Weekly coast mail. (Marshfield, Coos County, Or.) 1902-1906, February 14, 1903, Image 2

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Wounded Through the Body by a
Deputy Sheriff, Shoots
t In a dceperato cncountor Kd Whito,
tbe csnvict who recently escaped from
,iiio Oregon penitentiary, was killed
near Kddyvlllo Fob. 4th. After receiv
ing a shot through tho body from n
Winchester rllloin tho bands of Deputy
Shorlfl Kobert'Warnock. Whito turned
hia 44-callbor Colt'a revolvor to hla own
forohcad and sent a ball into his brain.
Uo'dlod flvo minutes altorward.
The enconntor happcnoJ in tho vicini
ty of Robert Warnock'i houto. Alter
tho encounter Sunday, White crossed
Alaoa Bay to Lutj jus and traveled north
, and cast. MandaxDJght ho spent in n
barn owned by Charles Bruncr, and
Tuesday wai seen in tho Chitwood
Schoolhonse, from which ho waa driven i
by persons who wero coins there to bold
. i
a meeting. From there he went east
ward np tho river, whero he obtained
breakfast at a farmhouse, II is
whereabouts had become known to
efflcers, tnl thay wero in pursuit.
Wednesday he passe! down tho Yaqnlna ,
Hirer to the vicinity of tbo Warnock j
firm. Thero while passing up the rail-
road track with Ssction Foreman Howltt
on a handcar. Robert Warnock observ
ed a man answering White's description
on tho county road. When he noticed
tbe handcar, and its occupants tho con
vict proceeded to secrete himself in tho
brush near. The handcar passed on a
distance of 150 yards beyond White,
when Warnock alighted and rsturned to
the place where the 'onvlct had disap
peared. Within a few minutes Whito
was discovered moving along in the lane
leading past Warcock's house. Tho
house was only about 03 yards distant
from the aonvict'i late hiding place, and
ahnrso was tied to the fence in front.
Warnock at once ordered tbo convict to
halt andjthrow np his'bands. Whito
turned quickly and presented his revol
ver as if to shoot. Warnock at onco
leveled hia Winchester, and, without '
flripg hia revolver, Whito turnedd an ran
toward the horse. Warnock oponed fire,
the first shot belnsr for the purnoso o! i
inducing tho fugitive to halt. White,
however, ran to the hone and lost eev
eral seconds in untyiug tho animal.
Then he attempted to mount, when n j
ball 'from tbe officer's rifle passed '
jurongh his clothing. Then White, has I
.Jily changing his plan, left the bono and
started to run to the barn near tho War
nock house. He had gone bat a short
distance when a ball from the Winchcs
t ter stopped his ill ght. It entered the
small of the bwfc, and Whito staggered
end dropped to hie knees. While in 1
j'tCla, position he placed the muzzle ol his
, revolver ugalnst his forehead and pulled
tl.o trigger.
' , Within a few minutea Sheriff Jioti,
vvrho had also been In pursuit, joined
-Warnock. When tho officers reached
..him Whito wes still alive, -bat he died
jfive minutes nitcrwards. Whon reachod
tho was lying' on his face. His right
t liaad with thumb ou tho trigger olasped
TjJn handle, and hU left held the mizzle
of hia xcvolver, just ahe olaspeJ the
keair. whsu hs t.ck his own Ufa. Hi..
Jiat lay nusr.by, nnd was burning at the
voiut whore it had been eel on fire bj
Khe discharge of tl.o revolver.
f Tho body waa tuken to Edtfi villi,
horo a Coroner's inquest was liold.
uJio verdict exonerated the deputy Bher-J
iff from all blame, and found that the
fugitive camo to his death by a gunshot
wound infllctod by Warnock and by his
owo hand.
. Real JEstatc Transfers
Elisabeth E Fomcroy nnd bus to A G
Hoyt lot 4 blk t Coontt'i) r.dd Dnndon
Heirs of Mallnda Davis to W K pxvis
112 int in CI acres Jn s 11 t20rl3. $5.
0 II Morrhant and wf toGco K Miller
lots 33 A 31 blk 44 Railroad add Marsh
flcld flOO.
W 6 1'axpon and wf to U D Santord
lots 1 and 12 blk 8 lots 11 and 12 blk 3
Elliot's add Coqitlllo City, GOO.
A P Owon and wf to Frank W Smith
tot S s2ot.lot0 blk 2i Railroad add
March field f2M.
'A P Owen and wf to Ernest V Smith
lot SO n2 of lot So. blk 23 Railroad add
Emer6on E Ferry to Frank V Smith
Portion ot lots 1 2 3 4 37 33 SO and 40,
blk 10, Railroad add Marshfield fin.
0 II Merchant and wf to J 0 Doane
lots 30 and 37 blk 44 Railroad add Marsh
field flCO.
C II Merchant and wf to Em ran Dillon
lot 21 blk 24 Railroad add Marshfield
L J Sinipion and wf to C YV Calef lot
7 blk 10 North Bond 5.
U S to Rocner Ncal, W'2 of sw4 8 14
c2 of ec4 e Jo t 30 r 12, 10J acrts.
Rocner Ntal to E C Carter w2 of sw4
, u c2ot 8e4 815tS0rl2 160 acres. $1500.
o Carter and wf to E A, L M and
J L Aasen w2 of swl s 14 e2 of se4 e 16
t 30 r 12, 1C0 acres, f 1C00,
E W Hermann and wf to C M Her-
mann, 21 40 acres in a 17 1 20 r 12. $1000.
Mary F Flam and bus to Ethel M
Perkins lot 2 s 15 1 2S r 14 01 acres. $1.
Thos J Perkins and wf to E E Oake's,
2 crcs in ew4 of nw4 s U t 2S r 14. $1.
A Carlton and wf to E E Oakee 'li j
acres in s'w4 s 14 t 23 r 14 $27.50.
Wm. Jess and wf to Chas G Hall,
.- i . iu oa r T C10
Thos Krewson and wf to Thos Daver
our tract in a3U 1 27 r 13. $500
Edward M Jenkins to Eva Jenkin 2
of nw4 ne4 of nw4 nw4 of ne4 silt 30
r II 1C0 acres. $i000.
John P Hayes, Jr. i JackobM Hayes
to John Hayes Sr, 35 acres in a 10 t 31 r
11, $150.
C S Goodenongh and wf to II M Fish
lots 27 23 20 and 20 blk 12 Woolen mill
add Bandon, $100.
Or & Cal Railroad Co to J B Haesett
set of net a 11 t 20 r 11 82 21. acres
. .
j B Haeaett and wf to C E Houser n-3
of net ew4 of ne4 e 11 tSflrll 82 29
ocres $1.
For Death or Relief
Heart Disease.
Dizzy Spells, Pain
and ChoKing.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
Saved My Life.
n, vf:i..i ir-,. r.. t. ,. .in )..i
no other rpsdieine can do. If your heart
troublcs you, you cannot afford delay or mis
take in choice of a remedy. For many years
tbi preparation has teen curing cues that
?ilt'V.li!!r-nT. Ji
same for jou: '
'1 wr.te yoj thi letter through gratitude
for the benefit I have received by takinj;
)our aluUe remedies. For three years I
jai subject ujdiz'yspJIf.tornetimes several
2, th" 1" I rf 'fti T 't"?I
.. 7 '; ; ",r:,"". r"'i i r
freJfuently had
am. nutterm?,
nationr could
ras not able to
ftCrc4ijy auecicu ana i
rrt lis A C.r na Inilili.n
Pn, tendenteM, choking sensations could
no; ne on mv lcH nii ana was not cute to
do any vork. I called a dot-tor who helped
rne come but the dis-7 peli. nnvjaon fre ,
ouent and I wm. so ve.y nervous ihat I did ,
iuem ana 1 wt so ve.y nervous tnati ua ,
11 I ttm Al. a f r, rl r.,1 I r !,.,! f . A I Itr.l (
to tiite me from f.is v. ,,'A orputmycyci
lo tine me irom v..i v. ,f.i or put my cyci
on wawthlnif Utt wouM ht!r rue. The first
pa;jt.r I tookupw-saN-wyokpaperand
in it I tzr your jtjeri..,inj. My husband
:".-hr.-Utiles of Ui-, MW II part Cure .
xnd H rvinc ami one box of Dr. Allies' AntI
ytart. lit. Miles' '
life." Mrs. It. II. ,
Heart Cure saved my
IJurcn, hwh, n. U.
All drucgist3 tell and riatiintee f.r t hot
tie Dr. Miles' Kcmedies. .Send for free book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases. ACdress
Dr. Miles Medical Co., ElkhwJ, lnd.
i'aiu rills stnee v.'hleh tio l have hau no
mure dizry tncllf. I can He on either ftidu
r.nd f4"ep all nlyat. J nave ween aula to do tjp. j
nv o.'ir work lor tune
Geo TMoulton to flobt Maradon, lot 5
blk 19 Btosniboat add Yarrow $5.
Or & Cal Railroad Co to Fred A Krlbi
nw4ofuet w2of sw7 s 33 1 30 r 11 1!0
acres $510.
N U Martinson to Cathariuo Nartin
en lot 7, b 27 t E6 r 12 4370 acroi. $5
M J McDonald and wf to John M, orris
lots 11 and 12 block S3 Elliots' ihl Co
qullle City $215.
Alphonte Piorrio and wf to F. A. Ur
man lot 4 rot of aw 4, s2 of ttt s IS t 28
r 10 171 PS acres, $1032.
Fratik Smith and wf to Elisabeth S
Crook sc4 of nw4 w2 of nc4 ni4 df net
s lilt 25 r 12 100 acres. $1000.
Am os J Buchanan nnd'wf to Frank K
Alley tie 10 t 28 rO $750.
J A Prewett to Elbert Pyerw4of
sw 1 e2 of BW4 sw4ol sp4 s 23 1 23 r 8 $750
A J llnckett to S N u'llunt sw4 a 20
St of Oregon to Anna Dyer nw4 t 10
t 20 r 14 1G0 acre $200.
11 R Lee nud wf fo K X Smith lot 3
anilf 4 blk S Myrtle Point $550.
U to Ira, Wm. Cyrus, Ell, Amos and
Harvey Metcatf e2 of nc4 s 21 w2 of
nw4 s 22 t 20 r 14 100 acres
Carl L Alb.rechtan'd wf tho ES Gordon
lots 21 and 22 blk 13 North Bend $1000
B F Ross nnd wf tit John T Cbllver
sq4 of sw4 and fractional swt of sws s 5
t 20 r 12 87 31 acres $3230.
B F Ross and wl and John T Collver
toTilla M and Ansel M Collver, w2 of
set b 5 t 20 r i2 SO acres f 1250.
Tillie M Collver and wf. Ansl M ColU
ver and wf to John TCollvor, 232 cres
in sS t 23 r 12 with tldo laud fronting
Archio Hideout lo Lottie- Itii'eout lots
2 and 3 blk lBsy City $10.
sLucinda Lnkins and bus to (teorgoan.
na Intininn ") nf InlO tilfe )1 Clllnl1!
add Coquille City 85.
Geo V Be.l and wf to S O Rogora lot
. "Hj 0 w"ern Add Marshfield. $10.
L J Simpson and wf to J H Koltes lot
24, blk 14, North Bond. $3.
G M Short and wf to Jas Garbutt no!
roc o i zv r u I m.
Peter A Michael and wf to NO W
Perkins lots 7 and 8, blk 2 Park add
Myrtle Point. S50.
Stephen Gallier, sheriff to Benj Gant
lot 7 sec 3 and lot 3 sec 10 t 31 r 12 531-2
acres $221,03 L J Simpson and wf to
JCsodGC Johnson lots 27 and 23 blk
52, North Bend. $5,
John Bartell and ,l to Norman O
Dodgo lots 1 and 2 s2 of nc4 tec IS, e2
of cc4 of nn4 sec 15 1 29 r 12 150 CO acres
E N Smith and wife to R B Deyoo lots
0,7 nnd 8 bk 4 Smith's add, Myrtle
Point $300.
J1 A McLeod and wf to Emma J
Seaman lota 39 and 40 blk 25 railroad
Marshfield $10.
' Peter Clausen and wf to C II Mercli
'ant lots 11 and 12 blk 16 South Marsh'-'
field 1
G M trhort and wf to John Spado net
of no4 nw4 of nel sc 30 t 20 r 12 $25,
A H Black and wf to lit ntl Bank of
Roburg lots 7 and 8 blk 20, Brown's
add Myrtle Point. $2000.
Tendency of the Times
Tho tendency of medical tcferico is
toward preventive measures. The boit
thought of thu world I being given to
tho subject. It is eaaior and hutUr to
' nriji'nn t ifiati In nnio Fs lum lturi f ss!Jt
dernonbtrated tl.ut miftumonfu, ono ol
i'iiivui iiinn fcv .tu fc nun uvvti 11111;
thu rnott dangerous dlseaies that ineci-
cal inen tiavo lo contend with, on bo
proented by Jhu ueo of Cliombeiiain'6
CmvU i,)l,.jy. IHnmoiim ulwavB
remltn from a cold or an utlrck of infiu-
,,rz lrU')i 8r,d it tiH been obfieated 1
tliat tlila remedy ccuriUiMifts any tti-
dency of theeo dt'easea toward ptisu
rnonia. Thin baa teen ful.y proven in
,nBny thousand of iohph in which till1)
remedy la.' been uned during tho grat
Pvulein'0 of coMh and grip in recent
y'-ar1. ud n bo rolled upon with irn-
plicit cciiifi-Jenco, Pneijinonia often re-
MiltR from a wliL'lit rolil u'lion lui ilamriar
plicit coitfrJencf, Pneumonia often re-
feitltB irotn a Hliglit cold wlieu no danijer
U apprehondd until It is burhunly Ih
Cl,vfcrt.,i that thero ii lever nnd 11 dftlicol-
, . ,tt,t.... 0...1 t ... .1 i.i.
,v , i,.,-,,,,. H11,i nlin, , ,.. ,.,,ut,
. - faav t t W
l,un 5t ,B anriounctd that tho pattunt
"" '" " ". u rui..v
hftH pnoumoiiia. Bo on tlio pafw hilo
und tako Chamberlain's Cough iturm ly
aH toon an tin colti ia contriicted. HI
alwaye curce. for ealo by Jno. PretiH. '
.orenz Ik cortalnlv ni-niinrMnc
... ... .... m
bomc-thlna l!..o 11 rattling of thy boiiou
la tho medlciil profession. Tlio (Joe
ttirs iifo loohhiK 011 umI v.'oii'.er,lnjr
v.'hethor It In ortbeopcdlc suii?ryw
Falls Overboard From tho Areata
off Coos Bay Dar,
- ii
E. TV. Dean, wtio was a pstsengor on
tho Areata from Ban Francisco, dlsp-
poured while- alio was lying of! tho bar
yesterday morning, d the only ox-
planation is that ho wont overboard,
No otic witnessed tho tragedy and tho
cirruiustattco can only bo surinlied.
Mr. Dean ticcutUul stateroom 'with G.
Dilltunu, his brother.ln-htw. Ho had
b'eon cotilliied to hlabbrth vxcettn shott
tftiiu spent on dei-k Miinday n'fturnoon.
Mt.DiUnuut linil beun uwalto neatly
hII nlht, and about 5 a. in. ho droiHd
ncleup(orihort time. Whouhonwoko,
Mr. Dean waa Kune. Search i at
mice instituted but without avail, and
thero la noqtioation but ttio tinfortutf
uto mau met hla death n indicated.
Buy it Now
Do not wait until jou aro sick nlli
uutodautb, and tliuu rend for Cliam.r.
Win's Colic, Cholera and Diartlooi
Rotnedy, but buy it now nud bo pteplw
ctl lor an etnurveticy. It la the unit nm
fly that can always bu depended upon
in tho u.oft fovorn and dangerous casus.
For tulo by J no. Pruutr,
"The timo ia not far distant when
Western Oregon will contain a million
people outside of Portland," says A.J.
Well, who Is in chnrd of tho literary
bureau of tho Southern Pacific Com
pany, in San Francltco. Mr. Well has
fust completed a months visit in Ore
lion. "After traveling through tho
principal agricultural sections of tho
statoand leeing the many superior ad
vantsges enjoyed by the humors of
. .111.11 ii
Oregon, I cannot help but fool n doslro
to como nere anu oe a larmor myioii.;
. ......
Thn climato the sot of this state aro ro
Mifoctlr .daniful to so aro a varletv
r , .,-. - .
dairying, stockralslngor other occupa- ,
tions, that tho conditions seems to be
dovelsifled farming. Tho Oregon farm
er can raise almost anything. Ho can
have his fleds of wheat, his orchards of
apples, pears, prunes aud othar fruits
andean keep a hord of cows for which
his farm will raise grasa and clover In
greater'abunanco tiin can bo grown in
almost any other state in the union.
Tho opportunities for diversified farm
ing aro better in Oregon than any other
statu 1 know of.
"Zut thero in something indefinable
that makes Oregon an attractlvo placoi
in which to live. Thero is something 1
! ilm .imninliorA llin Innnornnhv of"
,U ... .....wU,...w., ... .,..,-.., .
tlio country, tho combination of nil
conditions which mako life in Oregon
exceedingly pleasant.
Concert Program.
Tho following ia tho program of the
North Pond Concort Band's benefit nud
fancy drees Valentino Ball, ou Saturday
evening, Feb 11th,
(if March, a Southern Beauty, Sanglor.
(2) Overturo Idealistic Brooks
V3) a IntermriBO. Halomo I.oralno'
b ' Mollitofolo Boitoi
Ml Cornet fsolo. Columbian Polka1
Polka Rollinnon
F. K'ftiior
(6; Wnltz Bcauty'H Charms, Tobnni
(0) Selection, Muritann, Wallitco
Ki) nsn iior MiVny weep, -
m is rt. ri..l.i.. .. I .. -I..
(8) I.a I nlomn,
VJ) Modloy, Blaze Away,
Miasm! 0
Mfj) Oriental A
-. , . . ir.iirtr-
IJrtlllv lUllVyilLj
' ,
Ing to suo her, vith luuiu prospects of
euccetH. I
Antnrln K,ih. 1llTlm Imrl
iilxln. of Han Frnnciseo. wont mhIiomi 11 1 iad frai.eluH'H ami iro.uny 01 ino
Giino Dhiannnointnient Inst ovonlnu. Frumon I, hlhhorn nnd iMueonn 11llu
Tho Lifo.Knvirig crow Imvii taken tlio ; road. Thu pufclmto will bo mainly
rr.tu' frmn thu Veifitll. anil tiUfh urn Irv. miiiiir nl li(Hi!(-!'.liL'lilliL'. HH till) IoiUt'r!
To Do Built At .The Kruso Ship
Yard For San Francisco
" Trade
It tuMiifl Mkoly nl this tltnn that tho
uextvtiiul to bo built ol the Kraeo
shipyard will bo n flno passenger tad
freight iteaumr to ply between this port
and Ban Francisco. Ills proposed that
tho bout nhall b built by 8n Franolsco
n'l Coos Hoy c-pltal, a ood proport-
fn of tho stock to bo owned on tho Hay,
It I now itiUd on tho authority of
C'npt Colstrup that ntrtttmcmonlit are
prnrtkally eoiiiphitud, and tho ttumtiei
wIIHhj coiuttitott'd und placed on tho
routf. Shilll hnvo a carrylnu capacity
of ubont 300,000 loot of lumber, besldoa
tiiltct'llnnumn frol.ht. Hhu will aliu
havo nccointnolntion8 for about 30 llrnt
clis pa'M'iici'rs.
There will to plenty of builnon for n
boat ol tliU kind, and In tho lino of
pasnon.era travel sho is b.tdly necdwl.
That hIio la to bocoiielructud oti tin) Mny
ira matter ol coiiKtntulatlou and will
jfivn the peoplu lui'O u (uelli)K.of interest
In her.
To Choose Headquarters
Chicago. III. Feb 10: Tho board etn
powero.1 by tbo supreme bo ly of tin
lCnhthtsol Pythtaa to solcct a location'
. . . . ... , .
for tho now headquarters of tho order in
holding a mrotlng In Ohlcn ro today for
the Html dlrcunnluu of tho matter. Threo
cities Iiidlanupolis, Nathvlllnaml Jones
lllc, Wl. atu bidding spiritedly for
.11 . I .1 .1 I. . u III
tho hwtdqttjrtora and tho t'hoico will
..,.,, I... .
probably fall upon one of tho throo.
TJl0l0 bon ncqaintud with tho sltua-
. . , .. ....,.
tion arn of ttio opinion that Iudiannpolls
has a slight loid In tho ract.
,. , ..1....1- -,... t.t...i .,.!'
Tho beat physic. ?;n t,1ie,li ?n." .
von will always tun CliHmberlnln'si
Womachnd I.Ivor IttWiiU'a.ya Wlll-i
lam a. uiiiini, 1 fH'Ut vi, inesu I ,
" Lu,,..i.n !... "
Weds Proncli Nobl.man
Now York. Feb 10: All of that oltt
rnontofNuw York society which, tc-.
cording to tho recent edict of Mrs. Astor
must now bo designated tho Six Hund-
red wero represented today at the wed
ding ol Miss Eva Barbey, daughter ol
Mr. and Mra. Henry 1. liftboy, r.d
Androdo Nculhfj, of Paris. Tlio core-
rnony was porforme- this afternoon in
St. Uartholomen'sChiitch, the Rev. Dr.
David II. fitor otliciallng.
Chicago. III. Fob 10:-Iu accordanco
with thu plan npprovod ro;onlly by tho
dircclora of tho Chicago A Northwttt-
orn railroad tho stockholders of tl 0
company mot in special session today to
voto on tho proposition to incrcaso tho
capital stock of I he ompany to f 100,-
000,000. As thu tottl preferred and
common stock of tho Chicago A North-
cstorn nmmuitj to tUI.0OO.O0O tho!
Utnount of the propocu ia $38, 600,000
1 iso oiucmi announcurncni una noen rnauo ,
of tho purpura of tho Incru.t'o, hut it la
iiudershiod thi) proccedn will ho need 1
to reimburfo tho treaniry forvarloufli
cxptjiHlIturou'jnsdo during tho lait fow 1
,. for uxtrMorilliinry ImproveiiiOHtJ
and hot torments, nnd which worn met
out of tho cur runt earnings. It It undur-
utocd Ut ttio etook uulliorfz'id and not
iiMud will remain In tho cornr.pny'H
j trory to irovido for future contln-
In uddltlon to acting on tho proposd
increasn In nUjuk thu mooting today will
olsonninQrl7.o 1110 purciiiisom wio mu
t Mial irai.eiiiM'H 'in prm-uny y
HcuU la nlreudy ownuj for tho iuoit
iitutby tho Northwuctcm.
Saf Upon by Presh
dent Roosevelt
1 1
Too Active FriencJ of
. the Trusts
Bad Habits Spoil His
Wellington, Fob. lO-IIonJernon li
ptacllcjlly deposo.1 from tho Mjiunkor
ship of tint Houbo. i'roildent Itooievolt
bns Informed him tha ho la not to bo
considered In tho Whito House confer
encn from now on. Ho was not preront
at the trust eonfurouco last night.
When Hondursou'd active part In
I pushing tho subitltuto bill nccoidablo
to tlm trusts beunmo known, Roosuvolt
nilrljisl all frlouds In tho IIciipo lo ceaio
'oonsulllug lionderson, and drclarr-d ho
! would havo nothing more to do allh
' him.
1 llll IlllUOll.Ull) IIH'III
ed by Rnckufnllor, thn
i ' '
Tlio aubatituto mentioned is one furor-
ono causing thu
fomore telegram. At thu titnu Ktxiak
or Hondtfraoii rofusud to eland for r
clcclioii tho coun'.ty was surprUed, but
thmo on the luililo realized that tho In
. ... ...
llurncj Isfoushi to Iirnr on lilm forcad lo
take that action. The position taken by
nun on 1110 irusi in 11 rnnpiy inauo an
mcuio for loavlug him out of all con
feroucci, for tho reason that ho could no
' longur he depended 011, on account ol
IjIh lsnUlts.
' "" :
For Coast f iamplonSllip
Portland, Ore. Feb 10: The rniddle-
weigh championship of tho Pacific
Coast is tho tltlu for which Al Neill and
Tomrn Rily aro to engage In r. twenty
sound bout tonight tindnr the rusplces
of tho Pastime Athletic club. Both
men have compluted tholr training aud
appear to hu In f.ood shape for thu bout.
Thu ma'.ph lias (iterated much atten
tion, aa each man hai i host of followers,
noda wml cromii6 expected to be on
UI to ruo tho mill.
London Feb. 10 Tho llnnr Mlunoap
, oIIh which arrived this morning'ut Now
.York, reporln that slm n-culved M.trconl
grains, having tho news of thn world,
thougliout tho voyage. Tlio test was
pronounced n cnmphitn succch?,
Absolute)!? Piwo
HI " fT 't 1 1 t jk Jna
Brl ..i.u.ft ltC a ss
W 'WiiiX-WW,'
sxim m
4 .