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Cream of the Week's &ws.
Published livery "Day in llic Daily Coast Mall.
4 H JIX"! WT'TW'W ---
Scrniilou, Nov. ll l'rooliloat John
Mitcliull wna rtaln on tho eland thin
morning beforo llio ntrlUo commission,
and was cross-examined by Walter Roso,
couniol (or thu Dolownro k I'atitornU H.
Doforo Roes commenced tho examina
tion Commlctloner Qrny mtggcaled that
an Mitcliull preferred to glvo lila opinion
only, mul not figure", ho ho not nskod
questions already gouoover,
commission, nnd whatever it might do.
tortnino regarding tho employment of
non-unlontsto would bo found to ho car
ricd out to tho lottor. Iloncc tho ques
tlon of possible vlolutlon need .not cnloJ
Into tho dlicucslon.
After several gonornl questions per
taining to restriction, on child labor.
Mitchell was excused. Ho looks hag
gard and worn, hut ho undoubtedly
thousand minors.empliryco n tho antli-l Gompors said ho would, appoint
IJojj lallowod the tenor of McVcah by '"B,lo n favorablo Impression upon all
attempting to fix rcrpontibllity for vio
lence upon tho Minora' Union. IIu
then took up tho bituminous tcctlonn.
Mitchell answurcd each queitlou de
cisively nnd was never confuted.
Hntuucl Wolvorton, council for tho
Philadelphia & Heading, next took Mit
el ill In hand, Ho said ho wanted to
ntcertnln his lcws on tho differences
betneen bituminous and onlhrncito In
terests nnd If it would not ho better to
mule two separata organixAlions of thu
United Mine WorLcre.
Mitchell denied this on tho ground,
that It would trnd to thu dl-lntr-pratton
c( tho labor unions. Tho nttnrnoy of
tho Delaware A Hudson confined hln
examination to certain features consti
tuting district No, 1 whom thu com-
pony'i Interests nro largely located, At7
toruuy Hum, couuicl for tho independ
ent operator?, brought out new points.
Ho enid since tho conclusion of the striko
men who ncnt out want their placca
buck, nnd that when a mnn lenvcs his
plnca voluntarily Ida relation to hlj cm
ployors is snppoccd to ceaae,
Ho nthod Mitchell: "Do you under
etnnd that our companius chou'd dls
chori) non-union inch and tako your
men back,"
Mitchell rt jil led: "No law compola
one to put n man back in Mb old posi
tion if it is occupied, but in a enso of n
otriko n mnn docs not consider that ho
lm. Riven up his job when ho goes out.
Men taking such places ihould mid do
urtially iindorstnrid that their tonuro Is
is dependent entirely upon tho outcome
of tho otrlko."
IJurno cloccd by asking tho cotmnlc
tlon tlmt in caao It doolded for n tradu
ogrcontont, Hint tho Independent oporn
tore Miould bo allowed to mako a show
inK of their Individual condition. Thoy
will attempt to bring up tho quostlon of
violation of tho ngrcomont. Orny re
fused to liatcn and unld tho commloalon
lind n moral boiiso of lta own rogurdlng
that question.
Mitchell interposed and said ho want
ed, It underctood that thu Mluoro' Union
London, Nov, 10 ArchbUhop RIor.
dan of Ban Franclaco, who carno over to
repro'ent his archdlocceo at tho arbitra
tion of tho "Hun Clnlnin" cam and
subsequently vitltod Homo and Ireland,
calls for tho United States today.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 19 Tho annual
convention of tho Btovo Foundor'a Na
tional Dcfcnao association began In De
troit today with mombcro present from
St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pitteburg, Chi
cago and other cities of Alb country.
The convention will consider and act
upon a propotltion from tho Metal
PoIleliQis, Buffers, Plators, Uraee Mold-:
ors nnd Uracs Workers, Union looking
to the establishment of nl Joint arbitra
tion board for tho adjustment of nl
disputes arising in tho trade. Tho pro
position la in most respects iclmllar to
tlio arrangement existing between tho
raclte districts, nlnotyclgbt fhctitand
worked under gronnd.
He said tho number of saloons in
flchulklll county had decreased and the
conecusus opinion was that this was
hrgolyduoto tho Miners Union. He
said that tho social Worth, manliness
and individuality of thn Slavs hrttV been
greatly increased through the Influence
of the unions,
Mr. Roberts compared tho Slav stand
ard of liviog with that of natlro born
Americans, showing It to bo far below I
tho standard of American workmen.
Winces doclnred in response to n
question that tho miners' occupation is
moro riiky than otliorlinci of indusrry.
Thero wero moro deaths in tho mines
than on tho railroads, bat fewer acci
dent. It Is generally bel loved that, not
withstanding tho greater part of tho
testimony of tho last five dayn has been
devoted by tho operators to an attempt
to show irresponsibility of tho Miners'
Union, council will announce that their
attltudo on recognition of tho union is a
qncstion not beforo tho comnittlon,
a epoc
al conimlttoo this cftcrnoon to invest!
gato tho mattor a'rjfd demand a . early
hearing of tho Injunction suit. '
Oakland, Nov. 20 A flro at Oakland
tnolo today destroyed tho narrow gaugo
property, owned by th S. P.rCo Incur
ring a loss of f 100,000. Fifty paiecngcr
cra were burned. Tho ferries wero
eaved by being towed away.
The origin of the flro Is unknown7 ""i
The worst wind storm of the season
is raging and dsmsgo to shipping will bo
Tho firo etoppod all trnfllco between
Oakland and San Francisco. Arrango
menti aro boing mado to carry paceen
gers via Alameda ferry.
Portland, Nov. 20 The stMrnor Elder,
of the 'Filtco.f!&tieJxVU.. wcekrf
tails this aftornoon with non-union en
gineer nnd crow. The ecab crew im
ported from 'FjIsco ull dceortcd,
etovo founders and tho iron moldore,
which has provonted atrlkcs in that
branch of Industry for tho paat tixteon
Bcrnnton, Nov. 20 Deliberations of
tho etrlko commiatton nro In danger of
boing drowned out indeflcatcly, judging
from tho tonor of tho investigation in
tho paat few days.
Nothing but what wan already goner-
ally known from the miners' eldo of tho
question has boon gained, John Mitch
ell's dignified attltudo nnd p.t!cnt toler
Btlon under tho flro of tho operators'
bittor opposition has mado on impres
sion on. tho commission which cannot
fail of good results.
Hov. Hoborto of Mnhonry City, wan
again examined as to tho minors' Ina
bility, to enro for tholr families with ex
isting wages.
Iu tho coursoot Rov. Roberts' exnml
nation by Mr. Darrow, Mr. Roborta
furnished statistics showing tho nnthra-
clto Holds covered 480 Equnromllca nnd
tho total population was 50,00 pooplo,
Ho said four hundred und fifty thousand
woro dtroetly dependent on tho mince;
pledged Itself to accept thu award of tho I ibat of one hundred and forty-Bovon
New Orleans, Nov. 20 Tho committee
report on tho Gompors investigation
was submitted to the convention today
and woe unnnlmouely adopted. It
mnkoan complclo vindication.
. Shaffer beforo tfto committee denied
that ho had over impunged unionism.
Gompora said tho only trouble th?y over
had had been personal, whon in n quar
rel thoy bad called caill other Hard.
Tho committco reported oa tho vnrl
oua eoclallstlc resolutions. Tho eub
stanco of tho report was that labor un
ionism comprieoa all things necessary
or poaeiblo for tho well boing of t);o hu
man family, that bettorment may bo ob
tained, It not boing withiu.tha province
of federation to dictnto to members of
tho unions with liich political party
thoy should alllliato.
Tho opposition to boom Duncan lor
tho prosidoncy collnpaod this morning
with Gompors' oomploto vindication.
At noon Duncan practically withdrew,
making it almost certain that Gompors
will bo rc-olccted without opposition.
Just beforo recces tho ropresontatlvo
of tho Now Orleans freight handlers
Bald tho local court had leiucd an in
junction retraining tho union from
holding any moro meetings, , '
Gompors, with livid face, Bhoutcd:
"Disregard tho injunction; iueot any
Tho convention wildly applauded.
Washington, Nor. StO President Clar
ence MaeKcy called on thoattornoy-gen-cral
this aftorpoon nnd announced the
Pcclflc O&blo Company's intention to
construct a lino from Manila toSlianghia
within ono year. The difficulty has been
to secure a landing place in China.
Araericns, Ga., Nov, 20: Tho Geor
gia Baptists began a convention here to.
day to continue through the week. Tho
ftttendnnee Is large and th;itIeok;1a'
for 3 highly successful gatherlnj.
Knoxvllle, Tonr., Nov. 20-Practically
tlio cnllro town of Ellzabethton,
tho county icat of Carter connty ond
onco heralded as "Tho Iron City of tho
South," goes undor tho sheriff 'a hammer
tho final chapter of one of the most gi
gantic cnlcrpriscB ever floated in this
acction of the country. The town was
projected by tho Watauga Land Com
pany, which included among its backers
John G, Carlisle of Kentucky, Senator
McComaa of Maryland, Robert P. Por
ter and other men of national feme
Tho city jcaato bo tbo seat of innumera
ble enterprises of mammotn size and as a
matter of fact was actually decided upon
ae too location for tho naval armor man
ufectory of the United States. All of
tbcae plans, however, wero knocked
eky-hlgh by the floodsof 1001, and today
tho entire property, including over 1,000
acres of land, is estimate i to not exceed
50 COO in value " '
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OrerplTd Tbemaelre.
; "Confound Itl" trclauucd the sallow,
Vlyspeptlcln tho flftU row, under hlfl
reath. "We've overdone the applause. "
Instead of merely coming out and;
bowing her thanks, sho'a going to slug
again." Chicago Tribune. I
I Child labor is an undcsirablo "infant
lnaustry." Boston Herald. . JJ; I
Naaal Catarrh quickly yields to treat1
Eisnt by Ely's Cream Balm, which is agreed
-aeAritg,tJMinfin and beakthrfwliwe mu
face over which It diflWa itsilf. Dregs'
veil tno wjc bizo; 'inai raze py maii;m
cenU. 'lest it and yoa ore euro to coatinae
It... ...!...! -a
to tho ofio of atomizers in applying liquids
into tbo nasal passages for catarrhal trou.
hUt, tho proprietors prepare Cream Balm in
liquid form, which will bo known as Ely'a
Liquid Cream Balm. Viho includinc tho
praying tubois 73 cents. Druggists or by
mail. Tho liouid form embodies tho mcd.
at public aalo today. Tho ealo marka icinal properties of tho' solid preparation.
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