Weekly coast mail. (Marshfield, Coos County, Or.) 1902-1906, February 07, 1903, Image 2

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I1 '
Chamber of Commerce to Include the Pro
gressiye Spirits of this Whole
A movement is on foot to rejuvenate,
enlarge nnd generally revive tho Coos
bay Chamber of Cociuierco and placo it
on a footinc which will enablo it to ne-
couiplish (omu Rood work lor tho bay.
The old chamber has done pood work,
nnd hoe brought benefits to the Bay that
ctiicrwito would not bavo come, but
for a number of years past thu interest
has flagged and all that has been done
t .
was ncocrnpltshed' through the efforts of
a very few individuals.
Now it is proposed to organixs a body
to include at least one hundred of the
leading and progressive spirits of the
Bay, who want to see something done
to placo Coos Bay in the rank to which
its situation and its naturnl advantages
entitle it.
A meeting was held a few evenings
ago in tho office of John S. Coke, Jr.
tflcrctnry of the present Chamber of
Commerce, at which wero present some ,
(even or eight of the leading men of the '
bay. They came togother for tho pnr- '
poseof discussing the situation and plans ,
' .
fer ad van?ing the interests ot the Br.y.
' 1
Both North Bend and Empire were rep j
rcienteJ and the movnment which is
tbe outcome of this meeting will include
the whole Bay in its scope. It is cot to J
boom MnrhfleId,Sorth Bend.orEmpire,
or any other one point, but to boost this
Wioio section; to worKior narixr ira-
prowrneniB; to encourage new euujr-
prifes; to advertise this country hy 'oelvo thebosf encouragtsziunt from ev
stndinz out litorature and in all other eryone, The Mail will have moro to
Itttimato ways; to placo tho facts about say about this rantter.
liiia hnrbor nnd the rich section tribu- o
taty thereto leforo the right kind of
omu. wffliws
follow the summer as it goes southward.
and escape the cold blasts of winter and
the chill airs of spring. But for the
majority of people this is impossible.
JS&a TobiiKa
lions hold tbern
"Weak" lungs
are made slrony,
by the uk of Dr.
Pierce's Golden
Medical DUtcov
erv. It cures the
obstinate cough,
heals the m
flamed thues,
stops the hem.
orrhae, and re
stores the lott
flesh to the ema
cmted bodv
I am a railroad
aeot." wiitrn J. It.
Maiylea. itaq
Jk-uLuy Omzc Co.,
Ana ror
carh azo niy work
4rmroom rmi
nimulu i... !..
ihwnle" .Hl"il-S ZixZZZDJF?rn .
.i.i -I- ...... -.- . ..-.'.- ."1, ." 'W
tMtch mv taut- ami ..jM.t.i ,. : ,,T W. :
ml - W.. l:i..., i.. r . .
nictotqrur. iifcr mcdkintk. KuuimiirtS
ttikmycwrM;biiinuiJUaiiiiMi,vrry. and bv
v vituiin.iy iur me a intuu ii.MaaviMl
tr. ami after VakhV aboi.t f7ur b. uiS ,J
SaBlYi!?J?r'y.!KSL. I1:
v,, .) rtwb mhiaum VUUHIK, ' t -
i i.lt idele,r tTI,te11 bi'te
little more profit paid ou the sale ot leu
meritorious medicines, will offer the
cuutomtr a, tubstitute as neiui' "just au
good " ns the " Dikcovery."
at one-cent stamps for hook in papr
covers,, or3i stamps for cloth-hounu vol
'Suuvi to Dr. Ii. V. Tierce, Buffalo, N. Y,
" "i . ABillE-l
people; nnd to bring Coos Bay btsloro
IhniHWinln of l), nnftd. mrl.l lnltil,UM,"w,,lV'i """ " l"""K n' ,u
proper light.
It is proposed to lino up at least one
hundred members who will bo willing
to each coutributo toward a fund to
carry on tho work. Tho members iff
of tho old organization nro willing to d
all work in tho matter that lies in thoir
power, but to carry it on well requires'
mono expenditures than any few
individuals can b expected to furnish
There aro enough progressive nnd pros
porous business men and proporty own
en on tho Bay to go into this thing and
; do wonders. In fact, the financial out
jlay, which would fall but lightly on any
ione, would only tell part ot the story.
Tho now spirit which would be develop
ed by a live organization would be worth
more than the monetary cojt.
Get all the wido awake people of the
Bay working together to bring this
coanlr..- to the front, and working har-
uioniously without petty sectional
jealotiay, from which tho Bay is re-
' J
rasrkally free, ncd this country will
come to the front by leap and bounds.
In fact it is coming to the front anyway,
but tha people hero can either help or
retard thp movement. Tho theory of
the gentlemen who aro behind tnis new
movement is that it is better to help
iHimionimnrineuswinpniw.oi fu
section ' They are rfgit and should re
AThNfu Font Phanna! '
J Illi y rOOI Unalincl .
n., rnno D 1 v n 1 D
wfl UUUC3 DAI Dfln
Scoured Out By the Recent High
, , , , .
iicies ana resnei wnai
This Means.
Capt. Donaldson, of tho steamur
, ... ... ..Ii..i , . ...,, .,. ,,.. ,.
"fi'l"' '""".',"1 j
his last trip that he soundwl tho bar j
carefully or. tho way in nnd tho Unst
depth of water found wae thirty feet,
V .ln ..... H. I.C. 41.. . I..H , J. I.. !
i",a "R '' --
Caplnin Donaldson iHfcnownaH accro My
fill ttwl r-.ln.Vili. ninn nml titu rjrwirt i ol
, , , ,, . ,, MSior.nlurwlju n,....D ..I,..,. ...... ..-,
nny Imi accepUd without quftitlon. biarcoJynily paiMus whon nny Hon.
"AM tin t.l. .lu,. .,! I. ..It... I,. .1... ai.nl. ' HAIlIll lint fllPtlljIl fl tlBriUr I". 1 1 ' I Q liuK'S
ii kin inn urn im iiiuiwiii m.i uui
..... ..... . ....., ' i,
''P'' - raainiaintu uuut-r pios-
cm cireuufitftucea. it Uoo jndicfttc how i
"3,UV tUC" lt emauvl uou,u ,,l) ,-
,,., hv , lii.i. ,0rU rk o n.n :
- - .. w .- - j ... - ..-. .- ..-- .
part of thtj govtwnrnent. 'Iho st.nd was
scoured out hy the force ol the run of
hish tides, aided by the lure amount oi
fm!, wator brought h by' the l,fc,tvy
war, it was suilicicnt to put out the sand
to tho depth indicated. Confine and di
reel tho forco o( tliu outgoing tldon
by tho couth Jotty planned by tho on
Ktneors. ntul rooro scouring (orco would
bo brought to bear on tho bnr by tho
moit ordinary tides, and thirty (cot i
by no uiontia tho limit of tho depth thnt
may renwunbly bo expected.
Is it nny wonder thnt our brightest
people nro bojjiimln to roiluo tho fuel
which ia recognlajd nt n ginned by out,
eiders thnt Coos lt.ty, oven inudcnr
old (nuiilinr Coos l'ny, is destined to Ih
onool the few great porta of tho Tactile
Const of North Atusticn? Tho man who
can't see it is too dead to skin, Vo nro
sorry lor him.
Tlic Delayed Mail
Tho Inst report fom tho dolnjci' mntl
-s that nono has crossed tho moantnin
Sitkum on this side nnd IteMon tn the
other iido of the Const Kntige.
In the mean time the telegraph I nu
repairers have crosied over the incunt
niu with horses repniriug tho line is
thoy went, and reaching Huston 'lues'
.1.... !..!..
uiii iii;ii,.
ny me contractors can not oven gti
the letter aiail acro U a tnystery. Or,!
rather' U ls no n,-8,"- l " Wo
uuuau just eucn experience in years
cone by. The contracters simp'y lio
down, and wo can whistle for our mail
v 1, 1 t t .
..v...v....J1.HiU,1. 1. i.airu,
who has tho contract nt this end of the
road. He keeps his mail train goinc on
time nnd carrite nil the mail thnt comes
to him. It is said that n new man has
lust takon hold ou the oilier on. If
,..,... , , , ,,
this .s the best ho ccn do, ho vould ,
better let go ngain as ipiick a3 he cm. j
'Rusty Mike's Diary"
A Indv called us upon tho pionc
yesterday nnd wanted lo tubscibe. Hlie
said the had no use for a daily, but the
lilil tinnr.t mn .mtnl. nl.mil llm .. !..
. ..HH ..vm.m fcw ...u..., llUVUk ...U IUQII
., ,, , , , ,. ., . , , , ,
iMiko" and hisdirtry, that b!io had de
....,. , . .,
termined to know for herself wjfliont
taking it second handed. She Is on the
Now, we didn't have any idea that
icusty .wik
p would over attract anyone
to subscribe. Some have named tho
proprietor of the Broiler as the author of
,uu, ,. . ... '
j ...-., ... -.,, .,... u, ..n
StlCCeShill lllieinO'4 oWinL In nr-nltlont
publicity, hut it is not tho ense, as the
' '
"Broiler" man never talki to ndvtr-
tlMre, He ha; his own mtrioi and
does it in the straight business principle.
" knowe lt "y or ,l0 wo,,w nol,Jo
nasty .VikoiBMnwUmma little rnsty
but he Kill make an improcsion in due
timo on someone who ought to advor-
! tiho if lie don't.
Ho talks to alvertisors only, and onco
in a while ho iuteroita one, once in a
while one of those little phlotophical
gems goes home to -eomo "ileniMu-the-siiell"
business man. Husty Mike knows
tho value of tha regular dtiiy appeel nnd
j 1 1
that is Iho rearon why ho gives his
.. ... ..... ...un. ., w
thorough believer in tho nrt of ndror
., , , . , . ,
UsinR and knows that every dose you
atlii to tho last will hrlrif you nearer to "
Nf.r. IT in I lin rllilil llr.lil ' hnrn IJ cy.a ...
- ' u'" " "'"'
n hnsinees which could not turn omi
lllS 80 VIIIUB to EOinO flCCO'.lnt If lirililicil.
i r- r. .......
..,., .... ,...,
" .'" " imhhh-iii.
hero w a Krwtt tiwti in rrtiutonc. mul,
A . ,
' - ''" "" "'
1 'P th " ''. lie dona
not toll you that nil ndvcirtUing pyp, for
thoro isadvititisiiiK that doct not jay.
Probably more thnu half tlii fjiacu uiiwl
in tho paporu or on thu hlllboanls or in
uireularu paya litllo or no retuinH.
dVobahly there aro many millions bat
evtry year because of improiwr or tn-
wlno ndvortliliiR. Hut thnt tinea not
tnnko nu MKiuncnt PKlnnt ndvortlsltiK.
It merely shows thnt tho iivomku nd
vert liter In not ni wiso or rt careful no ho
should bo. Vhit Isnoedtdts utiuly ntul
caro nml business udi:oniont to thnt
ovory 0110 who ndvorllves nuiy ho euro ot
KdtitiK tho lull worth of his money or
como near uottliiK H tho returns ho
diould hnvo (or hii expeiidlldro. Tho
olio who nwktvt n study til whnt ho ex
pects to do will got hotter mtultn thun
'lilt Willi vi 1111 iui.i iiiiumn miuui 1
. ,, ,,, , , , ,'
knowing wlnit ho will 00 recolvitig In ;
1 1... 1 ..!...., ..I.. - ...I.I
return. The wny to do tho bint Inci
nes is tOHtudy cnrofully fir tho liot ro
turns ntul lobosurothnt nory lino or
inch of spneo lined is so curoliilly plnnid
thnt tho remits will wivo prollt nnd
mnkc the tunii (col thnt hii boil interests
were conserved in the work.
Bounded c3n a kock.
I I lie I'HFhtn or tlir Ai'imin
in .Ptv .Mniru,
A traveler from New Mexico vni tell.
, "hVtt "otiiitry.
lug tho other ulglit of tliu vo:iiUth ot
j "Von hive nil licnrtl tho mlvlrc nlmut
, building on n rock, I Mupjiote." unlil lie.
I " l,,l ,u umt Ml,-n vrrliil
' Pllt ,0 ",l l''r J'" Hlioiild vNlt tliu
. Aroiun llKlltuis. Tliuir ptiehlo Is ttullt
I "" ' nu'in rNIn :rk) fet from n cutu-
j "I" n w' 'U1 Mro,rl''
I 'I'lirtl likll 11 tlltttt Lt..H nl...lit l.k..
i ti iinsiv( nii'i tii-wiii iiutt
tlny nttiie to Inuil on the top of mich n
hue rtH-k. It Ri'ins Hint they wito
1 . .... . . . . . .
oru"'r, "H'niwi on nnoinor rocK. nnu
on-day when they viro nil out work
K aiotis i-mimu si Rreat rttliiaturiii ntul
wlpwl off the iiinp tin only pnth lend
nig up 10 uietr rocK etty. well, inert
wh nothing for It hut to hunt up an-
Diner rtci;, ntiti they toot: n lire Ioiiko
of their prtwent location.
"It' pk'turHHiie place when riuo
p'H up there. The htJusori nio hullt of
ailolM. mid one hits to gut out of iloort
... !. I ..I
10 Kfi tii.nir. iuii wt-. tnoy inivo n
htildiT Up which they ellmh to U'ct into
tilt' Mfoilll htory.
They Iwyo way, of thoir own of
l:lng. I hey KClnd thoir Hour In n
ugh with htoui'M. They crltid llm
wliwtt ns 11 woumn wnahwt clot lied unit
W ll to dry on ,, .M hIiiiwI. Thnt
purt of It mny look hltnph. mt I tell
yOU It tnkt!t hOino Xl.lll to Kpreml It
thin Imttor over n redhot nonpnton.. n
,, , , , ,. ,,,. ,' , ,
they do when iMkln;. hen It In iIoii...
they take I10M of 0110 corner nml lift
It off n one woulil n porous plaster. !
"Hut thoHo pcoplo nro wiKt iiiiiHter.t In
the art of making pottery. They hnvo
Int'ii nt It for yearn mid turn out aonm
llMllfBy co,ort,(, waw Jww (0H.H
mul mucIi tliliiL't. AtliMi.tln.r tli..v arn 11
'"'"'"I"" li;'". " ' '' i ,
l well worth tho cllmh up to thlr ;
rooky linmu if mu linppi'iia to Ik In ,
that part -or tho country. .v York ;
Tribune. ,
Tin- Hentoii a I.I I lie . I r I Aurct'il tn n
I'ltliiful Oii-rnllon. !
'J'Ih.to Is 0110 little ulrl In WnaliliiL'lon 1
who rocviitly kusu her purent nu ta
hlhltloii of htr iiuturo for whlcli they
wore totally unprepared. Tlu child
wmh erjH t-ywl, mid Iht rilllletlon wna 11
iMiuri'v of extreme iiiiiioymieo to horHulf
uml family. An wiillst wiih coiiMtiltfd,
who mlvlhi.tl an opt.Tjitlon to remedy
1110 tierect, arm no it wiih (iwidi-d tn
tnko the llltlo one to u hoHpltnl In Ilnl
llmoro. Tho ntmoHt hecreey wait oh
Horvwl In fho mnttor. JIIhh Annie hail
. ... . .. ....
onco made 11 gnmt Fukh iihout having n
" . . i . ,,,v,,,'1
t00l( .,Hiw ,in,i of c01rh0i t WIIH tt)
ho oxpectitl thnt who would enter hitI.
"" ohM'tloiiM to mi operation on her
ey(lil UHyH J(, vnHIilnKton I'ont.
Kho whh lakon to ISnItlmoro nndi-r
Iho linpnIon that hIio wuk koIiij; oil
fl n,fWMUri' trln with hor father nnd
..'., ,,. .' , ........
- i - iiier. ih-h uiey umvt-ii 111 mo iiov
pnai, tho mother took her tlnuKhtor In
.. 1 ..1 .. ... .... .1.
r nip nun ntirvoimiy nioiiciieti 1110
rt'iil objiiet of tho trip. Hho net forth '
In nil ItH triple honor tin einluii'iiiNH ' '.'.
ifiniil u-liicli lu tin. I(.l i.f I In. i.r.i.u ..v ,1 '
I""'i htallllj tllllt till tt'OUlllO WOllllli J.
nifieuM, iu h!i kiow older. ' j'
"VllW Allllll." ylll. klltll ftllfllll' "llT. J.
"nvo hroiiKht you over hero to Imvo
- - -, , Jt ... .
your oy- itruix'.iU'l.wl., IL won't hurl
jwinuuii. uouhiii 13011 u u imvu x
your ;)- llki otitiir nvopuHr1 ' 3.
itoiitiHr .
n'oulti." fXfhilmi.il ' T
iliiiicnl of the oth-
"j on Juit hot I w
Annie, to tho iiatonli.li
oi'H. "Vow cull-xo ulifutl mul do liny
thliiK you want, mid I don't euro how
much It litirtH. I'm Juvt nldt mid lircil
of having a puck of coloieil Imyit uplt
Into their ImtH anil ci'ohm their llnfc'fri
uvi-ry tliuo they meet me."
'i'ho openitimi wiih pirforincil forth
with, nnd tho yuunj; lail.v litis iih uod
a pair or i-yi'8 iih itiiyhody In Wutihliis;
1 "'
TIM 1)1311 LAND, AOT.IUN'H . 1H7H.--
United SUtcj I.aiul Ullkc, KoictiiirR, Oienii
Inn. 5, lyoj.
Notice It lirrvliy j; Ivor that In t-oiiiill.iiii'ti
with llitt prut Mont of ilin net uf CAiiiipeM nf
Jono j, 1II7U, rntiilnl "An net fur tlw i.tlo of
jnim J. 11170, r lllliril "(Ml Ct ur 110 l.tlll Ol Mill.... W...I..I... Ill.l.. id. in ..
ilnibvi Limit Iii tho Mmm ot CnllfurnU. Ou- Vt . luii wipmi "' A l" J ''.'J!',"' K
gort. Nevadit, oml W.ulmujion 'IVtrtliirv," ,MAIlrJMI Mhlil), j j OHKUON,
fttulri to all the Public Uml Sfitou hy lati .
of Aukum .1. iOoj.
of M.uilitWM, county of (001, tttto ot Or
Knit, I1.1t 1I1U diy liliil In ttils olflce lilt
MMtn U.ttrniciit No ,:f, for tint hikIihh' el
llio SoiiUmm ipMrttr, of Section No. .(
in Inuntlilp No j? S. lui'i; Nu it
Vri, hikI will iilti-r puxif in luiv Hut Ilia
land touiilit it mom Mliutilw lur 111 iin.U'r 01
t t f ili.tn for iiKilcullnml iii(H)irM, uiul In r
litlilith III, il.iliu o .,inl l.inil ln-loii W. t'.
Delimit, V S 1 itiiiinittlonrr for (irt;ii nt
.t.lfllfl 111 f lfl..ll 111! tjl.ll.ll ll... ..l ll..'
... -. -........,, .... " "
01 .lmil, lyoi
Hf iiiiiiiMM wIiupm W II .tA)i'in, nf
Mr.Mhhkl i.ir.. I' It l',i)Uir, K Wtntky. I.w
.-.iv.rj , ,11 tnirvnrn, vi,
Any .mil nil kihkh k.Uliiitni' i'hffrlv it o
tiiY .IfMiilxM Miitlt Hie niiimltit 10 li'i
tlH-inUim. in ililt ii 1 iun or IxIik- mul ji 1,
il.iy of MaicIi, lytu
1 10 . I'. Ukiikii.i, Urgutcr.
NoiicK i-uit puiii.icatkiN.
I'ultul Mnloi. I.mul Otliiu. - llurohiirit
On;gon Jmii. ll)-llio:i
Niitlt'ti in heii'hv given thnt in tnin
pli.ituo with tln 1 r v 1 r 1 1 . n of tho not of
I'migrcrH of Juno II, 1ST", Dlltltltll "An
act for the mix nl tiiiiii-r InmU in tli
Mntuiiof Ciilifiiiinn O'tvuiii Novnilii,
nml Wunhliitftnii rn'ruory ," nHoxti'iulfd
10 nil Iho Public l.itud .stntci by net of
Aiigiut-I. I.Sti'J
ltKIIAKD .1. rOKK,
of Marshtlold, (-oiiiity of Cikih, filnto of
Ott'gim, Iiiia (IiIk ilny'llifil In 1I1 in ollli'ii
ins nworn nlitti'iiiniil No II'hI. (or tin'
littclinno of tlm Lot H 4111I Kl '.' ol SKI I
iiilon T nml NWI-l nl HWI-I til
S-f tun No. 'Jti In TuwiiKlnp No. 'J I S,
lliuigti No. II , uml will
If.-r t
f In
enow nun urn initii Minulit is iuor.
...... . . 1
v.kliinhlu for Ur tiiiilmr nr kIiiiiu tlimi f.r
Hi'iU'tilliirnl puipii mul to oMnhili
imtlAiiii to mul littiil lieloro W . U.
Doiiului. I'. H. t'oiiiiiiUriuiier (or Oregon
t .Murrlitieltl Otegnii. m .Miiudny, lh
.HiMiilnyol .Mtirrli, 11KJ,1
Ilti nntnrH nit witi.t'Srea: A A Ander-
Mm, AlluKit' ' Or . h A Kelly, .Murult-
tleld.Or, 1-f.il Niiflh,. Allt-gnny, Or.
Mine Noiili, Miirlilielil, 0'.
Any and nil ifiiH,iii. riit'iiilng udvorro-
,-...-..,..,...., r. .... v
iv tiiti itintt-,iiHi'riniii inin h nro te-
. .iipi,IimI to lilt their ilmm- in thin oil!
i mi or licforo raid .'.Dili dit nl Mir, HkKI
. 1-SI ' T. Hiiiim.m, HikIIit.
I J!
.N'OTICK 1-Olt PUm.lt'ATION. '
V nitciJ Mile l-aitit OttK. Kmcburg. Oirpt,
)n rj, 190J. 1
Nolle U Iwrrtiy lrn llil in iuiiilkin.i
kiIIi Ihv r ititiont ol ilf A 1 wl 1 uti;fi nl '
9 " " J
Ue 3, IB8, mt ill ,1. ".n art lr Ihr m ol
tjnitirf ami. m the MI, ol l iiio.i.u. Oirn
NratlH r.l Wmiwion IrrritiKv.' nt rttint!
; l lull Hi-Pu he Ijml Mulet lif t tf Au.
ml "VU.IAM K. SI fltlls.
J of M.-.liM.t, Ciunty f CVm.mmm 1.
luih .y i"itl n thtonca in, tunrn
'T.?' ' '"-';., If '" 1?H,C''?,M, "' ,.h.':
in 1 i,i ..rtrr pn-.f i m, ' ihi the Umi
v,u,l " .ilullr foi US limtirr or l".n
I14". tut 'l"'' wi-- tl w fM.,i.iri,
hi rl.nm to ii l.imt brlntfi W. t I Kin,'. i-.
,. s. CwwNiMitKf for (j.on. t .lr.brHi.i:
Oregon, un .tiiinl.iy, ih 11 il.ty of April. i,,,
c " , itnm. I'ioil tuflrii. f 1.
' .ii.iiui, 1..1 V.UHC11, r. 1 i.uncii, mi ui Ai.inn
1.1 bli-'iton
a) amlali
An) ami all porton claiming '!vi ru-ly il ,
vc dnbl l.n.UHinruiM ird 1., i,' ,i,r.r
cUimlni..m.ronof Mote ., ,, j.,y
. T. Iliii,t, KKiiti r.
If wJory In fiitiii fiwly, rtlknllne
hlootl hi tho rex.ilt. nnd wlnrv thin --
lalrf ihor eflit li iM-lihfi rlirumutl.ii).
xout nor mrvou tfioafiHllon lo any ex
tout. It Mboukl In fiiten profemhly
vvi. tlfjusli U may h taken w If
thoroughly luimtltMlHl,
Tin- ll!ttifl Splir.
Th cAthetlrul at llm. Wiii'ttctflhortf,
)(MU4K,l th
the woi M. I
! liltfheM I'htii't'li hplru hi j
t in m. fest high.
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- - -
Sengstacken's .Pharrnacy
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.vorosofonar Olirdo. '
.a. H. Walter, D. D. S.
Dibble & William?
Marshfiold, Oregon
: . t
R E. StTtiw, M. D.
SpiMilul nttoiitlini liutlMeiiHori of the ICyo
Kur, Nihhi 1. ml Thiont. (IIuhhi'M lilted.
Office in .Seiifstituheu x Sniith
A. G. Gross, M. D.
fltllrc. Niixliiirg Htilldlng, Pliono i:.'l
W. TJ. Douslna,
In nl tlirri, M.tiMitil, Urruon.
S.A. D. Eaton,
Wlll prncticti In all court.
J. W. Bonnott,
.t.l.SIII'IKI.U OltK
John F. Ball,
A'l'ltlltN'lilV AT LAW.
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'C F. McKnight. -
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