Weekly coast mail. (Marshfield, Coos County, Or.) 1902-1906, February 07, 1903, Image 1

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NO. 6
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UlfJV AfTfJi 7vr-.. c
JT J3.-T It. JL
Senatoriia Situation
iournment Taken
Till Monday
Sftlum 1'oh 0 TIji rotnlt of today 'a
ballot wns the amu a that of ycstordny
Not cvan n voto wni olmPKiwl on taking
tliu Joint Imllot t iiofli) to ilny.
Nothing '"t of tho uttul onlor happen
onud to enliven tho clockllko prucwdluK
nml tho niiriounrumniil tout ImMi Houmj
rill ml o urn until Monday vr HI provo
welcutnu nnwa to thowt uto Imvo Iwan
obliged to attain! thueu uuuvunifiil ica
tlom. It it n tafu rnillvtlcn thbl a tiny off to
morrow will bo approclnted by tho I jcc
tatora who will ko homo niid wait for
ncniftliliiK- llttlo inoio intcrctting ut
week, Tcduy'a ballot was:
v.oolc. Todays ballot resulted:
l'u I ton
A Incut
fialom, Or., Fob. O-Kiivuruor Chitiu-
riorlaiu this afternoon appointed Charles
W. Jiuiu'n, of Itukur City, supurintoud-
out of tho state penitentiary, to succeed
J. I). Leo whoso tonu expired March 31st.
M JiiuiUH wnn formerly county record
or oi linkur County
IndiaL'opolin, Fpli fl Tho Whro coij
fornnco in nculii in nursion nnd tho law
lief hi provnlout Hint a comproinlto will
bo nffectod.
Absolutely Puro
Lane County Officer
the Victim
Of a Murderous Horse
Thief . .
Euucno, Fob 0 News reached Eujjono
early till moinlna tlmt Hhorlff Withers
wan iliot nml family wounded last oven
ing, 20 miles west of here, by HlliLyons
whom ho was trying to nrrust for horeu
etenllntj In Jackon county. Tlio ball
oiitorud tlio aherlffi throat and lodyiil In
I th spinnl colum. Tlio whole body wr.n
i pnrnlizcd. I'hyfcicians luft thl morn
ing fut tho icitio. Tho body will bo
brought hero toni;lit,
Sheriff Wllheri untured Lyons' houeo
nml wo a hold br J.vnnt tnothor nml wife
while tho hhot una flrod with a winches
tor. Lyons escaped with n poesa nftor
Lyons not forrnor deputy sheriff, Ho
liar, cinco going out cf otllco, been In
tho penitentiary for embnullng-echool
Tho man- who did tho killing wbi
ll(;ht comploxintied, light hair.promincut
llpj, weight 101 pounds, ft foot 0 inches
tall. Tho county oflcrs n rownrd of f Ct0.
Buy It Now
Do not wait until you nro tick nigh
uutodniith, and thou tend forChntn r.
Iain's Colic, Chnlitni nml Uinrrloat
ltoinody, but buy it now iiiul ba pn ur
d for no eiucrceiicy. It in thoonn loin
idy Hint can nlwnyh bo di'pcinlod upon
in tho tnoft Mivoro nml dmiKcrotu catce.
1'orealoby J no. I'lcuir.
The town of Gold Hill is darkness.
Tlio light plant was destroyed by tho
rcce.it Hoods.
Tho .'enow is 0 fcot dcop botwecn
Mound and Crow west of KiiKono,
A rabbit drivo took placo yosterdny
ami .will continue today nt Hlock Is
land in tho Columbia river,
Tho snow is roportod 8 feet dcop in
Coast Itnugo in Tillamook county.
Tendency of the Times
Tho tendency of mcdicnl eoloncn is
toward provontivo munsures. Tho boit
thuuiiht of tho world in IjoIdk lvun to
tho nubjoct, It ia imalor nml lioltr to
provent than to euro. It hna boun fully
domoiiEtrnted tlmt put-umonin, ouo of
tho mott duiiKorouii diaensos that uiedi
cnl mon havo to contend with, cnu bo
provontod by tho ufo of Choinboiiaiu'a
Couuh Ueuiidy. l'ueuuiouin nlwnyu
rosultn from n cold or nn attack of influ.
onzn (Krip), and it hna been obseavod
tlmt this romedy countornots nuy ton
doncy of thi'Fo dieenses toward pnou
inonjn, Tills line .uo fully proven in
tunny thoumuid of catiiiu in which this
remedy tins been used during tho ttrent j
jirovulnnco of colds mid grip in recont,
yonrs, nnd cun bo relied upon withlm-,
pilclt continence, i'neunionlii otton re
sults from n flUnht cold when tio dauber
is iipprulionuoil until It ia suddenly dis
covorcd tlmt there in fover nml iidilllcul
ty in brcntliinK and pains in tlio chest,
(lion it is
nnmninctd tlmt tho imtiont1
linn Dtioumoiiin. Ho on tho pnfo sido
und tnkoOhnmborlniu'H Couuh Uemcdy
always curee. For salo by Jno. TreuBs. i
nn nnnn nn tint nnlil a init runlnil. If.
Upon tho qrrlvul ol Itopretcnlbtivt
Huiriu much IntorU't win centiirud in
him nnd ull tpoculntion unto how bo
would voto for Kenator wua ButtliHl,
when lio cimt hie voto for JIarrie, Speak
or of tho IIouh!. Hu hnd been counted
by tho Fulton forces by Fulton's friends
but in coiiTcrtltiif. with roportorit, llutno
said: "I don't liko tho company in
Trhlch you nuwnpnper tnuu nnd others
Imvo bcon placing inc."
It wn nftor ho had been sworn in by
Hecrnlnry oi Htnto IJuubnr that he mado
thin (tntouidut, the naturoof which was
n coinpli'to eurprlno to nil, for Humu hnd
liren ilnliiHil by tho -Fulton force and,
potclbly bfcnuto of his nbeonco, hnd
lx en conceded to them.
"I gnesi you hr.vo bcon- Itntening to
lomu ono'c tnll:," continued .Mr. Humo.
"Hu; tho report that I would voto for
Fulton wna promnturo. I don't caro to
b placed In that company ; Ihnvo conio
nil tho way from San Francisco with a
wound in my olilo to help elect n Sena
tor. Wo need a young, vigorous tnnu
for that pIucb; one wlthr. yood, strong
stomach, ro hu can stand 'JO years r.t
Wnchington. Ily tho end of thut timo
ho would bo in a position to accomplish
rorno Rood for tho fctate."
And when his uamo wn e called on
joint ballpt, Humo yoted for I-nwreuce
T, Ilnrrir?. aprakar of tho House. - -
At tho Inst meeting of tho' town board
tho report of tho tiro department ehow-
oJ tho following members of tho flro
department in gooi standing. All
others hnve bcon dropped from tho rolls.
The list isns follows:
Momlara of tho MarahQcld Flro De
Hook & Ladder Co. No. I,
A E Kruso,
J W Flanagan,
It 0 Conies Jr.
Jns Hutchoeon,
F A Sncchi,
Frank Ilaguo,
J W Quick.
0 U Golden,
Jno Kronholm,
W E DuiiKan,
E K Straw, '
L K Nichols,
K Cole,
E H Colgan,
Julius Kruse,
IIoso Company No, 1,
C E Nicholson,
J T, Hull,
W N Elckwortli,
Ooo Forrey,
A Ii Cnmpboll,
Wm Nneburg,
A Abbott,
0 8chottor,
Cnrt Albrecht,
11 0 Wright,
M Irolnud, '
Jns Ferroy ' Jr,
AV S Donning, ' ' '
K Ferroy,
t . rt v.
Knulnp Company No. 1.-
Jab WntHon,
F N-w,
0 A W&l'.xrii,
V l lJW,
A HU'nunii,
J biiia,df,
J WTtMdtto,
Jlciiljott Niiftnlou,
Auiut i'Hilcy,
L U'linbnrthoni
C LVJnilUi,
RobjJt'w Kwanton,
V J Pratt,
J W ClmpMiu,
Geo I' Wtnclicitor,
Oco Afro,
llotfj'Cdtntmuy No, 2,-
Frank Dmudiu',
J HouiiiIh,
J Horron,
L jjuuziy,
II fibort,
A tJeiiBtacknn,
II iliirwlu;i,
E tt'olrtt
H Matron,
Claif Noblo.
Vlriynrd Haven, Masr. Feb 6 Tho
ovei masted schooner Thomas W. Law-
son, oat laUen, is asuora note. At
temp i are being mado to rcicuo the
Ilnndon 'Rerordor On Wedneedar
tliero were three rchoonurs IyinR- at tho
twnaon wtiari each Having throe tnajts.
llila U tho tint timo In the history of
ttio placo i .ml tlio llko tins occureu,
OPEN SEASON EXTENDED Pn at headquarters, and ia not to tako
TO MARCH FIRSTisagrrdThVtno more-trains will
Word wns received by tolephono yes- j be sent out short-handed. If, tho men
tcrday.from tho Coquillo that the pow-j me called ont for less than a half-day,.
er.s that bo at Salem had granted an
authority to extend tho open fishing
season to March 1st. This is in response
to potitiona recently cent out asking
that Ccoa Hay and tho Coquillo river be
placed on tho eauio footing as Rogue
rivor, tho Umpqua and other streams of'
wio nimu, vuioru usiiiug is pcrmiticujH
until March 1st, whilo Coos Bay nnd Co
quillo fishermen havo boeu choked off
on Feb. 1st.
It is understood that the law will be
amended nt this soision, and in the
moan timo Its operation will bo suspend
ed to permit of taking steelheadsfor the
rostof this month.
Tbis-will mako Quito a dlfforence tn
the harvest of frozen stoelheads which
will go to mako up tho cargo of thoEliliu
Tborupeoi), and in the amount of monoy
which will como to our fishermen ftom
this new extension of tho fishing indus
It teema likely that the strike of
trainmen on the railroad will bo sottlod
with but little more delay. The boys
havo submitted to Manosor Ohandlor a
lettor outlining tho terma on which thoy
nro willing to return to work, nud the
Mail hopoa to bo ablo to chrouicle iu its
noxt.wsuo tho adjustment of all dlffor
eucos and tho resumption of operations,
Tho blockado of trafllo which was
brought abput by tho freshet and Ib pop
potuotod by tho .striko, is causing not,
only tout inconvnrjionco but much linen
ulftl loe. r)0pln now hnvu a. ebuueo to ',
nmlmiof bow mnch bsm-fit this little
railroad really U to tho comtuunity, ut.d
tlioy will appreciate thuurcnIcinj(of tho
blockatlo at thu enrltool possible mo
The Delayed Mail
Tho second Iwtch of mail since Sun
'dajr urrlvod yosterdny noon. Thero was
nbont 800 poandjof it. A largn nmount)
instill fofcclc. vff may depend that tho
contrcctor on this end will rushjtj
throti(th as fast h ft is brought ovr the
mountain, if ihero is stock ononh nlong
tho road to do It. At tho came time,
tre f-hnuld not let our BatUfactiou at get-'
tlrij; tho rnnil at lntt prevent nncffuc-
tivo ror p.bout tho delay. 8omo ono
wns to blarno anJ if hu h allowed to
rfet off easily we may expect a repeti
tion of the'porformanco v.heu;vor it
units hWcnuvenionco. r
; Convict while Located
i Sheriff J. II! Rots, ol Llucoln county,
J located tho efcaped convict, White, on
. Altea Imy. Tho me'n cncnp.ed in a fubi-
t indoof shots on the beach nearWnldport.
tl o convict finally ercaping through the
undergrowth. Neither of tho men was
wounded, although the eberiff tontbul-
lota tlirough tho convict's coat tail. Tho
last tiaco of White showed whero bo
; had croteod Alsca bay, nnd started cast
niong tno weaver creek rond.
Strike Settled
As forecast in tho Mail yctlerday, the
strlkoof trainmin hsuj-bcan. practically
eottlcd. n train crew of firo men. nil ntd
t t. .i .... ,
"""" lwt oul n "B,n Jesruay. u t
; understood tuat .ilaunger Chandler has
granted tho requests of tho men, except
that thu raise of G cents an hour in wa
ges all around will have to be passed
It will bo counted as half a day.
N buying shoes DON'T
4.00 shoo at a Btoro whore 0 to $8 shoes aro Eold you do
jp$ plucked nearly every time. : : : :
Satisfactory nhocs for Winter shooa that ploase tho
people shoes in which the shapo will hold won't
S Wff,Tiy
"equaBtf" out, or'eljj
in n llttlo while
Shoes that hold out because they'ro rights built not a skimp any
where, ineido or out THAT'S tho Walk-Over Shoe. : : :
1 Must lin rlnlif. nr
couldn't everlastingly preach Money-Back Shooj-ood
wear or a new pair. ::::;
Why pay $5 and $d for let-well-enough-alone shoes
Tom, Dick nnd Harry makeB that havo been foisted on
long sufloring public with scarcely a change-rin quality j y ad $4.00
nor in shape for tho laBt ton years. noverleu
WELLS In Marshfiflld, Fob. A, .to tli
wife of I). Wells, n tlauvrlitsr.
IIUBJJAItD At North .Ucnd, Or. Jai,
SO, to tho wife of Uha?.' Hubbitrd
I'lIOMAS At Ferndnle, Jr.n. 31, t
thi wifo of T. Tliom, a on,
CATCHING At Sumuer Or..I'b. C
JUJJ to inn who oi J. w. usvcDing m
eleven poand ton.
BEATTIE Athiilmmoon north Coo
river, Feb. Gill, 1003, William L'caltb'
aged 75 years, mouths and 'Jl day. '
WilliamDuattytwaa lorn at Newcaath,
Eaglnnd, Sept. 14, 1820. Ho cstno t-.
America when about 18 years of age an
lived first in Pennsylvania, oftcrwcid
n aiding in different parts of tbecountrj
In I860 he came to California nnd en
gased in goldminini:, In 1605 hu mad'
a trip back to ths British Isles, &t.J wit
married in Scotland to Miss 3Iarg:e
Crar.ford, who earvivcs'hlm. Dcctcst
canio to tho Bay uboht 1S71, and fi
nbeut 25 yoars lout passed he hna retld
cd on his farm on North Coos river. 0
Into tho Infirmities of ego havo groni
upon him, and his hut sickness wa
of about 3 weeka duration. Besides tin
widow three daughters nud two em
survive: Mrs. R. A. Church, William
and John Beattio, oi Coos river, Mn
Kate and Nettie Bcattie, of San Fran
cises. The funeral will take placo todcy
services being conducted by Rev. F. G
Strange at tho grave in I. 0.0. F. come
tary, the' remained being brooghti'dowi
on tho Alert, which will mike a special
Real Estate Transfers
0 II Merchant & wf to F P Norton
lot 1 2 3 and i hlk 39 railroad add
ilarahfield lots 3 andO blk'B Weftern
add Marehflold $575.
Wm Jenkins to Mand Q Smith lote 1
and 2, block S Myrtlo Point Or. fSOO.'
C. II. Merchant and wf to Peter Scott
4 acres in South Marshfiold. $1000.
got plucKed. If you buy a $3.50 or M
in tho shank, or got shabby-looking
nrnnfnn mlililln nnnn.I ,