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United States Ind Ouicc, Roscburg, Oregon,
Aur. sj, ioo.
Notice Is hereby clvcn that in compliance
ylth UfprovUlonsoi the Act of Loptrts ol
June 3. 1878, entitled. "An net for the mIc ol
tlmlr lands in the Slates of California, Oregon,
Nevada and Wiuhlngion Territory," as extend
ed to nil the I'ublic l.wd States by act of Au
Ul .. tfys. '
rfKmplrr Cltv, County or Coo. Snte ol
Oregon, has tliis day filed In tin cilice hit
.rorn xutemrnt No, 3323 for the purchaio
of the NV of Section a), I'onihln 37 South.
Kange la West Willamette Meridian, nnd
Mill offer proof to show 1h.1t the linil
K-tqjht is more vntutble for Its timber or stone
ifun tof agricultural iHirjwse nnd to establish
hl claim to said land before U. Douglas,
I' S. Commissioner for Otrgon. nt .Marshhcld,
Vei;on. on Salunlav. the 15 Uv of Nov, iooj.
Heniunesitsxtitncsses ILIWttis, William
IWtlts, Kairviftt, Oirgop. Grcree Jackson, of
umpire City, Oregon, J C. nerce, of Marsh
iicM, Oregon.
Any and all pnons claiming adversely the
above described I mds arc requested to tile their
1 -aims In tnis otnee on or bctore saic 15 a.ty
of November, tow.
96 p J. T. Bridges, Register.
I'nltcd States Land Office. Kottbttrg, Oregon.
Aug. a6, 1903.
Notice It nereby cjven that In compliance
hh the provisions of the net of Congress of
June 3, 18-73, entitled "'An net for the sake of
timber Vuws in the Si (tea of California. Oregon,
VcTsdunnd Washington Trrntor),' s ci
tended to all the 1'ubhc l-ind Sutrs by act of
August 4. iVi.
of Marslsrldd, county of Coos. Slate of Ore
gon, has this da tiled m this oiliee her sworn
tfltement Na 333. for the purchase of the
N'WJs. of Section No. it In Township No.
m south. Range No it West, ami will offer
(.roof to show that the land sought is mure
. Almhle foe Its timber or stone than for agncnl
iiral pmrpotet. ol to etublisn her claim to
aM tend before W. V DoutfUt. V, S Com
.iMMioMr for Ottgnn, at Marshftcld. Oregon, on
NUnrdar. the xsd ttav of November. 1901.
She names i witnesses. Dan iteywnrd.
rrankTitNMt. Thomas Talbot. o Kmpue City.
feon. II. SenjtsucS.en.of Marsh it JO, Oregon.
Any ami all persont adversely the
bove-daserNiOd lands are requested to file th:rr
. Mmi In this ortkc on or lefore said sad day
of Nov. iwj. . T. HxiDGKS, Kcjisttr. g-4
Cnlted Siatot Ipnd Office. Rosuburg, Oregon.
Sept a, 1903.
Notice is Hereby given that In compliance
with the provisMtt of the act of Congress of
June 3. 1S73. estitltd "An act for the s.ile ol
timber Undt In tle States of California, Oregon,
Nes-ad, and Washington Territory." as extend
ed to nil the Public Land Sutrs by act of Au
gust 4. t3jj.
r-l M04COM, county of Lit ah. state of Idaho,
I is this day filed in this office her sworn
stiteMMtt No. 3371, for the purchase of the
N t-4 of Set No. is in township No. 37 s,
Ka.iqe No. n West, an 1 will offer proof to
-tour that tbe land sought is more valuabe for
us timber or stone than for agr cultural pur
jHMes, and tousta)lih henlaim to wk! land Ik
ore the Keittr and Reotlvw ol this otficc at
f oseburg, Oregon, on Monday, the sd day ot
.-'ebruary, 1903.
She namsi as witaes; C7orge Gle,
nfr, H. Carither. Chart's A. IVler. Henri
riu I'. Carithers, alt ol Moccow, Idaho.
Any aol all ptriaot clilmin ndvrely the
bQvedacritMd lands aie renirtd 10 M thear
tUftM In mil office on or beore snkl sd day of
i-otmwr. 153. . 1. UkllK.u. Ke-uter. 913-I
UnUd Slaw Uni OrJScc, Kosebwg Oregon,
Ntpr. nth, 1903.
Noiioe Uhwirby given that in cortpttance
with the uroviMvos if the act of C'onnew of
tune t, ie7f, Miutiod "Annct for the sale of
umber wuds m the States of '.alifornU. Oregon,
N'evtuki, aw! WasSinKton 'IVrrnory, ' a tx-
tndd to all th 1'ubLc Iml Slates by act of
Aigttt4, 1801.
of Marsr.netd. county of Joo. state of Ore.
"Mi, lias this day filed in tins office his sworn
.u lament No. 3166. for the purchase of the
.NOutlsaMt qtMrtor of Section No. 30, Township
30 South, of Knnjfe No. 13 West, and w:IJ
o.fer proot to show that the kniJ sought Is more
v iln-sble for M timber or Munc fat .igricul
'iral purpose, and 10 esublfh his claim 10 s ud
U.idtH'fore W. U. DjuIas. V. S Comnnssioii
rr for Ureijco, nt MarsliiivH Oregon, on I'll
Jiy the 1 nh day of December. 1903.
lie names as witness- Herbert Ixkhart.
Hiram Wrizht. Livy haiilli, I.. U., all
a M.tast.rieU, Oregon.
Any and all erns claiming advervly thr
-ilow-descrlbd Unds am reiueUMi to fiUt their
'-l.ilmi in this itmoeon or llor said lalh divof
!.'0mber, tjsi.J. I'. liKitnei, RegisUr. 9-37
Deparlment of the Interior, J.and OTice
RotelHu-g, Oregon, Sept. ir, 2903.
' Notice is hereby given that the following.
11 lined settler has filed notice of his Intention to
nuke final proof in support of hit chiw. and
that said proof will be m.idts before W. U
Douglas, L'. S, Commissioner ut Marshfield,
tregon, on No. 1, 1993. vi.
on II. E. No 3331. for the i,hli NVJf. NH
SWJ, NW sEf.Swii.Tp. 33 S., R. v
IlenimeJIlie following witnesses to proe
liii continuous residence upon and cultivation of
sad laud viz: Cliis. K. A. Siestrcni, Gu, Carl
hrm, H.-W, WJIklns, Frank L, Pierre, all of
- IVnipIeton. Oregon.
,r JfT. BKJOOhs, Rcgiitsr. ,937
UnttoilHtatosLnnd Olllco. KoROburg
Oregon. Spt. 22-1002
Notice la hcroby fjivon thai In enm
iilinnro with tho provisions ot tho net ol
Congress ot JunoU, 1878, cntitleU "An
net tor tho phIo ot tlmWsr lands in tho
Btnten ot Citlltorniii, Oregon, Novntln.
unit Wriitttitittnit 'IiptUnitf ' na iiv lniilal
to nit tho Public Innil Statos by net of
AucusU. 18l2 , --
ot Mnrahtlold, county nt Cotn, Bt.tte
ot Oretton, has this day tiled
In this olUco her sworn statement No.
SS2rt, (or the purchase ot thu N. V. -I oi.
Section No. J In Totvnslilp o. Ul s,
Rnngu No. 11 V, nmtwlll ofler tiroot to
uliow that tho Is ml sought Sa more
VAluablo for Its timber or itono thnu (or
ngrlcullurril nttrpoces nnd to eetnbllrh
hercUim'to said land before V. U
Douglac. L 8. Comtuisslnner tor Oregon
nt Marthtield Orecon, on Saturday, thu
Oth day ol Dec, KhJ.
She natucs as witnesses Ed. Wires
Jnmcs Underwood, W. U. Morgan,
M. D. Cutlip. nil ot Marsbtluld.
Any and nil per.onc elalinliig ndvoree
ly Tho abovo-ilotcribcd lands nro re-
questrsl to file their claims in this olllre
on or heloro said rtlh day of Dec. iWrJ,
0-27 J T. Duiuota, Register.
United States 1-nnd Ofiicv. Rusrburg, Oregon.
Sept It, 1093.
NotKe k hereby gien that In eompUinee
with tlw provisions of the act ofCongress of June
3. iStI. entitled ".Ui act.for the sate of tlmtier
mnds in the Slates of CunfornUi. Oregon, Nra
1L1, and Washington 'Irrriior). as cstendetl to
all tlic PubNc l.-indsuirsbractof Augusta, 191.
of M.lific:d. county of Coos, State of Oregon,
has tluday nledin this othce his sworn state
ment No 3)65. for the puichase of the
Ivh of SWif and Lois 3 and 4, of Section
Na 30, in Township 39 South, ol Range 13
West, and wilt otter proof to show Out the Vane
vxtght is more viluable for i timber or stoni
than for agrkultu at purposes, and to -M.UlW
his claim to vitd Lmd before W. t. Douc'hs.
V. S. Commissioner for Oregon, at Marshfield
Oregon, on I nd-s). the 13th Aty of lec. 193.
He names as witnesses Herbert l-otitnirt.
lsillie Smith, lvy Smith, I U. Smith, a I of
Marshfield. Oregon.
Any ami all persons claiming Adversely the
above-described lands are requested to rile their
claims in this otfio on or before SaW 13th day
of Oecem' er, 190a
937 p J. T. nKiDCEi. Regiitcr.
United Sulci LandOtltcc. Ronbutg. Oregon,
Sept, 3, '1903.
Notice Is hereby gitcn that in com iliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress o
June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the sile of
rimbcr Iinds in the Sutrs of Calforn a, Oic
gon, Nes-aUa. and Washington Territory as
eMended to all the Public States by a.t ol
Augusta, 1903.
of JAxcou-, county of l.ttah, st.lU: of Idaho,
hat I his day hied in this office his sworn
statement No 3369. for the purchaso cf the
Southwest (jituiter cf Section No. 12, 'lown
ship 37 South, of Range 11 West, and wiU offer
pr of to show that the land sought Is more i.d
liable for its timber or stone than for Ag'ivullur
it purpos, and to establish his chin li i.l
iand IWorethe Kvgitter and Receivrr of Hi ,
office at Koseburg, Oregon, on ,tonday, t'.e
3d dy of Kebriurd. 1003.
He namesas wltneMrs: Angesine Faor,
CharhMA. t'cters, Warner II. ( aritb'erx, IKn
ncita r. Cambers, all or Moscow, Idaho.
Any and all persons claming adiervly t'i
sliotelescibeil hinds are reiiud to f
tlieir claims In tin oflice on or before s.ui 3 J
day ol I'ebruary, 1903.
9 13 J . T. taunts Regi.tcr.
UnitoJ states Land Olllce, Uo.i.btira.Or,
Oct. 1 lOOJ,
Notice is horuby piven tlmi in comtd
anco with tho jiroviMioni of tho r.ct of
Oonross of Jniiu II, l47rf, entitiw.l "At,
act (or thecals of IkihIh in tit
Stntei of Calilomia, Oregon. Nutala,
and Washington Torritory," as ii.xti:.i I
wl to nil the Public Laud Stated bv art
01 Augint 1, inrj,
of Marehtiftid, county r.( Coos, statu of
Oregon, has this day filed in thisolln;"
his dv.orn fctuloinent No. rSd, for 1I.1
purchatu ot tl .4W1-I, ot Kc. No
20 In Township No Ji;s RatoNo 11 W,
nnd will offer proof toidinw that tho land
sought is rnoro valuablo for its timber ot
fitoiiHthan for agricultural purin)''cal and
In e-tahlish his claim to uuid luui befon
W. U. Donglar, U. S. (Jornniiadoiicr for
Oregon at Marelifii'ld, Otcgon, on Katur-
t k . .
day, Uib xutli day of JJec, 1901'
10 names an witncBeee: J. A. Pmitb.
j. u. nmiin. itch tayior, 1;. A. AnJer
son, all of Martbfleld, Oregon.
Any and all pomoiiH islufmlnv advoreo
ly tho nbovc-described landa arii re.pioHt
id to file their claims in thin oflLo on or
before Baid 20 dav of Dec, 100J.
10 11 J. T. RinnoKS, ReuhttT.
r T , ... r .. . ---.---,
United States Land Office, Rouburi;, Oregon.
'"" Aiiff. id, 11vt
Notice li hereby given lint In coiiiiImiim with
the proviiionj of the act of Conjireii of Jiimj 3
1878, entitled "An act for the mIc of ijiiiIkt
lands In tlie Stairs ol Cillfiirnh, Orvgoi, N
vaiU, and .WasliJygton Tvrrjtory's. cxiemlfd
to nil tho Kiblk.nml States by act ol Augmt
4 1 ttf-33, 1
ofSldncv,cotqtUMvUm.Hle of Oirgou.
has thisilav lilcd'llnls MfKt his swoin statcnunt
No. 3UI. for the irvliae of Ui NM of Slf
of Section No. , Towiuliln a6 South,
Range No. to Uesl, nnd will oiler proof
to slmw that the lttiouglit l mote valuable for
Its timber or stone I1.11 for ngilculttiinl iur.
poses, mid to rstaUtltt Us claim to said bad be.
low "' HelMcr 4il Rieeitvr of this olllce nt
Krartnug, Ofrttoa. en I'liesilrty. tho aolh day
orjnnuary, 1903,
He names nt WjneA's Charles A. Park,
TiJrdo. Oirgon, l k Thomas, CIi.mIc TI10111,
Jclin riiom, of Kikrtirg, Oiegon.
Any ami all petsLn claiming adversely the
nlovf -described UrVls nt rritiesteil to file their
claims In this oiliceiitor l-clotc said aotli da)
of anuary, 1903, I
9'.l J. T, llRIIHli;, Regiitrr.
Vtio (Irnyfl lnrbor
logging company
nrico nt lom to
have ndrauccil tho
ftl pur tltousAttdior fir iwtd far eppico
nu ndvnnco o( oli pir thoujand.
Robert Cojgi vo ot Forttaud, nn
opium smiiga'' pleads Kiillty to
flinugttliiiit ojiluni Ho was fliml ?(i0.
Visrbiut Xliilitra.
Somn men tnljo tie tolen routs.
While aomeijunp In the lnk.
And other Kt 1 gnu and nlioot,
And aome 131 treatment take.
Ily rlcnruttea aotst get them hence,
Homo 011 thn thlf Ice alldn,
iWhllo nthera xo o inoro expenae
And take an nito ride.
. -Montreal Herald.
l'rrmiii Mi Did.
"Nell &.iy olio fcuwn.i upon nil the
"Thou I'll bet p lienrd roino one
soy ho lookeil licrnrettlcHt when nhe
tCoviietl."-rhlladerililn IJullcllu.
lie (tilt Irtter,
A very reealcltratitdebtnr
ltcelvel n eulorlflid lebtor.
Tuas from hN piyaletan.
AVho raid, "I am vrlctan
you'd pjy mo fercurlm; your tobtor.'
r IUltluuiro American.
What to
do Until The
At tives
"One of my rhiblrm vrni taken with
cramp cilic and uffered foverely." ray
S. B. EUoo, of Marx'tt, M9. "I telo
phoned firn doctor, thnn uavo n lon o(
Oliamber'aiii's Cul'c. Cholera nnd DUr
rnoea Rotnody, and n few minutes lator
n seconti uosn. uoioro 1110 tuKior came
tho child wai relieved." tor snlo by
Jr.o I'xcubj.
Good enough
for anybody!
ll Havana Filler
" PL0R0D0RA " BANDS en
of some valut as tags roml
or "MASTER WORKMAN" Tobacco.
t-U rf , M
Babcock .Makes Ironist Claim For
New YorkCable Thinks Loud
Defeated In Calif.
Now York, Nov. 1 Clinlrmnn 111
cock ot tho Republican connreooioiinl
commlttvo snld this nltotutHin llmt tho
Reiubllcana wiltnyo twenty workltiK
mnjorlty In tho next onHfp. Ha rr
cud u thnt na n tulultnutu eetltimlo nml
expect tho Central Wot nnd Rooky
Mountain ititlrlelu und tho Pacific
Coast etatca to ko Rrpubllcan.
HojiiyoOdoll for Rovernor ot Now
YorJt will bo elected b -lO.OW inorlty,
nnd he oxpccla n nwoepln victory in thu
Anthracite regions.
ChtcdKO, Nov. 1 lletij. Cablo, ot tho
Democratic cougruiilona! commltteu
today itued n itaUtuent in which hn
snyo thnt nhllo ho wn not lanculnu ol
ovorwlioltnlnv: innjorlllea bo believed
' I
tho party will havo a working mcjorlly
ot at lenit tnenty coimrcismr-n, Ho
predicts the fflnninc ol New York on a
small margin.
Tho statoi in which the create it Re
publican Mircein ia uipi'dcd aro Idaho,
Wyoming Moutnnn, Utah, Vnihtui;tiii,
Vermont. Went Virginia, Mnln.., ,Mln.
nuiota, New Iliiiiiilitroitil Nnrth Da
kntit. Cable IhjIIovui that Contrea.
man Loud will bo Uefeated in California.
Evans Relieves. Rpdgcrs
Yokohoma, Nov. 1 l'lirruant to or
dera from tho Nayy dqparlmont nt
Wathington Rear, Admiral Robloy I),
Evnna today took over thp comini nd
of tho American Aaiatlc iqurdron. Ad
iniral Evana rollovca Admiral Fredur
IcV Rodern, who rottirna homo on tho
cruiser Now York.
U'llkeobarm, Nov. I Tho Arbitration
Cotnroieelon arrived from r-crnnllon nt
an csrly hour this morning in n eccrn
innly un fuivo mood. They wero mot
by a number of prominent railway of.
(leers who would end.quvor to tibow thufn
They wero Klvnn to iinduratand by tho
opdrnlorx lint in this region, filled with
ahafte, uhero coal ws, mined on a vory
email margin, if nn Ircrraso 0 wouoa
woro nihdo many contractors Jwll have-
to go out ot bueincen.
A 111 o'ltfh tho depot Jh In.n'itlit of Mlt
chtll'u headriuarlcrfl, nojthor Mitchell
nor his associates camp, out to.gfoet tho
1 ml
Rear-dmlrcl Robloy D. Evans.
Wntklna linn leatiuit an ordor for tho
1 1
comtm!Qiil(ui, nuuotyiclni; thnt In (uluro
nono but uitunbure of thu local press ntuV
roproaontnttveo ot tho press nsso:lntlonn
will ho allowed, to nccompnuy tho com
mlgalouurs on tiudurtirouiid trips. A
law number ot special corrospondoutn
for tho li! dallies wcro dlsnppolnled,
but tlioy were compelled to remain
ntvny from tho Invrntlnntloti party.
Hornnton, Nov. 1 Tint Cointnlailon
vx Ml return lioro this ovnnlnu to remain,
over, Sunday. Illihop HpaUUni: wll
celiibrnto mans at (St. Relent cnlhedrnl
tinuoriow moriiluK, nnd thn loard hna
been glvou a npeclnl Invitation to attend
Sunday nlylit.
Early Monday mornliiK tlin commla
rion leaves for Itnxeltou to spend coyjral
days looking over thu mines there,
Hharon, !., Nov. I A waro advnnco
ol 10 cents a day ueut Into effect to-day
nt tho mint's of thn Fowerri Coal Coin
pany, n fuw tuiltM west of here. About
100 limn nro affected, The advance waq
mado voluntatlty.
Wnthinutou, D. C, Nov. 1 Utn.
Coibln tO'Jny icitltncal his du;la ut
thu War Department, relieving Rrlc.
(leu. Carter, who lino notul m adjutant
(enurnl durlnc thu nbjirnco of (Jen.
Cot bin in I'.Htopc, whore hu went to
nttond tho manuuviirs of tho (.Sdrinan
Miss Idc M. Snyder,
Trwimirfr ol llm
ItrooUlin i:uii( Knit Ai-i Clntt.
" f vromtit would pay inore atltnthn to
wlvci, mollitn anil daughters, ami If
untild ntittrve r.Mlilfi thru innl,l Hull
that (he docton' prctcrlptlont do not
ixrform the manv euro thev are elvtu
eredlf for.
" In tonsuln vlth rnv drutf,,lit lie r.d.
vised McClrcc's Wlnt of C-.rdi:i and Thcd.
ford's Illack-Draujlil, and so I too It end
have every reaion to ( him fur a new
life opened up to me with restored fiealttt,
and it only took three months to cure me."
Wino of Cardui ian regulator of the
menstrual fmictionu and ii a most rue
touisliing tonio for women, curi'3
scanty, eupnrced, toofrctinont, Irrei
ular and painful uicustruatioii, falliti!
of tho womb, vhitcii nnd flooding. It
u nmpiui wnon approacuiiirr woman
hood, during profrnnnoy, nltor child
birth, nnd in cbanao of lifo. It fro-
iiiAnllt tr4nrfj tt ilnnt. linlii t limtinii
tli at havo boon barren for years, All
drunguw uavo vi.w upiuei 01 wino
of Cftrdul.
tV-i '.v
1 ifti.lrl)Hi ?