Weekly coast mail. (Marshfield, Coos County, Or.) 1902-1906, December 13, 1902, Image 1

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Central West Suffer-
ing For Men,
Especial Dearth of Hired Girls
Makes HouseYlfo'o Life a
A Chicago dispatch .iya: N'ovor In
tliu history of tho Central U'mt linn tho
general demand for labor baon greater,
nor within thu nntnory of Him oldoit
business men hai ouch n itcarlty ol
wogo corners oxlstcd. Tlio condltlonu
arc unprecedented. An it remit Indust
triut uro suffering, in that thoy cnunot
opornto to capacities warranted by thu
condition). Manufacture nro offer In;;
tho groaUiit Induonninti to Ubar In tlio
hblory of tholr oporation, ilundroda,f
tlio largest and hardest pushed concur nn
fnlha Contral-WMt Ijavo '.tonm! that
tholr only salvation Hub In thu impor
tation of Inbor fiom tho Knot, whore,
according to tho Westerners, tho activity
le not nearly ao fcrcat. They havo bn?ii
hblo to obtain eomo relief from thin
All linos of trade aro being pushod as
tiovor before, and, Instead of diminish
ing, tho actvity nepms to grow more
pronounced. Students of tho comnior
jcalaud industrial f.tuatIoa,in tlio Cen
tral "Went, any pretont conditions nro
hssurod for a year to'como.
Railroads having tcrmlr.nls horo aro
greatly Jiamporod. Within tlio loit
month 3,000 railroad laboiora havo bcon
Importod to tlila city from tho Woelorn
sections, but tho number aoema to Itnyo
rnadollttlo impression. Tho railroads
ay thuy ohohld havo 20,000 tnoro mon,
but dojpalr of ottln thorn, Tho ora
ploympnt agonulus, ospcclully thoto
h'nvln contracts to provlda labor to the
railroads, bavo tnkou off tholr feoa to
applicants of whom thoro uro fow
nnd notlfiod tho Htato labor bureaus to
Bend all tho bolp thoy can rmntor to
, thorn, Thoy havo acnt noticoo to othor
cities tliat will pay for trnntpoitatlon
to this city, but tho conditions oleo
whoro Btand in thu way of n realization
of tholr doslros.
This ecarclty of labor Is not conf.nod
to thn railroads or any othor lino of
business, buUu genoral in tl o bromloat
CotiBO of tho word. Mftny n 'houoowlfo
Mb doing hor own work 'bocauee of tho
dearth of domoetlcD, In no othor flold ia
tho shortage of holp more pronouncod.
Tho gonoral avorogo of wngoa for domes.
tlo holp lias increased, but girls who
' formerly worked in hotnoa aro moro
content with labor in factories nnd
stores, Boys aro Jioodod ovorywuoro,
hut cannot ho found, Tlio rcnrolty
lioya linn como lo be n pioblmn for Hit
busiuons men to nolvo, Thmcanda of
youngtterd that wcro com pel ltd lo nnflr.t
in tlio tnaliiluiiruico of Ihulr femlllcn in
forlnor yciire aro now utijoyhiy tho bene
fits of tho rubeola.
Another idronj; Indication of tho but
(onrient of tho laboring data ia nhotvn
In tho statlillci of tlio charltablo oranI
gallons, Within tba last few tnontlm
tho colls for annUlahco from n'mJy fnml
Ilea haro been few and tcatlored, and
have come chlcflv from famllica render
od ponnlluen by lllncro.'
Miss Marion jones
Mfei Marlon Jonei, dnocbtor of Sfnur
tor Jones of Novadn, who is roon to ncd
Hobort Furquhar of Itoston, Alias Jones
is a fnmod athloie and holds tho
woman's tennis championship of tho
country. Her summer homo ia at Ban
ta Monica, Cal.
org1 woman t
1 1 r ii i
State Prices.
Tells of Opera
tors' Methods
Hcranton, Dee. 11 Darrow sprung n
surprieo this morning by calling
John Crawford, Independent opera
tor, to tho stand as a witnoas, and at
tempting to compoll Crawford to glvo a
stntomont of prloes rccelvod for coal
durltig tho striko, Crawford objectod
and Judgo dray eustaincd him, caying
that prices uudor eucb oxtra-oidlnary
conditions could not.bo mado acrltion
for fixing tho minos, wagOB Bcalo.
A 12 year old boy was put on tho stand,
who eaid he loit n leg in tho mines,
nnd got no pay whllo recovering, Ho
returned to worjc whon nblo, but got
no monoy, Ida wages boing hold by the
company on account of n debt incurred
by his fathor. ;
wan n m Win u m
A 1 Jt AAA
Venezuela Will Resist
Of the Big European
This Country May
Take ii Hand
l.i Guayra. Pfc. 11 Reports from
Corneal rxy Castro ia gathering an, army
to rositt thu ogi;rcsiona of tho nlllea.
Two thousand men and 18 ruuh have
bcon sent from Caracas to rcinforco the
earrieon hero. Tho men aro now en-.
camped four miles from town.
Fort La Vli-a ;ie being stocked with
provicionn and ammunition, nnd great
preparations are being made for -joeiat-
Cftslro'a poaitioo cccms very popular,
and volunteura are offering in large num
bcra, ncfirly 10,000 boing armed bcro.
Tendon, Dec. 1 1 Tho Central Nowa
aiccrta that tho allies in Venezuela havo
attempted to capturo President Castro
I'rivAto information received lays tho
Anitlo-Gorman allies havo landed a force
of bluo jscketaand marines at LaGuayra,
and lighting has commenced on tho
Washington, Dec. 11 Undor yoster-
day's dato a cablegram was received
from Minister Rowcn at Caracas this
morning which says: "Castro informs
mo ho has cleared all tho Germans and
Urltlsh arrestod."
Moro confirmatory dlspatcuos woro
received from Rowan regarding the
landing of tho allied forcoa at LsQuayra.
Poreonally ho has securod tho release
of.tho Rritlsh Consul Goneral.
Washington, Dec. 11 Congressman
Bchofroth, of Colorado, offored n joint
resolution today, whoroas tho Venezue
lan dlsputo ia llablo to involvo an in
fringement of the Monroo doctrino.
with possibilities of Borloua complica
tions with tho United States, tho presi
dent bo authorised tn proposo to Great
Rritalu nnd Gormany that tlioir claims
bo submitted to arbitration tho United
Blatos to guarantee tho payment of any
awards made against Venenuela,
To imnrovo tho annotito and stroncth
en thodigobtion, try n fow doses of
Chamberloin'n atomach and Liver Tab
lets. Mr. J. II. Boits, of Dotrolt, Mich,
eays, "Thy roBtorod ipy appotito
whon imnalrod. relieved woof a bloated
f lellug and coueod a ploaeant and eutis-
(netory movement oi tno uowoic."
Tiioro aro pconlo in tliio community
whonued just such a modlcine. For
leniooy jouu cruuua iTory pui yrrtu(
IMFrotectiojEi of Their
fspcclal.to the Mall.
BtJuie. Duo 11 Tho National Lum
ber Mfgf. crtoclation was formed today
and the body adjourned to bold thooex't
mcetlnu In Wesbington, April 6ih.
RovenlY lumber makors of tho United
States wcro in attendance, and perfected
tfio organization for protection of tboir
t . . .
own mieretu
o Merging the Two
Wfswani"i &!
Waibington. Dec. 11 Senator Quoy
submitted a retoiution which had been
packed by tho flvo civilized tribes, ob-
jectini: to morgingOklubomnand Indiau
Jonos, of Ark. alto submitted a pro
test from Indian Territory.
Tho Aulhracito commission bill wan
omonded eo that thcmcmbbraaro allow
ed 15 datly, tbclr assistants 10r and
all others employed by tho government
$0 In llou of traveling and other expenses.
Tho House occupied tho fo'ronoon in
consideration ol election conteata.
ToAvbid LosingTrans-
port Trade.
IIHt.ll1 '" "
Washington Dec. 10 Senator Torklns,
Messrs Pholan, Echwerln and Ducker
man, called at tho White Housd and war
department this afteruoou and talked
with tho Protldont and Sccrotary Root
about thn proposod transfer of tho trans
port corvico from San Francisco to Seat
tle Tho Callfornians claim that Seattlo
hna no tacllitlos for handling fho groat
volumo of business. '
They offored to charter or buy alUho
army transports from tho' government
at a prlco to bo fixed by tho doyaitraont
nnd conduct tho buslncfs at San i'rancTeco
at thcaamopricopcrnoldier and per ton
freight a it costs tho government under
tho present system.
Guatemala Plantations
, Suffer
Saa Faancisco. Dec. 11 Advices from
tho volcano district of Guatemala say
that Banta Maria continues in crruptlon.
Capt. Ruieell of tho steamer Acapnlco
eays thcwholetldeof the mountairn ie
oflamofrom three distinct craters. The
(Iovatticnof the coffco plantntbn's for 30
miles around continues.
Texas Officer Gomes
to Investigate
IallaV Tex.Dari.ll
day. It ia Hated be fMA imK-rrm, .ip.,
nnvnfli.it OiA mat bnbonle dIiwhb con-
ditlon exisVtd in that city, news of which
had been anpprcseed, and an alarming
apread of tho Jiseaeo was taking placo.
Iieiacolng to make a personal investi
Funeral of Wmllillop
Tho funeral of Win JIIollop, who wni
killed in tho Daniel creek logging camp-
Wadnesdoy took placo bore yesterday.
The body waa brought-down 6n Ujo
Coos Rivor, accowpthied by tho ctow of
the camp, and was taken, directly to the
cemstor.v whero services woro perfor
med by tbo Roy B. F. Reuctseu.
PHCtor oi tbo Lutheran chnrcb.
pi JeftarKabl Stoc;K of
Boys Iotl7ii(
frH - 3"H
II E Samo rigid
H tho samrt tallorlnR for boys cloth"
w ing as for men's; styles that have
boyish graco with tho manly fluteh.
Beautiful suits for tho little fellow;
sirong sturdy euita for tho older boys
Tho practical and tho novol A splendid
il'lio New Twc
llutton Double
Breasted Sack
collection of boys clothes that is not matched any
where That no parents-of boys can offord to miss
seeing. : : ::::::
The Mother's Friend shirt watst
The little suits, shoes, caps shirts
and neck wear.
Lots of Young Salmon.
Frank Smith, superintendent of the
South Cooa rivor hatchery, was In towi
yettcrday after lnmbor tobulld onto
ho hatchery. Ho reports that tho
ealmou eggs tskon tills season, which
trero nil Chinook?, prove lo havo been
in perfect condition and ate alt hatch
ing. About 200.0C0 yqung fiati aro
fish aro alreads out, and about l.COO.000
eggs aro all eyed, showlns that tbejr wIU
makn dth.
Tho report that tho racks nad bacn
washed oat by a recent freshet was nn
crrcr, as tho racks aro ctill In position,
under Ave or sir feet ol water, flomo
of tho lower traps, put in temporarily,
ncro washed oat, howeyer.
3Ir. Smith oscms to have demonstrat
ed pretty thoroughly that no mbtako
was mado by putting him In charge of
the hatchery.
This is tho oeason of the year when
tho prudent and careful housewifo re
plenties hor supply 6f Chamber.lin'a
Coiwh Remedy. It is certain to V
nrcdod boforo tho winter Is over and
rcfriiHe are -much moro prompt and
ratK'uctory when it lo kept at band and
i?tvrn uioon aa tho cold is contracted
aud bitt'jrn it has become eottled in tba
Lixin-n Tn Imn.t nvnrv lntanc3 a
suvoTtf cold may be warded off by taring
tlila remetty neeiy za roon a "fv
imliiratfon of tho cold appearp. Thoro Ja
no dineer ii) giving it to children for t,t
contains no harmful snb3taace. It Is
plcooaHt to Inko both adults and.child
rcidikn it. Bnv it and you will get tho
best. It always cures.
For sale by
John PrcuK,
Regular services at the MethodUt
Chmch Sermon by Dr. flnmm'er'rnie,
P. E.at ll:C0 A. M, followed with the
Adinhtrattoa,o(pe tprd'a Sappr.
.30 P.M. to ; r.
t v-aj- im.'T
I vuw. JSiJ-,
Epworth twzua 0:JO M.
Ep-Laguo 2:30,
"VANTD EiUiful poreou to travel
for well, tsfebliehod home in a few
cotuitl calling ori xotail merchants
and agents. Local territory. Balaif
tl021 a year and expenses, jjayaV. $W
70 a week in earn and cxyenees advance.
Position permanent' Busincas auccetp
folacd ru?h?. Standard House, 334
Drorlorn St., Chicago. 12 13 2ft
Tho Norfolk, in
p'1 es.
- 55 -
tcrntiny of febuc
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Vt 'vrKi:
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