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    The Coast Mail.
jr. U, Oinntolf. l"t, 2d and fld Hun
tlnys of ouch month. Mornings at
Kninlro Clty,ovonings nt Mandillolil.
Ilh Hundav of cneh - ninnth nt llio
tori Goon river, llr.v. It. YiiomA.nh,
SATURDAY, - - AHtlL 2-1, 1880.
Laiickny in a Saloon It was men
tioned some wooks since, that W. II.
Wetsel's saloon in 'Kmplro had been
entered nml somo sixty dollars stolon
therefrom. Last week Cluorgo Phil
lips and John Fislibtiru wcro wrested
nn tho guilty particfl.andon oxumiim
tion wcro bound ovr, and in Iofnult of
bail aro shut tip. Phillips in bis stato
inent told nil about It, mid makes tbo
guilt of biniHolf, Fishburn and one
fleorgo llarrott boyond doubt, liar
lottisatHuiHlawAiid BlioriH' Aikon is
Mr Bucksdorf, Supervisor of tbo
Census for Oregon, has divided this
county into districts as follows: No.
1, Empire City, Lake, Ten Mile and
.South Slough precincts. No. 2, Marsh
field, Coos City, Uttor City nml Sum
nor. No II, Coos River, North Coos
Hivur, Iturton Praitio and llrowster's
Valley. No. -I, Coquillo, Hall's Prai
lie, Missouri, Enchanted and John
sons. No. r, Coos City, Coalcdo,
Kcaver Slough, ltuudolph mid Han
don. There will bo an cull monitor for
each district, but appointments aro
not auuouneud.
(Jkavk It nppcars that
somo hoodlums from tho lower Hay
luivo iiceu in tho habit of digging ocu
Indian graves and stealing tho valu.
allies that by tho customs of the red
men aro burled with their owners.
Last week young Ingersol was arrest
ed on a charge of this character and
on examination before Justice Kong
stacked, was held to answer. Hcing
unable to give bond ho wont to jail.
It is said there aro others against
whom thesamo charge will lio.
HciiooN'Kii Kxtiihi'iiihi:. Tho Atto
riim of the 15th says that tho schoon
or Enterprise, ladon with.luinber from
Booth Ilend mills to Ban Francisco,
went ashore on Hhoalwater bay bar
when passing to sea on Monday last,
and was deserted by all hands and
tho cook, with tho exception of Capt
Donnelly, and Mr. John Woods, wlio
was going as a 'passenger. After tho
orow left her Capt. Donnelly mid .Mr.
Woods worked her baok to South
llend, where she now lies iu a water
logged condition.
Imi'OKtant. If Edison's electric
jiroeesa of reducing ores and of sav
ing gold from the tailings of mines
lias the merit now claimed for it, the
discovery is worth million of dollars
to Coos and Curry counties. Tho
black sand deposits so extensive here,
that barely pay wages under tho usual
process of working, would, under thnt
treatment, bo immensely rich. Bomo
one should send him a sample of gold
bearing black sand from our mines,
and see if it will not result iu u mo
in black sand stock.
Ni:w I'Ai'Kit. Wo are in receipt of
tho prospectus of tho Cm ry County
Post, a paper alout to bo started at
Ellensburg, by J. II. Upton and his
son J M. Upton.' - It' is to be n twenty
column journal, non-partisan, and in
dependent iu all things. Those gen
tlemen are capable of making n good
paper, being experienced journalists;
and wo hopo tho people of Cjirry
county will extend to them and their
enterprise a substantial and cordial
Ciu.voi; of Masters. Capt. Car
roll Iiuh left (lie Duncan, nml takes
commard of tho Sitka steamer Cali
fornia. Capt. Dcnnio, formerly of
the steamer Mary Taylor, takes charge
of the Duncan. Capt. Dennio has
been a pi lot in tho light housa sup
ply trade, and is said to bo a careful
nud compotent commander.
Eautiiquake. At fivo minutes of
one, on tho Mth jiistanl, tho heaviest
shock of enrthunnko foryiorernl yoars
was felt in San Francisco. Tho mo
tion was vertical. No damage yot re
ported, although buildings rocked so
Unit the motion was plain!) visible
The Nevada block npparcntly swayod
a fool out of perpendicular.
Tiik MothodiadJinnrlcrly Mooting
Services advertised for to-day and to
morrow in Marshfield aro withdrawn.
Tho unavoidable absence of Presiding
Klilcr McCain being tho causo. Nov,
C. P. llailey holds his usual 4th Satur
day and Sunday religious sorvicos.
lti;v. It, Yiiouanh.
"Moui:Hka:nh." Mr. Siglin, with
characteristic egotism, says tho Dem
ocrat io party Jiiih " more brains."
Tho ditllculty with that party is tho
brains aro in tho wrong end ; it should
bo voted upside down.
Df.taimid. Wo nro Informed that
T. 0. Owen and his family aro detain
iu Junction City on account of tho
curious illncM of ono of their child
ren., Tho sehoonor Leed was
towed to sou from tho Umpiiua last
Monday, aftor n delay of some ton
ten days, Kho parried a number of
TcucliciV Inwlltittn.
Ill iiccordanco with provlous an
nouncomont tho Teacher's Institute
for this county assembled hero last
Tuosday, J. F.Mooro, President. Ow
ing to tho Inclemency of tho weather
tho attendance wan small tho llrst
A committee on programme was ap
pointed comistingof Mr. A. II. Camp,
Mrs. S. H. ltotnor and 'A. T. Siglin.
Forest Lang was choson Sccrotary
pro Urn.
Tho election ofofllcors for the ensu
ing year resulted iu the choice of Ceo.
Davis for Prosldont, A. I). Camp, Vice
President, 'A, T. Siglin, Secretary, and
Mrs. B. 11. ltotnor, assistant Secretary.
V, M.
Tho subject of grammor was intro
duced by A. T. Siglin, and tho method
of teaching the same was illustrated
by Mr. Welsh, followed by remarks by
Messrs. Camp, Hacker, and Moore.
Tho evening exercises consisted of
Arithmetic, introduced by J. M. Big
liu. Mrs. Tower, Miss Smith, and
Mr. Welsh, furnished music.
Mathematics was continued by dem
onstration of cubo root by Frank
Lang. Heading was introduced by
Mr. Welsh, and penmanship conduct
ed by Mr. Camp.
Tho exorcises in tho afternoon con
sisted of general discussion of the the
ory and practico of teaching.
Doucilah County. Tho Republi
cans of Douglas county have nomina
ted tho following ticket: Slate Sena
tors, Hon. (!. W. Colvig and D. W.
Stearns ; Representative, F. M. Spen
cer, It. It. Ilrockway, D. S. K. lltiick,
and I). Montgomery. Clerk, Ocorgo
W. Kimball. Bheriir, James Wiight.
Tieasurer, Jesso M. Ilacket. School
Superintendent, J. W. Shaugo. An
sessor, I). It. H. Winneford. County
Commissioners, A. Kiddle and R. B.
Applcgato. Surveyor, II. (5. Hurlburt.
Coroner, Win. Mclleo County Cen
tral Committee, Hon. ft. W. Colvig,
W. II. llyars, James Cole, W. A. Per
kins, and II. I). Ilrockway. Delegates
to tho Stato Convention, John Km
mitt, It. Dixon, A Iteed, W. H. Hyars,
K. 0. Hursh, L. Kent, Jcp- Hunt, G.
W. Itiddlo, Win. Irwin, I). S. K. Ituick,
and It. S. Applcgato.
Dkcmnes. Wo aro requested to say
that Henry Scugstackcn, who was
nominated by the Republican Con
volition for Coroner, declines to be a
candidate, and tho Central Commit
tco has nominated Louis F. Munroo
to Fill tho vacancy. Wo aro informed that the
difficulty between A Lnbrce and tho
other lumber manufacturers has been
settled by Mr. Lobroe becoming a
member of tho combination.
Wim. Movi: Dr. C. II. Golden has
leased the building immediately south
of tho Palaco saloon on Front street
and on the 1st of next month will
move his drug storo to the now loca
tion. Ilr.AitD Fito.M. Wo aro informed
that J. W. Ilennett has boon heard
from by his friends here; ho is visit
ing the lakes of Killarncy or some
other place accompanied by his
wife. Wo have not heard vhen ho
will start on his return.
Tub AnoATA. This steamer, rovis-
ed and enlarged, it is announced, will
ho here again before tho Ifith of next
mouth. Sho will bo warmly wel
comed. I)i:atii or a Child. A son of Mr.
W. P. Wright of Coquillo City, aged
about elevon years, died last weok of
Tun Premier is taking n deck load
mt Luso's mill.
Tub schooner Aurora arrived yes
terday. Tub Coot laid up yesterday for re
pairs. Mr. W. D. McGoo, of Gardiner was
in town this week.
J. W. Hamilton, Esq., rotumed to
Empire last Saturday.
Mit. Tnos. Nonius of llurton Prai
rie was in town Thursday.
Firming will open on Rogue river
as soon as the river gets low enough.
Pi.KAsant weather mado its appear
nnco again yestorday, it is hoped, to
slay awhile.
Dit. Sti:i:i. was called homo to tho
Coquillo last week by sickness in his
Tm: Little Annio on tho Coquillo
is laid up, hut will probably bo run
ning again soon.
Ttr.v. 15. PiiuunooK is tho
Republican enndidato for School .Su
perintendent iu Curry county.
Tiik HohoonorH Premier, Clara Light
and Norway arrived last Sunday ; they
take cargoes at Newport.
Tin: West Coast Signal, nn old Kure
kn nowspapor, lately suspended pub
lication. Tjii: second crib In tho harbor work
was settled and filled last Tuesday.
Tho heavy rain mado it very disagree
able, but did not stop the work,
Wm. Uui'ci:, who has filled tho pos
iliou of deck hand on tho tug Ebcoi
for sonio three years past, has vacated
tlia situation nud will go to Ban Fran-
Kiib. Coast Maii,. I send you tho
following ileum from our neighbor
hood : Tho Republican County Con
vention was held at Kllcnsburg on
Saturday last, and tho following nom'
luations wcro made: For Joint Rep
resentative, Rawley Scott, n resident of
the southern portion of the county;
County Judgo, Capt. Cooloy; Coin,
mlssioucrs, 0. Jensen, of Port Orfonl,
and Scott of Chctcoj County
Clerk, Walter Button ; Treasurer,
M. II. Gibson ; Sheriff, Wm. Gaunt-
lott; Assessor, John Miller; Coroner,
T. Cunningham ; Delegates to State
Convention, M. Riley, nud Thomp;
son, iu It. D. Hume it Co's employ.
While the above ticket is no doubt ac
ceptable to our southern neighbors, it
will not meet with general approval
In this end of the county. It is a
marked fact that not a single ofllco has
been allotted to this cud of tho coun
ty, notwithstanding that our dele
gates insisted upon our claim to such
consideration. Tho consoquenco of
such action will bo that the Republi-J
cans in this neighborhood will feel
slighted ; ami if tho Democrats had
made belter nominations than they
have, there is not tho slightest doubt
but many Republican voters would
prefer a good Port Orford Democrat to
a Houth end Republican. Especially
for such offices as have a great local
influence. "A dog fighls best near
his own door."
Of the personnel of tho Democratic
ticket you arc no doubt informed. Af
ter the nominations became known a
prominent Democrat gave it as his
opinion that " there is neither head
nor tail to it.". Sinco then it is ru
mored that some of tho nominees
have refused to accept, m it is proba
ble that the middle portion of the an
imal has also dropped out, and the
thing must present a melancholy
spectacle indeed. Jn conversation
with Democrats, niton inquiry " how
do you liko your ticket?" tho uni
versal answer is a groan, deep mid
painful, as if proceeding from the
bottom of their pockets.
Of course you know wo hnvo a har
bor of refuge heie. A boat was dis
patched from Klleneburg to Crescent
City, under command of T. Cunning
ham, with two or three other men in
it. Having accomplished their busi
ness iu Creccent City, they stiy-tcd to
return ; but the heavy north winds of
last week compelled them to seek
shelter iu some covo near Chetco.
While lying there, their stock of pro
visions and water gave out; a landing
was effected and a supply of muscles
and water obtained on a rock. On
Saturday last, however, a strong south
Custer sprung up, and they had to get
out. Upon arriving at tho bar out.
siilo of Rogue river, they found it
breaking, and as a gale was springing
up, (hoy (squared away for PortOrford
arriving hero in tho afternoon, they
found a snug harbor iu Nellie Cove,
where they now aro. Mr. G. llrown,
ono of the crew, took passago for
Kllcushurg this morning, on tho hur
rican deck of a mule, thus making
sure of passing the bar in safoty ; al
together, tho boys had a narrow es
cape. Public school is in full blast hero,
and our hotel keepers report plenty of
visitors to tho place.
Tho weather is cold and disagrco
able, and a great proportion of ourpoo
ple are sullering with eovcrc attacks
of colds.
Tho last new comer reported by P.
Nelson is on Floras Creek, and is a
relative of his'n, and hhe is a weok old.
More anon.
Pout Oukohi), April 12, 18S0.
TnuOdd Fellow' Anniversary Hall,
next Monday night promises to bo a
grand success. Tickets aro to be found
at tho different places of business.
1)i:cidi:d. Judgo M. P. Dently
very properly wo think overruled
the application of All Jee's counsel
for ft writ of "Habeas Corpus," men
tioned in another column.
PnoiiATB Pkockkdinos. Tho fol
lowing piobato orders wcro mado at
tho late term ;
Estate M. of Rink. Final bcttlc
mont ordered.
Estato of Wm. Archor. Neil Mun
roo appointed administrator, and A.
Hall, Wm. Hunter and J. C. Hull ap
praisers. Estato of Wm. Kloin. Final settle
ment ordered.
Estato of L, N. Lowe Final soltlo
mont ordered.
Estato of Jonathan Oilman. Fin
la settlement approved.
Tiik sohoonor Z, 11, Jfaywood was
driven on tho Paoifio rock at Creccnt
City on tho t)th and was supposed to
bo a loss ; but at but accounts there
was a probability of her being got ofi
with slight damage.
Wi: aro informed that sovoral tench
ors from tho Coquillo who would havo
been glad to attend tho Instituto wore
prevented from so doing by tho fact
Unit notice roaohod them too late, and
that the stcamor plying on tho river
was laid up.
Wi: ncknowlcdgo tho recoipt of
complimentary tickets to n Grand
Kntortainmont for tho hcnolit of tho
Odd Follows' Orplinn's Homo in
Porlliuitl, to bo liuld at tlio Mechan
ics I'uviliiftii no.Nl Monday evening.
vim inwiwi nwi
IMniinIui-n nl IKokiic Jtlvci.
A correspondent ,of tho Crescent
CllyC'owrcr, writing from Ellonsburg
insinuates that tho numerous wrecks
that havo occurred nt tho mouth of
Roguo river lately, are attributable to
something besides tho ordinary dan
gers of navigation. Roforring to tho
enso of tho Varunn, ho says: "'Wo
understand that no blnmo in attached
to Capt. Graves for the mishap, but to
tho engineer, who it is said did not
understand his business (but perhaps
ho did). R. D. lliuno has boon re
markably unfortunate in regard to
wrecks, and, strange to say, this ill
luck docs not extend beyond Hume
it Co. The schooner Mute has mado
sovoral voyages to Roguo liver wilh
perfect safely, and tho George Hurley,
under tho command of Capt. Ross,
has crossed tho bar twice this winter
with jKJifect ease ; and how it is that
any vessel but II. it Company's can
enter Rogue river in snfety, while his
aro invariably stranded, is boyond the
comprehension of tho Rogue river
people. Somo of us think Roguo riv
or a curse toll. I). Hume, and vicevcrta
while wo all join in a general belief
that if ship-owners arc going to con
tinue sending their old vessels up
hero to bo stranded nt Rogue liver,
it will he prudent for insurance com
panies of San Francicco to sond an
agent up hero to look after their in
terests and seo that their rights aro
not infringed upon." It is true that
tho lalo succession of disasters at
Rogue river have been alike unfortu
nate to tho reputation of the harbor,
and to tho interests of ship owners
and insurance companies, but tho in
sinuation that vessels have been wil
fully cast ashore and wrecked there,
appears to be unwarranted by the
facts. If there is evidence to support
tho charge, a proper investigation
should bo had and the guilty parties
'I'HiIcii'h Biiconin M'ux Ciinc.
Tho case commenced in 1870, by tho
United States against tho Democratic
sachem, Samuel J. Tildcn, to recover
money which ho fraudulently refused
to pay in taxes under tho revenue
law during a few years previous, still
drags along, Tildcn resorting to every
possible means of delay :
A Washington telegram to the New
York Tribune says ; Upon tho appli
cation ol ox-Governor Tildon's coun
sel the trial of tho Tildcn income tax
suit has been postponed until Novem
ber next. Tho Government cannot
possibly by this procooding loso any
advautago which it may now possess:
and it may gain very important ad
vantages. Six or eight months ago
the Government filed a bill of discov
ery, to which Mr. Tilden's counsel de
murred. Tho court below decided
that he was bound to answer the ques
tions propounded, and his counsel ap
pealed from this decision to the. Su
premo Court of tho United Slates,
which has not yet rendered its decis
ion. If the case bhould bo tiied now
tho Government would havo to forego
any advantage which it may expect
todeiivc from tho information to be
obtained through tho writ of discov
ery. If tho case be continued to No
vember, tho counsel for tho Govern
ment expect that the Supreme Court
will decide in its favor, and that thoy
will, in addition to tho evidence now
in their possession, the additional evi
dence which will bo contained iu Mr.
Tilden's answer.
I)Inroiii-niii lo S torlornlhOi-s.
The cold storms that havo prevailed
during the present month, havo prob
ably destroyed moro stock than all
that had preceded Tho Lako county
Herald of tho Oil, says :
Tho storm inw raging is undoubt
edly tho worst on stock wo've had.
For three dnys tho wind has been
blowing from tho south, with a con
stant and at times a very severe storm
of snow falling, which melts almost
as fast as it falls, containing all the
damaging qualities of both rain and
snow. If it continues thus for a few
days longer, it will occasion greator
loss among stock than all tbo former
storms of tho wintor combined. It
seems tho olomonts nre combining for
tho complete demolition of tho stock
business. Everybody has tho blues,
and with good and sufficient reason.
It is a foregone conclusion that the
damago to all classes in this country
will bo so great as to mako times very
hard for some years to come. Money
is as scarce as fqt beof, and thoso who
have a few dollars cling to them as
though thoy nuvor expected to got
moro. We havo now had six months
of wintor, and tho indications aro that
another soigo is just beginning.
J. E. White, living eight miles cast
of Weston, says nn oxohango, cnnio
very near being burned up alivo on
tho morning of April tltli, by sotting
tiro to his house. Ho has been some
what crazy for something liko six
months by spoils. On tho morning of
tho Gth ho oamo to Mr. Calvin Forgu
son's, on Wild Ilorsoorcek.about day
light, awakoning tho family by his
cries. He was burned almost to crisp,
and was tracked through tho snow by
the blood, Ho has no relations in
this country. Dr. Pot re, of Weston,
was called to seo what could bo dono
for him. UoUntMr. Ferguson's at
prusonlnud in not oxpootrd to live,
ltvoro ICcpoi-t iin lo tho Iil
npcclion IHMlrlcf.
Tho Atlorlan says tho Sonnto Com
merce Coinmittoo has reported ad
versely tho bill creating the customs
district of Southern Oregon nn in
spection district and providing for the
appointment of inspector of hullnand
boilcis. It is probable that tho Son
ato Cominittco on Cominerco dis
poned of this subject by tho easiest
molhod, and that little if any atten
tion was paid to tho subject after it
reached their bauds. It is certain
that tho present condition of things
is productive of groat hardships upmi
our commercial interests, and there
should be a remedy provided. It is
probable that this adverse report will
have tho effect to kill the measure
in Congress, but thoro is nnothor way
in which the existing inconvenience
can be obviated.
Section 1111 of the Revised Statutes
provides that in addition to the in
spectors required to be appointed for
tho several districts, the Secretary of
tho Treasury may appoint in such
districts, whon their services arc actu
ally required, " assistant inspectors,"
etc. If tho "Willamette" district is
to bo kept at its present s'mc, experi
onco has shown that there is neces
sity for assistant inspectors to reside
and attend to tho duties iu Southern
Oregon. It is to bo hoped that the in
terests of this important portion of
the State will not bo disregarded iu
this matter; and that by the appoint
ment of assistant inspectors, the Sec
retary of the Treasury will give us the
just recognition that Congress has de
nied. An IiiiitorKiiit Quotation.
Chinaman Ah Leo is under sen
tence of death for murder in Portland
his cae has been appealed to the Su
preme Court, and the sentence of the
Circuit Court affirmed. Now come
his attorneys and apply to Judge
Dcady in tho United States Circuit
Court for a writ of habrat corput to
procuro his release on tho ground
that tho act authorizing the appoint
ment of the Judges of tho Supreme
and Circuit Courts, passed by the last
Legislature is unconstitutional and
void, and that these Courts arc not le
gal tribunals, and their judgements a
The ground of the alleged uncon
stitutionality of tho law is that tho
Constitution did not authorize the
Legislation lo provide for a Supreme
Court, distinct from the Judges of the
Circuit Court, till tho population of
the State reached 200,000, and that at
the lime whon said act was pascd the
Stato had not that number of inhabi
tants. If the Court should sustain the writ
and dischargo the defendant from
custody, it would create a serious con
flict between State and Federal juris
diction, and there is talk in Portland
that tho Sheriff will not regard Judge
Deady's action. Itisdifiicult to de
termine just what might bo the ulti
mato result of such a decision, and
the ruling of the Court on tho motion
is looked for with more than ordinnry
IMison'.H irltli Slrllt-.
The process of saving gold by
means of electricity promises to bo
ono of tho most important as well as
tho profitable of alljEdison's discove
ries and inventions. It was accident
ally discovered whilo ho was making
experiments in saving platinum,
which was tho sole object of his
search. Ho was surprised, and at
first not pleased with tho prominence
of gold as tho product of his experi
ments with the tailings from which
he hoped to obtain platinum, but
soon becoming convinced there was a
bonanza in tho tailings of tho great
California mines, he directed his
agent, Mr. MoLaughlin, to make con
tracts for tailings with various com
panies whoso mines havo been exten
sively worked, llo organized tho
"Edison Oro Milling Company," and
it is supposed that tho gold will bo
saved 'by this company out of the
tailings already secured, will be of im-
menso valuo.
How Im Thin V
Wo havo heard it mentioned that
Mr. J. M. Siglin, ono of tho publish
ers of tho Coos Hay News, is trying
to secure tlio votes of the people for
Stato Senator ; wo find tho following
interesting item in tho last issuo of
this paper, referring to himself,
which of courso sets tho matter at
rest :
Its publishers belong to no clique
or ring; aro neither oflico seekers
nor oflico holders ; hence it daro be
independent in all things.
As there is no probability of his
getting votes enough to elect him,
ho perhaps anticipates t ho rasult, and
says ho is not an oflico sector. Ho
didn't seok tho oflico; probably
doesn't want it. "Sour grapes?''
Immigration to this country from
Eurono this year promises to surpass
that of any previous year iu our
tory. Tho suffering and destitution
iu Ireland, and tho unsettled condi,
tion of affairs in othor countries
doubtloss, greatly stimulates this
Tin: Iqwu Rgpublionn Convention
intniell IU dalonrdoi fai' Ijlnjiu?.
Nnwroirr, ILL, April 15. A schoon
er with nil hands wont down in a galo
on tho Sound, yesterday.
St. Louis, Mo., April 12. A fracas
at a country dance in Calloway coun
ty resulted in the killing of Lewis II.
Murphy. Mark Wnltoii, tho mur
derer, has been arrested.
Foukkd Itivnn, N. .L, April 1-1. The
entire country about here is a mass of
blaze. One hundred pqunro miles of
cedar and pine forest is consumed.
The greatest alarm is felt by tho vil
lagers, who are out fighting the flames.
Cincinnati, April 14. Aloxandcr
Wilson, who was attempting to res
cue littlo children from a burning
house, was himself caught in tho
flames and burned to death last night
at Covington, Ky.
St. Louis, April 17. Nathan Faucet
and Jacob Muldrow, two Mulattocs
wcro nangeu at Mexico, Mo., yester
day for tho murder of Ocloo Julo, a
young man well known in this com
munity, on Sept. 30, 1878. Catholic
service was performed by attending
priests. Tho black caps were adjusted
at 1 :50and at 2:0-j precisely the trap
was sprung.
Philaduumiia, April 17. Dr. Gol
scn has been held for trial on a charge
of poisoning his wife, who died re
cently. A chemist has not yet com
pleted an analysis of tho stomach
of his wife's mother. Dr. L. F.
Haines, who visiticd tho woman only
once during her sickness and gave a
certificate of death from disease of
the kidneys has been held as accessory.
Nkw York, April 14. Shortly af
ter o'clock yesterday afternoon
Leonard Ifosford, 50 years old, and
residing at No. 75 llcwes street, Wil
liamsburg, hung himself in his
room. He was recently declared a
lunatic. He had acquired wealth,
and until his reason gave way was a
shrewd business man.
Leadvii.le, April 13. On Sun
day morning Lawrence Fitzgerald,
a miner, was fatally shot by George
Tattcrsall, whilo quarreling over a
claim owned by Fitzgerald' which
Tattcrsall attempted to jump. Sun
day night a Eccond murder occurred
in the Coliseum Theatre. S. W.
Overton, tho proprietor, was fatally
shot by Thos. Nugent, while engaged
in a quarrel.
The Missouri and Kentucky Re
publicans are for Grant.
General Grant lias arived at
Cairo, Illinois.
Wm. A. Nr.wnu., who is nominated
Governor of Washington Territory, is
an ex-Congressman of New Jersey.
Tiik lato Leonard Case, of Cleve
land left for a school of applied
science, property valued at $1,500,000.
The longest submarine cable in the
world, is that along tho cast coast of
Africa, from Malta to Aden, 4,000
Salmon of this year's catch aro al
ready being shipped from the Colum
bia river, though fish aro said to be
comparatively scarce.
Several of the ladies of Marsh
field are making preparations for
holding a fair oiv tho ISth, 19th and
20th ol May next.
AnoiT $600,000 was saved in the
construction of tho Hoosac Tunnel by
the use of an improved drill. The in
ventor of the drill, who died recently
in Boston, received only ?o,000 for
tho contrivance.
The largest cash payment ever
mado in Chicago was made by the
First National Rank, on the 9th, in
the redemption of the Chicago and
Pacifio railroad by order of the United
States circuit court and paid into the
sub-treasury. Tho amount was $1,
200,000. The N. Y. Times referring to tho
proposed work of tho coming General
Confercnco of tho M. E. church,
speaks of tho probability of the elec
tion of Rev. C. C. Stratton as a Bish
op of that denomination. Tho Pacific
Coast claims recognition, and pro
poses to present him as its unani
mous choice.
Jerome Knox and John Forbes
of Paisley, Lako county, wont after
a bear, crippled a big grizzly with a
lot of cubs, and Forbes undertook to
follow her up and got 'in tho crea
ture's clasp and was terribly torn,
feigned death and tho bear went
Adjourned. Tho California Legis
lature adjourned on tho 10th instant
with tho customary presentation to
oflleois, Cowdery getting a fine silver
scrvico sot as woll as a good lino of
complimonts, especially from somo of
tho Workingmcn. Two hundred and
eighty-thrco bills passed both houses,
of which the Governor signed 220.
IScitiilillcilM AoiiiUwUlous.
Just as wo go to press, tho infor
mation reaches us that tho Repub-
his-Uican Stato Convention hnvo nomi
natod tho following ticket: Con
gress, M C Gcorgo of Portland; Su
premo Judges, 13 11 Watson of Jack
sonville, Mr Lord of Salom. and
Mr Waldo of Portland. Circuit
Judgo, Second jMstrict, J F Watson.
Distvigt Attornoy, J A Yuntis of
Uonfon county.
ltcnmoj Cased.
Tho case of Dennis Kearney, tha
Ban Francisco agitator, has been re
mandod to tho lower court wi" J" ,Ui. L
struction8 to carry out the scnlchce
$1,000 fine and six months in Clio
House of Correction. They clothed
him in a striped suit and shut him up ;
an attempt was made by his friendi
to get him away which was unsuccesi
In Coquillo City, April 15, 1880, after
lingering illness of many weeks John F. ec
ond son of Hon, Win. P, and Maria L.
Wright, aged eleven years. Thus the dark
mantle of mourning has been cait orer an
other homohold in our littlo City. Bat the
bereaved parents havo tho satisfaction of
knowing John was a good 007 ond thnt hut
tendcrycars preclude the idea of any other
than o Mifisful futnro for their son. Wer
commend them to God and His grace in their
affliction, as well as extend to them our truef
sympathy in their trying hour.
By virtue of an execution uraed out of
the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for
tho county of Curry, on tho 13th day ol
March, 18S0, in favor of John Huntley,
ritff, and against Will Huntley. Dft. for
tho sum of $33 14, and costs taxed at ($995,
to mo directed and delivered, commanding"
mo to make levy and salo according to law.
of theproperty real or personal of aid dor
fendant, 1 havo levied upon tho followinpr
dcscrilxid real property belonging to said
defendant, towit: Lots 3 and 4, and an un,
divided interest in lots 1 and 2 of sec 1,
T. 3G, Sit. 15 w., and lots 1 and 2 of sec 36
T. 35, SB. 15 w., and tho NJ and N of SW
Mof sec 31, T.35, SB. 14 w. in Curry Co.
And I will, on tho 24TH DAY OF
MAY, 18S0, at tho hour of ono o'clock in
the afternoon of said dar. at the courthouae
door in Ellcnsburg, sell all the right title
and interest, of said defendant in and to said
property, or so much thereof a may he nec
essary, wlncn no Had on tne otn aay 01
March, 1880, to satisfy said execution and
accruing costs.
Dated at Bllesseuko, Or., March 13th,
18S0. A. H. MOORE,
12 4w Sheriff of Curry county, Or.
Land Omcr. at, OnrooK, March 29, 1880.
Notice is hereby (riven that tho following'
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to mako final proof in support of hii
claim, and pecure final entry thereof at tho
expiration of thirty days from date of this
notice, viz: Thomas J. Stitt, premption
declaratory statement. No. 3247, for the E J
of NW1-4.SW1-1 of NW1-4, sea 2. andSE
1-4 of NE1-4. of sec. 3, T 41 SB. 13 west.
and names the following as his witnesses,
viz: II. L. John?, J. D. Coolcy, D. II,
Talmcr and J. H. Stitt, all of Chetco,
Curry county, Oregon, on the 17th day
of May, 18S0, at tho U. S. Land Office at
Roseburg, Oregon,
Wm. F. Bewamis, Register.
Land Oitice, Rosebdho, On., April5, 1880
Notice is hereby given that t'je following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and secure hnal entry thereof at the
expiration of thirty days from the date of
this notice, viz: John A. Harrison, home
stead application No. 303G, for the SW1-4
of NE1-4, Wi of SE1-4 and SE1-4 of SW
1-4 sec 34, T 27, SR 11 west, and names the
following as his witnesses, viz: L. H.
Falmer, L. M. Pearce and Louis Heller of
Dora, and Geo. Norris, of Fainicw, all of
Coos county, on tho 15th day of May, 1880.
beforo tho Judge or Clerk of the court of
Coos coonty, Or. Wit F. BSkjamix,
10 Register.
Laxd Oefiqe, Rosebcro, Or., Apr. 5, 1880
Nc-tiro is hereby given that tho following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to mako final proof in support of his
claim, and secure hnal entry thereof at the
expiration of thirty days from tho date of
this notice, viz: Luther H. Palmer, home
stead application No. 3007. for the SW1-4
of SW1-4 sec 34, T 27 SR 11 west, loU 3.
and 4 seo 3. and lot 1 sec 4. T 23, SR II w.
and names tho following as his witnesses,
viz: L. M. Pearce, J. A. Harrison and
Louis Heller of Dora, and Georce Norris of
Fairview, Coos county Oregon, on the 15th
day of May, 1SS0, before the Judge or
Clerk of the Court of Coos county. Or.
1(1 Wm. F. Besjamis, Register.
By virfue of an execution issued out of
the "Circuit Court of tho State of Oregon
for tho county of Curry, on tho 13th day
of March, 1SS0, in favor of John Huntley
plaintiff, and against Will Huntley, de-i
lendant, for tho sum of Five Thousand
Nine Hundred and Fourteen Dollars and
costs taxed at Nine and 95-100 dollars, to,
mo directed and delivered, commanding
mo that of tho personal property, and if
sufficient persoaal property be not found,
then out of tho real property of said de
fendant, I cause to be mado the said sum
of $ 5914 00 and costs taxed at $9 95 and
accruing costs, I have levied upon tho
following described real property belongs
ing to said defendant, to-wit: Lots it
and 4, and an undivided ono half inter
est in lots 1 and 2 of section 1 , T. 30, S, R
15 v., and lots 1 and 2 of section 38, T,
35, S, of Rio w., and tho NJrf and Njjf
of SWli of section 31, T. S5, S, R 14 w.,
in Curry countv, Oregon.
And I will, on the 24TII DAY; OP
MAY, 1SS0, at tho hour of ono o'clock in
tho afternoon of said day ut the court
houso door in Ellensburg, sill all tho
right title and interest of said defendant
in and to said property, or so much there:
of as mav bo necessary, which ho had on
tho 5th day of March 1880, to satisfy said,
execution and accruing costs.
Dated at Ellessuuko, April 0th, I860.
lG-4w Sheriff Curry Co., Or-
In tho Circuit Court of tho State of Ore.-.
gon for tho county of Coos.
A. asuurg ami u. Webster vs II. U.
Action for damages and tho abatement of
a lmisaiuio.
To H, H, Luso saul defendant. In tho
nanio of tho Stato of Oregon you are hereby
required to appear and answer the complaint
of tho plaiutitu on file against you in the
abovo entitled court and cause on or beforo
tho first day of the next regular term of said
court, viz: MONDAY, THE 21TH DAY
OF MAY, 1880, and tho defendent will take
notice that if ho fail to appear and answer,
said complaint tho plaintiff will take judgi
meat against him tor fives hundred dollars
damages, nml the further relief in said com,
plaint demanded.
Published by order of Hon. J. F. Watson,
Judgo of said court, dated-April 10th 1880,
G. WxByiXK, '
13-Ot Attorney for Plaiutij&j ,