The Coast mail. (Marshfield, Or.) 187?-1902, May 01, 1880, Image 1

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Tlio OoasL Mctil.
Jvliirohflcld, Coos Co., Or.
The Coast Mail.
DE3. J!
. Term, In Alliance.
. 1
Ono your
Hk months
Tlneo niontlii
$2 fiO
i ro
1 oo
The Development of our Mines, the.
Improvement of our harbors, and rail
road communication with tho Interior,
specialities. Vol. 3.
3SJ o. IS.
t State of Oregon.
Governor, f. W. Tlmyor
Heciolnry of Stale, It. I. Km Inn I
Tit'iistiior, 10. 1 Inrrih
Hupt. Public Schools, .1. L. Powell
iM J uditial District.
Judge, J. V. Watson
Disliiot Attorney, ' S. ILlIaziuil
Coot Count i.
County Judge,
J. II. Nosier
5I0I111 Konjon
jit. C. Dement
A (i. Aiken
Alex. StanM"
1). Moino, Jr
Jnllll 1.I1IIO
.School Supoiiiitonrionl,
.!. K. M0010
T. O.Miiekoy
Curry County.
County Judge, Dolus Wood mil
Hehool Stipt.,
I P. lIUl'llOS
.l. A.Cooloy
A. II. Moore
WiiIUt Sutton
A. .M.GiIlepie
M. II. Gilmon
Tho. Ciiiuitiigham
My Hint in mi I'liiur.ilil youth,
I'lmt'n often rcvii currying a liml ;
My Nitcoiiil k wty tiiicoutli,
Ami a crimu iignitmt country nml (loil.
My wliolo in mil (jlvcn to
A lover of country ami homo.
V. 11 Aim. to No, 1, llL.M.'icsroNK.
SiuucuilnC In Itattluuil I? in.
Notcn nml Quelle
rrom Ipswich tlio Survoytu-Gonoi-nl
informs tlio Coiiimissiouoi tlntl
ho I1111I ut diH'ciout times received ac
counts Unit lit.' tu ecu the :10th of Juno
ami 2Slh of DorcuiliiT, theio lnuo
been run on parts of tlio Suf
folk count lS;ir horse loads of ton uml
some olhoi goods anil IDS'.) hoinolo.tri-i
of wot ami dry goods, besides groat
quantities of wet uml thy goods l.tml
oil out tif several vosieln, all of which
orc convojeri away in unions ami
othcrn carriages, and hy 11g1e.1t niiin
lierofHinuggli'rn loaded. With legnrri
to tlio lirnt of those representation,
tliu said Commissioner otrioiori a
vessel to cruise on tlio eonnl of Wales,
and, with regard to tliu other, they
gave riiicf lions to intciccpl tlio good!
ami us to what related to tho Suivoy-or-d''n
at'coiiiit fioui Ipswich,
they orderetl proofs In bu piocuicil,
hut nil curienvom proved iiioH'cetiuil.
On the loth of Jniitiury II niiing-
glorn' linulH ui-re m-oh going into tho
h.irlior of Whilchavcu, htccring for
tho Scotch borders, Inthwi with bran
ily. runt, tea, and got all their cargoes
on iilioru except one, which was taken
hy the olfieoin of Keuliclil.
Hovr IMtiiKoNluiiiM uri' .Untie.
In printing, steel ntuiupn arc used
on which -00 stamps aro cngracd.
Two men aro kept hard ut workcovci
iug tlieni with colored IiiI.k and pass
ing lliein to a man anil girl, who are
equally busy printing tlioin with laige
rolling hand proton. Tliico of these
little MiiiaiU aro employed all tho
time, although ten prosnen can ho put
into uno in cane of necessity. After
tlio Kimill nhoetnof paper upon which
tho 12tX wtuinpi aio uugriiM'd hao
dried enough, they nro hent into au
otluir loom ami guiijuit'd. Tho gum
lined for this purpti'jo in 11 peculiai
:oiuiouinl nindoof tho powder of dri
ed potutocH ami other vegetuliles mix
ed with water, which in better than
any other material, for inutunco, gum
nr.ihic, which ciackx tho inpcr hadly.
Thin paper is alxo of 11 peculiar texture,
Homowhut Hiinilar to that lifted for
banknote. After Inning been again
dried, this time 011 little raekrt which
1110 faniietlhyKteain power, for about
an. hour they nro put In between
xhectA of pimtehoartl and pretwctl in
hydraulic prcHstno cnpablo of apply
ing a weight of 2,000 Ioiih. Tho next
thing in to cut tho hhcets in halvcx;
ouch Hheetof courHO, when cut, coif
tuiiiM KM) HtaiupH. This in done hy a
girl with iv largo pair of nhonrH, cut
ting by hand being piofoicd to that of
machinery, which method would do
Htroy loo ninny stamp; tlioy 111 0 then
paed (o two other biuiuiIh, who, in uh
many opeiatioun, peiforalo tho Khootx
hetwoeu the (stamps. Next they nut
presicd once more, and then jiaeked
and labeled and Htowcd away in an
other room preparatoiy to being put
in mailliugrt for di(iateiing to fill or
tiers. If uHingloHlamp intoin, or in
any way mutilated, the whole Hheetof
KMI Ih hurnod. I'"Ko hundred tluni
naml are burned fiom thiriciiiiHU ovcty
wt'ek. 1'or tilts pant twenty ycaia not
u KhtiolhiiH Ix'en lost, hiicIi caio has
htioii taken in counting lliein. Din
ing thopiogrcHSof inanufai'turing tho
kIiccU aio counted eleven tliucH,
Tun Aicatii leader miys Hrct Hiuto
eoiiiinoiicctl hia pootionlciiroer as tho
writorof spiing poetry for the Huni
holilt Timet, and that at 0110 limuhu
tiwil to Uij potatoed in tlio Areata
H' Oi't'fion'M HoiHl 11 Oil I.
Kt'.MIIi:il XVI.
ui:n ruoM i.Asr wr.v.K.
lie infoi ined 1110 that Davenpoit
had iiImj encaped tliu t ho had been
dimtrmed, and had utiuck out aeioss
the prairio nl a rapid rate, ami had
reached tho timber unharmed, far in
advance of him, ami by this lime
muni bo a milo or two away in the
Ityan, Holland, Puberty, Popper
and Muiphy wero certainly dead ; the
manner in which I had Keen theo
poor unfoilunaU) men, ovoipoweied
and Ntrickeu down, was Mich as to
UM'lutleall hojio of any of them pos
sibly to bo alive.
Hodden knew nothing of Te Vault
orJIiush, ami when (hoy woie last
neon by 1110, ivJien I was fighting niy
way up fiom tho water's edgo to the
level bank about, ToVuiill was in n
CAiioe, Miinodintanco out in tliu livet
entirely ioweiIens,antl the liver full
of eauoon, with aimed Indians all
aiouiid him All iking at him with pud
dles and clubs. 1 saw ititinh at
tho mime glance sliuggliug near him
in the water, the Indians also' a.snail
iug him in a hiinilar manner, and
while tlioy weie not positively known
to ho killed, yet it did not appear to
us that either of them could have
If we had any tloubtn bcfoie, wo
wero now fully satisfied that tho at
tack was pieineililuled, that iiniucm
had been nent down from (he up
per iierto notify the lower lunula
th.itwoweie coming, and to tio nil
oxpiecnion of Hodden's, ".1 hap had
been iet for tin and wo had walked de
liberately into it," although to tho
cicdit of Homo of the paity he it naid,
11 mlor a utiong piotct.
We lied hack into the timber not th
wrutorly, with tliu iew of striking tho
count a few miles to the iinrlhwaitl,
but had not tiavoletl far befoio I bo
ciimo suddenly faint, feeling a death
like feiuatiou )asing over me, and
calling to Hodden, 1 fell daggering
to tho giound : he nit-lied to my as
istnuco, inifiil 1110 up imitially ami
.iltboiigh insoiiblo of that fact, yet
I had an indistinct iccdIIcc (inn of
hearing bun nay, "Cood-by old boy."
an I appealed to bu putting away. In
a few moment!, however, I loenveretl
noinewliat ami found him busily en
gaged in his hasty prop.irntioiiH to
cover me over with brush and dirt
1'eeling oome better after the fainting
spoil, ho now examined my wounds.
The fust arrow received near the riv
er which punned into near the center
of the abdomen, was the only one 1
dreaded, and tho joint or detached
poitiouof the auow which hud boon
diawn oil inside, eould not bu seen
or reached, although a wooden probe
hud been picp.iicd ami inserted into
tho wound to try and llnd its exact
position. Iloth considered thin a mor
tal wound, but nothing could be done
with it. Another wound about four
inches above, looked badly, but upon
piobing, it was found that instead of
penetrating tho body, the 111 row had
htrtick a lib with such foice as to
shattoi tho bono and bend tho 11011
barb into a peculiar shape, hut it was
easily removed, Hy far tho most
painful of any of tliu wounds was
0110 upon tho tup of the head, ie
coived when dropping down to avoid
an arrow from tho front, lftdruck
near tho crown, as 1 thought, with a
great ileal of force, glancing oil', out
ting the t-culp to tho bono for tho
npaco of two or three inches. Tho
force of thisariow ntunned me some
what, and came voiy near knocking
1110 down. It pained 1110 neveiely, the
blood miming down eveiy bide of 1110
in little toiiuutn, leaving blood upon
the giountl in neuily eveiy footstep,
Soveio wounds wore also noticed ami
thoaiiow points lemoved fiom the
hand, each arm and bhotilder; but
theno weio hut llesh wounds mid
gave 1110 110 tumble w hatover although
quito painful, and inado ugly soios
for bomu time aftei wauls. Aside from
the wounds mentioned, my hnuiln,
anus, hoad, and neaily every pint of
my body was cut, jagged, burned uml
pounded almont to 11 jolly, m that it
wan tlillicuH for 1110 to tell junl what
pan was (hu must painful.
It had been our intention as wo
cnniodown tho river, to piocecd down
tho coast to Poit Oifoitl j hut circinii
ntanees of tho light had left us tin tho
noith niilc, thoiofoio our only alter
native appealed to bo tontiiko ninth
wind to tliu ITiiipquu liver bottlouicntn
about -10 milcH distant, Man could
liaully bo placed in u much uioro
melancholy situation. Wo woie with
out food, tiro or blankets 1 had a
nhitt, mid lleddun a shirt nml pants.
Tlio gun which I liiul brought out of
tho fight, without anltinition, and a
knifo woio our only weapons, and the
country full of hostile Indians in any
direction wc might go. After tlio ex
amination of nry vvoumln, wo set out
and traveled three or four miles along
tho count (hiough tho heavily tini
boi ed anil dense, thickets, when again
becoming weak and faint, wc came to
a halt;. 'mil the afternoon being some
what adiianced, wo lestetl ourselves
until night, and traveling a mile or
two after thnk, wo crawled into a thick
hunch of lit null to pass away a miser
able night. Tho day had been pleas
ant, hut the night net injcold, damp
and chilly.
September 15, 1851. Last night
wan cold and foggy. The wouni) upon
the head wan tho only ono that gave
me much pain yesteiduy, but during
the night tho wound in the body be
came no soie and painful, that all the
othcin coon ceased to attract, my at
tention. The coltl was severe enough
to chill a well pemou to death, and
that added to mv other discomforts
lcudcicd this a terrible night of nufl-
eiing to me. llcdduu worked over
mo all night and did everything hu
could ; wo were both rejoiced when
morning came, hoping that it might
hi iug us some kind of iclicf fiom
noino source, we not what. Ho lifted
me to my feel in a feeble co ldition ;
I could stand up, was considerably
bent foi waul, was 111 great pain, but
with his assistance moved along
tluough the brush and timber two
or tliico hundred yanls at a time
without resting. Ilecoming nioie
and more i-oro every moment, of
com so but hlovv piogross was made.
Tlio fog clearing up about noon,
and tliu afternoon pleasant, we baited
near tho coast to obtain a little rest
ami sleep if possible. Hedden being
unhurt was soon asleep, with the ri
ll 0 (although of no practical iie) hy
his side. I was resting uunc, hut
was in too great agony to sloop. I
wan lying down upon tliu opposite
side fiom which the nun wan shining,
and was startled from thin position by
a heavy shadow being suddenly cast
over mo, caused bv an Indian rising
from the giound from the opposite
hide of Ileihlen, having our gun in
his hand, ileihlen wan 011 his feet in
an instant, and ltibhed at tliu Indian
in an agitated manner w ith the butch
er knife, tho Indian miming to the
coast which was about 100 y.uds dis
tmt, Hedden striking at him all the
way. While he was at 110 time more
than (wo steps behind him, et he
found it impossible to reach him, ami
upon coining to the hind' tho Indian
jumped down 11 pcipoiidicular prcct
pico about 20 feet cariying the gun
with him. Ho had approached on
bin hand and knees to where wo were
lying; ho was naked ami had his bow
ami arrows with him, and had both
of us been aslcop, our livos would
have been at hisdisposil. Wo at once
stiuek back tliiectly into tho heavy
timber, ami liiiding it impotsihlc for
mo to travel far, ami believing tho In
dians to boon our trail, wo crawlctl in
to u thick jam of fallen timber, where
we lemaiueil until thnk, ami then
moved out ami tiavelcd a short dis
tance who 1 wo leniained until thnk,
ami then moved out and tiavoletl a
slioit distance when wo vvciu obliged
to halt for tho night.
Sopt. 10, 1S51. As usual, the night
was cold and foggy. Of couino no
ono eould sleep. 1 thought my misery
wan uubeaiablo tho night bcfoie, but
last night my suH'oiiugs worouioiu in
tense, ami I actually thought I would
ilio of haul pain befoio nioiuiug.
Hedden in his kindness did uverv
thing in bin power to make 1110 com
foi table, hut of course could do noth
ing to alloviato pain. My body lint!
become so swollen that tho skin was
perfectly tight, and the abdomen was
becoming hlighlly dUcoloied.
I was uiiablfl to get up without as
Distance, but after being bet itym my
feet, I could bear my weight anil walk
a little with tho aid of n canu 011 one
side and Mr. lleddenV assistance on
the other. Tho-countiy was heavily
timheied, thick biush and biiein, with
deep goigen at ahoit intervals, which
wo vvuio obliged to cross.
Hedden wan unbuit and could
leach thu Umpqiin settlements in a
couple or thieo tlayn, piovidcd ho
could dodge tho Indians on tho way.
It was not oxpeoted that 1 could live
longer than n day or two, and 1 th?io
foio urged him to leave 1110 and make
hin way to tlio settlements, and save
his own life wliilu ho was able, for it
appealed to 1110 to bo useh'ks for him
to lisle hia life and sufl'ur no much ex
poMiio in an'od'oi t to wivo initio, which
diil not bcum possible. Jhit ho was
linn, and declared his intention to
stiuk hy 1110 while I lived and ecu me
devoutly biuicd when I died.
.Urn. I.oelorootl itgiiliiNt Nriin
tor licit II1II.
Senator Hen Hill ban added nothing
to his good nniuc if ho ever had one
by his controversy with Mrs. Uclvu
Lockvvood, Ksq., with regard to the
Jesse Raymond cac sho writes him
the following letter:
Wahiiivoto.v, March 12, 1880.
llo.v. IJ. II. JIn.i,, Umtko .Status
Si:.NATon :
Kilt I am informed upon what I
couturier reliable authority that you
aie daily in tho coiridorn and ante
looms of the Senate, denouncing me
in uncalleri for terms for having
nctcri ns counsel for Miss llay
inonri, a Georgia woman, who upon
oatli bcfoie n notary public in this
city, charged you with having been
the father of her child. I have even
learned that you design prosecuting
mo for conspiracy, blackmail, etc.
My object in addressing you this let
ter in for the ptirposo of assuring you
that I am ready to meet that or any
other accusation which you may bring
against me. Kveu though I may fail
to substantiate the allegations of Miss
Raymond, who seems to have been
tampered with by some of your stiik
01s yet if given tho oppoitunity, I
think I can clenily establish tho fact
that you arc not a Joseph in morality
and that moio than one Washington
family mourn and refuse to be com
forted in couacquciicoof your actions
Let me remind you, Sir, thityou arc
not in lleorgin, where you can bully
ami make people afraid, but that you
arc in a community of law, order and
tlecency,whero you will bo iiuriu to
lcspect the laws. I therefore re
quest that jou ceac your vapory de
nunciations, and meet me ns one law
yer bhould meet another, with
law nnri facts, in the forum, and not
with scandal and vituperation, which
prove nothing hut tho weakness of
the mail who uses such means to in
fluence public opinion. You arc in
vited to proceed against me in the
(Joints if you feel yourself aggrieved.
I might also add, if necessary, that
I could call by name a family lecent
lyiesiding on Capitol Hill whoso 1G
v ear old daughter you have ruined ;
whoso younger biother you have made
a page in the Senate ; another broth
er you have placed in the signal ollice,
and for whoso father you pro
ciucd a position in the PostofHco De
partment ; the 15-year old daughtor
sporting a gold watch that you pio
bcnted to her. In the language of
"Pinafore" ou would piovido for all
of tho girl's "sibtcrn and her eousins
and her nunU" did opportunity pre
sent itself.
11KI.VA Lockvvood.
Talks ok the Tkixoraiui. When
the news came of tho revolution in
Tuikeyand tho deposition of Abdul
Azi7, (juceu Yietoiia, it is said, lost no
time in intervening in his behalf, by
telegraphing to Constantinople and
expressing her hope that tho ex Sul
tan would not be subjected to an) vio
lence or ill-treatment. "Soigne: te
Hen" Take good caro of him suit!
HorMajcbty : but the cruel telegraph
iniido her bay, "Saiynes Ie li-n"
Weed him well; and how tlioy bled
him all the world knows. Tho story
is not impossible. In his last annual
report, tho Post 111nster-Gener.1l owns
that a poor woman, telegraphing to n
relative, "Mary is bad," had her nies
sago rcndeied, "Maiy in dead ;" and
thntn pleasure-party wishing to ad
vise their fiicnris at homo of their
safely hy the assurance that they had
"Aimed all right," bcandalieri tho
anxious ones with thu announce
ment, "Wo havo m lived all tight."
But many jokes aro perpetrated hy
tho wiro without receiving official
leeognition. A lady living near Lon
don, whoso loiri and master went up
to tow 11 evoiy day, was not n littlo
piuideri by a message fiom him tell
ing her ho "would biing Sal on for
diniiei ;" nor was sho quito easy in
her mind until ocuhuly convinced
that his only companion was a fino
salmon. A gentleman tolegiapliing
to a hook-bollor at Cambridge to for
ward him n copy of a book of prize
pooina containing Johnson's poem on
Plato, was suipiised at icceiying by
the that post a letter from tho hook
seller, saying ho could not llnd any
such work j hut hU nuipriso did not
outlast thodiseovoiy that by tho time
his message leached Cambiidgo tho
titlo ho hail given had become trans
foi mod into "John Pomeiib 011 Plato
Monov." Chamber' Journal.
lr is the opinion of the Chnilestoii
Neict and Courier that tho bottom will
fall out of tho Democracy in that Statu
and Georgia, if a bttudy and eli'oetive
fight is not made agnitut Indepcii
deiitism, townids which thore has
been a growing tendonoy over since
reconsti notion, mid rapidly so the last
'I' ho Iiiiiiiuciiliilc Democrat!'.
The Democrats are nnxious to get
control of the Government in order to
restore to it the purity which riislin
guinhed it in the days when they
wero in power. Their method of do
ing business in those days is describ
ed by the Uepublie as follows :
Under Uuchanan, asunder Jaekon
and Van Ituren, the reven ie and the
offices wero again tho "spoils" of "tho
parly." Loyalty to the Administra
tion, allegiance to slavery, wero the
conditions of a division. Tho profits
of tho Congressional printing wore
great; the hills of the printer im
mense. Hut tho profits of the Execu
tive printing and binding and the
printing of the postal blanks wero
cnoiinoii". Out of these profits the
newspaper con option fund, disbursed
hy tho notorious Comcilus presses
liko the Pcnnxylvanian, the Philadel
phia Argun, the Washington Union,
etc., received a subsidy as a condition
of slavishly supporting tho Adminis
tration. Papers liko the Cleveland
National Democrat were cstablishci
under the patronage of the Govern
ment by office-holders for like purpos
esthe defense of border ruffianism,
Lccomplon, and sectional strife. The
navy yards, custom houses and post
offices wore degraded into corrupt
party machines. Editors of servile
sheets, rendering to the Government
no service, were borne upon their rolls,
drawing pay like IJakcr, of the Penn
nylvani.ui, and the noted Thcophilus
Fisk, of the Argus, at Philadelphia;
William M. Brown, of the Journal of
Commerce, at New York ; Harry Sco
vel, of the Free Press, at Detroit, and
tho Henry J. Alfords in other sections
men like Comniings, at Philadcl
phi.i, pocketing pay in the name of
subordinates for which no services
were rendered ; like Clements, at the
Philadelphia navy yard, unable to
write, but useful as a politician, ap
pointed and tlrawing pay as clerks
vvjiilo working as bricklayers ; like
the infamous Michael C. Murphy, a
foi emau in the New York yard, and
the principal in a $35,000 jewelry rob
bery, retained as party strikers. Feal
ty to party covered all crimes. Swind
ling contracts, like the notorious live
oak contracts to Swift, were awarded
to party favorites in payment of party
services. Thousands of dollars were
regularly assessed for party purposes,
even threo times in the same year, up
on the Departments at Washington,
upon the navy yards, custom houses
and postofliccs throughout the coun
try ; even assessments, in the form of
contributions, for the support of the
organ, the Constitution. Woe to the
unfortunate wight who rebelled; his
independence was instantly rewarded
by decapitation. Office-holders were
organized into mercenary corps for
the control of National and State pol
itics: and by wholesale frauds at
eloctions by frauds upon tho registry
by the issues and distribution of
fraudulent naturalization papers by
ballot-box stuffing and" frauds in
counting votes, enabled corrupt mi
noiities to dominate for years tho in
telligent majorities of tho great States
of Pennsylvania and New York. De
faults liko Isaac V. Fowler's, the post
master at New York, for $75,000, wero
but bagatelles compared with Thomp
son's and Floyd's grander scheme of
pillage. Tho abstraction by Floyd's
nephew, Godard Bailey, in 1SC0, fromj
the Intencr Department. under Jacob
Thompson, of iJSTO.OOOol Indian trust
bonds, and their transfer to Itusscl,
Major3 & Wnddell, upon Secretary
Floyd's fi.iudulent acceptance, under
a contract of that firm with the War
Department, and similar fraudulent
acceptances by Floyd, as shown by
the records of tho War Department,
to the amount of $5,339,335, aggregat
ing a fiaud of $0,137,395, to bo borne
cither hy tho Government or tho
Tun Attn sins the Biitish ship
JCnownley Hall, a former California
ti.uler, left London e.nly in 1879 for
Austialia and never reached her des
tination, anil was long since put down
on tho missing list at Lloyd's. Jlo
oently tho Biitish bhip I'tuicourer nr
lived at Colombo anil icports Pass,
od within five miles of Ibhind of Ani
stoidam, on December lUth, and
obsoived 011 southeast bide
lights. Smoke was seen on tho island
nt dusk. Tho Captain is of tho iuipics
sion that thoro is no village on tho is
land, and thinks that what ho has
bocnisfiom some bhip-wieekod oiow
probably of tho Knowxley Jhdl. Tho
Biitish Admiralty immediately ou
receipt of tho intelligenco tmloii'd If.
li. .M.ship Jlideiyh to proceed to tho
locality and boaieh.
Gov, Tiiayi:u has issued n requisi
tion on tho governor of Washington
Ton itory for tho ai rest and loturn of
Michael Ryan and Louis Blnnchaid
chin ged with hore stealing in Uniii-
Terrible nml Vntnl Kxploalon
nt Ilcrkclcy, California.
A San Francisco dispatch brings
the news that, by the explosion of tho
giant powder works west of Berkeley,
across the bay, on the 15lh ult, twelve
white men and twelve or fifteen Chi
namen were killed. This is the third
explosion the company has sustained,
nil attended with loss of life. The ex
plosion occurred in the packing room,
and all nt work there wero killed.
About six thousand pounds of pow
der wan in the room. All tho victims
were blown to atoms, tho largest
pieco found being a part of tho skull
of a Chinaman and cue attached.
There were six houses inside the works
nil blown to slivers, but the workmen
in them escaped, with the exception
of one man in the magazine, no trace
of whom was. found. Outside of the
works are six houses, including the
boarding house of the hands. All
were more or less damaged, but are
entire. The cause of the explosion in
supposed to be carelessness Work
men are directed to use wooden mal
lets in packing cartridges, but they
found that they could work faster and
make more money by useing iron
hammers a risky business around
giant powder. It is supposed that
sonic man hit once too many and his
cartridge went ofT, igniting the pow
der before him which communicated
with adjacent packages with tho ter
rible result noted.
The names of white men killed by
the giant powder explosion, as far as
ascertained, aro Jacob Van Dolen,
Augustin Fisher, Peter Shaughnessy,
Philip Lambert, Alex. Spooner and
Lincoln Meek.
found Dead,
Wm, II. Spencer, well known in
various parts of Idaho Territory, was
found dead in his lonely cabin near
Camas prairie a short time since.
His habitation wasJIC miles away from
any settlement. Inorc liau been no
tidings from him for two months and
the snows piled high in every direc
tion, made his friends fear for his safe
ty. Finally Mr. Williams, of Wai
tings ranch, set out on the morning
of the 31st ult., and reached the cabin
oulv to find the body of him whom he
sought lying upon the rude floor
From tho appearance of the house
and surroundings it seemed that
death must have taken place six weeks
or two months previous, and he seem
ed to have met his fate through the
accidcntal.discharge of a pistol.
Wit Sltyloclc a Jevr.
The Koluische Zeitung publishes an
interesting paragraph on the question
of Shylock's Judaism. In tho year
15S7, 10 years before the probable date
of the production of Shakespeare's
play, a Roman merchant named Paul
Maria Secchi, a good Catholic Chris
tian, learns that Sir Francis Drake
has conquered San Domingo. 1IC
imparts his news to a Jewish trader,
Simson Cencda, who either disbeliev
ed it or had an interest in making it
appear so. He obstinately contested
tho truth of the statement, and to em
phasize his contradiction, added that
ho would stake a pound weight of his
llcsh on the contraiy. The Christian
took him at his word, staking 1000
scudi against the pound of ilenh.and
the bet was attested by two witnesses.
On the truth of Drake's conquest be
ing confirmed, the Christian demand
ed the fulfillment of tho wager. In
vain tho Jew offered money instead of
tho stako he had agreed to. Tho Jew
appealed to tho Governor, and the
Governor to tho Pope, who sentenced
them both to the galleys a punish
ment they wero allowed to make up
for by a payment of 2000 Bcudi each
to tho Hospital of the Sixtine Bridge.
Snow-stokms havo more than once
played an important part in history.
At Towton, tho decisive battlo of the
Wars of the Rosen, tho Lancastrian
soldieis, having tho snow driven in
their faces by n strong wind, foil upon
each other by misttiko, mid were easi
ly rautod. In one of tho numeious
wars betvveon Denmark and Sweden,
the Danes cscaladed a Swedish fortress
at night by means of tlio snow that
hut! drifted against tho wall. Ono of
tho Jaoohito nobles, condonined after
tho rising of 1715, was saved by a snow
storm which delayed tho arrival of tho
deatli-vvarrant for two days, during
vvhioh timo his friends contrived his
escape. Napoleon's column of attack
at Eylau, in 1807, which should have
fallen upon tho Russian flank, wns" so
blinriod hy tho flying snow ns to come
out light. in front of tho great central
hattorv. anil wan almost exterminated.
Tho samo causo occasioned tho French
dofent at Pultuskit mouth eailiorj
while tho destruction of tho British
Ai my lv tho Afghans, m 1842, was
materially aided by a snow fall which
blocked tho passes several fathoms
deep, lcndering any help from India
Tlldcn -rrlU Wlthdrnir.
A correspondent of tho Journat
writing from St. Albans, Vermont,
says he was informed on the train be
tween Now York and Montreal by a
leading Dcmocartio politician of New
England, wheso high standing in tho
councils of tho party entitles him to
prominent recognition in tho Into
Democratic Conference in New York
city, at which Tildcn and General
Hancock, with members of the na
tional committee were present. Tho
question of Tilden's candidacy was
settled at the meeting, and Tilden
positively decided not to be a candi
date for nomination, and that Tildon
has written a letter, to be read at the
Syracuse convention, withdrawing;
his name from tho field, urging as a
reason failing health and a desire to
preserve harmony and success. Gen.
Hancock stated to the correspondent
that he could not enter into any con
test or fight to secure tho nomina
tion; that he was not a candidate in
the sense of being the sockerof tho
office. The correspondent was shown
telegrams and letters from leading
supporters of Tilden's candidacy in
New York and Connecticut corrobora
ting these statcmenfs.
Reform n Ih Tfcnmnrj.
The New York Time says the Dem
ocratic plan for tho capture of the
Government Printing-office, at Wash
ington, looks very much like a con
spiracy. A Democratic newspaper
organ in Washington has made tho
management of the establishment tho'
target for periodical discharges of.
rancorous abuse and various loose al
legations have been preferred against
the Public Printer. None of theso
weapons has availed ; nothing wrong
has been proved against the manage
ment ol the office. But the Demo
crats feel tharnheymnst-somehDW
get possession of the establishment
tnd its larce patronage before tho
next campaign opens. They, accord
ingly, ordered nearly as much print
ing for the extra session of Congres3
a it usually required for a long ses
sion. The appropriation for the fis
cal year is exhausted, and the ingen
ious schemers are lustily shouting
that " reform is neccsary" in the
Government Printing-office. This
means that the Democratic party
must take the appointment of Public
Printer from the President and givo
it to Congress.
Vtntllctlve to the luit lh lfi
on tlic McnlToId.
The Chinaman Ah Lee, whose caso
has attracted so much attention, was
hanged in Portland last week. Ho,
protested his innocence to the last,
and further said that the witnesses
who had sworn they had. swn him t
commit the murder did not see bim
on the night of the murder. He said
he was caught in tho wash house of
Sam Lee, where ho was hiding, and
pretended to be sick, and that if ho
was not hung he would kill the four u
witnesses, and if ho was hung ho
would come back to earth and kill ,
them, and he would kill Dong Gong
and Chang Do. He said tlio com
pany to which he belonged tcouIA
avenge his death and there would bo
plenty of Chinaman killed in Portland, s
and no ono would know who. did it, ,
He thon told Sam Duck to be a good!
man and take caro of himself and nol,
do wrong and ho would keep out of the- t
place ho (Ah Lee) was in. After say
iug this much in Chineso ho turned to,
the crowd nnd said, "All good men,
good-byo, Good-bye friends, good-bye
boys." '
DeftpcriMe BtmtxtnKcc by ftn
A dispatch from Bradford, Pcnn-
sylvania, of the 19th, says :
A special from Emporium says
that intense excitement prevails ut
Caledonia, Elk count', Pa., over a
murder committed there yesterday
inorning bv a noted forger and out
law, Harry'EnKlish. A posse went
from St. Mary's to npprchend Eng
lish and arrived at his house near
Caledonia at 5 o'clock. Constabhs
Wrenth and Volmer and Justico
Burk met English coming dowa
otnira Wronth nrdomri him to sur
render, but he returned up staira
ana locKea nimscii in a room, jiio
oflicers drew their pistols and de-
nlnnvl (lmir intention rif tiikintr him
dead or alive. As coiutablo Wrcntli
camo up to tho room hnglish thrust
ariflo through tho door and shot,
killing him instantly. Constnblo
Volmer then carried Wrcnth's body
down Btairs, ami as lie entered tho
yard English Bhot Volmer. Tho
latter, it is thought, will not recover..
English gained the woods during
tho excitement. While ho waa
running District Attornoy Nursell
shot him in in tho leg. Company
II, State volunteer. hns been order-
cd put to capture him,