Weekly coast mail. (Marshfield, Coos County, Or.) 1902-1906, January 10, 1903, Image 1

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Recommends Modest
Topresent Califor!
- qia ' Thereat
Biioramonto, Jan, 7 Qoorgo Pardee
wni InauBurntcd governor today.
Tho now govornor In an cxliaujtlvo
inauBural oJJro tnatlo tho (ollqiring
avoraiiio recouitncndatlom rvgartllng
the St. Loula and 'Orruon expoiltlona:
Juitry, at which It oiijy le (leasable
that California be represented by Mich
ezhlblta of tier products as wilt raoet
llkoly provo o( benefit by attracting
capital and tho boat claoi of ecttlera.
Tim former will bo international in
character and will equal or" exceed la
icoj,o any otlinr exiotltlon hold in thll
odutiy. while tho iwcoud . will be ol
rwit lolort-il to CallfornU buctMe It
will bo hold In tho leading commercial
city of tho neighboring itAto of Oregon.
I recomtneud that a tnodost appropri
ation bo mndo, undor a Ian eo framed
that it will bo ronlblo to eccuro mott
judiclotia oxpondituro of tho tnonoy and
tho most clllcient direction of the exhib
it. Wo should try to profit by tho ex
porienco already (allied by particapation
in aovorol such cxpotittont),
n treaYmeFit 0F"'RUQ83
-ft. V
Ilovr to Cp Thrm Clcnw MB 4 Arl
, 'Wrnrluir Thvui Out.
Tho mnnngur of n Chicago carpet (to"
partmeut, whoso knowledge brlUH him
an nnnunl income of 110,000, ndrlsed
tho followliiff treatment for Y?lublo
rugs: I.ny them wronj; fldo up ou tho
grow, bent wth a fwnlturo beater, r.
vento nnd Hwcop carefully, ft aoft brush
being tho proferenco or a good cnn'Ot
(iwcepor. A llttlo iiiring outnldo of the
iim'u rayn Ih good occnalonnlly, whon,
they tnny hu carried In tho house
Tho nvct-ago American houncwsTe
wears out her mgH by continual woop.
lug and boating, BnyH Good Housekeop.
,Jug. Tho plan of putting them upon a
lino overy two or threo M'C-vua or uvou
onco u month and there having them
'whipped 1b not to bo coinmemlod If tho
rugH nvo of any valuo. M'hon a rug la
to bo thoroughly cleaned, It phould bo
tent whero tho work l properly dono
or cIko wiiHbod at homo. When tho
mirfiico liecomcH aollcd, It can bo
wnHhctl with no fear of Injuring tho
colons oluco tho majority of oriental
liigH aro washed repeatedly before
reaching thlH country, nnd tho dyea
used aro thereby mellowed and en
riched. '
Tim best method of washing a largo
rug n to htrott'h and tack It upon n
clean lloor, then ncoiir It wcH with
w).iihudH. After tho about tog It ntUBt
Im tltotoughl rhihcd to removo all
trace of thu nnltunl mnttcr In tho soap,
lifter which It should not ho removed
until It Is poi'fdctly dried. Then It will
not shrink and will lie' perfectly flat
upon tho llpor. A small, rug may bo
tacked upon 'tho uldo of t tho houao or
bnro, scoured as if on n lloorftud then
nusca wiiu niirn.
. . . .- . . - . . aisiev ., Baanaw' tvbvww nssnaeav .SBBeeeeeem. "" "'sipkMv' sav iBm a.w leaaa saawv
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Testimony Touching
; "DatrageJi
Fai tQ Imppcate the
PlilladMpliia, Jan. 7 Ano Ihcr big ar
ray In the form of non-union miners
and their families was on harid at t'tu
ojieqlbg of tho Anthracito commission
this morning. Tho greater portion ol
the testimony wad concerning tho vari-
JTIW . a." M r " m J
f A
been' burned, On crot?
said oil had been poured on tho bridge'
by small boys. lie did not eeo it flrod.
Tho first woman called was Mrs Jor
dan, of "Lost crook. She said sbo was
driven from town by the continued jeera
of the miners becauso her husband re
mained at work. After ten days resi
dence In Philadelphia elm had returned
home because the childrou becamo
lb keM was reneatedl- stoned and
swe eel1 nat'mf 4hwcMM,tlM of lHa,
because Wo nercnauta; Dtucnere aru
mllkmon foarotl a boycott if they sup
plied her wants.
Quay Reads Petition
Furnished Gfeat Proportion of Sol-
dlers for the Late War
Washington, Jan, 8 Senator Quay
read from his dosk today a petition from
Bpanish-Amorlpan war veterans asking
that atatohood bo granted to Now Mexi
co, which is said to havo furnished ono
man to every 160 of total population
when this cob n try was at war with
Tho omnibus bill was thon takon up.
Tho Philippine constabulary bill was
It, H. Planfa offer of l'.J,o00 for
Monto Carlo, 2:0014, was refused.
Tho ownor of Majop Dclmar, 3:03,
refuses to price him at nny ilgurc.
II. 0. Miller, Brockton, Mass., has
purchased tho pacer Bcsslo Smith,
2:17& by Sphinx Gift.
Johnny liny has bought tho Mam
brluo ICIng gcldtng Point Doxtcr, 2:20,
to drive nt tho Olovcland matinees.
Amber Sphinx, 2;174, pacing, bay
iuaro, by Sphinx, dam Lady Palmltcr,
Jr., by n son of actawny, died recently.
Marquotto, by Jorsoy Wllke?, Is now
tho dam of two bitter than, 2:10 pac
ers Planet 2:01, nnd Homo Circle,
It Is tho goncrnl opinion that with a
Wta education to polo Tho Monk.
w.V...in t,,i 7 l
tu w '-t-i jv w i . a '-.Hi r- a - r it if t j i- - -
vfARSWlELD, CfcOS COUNTY OHE.Vnliq, 1903, t'
'lfi'tfttflm:JltaiTR Has AnPAntfiHUnkTfWTl'Ai
Said to Be After Pan-
i "', X H' .
Ghanco For Canal Treaty and Uncle
Sam's Option to Fall
Washington, Jan. 8 In official circles
it is admitted that tboro is' foundation
for the statement that Gormany ie try
ing to euckre America out of tho Pana
4K4Suif Jfk-feetovedrto ihal Ger-
&n afcttveyorkBrrfoli4iu
Ameri0 options expire March 4tb
Congress adjourns on that date. Throah
somo powerful influence, the date of re
aasflmbling of the Colombian congress,
which was officially called to miet Dc,
21st for the purpose of ratifying tbe
canal treaty, was recently changed te
March 3rd. Hast one day before,' the.
.! T. tfi
ombia does not sign the treaty, and con
gress adjourns without action, there
will bo nothing to prevent Colombia
from making torms with a German cor
poration. Officials of tho State department
point to tb6 dlliatorfactB of Colombia
and tho delays offered. Ambassador
Horcn says Colombia may havo given
Qermauy eorae hopo of negotiation.
flow to Make Paraltare Cream.
An excellent fumlturo cream Is made
as follows: Ono ounco of castllo soap,
ono ouuco of white wax, two ounces of
beeswax, half n pint of turpentine,
half a pint of soft water. Shred the
sonp and whlto wax Into tho water
and boll It lu tho water till dissolved.
Melt tho beeswax In tho turpentine
When nearly cold mix nil tho ingredi
ents together, and tho cream .will be
ready for uso.
Hotr tn Wmli Glnnware.
Wooden bowls make tho best recep
tacles for washing flno glassware that
requires careful handling. If two bowls
nro employed, tho results aro apt to bo
moro satisfactory. Uso ono for wash
Ins ntid tho other for rinsing purposes.
Hott to Kxpnml the Cheat.
A girl who wishes to oxpauil her cheat
can do so if each morning after her
bath sho will stand erect, feet together
nnd shoulders back, arms straight
down and tako twonty-flvo full, deep
breaths. It Is perhaps best to begin
with, fifteen for tho first iwectoand grad
ually lucrcaso to twenty-flvc. If ono
doslrcs to go bnjto fuller perfection, b
crcaso until fifty, full, breaths .can be
taken. , ,
rUow to Make m,' Tmblo' Vmrr,
To mako a pretty tablo fernery make
a birch bark box 0 Indies wide, S
tlnchcs longor round If you pxeferlt
and 8 Inches deep, saya tho Cincin
nati Enquirer. Pueto cloth around the
edges lnsldo to prevent bits of earth
(from finding their way out. Plant In
'tho box roots of small ferns, filling tho
'.spaces with green moss' or "running
pine. Sprinkle every day and keep In
a cool place at night, and your, tabic-
twpxjsvy wU1 Ucfp th and green all
Rummer. .r... , .
kkstro Has Accepted
If Agreement Npt Reached
Hague Tribunal Will be
Called on
Washlagtw, Jan. 8 Tbe. Slate De
partaaeat reeesved a ruefeege today from
Mifatfltr Bowasi at Caracal, ying that
Castro bad accepted the geBtral terms
and ctndltleas of arbitration laid down
by tbe powers.
It was officially admitted, this after
noon .that tbe proposal made by the
powers Is for a conference So Washing
top, in which Bowen is to act as repre
sentative of Venezuela. If eettlemen
by this method becomes impossible, tho
matter will go to tbe league tribunal,
The President la hopeful Ibat these
egBkHewi will rertak la a Baal dicpo
sition of the affair without a long-drawn-out
Hague litigation.
The Navy department bae ordered the
steamer Dolphin to La Guayra to bringt
Minister Bowen to Washington, to rep
recent Venezuela.
Mow to Seller Tire Kre
People who suffer frea tired eyes
r-irUtrtua4Ml4aiUaM kMrk iaUl
French author accI(lutallydlecbrereo!
on excellent remedy. IV'H a simple
method of restoring tho vision to fresh
ncss when, after reading or writing for
somo time, your eyes begin to ache.
Ono night while tho author was en
gaged In writing an artlclo bis eyes
gavo out before ho could finish, and ho
was compelled to atop. So. turning
from his unfinished manuscript, his
eyes fell upon somo scraps of colored
silk that his wlfo bad been using for
patchwork. . Thcso gay colors bad a
peculiar attraction for his wearied op
tics. On resuming his work after gaz
ing at them for sovcral minutes ho
found his eyes quite fresh. After
several experiments be surrounded his
Inkstand with brilliantly colored
striped" Bilk material, that his eyes
might rest on them every time he
dipped hla pen into tho ink. This
brings instant relief.
A yery. stylish French toquo has a
drapery of Tangerine yellow velvet
and a brim of dark sablo fur.
Whlto crnilno and broadtail nro very
much used for vests nnd revcrs on re
ception nnd visiting costumes of cloth
nnd velvet.
Faclugs, rovers, vests nnd cuffs of
whlto or cream colored cloth still ap
pear ou many of tho stylish cloth cos
tumes designed for special wear.
Kid cloth in biscuit, tan, almond,
gray, fawn and other noutral tones has
been used extensively for reception
gowns and fur trimmed costumes for
visiting and theater wear.
It Is significant that tho best gowned
Women wear the simplest shirt waists.
Tho fabrics nro at tho bcBt, nnd tho
most expcnslvo tailors offer models
that are comparatively plain nnd so
Vcro, though perfect In stylo and finish.
Among tho materials that dressmak
ers nro using for evening dresses for
tho winter nro lustrous satins in roso
color, opnl gray, sea gteon and rcrslnn
mauve, brocaded with silver thistles,
carnation nnd sweet pea blossoms,
hawthorn sprays and halt blown roses
aud foliage, chrysanthemums, etc., in
gold or silver embossed work. New
York Poot .
Thomas J. McKlnnoy has located at
Punxsutawnoy.'Pa., for tho whiter nnd
iinn with him tho nnclng mares Queen
of Spad6s, 2;10M, by King SuUminnd
Fanny K., 2:18&vby HcIr-aMuw, also
several good youug steppers.
' ' .lA..t.n
'?vl it?
President Roosevelt Alarmed at the
Friction Arnwg'Uglslatlve
Wasbinston. Jan. S President Jteote-
teltle alarmed over the fieU aWgl
tbe trait batters, sad it aakiag great
eadeavora to set tba fegisktlve leaders
to'agree to setat assaeare which as ay be
patted, f
Tbe preewKyreaas'cta ladltate danger
that no aati-trust Hrr will be enacted
this session.
... i
Sbe CrabbeA HlmU
Henry Yes, alias oiaun, as I was
about to say, our plans often go wrong
man aropoees
mm' OltlBH Oh, uenry, this w as
;aMweBlr,BjK aever BHnu, oearreHr
-w4ajMi aSiatt'Jsecaje wesaj tMf?!"1
accept you I r
Tnlkiagr TIiroBBh tbe Boiljr.
To talk through a human body, or a
row of human bodies, for the matter of
that. Is one of the weirdest of the elec
trician's feats. If a telephone wire be
severed and the two ends be held by a
person, ono In each hand, but far
apart, ft Is quite possible for two indi
viduals Is carry on a conversation
through tho body of tho medium as
readily nnd as distinctly as if tho lino
had been properly connected.
-N buying eboea DOXT
f-t.uu wui fc o oiu.a numu u iu fu ouun mo uiu JOU UU
got plucked nearly every time. : : : :
Satisfactory abocs for Winter shoos that please the
people shoes in which the shape will bold won't
r "squash" out, or Eag
in n little while. :;::::: : : :
Shoes that bold out becauso tbey'ro
where, inside or out THAT'S tho Walk
Must be right or
couldn't everlastingly
wear or a new pair.
Why pay $5 and $0
Tom, Dick and Harry
long suffering public with scarcely
ndr in Bhape for the last ten years .
Xi a
Chttfii W$k DfsinklOwflt Wd
IMctMEfNWt of
. CjfjMp'
Waasiagtea, Jai. ilfcweiary Hitek
coek bow baa MaM bias eharaae which
f . - i l i
bave beta preferred aalatt Sstrveyec
General Metdraat, e( OfegM, wkkb
promisea to teaelt let tbe saspeflsioa 1
not d Ism 1ml of that offleer. Sease tisse
ago the Department beoarae distatlsfied
with lite manner in wbieh the officer
was conducted sad bad a tberongb la-
vcslliation made by epeolal agest, aad
it is their report wfakh la.under ceaeMer
ation. 0 te of tbt aaott eerkHH ebargea
0gkMiMel4raarSeMMia.a addkHeeT
totheaee-of llqaet ajMNMeaeate
is said to bave BeeJe4arWl ialles, be--.
jog freqaently away fsata bis offlee dar
fBg office hours aad Jeayfaf III toatxoi
to labordi&atea.
-iT &: 4JS a. ..iHi )D aav
eearaaad ef the British' asaaf la laeaa.
Unlike most of bis ftredoecssora, hi
did not get his training la the Indian
nrtny, but this fact will not hinder
him from making a good commander
in chief.
A fashion bulletin issued by tbe
London tailors says the stylishly'
dressed man now must bave a small
.waist and padded hips. The man who
Is expected to cultivate this stylo al
ready has padded brains.
get pucked. If you buy a $3.50 or
in the shank, or get shabby-looking
rightly built not a skimp any-
- Over Shoe. : : t
wrong no middle ground or we
preach Money-Back Shoes good
: : j ' : i :
for let-woll-cnough-alone shoes
roakot that have been foUted on a
change in quality $3 s "d U-bo
nver !
wtsr,fiv , .
J 1
U vi