulouKiy. He carried
then, v Hli tbolr bruzlor still hrlf full
of Hot cuiIf to tho ivnr f bis tent so
thnf wh't HrMo tiroero thoru was would
blow thu he.. i nwny from him Then
ho lem-vtil bw heavier gnrinnts.
It hnd tiron a hard day for tho lieu
tenant, l-arly in tho morning he had
been chief w.imu U a court martini
which had convicted nn American sol
dlor of ! awa. crtnJly tuutvd hU wire,
a beautiful. Porto Rrcan-uIrUnntlm. j,i- ,
tuwil, I.uigl Ar.imado, vna a swarrby
f.'IIow of lur...n r ir ntno
LI. .-.10111111: Phll...m remen'jored wltlv
discomfort tho tlerco look tho niim had ,
thrown ut hlm as. handcuffed, ho h-ul
been led away to tlio gunrdhouso. Hut,
although tho lieutenant hnd tho pink
cheous or 11 gin nnd novw n hushcioh
of 11 mustncho upon his upper Up. ho
hnd a reputation for fonrlossness.
Hoforo ho sottled down to sleep ho
relPiiHcd from tly voiHllated box a
pair of ltttlo lizards. They nro of the
variety culled chnmcleons and can be
ouslly turned by nny ono who will dc -
...i.il.t.ilillt. ivlvii tlimii 11 ult nt umpni hull
. . . . . .,... 1
v"7" ' . . Ii 1 1
, water, a fow flies' or somo other dnln-
ties dear to tbo heart. Mnuy of our
cto waa In tho hend of tlio man whom
, the lieutenant had given evidence
timko no t)0lBO,"vngnlnst that morning. Ltilgt Arnmndo
had OMcnped. Helow tho eye, but whol
ly hidden In tho Ininh, tlioro wero two
hnudn, and In ono of them thero wn n
knife. Tho man wan waiting until tho
lieutenant nhotild fall anleep.
Tho tcnl'H flnpn moved lazily In the
iiioepy lirK-zo. "ftw ana tncu ouo oi
tho little Jlznrdn made n lightning drru
nnd n fly had porlnhed. The lieutenant
alept poncefully. Everything wan n It
nhould b when noon appronclioti In die
Still tho figure crouched, watchful
and nlhmt. At length tlio man crept
forward .till ho wnn full in tho tent;
then ho ntopped nnd drev from his
bloiino a tUiy vlnl. He wan near
enough to hnvo used tho knife, but ho
evidently had other purponca. Perhaps"
ho -wlflbed to gloat over hU victim be
fore the blow fell. His glanco had
fallen upon tho broiler nnd tho brand
ing irons.
Blowlr nnd noinolensly ha rono to hli
fcot V wan n mlntnkc, for 'It ntartlcd
tho lizards. Disoticylng their training,
Uiey scampered over tlio face of tlio
It half woke him, and hs looked up
lazily, but before ho could more thuu
cntch a gllmpno of tlio evil ryes nnd
gleaming blade, before ho could halloc
for help, tho nlan flung himself tipor
him and In tho lieutenant's nostrili
entered tho dcndly" fumes of chloro
form. Then ho lost conHdounneiw.
Tlio 'Italian mined himself cautious
ly tho stupor might bo feigned Bui
a moment's scrutiny roiioved his fears
In a twinkling he bad bound tbo lieu
tennnt hand nnd foot and thrust a gat
Into his mouth.
"Killing wouldn't be enough," tin
desperado muttered fiercely. Til marl
Mm for life, no I will."
The lizards mennwhlle had darted ut
on tho canms of tho tent They had
done all that thoy could In waking tb(
Untenant. They could not fight fot
And wlitlfi the lizards watched witl
4,:irir.irVv.- V lnfniop-ii".
tho Irons into tho brazier. Tho lieu-
tenant's cyca were open now, for the
force of the opinio wns spent. Tho lies
Icrado tnrned and caught their un
daunted glance
"Pig of n lieutenant!" ho eaid vicious
ly. "It Is now I who have tho power.
I will wult until the Irons heat, then
wo slmll boo whnt wo shall see." And
ho kicked tho helpless figure before ho
turned again to the brazier.
As ho watclied tho motal turn from
blade to gray and flush Into redness, a
cruel smllo disclosed his fangllko teeth.
" "Tls most ready, my lieutenant," ho
raid tauntingly.
Noiselessly tho tent flap swayed, as If
moved by a gentle breeze. Tho man's
back was turned. Ho was too Intent
on tho brazier to sco a slight figure
which slipped through tho aperture.
It was Ysabcl, his wlfo. v
Tho furl's eyes illlnted with horror
ns ebo glnnced from tho bound lieuten
ant to tho dfeadly preparations of his
enemy. Then with n, Httlo movement
alio snatched tho pistol which lay on
tho table. At the sound the man at
tho brazier turned and found himself
looking Into tho barrel held In her
6tcady hands, no was a coward, nnd
ho quailed beforo hor.
"Take thoso ropes off," slio said im
periously In her musical Spanish,
pointing to tho nontenant's bonds. "If
you do not I wJII shoot you."
Thoro wns a .tremor In her voice, but
her eyes wero unflinching.
Tho lieutenant watched her, fascinat
ed. Her husband, sullenly accepting
dofent. lieinm to untie tho knots. At
lengtli the cnptlve wns rclcnsed nnd
tho two stood silently beforo her. Hoth
Boomed ovomwod by tho bcntity and
fearlessness of tlio woman.
Still pointing "with hcrt pistol. Bhe
"Now, go go go, Lulgl, nnd never
come back again." Without a word
tho desperado obeyed.
When the tent Hap fell behind him
Mutni iiramuxl from her trcmbllnc
flgers nml Hho leaned against the table
m ,f for Bp,wrt
"Wna It wrong to lot hltn goV" sho
said nniioallnslA. "You would have
uu,p(1 hlm it ,,0 ,md 8tny(Hlt avi
could not have stood that, 1 loved
hlm once," Thoio was n sob In hor
throat "Now bo will nover dnro to
wni0 ,)ack n ,,It , 8,m be froo froIl,
, u you w, ,ct ,,,, g0 for my
J Bft).0?..
1 Afl thQ Hellt(mnnt cianccd from tho
' ,rong tnm wh,ch fiM0 ,,nil 8aml ,)Uri
1 t0 hor ,eadlllg aco hQ couUi ot but
Vet 8 8ho, to0f dlsmpponred
1 Mn(1 tl0 wKeo l(US,(e8i hQ ubtthl i,r
ciioKing son. . , ,
,Uo wuy of a womon ia hutd," said
tho nontenant.
, i :
It Tooi tlio Cnlco1, t
The lute : j.duTfon to tlwGerman
language U Cn word "knusnVrcJmu,"
mennlng n little thlfig tlnit'CHii bo nib
bled. 'J'hls in ibo M'oid tjmt has Just
taken tlio prize offered by soiuo Gor
mau euentlotiI po'-'letJ' Pr the best
tra'nslMno ,if tlics hnun, ciko."i r
nfiiYtirfrii. i
ftllglmflyer, n German goldsmith In
tho first part of the Inst ccjitury, hnv
Ing nn ambition to attempt larger
works than nny ho had accomplished,
went to Naples In order to see tho cast
ing of Canovn's stfltno of Charles III.,
but was denied the sight of ccrinln se
cret technical processes. Stiglmayer
found thorn fltit for himself neverthe
less and as noon as ho wont homo jnnde
his first experiment on a statuette of
Venus. Many delays occurred, and the
excitement Increased as tho end drew
near. Hy tfornc mlntnko ono of his as
sistants poured his molten metal Into
tho nlr bole. Then the casting came to
n stand till.
"Tlio crowd of lookers on," writes tho
poor founder In his diary, "stood first
dumb about mo and,thon slipped out
ono by -one and left mo with my pain."
In a month a second canting was Iw
guft and failed. With unbroken cour
age lie began tlio third cast and on
Christmas ovo tlio metal was again
poured la. It ran Into the mold nnd
spurted Joyfully out at U19 air hole.
"Our Joy know no bounds," ho de
dares. "We raised a loud cry of Joy
nnd embraced and kissed each other.
Pasqualo. tho helper, kin! tho bond of
Phldlnn coming out of the broken form
nnd burned huy montli, for It had not
hnd tlmo to cool." . -
Cniiry n Crltao In Ifanarnrr.
It is a criminal offeosc In Hungary
to lend money at usurious rates, and a
Pressbtirg money lender was sentenced
to twelve months' Imprisonment for
that offense recently.
MUliona of VetretarlanM.
In considering the practical side ot
the vegctnrlau qucatlon'lt should bo ra
membcred tlint at least Bcvcn-tcnths of
the iwpnlnllon of the globo never cat
flesh meat In India, China, Japan and
adjacent countries there arc about 400,
000,000 people strong, active, healthy,
long lived who cat no flesh meat In
Europe are tho peasants of Russia, tbo
Corslcan fanners, tlio Scotch highland
era nnd other vegetarian peoples, well
developed physically and capablo of
great endurance.
Odd Bpltapb.
On n nowly erected memorial sf ono
In Yarmouth. England, appears this In
scription: "In memory of -. who
died of disease contracted In South Af
rica. The Lord be praised." Wilt
shire, England, has this-epitaph: 'Be
neath thU soil a lump of clay lies Am
bclla Young, who' on the 24th of M'.y
began to bold her toncuo."
...,-iai.l nEDIUNF i
Thodiord'a Dlack-Draught baa
saved doctors' bills for more than
sixty years. For the common fam
ily ailments, such as constipation,
indigestion) hard colds, bowel com
plaints, chills and fever, bilious
ness, headaches and otker like
complaints no other medicine is
necessary. It invigorate and reg
ulates tho liver, assuts digestion,
stimulates action of the kidneys,
purifies tho blood, and purges tho
bowels of foul accumulations, it
cures liver complaint, indigestion,
sour .stomach, dizztnees, chills, '
rhetunr.tic pains, sidcachc, back-
acno,Kumo"irouDiej, constipat- n,
d arrho-a, biliotncss, piles, hard
colds and healacho. Lvcry irr"
pist has Thcdford'tr Dlack-Iran.c
in 25 cent packages and in mtun
inotli giro for $l.tv; Hover noc .t
n substitntc. Insirt on having tuo
original made by the Chattapooga
Mouicine, Company.
I btllcve ThcdfortTs CUck-Draaght
Is the bsi mcdl'Lie on csrth. It h
good for fly sad everything. Iluvt I
a family of twelve children, snd for I
tour ywrs I have kspt them on loot
andhulth with no doctor but Disci-
Draught. A.J.GRIiElJ, Wewsr. U
Get The Genuine.
The groat popularity of S'ENCSTACKEN'S'
euro, has caused Imitations to be placsd
on sale. Thosq are Inferior In every way,
being muddv unsightly mixtures, usually
with a "shako label" attached. The feenu.
Inemediolne Is clear and bright, and Is1
made at GENCSTACKEN'S only-le sure
bf themame
Seiigstackens White Pine
I ' ','''. ' Orange colb Dackagis
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i.rnd cln I) to tko
n.u.iit, riitii, rotnt, Tt no!, .noo(t,
K.Tor BlekM, WkM. or Urlp. M, . mt tfi etnti
f"ir.boiu '.VtU tor fro mt, ta4 keaclot
mmuffl Minr cesfiirr, cHtcise r ntn tesv
The Ashland Normal
ll - Southern OroKOii State Normal
-Vv.il heuinn thfrf yesr's work Hoptem
tier Kith. AlarKQ working library hap
Mt-n dd-' the nhynicxl nsd chetn'csl
fnbrntory hatbei-ulully t-qslpped; a now
viui nf-iuni buililinx h belsg erected,
.ml h ianitf mid Imndkonm eohool btiild-
if nt. ring ccmrlotfon. The school
jfn nnds ro leintifnl and pictnreeque.
Tl hi-alih conditions aro of the best'
and the roc'al invironmentjs pure and
utiinufctlns ; tho course of study has bsm
HrHu-hncd and Biai'e more practical
! i- ilty has Iksph Increased in num
-j nn the tohool la now equipped to
..i i'k of the highest order.
riii chool belongs to Swithern Ore
c1!.. It dpsires and merits the patron--.f
nt the people of this great section.
f,ir citafognoaddren,
j. H. Thomas, Sec't,
Our Moatlily Publicatiaa
will keep yon posted en ear
work and methods. Mailed
Free to the
of asy responsib)e home.
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150 "YEARS',
' Tradc Mkmi
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-ert four raoUi, fl. ktAdbjan ewtl4Irr.
braacii VBteo, MS V St. WatMcMo. IX C.
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